Once it’s taped, it might as well be out there

November 09, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Sex and RecordingsEDITOR: A collection of sex video clips involving a local celebrity is making the rounds on the internet. I am told that she is quite embarrassed about this exposure.

Personally, I do not have a problem with adults exhibiting themselves to other adults by choice. However, if they have a problem with such performances being made public, then why do they record them in the first place? And, if they do record them, why do they not secure them properly?

When relationships break up and parties are aggrieved, it is quite possible they can release these recordings in the hope of embarrassing their former partners.

Having these recordings on phones, laptops and even desktops is risky. I have heard people claim to have “accidentally” sent files from their phones and computers. Phones and computers, especially laptops can get lost or stolen. People can forget what data they stored on phones and computers when they take them to the repair shop or dispose of them, thus exposing themselves. Computers and cellphones can be hacked and files stolen.

All of what I have stated here is already known but despite the risks, people keep records of their sexual encounters which can eventually be published and cause them tremendous embarrassment.

I hope this latest sex scandal can serve as a warning to more people that they should not be naïve or casually trusting of partners, computers or cellphones.

If adults wish to make their sex lives a public affair (for adult viewing) that should be their right. However, use proper precautions.

Safe Sex

EDITOR’S NOTE 09-11-09:

We have published this letter so that others can be cautioned. If you wish to comment, please address the problem and not call the names of suspected parties involved.


We have confirmed the existence of the sex tapes and have identified two of the persons on them.

Miss Universe ‘s3x’ scandal: Miss Trinidad & Tabago sex video ‘stolen’ from laptop, claims boyfriend

Miss Universe Sex Tape Guy — I Got Screwed

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16 thoughts on “Once it’s taped, it might as well be out there”

  1. We don’t even know who they are, so how do we know that they did not want the publicity? These local “celebrities” are in the public eye and therefore should have their names released. That was their motive anyway.

  2. What a strange country! It is fine and within taste to display dead bodies of babies on the roadside, but not tasteful to reveal the names of two public figures in a sex scandal. I see that the priorities of the media are no more mixed up than the priorities of the government.

  3. There is the issue of people letting their guard down, making sex tapes and taking sexually explicit pictures while enthralled in relationships only for them to be unintentionally or maliciously exposed later on. There is a lot of carelessness involved. This has happened several times with school children and adults, so people should be more aware.

    All can learn to be more careful with their sexual encounters even if they have not seen the tapes or know the parties involved.

  4. Anya sex video ‘hot’ on Internet: US, Asian websites jump in
    The sex scandal involving former Miss T&T universe Anya Ayoung-Chee, her long-time boyfriend, American photographer Wyatt Gallery, and ‘a very close (female) friend’ has graduated from being mere fodder for locals and hit the international scene big time.

    According to the TMZ report, Gallery confirmed Ayoung-Chee was in the tape with him and ‘another woman’, but he said the other woman was not Japan’s Miss Universe representative for 2008, as is being alleged.

    Gallery reportedly told TMZ that the ‘intimate’ material was taken from his computer when he carried it to repair at a shop in Trinidad. It was also said the video, which has reportedly hit Ayoung-Chee’s family ‘very hard’, was filmed back in 2007.

    Gallery has said, ‘I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself.’

  5. Anya to speak at the right time
    The Express yesterday received an email purporting to be from Mike ‘The Reputation Doctor’ Paul, of the New York public relations firm MGP & Associates of 244 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, saying the firm was now the public relations team representing Ayoung-Chee and her boyfriend, Wyatt Gallery.

    Paul said, ‘Anya will be speaking to the press herself at the appropriate time, regarding all.’

    Anya to explain after CHOGM
    Beauty queen Anya Ayoung-Chee is to speak after the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) on the much talked about sex scandal involving herself, her boyfriend Wyatt Gallery and a close friend.

    Anya fires New York publicist
    November 23, 2009: Anya Ayoung Chee, the former beauty queen at the centre of a sex tape scandal, fired her New York publicist Mike Paul yesterday for ’misrepresenting her thoughts on the motives’ behind the release of the tape.

    PR firm drops Anya
    November 24, 2009: New York image consultant, Mike Paul, says it was his firm that dropped former Miss T&T, Anya Ayoung-Chee, as a client.

  6. I guess they think we dohtish and doh know bout ‘Hype Marketing’..
    (Any publicly is good publicly..)

    What good is it to reap the world and lose your soul…

    “The Express yesterday received an email purporting to be from Mike ’The Reputation Doctor’ Paul, of the New York public relations firm MGP & Associates of 244 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, saying the firm was now the public relations team representing Ayoung-Chee and her boyfriend, Wyatt Gallery.”

    She have ambition.

  7. I feel sorry for Anya in this case. She is a young, healthy woman and she did what almost all young, healthy people do – she has a healthy sexlife. So what?! The difference to most of us is that now there is visual evidence of this, in the form of digital videos that anyone can access. To make matters worse, she was Miss T&T and thus elevated to a role model and a celebrity.

    I am sure she must be hurting and she is probably embarrassed. Mr. Gallery may also be, but as a man he is already being called “lucky guy”, “stud” etc.

    While it may be illegal for a computer repair shop to copy private material from a computer submitted for repairs, it is easy to do. Even deleted files can be recovered from a hard drive, memory chip / stick by idle hands of a nosy person. There is little respect for privacy. Best remember this people…

    Erotic pictures, videos etc may be considered fun or sexy and more and more people do this sort of thing without much thought to these things ever spreading in the internet after being stolen. Digital camera and videos made this possible – we no longer have to take our films for developing in the lab, but instead we can view the images in supposed privacy.

    There are exactly three options for people:

    1) Dont do it (even then too many innocent women and even men are fooled by others who secretly photograph or tape them, without their consent). Trust very few indeed as your sexual partner.

    2) Do it and do your very very best to make sure the evidence is kept safe (and I mean in a bank vault or similar “safe”). Remember and consider still the very real possibility that you may end of as a star of internet porn – among the millions of others who end up in the internet, for all to ogle. If you cannot live with this, go to step 1).

    3) Do it and build an attitude that is bulletproof and prepared for all your friends, relatives etc seeing you bucknaked doing what almost all concented adults do behind closed doors anyways. If worst comes to worst, live with it and say “so what”. Move to a place where people are not terribly old-fashioned or ready to cast the stones.

    I hope Anya’s family and loved ones realize that she is still Anya – she has not changed as a person at all just because of these videos. Now is the time she needs your support, to see that you love her and that nothing – nothing – has changed. She has not hurt anyone, she has not committed a crime, she has not become any less moral or good.

    She is still just as much a person, a daughter, a woman, a Miss T&T,a beauty queen as before this incident. The change if any is in us, not her. And I doubt any of us is so without sin, fault of misjudgement so that we would have the right to condemn her for simply being human and behaving accordingly.

  8. Roger is right on point on this score , for this is just another stunt by an empty head media whore that failed to appreciate her responsibilities to the nation of birth that she was supposed to represent. If this fool was not a T&T Ms. Universe representative would anyone be interested in her alleged sexy video?
    Well, there are worse that citizens of this country can do as they grab global recognition,and or accolades and tarnish the image of their country though imbecilic follow up behaviors , comments, and or ‘omissions.’
    Decades ago we gave one a scholarship to go to England to study to which he was able to eventually garner a Knighthood and a Nobel Literature prize , and how did that insecure , self loathing , ungrateful, country hater repay his country ? It’s well documented fortunately.
    Castro must have done something right for all his flaws ,when an Olympic boxer could turn down millions to proudly return home ,raise his country’s flag , and be a patriotic symbol. With citizens like these, who needs enemies, I ask for a billion time?

  9. I guess the Playboy spread is already shot and ready for press..
    But ‘we’ need to put the Pimp on the no entry list of T&T… For Justin sake.

  10. Neal said,”Decades ago we gave one a scholarship to go to England to study to which he was able to eventually garner a Knighthood and a Nobel Literature prize , and how did that insecure , self loathing , ungrateful, country hater repay his country ? It’s well documented fortunately.”
    I doubt that Naipaul is insecure, self loathing or ungrateful. Like any gifted, brilliant, intellectual writer Naipaul has openly mused about his life experiences in a reflective, honest manner.He is ambivalent about things including his heritage and culture.Most creative intellectuals share this quest to forever search for interpretations of the Universe. My friend Neal, this is all very healthy and I sense the same qualities in you.
    You have to understand that even though Naipaul was born in T&T and spent a relatively small part of his life there, his formative years were spent overseas.I do not have to explain to you that we become products of our environment and that sometimes mean that we reject the inadequate social mores of the past and adopt more useful and relevant moral and cultural values, without devaluing the cultural upbringing of the past.Life is about adaptation, change and evolution.

  11. There is some merit in your analysis of one of our famous sons of the soil T-Man. I especially like your decision to delve into the sociological realm ,so as to formulate your interpretations.
    After all if we were to take young Prince Williams and place for the next 40 years in the Lavantille slums, he too would only develop a knack for beating steel drums, making unwed babies , and seeking hand outs like leaches from the government.
    Likewise ,if one was to snatch Obama young beautiful daughter , or a certain Canadian High School cross country running champion and put either of them in the favelas of Brazil, or the ghettos of Sowetto , they as well would forget about all from their past original adequate social mores and instead inculcate less useful , irrelevant moral cultural values .
    I can identify somewhat with that cross cultural jig and dance myself. 31 years ago ,during my formative years as a skinny , naive ,17 year old ,I too departed the enclave from which I was born ,and like a rolling stone have been rolling ever since.
    By the way , were you a Geoffrey Chaucer fan ?
    One of my all time high school favorites was about Chanticleer, in the tale of the ‘Cock and the Fox.’
    Ah Flattery! We must never be too vain to blindly accept them, ehh? Thanks , and keep them honest my friend.

  12. Had any previous T&T Ms. Universe representative had been filmed doing such things, she would have been publicly crucified. Why is this seen as o.k.? I see in TNT massa really does have his cake and eat it.
    The only thing left for her to do is enter the porn industry. She is definately not a innocent sweetheart. Judging by her technique and level of skill, I would be surprised if she had not worked in Las Vegas or on any street corner of the states.
    Had that been Wendy…. well I’m just happy that it wasn’t.

  13. Neal, you so quick to call others by nasty names like whore, imbecil or worse, shout and rant, I really wonder about you and your upbringing. What do you think you accomplish by this bombardment of poor manners and childish name-calling? Honestly if it wasn’t for your statement above about your age, I’d swear you must be about 14 and your mother never teach you manners.

    I think Miss T&T 2008 Anya is FAR, FAR better person to represent T&T than someone who hides behind the veil of anynymity and lets a stream of trashtalk flow like a sewer from his mouth.

    Curtis, I am disappointed at your comments about a young woman here. Are you an innocent sweetheart? Has Anya ever advertised herself as an innocent virgin to you or others?

    If you so clean, cast the first stone..otherwise think. Anya has done no act of such extraordinary lewdness that would be out of ordinary or would deserve you to so crucify her at the altar of chastity. You never have sex man? I wonder why such a morally perfect person would watch this sex video at all then..let alone have the knowledge to judge her “technique and skill”..??? Amazing.

    Anya’s sexlife is most likely not very different from what happens in many a bedroom in T&T and the rest of the world, regardless of what you sour apples think. The only difference is that now she is an easy target for oggling pervs who watch porn all day long from their computers and in the evenings make prudish comments about others. Double standards.

    1. I’ll cat that stone. I was never voted to represent Trinidad and Tobago in anything. There is a double standard because she represents all of us. I suppose you didn’t know that women from Trinidad and Tobago have had a reputation for years. It was once only sang about in old songs, but now the world has a visual and of a high profile representative. By the way, I have never mentioned the name of the person involved. I was never the one on video saying that I am what I eat. She must be something from Harold and Kumar’s escape from Guantanamo.
      That’s neither here nor there. I don’t know if it’s natural to film sex acts, but one thing is for sure. She as a representative of so many should not have let herself be caught in that position/ positions….situation.

  14. Wait a second folks , we have a Mika Johnson sighting. Pay attention to the fact that even with over 200,000 dead, in a totally devastated Haiti , or the historic victory in our country of a female politician in her own right ,could not drag her out to comment , but a two month fantasy over the sex life of our national discrace Anya – the fake beauty queen, did the trick.
    Let me explain something to you Madam Johnson . I could care less if this foolish, misguided young lady stands outside our New York Embassy naked in the middle of winter , and request to engage in sexual relations with Bill Clinton , or every Haitian or Pakistani , or Polish yellow cab taxi driver that past along the streets for the next five years. I am simply puturb at the fact that someone could be so silly ,and gullible to sell their soul for such pittance , even while recognizing that as a former Miss Universe representative of our country , she owed our Flag , and people a bit more respect. Sad thing is that the impulsive act of staged stupidity , would not really endear her to some respectable 5th Avenue modeling agency soon , or a reputable Hollywood movie director to play a decent role in the next life. I take that back , for most hot blooded Trinis enjoys the tiltilations of a soft porn occasionally , so who knows , she still might be of some value to her country before she turns 45.
    Your decision to dismiss her behavior as just another typical walk in the park/ abberation , as well as her her private business, speaks volumes about you – even as you tried to characterize me as childish formy honest comments.
    In the future , I wish that our local beauty contest officials would do a bit more home work into the moral caracter of some of these opportunistic , misguided , desperate souls, before putting them on the grand stage to represent our country as cultural ambassadors – as fallouts from so doing , can be dire indeed. She is unfortunately not the first , nor the last that would try to directly or indirectly tarnish the image , and or destroy the faith and trust of our people via questionable practices. Oh how we miss the very dignified,appreciative , and certainly beautiful Janell Penny Commissiong. They just don’t pick them like that any more unfortunately in the Punch newspapers.

  15. Sorry Mika , that was the crafty Curtis that lured me back into this useless discussion , after my promise to give this blogging business a rest. Shame in you Curtis!
    I cannot unfortunately take it all back. I will therefore punish my self by going on a two month silence on this forum. I have work to do Curtis , this escapism is doing me no good. Regards.

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