Queen kicks off CHOGM today

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Queen Elizabeth II at Piarco International Airport
Queen Elizabeth II at Piarco International Airport

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2009Green Queen
HER Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is here.
Her British Airways Boeing 777 jet airliner touched down yesterday at Piarco International Airport at exactly 2.44 pm, after a four-hour flight from Bermuda. After a 15-minute wait at the end of the runway, in which time local dignitaries including President George Maxwell Richards and Prime Minister Patrick Manning took their positions on the tarmac, the plane taxied up to the red carpet. British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Eric Jenkinson, and local Chief of Protocol, Reitha Toussaint, ascended the stairs and entered the craft. A senior British military officer descended to join the waiting party at the foot of the stairs.

School children greet the Queen at the airport
School children greet the Queen at the airport

Queen kicks off CHOGM today
AS THE Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) officially opens today the global community will be looking on as State heads discuss major issues, chief among them climate change. The meeting is expected to be a precursor to the United Nations’ annual climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, from December 7-18. At that meeting nation leaders will try to agree on a pact to reduce emissions when the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012.

Queen honours war heroes at Memorial Park, Port-of-Spain
Queen honours war heroes at Memorial Park, Port-of-Spain

Queen honours war heroes

Queen offers to help security in T&T
…schoolchildren in awe at sight of Her Majesty

Her Majesty praises Trinidad and Tobago
HER MAJESTY, Queen Elizabeth II, last evening paid tribute to Trinidad and Tobago, toasting top sportsman Brian Lara and even the Government’s GATE programme, as she assured that Great Britain remains ready to assist this country in the security sector and its reforms of the judiciary.

‘God save the Queen’
Although the wait in sweltering heat for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Memorial Park took longer than the actual wreath laying ceremony she performed, the occasion generated much excitement among the public.

‘Special’ glimpse for Memorial Park crowd
IT may have lasted only about ten minutes, but the visit by the Queen to Memorial Park in Port of Spain will most likely last a lifetime in the memories of those in attendance yesterday.

Ross sees tourism high after Queen’s visit

Commonwealth will last another 60 years
A UK government minister is saying that the Commonwealth is an “unparalleled international association” and will survive and thrive for another 60 years.

Special climate session at CHOGM
FOLLOWING the formal opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) today at 10 am, there will be “a special executive session on climate change” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Conference Centre, Prime Minister Patrick Manning said yesterday.

Manning responds to claim that this country is a big polluter
Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday rejected outright the claim that Trinidad and Tobago- with its heavy industrial economy- was one of the largest polluters in the world, on a per capita basis.

Manning dispels concerns about high pollution in T&T

T&T gets top marks for Business Forum

Work by disabled boy ‘blows away’ delegates

No holiday today for Tobago students
The “school holiday” announced earlier this week by Government does not include Tobago.

Wealth not common
EVEN AS his administration is under international fire for a proposed bill which seeks to impose custodial sentences and even death for homosexuality, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni yesterday lamented there was not enough equity in the distribution of wealth among Commonwealth nations.

Commonwealth investigating Gambia
THE Commonwealth Secretariat is investigating why Gambian President Dr Yahya Jammeh publicly threatened to kill anyone who threatened to destabilise his country, Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma disclosed yesterday at a news conference at the International Financial Centre, Port-of-Spain.

Surgeries postponed
ELECTIVE surgeries at three major hospitals have been postponed to make bed space available for any medical emergency during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

Panday on CHOGM: T&T’s most expensive talk shop
Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday has questioned statements by Prime Minister Patrick Manning that the country stands to gain ‘future benefits’ from hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

E-Health to get CHOGM computers

CHOGM delegates tour centre
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II continues to be the supreme head of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Government silent at Peoples Forum
The deafening silence from government ministers attending the Commonwealth Peoples Forum (CPF) has left international and regional social activists very concerned, Jerald Joseph told a press conference yesterday at Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s.

Indian journalist surprised by TT’s cultural mix
Trinidad and Tobago’s diverse culture yesterday surprised and pleased one Indian journalist here for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which begins today.

19 thoughts on “Queen kicks off CHOGM today”

  1. Manning Dismissal of Gays and Lesbians Human Rights was the topic of discussion of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp Morning news this morning. It was reportrd that he said that Uganda’s (chair of CHGOM)policy to criminilize or jail gays and lesbians was a Ugandan internal matter. This is a demonstration of this man’s rediculously shallow mentality and falls into the smallmindeness of the caribbean countries like Jamaica with their religous views overide human rights.

  2. Just because some countries do not want their nations to resemble Genisis 19:24 doesn’t mean that they are violating human rights? What does that mean anyway? Human Rights? Are you suggesting that people should be able to carry on in any kind of manner that they choose? What is acceptable in some nations is not acceptable in others. People have the Human Right to decide what is acceptable in their nations without outside interference. Just because the Prime Minister and others do not accept your definition or world veiw of the matter does not mean that they are shallow. If anything, it is you who is shallow for thinking that everyone should think like you.

  3. Curtis, you will be the first to know what ‘human rights’ means when the new constitution comes into effect. It allows you to freely speak your mind, provided that you do not advocate ‘hatred or ridicule.’

    I suppose that you are one of those who don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it. Maybe you agree with the way the Muslims treat their women like cattle.

  4. Why is homosexuality singled out from all other vices that also are despised in scriptures is beyond me. Come on folks you can’t measure immorality with different measuring devices..just because you or me find it distasteful.. I refer to the blog saying why should Manning be considered shallow minded and expected to emulate world views…well he IS shallow minded, I ain’t no Gay/lesbian/bisexual activist,but horse, if yuh locking these folks,then lock men and women who fornicate (yea it WRONG to do de ‘biz’ before yuh married) lock up men and women who sleeping with others spouses, lock up de politicians who have their discreet fun with prostitutes, those male politicians who have sex with men on ‘de down low’ and go and broadcast against them on ah public platform…doh just single out same gender orientations, all the other vices are condemned in scriptures too..as a matter of fact, a man sleeping with a man as he would his wife is an abomination, but you know what de scripture say about an adulterer? it say dem will never see de face of God!…which worse?…LOL simply hilarious..I agree with Hayden, Manning is shallow minded as is his Jamiacan counterparts, allowing the most verile content enshrined in so much dancehall music to grace the airwaves..Funny how scriptures is unheard of here…my primary point is granted that we shouldn’t just accept the view of the global village as our own belief, but what we ought not to do is use scriptures conveniently to measure morality…..

  5. The people should vote to see if they want that sort of behavior to be tolerated. If not, then leave them alone on the issue. What constitutes the global village? To what extent should that behavior be tolerated and in how many countries of the world is the level being advocated for? How many countries in the region advocate or insure equal rights for homosexuals under the law?
    Everything is not for everyone. Not all places are going to accept every behavior nor should they have to. Don’t people have the right to resist unwanted behaviors and personalities in their community?
    Rather than point to disparities between politics and religion, how about banning all people who violate God’s law? I didn’t think so. The next best thing is to let the majority decide.

  6. It would be nice to know what percentage of the population still care to turn out and vote Curtis.This would mean unfortunately our governments might not be a reflection of the people’s will as many have become disgusted and hopeless.
    Are you referring to referendums? Resorting repeatedly to such democratic shams and rituals are a foolish way to try and run a country or decide every noteworthy policy.
    Not only that , they tend to be costly , and your tax dollars are already tied up in the expensive show piece of the Commonwealth conference, and last Summit of the Americas,don’t you think?

  7. The issue is not sexual behavior but sexual orientation. Again Manning’s dismissal of a human rights issue (no philosophizing on what it means please). Uganda wants to criminalize persons for their sexual orientation. Trinidad is a good example of sexual behaviors from the extremely catholic (most times hypocritical) to full public intercourse at carnival. In Jamaica you can be killed in the street if you are LBGT. I see similar attitudes throughout the region. That is not to say that it is tolerated where I live but at least these people have legal protection. Holymen please leave the bible out of this discussion otherwise we will have to bring in the Karma Sutra.

  8. I like were the Caribbean and Uganda stand on this subject. One major problem with the world today is that men no longer want to be men and women no longer want to be women. I will not be swayed from this opinion so there is no use in trying to convince me. Respond if you want to, but know that I am not alone even if I am the only one posting this point of view.

  9. Curtis my intention is not to sway you to change your position on homosexuality or homophobia but to support the rights of all of us regardless of our sexual orientation. It is obvious that you are not alone when gays are openly stoned in Jamaica in the presence of their police (see You Tube) who are being paid to serve and protect and thst is why this group of people are fighting for their civil rights in repressive countries.

  10. They can move to San Francisco. Before I am insulted for posting such a remark, lets think about it. Why stay in a place where you are clearly not welcome? Did the Pilgrims make a mistake? The Native Americans did, but not the Pilgrims.
    When people choose to live a lifestyle that is not socially acceptable, then they can either try to alter the perception of the majority, forcefully take control, or move.
    I suggest that people make better decisions if they want to be accepted into Caribbean and African society.

  11. So far I have not heard or read any logical argument that explains why these people should be victimized.

  12. It is highly hypocritical to support legislation that denies a people the right to be what they are. Supporting something like this is tantamount to supporting legislation that criminalize people based on skin colour.
    Homosexuality is not a choice as some are led to believe. With psychiatric intervention, some of these homosexuals can be converted to heterosexuals but it does not work with all cases. So what do you do? Should they be subjected to brainwashing to be more like you? You could devise some intricate plan to get them on the trucks and off to the camps. Do you think that there is anything that can change your own sexual orientation? If so, would you submit to it willingly? What if the tables were turned and you found yourself in the minority?

  13. If you are worried about the survival of the species, consider that homosexual men can still be sperm donors and many homosexual couples want to be parents. The truth is that this is something strange and new and naturally calls on the dinosaurs to reject it. The heterosexuals cause more problems as far as I am concerned but sexual crimes of gays are blown out of proportion.
    The reactions to this are the same as when men said that the world is not flat, the earth is not the centre of the universe, disease is not a result of the sins of people, women can raise children out of wedlock and men can breach the confines of the planet and walk on the moon. It is high time we stopped our emotions from getting the better of us and apply logic when in doubt. The minorities must be respected whether you like it or not. I personally tolerate quite a lot from political and religious leaders but it seems that it is a one way street.

  14. I believe that it is a choice. It is no less than a choice than bikers,martial artist, musicians, athletes, actors, singers, rappers, etc… Basically, nobody wants to see two grown men sword fighting and winding down the street.

    We will continue to disagree. I am happy that I’m not alone.

    Hawaii has tropical weather and they love Reggae music there. I’m finished with this. Your message will not get accross to me. Not now at least.

  15. The Ugandan Bill is an anti-gay bill that proposes the death penalty and long prison sentences for homosexual acts.Commonwealth leaders should have expressed their deep concern and strong opposition to this type of backward legislation.This bill violates human rights of any kind.It appears that it is a private members bill which has the tacit approval of Museveni, the president of Uganda.It also proposes execution for aids-infected gays and lesbians who have sex and makes it mandatory for all Ugandans, including family and friends, to report such sexual activity to authorities within 24 hours.
    How could anyone support these draconian measures.Consider the impact on aids sufferers and the spread of the disease as people go underground.PM Manning dismissed the bill as “an internal matter” and said it had no place on the agenda.Any move to violate human rights has a place on the agenda of every international conference. Manning’s mistaken position certainly reveals a lot about him.

  16. Come now Curtis. Are you telling me that you can just decide to have same sex relations and just go out and do it? Maybe you are a little bi-curious. I can’t do it. It is impossible to control what you feel.

  17. I am not telling you what to think at all. I’m stating that people make choices on all sorts of matters and I believe that this is one of them. I would never decide to have same sex relations because I’m normal and I love women. There are men that have sex with women all their lives and then decide to have same sex relations for a time when it’s convenient and then go back to women. What about the stories of men who contract HIV from their Chi-chi partners and give it to their wives? Did they not make a choice?
    I am making the choice o stop with that. I am not a master of gayness. I think that the PM is right on this. Some countries don’t like potheads, and some don’t like homosexuals. What’s next, advocacy for bestiality? People make choices and if they are at odds with the greater society, then they must conform, leave, or suffer the consequences of their decisions.

    I wash my hands of this.

  18. You are missing the point. Beastiality is immoral since the animal, like children, cannot give consent to intercourse. You say that they are at odds with the greater society but I fail to see how Homosexuals will negatively impact on society other than annoying some people.

    On the issue of conformation, which religion and political party would you have me bow down to? Should I leave or should I continue to suffer consequences? I promise you that some day I will have the means to leave this place and if others and myself fail to make the critical changes, you will be rid of me.

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