Sat torches ex-PM’s legacy

By Shaliza Hassanali
July 14, 2016 –

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Satnarayan MaharajGeneral secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Sat Maharaj, yesterday launched an extraordinary verbal attack on former prime minister Patrick Manning, describing him as a “racist.”

In a harsh assessment totally out of step with laudatory ones heaped on Manning in the week between his death and his burial, Maharaj said he and several members of the public came to that conclusion on a talk show programme on Radio Jaagriti on Tuesday, based on a series of discriminatory practices Manning perpetuated against Indians in T&T while he served as PM.

In retrospect, Maharaj said he felt “hurt” that many of Manning’s actions were “racist”, unfair and biased against a number of Indians in the country.

“I only spoke about the facts. What I spoke about was his performance as prime minister. I started off by discussing the many discriminatory things he did. As prime minister he acted in a discriminatory manner,” Maharaj said in a telephone interview.

Manning, 69, died on July 2 at the San Fernando General Hospital. He had been hospitalised for a lung infection but was subsequently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, a rare, aggressive cancer of the blood.

The closure of Caroni 1975 Ltd, whose employees were mostly Indians, Maharaj said was one decision Manning made that crippled the lives of thousands of struggling Indians.

“We are now importing sugar while Barbados and Guyana have sugar industries,” he said.
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  1. ‘No one govt responsible for the fall of Caroni’

    …but people were grabbing resources after it closed—former director

    Monday, July 20, 2015

    Mismanagement and corruption at the highest level contributed to the closure of Caroni (1975) Ltd says Seukeran Tambie, president of the Cane Producers Association of T&T. And up to this day, he said, no one wants to come out and say the ex-sugar workers have been wronged.

    Tambie, who was appointed an opposition senator by former prime minister and former president of the All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers Trade Union Basdeo Panday, disputed claims by former People’s National Movement (PNM) finance minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira that Caroni Ltd was shut down because of 30 years of consistent losses from an industry that was intended to contribute to the GDP of the country.

    She was speaking in Parliament on a Caroni Ltd motion brought by the then opposition in December 2009. Tambie insisted that for 30 years the PNM government had made a profit of $2,000 on a tonne of sugar. “The issue here is not that the sugar industry was making a loss; it was mismanagement and corruption to the highest level.”

    Jennifer Kernahan, another United National Congress (UNC) senator, had said the past administration apparently was determined to shut down Caroni Ltd and used the excuse that it was a drain on the economy to the tune of $200 million annually, and that the production price of sugar in Trinidad was uneconomical.

    She countered that foreign exchange earned by the industry from export kept 10,000 rural sugar workers and 15,000 cane farmers in gainful and productive employment, and that a rural community of over 300,000 was dependent on the operations of the industry for their economic survival.

    Former director: Panday seen as a failed leader
    Meanwhile, former Caroni Ltd director Dr Mahfouz Aziz dismissed the idea of a political conspiracy behind the shutdown of the sugar industry. “I don’t think any one government was responsible,” Aziz, who served as a director between 1996 and 2000 said. “In some ways, the Panday administration and the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) also wanted to diversify the company. They all tried. It was not a deliberate thing.

    “However, after the closure, there were those who wanted to grab the resources and do what they wanted. I have no qualms about saying that.” Aziz said Panday, when he was in power between 1995 and 2001, wanted to diversify Caroni Ltd away from sugar but did not have a strong vision. “He was seen by sugar workers as a failed leader.”
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  2. Anatomy Of Crisis In The Sugar Industry

    …high production costs, no political will to effect change

    February 16, 2002
    By Raffique Shah

    In the face of the current crisis in sugar. Several persons request the republishing of this article. The article was first published in the Independent in Febriary 2001.

    (Raffique Shah has been involved in the sugar industry as leader of the majority of cane farmers since 1973. He is currently chairman of TICFA. He was a member of the Board of Caroni between 1987-96. He was also a member of the Tripartite Committee (1992) that formulated proposals for re-structuring Caroni )

    THE genesis of the current crisis in the sugar industry lies in the inability-or better still, lack of resolve-of successive governments to take decisive action to turn Caroni Limited’s fortunes around, or shut down the industry. Because the extensive losses the company has suffered for many years now, but more so over the past three years, leading to last week’s strike by sugar workers over not being paid wages and salaries, did not come about overnight. The crisis began more than 25 years ago, and while every government during that period came up with “plans” to rationalise sugar, none has had the guts to implement any of them.

    Among the proposals for re-engineering Caroni was the Frank Rampersad Plan (circa 1976). Rampersad, one of the top public servants of his time, was chairman of Caroni, and it was in that capacity that he and a team formulated a plan to re-configure the industry through extensive diversification into crops other than sugar cane and the retrenchment of workers, in order to put it on a financially sound footing. Needless to say, Rampersad was roundly condemned and his plan is probably gathering dust somewhere in the archives.

    After Rampersad’s plan was shot down, there were many other proposals, some of which government paid considerable sums of money to have developed. Eric St Cyr, a UWI lecturer, had his own vision. And so they went-the Winston Dookeran Plan, the Vishnu Ramlogan Plan, the Ranjit Singh Plan (the latter two were chairmen of the company’s board), and in 1992, the Tripartite Report, which had been commissioned by the Patrick Manning Government. Among those who sat on that committee, signed the Report and agreed to its implementation were Basdeo Panday and myself.

    I had argued during discussions for the cane growing function to be exclusively in the hands of independent farmers. At the time, Caroni grew about 53 per cent of canes produced and farmers 47 per cent. My reasoning was simple: at the time, farmers were paid less than half of what it cost Caroni to produce a tonne of canes. Today, farmers are paid $170 a tonne while it costs the estate (Caroni) almost $500 a tonne.

    Panday and most other members of the committee, including company and government representatives, vehemently opposed my suggestion. Panday saw it as a move to decimate his union’s membership, since it would have meant the elimination of cultivation workers or transforming them into farmers. Others asked: what if the farmers decide to withhold their canes? My response: what would they do with it, suck it?

    In the end, the Tripartite Report recommended, among other measures, a ratio of farmers’ canes to company canes of 60:40 (by the time a strategic plan was developed out of the Report, it had altered the ratio to 75:25). It took into consideration capital expenditure required to upgrade the factories, the rum distillery and Caroni’s rolling stocks (trucks, cranes, etc.), and focused heavily on its diversification projects like rice, livestock, aqua culture and citrus. There was also a time frame for achieving the goals set. An important consideration at the time was government writing off a $2 billion debenture it held over Caroni’s assets for subventions and loans given to the company over a 15-year period. Dr Keith Rowley was the Agriculture Minister who took that proposal to Cabinet, and it was approved.

    So Caroni should have started the process of re-engineering its operations from around 1992/3 in order to achieve a break-even position within five years or so. That never happened. Because the “new Caroni” would have meant a reduction in its work force, mainly through attrition and the phased retrenchment of cultivation workers, and because that could have been used by Panday against Patrick Manning in the political arena, the latter failed to act. All the PNM government did between 1991-1995 was to grant subventions to the company to keep it afloat. Some 5,000 acres of canes that were supposed to have gone to farmers remained abandoned-much of it later occupied by squatters. And because government did not have the money needed to meet the terminal benefits the retrenched workers would be entitled to, nor, for that matter, what was required for re-tooling, it simply stuck to giving it subventions, a futile attempt to fill a bottomless pit.

    Although Panday was titular head of All Trinidad (the sugar workers union) since 1973/4, he was not active in representing his members from as far back as in the early 1980s. He had devoted himself to politics full time, so it was left to officers like Sam Maharaj and Boysie Moore-Jones to do the union’s work. But Panday knew well how to retain the political support of both sugar workers and cane farmers, his original base. They, in turn, felt that the PNM Government (and the NAR) was largely responsible for the dependency syndrome that had characterised Caroni as it degenerated into a kind of “agro-URP”. They believed that once Panday got into office, sugar would once more become king, and they would “have it made”.

    That was not to be. Panday knew that a company that was producing sugar at a cost of between TT$3,000 and $5,000 a tonne, and selling the product on its best market at $3,400 a tonne (European Union, now down to $2,900 due to devaluation of the Euro dollar), was on a sure road to destruction. He knew that hard decisions had to be made if there was to be any turnaround. But he never told the sugar workers and cane farmers that-at least not until he assumed office as Prime Minister, at which time he controlled the Treasury. It was the acme of irony that the first time people in the industry started getting payments late was three years ago, shortly after Panday came to power. That had never happened before, or if it did, it was never as bad as it has been since 1998.

    Over the past few years, the stakeholders in the industry who suffered most for payment were the cane farmers. And they are the ones who need timely payments most, since they have to pay cane cutters and people who transport their canes from the fields to the scales or factories. Whenever Caroni did not have sufficient funds to meet its fortnightly requirements, it paid sugar workers and monthly staff first, and left farmers to stew for weeks, sometimes for more than a month.

    Last year, on one occasion when I was forced to take farmers to Brechin Castle to protest late payments, sugar workers were also outside the factory awaiting word on their fortnight’s pay. The All Trinidad represented went to Rienzi, got his officers to call the PM (who apparently ordered the release of funds to pay them), and returned to BC to give his members the “good news”. I asked him: “Any word on payment to farmers?” He replied with undisguised arrogance: “I doh care about farmers!”

    It was only a matter of time before the late payments spread from farmers and transport contractors (the worst treated in the industry) to the workers. When it did come last month, many couldn’t believe that their old “PG”, Basdeo Panday, was shafting them. But they still did not take action, since their union did not want to embarrass “de bossman”. When the strike did come in the first week in February, it was through the initiative of the Ste Madeleine factory workers who resisted attempts by their union to send them back to work. And even as their brothers in the South were standing up for bread (if not butter), BC workers continued to work without being paid. It was only when the situation reached crisis proportions that the union’s general council met and voted to strike.

    Caroni’s problems will not be solved by government paying wages, salaries and sums due to cane farmers and others involved in the industry on a fortnightly basis, as happened last week Friday. A cancer that has been allowed to grow for more than 20 years will kill the patient unless radical surgery is done. Minister Mervyn Assam is correct when he says that Caroni’s problems must be tackled urgently and in a holistic manner. That does not necessarily mean closure of the industry, or even wholesale privatisation. It means making tough decisions that ought to have been made years ago-like taking away the cane growing function from Caroni, making the factories more efficient, reducing cost of production to levels lower than what we sell the end products for. Currently, Caroni is the highest cost producer among sugar producing countries in the Caribbean, and one of the highest in the world.

    There is a school of thought that Caroni should be privatised if it is to make money-much the way the Divestment Secretariat is insisting that the distillery should be sold for a song because it is not a profitable operation at this stage. That view is not only myopic, but it’s insensitive. One cannot put close to 20,000 people on the breadline, matters not what you pay them by way of terminal benefits. If the industry is shut down, what happens to the 6,000-odd farmers who grow 1.4 million tonnes of cane? Will they roll over and die, or will they turn to growing marijuana in order to feed their families? And if government, with all its resources, cannot get Caroni on a sound financial footing, what private company would be interested in it except for its vast and valuable land holdings?

    In any event, Panday may not want to go down in history as the man who emerged in politics through sugar, and went on to drive the final nails in the industry’s coffin. It’s not as if there aren’t solutions to the company’s many problems. What is lacking is the will, the capacity to embrace change once the latter is based on a sound business plan. This is the challenge that faces Caroni, the Government and all stakeholders in the troubled industry.


    *The company employs 9,697 persons. Of these, 7,754 are in sugar operations (5,511 in cultivation, 1,940 in factories/processing), 1,131 in administration and 812 in non-sugar operations (citrus, rice, etc).

    *Just over 6,000 cane farmers grow and supply canes to Caroni. Most of this is on private holdings while some is on lands tenanted from Caroni or private landowners.

    *Caroni owns about 60,000 acres of land, of which just under 30,000 acres are under sugar cultivation. Over the past 10 years or so, the company has sold/leased/donated a substantial acreage of its holdings to government and agencies like Plipdeco.

    *Average cane production over the past few years is just under 1.3 million tonnes. Of that, the company grows about 45 per cent and the farmers 55 per cent.


    1998: 1.056m tonnes cane/80,235 tonnes sugar (froghopper infestation in 1997)
    1999: 1.255m tonnes cane/91,915 tonnes sugar
    2000: 1.373m tonnes cane/114,366 tonnes sugar
    2001: 1.4m tonnes cane/118,000 tonnes sugar (projected)


    Belize: 15.63; Guyana: 20.37; Barbados: 38.30; Jamaica: 39.67; St Kitts: 41.98; Trinidad: 56.40


    Belize: 5.23; Guyana: 5.85; Barbados: 5.86; Jamaica: 5.21; St. Kitts: 6.55; Trinidad: 2.94


    2001: $90M (committed); $250M requested
    2000: $170M
    1999: $150M


    Market Description / Tonnes / Price/tonne (TT$)

    European Union (raws) / 47,000 / $3,400 (down to $2,900-devaluation of EU$)

    SPS (EU) raws / 7,500 / $2,800 (down to $2,300)

    Local raws / 30,000 / $2,700

    Refined sugar / 57,000 / $2,400 (weighted average)

  3. It is hard to say anything bad about Manning seeing his body has barely been in the grave. However I suppose Sat being a victim of Manning segregationist thinking had no choice but to “throw a pebble” in the pond, thus causing some ripples. And that is all it is a pebble in the pond. Agree or disagree one must admire the courage of Sat to share his heart on this issue. Manning will remain a controversial character loved by many, despised by others. That is the nature of leadership in a pluralistic society. To those closest to him and saw his heart, he will forever be loved…..

  4. The purveyors of hindutva, or a doctrine of hindu rule, are the only real racists in this country. This is a doctrine preached and practiced by the SDMS. This organization should be declared seditious, disbanded, and its leaders jailed or expelled. Let them take their hindutva back to India. Even there it may not be welcome.

    The Indian Policy is a reflection of this hindutva racism which flat out states in Item #3, “make the niggas (sic) your slaves”. You can’t get more blatantly racist than that.

    Nothing that comes even close could be laid at the feet of Patrick Manning and the PNM that he led. All the accusations now thrown out by Sat’an Mahar may be given innocent explanations, as stemming from motives far from anti-Indian racism.

    For example, I believe in hindsight Patrick Manning was quite correct to deny the SDMS a radio license. They are purveyors of hate and sedition, and of an Indian insurgency against the creole host, as reflected in the afore-mentioned Indian Policy document, put out and circulated immediately following the UNC/PP defeat at the last election.

    Parenthetically, that document had to have enjoyed the tacit support of the SDMS. In Item #6 it talks about “our SEA papers correcting groups are very strong and have been working quite well…”. Who else but SDMS, –given the extensive network of schools it owns–, could speak in such terms, talking about “our” correcting groups? I hope the present PNM government has put a halt to that nefarious practice.

    Be that as it may, no country ought to be made complicit in its own destruction by a hostile insurgency. Let us be very clear. Sat’an Mahar and the SDMS are the instruments of an Indian insurgency in T&T whose object is to displace the creole host, and to assume full-spectrum dominance of all aspects of the society. I have to assume that Patrick Manning was wise to the threat, and tried his best to neutralize it, while at the same time remaining true to PNM non-racial, “ev’ry creed and race” policy adopted at Independence. That is a delicate balancing act that the purveyors of hindutva sought then and now, once again, at the man’s passing, to paint as anti-Indian racism.

    No. It is not that. Patrick Manning was trying to save the nation from the Indian insurgency. In that it is to be regretted that he failed.

    Sat’an Mahar has succeeded in promoting the hindutva agenda, by deeply watering and cultivating every supposed slight and grievance committed against Indians in this land. It is as if by definition an Indian can do no wrong, therefore any act taken against an Indian must be racially motivated.

    That is of course hardly reasonable. CJ Sharma could not possibly have been engaged in wrong-doing contrary to his oath of office. Occah Seepaul could not possibly have been engaged in a political mischief using her then constitutional office to do so. And the SDMS could not possibly be using its radio license to poison race relations to the point of a seditious offence.

    It is well to remember that the Rwandan genocide was triggered by hate-mongers who had possession of a radio license. But for the Privy Council we might today have a more racially peaceful society. It is to Patrick Manning’s credit that he at least tried to do the right thing. Tactically he certainly failed.

    The first duty of a Prime Minister and the Government he heads is to secure the republic. In particular he has a bounden duty to identify and to neutralize any threat of insurgency, especially one that is a clear and present danger as are the Indian racists in our midst nurturing and cultivating false grievances for political gain, and to advance an insurgency that has existed since pre-Independence days with the formation of the East Indian National Congress, the forerunner of today’s UNC. The stated goal then was for the “East Indian” to own and control Trinidad if not also Tobago, “in the field, in the shop and in the office”. They have come close. Patrick Manning is to be praised that it did not happen under his watch.

    I am glad to see PM Rowley has responded quickly and sharply to Sat’an Mahar’s provocation. I would urge him to go further, and put this satan on notice that the Indian insurgency will no longer be tolerated in T&T. Hindutva must be outed in the general consciousness of the society as a value system that is inimical to the racial peace and harmony that has existed in this land and that we all should cherish.

    Sat’an Mahar and his organisation must at the very least be put on the “watch” list as a seditious organisation. The Indian racists on the Guardian newsblogs and on social media must also be made to consider well that in this land, as in every other republic, there are laws against sedition, and laws against insurgency.

    Get tough Mr. PM! Otherwise we may end up going the way of Rwanda, or Fiji, or Uganda. That need not and ought not to happen, because of one Sat’an Mahar and his invidious racist doctrine of hindutva, which he seeks to disguise by constantly going on the offensive and accusing the creole host of the very racism he and his Indian cohorts cultivate and espouse.

    Enough is enough!

    May the Most High expose the wicked purveyors of hate in our midst, protect the innocent, and help us in spite of all provocation to maintain peace and harmony in this land.


    1. Your racism and bias is clearly evident in your repeated use of the heavily loaded prejudicial expression “the creole host”.
      I do not think Indians in T&T consider themselves “guests of some group referred to as “the Creole hosts”.
      There lies the conflict. Who are these Creole hosts?
      This attitude that Indians are considered guests in T&T is what pisses us of.

      1. There lies the conflict. Who are these Creole hosts?
        This attitude that Indians are considered guests in T&T is what pisses us of.

        The Indian arrivals met someone here, obviously. The creole Caribbean civilization goes back to the 17th century. The last Indian arrivals came here in the 20th century.

        With your Indian Policy, and your vote-bank electoral politics, it is clear that Indians as a whole (obviously with few exceptions) are engaged in a seditious insurgency against the creole host. That is what pisses us off.

        1. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the island was inhabited by the indigenous Arawak people, and Carib people. The island’s proximity to the continent makes it likely that it was among the first islands to be settled. The island probably was taken by three migration waves from the continent.
          They were the “hosts” to us all.

          1. Regardless… you were the Harrylal come last of all the arrivals.

            By the time of East Indian arrival, there was already established here a creole civilization. ——Again, I make no claim as to its goodness, let alone greatness.– The plantations were already established, the ports already built, and a fledgling oil industry already (about 1867 if memory serves) started. The creole callaloo was simmering more or less nicely in the pot, albeit with a big old crab in it, and perhaps other ingredients seeking to exalt themselves over the lowly callaloo bush and ochro. The aboriginal Amerindian descendants by that time were already decimated, pacified at the edge of Spanish steel, miscegenated with to make sure, and folded in to the callaloo. President Max Richards came from that line. The point is the callaloo was already cooked by the time of Indian arrival. The creole house was in existence. Are you saying that the East Indian may feel free to do to the creole house what the Spanish did to the Amerindian?

            Re the origin of the aboriginal inhabitants: Read Ivan van Sertima’s book, They Came before Columbus. Read up on the giant Olmec heads of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Read up on the black and brown “copper”-skinned so-called Indians of the American east, from the Washitaw and Seminole in the south, including the Bahamas, to the Mosewatuset in the north.

            These were all what we would today call “black” people, phenotypically different from the Mongoloid strain that apparently came across the Bering Strait from far north-eastern Eurasia and became the so-called Plains Indians, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and etc.

            There was trade between Africa and the Americas long before Columbus, and pre-Columbian settlements of such “black” people. Some — Arawak and Taino, but apparently not the Carib; hear or forebear — were of Israelite origin, not that different phenotypically from their brethren who would later arrive, not on trade ship, but slave ship. This is alluded to at Isaiah 18, and the migration of Israelites to where “never before man dwelt” is described in the book of 2 Esdras, chap. 13 if memory serves.

            The Caribbean Sea is an Israelite sea is what I’m getting at. And the Caribbean civilization, such as it is, is Israelitish/Christian more than anything else. Certainly it was Christian when the Indians arrived.

            White people may have brought the Book, but there is a reason why the Bantu in Africa, people like the Fijians, and other “natives” around the world are today more fervent believers even than the whites who missionized them: we are scattered Israelites embracing the Word brought back to us, that had been revealed to our distant ancestors.

            You must understand all these things, and behave as any decent guest would in a house not his.

  5. “That is of course hardly reasonable. CJ Sharma could not possibly have been engaged in wrong-doing contrary to his oath of office. Occah Seepaul could not possibly have been engaged in a political mischief using her then constitutional office to do so. And the SDMS could not possibly be using its radio license to poison race relations to the point of a seditious offense.”…. Yoruba

    Well said my brother! However I would like to add two more items that I believe we must consider as overreaches that have contributed to this state of affairs. Item #1 – The Trinity Cross. Item #2 – Kamla’s Extension of her 5-year mandate.

    The British have always used ‘tradition’ as an extension to written laws. Great respect is placed on tradition and accountability AND IT SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE to anyone who follow those traditions, to see British Prime Minister David Cameron resign when the population registered their conscience to exit from the European Union. He naturally made room for those who won the argument that Britain should not be part of the EU. That is courtesy in the most supreme form. It gives the appearance of law but it is in fact RESPECT for tradition and accountability that accompanies the law.

    Item #2. Kamla’s Extension of her 5-year mandate.
    Our constitution may have given the latitude for a Prime Minister to postpone or delay elections under certain circumstances. But it should not be ‘her right’ to do so, just because she is the Prime Minister. To do so at WILL, defeats the purpose of constitutionality. It would have been respectable and accountable to ask the people for such an extension of her mandate by three months, without the consent of the people. This same Kamla Persad Bissessar now finds ill-will, when the people register their choice of WILL. The people were given an extended one hour to vote because of extenuating circumstances of inclement weather. But now she finds that ‘unconstitutional’.
    She extended her WILL of governance of the people by three months and THAT was NOT unconstitutional BUT the people being given an extra hour to vote is considered ‘unconstitutional’. What kind of backward thinking is that? Who gave her that monarchial right? to determine our constitutional priorities? This was ALL done in the name of hindutva and no one challenged it! Of course our friend Sat’an sees nothing wrong with that because in his thinking Indians benefitted from it.

    Item #2 – The Trinity Cross.
    On this matter, I would have had reason to question Mr. Manning’s
    leadership to allow this debacle to happen without a fight to it’s REAL purpose and reasoning. Sat’an was the premier protagonist to get rid of the ‘TRINITY CROSS’ because in his hindutva way of thinking it suggest religious bigotry. He engaged the help of the Muslim community in concluding that the Trinity Cross represented a bias against ‘non-christians’. This case was argued and agreed to by the Privy Council. I felt ashamed as a citizen of this country that this ‘lie’ was able to be perpetuated and argued before a court of law and one might consider the highest court in the world (after heaven) to agree with such NONSENSE. Yes, it was nonsense and still is nonsense because what replaced it stands meaningless to those who have received it after it’s replacement. There was and still is, no evidence to support the charge that the Trinity Cross was ‘christian’ in its formation and intent. That was Sat’an’s purpose and intent to regard it as such and good people allowed that misconception to be construed and persecuted without an iota of substance to its’ validity of claims to be christian. This is one battle that Mr. Manning should have fought and he gave in to the Satan. Today, this same man has the gall to call Mr. Manning a racist? This man has NO intent, yes intent on having respect for the country of his birth. He does not represent anything that those who participated in forming our rules of engagement intended to make this country a place where ‘every creed and race find an equal place’. His first and foremost concern is hindutva. If Trinidad were to be hit by a serious earthquake or hurricane and he happens to survive, his concerns will only be about the Indians who survive it – nothing else!
    That is how racist he is. At this juncture, I recall Selwyn Cudjoe recently stating that (his friend) Sat Maharaj is not a racist. How misleading could you be Selwyn? It is time you get off your Afro Saxon high horse and be on the ground with the rest of us to smell the excretion that comes from the horse. It smells! and stink too! Let us get over the pious pretense of being ‘non-racial’ or the pretense that hindutva does not exist.
    It exists and has always been with us.

    Sat Maharaj may not be the author of hindutva but he sure as hell is our chief protagonist of the values that hindutva entails. Let us be clear on that. It is time black intelligentsia start calling a spade a spade. Stop the pious non-believing and contrived blindness of being non-racial. It is there, it is practiced by Sat, Ramlogan, Rsamdeen, Kamla, Rambachan. It is practiced in Caroni, San Fernando, Couva, Penal, wherever they find executive titles to extend it they do. To deny it is stupid to a fault. Let us be clear on that.

    Sat Maharaj CANNOT stand the idea that a black man is being honored in the way Mr. Maning death has taken the country by storm. He had to counter it with his vitriol and RACIST MINDSET.
    He is an unhappy man. He has always been unhappy. He is unhappy in the best of times and he will be UNHAPPY in the worst of times.

    I applaud the rapidity with which Dr. Rowley responded to this man idiocy.

    Yoruba, continue to remind us of hindutva and its insidious intent and purpose.

    As a matter of fact, I know in past months we engaged extensively on this subject. Sat Maharaj has now re-ignited it and I think that we should not let it sit there. We should explore explore hindutva in all connotations and expose those who support it.
    Indian Policy is one of those vehicles through which hindutva takes its lead. Lets not forget it!!!!!!!

    1. My Africana brothers in charge of the nation but they still behave like victims of some grandonise design. Yoruba and Kian the chief protagonists are promoting fear based thinking. Such thinking is base on the we versus them mindset, impossible to change because it holds true to the vestiges of slavery. It is an underlying psychosomatic world view that leaps out once someone makes a statement. It is there like an alligator lurking just under the water waiting for its next unsuspecting victim.

      I will not engage in such fear mongering. Pathos was just laid to rest. His family is grieving the loss of a father and husband. Maybe he made some mistakes and acted in way that civility appears to have defied him at times but all of that is confined to the historical chronicles of a nation past. There will be enough time to discuss and review actions taken at various points in time. For now we leave those things behind and into the hands of a loving Creator whose judgments are righteous, holy and true for all of us. May his soul RIP.

      1. Mamoo, I like your statement. “It is there like an alligator lurking just under the water waiting for its next unsuspecting victim.” You can at least discern
        some degree of intent. But I’m not deterred, I’ll keep on trying!!!!!!

    2. In an attempt to label Sat racist, you and Yoruba exposed yourself by your comments as being the real racist. What Sat said is true except for drawing out a label against Manning. Manning close Caroni, roughed up Sharma, gave Ocah Seepaul a hard time, called Petrotrin, Petrosing, the licenses for Sat radio station was denied and taken all the way up to Privy Council. Yes Indians were discriminated against in hiring and promotion. All those things happened.Let us not deny that…

      Even criminals got better treatment under Manning.
      1. In the run-up to the elections of 2002, Jamaat al Muslimeen leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr revealed that Government had started the paper work to hand over five acres of State lands adjoining the Mucurapo headquarters of the organisation to them. Manning pulled back under public pressure.
      2. Meeting with known gang leader Mark Guerra at Crown Plaza
      3. Meeting with known gang leader Kerwin “Fresh” Phillip at Ambassador Hotel
      4. Meeting with known gang leader Meryn “Cudjoe” Allamby at Crown Plaza
      5. Meeting with former murder accused David “Buffy” Millard at Ambassador Hotel
      6. Secretly Meeting with known gang leaders at the Rose Foundation in St James
      7. Making former murder accused David “Buffy” Millard coordinator of a $250 million NHA refurbishing project
      8. Appointed Mark Guerra as national adviser to the URP
      9. Patrick Manning car being sold to well know drug lord Dole Chadee
      10. Meeting with Abu Bakr on more than one occasion at Balisier House
      11. PNM Holds the record for highest murder rate under any administration 550 in 2008.

      Abu was given the courtesy of a phone call and told to come in. The Chief Justice house was surrounded by SAUTT officers armed to the hilt with galil, AK47, bomb sniffing dogs, he was roughed up and home ransacked. It was Manning way of humiliating the esteemed CJ. Yes those thinks happened under Manning, I present to you the facts only. You can draw your own conclusions.

      1. “Pathos was just laid to rest. His family is grieving the loss of a father and husband. Maybe he made some mistakes and acted in way that civility appears to have defied him at times but all of that is confined to the historical chronicles of a nation past.”……?????????

        I wonder who made that statement??????

        1. I had no choice but to respond to you and Yoruba. You guys bring the lawyer out in me. I like presenting facts and watch you and Yoruba try to wiggle out of it. It is the best entertainment I have for a day.

          1. Mamoo, I know that you are no fool. But you are a worthy competitor and likewise, you bring out the best in me. Happy blogging!!!!

      2. Keep going Mamoo. Outline how Dr. Williams, Ellis Clarke and ANR were all racists. I am sure you have something on record. I am a racist if I refuse to let an Indian get ahead of me in line. It does not take any extra effort to be labelled a racist. Every Afro-Trini will be accused of racism at some time in their lives, regardless.

        “Yes Indians were discriminated against in hiring and promotion.” Does that mean that not one single Afro was ever discriminated against in T&T? Oh my, these poor Indians in Trinidad and Tobago.

        Apparently I worked in the wrong places, because every single boss I had (in PNM time) was Indian, and the successors were carefully hand-picked or brought in. There was one place I worked where only Indians were hired for a certain department.

        In your eyes Sat is not a racist, and there are no racist Indians in sweet T&T.

        Fortunately for Patrick Manning, he was not in office when Dole Chadee and his gang were executed. He would surely have been accused of genocide.

        1. “In your eyes Sat is not a racist, and there are no racist Indians in sweet T&T”

          We are all of one race the human race. Racism was a construct invented to promote hatred and suspicion of others. I did not choose my race nor did you Frontsman and so I see the sacredness of your existence as a gift from God. A gift to be celebrated. Unfortunately many in the world today will disagree with my world view.

          I don’t see Sat as a racist, for me a racist is someone who uses their position to oppress others. Sat has worked hard in the area of education. I attended one of SDMS schools and in that school there were Indians, negroes, Christians, Muslims…. Yes he has strong Hindu beliefs but so do all of us, we all do have strong beliefs in our theological persuasions. Just look at Yoruba, he is the darker version of Sat.Sat has worked hard to strengthen Hinduism an ancient belief system that seriously needs modernizing. The caste system should not be taught but extricated from modern beliefs. Why? Because it don’t belong in a modern culture.

          As for who is racist or not I look at action rather than words. That is my two cents on the subject.

          1. I don’t see Sat as a racist …
            Just look at Yoruba, he is the darker version of Sat.

            Why then do you call *me* “racist”?

            In any case, I cannot be the “darker version of Sat”, because I’m good looking. Sat is an ugly fellow, inside and out, with all the looks of a toad.

            More seriously, Sat’an Mahar is indeed a racist, a liar, and a deceiver. I am none of those things.

            He is a racist because it is he and his sat’anic organisation that is behind the Indian Policy. That is as blatantly racist as one can get, and seditiously so; neither is it a hoax. There simply is no other candidate, except for the UNC, which is merely the political arm of Sat’an’s SDMS. Let’s be real.

            He is a liar and a deceiver, like his father the devil, because his very name is a lie. There is no personal or family name in India such as Maharaj, which rather is a lofty title that means “great king”. Furthermore, his immediate forebears came to this land as hereditary caste coolies to cut cane. Therefore he could not be a “Maharaj” either as of caste or of title. More than likely his caste origin is that of the lowly “Mahars”.

            Under the religion he preaches, it is an abomination for a low-caste individual to presume to priesthood. Therefore, he is a hypocrite.

            As for me, I neither preach nor practice any form of oppression, least of all race-based oppression. That would be an abomination to my God.

            Only a deceiver determined to so miscontrue my contributions would see my contributions as those of a racist. To speak of race, racism, and racial matters does not, ipso facto, make one a racist.

            If I wrest your boot from off my neck, it does not support a case of assault and battery upon your person (misquoting Malcolm X).

            May the Most High look down upon His Chosen seed, have mercy upon us, for our manifest sins and iniquity, and save us from the liars, deceivers and satans in our midst. How long, O Yahweh, how much longer?

            I withhold my peace from you, but to all others I say


    3. Kian:

      Thanks for your support.

      The “Negro” intelligentsia used to be made of sterner stuff. Selwyn Cudjoe, regrettably, has allowed himself to be made Sat’an’s fool. He’s even opening closets or coming out himself, who knows, so far as New World Order in-vogue new-Sodom permutations and contortions are concerned.

      I remember and miss a much more trenchant and penetrating Cudjoe asking “what dese people want”, when Kamla got elected to choruses of “Indian time ah come”. That is when I first starting contributing to this blog.

      And I remember when he asked the question as to what it would take, statistically, for Indian pupils to so comprehensively dominate the SEA placings from year to year. I think now we know the outlines of the answer. In a word: dey t’ief! And have been doing it for a long time, obviously. There is a confession embedded in the Indian Policy, Item #6:

      “Our SEA papers correcting groups are very strong and have been working quite well, we must keep this up in order to maintain top placement and scholarships. Remember to keep (HUWI) under close watch.”

      If Sat’an Mahar’s hands are not all over this, then, …

      Selwyn Cudjoe, I regret to say, has become a disappointment to whomever he presumes to lead, if he gives all this a pass, and moreover lets Sat’an Mahar off the hook.

      On the broader hindutva question, volumes may be written. And a lot has been written just on this blog alone. I miss my sister, Alyssa, btw, and her contributions on this topic. I would raise just one point on this topic here. To understand the what of hindutva, it is necessary to understand first the who of hindutva. Even prior to Cudjoe’s question of a few years back, “what dese people want”, is the question “who are dese people”? The only dispositive answer to this question is the scriptural one.

      “Dese people” are not even the original Hindus. The original Hindus — the people that occupied the Sindh river valley and beyond — were a Hamitic people, sons of Kush, or Indus Kush, or Eastern Ethiopia. They are recorded in the table of nations at Genesis 10 as descended from Ram and Shiva, son and grandson respectively of Ham. Thus Ram and Shiva are the founding deities of India. The Brahminists came from outside, bringing what became a new pair of deities with them, namely Abraham and Sarah — Brahman and Sarasvati. I have elaborated in earlier blogs that these indo-Aryan invaders were actually Edomite of seed. Thus they are our near-brethren as being also sons of Abraham, descended from Esau, as we the “Negro” are descended from Jacob (Israel). Over the millenia since Judah was carted away to Babylon ca. 686 BC, the Edomites have been camp-followers of Empire. They entered into the gates of Jerusalem when Judah was evicted by Nebuchadnezzar; Obadiah 1:11. They inter-married with Israelite women and assumed whatever prestige then attached to Judah and the noble heritage of the throne of David. As Babylon gained in prestige as world ruler, they married “up” also into Babylon. Then came the Medes (white) and Persians, and the Greeks (white). They married “up” into them also, lightening the breed thereby, and as camp followers of Empire (Medo-Persian then Greek), made their way into India, where they became known as the indo-Aryan. They introduced brahminism/hinduism. The caste structure as we know it today derives from them. Full-spectrum dominance was their idea, and religion, suitably man-made for the purpose, was the key to it. It is this religious system that the SDMS is heir to today. It is a man-made concoction, and serves the purpose very well of securing and maintaining brahmin rule. They came to Trinidad and other outposts of British Empire, continuing their historical tradition of being camp-followers of Empire. The ones who came to Trinidad may have been hereditary caste coolies of the brahminist caste system, but more than likely they were Edomite of the seed. The conquest of India involved the slaying of men and raping of women, so that the *seedline* they represent is indo-Aryan or Edomite seedline. They are Esau, who was twin brother to Jacob. The twins were warring from the womb. Jacob was given the blessing and the birthright and will rise to rule. But starting with the 4th kingdom (Babylon was 1st, Medo-Persia 2nd, Greek 3rd), Esau rose to rule, but not in their own name, rather behind the scenes, in all the disparate kingdoms that then arose within the 4th kingdom. Esau is always there, exercising power behind the scenes. Another branch of Esau, the Edomite Jews, have been the ones there behind the scenes of Roman Empire on down to British and American Empires, as it is today. The indo-Aryan Edomites for their part assumed and maintained control on the sub-continent. Under the British they re-assumed their role as camp followers of Empire, and even the hereditary caste coolies find themselves yearning for full-spectrum dominance when they found themselves among the Israelites (notably and principally we the “Negro”/Bantu). Why? Because Esau and Jacob were warring from the womb; Genesis 25:22-23. And because Esau has hated Jacob ever since Jacob obtained the birthright and blessing; Genesis 27:41, Ezekiel 35:11-13; the latter-day indo-Aryan Edomite finds himself hating the Israelite “Negro”/Bantu. Today that hatred is justified by a complex of social and religious conditionings involving varna/caste/colour and an overlay of superiority complex rooted in brahminist/hindutva ideas. For that reason, wherever the indo-Aryan Edomite has encountered the Israelite — Trinidad, Fiji, Uganda, South Africa, elsehwere — they have and cultivate an urge to get up over the “Negro”. Scripture lets us know that they will indeed succeed, at least for a time. This is a curse placed on Israel for disobedience; Deuteronomy 28:43: “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.” Nevertheless, it will only be for a time, until the times of the gentiles be fulfilled, after which a reborn Israel will rise to rule. Other branches of the Edomite family tree bear rule over Israel for the time being throughout the global dictatorship of the fake so-called Jew, among whom, next in today importance to the Khazar Jews are the Edomite Jews, and also Edomite WASPs and other whites.

      I say all that to say, “who are dese people”. They are Edomites. We are Israelites. We were warring from the womb. They will have their way over us for a while. But only for a while. Even so, we do not have to roll over and play dead. And for sure we do not have to be, like Selwyn Cudjoe of late, Sat’an’s fool.

      I do not have time to reread this and correct, I’m afraid.


      1. Corrections:

        1) “son and grandson respectively of Kush”

        2) “686 BC” should read instead “606-586 BC”

      2. Yoruba:
        As a young child growing up in my era, I had often heard older African men saying “the first shall be the last and one day the last shall be the first”. Never did quite get the meaning of that statement then nor was I a student of biblical history. But as I grew older and witnessed the turmoils of racism and the wickedness that have befallen my people, I learnt to understand of those words so eloquently passed on in the oral trend of African civilisation. You and I and Alyssa do have an obligation to express our knowledge for ALL to see and read. Another early lesson in my life was to learn that “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. This thought has NEVER left my mind BECAUSE we see the effects of lack of knowledge.
        You and Alyssa have a lot to contribute and I’m sure many welcome the evidence ofd what you share with us. WE HAVE OUR DETRACTORS and that we can live with. What we should NEVER ALLOW is the detraction to take us away from purpose. Case in point: Kamla, while not saying but implying that she supports the Sat’an attacks Dr. Rowley’s
        comment on sedition. But you have CLEARLY STATED what sedition means. The Sat’an’s history has demonstrated the he has been seditious for a very long time but as we have stated time and again, the seditious behavior was too challenging for black intelligentsia, so they were allowed to get away with it. It is for that reason, that we, as informed people MUST admonish our learned colleague, Dr. Selwyn Cudjoe that he has an obligation to his people. When he sends the wrong message, it diminishes his stature in our eyes. We, therefore MUST be alert for those among us who might try to cloud our sense of self, our history,
        our weakness and our strengths. Kamla’s ascension to a position of power accentuated our real weaknesses. She allowed us to become aware of our failings and at the same time to awaken from our deep and insecure sleep. He presence is there to also remind us that we should never allow people who espouses such characteristics to NEVER AGAIN be allowed to regain power.

        I too wish that our friend Allysa will rejoin us with commentary and purpose. She has been a formidable force in allaying g our fears. She has also been a formidable force in bringing to our knowledge information that many of us were not privy to. That makes her contributions very valuable to those who wish to learn.

        Your biblical commentary also gives acknowledgement to my very early exposure to the ‘first’ and ‘last’ sayings.
        It shows that our contributions are invaluable in whatever manner one choose to acknowledge it. Even our detractors take on what we say add meanings to our replies. So, we NEED the ‘help’ of detractors to help us through the positioning of our messages.

        So, with that in mind, thank you Yoruba for your contributions.

        1. Kian,

          Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement.

          As you say those things, it also strikes me that the pastors have also been silent in the face of the evil — yes, we must call it out — represented by the SDMS.

          God gives us these clues, but the pastors are deaf, dumb and blind to them, for in “Sanatan Dharma” the name Satan is embedded, as it is embedded in Satnarayan. A double satan and the pastors appear blind to its significance.

          Oh that they would speak out! They might save their own souls thereby.

          Which reminds me… truth is an absolute defence against accusations of slander and libel … I hope it is likewise the case for accusations of sedition. In some jurisdictions, quoting the Bible may be considered “hate speech” in and of itself… I hope we never bow so low before Satan that that becomes the case in T&T …

          I am glad that Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has brought back Scripture into style, if it ever went out, in our political discourse. He is right that some people must be left ultimately for God to deal with it. But when it is a satan spouting racist sedition, that need not be the case. Kudos to PM Rowley for putting Sat’an in check by raising the spectre of a non-bailable charge of sedition. The rabble of racists that have taken over some of the online newspaper blogs, and perhaps on other social media, likewise should be put in check.


  6. Rowley: Sat statements bordering on sedition
    PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Thursday slammed as being “close to sedition” statements by Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) leader Satnarayan Maharaj that late former PM Patrick Manning was a racist.

    Close to sedition

    Rowley rejects Sat’s ‘racist’ Manning claim Close to sedition

    Rowley sets record straight
    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday knocked secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Sat Maharaj for describing former prime minister Patrick Manning as a “racist.”

    Right thinking T&T knows truth
    “Right thinking people know the truth. The rest can’t be convinced.”

    Attack out of line—religious leaders
    Secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Sat Maharaj, yesterday came in for stinging condemnation by religious leaders for describing former prime minister Patrick Manning as a “racist.”

  7. If I had any doubts, I now have confirmation that Sat Maharaj is anal.
    In Trinidad and Tobago, our Indo-Trini brothers and sisters suffer from what I call “victim syndrome.” Somewhere in our beloved twin-island nation there are Indo-Trinis who will see every Afro-Trini as a racist. Remember the Canadian exodus. They were all victims.

    In the eyes of many, Dr. Williams, George Chambers, Patrick Manning, Ellis Clarke, Arthur Robinson and Patrick Manning were racist. If, as an Afro-Trini you should live in an all Indo neighbourhood, you would be called racist by someone on your job if you deny that person something, or speak sternly to them.

    I had an Indo-Trini wife, my children’s grandfather and all the relatives on that side are Indo-Trinidadian, but I was called a racist on my job by a few idiots.

    So my Afro-Trini people, brothers and sisters, that is what we have to live with on these two rocks known as Trinidad and Tobago.
    As Kamla would say, “let’s move on.”

  8. PM Rowley called out the SDMS head as making remarks “bordering on sedition”.

    Opposition Leader Persad-Bissessar defended the SDMS head and chided PM Rowley for speaking of “sedition”, since this is a non-bailable offence, and therefore may be calculated to instill fear, and stifle free speech.

    Well, it’s about time.

    Everyone knows that it is a well established precept in law that there is a limit to free speech. It is not and cannot be an absolute right. Slander, libel and sedition are not protected. One cannot be free to yell “fire!” in a crowded theatre and so disrupt the public order. So freedom of speech is not an absolute right.

    This is well to remember since there is in existence online a so-called Indian Policy document that is clearly seditious.

    For example:

    Item #1 calls on Indians to “make the country ungovernable”.

    Item #2 calls on Indians to “undermined (sic) this nigga (sic) government…”

    Item #3 calls on Indians to “make niggas (sic) your slaves…”

    Item #5 calls on Indian doctors to “continue the practice of tubal ligation on niggas (sic)…”

    Item #6 calls on Indian teachers to “focus attention on their children and forget the rest…”

    Item #6 calls on Indian teachers to “get involved in correcting examination papers”, and makes the confession, “our SEA papers correcting groups are very strong and have been working quite well…”


    These calls are clearly seditious on their face. Relevant law defines seditious intent as follows:

    Section 3 (1) — A seditious intention is an intention:

    (a) to bring into hatred or contempt, or to excite disaffection against Government or the Constitution as by law established or the House of Representatives or the Senate or the administration of justice;

    (b) to excite any person to attempt, otherwise than by lawful means, to procure the alteration of any matter in the State by law established;

    (c) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago;

    (d) to engender or promote:

    (i) feelings of ill-will or hostility between one or more sections of the community on the one hand and any other section or sections of the community on the other hand, or;

    (ii) feelings of ill-will towards, hostility to or contempt for any class of inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago distinguished by race, colour, religion, profession, calling or employment, or;

    (e) to advocate or promote, with intent to destroy in whole or in part any identifiable group, the commission of any of the following acts namely;

    (i) killing members of the group, or;

    (ii) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction.

    The Indian Policy does not “border” on sedition, it is clearly actionably seditious:

    Item #1 (make the country ungovernable) contravenes (a).

    Item #2 (undermine the government) contravenes (b).

    Item #3 (make the “niggas” your slaves) contravenes (d)(i) and (ii) and (e)(ii).

    Item #5 (tubal ligation of “niggas”) contravenes Section 3(1)(e)(i) and (ii).

    Item #6 (discrimination in schooling and t’iefing in SEA correcting groups) contravenes Section 3(1)(d)(ii).

    And that is just for starters.

    Furthermore, as argued in an earlier post, the reference to “our SEA papers correcting groups” points directly and immediately to the SDMS schools network and by implication the SDMS head.

    We always knew Sat’an Mahar was a racist. We may have him on sedition as well.

    May the Most High expose the wicked workers of racist iniquity in our midst, and protect the innocent whose duty it is under law to bring them to book.


      1. 1) I don’t hate white people. Some white people are in fact my Israelite brethren of the seed. But some are Edomites. Some are seed of Japheth, e.g. the Gog/Magog seed that are aka as the Khazar Jews. They along with the Edomite Jews are trying mightily hard to trigger race war in America hoping thereby to frustrate the fulfillment of prophecy pertaining to the reconciliation between Judah (=”Negro”) and Ephraim (=”redneck”); Isaiah 11:13, Ezekiel 37:16-19. See the movie, “They Live!” for exploration of this theme.

        2) I don’t hate Indians here on in India. Some also are Israelite of the seed, though not many I expect. Most are Edomite, with perhaps some straight- and curly-hair Hamite in the mix.

        3) I don’t hate Edomites. But Scripture is clear that the Edomites hate the Israelites; Ezekiel 35:5-11, Obadiah 1:10-11, Psalms 83:4-6. Israelites must learn over and over again that hatred, after extending the hand of friendship. Trinidad, Fiji, Guyana, Uganda. There are scenes to that effect even in the Indian-made movie, Mississippi Masala.

        4) I don’t know what a “mack-daddy” is, although I lived a long time in the U.S. Nor how that is supposed to apply to Obama.

        5) I don’t like nor support Obama. He is another sin of Sodom satan. I will not be popular amongst my fellow “Negro” (actually Israelite of the seed) for saying so. But I serve God, and He requires me to speak truth, and without fear.

        6) Obama is not even a real “Negro”. He is Hamite, not Israelite by paternal seedline. His Kenyan father sure did not come over to America by slave ship pursuant to Deuteronomy 28:68.

        7) There are some things Pastor Manning says with which I agree. But generally speaking I deplore the man. Why? He is what in America is called a “poke-chop” preacher. That means he is not compliant to the Law that he is supposed to uphold. He eats pork! It gets so one can tell a poke-chop eater from the sheen of the face, the fat of the jowls. If he were observant of the Law, he would have a beard. He would put more emphasis on the Law and the Book than on the fancy suits and ties.

        8) I deplore a preacher who tears down his own people, calling them names, instead of lifting them up with the Truth of the Word. By all means condemn their sins. But to lift them up, not to tear them down. If he condemns “black” people (he probably thinks we are Hamite) for occupying the lowest rung of the society in general, at the very least he should display some knowledge of the curses (for our disobedience) upon us. That might serve to lift us back up.

        9) In any case the children of Israel, as the Chosen seed of the Most High, *shall* be raised back up out of our slumber. That is sure prophecy. Even in our low state as a people we still produce people with lofty gifts, including of intellect. That is to remind us of who really we are, and to remind the world likewise. Coming out of slavery there were men like Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Banneker, and George Washington Carver. There are lots of other examples, some right here in T&T. My own forebears, of the Corps of Colonial Marines, defeated the US Marines at the Battle of Bladensburg and put a torch to Washington D.C. They were mentioned in despatches for their bravery and for the fear they inspired in the U.S. forces. The “Buffalo soldiers” were renowned for their prowess. The “negre jardin” (garden “nigger”) soldiers with pitchforksand machetes defeated Napoleon and his modern army outfitted with cannon. So God makes the world to be reminded every now and again as to who really His Chosen are, notwithstanding the curses under which He has put us for our disobedience. Etc.

        10) Therefore, Preacher Pokechop certainly doesn’t describe my people nor me in any essentialist way. Btw, I am given information as a servant of Yahweh that I doubt anyone else has been given yet, some of it revealed right here on this blog, for example about the origins of the indo-Aryan. This is information that not even the brahminist priests may know. When it was being maintained that brahminist hinduism has existed for 3,000 years, I stated confidently that it would not have arisen before 586BC, the year of Nebuchadnezzar’s last sack of Jerusalem. Later, I read somewhere that its origins were even later than that, ca. 400 AD. I may post the link later. That is the way with the Chosen seed. Every prophet of the Book acquired sure knowledge in the same way. The pre-requisite is submission to and obedience to the Law of the Holy Covenant. More and more of us, as He raises us back up, will acquire and share such knowledge, astounding those who decry our supposed lack of intellect. Isaiah, of royal seedline, walked naked at God’s command for three years. Those who hanker after material plenty under Satan’s dispensations, will not understand that level of submission. But for sure, Isaiah was no fool.

        11) Put on your thinking cap, and humble yourself. Same goes for Preacher Pokechop. You and he may learn something. For sure, never sell short the Chosen seed of the Most High. God will confound everyone that does.

        1. It is completely and totally amusing to occasionally wake up the two resident rabid, racist sleeping giants as they foam at the mouth and breed fire at the Indian “guests’ in T&T….one in hypocritical, religious fervor and the other who Trumps his way into the debate with blinders and foggy eyes.

          1. How tiresome. Another would-be deceiver, another satan…

            The lawyer that has facts on his side argues the facts. The one that has law on his side argues the law. The one that has neither, calls his opponent names.

            As you do here…

  9. I have said what I said without putting motives to facts as they occur. The records are there to complement my statements. I expect opposition by defenders of the Sat’an. Calling me racist is natural by them, because under previous administrations it has worked to their advantage. When you want to change history, motive and perception become priorities. So, to my detractors, I say, I do understand what you are saying in trying to defend the Sat’an. It worked so well in the past. Today’s reality see things as they really are, not the fictional representation that you would rather it be. Facts cannot be erased, unless there is a deliberate attempt to change them to suit one’s perspective. The Sat’an has struck with his aging defense of paganism and those of us who know his history, can afford to call him exactly what his record proves of him. He is seditious in his outburst of history and we call it just as he calls it, there is nothing wrong with that. It is about time truth prevail in this land. For too long we hear the whining g and groaning of those who pretend that anything said about them constitutes an act of racial disharmony and against their interests. Let us be grown ups and speak to truths and facts as they really are!!! Not the crap the Sat’an is talking…………./

      1. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” (Psalms 14:1)

  10. In putting her two cents worth of opinion on the matter of Sat Maharaj’s utterances towards the late Patrick Manning and Dr. Rowley’s rebuke of his attacks, Kamla CAME TO SAT’S DEFENSE by saying ““My comment on that is simple, we want to be very careful when we speak about sedition. Sedition is a crime in Trinidad and Tobago, a crime for which there is no bail and we know that this Rowley administration is to lock up everybody.” I want to take a quote from that quote, “we know that this Rowley administration is to lock up everybody”. So far as we know Rowley has NEVER locked up anybody but what we do know is that Kamla locked up over four thousand young black men for offenses that were NEVER proven. A good many was charged for plotting to kill her and that too was NEVER proven. All of the accused were NEVER formerly charged and faced a jury. With this FACT as a background, who is REALLY THE REAL CULPRIT? Rowley? or Kamla?
    Again Mamoo, facts bear me out – Kamla is the one who likes to lock up people. I REPEAT – KAMLA IS THENONE WHO LIKES TOP LOCK UP PEOPLE. ONCE AGAIN, KAMLA MISREPRESENTS FACTS. KAMLA YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!

  11. I sincerely urge the Trini Afro American residents posting on this site to focus their attention and energy to their plight in their adopted resident- America, at the hands of Conservatives rather than preoccupying themselves with Indians in T&T. …all’s well down here.

    1. Hey TMan , and for the record , De thought was also, that “all’s well down here …”in Kampala Uganda, until in 1972 ,Papa IDI Dada Amin struck out,like a crazy Brazilian Anaconda.

      Likewise , some naively thought that all was well in Fiji , until disgruntled , socially ignored natives,decided,in Roberto Duran fashion,to collectively utter the symbolic cry of …. ‘No Mas!”

      No , None ,Neyet, Nunca TMan! Obvious political bandits , can’t hide behind Constitutional Change Shenanigans , to run roughshod over native folks rights – like is done in La Trinity- all – as is in our case – under the not too concerned eyes, of our Afro Trini elites.

      In post Independent Sri Lanka , where the native, dominant,discriminated , Buddhist Sinhalese community suffered silently, as imported Hindustani Tamils flourished , with the help of their political benefactor, Mama Britain , many thought ,”all’s well,” too. Ok , that folly was short lived , even after 2 decades of Bloody Civil Wars, and murder of thousands.

      In modern post Apartheid ,Africa de Sul , Many of your… ummmm…. Colored .. Asian cousins , naively think, “all’s well,” in JoBurg , Pretoria, and ,Cape Town, because the majority ,didn’t make them pay a price , but tell you what , ‘as sure as night follows day’ – a new dawn will emerge , as soon as political buffoons, such as those neo imperial , corrupt bastards such as Zuma departs the grand stage, and why you ask?
      The still struggling masses , have not even sniffed any semblance of socio economic justice, even as said Zulu crook Zuma , and his rich tycoon pals, give Bantu citizens, de middle finger.

      Be careful on what yardstick , you and kind choose to base your conclusions ,as to “all’s well ,”TMan. Sometimes , what you see , ain’t what you get ,as we …. ummmm….like to say on de streets.
      You and similar ,’me me ,gemi gemi,selfish,dog with ah bone,fake victimhood – country hating cretins , are free to get your rocks off , while making your not too subtle ,idiotic , condescending / disparaging remarks ,on dis here Trini Center , Information Highway, about historically maligned folks , or fail to give credit to their heroes/ leaders , where it’s due – for elevating your ungrateful tribe to present day lofty status so many enjoy- then when the inevitable backlash occurs ,quickly run to White Canadian,Aussie,British, or ironically de same Liberal/ Conservative -Yankee Fiefdom , for help, but might be pleasantly surprise , as to the expected response.
      Here is de deal , as I attempt to put this in simple language that you can understand:- The tolerance levels by White Europeans tribes, for refugees of colors , with strange religious habits ,and cultural practices , have changed drastically ,since 1986, when Basdeo Panday led his anti ANR Ahhhh Weee Tobago Bouy – Refugee assault.
      Unfortunately ,’You allze ,’ will have to go to the far end of de line.
      Worst yet, -since they don’t care how much money you try to reenter with -you folks would not be welcomed back home in the ancestral lands either – being descendants of de – wink /wink .. low caste groups , who flee for a better neo-Indentured lifestyle, amongst dem savage Africans, in the Caribbean, Fiji, and Africa.
      Tell you what folks – just maybe I’m just another psychologically twisted bastard , but who is really checking? I get such sadistic pleasure , in exposing destructive creatures like TMan , who in his naive Soul , think he is slick.
      Well , there it is . Chalk one up for Humanity, as I try to save him , and kind, from themselves.
      Oh AfroBuddahSunGod!!!
      A word of admonition to members of Afro Kinky Head Nation;-Rise up ye mighty people , for you were once Kings,& Queens , in charge of your own Continent!Now you’ve allowed yourselves to be relegated globally, to political court jesters,intellectual pigmies ,who will sell your souls for a few trinkets ,all at the expense of your own people!
      What to yours truly, is even more amusing , is to have self loathing cretins ,such as de likes of a TMan ,naively think ,you are obsessed over him ,and his fellow ungrateful tribe. Perish de thought Tman!
      Yet some say Nation building was easy.
      Love Humanity People!

  12. As we celebrate Emancipation Day in Trinidad and Tobago, we can also look to the United States Presidential Elections to see what is happening there. Donald Trump is the Republication nominee for President whilst Hillary Clinton, the first woman ever, is the Democratic nominee for the office of President of the United States. This election is historic in many ways. On the Republican side, they have nominated a non-politician to be their representative while the Democrats have broken the “glass ceiling” by nominating a woman. As a matter of process, that is not our concern about who becomes President, but, out of the process, an event has emerged that can be a lesson for those who belong to ethnic groups within our population. The name Khirz Khan has emerged from the Democratic Convention as an American Hero, who symbolizes American Values more than even the Republican nominee for President. Mr Khan is a Pakistani emigrant whose son, Captain Himayun Khan gave his life for the country he grew up in, loved so much that he gave his life to protect the men under his command from harm. That, as a matter of courage and commitment is beyond ordinary human sacrifice. This act earned him an award of the ‘Purple Heart’ the nation’s highest award. Mr. Khan was at the convention to express his love for country and affirmation of his commitment to the American society. He personally lost the life of his son to prove that commitment. The highlight of the convention was when he put his hand in his shirt pocket, pulled out a booklet of the constitution of the United States and asked Donald Trump if he read the constitution. He went on to advocate that if he did not, he can lend him his copy. Mr. Khan is today the epitome of what national citizenship is like. He is on every talk show and is spoken about more than anyone else at the Convention. The point here is this: Mr Khan, a native of Pakistan emigrated to a country and became part of the fabric of that country’s way of life and culture. Here in our country, we have descendants, some in the sixth and seventh generations, who is yet to demonstrate their loyalty to the country their forefathers chose to reside in for the rest of their lives. Mr Khan has eloquently expressed his patriotic idealism for the country of his choice. Yet, we have seen from time to time, those emanating from the same source of origin, hesitating on their loyalty and commitment to the ideals of the country that nurtured and given them reason to plant their souls as the place to call home. The reason why their loyalty has become questionable, is because they have shown historically that they do not embrace the idealism for which the country of their birth stands for. They alienate themselves from the mores and cultural climate of their surroundings. They instead emphasize that their preference is to embrace their ancestral background on how they are to be identified. This is very profound. This is why we continue struggle with identity problems when they participate in how we exist and look to the future as a people. Sat Maharaj represents and is symbolic of this identity. He impersonates this doubt of where we look upon our descendants of indentureship as to where they place their loyalty. This does not make one racist to ask that question.
    Because the cause for such question was not played by those who ask the question but rather those whose doubts are pronounced by the way they settle in the land of their forefathers.

    1. It is morally fitting to embrace the key values of American culture as theoretically defined by sociologists.

      In contrast what are the values of the culture of Trinidad and Tobago? Does anyone know?

      1. the key values of American culture as theoretically defined by sociologists.

        If you are being “theoretical”, I fail to see what “contrast” you expect…

        I’ve lived in America, so don’t get me started on the contrast, there, between the theory and the reality of the “land of the free, and the home of the brave”.

        And as I say so, I do not want to convey any idea that I hate America or Americans. I have good friends there that I stay in touch with.

        But Americans have a huge fight on their hands — against the New World Order types that control the Money, the Media, and even the Minds of the people — which they appear already to have lost; look at any “People of Walmart” video on youtube.

        If you wish to make a “theoretical” point about the values of T&T, make it. If you wish to express thoughts about the reality, have the courage to do so, rather than just blowing hot air.

        The trouble with you and Mamoo is that you seem incapable of speaking simple truth. And when you do manage a truth now and again you seem always to lie nonetheless by omission.

    1. By inference, you appear to support the point of view of the Selwyn Cudjoe article in which he expounded on the crime explosion in the English speaking Caribbean. The word ‘truth’ is sometimes used inexplicably to support ‘a fact’ and not necessarily the result of the evidence supporting the resulting facts. For example, TMan and Mamoo will just be happy and comfortably with stating ad nauseum the fact crime is committed in abundance by Afro Caribbeans. They will thrive on the suggestion that the murders, robberies, assaults and petty crimes are all a result of belonging to their African racial background. They have no compunction is believing that to be true and would be quick to support that claim by referencing no lesser person than Selwyn Cudjoe. TMan is one of the biggest critics of Selwyn and have never made an intellectual suggestion that Selwyn is bright enough to write anything sensible. However, because there is something in what Selwyn wrote have struck a chord with the negativism with which he attaches crime with the African man, he has suddenly found ‘truth’. But ‘truth’ is sometimes found in the eyes of the beholder. Most of what Selwyn spoke about crime were taken from the writings found in The Economist. The Economist is a periodical that is authored and produced by English intellectuals. These are the same people who gave us Hawkins, Drake and Morgan. Pirates of the highest order. In today’s order of things, these men would be called terrorists in the worst way. But our English tutors have taught us to believe that they were ‘great’ explorers and we sucked it all in as ‘facts’ in our history lessons. Cudjoe also stated “the main force driving the high rates of crime and violence in both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the wider Caribbean, is the impact of intra-regional drug trafficking.” In the trade of “intra-regional drug trafficking” many people belonging to the same race as TMan and Mamoo are financiers.
      Their hands are stained with the blood of the many victims who are sacrificed in order to launder and make legal, the profits from this evil trade. But TMan and Mamoo will see no crime there. These financiers are the real criminals because they are the ones who enable crime to the point of where it is today. But you would NEVER hear them say that.
      Greed is a CRIME. Poisoning the minds of young people is a crime. The trafficking of illegal guns and ammunitions is a crime. Reaping run-away profits from illegal activities is a crime. The people who fund those activities are all criminals. But the big question is who in our society questions the activities of these enablers? The Police? NO! The UNC politicians? NO! The Leader of the Opposition claims that she had been building her house er Palace for nine years and did not have the money to finish it. She became Prime Minister and boom! in less than a year he r Palace was completed. She and many suggest that with the help of ‘god’ the Palace was complete. But that is a subject for conjecture. Many members of the UNC government went into government poor and by the time the left almost all of them were billionaires and millionaires.
      No one is disputing that there is crime. And the one that seem to affect us most the the murders, assaults, breakins and gang warfare parts of it. But they are all part of the crime trade that do not require any capital input. The financiers order hits and do not care what the results are or how it affects the population. The politics of it is another matter. There are always extenuating circumstances of the truth. Truth is not simple when the subject of crime is included in our conversations.

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