Lead, or shut up

By Raffique Shah
August 07, 2016

Raffique ShahI don’t know what plans he has for his vacation, but I strongly recommend to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley that he spend all of it in solitary self-confinement seeking guidance from whatever deity or deities he believes in regarding his leadership capabilities.

I don’t care whether it’s an ashram, a monastery or Papa Neezer’s shrine, I honestly believe that Keithos can benefit from a mega-dose of divine intervention to help him determine whether he has what it takes to lead this cussed country out of the morass it has been mired in for decades.

By now he must recognise that his leadership of the nation has fallen short of the expectations of most citizens, that after almost one year at the helm his Government has nothing tangible to show, so much so that if it continues in this mode, it would be stricken with rigor mortis, and rather mark with celebration an anniversary on September 7, it should hold a wake.

This Government has not cleaned a drain, fixed a pothole, installed a street light, brought water to the thirsty, reined in galloping crime, created new jobs, built or completed a new school…

The only thing it can boast of is that thus far none its ministers or top officials has stolen from the public purse, and that might be more because the coffers are empty than any moral rectitude on their part.

To misuse a scientific term, the inertia in governance is explosive.

Look, those of us who are not sycophants of one brand or other know that Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her gang raped the country every which way, blowing close to $300 billion in five years with precious little to show for it. They borrowed money to increase the public debt, and owed every dog and his brother more billions when they were booted out of office.

In fact, their abuse of power and misuse of money were what caused the electorate to kick them hard in their butts one year ago.

We also know that energy revenues fell precipitously since the PNM took office-for example, from $6.15 billion to $1.67 billion between October 2015 and January 2016, and possibly worse between February and July-rendering management of the economy a nightmare.

But you know what, Keithos? We are fed up hearing what Kamla and her gangsters did or did not do. The only time you and your Cabinet colleagues should mention their names henceforth is to announce their arrests, detail the charges against them, and to tell us what cells they occupy in prison.

Failing that, I’ll say like CLR James used to: shut up!

While money is important to do most things a government needs to do, there are many more things that a good leader can say or do to inspire or motivate his people. Britain’s economy and its war machinery were inferior to Nazi Germany’s when Winston Churchill rallied his countrymen to make immense sacrifices, millions of lives included, to turn the tide and defeat Hitler.

But to achieve such goals, one must lead by example-drive ordinary vehicles, eliminate lavish receptions, eat local and let people see you do that, and most of all, ensure that you, your family and Cabinet colleagues are above reproach.

I know the ideals I’m setting out are tough on a people who have grown accustomed to living the good life. But if you want to change people’s work ethic, their lifestyles, adjust their expectations during harsh times, you must first change and adjust yours.

The motto at Sandhurst, the military academy where I was trained and from which I graduated exactly fifty years ago, is simply: serve to lead.

What am I asking of the Prime Minister? Example one: runaway crime, especially murders, is of urgent and critical concern. Inspector Michael Seales, president of the representative association, is reported as saying to a call by Minister Edmund Dillon for an intensification of joint army-police patrols, we’ll cooperate-but pay us our money first.

In other words, money or your life-which is preposterous, coming from a senior police officer.

As leader of the nation, the PM should address police officers directly and rally them to engage in a massive, sustained assault against the 10,000 or so criminals who are terrorising the nation.

With no apologies to General Dillon, this is no time for “architecture”, this is a time for war, a fight to the finish.

Likewise, the PM must “ground” with public servants, daily-paid workers, teachers, energy sector workers, CEPEP, URP, farmers, in other words, everyone from whom you are demanding productivity, and motivate them to rescue the nation from the brink of becoming a failed state.

This is not about micromanagement, this is about leadership of a calibre we’ve never had in our history.

It’s a tall order.

Keithos either has it, or he doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “Lead, or shut up”

  1. Well said Comrade Lt. Raffique Shah. But that will never happen ev en if you become Minister of National Security. There is NO leader in the world today who will do what you’re asking for.

  2. “Likewise, the PM must “ground” with public servants, daily-paid workers, teachers, energy sector workers, CEPEP, URP, farmers, in other words, everyone from whom you are demanding productivity, and motivate them to rescue the nation from the brink of becoming a failed state.”

    Haha Shah you getting old and cantankerous, you know this PM ain’t going to meet with anyone, his ministers are OJT people. Rumour has it that he is dying of AIDS, Sharon needs to come forward and clear the air on his health. She needs to tell the nation the true status of the Prime Minister health so we can all utter a word of prayer for a speedy recovery.

    The job of Prime Minister is demanding and it is a known fact that all past PNM prime minister lived to 69 years usually getting sick a few years earlier, Rowley is just a few years away from turning 69 years.

    Successional leadership must be weighing heavily on the mind of the close nit PNM family. Could Orville the most corrupt THA leader be the one to rally the faithful. Or in the darkness of night a mysterious light will appear to lead the faithful forward. Time will tell.

    Absentia leadership is now a common PNM feature with Manning absent from parliament over a year before he resign. Could Rowley become an absent PM due to the grueling nature of this job? Yes some leaders thrive on serving people will others turn into a wall flower. It is a 24/7 job and requires at times the wisdom of Solomon to point the way forward. With an economy faltering on the brink of collapse and a treasury open for pillaging the future indeed looks very bleak. At least the unions seems to be very happy, not a cock crowing these days.

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