Pay hikes proposed for PM, Cabinet, Opposition

By Richard Lord
June 21, 2016 –

ParliamentFresh moves are underway to increase the salaries of the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, the Opposition Leader and all other MPs.

This is as a Salaries Review Commission (SRC) consultant met with senior Government and Opposition MPs last week to initiate the process for the hike.

Among those who attended the one-hour meeting, which was held in Parliament last week, were House Speaker Bridgid Annisette-George, Senate President Christine Kangaloo, Finance Minister Colm Imbert, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis, Rural Development and Local Government Minister Franklin Khan, Works and Transport Minister Fitzgerald Hinds and Opposition MPs Ganga Singh, Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie and Ramona Ramdial.

An employee of the Hays Group solicited the views of those present on the need for a pay hike.

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8 thoughts on “Pay hikes proposed for PM, Cabinet, Opposition”

  1. No surprise Rowley said he will give increases to the MPs if he won the election. It is however bad timing given the current economic situation. People are being asked to pay more taxes, on almost everything. The value or purchasing power of the TNT dollar under this Rowley administration has depreciated significantly. To put it bluntly your money is not going to give you much in return when purchasing.

    The increases are aligned with a host of perks and tax free savings. The MPs live a life of luxury while the citizenry struggle to live life barely making ends meet. That is generally the relationship between the ruling class and ordinary citizens.

  2. “In 2011, the PSC undertook a similar exercise and three years later, in 2014 when the hike was recommended by the PSC, then prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said that the Cabinet had rejected the increases.
    She had said then that any pay hike would not have been supported by the wider population.”

    Ain’t it simply amazing, the difference, a mere 1 year, can make re the tolerance levels,our mass population? Is it fair to say that Reginald Dumas, is a lone wolf hater, for being the only public voice hitting out at this increase , or is it rather, that folks in the populace ,feels that MP’s at both the Opposition, and governmental level ,are working harder, and so are more deserving of pay increases?
    These types of escapist concerns , are of no interest to yours truly. There are few more significant take aways ,I prefer to highlight , ,as they tend to enhance points I’ve always made.
    Racial ,religious, and other cultural differences , aren’t too important, in understanding T&T.
    Simply pay attention to Class.
    I have said the following before ,in various forms, but it’s worth repeating for the uninitiated amongst us:-
    1. The Afro dominant PNM , and Indo dominant UNC , are no different ideologically. They both play to similar gullible , desperate, tribal bases, and are controlled by a deceptive, neo Imperial ,self serving elites, who whenever appropriate – as is the present money grabbing case -will work together, to further their own, narrow vital interest.
    Yeah , that’s right Keith Rowley , and Imbert, preach to the population about belt tightening, during economically dire times , but simultaneously seek efforts , to make off like sly foxes, in the unprotected – Central Bank/ Treasury ,hen house.

    We got you Kamla. Pontificate profusely ,about how insensitive dem uncaring PNM blokes are , but then ,get into bed with Uncle Rowley , and his gang , to pass a Bill to fatten your pocket, even as diversification of our economy lacks behind,and the IMF/World Bank lurks, and or , frustrated suddenly unemployed workers take drastic actions to deal with their economic traumas.
    2. When it comes to rampant corruption that is making our underachieving T&T , into de Nigeria, and India of the Region, our two tribal parties ,led by their respective leaders , tend to ‘talk de talk,’ when in Opposition, but refuse to ‘walk de walk,’ once in power.
    Not a single soul was charged , convicted , or jailed ,during Kamla’s and her PP reign, over alleged ,past acts of corruption,under the previous PNM.
    For all the idle talk ,by the present AG ,about blatant forms of criminality ,during the past five years ,we won’t hold our breath in anticipation of seeing some real judicial fire, placed under the rear ends of alleged culprits.
    Both parties claim to care about the poor folks , and yet, no coherent economic plan to stimulate the fledging,stagnant – overdependent oil/ gas economy.
    Both give lip service to Women , Child Rights , as rape ,domestic ,abuse , and child neglect ,remains rampant.
    Both lament the pathetic state of our national Security , when it comes to overall – runaway crime, yet, each trot out the same old foolish , failed crime initiatives ,discarded by de other , and stupidly expect better results.
    Last I checked , our Minister of Foreign Affairs , was helping out with National Security , while the only plan to deal with prospective Venezuelan refugees, and other increasing economic migrants from across the globe to T&T was…… well, … your guess is as good as mine.
    Both denounce wasteful spending by the other , and yet both refuse to leave the expensive Marriott Hotel enclave, to return to their old Parliamentary residence ,at the Red House- even as billions are dumped into refurbishing the latter.
    Need I remind you that the much maligned CCJ ,is Headquartered on Charlotte Street POS, yet T&T still ain’t a member , but pays the highest upkeep bill, and old White Privy Council Law Lords rule in Mama England?
    Kamla , travelled to some 193 countries , out of 195 ,during her tenure. To date Rowley has followed her lead , and perhaps visited some 50 , with similar minuscule returns for our T&T.
    Since Auntie K , apparently hated traffic , she traverse the nation using high end costly helicopters.
    He , in typical closet Wajang fashion , claim to be unconcerned if his transport was a Toco Donkey , a Saudi Camel, Tabaquite Water Buffalo, or lofty ultra expensive ,European vehicle, then promptly signed off , on what me think, was a 20 million dollar Mercedes Benz.
    Both Kamla , and Rowley , would tell you with a straight face, dat they are concern about T&T art , and culture , but the former conveniently allowed the glorified NAPP building ,to fall into disrepair , and as for Rowley?

    Same difference , as not much was done on dat front either, to rectify this appalling situation, but who is checking , since he demanded the purchase of opaque paintings , of some obscure, T&T artist?,219300.html

    If heavens forbid, Kamla snotty nose Grandson,get’s sick ,or worst yet , Rowley Grandchild , we know fully well ,that both have the means to fly dem out to lofty far off lands be it in Miami, London, or Cuba , to see that they get choice care , but what about poor T&T Kids , still awaiting a chance to get service from that yellow elephant ,that is the still unopened , Chinese constructed , Couva Hospital?
    Within the past few days , I’ve talked to two frustrated local nurses , who claimed, that they finished school , yet were unable to acquire jobs, in any of our hospitals.
    In the interim , we have foreign nurses – many of whom cannot speak a word of English , still running around pretending to give service to frustrated patients.
    With increasing frequency ,I’m running into pregnant females-fearful for theirs , and future babies lives -who swear on their Bibles, Bagwas Gita,and Koran, that they’ll only go to POS Hospital , and won’t ever venture to Mt Hope Maternity for delivery , even if they were all paid a million bucks, so to do.
    This speaks volume, and ain’t dat the truth?

    Oh yeah , it is fair to say dat PNM gone PNM dey,and in the same vein , UNC/pp gone , UNC /pp dey.
    Translation:- 6 of 1, & 1/2 dozen of de other.
    On the surface , these two tribal rivals , seems to be far apart , and a reflection of a fractured nation. A closer inspection would reveal quite the opposite scenario.
    They can with limited prompting, work together for common good – but only as it relate to their own person.
    No where is this better manifested , than in this propose salary increase Bill.
    500 political Committee meeting, and intellectual / religious tribal Symposiums, would be needed, to make progress on a Child Protection reform bill,that would finally end underage marriage , but this Bill to raise MP Salaries , would slip through like a thief in de night,by these self aggrandizing cretins- and what a sick tragedy, since few of us really care.
    Nuff said !
    Stay tuned for ‘ZNENDrii,’ your new aged , Fearless, Digital Activist , Voice of Reason- speaking truth to power, and holding neo elitist – power brokers hands to de symbolic fire.
    I luv dis land , Y tu?

  3. Neal wrote:

    “The Afro dominant PNM , and Indo dominant UNC , are no different ideologically. They both play to similar gullible , desperate, tribal bases, and are controlled by a deceptive, neo Imperial ,self serving elites, who whenever appropriate – as is the present money grabbing case -will work together, to further their own, narrow vital interest”.

    This is indeed a fact and their repeated actions are testament to their desperation for power.
    I would go even further. They both have not even clearly defined their political ideologies. Both parties practise the politics of convenience.

    1. All parties everywhere practice the “politics of convenience”. You can hardly expect them to practice the politics of inconvenience. You need to sharpen your analysis.

      The founding documents of the PNM clearly put forth an ideology. The only ideology put forward by the East Indian National Congress and its successors the DLP and now UNC was ethnic takeover of T&T by the indo, in the field, in the office, in the shop. That is a near-quote.

  4. Its astonishing how trinidad seems to be going be going in a back ward spiral towards self destruction. All the natural resources that the country has could and should have been better managed by the past and present governments so the country would and should of been on a more solid foundation.Its always the poor who suffer due to the total lawless elements that are infecting the very core of society and nothing seems to be done to correct this situation which is getting worse by the day. Trinidad seems to have over taken Jamaica which in past years was a havern for corruption and lawless activities. All we can do is pray that someone wakes up before its to late to correct and stamp out this evil that has embedded itself within the corridors of socitey and government.Peter Garcia London . Peace .

  5. I think its a shame that a country blessed with so much nataral resources finds itself in such a situation today with food prices getting higher and higher the dollar no worth much and the levels of crime and corruption reaching diabolicle and intolerable levels.No one seems to care and the situation is getting worse. Citizens dont feel safe to walk the streets in the day far more in the night , the corruption within the police service is like a cancer eating at the very fabric of society and human decentcy, and yet the population tolerate this with no end in sight. Peter garcia.

  6. What needs to happen urgently in the country the people need to elect a government that will attend to the needs of the population and not when they get into office start filling up their pockets and those of there familys, which is what seems the past administrations have done.Corruption is something that will always be around ,its like certain illnesses that you dont seem able to find a cure for. People need to get back to basics start planting the land,let the country work towards becoming self reliant and stop importing so much items that can either be manufactured at home for half the costs, and utilise the natural resources of the country to benefits it citizens and not full up the bank accounts of the chosen few, i think if the country moves towards these goals it will be on its way to better days and putting a permanent end to this recession. Peter Garcia London.

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