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Cops ‘Protest Action’ – No Love Lost

No Love Lost

By Suzanne Mills
February 11, 2011 – newsday.co.tt

PoliceIf Social Welfare Association head, Sergeant Anand Ramesar is representative of police intellectual force in TT, I’ve heard enough. Let´s throw in the towel at once, surrender immediately to the bandits, but Jah spare us the cruel and unusual punishment of Sergeant Ramesar’s ad-libs: “We will down tools, no retirees for desk work, “no bikes for cops” and his newest, “Take back the $1,000!”
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Police, Coast Guard, fail fishermen in distress

By Raffique Shah
August 22, 2010

Patrol BoatTWO murderous incidents that occurred last weekend exposed different sides of arms of the Protective Services, much of which is not flattering. In the first, sea-bandits attacked fishermen in a virtual orgy of violence that saw some six vessels seized by armed, masked men. The helpless fishermen, three of whom lived in my neighbourhood, were tossed into the sea miles offshore, and left to swim for their lives. The bandits-cum-killers conducted their ‘orgy’ from Pointe-a-Pierre to Otaheite.
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Police Station Theft

January 02, 2010

PoliceThe reported disappearance of US$94,000 seized from an alleged drug dealer and which had been lodged in the property room at the Couva Police Station should be thoroughly investigated.

The property keeper is reported to have discovered the money missing, about 5 pm on December 29, when he found the property room unlocked and an envelope in which the money was contained, missing.
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Cops charged with stealing money

September 02, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

PoliceCops accused of stealing money back in court Sept 8
Four officers assigned to the Police Southern Division, yesterday appeared before a Port-of-Spain magistrate charged with misbehaviour in public office. Police Corporals Deopersad Jankienanan, 51, Keshan Harrysingh, 44, and PC Anslem Drakes, 38, stood before Magistrate Anna Ryan in the Fourth (A) Court, charged with misbehaviour by stealing money recovered from a robbery.
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