By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
July 17, 2016

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeNo one can explain with absolute certitude why the nation poured out so much grief at the death of Patrick Manning. While it had much to do with the part he played in our nation’s development, it also has to do with a nation mourning itself, saddened by how coarse its sensibilities have become; a feeling of helplessness at its own futility and its uncertainty about where it’s going and how it intends to get there. It matters little (it may even be inconsequential) that the PNM is now in power.

I was flabbergasted to read Stuart Young’s comment that the Government is “in conversation with the Anglican Church, because the (Manning) family had requested that Mr. Manning’s body, find its final resting place at the Cathedral and, so far, it seems that we will be proceeding along those grounds but that will take some preparation” (Newsday, July 8, 2016).

Mrs. Manning has denied making such a request, which suggests it came from Government. No matter from whom the request came, there is absolutely no good reason why the state should pressure the Anglican authorities about using the Holy Trinity Cathedral as Mr. Manning’s final resting place.

I object strongly to Mr. Manning’s remains being placed at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Church and state ought to be completely separated in a small multi-cultural and multi-religious state such as ours. The government has no business cajoling, pressuring, or even asking the Anglican Church to place the remains of a politician on sacred grounds.

Freedom of religion is enshrined in our constitution. A person is free to follow whatever religion he chooses. That I identify as an Anglican/Orisha is my business. The state should have no say in telling the Anglican Board or the Orisha community how to treat me. While I appreciated the state’s desire to pay the highest respect to Mr. Manning, there is no reason why it should pressure the Anglican authorities to deviate from their principal business-in this case religious-to accommodate the wishes of any family.

The late Ellis Clarke was a staunch member of the Roman Catholic Church. He never missed a weekly service. When I questioned him about his faith, he said our stay on earth was analogous to our waiting in a state room, as guests, on the way to a heavenly banquet. He was comfortable with that conviction.

I don’t know how the state would have reacted if the Clarkes wanted him beatified. Would it have written to the Roman Catholic Church and met with its officials to talk about how best to accomplish that end?

And what do we do about Dr. Eric Williams who never showed any religious preference publicly? He understood that he ought not to impose his religious beliefs upon the nation. That was as it should be. He had his ashes strewn across the Gulf of Paria so reluctant was he to be apotheosized in any way.

When an individual, particularly a leader, aspires to godly status, he comes close to committing blasphemy.

When, like Napoleon, he seeks to embody the state in his own person (Napoleon Bonaparte declared, “I am the state”), he subverts its republican ideals and encourages the creation of an oligarchy. This is why so many of us were against Mr. Manning’s stated desire to establish an Executive Presidency. Could you imagine what would have happened if we had given such powers to Kamla Persad-Bissessar or Keith Rowley?

It is irresponsible for Ralph Gonzales to say that we were wrong to criticize Mr. Manning. Mr. Manning was a politician who, like all politicians, made his share of mistakes. That is why I have suggested that we immediately put into place a National Endowment for the Humanities to encourage the scholarly examination of our leaders’ contributions. It is only through such a process that we can get a balanced estimation of Manning’s contribution to the nation.

Let us mourn Mr. Manning as we must. Let us not make him into a god, which he was not. In time of grief we must differentiate between love and adoration; reason and emotion; deification and our human tendency to emote sympathetically for the dead. This is why Duke Orsino, in grappling with these contradictory emotions, exclaimed: “So full of shapes is fancy/That it alone is high fantastical.” Shakespeare, it seems, was aware that sometimes we tend to confuse the reality of the person we love with our imaginary flights of what we would have liked him or her to be.

In time of grief we ought to exercise some control over ourselves and avoid committing national hari-kari. It is always wise to keep in mind Jesus’ admonition about rendering unto Caesar…

Enough said.

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  1. Thanks Prof. Now, what yuh tink about yuh friend Sat’s ‘sacrilegious’ comments?
    And how come as a leader of an African Group (The NAEAP), you never sent in an invoice for Caroni lands on behalf of The Africans Slaves who are buried all over those cane fields?

  2. The PNM organization is attempting to posthumously glorify Manning and place him on a high pedestal. This outpouring of overheated praise has a psychological explanation.Inadequate PM Rowley is dealing poorly with overpowering feelings of guilt over his lengthy criticism, hooligan behavior and defiant power struggle with Manning over the years. He is compensating for his unbalanced power grabbing antagonism directed towards Manning. The PNM organization is reacting to their rejection of the former PM after his defeat in 2010. The ordinary PNM tribal followers of POS are coming to terms with their violent and derogatory public outbursts directed at Manning after the 2010 defeat. The Opposition is presenting a respectful, tempered and realistic recognition of the late PM, mindful of his numerous political gaffes while running the country. Sat, the Hindu racist is in a category of his own.

  3. I identify as an Anglican/Orisha

    Let us mourn Mr. Manning as we must. Let us not make him into a god,…

    I want to comment on the juxtaposition above.

    As to the main point of the opinion piece, I mostly am in agreement. It seems obvious to me on the face of the evidence that Stuart Young was in some way misled in thinking it was the wish of the Manning family that Manning be encrypted or even buried at the Trinity Cathedral. I think somebody gave him basket to hold, deliberately or inadvertently, and he was carrying it. I have no particular knowledge of the workings of the PNM, but I can’t imagine that was a deliberated and agreed party position. I’m sure all were hoping that that matter be quietly dropped, to spare the embarrassment of both the innocent and guilty.

    The irony in the juxtaposition quoted above is that an orisha precisely is a person made into a god after his death. This follows Hamitic tradition. For example, the table of nations given at Genesis 10 identifies Raamah and Sheba as the son and grandson respectively of Kush, the first son of Ham. These are the founding deities of the Indian subcontinent, there known after allowance for phonetic drift, as Ram and Shiva. (We know India was known in ancient times as “Indus Kush”, or “the Kushite people at and around the Indus or Sindh river.) Thus Scripture lets us know that Ram and Shiva were deified, presumably after their death. The same deification of honoured ancestors was practised by the Egyptians, who are also Hamitic, through Ham’s second son, Mizraim. Osiris, Isis and etc. were all literal flesh and blood people, deified after death. In the same way, many if not quite all of the orisha are deified ancestors. Olorun/Olodumare (= God per se) is the main exception, along with certain of the heavenly host.

    Where am I going with this? What the Hamites have practised by tradition going back a long way, starting with the 3rd or 4th generation after Noah, is in violation of the Law of the Holy Covenant God entered into with the children of Israel.

    Israelites of the seed are under commandment to have no other god before, besides, next to or other than Yahweh (1st Commandment; Exodus 20:3, Deuteronomy 5:7). And under the 2nd commandment; Exodus 20:4-5, Deuteronomy 5:8,9; we are to make no idols of or to anyone in heaven, the earth, or under the earth, to bow down to and worship. How clear is that.

    The Christian church, of whatever denomination, considers itself “spiritual” Israel, and equally as bound as seedline Israel, by choice, to the Law of the Holy Covenant.

    Therefore, no Anglican, whether he considers himself Israelite of the seed, or spiritual Israel, may be both Anglican and a worshiper of any orisha. That is confusion.

    I do not disagree that the right of religious conscience dictates that one is free to be as confused as one desires.

    However, as a servant of Yahweh, I am obliged to point out that to engender and cultivate such confusion is a triumph of Satan.

    I begin to see how Cudjoe has allowed himself to become Sat’an Mahar’s fool. As long as he Cudjoe is bowing down to and worshiping idols, he is in no position to see through and reject the manifest satanic foolishness of SDMS.

    I speak plainly. I’m under the social contract which obliges me to “tolerate” the religious foolishness of others. I do not have to embrace such foolishness, nor celebrate it twice a year. Nor does that social contract put me under an obligation to remain silent when such religious foolishness is a clear and present danger to the very social contract under which it is tolerated. On the contrary, as a servant of Yahweh, I am under an obligation to point out the confusion when an Israelite brother (seedline or “spiritual”) appears to stray from compliance with the Holy Covenant, and especially so when he is in a position to lead others astray into the same confusion. I pray my plain-speaking is not misunderstood as some sort of religious “bigotry”.

    As I say so, I must also say a word about the Anglicans. Yeshua spake thus:

    “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 7:20-21)

    Anglicans I find have strayed far from the Law of the Holy Covenant. They have already slid down that slippery slope where man’s thoughts are substituted for God’s law. Contrary to what Yeshua said as quoted above, Satan says plainly: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” How lovely if we all can just do what we think is right, even if it contradicts the clear word of God. But oh how satanic. I see the Anglican church going that satanic way: ordination of women priests and bishops, condonation of bamcy-bandit priests, and now to all appearances, having regard to the intellectual sophistication of one like Cudjoe, condonation of idol worship. But I’m not surprised: you start, contrary to the 2nd commandment, by worshiping a false white god, not realizing that that precisely is the way of baal worship, so one should not be surprised at the increasingly vile fruit borne from this tree.

    Word to the wise.


    1. P.S.

      Forget “spiritual” Israel for a minute … one of the curses that would be suffered by seedline Israel is precisely that we would become idol worshipers:

      “And Yahweh shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.” (Deuteronomy 28:64)

      Just as the ancient Israelites got caught up in the baal worship of the Canaanites (another Hamitic people from the 4th son of Kush), many seedline Israelites today, thinking that they are “African” in some deep cultural sense, meaning Hamitic in one form or another in practical terms, reject the Word given to their forefathers, and embrace cultural and religious practices that are actually forbidden to them. That fulfills the curse of Deu 28:64. But fortunately it may be overcome.

      I fear Cudjoe’s group, the NAEAP, is prey to that confusion of identity, leading many of our brethren down the broad way that leadeth to the lake of fire.

      “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

  4. When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.( Anais Nin)

    1. With all due respect to the wisdom of Anais Nin, the God I serve does not expect His servants to be automatons or blind.

      Quite the opposite His Messiah warns us:

      “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14)

      Moreover, He had the Apostle Paul to admonish us:

      Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

      In other words to rightly divide the word, automatons need not apply, let alone blind ones.

      Nevertheless, it is very true that much of what passes for religion is a frog march of the blind, led by variations of the blind and the wicked.

      If Anais Nin took the trouble to know God, she might agree with Yeshua:

      “… strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:14-15)

      She might even have found her way into the strait gate…

  5. TMan, is there anything that an Afro-Trini or the PNM do ever considered genuine? Doesn’t Manning deserve some sort of praise for his contribution to the Nation? Like Dr. Williams, he is definitely not going to get any recognition from Sat or Kamla.

    In the eyes of many, there is only one reason why an Afro-Trini does anything, and that is race. In the eyes or many, Afro-Trinis do every based on race – that is how they are programmed to function. How sad.

    According to Kamla, Sat has freedom of speech for making his remarks, but Rowley does not, for calling the statements ‘seditious.’ Everyone, besides Kamla knows that Rowley is not the Justice System of Trinidad and Tobago.

    1. Kamla must know that her sedition charge is ridiculous. She is a lawyer. She is simply being the ultimate politician, ensuring that her base is not offended by her response.

      1. “The Opposition is presenting a respectful, tempered and realistic recognition of the late PM, mindful of his numerous political gaffes while running the country.” TMan
        To think that many of us ,more wiser blokes,on dis here Trini Center Nation, thought dat, when compared to the Mayaro lifetime drunk Mamboo, you Tman instead ,was the smarter one- elite , Christian , big POS City education, and such,TMan.
        However , with each passing day , you never fail to surprise , with your over the top /neo ungrateful/ African despising , twisted logic.
        If Manning was this reprehensible political bum , as you ,and the racist octogenarian Sat, seem to think, then our savvy , politically astute , Indo Trini folks ,who -in efforts, to enhance their self interest- repeatedly voted for him , over Basdeo Panday, some 49, out of 50 times , are in actuality ( to use your reasoning)some of the biggest idiots ,in the history of the Commonwealth. Objective historians will correctly ,give Patrick Manning , a possible C+, or to be generous , a B- for tenuous political stewardship, over his lifetime- but not for the reasons , you , and the bunch of intellectual frauds , we are stuck with , wish to think.
        Here is the deal:- 1. He was terrible for African folks , who he pretended to care about- from Scarborough , to Les Coteaux, Toco, to Carenage , Mt Dor , to Joh John.
        2.He was however great for Indo Trini blokes , his Arab Trini benefactors, and – just like his idol ,in fake spiritual Baptist -Pappa Deffy Eric -all those numerous, water down White EURO Trinis , from Westmoorings, St Anns, Federation Park , High end Maraval,and such.
        Put differently, Trini Indians,Local Jews,waterdown Whites, Chinese, and all those unmentionable ,invading fringe groups- chiefly of high color , were able to flourish in T&T / eat de fat of the land , all at the expense of still struggling African folks- otra vez, due to the stewardship of African leaders , from Papa Deffy Eric, to Smart man Chambers,and Manning.
        For the record , I purposely left out Ahhh WEEE Bouy,ANR Robinson , since he suffered political setbacks , due to efforts of criminal local Islamist,in 1990.

        I see you choose to remind us that Kamla is a lawyer,huh TMan?Well, what can one say , but , it speaks volumes, about the pathetic state of our legal education, and by extension-fraternity.Good griefs, and hey claimed she was a lecturer of something , somewhere, but can she even put a coherent sentence together,TMan? What’s that, she suffers from sclerosis of de brain,due to her frequent alcoholic stupors?
        No excuses TMan, for Basdeo Panday, her political Mentor,suffered from de same malady , and yet,even when he is rolling on de ground in some Caroni drain due to abuse of illegal Babash rum , the one time ,wannabe actor, who has mastered the Queen’s English , in true,Sir Vida Naipaulian fashion,suffers no such problem, Oui?
        Tell you what TMan, even if your glorified leader , Auntie K,paid me a billion $TT ,I would not want this creature , or worst yet, her incompetent , former,overrated – not too closeted-criminal head case,in AG , Rammy , de Goat lover , to defend me ,in any serious matter , where I, like say,a Basdeo Panday, was looking at doing 30 years in jail,for stealing monies earmarked to build our Airport, or possession of illegal offshore Bank accounts.
        Enough of this South of de Caroni water buffalo old talk , folks. It’s time Dr Keith Rowley know ,that he is paying too much attention ,to these female ,political has beens, such as still clueless- dope fiend Kamla, and that other patsy face comedian,one time Speaker , Occa Seapaul.
        Does anyone really care , about their repeated idle treats of lawsuits?
        We don’t care if the Dominican Carib foreigner Justice Volney,get back his job to adjudicate,or the matters come before the former COP joker , turn High Court justice , in mama Lucky, and why you ask?
        I’ll tell you:- if Papa Nizza , is for you , who can destroy you?
        Certainly ain’t no 10 hand god,ehhh TMan?
        It’s sad , but true , for ‘me think ,’ dat if the Mason Hall Kid,was to pass wind , in de sacred Parliamentary chamber, and it smells of Dasheen , and curry crab, as opposed to Gerra Pork/ Curry ocra , these two political clowns ,will see this as some opaque, personal slight,and so file a lawsuit forthwith- all because they want some TV face time. I’ll have more to say on this and similar subject, but for de moment , would just end , on this word of admonition , to our busy PM.
        Get on with the business of ruling Mr PM! You have a manifesto to deliver on.
        The late PM Manning , already indicated , he wanted no political trophies / awards while alive from the UNC dominant PP regime , and his family certainly ain’t want any now from your PNM.
        As for politically constipated ,CARICOM,& just why , are you still busy kissing de tosh of our Yardee / Jamaican cousins ,when the historically envious bastards , has shown nada but contempt, to La Trinity(from the time of the Papa Deffy Eric-New Maths-1 from 10 =0 -Federation, to present)is beyond me.,230708.html

        Again,another subject , for a different occasion,so enjoy your Blue Mountain, Port Royal Caribbean vacation, si?
        Well…. I take dat back . As an International Relations Guru myself , I’ll be the first to welcome the overtures/ spirit of good will,as initiated , by our PM , to our hermanos, Y hemanas , in Yardee Land.
        Translation:- What is good for the Pumkin, and barjee / Foo yen kai nip/ South / East Asian ‘goose,’is likewise good for de cow cod, & Yardee patties-‘gander,’ ennnnt?

        Ain’t dis something people , some 50 ,000 Turks (and counting) were arrested, and fired, from all walks of life , with many charged, or are on the verge of getting – soon to be re implemented death penalty -or worst yet ,sent to Mars , just 3 days after am attempted Coup.
        Our T&T in contrast, after a similar barbaric criminal act in 1990 – which resulted in numerous deaths, social carnage ,Global national tarnished image , even shootings, to the person of our former PM, some 25 years has elapsed , and after costly trials, and phony Commissioned investigations, no one has paid a price- in or out , of power, and what a sick tragedy! Go figure!
        Stay Vigilant people!
        I luv dis land , Y tu?

  6. Headline:
    “Manning’s family refuse ORTT on his behalf”

    With all due respect I believe that the family did the right thing. This time no one can blame the Manning family with political posturing. He refused it when Kamla and the UNC offered it and now, the family refused it because it was the decision that HE made when he was alive.

    Reading the news media, it is being described as “the highest award” in the nation. The question though, is what exactly does the ORTT award means? From my point of view, while described as the nation’s “highest” award, it connotes nothing more than a political giveaway to those worthy of notice by the governing elites. I looked up the meaning of this award on Google, hoping to get a more dignified answer as to it’s meaning that would satisfy it’s “highest award” certification but this is all I came u p with: “The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the highest honour of Trinidad and Tobago. Established in 2008, it replaced the Trinity Cross as the decoration for distinguished and outstanding service to the country.[1]” The fact that it replaced the Trinity Cross, is what diminishes it’s significance. The Trinity Cross was not just an award given to political hacks whop satisfy the party’s ascension to power. The award inherited its meaning from those who sat down spending weeks with just coming up with a name but also attaching the significance of it’s achievements to those who were rendered fit to receive it. A Committee was set up to study and recommend what constitutes it’s highest achievements. And unlike those who fought for it’s replacement, it was NEVER intended to or have input by christians for christians, as was the case made for it’s replacement. RELIGION was NEVER a consideration but political dogma imputed it’s meaning to that and they were able to convince the law lords in the UK that it was the case. As one who have intimate knowledge of its initiation, I feel deeply offend by the likes of Sat Maharaj and Anand Ramlogan who, using race, hatred and religious falsification to attach to the award, convinced old white Englishmen that it was intended to discriminate against hindus and muslims. This to me is one of the worst case of falsification that was ever allowed to come through the judiciary and reversed because that is what the accusers intended NOT what the framers intended. I see it as a slap in the face of one of the Committee members of the framers of the award Col. Peter PearceGould. He was attached to the West India Regiment from his English Military Job in England. He latterly served as the Commander of the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force and was the architect of almost all of what we know as the Defense Act. He was a man of stature and conviction. Yes, he also was religious but that did not enter into his surmising of what is good for Trinidad and Tobago. The award’s significance took into consideration, Christopher Columbus’s observation of noticing the
    “”three sisters” mountains and setting foot and claiming it as “Trinidad” or representing the Trinity. So when Ramlogan and Sat Maharaj decided that it was discriminatory, that was a slap in the face of good people who attached significance to a well-meaning characterization of our founding as a nation. While Sat and Ramlogan won their arguments before these old white men in England who saw merit in their arguments, I think it also as a disgrace that money, people and hardwork was diminished to mere racial politics. So, it’s replacement ORTT carries no real significance, except to say that it replaced the Trinity Cross.
    That is sad, very sad for a country to allow politicians to make these calls as to who is deserving and who is not, to receive these awards. It is with this in mind that I agree with the Manning’s NOT to accept this award. If anything, I believe that the present government should as worthy people to get together and come up with a REAL award that expresses our true characterization of what it means to be a contributor of REAL input into the culture and character of this nation.

    1. My humble opinion:

      There are two separate issues you raise. One has to do with the bullying of the creole host by the Indian insurgency to change the highest national award. The other has to do with the Manning rejection of the offered award.

      On the first point:

      The ORTT is just as meaningful (or meaningless) as the Trinity Cross. I don’t have a problem with either name. But I do have a problem with the quite pointless bullying that brought about the name change from the latter to the former.

      One has to be as touchy as a Ti’ Marie (picka) plant to find something offensive in the *name* of the Trinity Cross. Sat’an Mahar ought now, to be consistent, object to the name, Trinidad, itself. Perhaps he is too ignorant to know that Trinidad *means* Trinity. Or more likely he understands all too well that that would be crossing a line the creole host simply will not tolerate.

      As to the Manning family decision to decline the posthumous offer to Patrick Manning, I agree. But I don’t think that Sat’an’s historical bullying on behalf of hyper-sensitive idol worshipers should enter into that question.

      It is bad form in general for a respected citizen of the Republic to decline an offer of the country’s highest award It is even worse form for the award to be offered in such distasteful circumstances that the awardee feels obliged to decline.

      Kamla’s simultaneous offer to Manning and Panday clearly was distasteful, and both were right in the circumstances to refuse. The award is for high accomplishment and service to the country. There should be no hint in any offer that “optics” is a factor, or that political horse-trading, or racial balancing is a factor in determining merit. Manning was right to refuse in such circumstances. And I give Panday credit that he too felt obliged to refuse.

      It is to the credit of the present Government that the offer was again made, this time against a backdrop of overwhelming popular appreciation of Manning’s selfless service and contribution to the country’s development. Ordinarily the proper and graceful thing to do would be to accept and with humility and thanks.

      Buttt…. with that disgraceful recent history where Manning felt obliged to refuse the same award a scarce two or three years ago, of course the Mannings were right to refuse again now.

      Let it be that no future awardee feels obliged to decline the country’s highest award because of real or perceived ill motives surrounding the offer.

      And let it be that the Indian community think and act more like an indo-Trinidadian community, paying respect to Mother Trinidad and Tobago rather than Mother India, and reject the brahminist hindutva racist call for an Indian Policy insurgency in Trinidad & Tobago.



      1. “And let it be that the Indian community think and act more like an indo-Trinidadian community, paying respect to Mother Trinidad and Tobago rather than Mother India, and reject the brahminist hindutva racist call for an Indian Policy insurgency in Trinidad & Tobago.” (The religious Hypocrite)

        Why should any Indian aspire to be more Indo-Trinidadian when Indians are considered “guests” in their own homeland?

        1. It is a question of emphasis. An indo-Trinidadian is a Trinidadian who happens to be of Indian descent. An Indian is, well, an Indian. For years after even the last of the Indians arrived, the Indians were called “East Indian”, and so identified themselves. That was factually correct. Under their contract of indenture, they had the option to return to India. Very few exercised the option.

          Fine. If one has taken the decision to remain in Trinidad, then one must also give up loyalty to the motherland, and adopt a new Mother Trinidad, and relinquish allegiance to Mother India. Otherwise one remains a guest, or “recalcitrant”, refusing to become another ingredient in the creole callaloo.

          That should not be hard to understand. If your loyalty is to Mother India, fine, no one may object, but then you walk these shores as a guest.

          What am I to gather from the Indian Policy? This is the mind-set of insurgency. Even the word “guest” is too kind. Here is Item #9: “Indians need to continue infiltrating (sic) the protective services…”. An insurgency infiltrates. A guest does not. And to a loyal citizen of whatever heritage, who gives allegiance to Mother T&T, the matter simply does not arise.

          If I thought the “Indian Policy” was a hoax, or did not reflect a widespread sentiment among, — shall I say “indo-Trinidadians” or “Indians”? — I would happily ignore it as representing a racist fringe element. But I’m a realist. It is a matter of intellectual honesty. The Indian Policy may be laid either directly, or indirectly, at the feet of the SDMS. And the SDMS has poisoned the minds of our indo brethren in this land. Here is Item #11: “we are superior to them and they must know it”. That is entirely in accord with brahminist hindutva doctrine, and that is what the SDMS preaches. You are welcome to try to prove me wrong.

          I almost missed your snide reference to me as “the religious hypocrite”. I also note the absence of any attempted showing to that effect. The reason is obvious: you can’t. Therefore you call names and blow smoke. Try and come better than that.

          May the Most High expose the wicked ones in our midst, that the racial cancer that they represent may be excised from the body politic, that peace and harmony may reign in this land.

          I withhold my peace from you, but to others I say as usual,


          1. Your intellectual positions on most issues reflect your religious hypocrisy. It is self evident.
            One of the primary reasons why Africans all over the world are in cultural disarray and are anxious to borrow from a variety of cultures is the fact that they were stripped from their culture by a vicious and self deprecating system of slavery.

      2. Yoruba, I still maintain that our award system is ill-defined. In the United Kingdom, when a award such as the OBE or Order of the British Empire is awarded, it suggests that the benefactor has been knighted as a member of what was then and maybe still is, the British Empire (Lordship). There is no doubt what that honor entails. Such an honor gives the recipient a higher degree of stature wherever he/she travels within the Commonwealth of nations. Very little emphasis is placed on the medal. But, as we have seen and experienced lately, when the recipient passes, the estate sells the gold medal for income. That, to me makes the award worthless. Where is the pride? Where is the worth?
        When a Prime Minister like Kamla decides that she wants to share the awards based not on merit but on her perception of gratitude or ‘equity’ without the necessary history of valor, then she in fact, demeans the award just to meet racial quotas. This is what one sees when the ORTT award is given. We need to leave those to panels of people who view them without the political taint that places so much emphasis on allegiance to party or race or class. This is what the award system should get rid of.

        1. Kian,

          On that point — the tainting and therefore devaluing of national awards — I very much agree.

          But I’m not yet ready to throw in the towel, or throw out the baby with the bath-water. Let us at least try to restore some prestige to these awards.

          Btw, the OBE is not a knighthood. See for a listing of those awards and divsions.


      3. Yoruba Israel wrote “And let it be that the Indian community think and act more like an indo-Trinidadian community, paying respect to Mother Trinidad and Tobago rather than Mother India, and reject the brahminist hindutva racist call for an Indian Policy insurgency in Trinidad & Tobago.”

        Who is making such a call Yoruba Israel? Is it your fadder, brother, uncle or you? Or are you suffering from black paranoia? A paranoid person sees things that don’t exist as though they do, some may even think such a person is mad..

        Indians don’t need your lecturing us. We know our place within the cosmos, there are 1,200,000,000 of us on this planet. Sat does not speak for all Indians. As for Indian policy such a document was a figment of your good friend and international crook Mr.Jack Warner’s racist imagination. It does not exist except in the black stratosphere. A lot of things exist there currently.

        1. Flaccid nonsense as usual from Mamoo. As touchy as a Ti-Marie.

          Okay. Your loyalty is to Mother India and to 1.2 billion other Indians. Then don’t complain if you are seen and regarded as guests in T&T at best, and at worst unwelcome infiltrators, based on your own Indian Policy, Item #9.

          Enough is enough!

          1. And how do you know I am loyal to whom? Who are Africanas loyal to Trinidad and Tobago? Look at what your astute Afro leaders are doing to your own people then ask where their loyalty lies.

            Take a look at this comparative and ask yourself where PNM loyalty lies.

            PNM versus UNC
            In 2010 Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar met an economy in decline, she turned it around settling over 130 wage negotiations and giving workers an increase between 20%-23% in 5 years and she did that without increasing taxes. And the population voted her out.

            In 3 months, PNM, increased fuel by 15%, increased VAT on zero rated goods by 12.5%, increased NIS to 13.5%, increased business levy by 200%, reintroduce Property Tax, send home thousands of workers, freeze salary and bonuses and not a man say a word.

            Now there are no medicine in the hospital, scholarship programs cut drastically, GATE is on its way out, no laptops for student,Our nation’s Heritage and Stabilisation Fund remained untouched and grew every year under KPB standing at US$5.6 billion in 2015.
            Our official reserves at the end of the first quarter of 2015 were US$10.8 billion. Immediately upon assuming office the PNM took from the Heritage and Stabilization Fund several billions.

            The PNM simply cannot manage the economy their loyalty is not to TNT but to themselves. An Indian woman name KPB show what could happen to TNT. There were plans for economic development. Yet the racist vote her out even when unemployment was only 3.5% the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Now ah notice PNM children crying for GATE a program that was intiated by Panday under the dollar for dollar program. Well, Rowley will fart on the whole lot and people like rabid racist Yoruba will say he release perfume. Even now if you ask Yoruba, Kian and Neal, they will say things really good in TNT. We in charge! Even being in charge is never enough for these psychophants.

  7. This so-called Indian Policy exists only in the minds of those who choose to rationalize their own prejudices.
    Mamoo is totally correct. It is an invention of Jack Warner in his desperate attempt to make himself relevant after his dispatch due to his own failings.

    1. That is a desperate hypothesis. You who proffer it do not believe it yourselves. Like Leladharsingh you throw it in the face of those you think to be “gullible niggers” that will believe the best even of Satan.

      Why? It is obvious. If we take your denial as true, then the insurgency may continue unimpeded.

      The Jack Warner fabrication hypothesis is a clear nonsense. However much Jack Warner may have been, or still is, a rogue, he is not that kind of rogue. Even a rogue stays in character.

      Jack Warner has seen himself and behaved as a racial bridge-builder. Not as a race divider.

      If he had a racial grudge, the idea that he would fabricate the Indian Policy, as a way to get even, is just ludicrous. His style has been to come at his opponents hard and direct, as he did with Patrick Manning in the Guanapo affair, and as he did with Kamla through the pages of his newspaper, and through all his famous “files”. He is one to “buss a mark”, not to create some cowardly fairy-tale in the hope that three moves away in the chess game it would come, maybe, to hurt his opponent. Get real! As a people, we the “Negro”, true Israelites of the seed, tend far more to the gullible than to guile.

      The Indian Policy appears to have first circulated outside the Indian community on Sep. 15, 2015, a week after the last general election; see here; that was 10 days before it appeared in Warner’s Sunshine newspaper.

      Well we remember the outbreak of vile racist outpourings after Kamla 2015 lost the election, by *Indian* posters on social media. The Indian Policy, most certainly, is of a piece with all that. You would have to place Jack Warner as the instigator of all that, *as well*, if anyone is to believe your desperate hypothesis.

      Look to Leladharsingh. Look to the racist and casteist teachings of dharma/shrama/varna. Look to the teachings of brahminist hindutva. Look to the teachings of Sat’an’s SDMS. Look to the racist outpourings still today of Indian posters to the Guardian blogs. One of them even has the gall to call himself “naygaritis”.

      In all these things is the answer to the question from where came the Indian Policy.

      Let me be plain: I accuse Sat’an Mahar and the SDMS of being either directly or indirectly behind the Indian Policy. And I accuse the UNC of being a disloyal Opposition, as it was a disloyal Government, engaged in insurgency against the creole host.

      May the Most High expose the wicked in this matter, that this country may deal decisively with this insurgency in our midst, and bring this country back to some semblance of peace and harmony.

      I withhold my peace from you, but to others as usual I say


  8. Tman speaketh thus:

    Your intellectual positions on *most* issues reflect your religious hypocrisy. It is self evident.

    I challenge you to cite one issue. If my alleged “religious hypocrisy” is “self-evident” then it should be well within your intellectual capacity to make at least a prima facie showing.

    One of the primary reasons why Africans all over the world are in cultural disarray and are anxious to borrow from a variety of cultures is the fact that they were stripped from their culture by a vicious and self deprecating system of slavery.

    What exactly you mean by “a vicious and self deprecating system of slavery” is unclear to me. But no matter. In your touchy Ti’ Marie brain I suppose it has some meaning.

    Let us be clear. There are all kinds of “Africans” all over Africa and scattered all over the world. We here in T&T are more specifically “Negro”. We came from Africa, but also we came *into* Africa, fleeing the Roman sack of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and making up what has become known as the “Bantu expansion”. The “Negro” are a Bantu people. Some of our, brethren remain in Africa today, in the west, the center, and the south. There are all kinds of other Africans in Africa who are not Bantu/”Negro”. These are notably the Hamite strains of Kush, Mizraim, Canaan and Phut. They too are scattered all over Africa, having been forced into the interior from the north-east by successive waves of invasion from the north, namely from the Assyrians, Babylonians (themselves Hamite), Medo-Persians, Greeks, Romans, Ottoman Turks, among others. Also making up the African mosaic are other Hebrewistic peoples, namely the Hebrew Ishmaelites (black Arabs), and the Hebrew Edomites. Of all that mix, the Bantu/”Negro” alone are Hebrew Israelites of the seed.

    Yes indeed the Bantu/”Negro” have been targeted for slavery. The enslavement was effected by the enemy of the Bantu/”Negro”. These are outlined in Scripture, notably at Psalms 83:1-9. The “enemy” of the Bantu/”Negro” include the afore-mentioned Hebrew Edomites, Hebrew Ishmaelite, and Hamites of various strains. That we would be enslaved was prophesied by our forefather Moses even before we crossed the Jordan; Deuteronomy 28:68. And that we would forget who we were as a people also was prophesied. Indeed it was prophesied that we would serve “other gods, that our forefathers knew not, even wood and stone” (Deuteronomy 28:64). So yes indeed we show all the symptoms of a confused people that know not who, really, we are, as the Chosen ones of God. But it is prophesied that we would awake from our slumber of forgetfulness, and indeed arise to rule the world. That will in itself be a miracle. But that we are awakening is for sure already happening. Israel’s enemies may like it or lump it. Salvation, as Yeshua said, is of the “Negro”/Bantu (the real so-called “Jew”). He Himself was a “Negro”, woolly of hair and what today we would call “black” of skin, i.e. that of fine bronze/brass as if burned in a furnace; Revelation 1:14-15, Daniel 7:9, 10:6.

    But although effected by the enemy, our enslavement was ordained by God, for our disobedience; Deuteronomy 28:15,45-46. If therefore we the “Negro” are in “cultural disarray”, it is because we are under the punishment of God. That I do not deny. That is why one brother is so confused as to call himself an “Anglican/Orihsa”. Another calls himself a “neo-Buddhist” and a (New World Order?) “humanist”. Some consider themselves the “Asiatic black man” and are some sort of variation of Islamic. Just the other day, we saw a new thing, “unruly Isis”. We have “Crips” fighting “Bloods”. We have “Rastacity” fighting is it “Muslimeen”. Yes, God ordained all that confusion, that in despair and desperation we might finally call out to the God of all, Yahweh, the very same God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob our forefather, and Moses and all the prophets. Yes we are the Chosen seed, the meek and wretched of the earth, who indeed is the heir to the kingdom and will rise to rule.

    “Emancipation Day” coming, perhaps this will be the year that will see a shift in consciousness away from the idol worship of all things Hamite, and back to our seedline Israelite identity that still vibrates in our very blood.

    You seek to belittle the “Negro” as you draw attention to our “cultural disarray”. But should we, like Nehemiah, return to Jerusalem to build back that wall, I expect that like Sanballat and Mithredath, you will place in our path every obstacle, up to and including conspiracy. (Nod here to Dr. Gonsalves and his eulogy of Manning.) Nevertheless, we the Israelite of the seed, for the moment still the astonishment and the wretched of the earth, will awake again to our true cultural inheritance, rise and rebuild that wall. Neither Sanballat nor Mithredath will be able to stop it.

    1. Yoruba you keep commenting and reply to your own comments are your that dense? Please this is blogging site, say what you have to say and say it in fewer words. God give you two ears and one mouth for a reason. Think about it.

  9. And how do you know I am loyal to whom?

    HELLO! You were the one talking about 1.2 billion Indians… As Americans of a certain age would say… duh!

  10. This “attack” on Yoruba is born out of the perceived Indian bias. Those so motivated, usually cite anything written, perceived or spoken about Indians as racist, if what is said about them is not considered complimentary. There are two words emanating from this thread that triggered this attack. The use of the words “guest” and the “Indian Policy”. The words are both reality and preferred to be hidden. Jack Warner is being blamed for exploiting the “Indian Policy” statements but they were there before Jack Warner published them. The were not initiated by the enemies of the hindus, they were published by the hindus. While it is true that they were only meant for hindu recital and observance. The words got out of the hindu circles of utterances and made it to those whom it was meant to injure. To people like TMan (who would rather hit and pretend that it was not meant to hurt you), common knowledge of Indian Policy intent will be denied as long as he is allowed to get away with it. But he forgot that Indian organizations are yet to publicly deny that this policy exists. When they make it a point to public condemn and deny this policy then we would see how convincing they are about its existence. Until then, it would be prudent to acknowledge its existence and intent. As for the “guest” word that Yoruba introduced. I see it as relevant and its meaning in conformity with behavior by the Indian community. In this country we speak the Queen’s English and it is the official language that we use to communicate with each other. It is therefore correct to attach meanings to anything communicated to us in English. While it is understandable that TMan may not take kindly to the label of Indians as that of “guests”, there is a great many deeds committed by the Indians to to justify this term. Those deeds, mostly committed by hindus almost justify its designation as “guests”. While most of these acts are committed by hindus, it is noteworthy to acknowledge they are the ones who see themselves as primarily “Indian” and not necessarily “Trinidadian” or Trinidad as their resident home. These inferences can be drawn by behavior common to Indian identifications: Preferred name of identification is “East Indian”. Preferred Religion to identify with race is “hindu”.
    Preferred culture practiced is “ritualistic hinduism”. Preferred language used to express culture is “hindustani”. Preferred expression of culture is “hindustani”. Preferred art imitating culture is “Indian movies”. Preferred expressions of joy is expressed in Indian songs (from India) and least but not last is how the Indian choose to be identified. And this one is very important, the Indian wants to be classified in Trinidad and Tobago as being “arrived”. Not emanating from “arrival” but being “arrived”. If you belong, you do not consider yourself as “arrived”. It means that you form the basic fabric of that from which you are derived. It means that you are resident to. But, when you willingly choose to identify yourself as being “arrived” you are in essence telling us that you are a “guest”.
    “Guests” arrive. “guests” do not see themselves are an integral part of the household. The intensity with which they celebrate their “arrival” cannot be compared with any other group. By virtue of their statement of identification they are the “arrivals” (meaning guests). Our Syrians do not see themselves as “arrivals”, they see themselves as Trinidadians. The French Creoles do not see themselves as “arrivals” they are true Trinidadians. The Chinese do not see themselves as “arrivals”, they see themselves as being made up of the multiple fabric of what makes us Trinidadians. So when Yoruba use the term “guest” there is a high degree of true identity as practiced by the same people who want to reject the term. All I am doing is making the case for those who practice a certain type of individualism but do not want us to see them as what they practice.

    1. Kian:

      Well said and thank you. Tman and Mamoo are trying to make me hush.

      The situation reminds me of that scene in the movie, “A few good men”, if memory serves. The character played by Jack Nicholson, the US Marine Colonel, explodes under cross-examination: “THe truth? You can’t handle the truth!”. Well Tman and Mamoo are of their father the devil, the deceiver from the beginning and the father of it. They can’t handle the truth. They think I’m like the average “Negro”, looking and leaping at any excuse to pretend that everything is alright after all, and that the “Indian” is down with the independence program and social contract of “together we aspire, together we achieve”, “here ev’ry creed and race…” and etc. I too would like to believe it, but as a trained engineer I also know to submit to truth, especially the inconvenient ones likely to jump up and bite you in the *ss at the worst possible time. We are afraid to be called racist for *revealing* or merely discussing the racism of the Indian Policy. Well not me.

      My Father has no use for the fearful nor for the hypocrite. So I will continue to to my best to draw attention to the question, as tiring though it is. I do not despair because I know my Father liveth, and that He works His will in ways sometimes hard to understand. Nevertheless, Scripture is clear that all will be revealed in due course; Revelation 10:7; and the wicked will fulfill their destiny in the lake of fire.

      For now let me repeat the prayer that seems to rile them up:

      May the Most High expose the wicked in this matter, that this country may deal decisively with this insurgency in our midst, and bring this country back to some semblance of peace and harmony.


      1. Yoruba wrote “: “THe truth? You can’t handle the truth!”. Well Tman and Mamoo are of their father the devil, the deceiver from the beginning and the father of it. They can’t handle the truth..”

        Dear Yoruba I deal in facts, if you look at my blogs I don’t waste my time spreading lies as you suppose. You can’t recognize or respond to the truth so you invoke Satan ever so often in your conversations. I have known several people over the years who had an unusual knowledge of the devil, they were at some point in their life demonized.

        One fellow could see the devil in everyone. His wife was possessed and got delivered, but there were moments when she could see these spirits. He died a sad death because his mind like yours was not focus on God but more on the devil. At times he would quote scriptures but most of the time it was like you related to the devil.

        I had an uncle who was possessed and could see the spirits. He would say to my father “look there is a Spanish woman with a big straw hat and hoe in hand working the land”. He died a horrible death, no one found his body until 3 days passed.

        My point is simple stop looking for the devil he might just be standing next to you…

        1. You rather cleverly try to deflect attention away from the points at issue which I raise, most pertinently the seditious insurgency represented by the Indian Policy, and the fingerprints of Sat’an Mahar and his SDMS all over it.

          What you offer is a well disguised argumentum ad hominem. That is, you are trying to make my person the issue. It is not, and I do not dignify it.

          May the Most High expose the wicked ones in our midst, that the racial cancer that they represent may be excised from the body politic, that peace and harmony may reign in this land.

          I withhold my peace from you, but to others as usual I say


  11. To my host Yoruba (resident of the USA)

    Your unusual and perverse preoccupation with Indians and everything Indian as blatantly and biasedly displayed on this Blog demonstrates that you are indeed a racist.
    I will leave your religious perversion for another day.

    1. To my host Yoruba (resident of the USA)

      Whatever gave you the erroneous impression that I was “resident of the USA”?

      In any case, you should deal with the issues. Argumentum ad hominem is unavailing in this case.

      Your unusual and perverse preoccupation with Indians and everything Indian as blatantly and biasedly displayed on this Blog demonstrates that you are indeed a racist.

      Are you saying that the Indian Policy should be off limits to discussion?

      Or that to make mention of it and its odious contents is sufficient basis to render one guilty per se of racism?

      Keep trying. I will retreat not an inch.

      I have a direct forebear that was one of the party, of the Corps of Colonial Marines, that put the torch to the White House. Trust me when I say that I will have no compunction in putting the torch to an illegal, insidious and invidious insurgency that intends to “make the niggas (sic) slaves”. (Item #3 of the Indian Policy).

      And oh! That would still not make me racist. Again to misquote Malcolm X: if I wrest your boot from my neck, that does not amount to assault and battery against your person. You remain the one that committed the assault. I am engaged in lawful self-defense.

      I will leave your religious perversion for another day.

      As I thought. You can cite not one instance of religious or indeed any other hypocrisy on my part.

      May the Most High expose the wicked in this matter, that this country may deal decisively with this insurgency in our midst, and bring this country back to some semblance of peace and harmony.

      I withhold my peace from you, but to others as usual I say


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