US sanctions 2 Trinis over ISIS terrorism

By Carla Bridglal and Jensen La Vende
September 20, 2018 –

Trini ISIS fightersTWO Trinidadian men were yesterday sanctioned by the US Treasury Department for suspicion of financing ISIS. This now triggers local authorities to initiate civil proceedings that can see the assets of both men seized.

Emraan Ali, 51, a Syria-based TT-US dual citizen and Eddie Aleong, 34, also known as Ishmael Mohammed, Ishmail Muhammed and Ismail’il Ali, were sanctioned under Executive Order (EO) 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism.

The Treasury Department designated the men as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) financiers. Ali is married to a granddaughter of Nizam Mohammed, the imam of Boos Village Jamaat Mosque in Tabaquite. In May, Mohammed appealed to government to intervene on behalf of one of his daughters and her children who are serving a 20-year jail term in Iraq as foreign insurgents.
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2 thoughts on “US sanctions 2 Trinis over ISIS terrorism”

  1. If these guys are terrorists, then what do we call the US invasions and bombings around the world that kill an untold number of civilians? Where is our sense of independence? Why is our government just accepting the US’s side in these conflicts? Why is it acceptable for T&T’s nationals to join the US army that invades sovereign countries, more so, on very dubious grounds? The war on Iraq was based on lies that were clear to many of us before the war. They destroyed Libya, a developing nation, and turned it into a hotbed of factional violence and slavery. The US’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s bombings in Yemen; the bombings in Syria and the ongoing persecution of Palestinians are just a few of what we should be carefully examining. T&T’s relationship with the US is no different from that of those people in the ghetto supporting the gang leader because he has wealth and the most weapons.

  2. The US should jail terrorists like Kavanaugh who cannot control his beer drinking and after being drunk he cannot control his pants since 17 to his Yale years. Especially when he jumps on a woman like if she is a piece of meat and rapes her and jokes about it. Mark and him are no different. At least Mark is remorseful. He isn’t. Just another cry baby. It is just he skulls a lot. He lies in plain sight. He does not answer questions under oath. He lies and cheat and now wants to be a Supreme Court Judge. Ha! What BS situation pertains now in the USA. It is a sham and a farce. Men with no balls like Senator Grassley and Lazy Graham and Hatch own the Senate Judiciary Committee talking pure shit all day 24/7 and faking useless law. What a disgrace. Thats the real terrorist. Why continue to pounce on the poor third world?

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