La Brea massacre suspect captured

La Brea massacre suspect captured
The TTPS tweeted: “The suspect in the gruesome murders of four people on Tuesday at Sobo Village, La Brea, is held at around 9:10 a.m. (18.03.18) walking along a roadway leading out of St Albans Quarry, located 200 metres off the Valencia Stretch.”

BONE-CHILLING. Blood-curdling. Horrific.

Newsday Editorial
March 16, 2018 –

ViolenceMere days after the commemoration of International Women’s Day, the nation is now coming to terms with a crime the nature of which sets a new low in our country.

Yet again, the case involves reports of a jilted lover — a man who felt the gruesome massacre of innocent people was a just reward for being rejected by a woman.

But the brutal murders of Abigail Chapman, 41, her daughter Olivia, 15, and Olivia’s schoolmate Michaela Mason, 14, are reminders that crimes against women affect all of us. Also murdered was Abigail’s landlord, retired school teacher Michael Scott.

What must have been going through the mind of the killer when he killed all of these people in cold blood?
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  1. 3 cops suspended
    Three police officers from the La Brea Police Station have been suspended pending an investigation into their alleged failure to investigate a domestic violence report filed by murdered teacher Abigail Jones-Chapman.

    Law Association calls for probe of La Brea cops: Tragedy could have been avoided
    Chapman’s mother Christine Jones said her daughter reported to police she was choked and threatened with a knife by the killer. The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has initiated an investigation into possible neglect of duty by the police and the Coalition Against Domestic Violence also supported an investigation into the cops’ conduct. Joining this call yesterday was the Law Association, in a statement issued Friday.

    PCA probing La Brea cops
    THE POLICE Complaints Authority (PCA) has initiated an investigation into possible neglect of duty by police officers which may have contributed to the brutal killings of four people in La Brea earlier this week.

  2. Some relief to the persons who were killed in this crime. They are dead! Same old, same old. The citizens are being brutalized while the police and judiciary play games. The real criminals in this country is the people in charge of security and justice in Trinidad and Tobago. Wine collection and overseas travel…., big parties and drink up.

  3. Evil men(and women and children) will wax worse and worse. Sad to say this trend can’t be stopped. It must be fulfilled.You could put a 100 Randy B in T&T it would not stop this insanity!

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and all affected by this heinous crime.

  5. T&T is presently being led by an incompetent ,questionable cast of characters.
    The PM, CJ, COP and President are all characters with records of immorality and/or corruption and they are the country’s leaders. The records of their incompetence and corruption are there for all objective individuals to see.
    The very nature of the “happy” Trinboganian is affected beyond repair.
    Embedded within the personality of the average, “happy” national are objectionable characteristics of tribalism, corruption, immorality and worst of all rampant egotism.
    When the individuals which make up a society are so afflicted, the society becomes a failing one with hopeless members.
    Deterioration sets in and criminals take control.

  6. One must remember a mother died on international women’s day after her cries for help went unheard. Yes it was the worst form of death,suicide! Suicide symbolize the spirit of hopelessness!

    Trinidad does have the capacity to address this issue of women being victims of domestic violence! There was a time when the cries of children went unheard today this epidemic of sexual and physical abuse is being handled by the Children’s Authority. The director of the Children’s Authority a humble man goes to bed each night with tears in his eyes after learning of the moral depravity that exist in this society.

    I would like to propose a new law! With the family permission I would like to call it the “Abigail law on domestic violence”. Preamble: The spirit of this law empowers police officers to treat with domestic violence in a serious manner,that violence against a spouse or suitor must follow a set course of action.
    The rest I leave up to the law makers they can do a better job of studying what other nations have done!

  7. A Calypsonian once penned a song with the title SOFt MAN, a teacher he was, all that was grasped from that song, is the chorus. Trinidad’ males are truly soft in Spirituality,Morality,Knowledge and Ethics. Modern day lack of respect for the Man/Woman,is created by the Woman herself,she has adopted the Morals of Men,in so doing, has become Man in her mannerisms, this is what is portrayed in the Media, Men, because of Materialism, have removed himself from the concept of what a Man/Woman should attain in this present incarnation, so what do we have? Man/Woman with Animal instincts, perpetrating themselves to be Humans. No amount of safety nets, will curtail Animosity and distrust presently existing, Respect for one another, have long been thrown out the window. Woman, the Mothers and Nurturers of Society, is in Oblivion, believing Woman is Boss. Being a Boss,comes with Responsibilities, don’t get me wrong, i’m not Anti-Woman, very far from it, but the path taken by those who are visual, have led into decay. Men being the Emotional Wreak that he is, Live, Work and Play in the Hell that he has Created, a Man’ World, not realizing, that he is nothing without a Woman or a Girl. MAAT and the ANAHATA chakra is non- existent. The Law, Politics, Religion and the other pillars of Society, all presently reside in the Graveyard, We all are to be held responsible.

    1. I grew up in the 50s in TnT and I saw domestic violence and violence against women since childhood, eg.Mano Benjamin and the neighbors. It had always been blantant and accepted, made a man feel manly and large. Thank the Gods that my father was not one of those very weak,sick individuals. Disrespect for womanhood is not new, it is part of the mentality, deeply ingrained in TnT men, hence the reason for their cavalier and non-chalant attitude when domestic violence is reported to the police. That same police is an offender – he won’t act with urgency and compassion as a matter of fact he’ll justify the abuse and probably say ” she deserve it”. It’s a very, very sad day for women, I can only hope that one day people will come to know their true authentic selves, respond and not react with self hate and animality.Women rise up please and support each other with love and respect, we are up against a demonic egotistic plague. Defend yourselves.

  8. La Brea massacre suspect captured
    The TTPS tweeted: “The suspect in the gruesome murders of four people on Tuesday at Sobo Village, La Brea, is held at around 9:10 a.m. (18.03.18) walking along a roadway leading out of St Albans Quarry, located 200 metres off the Valencia Stretch.”

  9. So they eh send this mad-man to St Anne’s hospital yet?

    Why do we pay millions of dollars to educate people in Psychology and Psychiatry… Is it not to understand and PREVENT situations like these from happening?

    AAMF, where are the African Mental health Professionals to give their take on this man?

    Is T&T driving Blackmen MAD?!!

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