‘You’re not welcome!’

By Alexander Bruzual
March 16, 2010

Man attempts to block Prime Minister Patrick Manning from entering his propertyAN ANGRY pensioner yesterday [March 15, 2010] held on to the shoulders of Prime Minister Patrick Manning as he chased him off his property, after the Prime Minister entered the man’s premises un-welcomed, during a walkabout of the St Joseph constituency.

The incident happened at about 5.30 pm when Manning, in the company of St Joseph MP Kennedy Swaratsingh, toured the constituency as part of the PNM’s preparations for pending local government elections.

The pensioner – who refused to give his name – was visibly upset when Manning approached his premises at the corner of Real and Picton Streets, San Juan, an area of the St Joseph constituency.

As soon as the pensioner, who said he was 81 years old, saw Manning approach, he stood at the gates of his house and crossed his arms in an ‘X’, telling nearby media personnel that he was not in favour of the Prime Minister.

“I’m not in favour of the PNM and I’m not in favour of the Prime Minister and I am not supporting his actions. I don’t want any part of this,” the angry pensioner said, wearing a shirt with a Christian religious slogan on its front.
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PM: Man who blocked me lives in Canada
Prime Minister Patrick Manning last night revealed that the 81-year-old pensioner from Real Street, San Juan, who attempted to deny him (the PM) entry onto his property, does not reside in Trinidad and Tobago.

PM: 81-year-old is Canadian
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning yesterday told the Lower House that the 81-year-old man who last week tried to eject him from his yard during a PNM walkabout of San Juan is a resident of Winnipeg, Canada.

5 thoughts on “‘You’re not welcome!’”

  1. Villafana raps PM
    “I was born a Trinidadian and will die one,” says Percy Martin Villafana, as he dismisses Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s statement that he is not a citizen of T&T, but of Winnipeg, Canada.

    The man who dared to touch the PM
    I am no visitor, I am Trini, says Percy Villafana…
    The man who famously blanked Prime Minister Patrick Manning during a People’s National Movement (PNM) walkabout last Monday said yesterday that he is a resident of Trinidad and Tobago and not an annual visitor, as the PM has suggested.

    Manning’s image takes a beating
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s popularity is definitely dwindling, even among his own support base, political analysts have agreed. Manning’s growing unpopularity stems from a series of recent events and his reaction to them, as well as, the “Rowley and Kamla factors,” the Sunday Guardian was told.

  2. The PM is wrong to enter the private property of any citizens without invitation. Being PM gives him no right to walk into people’s property. So what if the man is living in Canada, which is untrue anyway, but if he owns this property and tells the PM not to enter the PM should not enter. Further, why should the PNM be investigating private citizens, this cannot be condoned.

  3. What exactly is it about this place called Canada when it comes to what can be aptly described as dangerously destructive relationships with these nutty , phony , insecure , publicity hounds ,country hating Trinis?
    Fist we had to deal with the indignity of the late Doctor Eric’s pal ,Johnny O’Halloran the crook, that stole millions of our oil and gas dollars ,,to enhance his grandiose lifestyle abroad . This was then followed by a most unfortunate development. The normally sharp Canadians ,allowed themselves to be duped by disgusting lying , ungrateful Trinis ,who in 1986 , felt no compunction in distorting the stellar image of their own country of birth ,so as to acquire resident immigrant status.
    T-Man ,do you happen to know any such person? You should.
    Since then , Trinis have to line up like scrunting Jamaicans ,and Guyanese , to get a Visa to enjoy Caribana , and see Niagara Falls ,or the CN Tower. How pitiful!
    To compound the problems of my country , they apparently allowed evil, Islamic fundamentalism ,to thrive in their country unabated , and so a second rate Trini ex horse police , and football goalkeeper com Engineering student , came to their country , inculcated this brand of political hate and social venom , and bring it back to our country , then with the help of desperate locals in 1990 attacked our nation.
    So what do we have today a disrespectful Octogenarian ,with too much time on his hands , attempting to impress his Winnipeg grandkids that he has a grasp of the Facebook social networking media playbook, with this stupid stunt, that political bums are trying to get milage from . I wonder however many votes or political seats this media hyped comedy show would translate to for proponents?
    Your call T- Man, as you are the misguided political advisor for the government in waiting . led by who knows at this stage. Oh yes , I remember, Uncle Sat Marahaj the religious , divisive media powerhouse.How can we purge this country of these and similar self loathing , non patriots , is what I want to know people.

  4. There are those among us who extol the virtues of an cbviously disrespectful man, and this is symptomatic of the gross disrespect that is shown to Mr. Manning 24-7. If this is the way we plan to oppose our political foes, then we have anothing thing coming.

  5. I am reading you loud and clear cousin Garvin. However ,the PM has a thick skin, and is quite capable to throwing a few camera fronting low blows himself where appropriate/ expedient.
    In addition , unlike some of the political jokers in our country that professed to be leaders ,and or byproducts of our growing democracy ,he instead appreciates when it’s time to simply let some desperation masquerades slide like water off a Couva duck’s back , as hash counter reactions either to an over zealous Kaisonian come Carnival time, a controversial , subjective media personality ,or in this case ,efforts of a lonely octogenarian to garner some much needed attention, is really -as we sometimes say in Sweet T&T ‘spinning top in mud.’
    Are you happy we are in big brother America, for there they spit , cuss out in public and shoot political opponents, here in contrast we give a guy a few drops of choice Bush rum , along with enough rope , and he or she would do everything short of drinking to a stupor, or hanging themselves in the process.
    I stand corrected , for hey , what do I know?

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