How Petrotrin was defrauded

By Anna Ramdass
September 14, 2017 –


How Petrotrin was defraudedThis was how State-owned Petrotrin was defrauded of close to $100 million.

Details are contained in the August 2017 report by Petrotrin’s internal audit committee which unearthed the “fake oil” scandal.

The report stated the fraud was facilitated by a Petrotrin employee (named)—and also contained the GPS records for the employee’s vehicle which showed the employee spent over five hours on one occasion at the offices of the “Operator”—A&V Drilling’s Penal head office—when there was no need to. The employee visited the office on nine recorded occasions for the period January to June.

The report stated the employee had no reason to visit the Operator’s office, as his jurisdiction was limited to the Operator’s sales tank farm facilities. The report described these visit as “suspicious” and as a “possible indicator of collusion” between the Operator and the employee.

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  1. Nothing going to come out of this, since there is No evidence and no independent audit or attempt to properly investigated this matter.

  2. The title of this article is misleading and dishonest. The article does not explain “How Petrotrin was defrauded”. This article is not worthy of publication and the author aka journalist should be embarrassed by this feeble attempt at investigative journalism.

  3. An internal audit report that is leaked out to the media and used by the opposition is unethical. Verification of such findings need to be confirmed from an external independent audit then legal proceedings can be ensued.

    PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday condemned Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s behaviour in alleging a ‘fake oil’ scandal at State oil company Petrotrin as “jamettery.” Speaking at the post-Cabinet news conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s, Rowley said Persad-Bissessar’s actions could prevent herself and the entire country learning the truth about this matter.

    1. Rowley has show that he is the best hitter under the belt. Man, woman or 17 year old it does not matter. He delivers a powerful verbal blow.

      One may debate the merits of that statement on “jamettery” but most people cannot understand the recklessness of such naked exposè of a sitting PM.

      The word “jam-ette” is the rooted in the word “jam”. This is something Rowley enjoys doing producing listed and unlisted children. He is a jammer who has had a lot of jamettes over the years. So his level of familiarity is very high with that descriptive. When he used “opposition leader + jamettery” in the same sentence in regards to a totally unrelated subject. One wonders about his prostrate exam if his jamette hunting days are over and he is really upset over it.

      Rowley has been to Penal a number of time. Word is his grandfather had a relationship with an Indian girl from Penal and that relationship produced a dougla daughter. The family refused to have the girl marry Rowley grandfather and treated the dougla child badly. Eventually the dougla girl was taken and grew up as Rowley sister. (So the legend goes). Yes the breath taking model barely out of her teen years Ravina by name is from Debe. Rowley choose her perhaps tracing his grandpa footsteps to dance the carnival away…..

  5. We have repeatedly explained, with evidence, why this man, PM Rowley , is not morally or ethically suitable to be a prime minister.
    His latest “jammettry” concoction is further evidence of his crude disposition and unsuitability. He could have chosen a more statesman like manner to convey the same thoughts to which he is entitled.

    Also, why does Rowley feel the need to emphasize that Nizam, the oil company tycoon accused of fraud, is his INDIAN friend?
    The PM suggests that this confirms that he is not a racist. Laughable!

    1. Clearly he is not ‘stable’ and seems like someone has a ‘loaded gun’ at his head…
      This is what they call a ‘CAPTURED STATE’..

      State capture is a type of systemic political corruption in which private interests significantly influence a state’s decision-making processes to their own advantage.
      The term ‘state capture’ was first used by the World Bank (c 2000) to describe the situation in central Asian countries making the transition from Soviet communism. Specifically it was applied to situations where small corrupt groups used their influence over government officials to appropriate government decision making in order to strengthen their own economic positions; these groups would later become known as oligarchs.[1]
      Allegations of state capture have led to protests against the government in Bulgaria in 2013-2014, and have caused an ongoing controversy in South Africa which started in 2016.’

      Only those who cannot see don’t want to see..

  6. That crassness again! *
    Published on Sep 16, 2017, 10:00 pm AST
    By Ralph Maraj

    Ralph Maraj said it best:
    For the past two years, we have had little that is poetic, soaring or profound from the utterances of this Prime Minister, Rowley failing in a leader’s cardinal responsibility to a nation. Instead, it has been a surfeit of crudity, now accusing Opposition leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, of “jammetry”, meaning she was behaving like a jammette: “a vulgar woman who causes scenes and public scandals, a loose female sleeping around, a prostitute.” Kamla earned this repugnant disparagement for doing her duty to the nation, after she revealed another apparent scandal at Petrotrin, another hint of possible corruption under this administration from where a stench has started to emanate, the foulness accentuated by Rowley’s debased language. Shakespeare would have said, “Something is rotten in the state of Trinidad and Tobago.”

  7. I am amazed by the narrow mindedness of people in management positions in government companies. The big talk is about this one incident. The broader question is how long this has been going on? What about the dozen or so contracted oil producers. There should be a forensic audit of this whole operation at Petrotrin. All of the private operators accounts must be opened and audited.
    It must be noted that certain staff from Petrotrin were reluctant to cooperate with the auditors. This must be looked at again.
    Why did this weak internal control system facilitated this act. Petrotrin has very highly qualified and exhobitant paid accountants, management staff and auditors who were unable to design and implement a good internal control system. (was this a deliberate act). The management of this company has to take responsibility for this lack of good internal control system. What about the external auditors, the engineering staff of the refinery. This is the same scam which brought Caroni Limited to its knees and eventual demise.

    Fire and Jail for all after a thorough forensic audit and investigation. Too much corruption in this little country.

    1. Cudos to this observation especially in the connection of Caroni(1975)Ltd. Again similarities brew with the molasses being weighed on weigh scale at the departing point but the dip stick method employed in the receiving end. Highly paid economists and accountants at government enterprises are good in collecting but amazingly are better at employing complex mumbo jumbo policies in systems so that their scams can be hidden. Why? conduits are established and maintained for siphoning monies out of the system with third parties. Why should the best converter of solar energy into potential energy be closed down? Why should a 5000 tonne p/a bakers yeast proposed incremental plant built locally for the fermentation complex be discarded for a 50,000tpa batch plant imported from Australia. Why should a negative environmentally impacting situation be given the light of day as an ingenious methodology developed at UWI under the stewardship of the late Dr. Selwyn Griffith as a utilization system in rice cultivation instead of proposing to spend millions of dollars in a treatment system by Caroni’s management and Board? Why should locally produced cordial manufacture be discarded in miniature bottles for BWIA instead for the importing of said products? The in-house technology systems that were beginning to establish especially in the Fermentation complex of Caroni was receiving full support from Ministry of Environment in France, CSIRO in Australia, Commonwealth Secretariat of London, Rum PIlot plant in Puerto Rico, Research agencies in India and China but was discarded wholly and totally at home. What a shame? Frank Rampersad and George Chambers saw the merit in the industrial diversification but apparently the systems were hijacked by blood sucking vampires entrenched in a company associated with sweetness!!!

  8. Grow up and show some respect
    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has now made his own contribution to the political lexicon of Trinidad and Tobago, adding to a growing dictionary of terms with some notables as Basdeo Panday’s “neemakharam. But of all the words that might constitute a Trinbagonian political dictionary, it is doubtful whether anyone would take pride in claiming paternity for the word “jamettry”, a word laced with anti-female sexual innuendo.

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