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Re: tuskegee syphilis experiment

peace and hotep,

curtis dogheal mctavish, you stated:

"You do alot of research on being a victim."

i must say that you seem a bit hypocritical. the original post was about victims. the tuskegee experiment was about victims(why should you care, trini). both victims of 'white' racism. didn't you comment about the women of gambia? if you are an amorican then you know about the right of free speech which you find offensive when that speech is contrary to yours. however if you are a recent descendant of immigrants to amorica, i can sympathize withe your own personal demon. you described yourself as a so of immigrants amorican opportunist. like colin powel or several of the immigrant class opportunists whom i work withe daily you too exhibit their same character flaw. they will not, because of necessity, identify their own behavior in relation to africans held captive generationally in amorica as any thing other than mercenary. motivated soledly by a desire for monetary or material gain. the immigrant class never advocated the social and political empowerment of amorica's captive populations for fear of deportation.

so curtis dogheal mctavish, i could and will not expect you to have any sympathy for our devil, amorica. you love her and her cup of abominations. just do what is expected of you but please do not hold me to you sell out expectations. you have been invited to my ancestrial penitentary. you will make an excellent cross-cultural prison guard.

curtis dogheal mctavish, as to :

" How about trying to research what it will take to make you happy with your life."

nothing could make me any more happy than searching out ones like you. it is rather entertaining like sport but more rewarding to me. i reluctantyly watch your kind juggle karma.

curtis dogheal mctavish, you state :

" You will not die for me, nor i for you ". these are bad assumptions. so are these, "there is still the chance that you will not be judged on the way I have conducted my life and vice versa."

curtis dogheal mctavish, you ask:

"why you feel the need or rather why you take it upon yourself to make yourself the victim of every self or socially perceived slight against that of the dispersed African? "

do you hate that i am victimizing myself or do you hate that i can even discuss victimization by using 'white'racism as the basis withe the aid of neely fuller jr. and others. it is so easy for you to blame victims for being victims. god forbide that the master ever heard of you blaming the hand that feeds you. heck, you would be struck out like just another happy field slave.

curtis dogheal mctavish, by you saying :

"We were discussing one issue and you jumped to another. That is irrellevent."

are you inferring that i should not think freely. that i should not control the path of my own thought. that you are thought police and i am a thought criminal. i am a thought criminal. i detest censorship in any form or fashion. if i get you off of a topic, please skillfully place us back on the right track.

curtis dogheal mctavish, arrogantly you state :

"Prevention is better than cure, and to add to that, only the strong survive."

i can accept this from my immigrant class opportunist brethren. you have the strong work ethic and will to live. yet you still have the jealousy and enviousness of the brothers of joseph. jealous and to the end until joseph has secured a place withe civil rights besides pharoah. until joseph allows his fallen brother a place of refuge in times of strife.

but like you, curtis dogheal mctavish, even after being invited into egypt(amorica) you are still hatefull of your brother joseph. i work withe my brothers daily and they all know that i am a honorable man.

curtis dogheal mctavish, just listen to you:

Danny Glover,
Black or something,
your a slave?
your problem,
physically be in chains,
picking cotton,
Emancipate yourself!
I have been emancipated mentally,
never heard the whip,
a cotton gin or picked produce,
as enpty as a hue,
decendents of cavemen,
have I showed off yet,
feild negro,
I love sports,
naturally gifted physically,
probably self confident and competative,
Victems need not,
Our main problem, for us instead of I,
no problem with the police,
gennerally keep law and order,
harder without them,
affirmative action,
I earned my job,
hard working taxpayer,
I'll by my own food,
food stamps,
I can speak the American standard,
I have pride,
I can bring to the table,
I don't have to worry about White Supremacy,
I will survive,
a proud and powerfull person,
Afro-Trini- American decent,
mental slavery, free our minds"

curtis dogheal mctavish, as to whether i still believe that i am a slave, let me say that freedom is a hapi slave refers to loving and respecting the the source of the nile(hapi) which is ethiopia or greater africa.

however, freedom is a happy slave refers to the certain freedoms attached to being a happy slave.

because, curtis dogheal mctavish, did you know that right now immigrants to amorica can come here and work but they will violate their immigration status if caught engaging in 'unamorican activities'. talk about mental your mind and you ass will follow.


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