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By Nalinee Seelal
April 03, 2012 – newsday.co.tt

VictimAn employee of the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development remained at the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital yesterday, 13 days after she was snatched from her office by mental health officers and forcibly committed to the hospital.

Colleagues of Cheryl Miller yesterday demanded her immediate release from the psychiatric hospital declaring she is not mentally unstable and vowed to protest daily outside the ministry at Tower D, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.
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Activist takes to the streets

By Jada Loutoo
Thursday, April 16 2009

Verna St Rose GravesCHILD rights activist Verna St Rose Greaves yesterday chose to take her lobby outside the Hyatt Regency, instead of attending the Civil Society forum, which was taking place metres from where she held her one-person demonstration, outside the Carnival Victory cruise ship.

She wore a white dress, splashed with red dye to represent blood and carried a poster which read “Shame on a Nation. You neglect children, women, poor, homeless, communities in need, persons with disabilities.” On the poster were photos of Akiel Chambers and Amy Emily Annamunthodo, both victims of murder. Ringing a brass bell and shouting at the top of her voice, a barefooted St Rose Greaves said she chose the public place to speak out against what she called the injustice being done to the children in the country.
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