Vicky Boodram recaptured

…found in house hours after ‘public’ meal

By Jensen La Vende, Kevon Felmine
December o1, 2017 –

Vicky Nirupa BoodramThree days after alleged fraudster Vicky Boodram escaped from the Women’s Prison at Golden Grove, Arouca, she was recaptured in Penal last night.

Officers from the Criminal Gang and Intelligence Unit, acting on intelligence, went to a house at Sunchine Drive off Lachoos Road, just before 7 pm. They later found Boodram, 35, hiding in the house.

Boodram was subsequently taken to the Penal Police Station where she was questioned.

A 32-year-old female occupant of the house was also detained and faces charges of harbouring a fugitive.

Around 9.05 pm, after officers had interrogated Boodram for close to two hours, she was taken away in a convoy of police vehicles.

Police said residents in the area claimed Boodram was seen earlier on yesterday eating at a fast food restaurant along the SS Erin Road. A member of the public who recognised her reportedly alerted the police.

After gathering more intelligence, officers also tracked her down by tracing a cell phone signal after she tried to use a sim card previously registered in her name.

Meanwhile, a man who reportedly fell in love with Boodram is said to have assisted in her plot to escape from the Women’s Prison at Golden Grove, Arouca, on Monday.
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Cop confesses: ‘I helped Vicky escape’
A POLICE officer in custody in connection with the escape of alleged fraudster Vicky Boodram, has allegedly confessed to assisting her.

Vicky Boodram sprung from prison

Cop uses colleague in escape con

By Jensen La Vende
November 29, 2017 –

In what is being touted as the greatest escape in the history of the country, alleged fraudster Vicky Nirupa Boodram walked out of the Arouca Prison on Monday afternoon and has not been seen since.

Boodram, 35, whose last known address was 34 Gambal Street, Siparia, had been on remand since March 2016 after being denied bail on 39 fraud charges. She has 175 fraud matters before the court beginning in 2012.

According to both police and prison sources, Boodram was taken from the prison on the authority of a court order. Sources said two police officers attached to the Tunapuna Police Station, which is charged with responsibility for prisoners scheduled to appear in court from the Northern Division, went to the Women’s Prison and removed Boodram on Monday. The officers, a male and a female, went in a marked police vehicle and were accustomed to collecting prisoners at Golden Grove for court.

Prison officials said they thought nothing untoward about the officers coming with what they presumed were legitimate court documents stating Boodram was scheduled to attend night court. Prior to the officers’ arrival at the prison just after 5 pm, prison officials were telephoned and told Boodram had secured bail in all her matters.

After collecting Boodram, the male officer returned to the station where he dropped off his colleague and left with Boodram. Neither he nor Boodram has been seen since. The female officer was being questioned by officers of the Professional Standards Bureau up to last evening.
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Prison Service: Don’t blame us, the cops did it
THE Prison Service is defending its reputation against a flood of criticised following the “release” of accused fraudster Vicky Boodram from the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca on Monday.

Update: Second cop in custody in Vicky escape
The Express has learnt that a second police is being questioned in connection with the escape of Vicky Boodram.

Nationwide search for Vicky
…as CoP orders probe

The great escape of Vicky Boodram: How did she do it?

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  1. Common Brother Nunez, your voice at this present juncture, need to be heard, give us your personal and National perspective. Trinidad is about to Boil Over.

  2. Everything appears to be disappearing under this government. $10 million just disappeared in Tobago. The Chief Justice nobody could find, he keep disappearing to destinations all over the world. The PM after Brett nobody could find, some say he disappeared to Tobago on a golfing jaunt. $90 million in fakeoil now nobody could find PNM councillor Deokiesingh he dissapeared.
    People money disappearing out of their pocket! So I am not surprise this woman disappeared.

    1. No Mammo, this government was hijacked by the cartels.. this is not the party that Dr. Eric Williams founded. Look at boldface-ness, in yuh face.. And Jack Warner talking about Beetham’ Little Black Boy making a Black adm. look impotent. Dem Indian running circles around these numbskulls..

      Play it again Bob.

      1. Well, Ramkillerman, at least one “indian” is back in jail and running circles around nobody.

      2. You must have had a busy week, if you didn’t have the time to remind the public that Vicky Boodram’s criminality goes hand in hand with her race.

        1. True. But it’s a different type of criminality, wouldn’t you admit? White collar criminal mastermind, requiring some degree of brains, not just the hired and paid street/ghetto gun toting minion type that invading homes, chasing out the lawful owners, beating them, slitting their throats, then turning round to burn tyres and protest when the police move against them.

          Yeah, Beta, de criminality of Vicky and she race!!

  3. Its time the Governments revisit the Country Constitution. Pass Laws, that when things like these take place. The Law then can seize, all property’s.Also most of the folks that is in-charge at the time of the Incident, and immediate subject Officers, be on lock down. Come on Trinidad/Government, we are a small Dot of a Country, these things are an embarrassment,to the other Islands. Trinidad/Tobago NEEDS —DISCIPLINE, DISCIPLINE. and TOUGH LOVE. {RAM K. Too much Fast food, in the Brain}

    The police’s investigative trail into how fraud accused Vicky Boodram planned and executed her simple yet daring escape from the Women’s Prison in Golden Grove, Arouca has led them to the Tunapuna Magistrates Court.

    Cop unaware he was taking Vicky to ‘freedom’
    Constable LeVon Sylvester reportedly told his colleagues on Tuesday night that he had no idea he was assisting alleged fraudster Vicky Boodram in escaping from legal custody when he picked her up at the Women’s Prison in Golden Grove on Monday.

    Great escape: corruption or incompetence?
    THE mind-blowing ease with which remanded prisoner Vicky Boodram escaped unchallenged from the Women’s Prison at Golden Grove raises a slew of questions and concerns about the system and its ability to protect itself from being duped, whether from inside or out.

  5. Where are the voices of the elite of country. Where is the PM, the Opposition Leader, the various civic groups? Trinidad and Tobago seems to be a dream land. Nobody is being held accountable for the various fraud etc. We like it so!!!! Where is the Judiciary with its high paying jobs and perks such as endless travel? Corruption and trickery is the order of the day in this country. What about the violent prison break when a policeman was killed? Investigation, investigation and reports but no action. Come on Mr Prime Minister the buck stops at your feet.

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