Patrick Manning Has Died

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his wife Hazel Manning walking through the Calypso Fiesta 2013 crowd

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Manning, passed away on July 2nd 2016.

He suffered a mild stroke on January 23rd, 2012.

He was recently hospitalized on Monday 25th June, 2016, after falling ill. Only one day before his passing on July 1st, 2016, it was revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer, Acute myeloid leukaemia.

Manning would be remembered for his many contributions including serving three terms as Prime Minister and forty-four years as parliamentarian, the longest serving time in Trinidad and Tobago’s history.


Today Trinidad and Tobago was plunged into mourning at the passing of our former Prime Minister and former political leader of the People’s National Movement, Mr Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning.

Mr. Manning will be remembered as a visionary, a patriot and a Caribbean man who always strived for excellence. He made the development and well-being of Trinidad and Tobago his priority and in so doing, dedicated his life to serving our twin island state.

During Mr. Manning’s tenure as Prime Minister, the country experienced unprecedented growth and development, the benefits from that period are still helping us through the trying times we face today.

Up until his death Mr. Manning remained a source of guidance and inspiration to a generation of national and regional leaders who still sought his counsel even after he left active public life.

To Mrs. Manning and the Manning family, my family and I join you and the rest of the country in mourning his death. I extend our heartfelt condolences and gratitude for sharing him with us, since his service to the nation meant time away from his family.

To the constituents of San Fernando East whom he represented for his entire political career, we extend our deepest sympathy, we empathise with your loss.

In recognition of Mr Manning’s passing, flags are to be flown at half-mast at all public buildings and foreign missions from today until the day after Mr Manning’s funeral. Subsequent to consultation with the Manning family, it has been decided that a state funeral will be held for Mr Manning, the details of which will be released in due time.

Dr Keith Rowley


It is with deep sadness that we heard of the passing of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

On behalf all in the Parliamentary Opposition and the United National Congress, we send our heartfelt sympathies and prayers to his wife, Hazel, and his sons and close relatives.

Mr Manning was Prime Minister by electoral victory three times in our history – 1995, 2002 and 2007. He is also our longest serving Parliamentarian and one of the longest serving Public Servants in the region.

Indeed, his wife Hazel has always exemplified strength and fortitude in her family, something which was clear throughout their public life.

The grief we share at his passing is, without doubt, grief that will be shared by our fellow nations in the region.

We wish the Mannings God’s guidance and support and pray that the former Prime Minister will find a place of joy and rest

Kamla Persad-Bissessar, SC, MP

Leader of the Opposition

02nd July 2016

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  1. Patrick Manning dies at 69

    Four decades of service to T&T

    Political controversy
    Former prime minister and political leader of the People’s National Movement (PNM) Patrick Manning served 44 years of uninterrupted political life.

    Carmona: A monumental loss

    History will absolve him—Rowley
    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says he has “many, many positive memories” in his life with Patrick Manning. He said their bust-up which eventually led to his dismissal from Manning’s Cabinet was “small” but “maybe an integral part.”

    Hazel: Patrick never got bitter

    Kamla prays Manning’s peace
    Patrick Manning’s dedication to public service, the development of Trinidad and Tobago (TT) and that of the wider Caribbean, came in for high praise from his former political opponents following news of his sudden death yesterday morning.

    Warner: Manning and I made up
    FORMER Government Minister and former political leader of the Independent Liberal Party Jack Warner praised late former Prime Minister Patrick Manning for his strong leadership and revealed yesterday that the two made up any differences they had two months before his death.

    CJ Archie hails long service
    Chief Justice Ivor Archie has extended condolences on the passing of former prime minister Patrick Manning.

    Remembering Patrick Manning
    San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein has remembered former prime minister Patrick Manning as one of this country’s greatest leaders.

    He rose to the challenge
    Whatever the final judgment of history, no one should dispute the fact that for two-thirds of his life, Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning served this nation to the best of his ability.

    Penny postpones UN appointment following Manning’s death

    Manning Village in St Vincent mourns
    There is a Manning Village in St Vincent and the people there, like their Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, are today mourning the death of former T&T prime minister Patrick Manning.

    Manning, a visionary

    No PNM MP like Patrick

    Sando East: We had the best MP

    ‘Manning championed TT aviation’
    THE TRINIDAD and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority has expressed condolences on the passing of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning and noted his “great passion for aviation”.

    Chambers: Manning, a formidable force
    Patrick Manning is being remembered as a “formidable force” in Trinidad and Tobago’s politics and as a man who was not only dedicated his life to public service but one who was “unflinching” in his commitment to his visions and ideals.

  2. PM Manning always conducted himself with “class”. Regardless of your political persuasion, you must admit that he believed in the successful future of his country and worked tirelessly for it.
    The present PM lacks the decorum, temperament and leadership qualities demonstrated by Manning.

    1. Yeah we know,how much you ,and fellow members of the ungrateful tribal clan,,love class, decorum , and fine temperament , especially if such can be used to enhance ‘you alzes,’ narrow-self interest, TMan.
      The first thing he did ,once he catapulted to power, after the demise of smart man George Chambers,’ was to send Cutty Joseph, Overand Padmore, John D, Hugh Francis , and the Muriel Donnawa led, ‘fat behind brigade’- Dr Deffy loyalist , into exile.
      The Second thing he did was to call two ill advised, early elections , thus allowing two country hating , political bandits,in Bas, and his protege Auntie K ,to grab power -and thus,allowing our once beloved country, to regress in every socio political , and economic aspects.
      The third thing he did ,was help fracture the party , by holding on to power for far too long- thus antagonizing an equally ambitious rival in de Mason Hall kid.
      The forth thing he did , was allow arrogance to infiltrate his soul/ psyche, and so ,he felt that he knew what was better for his country, and the Arima constituents.
      He was the one who referred to the Arima Afro Carib Penelope , as too old , opting instead for some 26 year old nobody- and we remember -much to you alze joy – how dat worked out.
      In essence , every move that classy Patrick Manning has initiated , eventually helped advanced the rights , privileges, of others , who in de end , meant great harm to his people.
      It was with some amusement , that I listened today , to the ‘National Divider in Chief ,’ in Basdeo Panday ,via a radio interview, referring to Patrick Manning as his friend.
      Let me see if I get that straight:- ANR Robinson became his lifelong enemy , because he had the audacity to favor Manning over him , as a result of a tied election- even to the point where the politically poisonous bastard , refused to attend the globally adored Statesman National funeral.
      Fast forward to Saturday 9th 2016 , and he Basdeo ,will be font and center of Patrick’s funeral entourage – even though Patrick was able to assume power at his expense,did I get that right, you all?
      Since in his words ” politics has a morality all of it’s own,” one can correctly speculate ,as to why Basdeo,had no compunction , in casting support, to get ANR off the national political stage , by pushing the job of de Presidency, into his lap.

      Speaking of class,I’ve always wondered what would have occurred, if it was Patrick Manning ,Kamla , or Basdeo Panday , were the ones who faced the criminal wrath of former horse police / football goalkeeper ,Lennox Phillip ,aka Yasin Abu Bakr, and his Islamist goons,and not ANR Robinson, what would have been the end results, in terms of justice,ehhhh TMan?
      Tell you what folks, I’ve merely subscribe to a Neo Buddhist philosophy of ‘letting go,’ in the understanding of ‘the inevitability of Change.’
      Manning ,just like his predecessors, had his role to play, and if he did succeed in making our T&T , a better place , then he should be applauded.

      There is still work to be done yet. Say yes to authentic patriotism!
      Best wishes to the Manning family. May our present day leaders -where appropriate -continue to build on his past, virtuous political efforts.
      Long live the Republic of Tobag…., ooops… ….,lo siento, T&T!

      1. Neal, your comments are right on the money. The pisanos have reached the point whereby they feel they have the power to turn everything their way. Whats the magic? MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The Law Association has become a political party without having to change its name. While it is referred to as the ‘Law Association’ its political agenda can be reflected in the UNC manifesto. Its members – all UNC.
        That was the policy of Kamla. That is why she needed more than five years, she happened to squeeze in three more extra months to complete her reign of Indianization of every aspect of life in Trinidad and Tobago. The two Indian women in the taxi understood that and that is why they felt so comfortable in venting this death wish upon Patrick Manning and Keith Rowley. This is no time to be politically correct when the events that are happening around us tell so vivid a story, of a people literally taking the country in the direction that they want it to go – BACK TO INDIA.

  3. We all come with an expiration date, today we pause to say thank you Mr. Manning for your service to this nation. Good or bad we leave that up to history. As Mark Anthony said at the funeral of Julius Caesar “the good that men do is oft intern with their bones, the evil lives after them”.

    To Mrs Manning you are deeply admired by this nation for the love and care you displayed in taking care of Pathos during the years of declining health. I am remind of Ronald Reagan and the care Nancy had for him during those trying years. I wish to express sincere condolences to you and the boys. I know that the former PM is safe in the arms of the good Lord. That is reason enough for this funeral to a celebration. May his soul RIP.

  4. Nascitur non fit. Born not made.

    Patrick Manning was born to the role he occupied as a king in this country. (Yes in T&T a Prime Minister is a king in a very real sense more or less guaranteed by the Constitution.) He also had that greatness thrust upon him by fate when it fell to him, as junior as he was still at the time, to rebuild the PNM after the 1986 defeat. That he did and did brilliantly.

    I know a lot of people,lacking in discernment, who still don’t give Patrick Manning his due. No he wasn’t a sophisticate like Eric Williams. But the king does not have to be the most sophisticated. He simply has to have the anointing. God took David from the sheepcote, after all, and anointed him king over all Israel. God formed Patrick Manning from the womb to play the role that he did.

    But like David made mistakes, –none more grievous than his adultery with Bathsheba and in effect his murder of her husband that he could have her to himself, — so too Patrick Manning made some mistakes. And like God forgave David even that grievous adultery/murder, I expect that God has forgiven Patrick Manning also his sins. I do not need details of the confession and repentance that are necessary to obtain God’s mercy and forgiveness. I have my own sins and my own salvation to worry about, as do we all.

    I’m glad that the country is finally giving Patrick Manning his due. That it took his passing for that to happen is a measure of us as a people. We didn’t deserve Patrick, we didn’t deserve Eric. In some ways I think we killed them both.

    Be that as it may, here is a man that left a legacy that some of his lesser brethren are only perhaps now beginning fully to appreciate. We had an anointed king in our midst, one who carried well the mantle of his destiny, and left this land a better one for his having passed through.

    We should thank God for having sent us Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning, and that he did his job and his duty as well as he did, and with the considerable dignity, charm, sense of duty and charisma that he did it. May we continue to be so blessed, despite our consummate lack of charity as a people.

    I knew Patrick Manning personally, but not so well. He all but offered me a quite big post. But at the time I had not his vision, and was in somewhat tunnel-visioned employ as a functionary in a big international organization… too busy, too full of ongoing commitments to lift my gaze to contemplate a different and larger possibility. So I never gave the matter any play. But certainly I was impressed by his energy, warmth and charisma.

    Patrick Manning was an easy man to like. From all the pictures of him taken with international statesmen and potentates, I’m sure he would have represented us well on a world stage. It was a stage to which he was born, indeed formed from the womb.

    I add my humble voice to all the others offering condolence and comfort to Hazel and the entire family. And I thank Hazel in particular for being as strong, beautiful and dignified as she has been in what has been a trying time. There is a role model of which we can all be proud. (She is a country cousin, coming from a Merikin lineage as do I).

    If Patrick could speak still, he would well be justified in saying: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith…”.

    May God rest his eternal soul. Gone but not forgotten.


    IF THERE is such a thing as beauty in death, then, Patrick Manning had a beautiful death.

    Foundation remembers true ‘Caribbean man’
    The Heliconia Foundation for Young Professionals has expressed its deepest condolences on the passing of former prime minister Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning.

    ‘…He placed country first’
    Mickela Panday, politician and daughter of former prime minister Basdeo Panday, remembered the late PM Patrick Manning as one of those leaders who placed his country first.

    Childhood friend, Cocoyea remember ‘Sonny’: He was destined for greatness
    Smiles lit up their faces and tears welled as residents of the childhood neighbourhood of the late Patrick Manning, Cocoyea Village, San Fernando, reflected fond memories of a young Manning yesterday.

    Manning betrayed like Jesus
    OPPOSITION San Juan/Barataria Member of Parliament Dr Fuad Khan says that late former Prime Minister Patrick Manning felt the presence of those who may have wished him harm, as he lay on his death bed at the San Fernando General Hospital.

    Abdulah: He brought change
    MOVEMENT for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah yesterday praised late former Prime Minister Patrick Manning as a man dedicated to public service who sought to bring about change in this country.

    Historian wants Manning buried in Sando

  6. “Death – the last sleep? No, it is the final awakening.”
    ……………… Walter Scott

    I read with interest, all of the accolades and praises cast upon the now departed ex-Prime Minister Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning. Some of it rendered by friends and many by foes alike but none like the reality we face and probably will not realize until we are forced to recognize its existence – We Are in Trouble. One of the reasons why we look to leaders to solve our problems is because most of us see them as too difficult for us to solve amongst ourselves, so we turn to the wisdom and hopefully wherewithal of someone thrusted with the authority and consent of the people to take us out of our misery. In the case of Mr. Manning he did that many times during his reign as Prime Minister. True to his calling as a geologist, he recognized and had the forethought to introduce natural gas, as a commodity this country had an abundance of, to bring in foreign reserve for our Treasury. He recognized the need to have a school of higher learning that concentrated on the need to develop our young people in the fields of technology and services, so he initiated the University of Trinidad and Tobago to this country. He had failures too and made mistakes that man must make. But we have to recognize him for what he truly meant to do for us as a country and not just who benefitted from his triumphs and failures.

    His passing leaves many of us to ponder on what exactly he meant to us and how his public service affected us going forward. I am not touched by the utterings of those who command attention of the media or press. We expect President Carmona to say things that are commendable towards his passing. So too are the utterings of Prime Minister Keith Rowley and Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar. But when you view the tears of those people, whose lives he touched by allowing them to have an option to educate their children other than at UWI, you understand what he really meant to us all. When you consider that the gas that we market on the international market today, was initiated by him then you have an understanding of his magnanimousity as a public servant, then you see, leaving us forever a man of foresight, maturity and vision. That is what we expect from leadership. Nothing more, nothing less.

    He also leaves behind many detractors and haters. A friend related a story to me just yesterday which was not surprising but nevertheless, worthy of understanding how a man’s greatness can be seen and exalted by some and by the same token be hated and cursed by others. On the day os his passing, he was traveling in a taxi from Chaguanas to San Fernando. All of its occupants were Indians. Two Indian women got into a conversation of his passing. One of them telling the other “well now that he is gone, we can’t wait to see what the other one (meaning Keith Rowley) goes”. Disgusted by the remark, the Indian driver had to step in. He chastised the women for making such a disgusting remark. He let them know in no uncertain terms that he did not appreciated their comments in his car. They kept quiet after that and did not say anything.

    There are many lessons to be learned from the passing of an individual whose life touched many in his/her time. We cannot make assumptions that the good rendered will be remembered by all, but we have to acknowledge what we know of the individual and make known how we saw the departed anyway.

    1. For Kian. Those ladies probably don’t have to wait too long.

      Eric Williams: 25 September, 1911
      29 March, 1981……………….69yrs

      George Chambers: 04 October, 1928
      04 November,1997….69yrs

      Patrick Manning: 17 August,1946
      02 July, 2016……………..69yrs

      Keith Rowley will turn 69 years in 2019.

      1. Mamoo, while your wish may be fulfilled if that turns out to be so, the country suffers, because it is only the PNM has the national love and will to bring good fortune to everybody in this country. If Kamla goes back, maybe your pocket will be filled but mine, surely will become empty and so will many of those who look and think like me. Under PNM, not does not matter what you look like. I repeating after several iterations by TMan. He stated time and again, Indians will prosper, does not matter who is in power. That is true for Indians but terrible, if you are not Indian. Your statement does not surprise me one bit. It reflects who you are.

        1. Huh… All prospered under the UNC. Unemployment rate was a staggering 3.5%.
          In 8 months 10,000 plus unemployed under your beloved PNM party. Her is there short record of achievement.
          Rowley’s PNM.
          Here is the record of the PNM ‘WE in Charge” Government
          1. Swearing in the Minister of National Security before the Prime Minister
          2. Putting 12.5 % VAT on everything but fooling the people into thinking that VAT has been reduced from 15%
          3. Cocoa farmers can’t sell their produce due to the lack of a Board
          4. Foreign used car dealers shafted by new policy which removes the right to import six year old cars
          5. Rice farmers can’t get water from the river to flood their fields. Millions to be lost because WASA won’t allow them to use water
          6. 90 million for Tarouba Stadium but hundreds of recreation grounds maintained by Regional Corporations are in shambles
          7. $400 million for Red House but workers in several parts of the country and children in dilapidated school buildings and containers
          8. 51murders in 35 days of 2016 A new record
          9. Opposed soldiers on patrol in Laventille but now find it convenient and necessary
          10. Increase in personal taxes to 72,000 but did not tell the people that over 350,000 workers get less than 6,000 per month and hence will not benefit
          11. 500 workers gone home from Arcelor Mittal. 221 from Centrin. Minister of Labour meets with company after they are fired! And to think the Minister of Labour was a trade Union leader
          12. Highway to Point Fortin shut down because PNM has not moved to put finances in place after more than five months in office
          13. Hospital now without drugs. Minister of Health blames NIPDEC but does not blame himself for poor management of the process. The drug shortage crisis continues under his nose
          14. Several of the 19 kidney dialysis centers set up as a private public sector arrangement by the PP Govt closed. Kidney dialysis patients to scrunt
          15. PNM threatened to take away the Private Members Day I January 2016 and would have done so had it not been for a determined Opposition
          16. Same boats the PNM criticized which thePP acquired just before elections now making drug busts out at sea
          17. Shortage of vaccines for HINI virus Seven already dead!
          18. PNM claimed that PP built no houses. Yet they distributing houses left right and not center
          19. PNM claims that treasury empty but twelve man delegation to Caricom in Belize
          20. PNM claims that it has the answer to crime but now they have the answer which is appoint more Ministers/Parliamentary Secretaries in National Security
          21. PM tell Tobagonians that no one will lose his/her job at Ministry for Tobago development. Next day over 20 gone!
          22. All Litter Wardens sent home. Take that for ZICA and dengue! Aedes Egypti now in charge
          23. Udecott the bane of corruption to be in charge of over 1 billion dollars to repair Red House Presidents House Whitehall etc. Noel Garcia is a powerful man! Take that Jerlean – we in charge now
          24. Children’s Life Fund no longer available for sick and dying children.
          25. Childrens’ Hospital remains closed . Every excuse being used to keep it a white elephant. Force them to open it NOW. Who caused the road to collapse. Who was using excavators on the side of the road and cause the collapse last week of January 2016.
          26. Motor Vehicle Authority Building remains closed due to PNM spite while the chaos continues at Licensing Dept on Wrightson Road and in san Fernando
          27. The highway medians to South have not been cut since September last year. Grass in some places over six feet.
          28. Beautiful bourgeonvilla plants on UBH left to languish because PNM does not care about a beautiful highway. Take that Suruj!
          29. No computers delivered to first formers in 2015. Take that poor parents.
          30. Text books not available to schools. Take that poor parents
          31. Drastic cuts in allowance s to schools for maintenance. Children to bring their own soap and toilet paper
          32. Number of national scholarships to be reduced. Take that for development of human potential and competitiveness
          33. Minister of Public Utilities announces that TTEC and WASA rates to be reviewed upwards
          34. Gas and diesel prices were already increased in last budget. Expect another in march.
          35. Car park prices at Water taxi terminal almost doubled and you encouraging people to park and use the water taxi
          36. WE IN Charge so we don’t have to maintain the Chaguaramas Board Walk. That was a UNC project. Let it be destroyed.

      2. Interesting stats Mamoo. Basdeo Panday (83) May 25, 1933 who had quadruple bypass surgery seemed to have skipped that trend. Similarly, ANR (88) December 16, 1926. Maybe, there is a PNM factor involved knowing the other 2 were UNC. Et tu Brute!

        1. Don’t worry ‘Trini Raw Oils,’ someone much wiser than both of us ,once said – and I paraphrase -‘de sins of the parents,are visited on the children.’
          Put differently, and in the words of my extremely wise, late , Tobago Granny- ‘what ain’t meet you , ain’t pass you!’
          You saw what happened to dem brown/ black pickiniees ,of two neo Imperial members of your ancestral clan, in India’s Jawaharal Neru , and Pakistan’s Zulfika Ali Bhutto.
          Both Indira Gadahi ,along with her sons Rajiv , and Sanjay, as well as Benazia Bhutto ,experienced quite violent deaths, at the hands of tribal savages.
          Now since we know fully well, that none of ANR kids, have any interest in National Politics, dat leaves Kamla’s eventual successor,in delusional, still wet behind de ears/ clueless Melika Panday.
          Knock on wood , as we like to say on de the streets , hmmmmm?
          For the ‘country hating , ungrateful , dog with a bone , me me , gime,gime ,tribal,country hating comedians,’ who continue to pray to their opaque gods , that harm and destruction , would befall another Tobago Bouy ,someone should tell dem ,to press de pause button, as such ain’t happening- and I’ll tell them why.
          Not only does dear protective Tobago’s own – in Papa Neza , is looking out for the Mason Hall kid, but -just like your Auntie K-he is careful, to avoid anti genocide guru Dr Goopiesing UWI trained, local Quacks,and so , has repeatedly,scheduled his medical checkup visits , for when he is on those foreign political junkets.
          Your Siparia Queen did what ,190 (out of 195 ) such official visits ,in 5 years of power.
          The Right Honorable Dr Keith Rowley , has done some 50 , in his 9 months of power,and apparently ,from info received , is in perfect health. Divide some 20 plus year for him and party in power, that will more than cover the rest of the list.
          Yeah folks, call me a psychologically twisted bastard ,if you wish-for I too , just like Barrack Hussain Obama,and too many others ,was abandoned by ‘one oh dem crazy Global Afro Papas, -but I get such sadistic pleasure , in exposing creatures , like dis ‘un-slick , Trini Raw oil,’ who thinks he is being funny , with his “PNM factor,’ comment.
          Notice de trend of theirs, & conniving leaders , condescending , frivolous , phony complimentary remarks , when some tragedy occur to a member of ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation,’ then juxtapose that with those uttered , when some lofty member of de tribe,suffer a similar fate- or worst yet ,does not get what they perceive as real justice.
          L luv dis land , Y Tu?
          Stay Vigilant people!

          1. Your stats is fodder for idiots. Numbers, just for the sake of numbers can be used to convey any story one chooses to tell. The trouble with ‘your’ story is that it can only be confirmed by those who supply you with the information. Real life situations CANNOT support you theory of the ‘good life’ under the UNC. Mamoo, a quick sense of reality suggests that numbers in themselves do not go unaccounted for. Good economic times is a sign of good practices, good planning, sustainable development and good policies. When numbers are thrown around, they should also suggest upward trends among those who are making efforts to do better. Nigel Henry also told us that Kamla was the best person for us. But did we believe him? NO!!! You know why? Because reality did not support the reality of what Nigel wanted us to believe. All I am saying is that your numbers are a pile horse manure that would be better suited in places where fertility is need to make things grow. Neal does not believe it. Alyssa does not believe it. Yoruba does not believe it. I would rather throw it on the the bare areas of the SanFernando hill to see if we could encourage new vegetation. At least it might kinda serve some purpose there, eh Mamoo? In the meantime, do us a favor tell us something that is REALLY pertinent. Nancy stories are for kids.

  7. Speaker: How can we be better MPs?
    “SPEAKER Bridgid Annisette-George yesterday asked MP s to consider how they could improve as Parliamentarians in the wake of the death of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

    Private burial for Patos
    FORMER prime minister Patrick Manning will be laid to rest in a private ceremony, following an official State funeral at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-of-Spain on July 9 at 10 am.

    PNM stalwarts are hypocrites—Aloes
    Hypocrites! That’s how controversial calypsonian Sugar Aloes (Michael Osuna) has described PNM stalwarts who he claimed hounded Patrick Manning out of Balisier House when the party lost the 2010 general election.

    Imbert pays tribute to Manning: No-one can do what he did

    Condolences from Pan Trinbago
    THE steel pan fraternity yesterday acknowledged their gratitude to the late former prime minister Patrick Manning for his intervention in naming the Steelpan the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Occah Seepaul sheds tear for Manning
    SAYING that she shed a tear upon hearing of his passing, former House Speaker Occah Seepaul described Patrick Manning as the Prime Minister with many more pluses than minuses .

    ‘He was my friend, my hero’
    IN THE years after his debilitating stroke in 2012, former prime minister Patrick Manning cared more about praying than politics.

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