The Child Bride—Dularie’s story

By Ria Rambally and Rosemarie Sant
Monday, May 23, 2016 –

Dularie Baboonie KanhaiAs the debate rages on over laws on child marriage, there is scepticism from an elderly woman who was married at the age of nine, before there were even any marriage laws in this country.

Today Dularie Baboonie Kanhai says she had no regrets about her marriage, she and her husband had a good life which produced ten children and a happy home. But she is sceptical whether young people now have the stamina and the mindset to get married at that age.

Born in Felicity, Dularie says she is 101 years old, which means she was born in 1915. She got married in 1924 at the age of nine. Her husband, of Cane Farm, Tacarigua, was 12 years old when they got got married.

Her hands are worn from years of hard work in the sugar fields alongside her husband, but she still has a magnetic smile and a memory which surpasses some younger than her. She laughed as she recounted her story.

She said her father’s father, her Aja, wanted her to go to school. But her mother’s father, her Nana, did not, insisting that it was time for her to get married, because he said “if children go to school who will marry them?” She did not know the boy and he did not know her. Neither the groom nor the bride saw each other before the wedding.

She got her first glimpse of the boy she was getting married to on the day of the wedding.

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39 thoughts on “The Child Bride—Dularie’s story”

  1. “HINDU” Caste/Varna system at its best!

    Why does it appear that the newsday always backs the hindu/indian/unc viewpoint? This article seems to want to evoke a PRO child marriage sentiment…why highlight a woman who praises the practice?? Because it is “hindu”…this is a serious problem in T&T….whatever the Mandir (temple) directorate supports, the ENTIRE community, even the younger ones in media etc use their various spheres of power to support!….we saw it on the 7th september 2015 where 340,000 people .. (indian electorate) overwhelmingly supported the most corrupt, a racist, deceitful and bumbling bunch of people, DRUNK with power! Look at these two “journalists”,.young…buttttttt instead of highlighting the loss of opportunity and powerlessness of chkld marriage…these two indian fekales do a story “humanizing” child marriage!!… the indian community as a group act as a cult! Never criticizing their own on behalf of the greater society, but africans are mandated to do so!it is insulting. …pay attention to how many Hindus and indians (proportionately) condemn child marriage as a hindu practice or as a distinct (T&T context ) Indian heritage/ culture/religious belief… you think the guy in the van with those children is separate from the child MARRIAGE issue?? Read #39 on this list of “hindu” sacred legal text (commandments)
    You know…some of the issues in the guardian article FLIES over the heads of african people….Dularie is somewhat light skinned right?? In “hinduism” this is of paramount importance! Her “caste”(VARNA) is relatively high and is connected to why she was married off so young..did you read the quote on why her grandad
    did NOT allow her to attend school? And instead cut cane and marry at 9??? He said “If (Our superior Indian) Children go to school, who (Kneegah?) Will marry them?” Most african people don’t see the subtlety that i expose in parentheses…Hinduism is about “Caste”!!..the term ‘casts’ is an english translation of the portugese word “casta” which was what the word the portugese colonists (Goa) gave to describe what they witnessed in Indian (“Hindu”) society…i.e. an obession with skin colour as well as facial features…the lighter and more european looking you are the “higher” your “caste” but the tem in “hinduism” and India is VARNA! Varna LITERALLY means SKIN COLOUR and RACE according to Skin Colour!Also, VARNAis of the words within the TRUE name for
    “hinduism” and that is VarnaShramaDharma!…a belief system that
    Has skin colour/race in its NAME! Think about that! In islam/christianity etc…a person’s ACTIONS determine their worth & virtue BUTTTTTTTTTTTT in this faith all are NOT born equal!
    Skin Colour & Race are what determines virtue & importance!
    DULARIE’S Grandad like vast majority of Indians and Hindus in particular, are of a belief system that white supremacy is the divine order of things of which they are superior to africans and
    They as a group, despite their independent status among one another…they (indians) as a group are superior to Africans (genetically ) and so they did not want to send their children to school for fear of “…WHO will marry them?” (Africans)…imagine that! Denying education to the child for fear dularie (lightskinned) would have ended up with a Knee-gah (N*****/African)African). Remember, it was an Irish principal, who came from ireland on behalf of the queen to head up a commission on the state of the colonies’ education and make recommendations….he reported that the Indians did not want to send their children to school with africans and that SEPARATE facilities would be better because the Indians told him that sending their (superior) children to school with africans (close quarters with, Africans) would be “a violation of their sacred laws”…. fast forward to present day …on the “Good Morning T&T” orogramme a week or so ago, A “Hindu” Pandit, Harrypersad , ADMITS on National Television that Child Marriage is a tool for preserving “Caste””dynasties” and that it is a “Hindu” practice..
    So he admits that children are married off to protect prceived caste lineage…”dynasties” he says….WOW….he said that Brahmins for Brahmins, Ksatrias for Ksatriyas and Vaishyas for Vaishyas….he admited this…..apartheid in the form of religion…..he doesn’t know that many know that caste os based on racism…skin colour/VARNA (caste)….NOT one news article dissected his comments on these issues….this is a dangerous society!

  2. Hehe so romantic, but she is right in today’s world these type of marriages are no longer the norm. My mother was 16 and father 20 when they got married. They had nine children most born at home with the village midwife doing the honor of delivery each of us.

    My parents worked very hard in the sugar and rice land. Today no one can do that type of back breaking work in the boiling hot Sun. They insisted on us getting an education because they did not want us to work as hard as they did.. They never considered marry off our sisters at an early age because of their experience. They all had an opportunity for an education and are doing reasonably well in life.

    In today’s world most parents prefer their children to have an education become self supporting before getting married. What a diffrent world we live in., education is the great liberator.

  3. “There are large differences by race and Hispanic origin in the share of births to unmarried women, with non-Hispanic white women and Asian or Pacific Islander women much less likely than women in other groups to have a nonmarital birth. In 2013, 72 percent of all births to black women, 66 percent to American Indian or Alaskan native women, and 53 percent to Hispanic women occurred outside of marriage, compared with 29 percent for white women, and 17 percent for Asian or Pacific Islander women. (Appendix 1) However, the difference between black and white women in the percentage of births that are nonmarital has been shrinking since 1980, while the difference between white and Hispanic women has been widening. (Figure 1)”

    – See more at:

    “In 2013, 72 percent of all births to black women, 66 percent to American Indian or Alaskan native women, and 53 percent to Hispanic women occurred outside of marriage, compared with 29 percent for white women, and 17 percent for Asian or Pacific Islander women”

    According to child trends 72% of African American women choose to have children outside of marriage. Only 17% the lowest were Asian or Pacific Islander women have children outside marriage.

    This trend is similar to TNT where Africana women are choosing single parenting over holy matrimony. With 1,500 underage school girls giving birth each year that is more serious an issue than the marriage issue. However it is the elephant in the room completely ignored by all. Why is it important? These young girls will live in poverty (cost a lot to raise a child) and the child will grow up most likely to form the next generation of tiefin scumbags. However if there is the security of marriage and a stable home the chances are greatly diminished. And if the child is raise with the right values regardless of the two variables chances improve for a better life.

    A good Afro minister friend of mine he has since passed on used to meet unmarried couples and after a few questions he would convince them to get married. His line was “you love each other, you living together, why not get married”. It worked all the time. Perhaps that is what is needed today. On the other hand I attended the funeral of two Afro Trini brothers. At the first and second funerals there were women who stood up and professed love for these men. They said that these men had days set aside to be with them. One lady said Thursday was her day so she made sure and prepared herself, another said Saturday etc. I have never attended a funeral like that to this day, lol.

    Marriage must be rightfully restored to protect child and give them a stable future.

  4. People need to realise that some things were customary in different eras. Just because this woman was married at age 9 in 1924 doesn’t mean that it was a terrible thing as it was customary. Girls and boys were mentally prepared and understood marriage at much younger ages. Mary, mother of Jesus, would have been married at age 12 or 14 and that was normal. Ayesha, wife of prophet Muhammad, was married at age 9 and that was also normal. Both Joseph and Muhammad would be considered peodifiles in this time but their marriages to Mary and Ayesha were approved by society at that time. Once a girl reached puberty (meaning she starts menstrating) she was considered ready for marriage because that it what was used to classify her as adult/mature. She was no longer considered a child. Also, girls and boys were taught how to be wives and husbands ad very early ages. However, times have changed. A 9 or 12 year old girl then (BC, 579, 1924) would be as mature as a 18 or 20 year old now. Therefore it would be somewhat criminal to have a 9 or 12 year old girl in 2016 subjected to marriage.

    1. Renee?? Y8u mean shivanie??? Sickkkkkk! Look at you with yiur fake anglo saxon name, coming to support child marriage! Only in the 3rd world you get away with this spit…you woukdn’t say this crap when you are in the uk or the u.s….steups…defending child marriage…but i am not surprised as you are one of the 340,000.

  5. Part of the problem with ‘old world’ practices is that the most recent arrivals, come into western cultures expecting to practice those habits with impunity. Child marriage is just one aspect of those practices. Another is segregated clustering of the races, where those habits flourish without regard to geography or location. As a boy, I was always fascinated with hindu weddings. I loved the flare with which fashions of red, yellow, green and gold glitzed the ceremonial extravagance of the occasion. The most interesting part for me was when the dulaha (bridegroom) culminated in his wishes for gifts and dowries. The parents of the bride knew he was satisfied when he agreed to ‘eat’. That might be in the form of actually eating a plate of rice, dhal, roti or whatever might be provided for him. Some dulahas might choose to just eat one grain of rice and that would be considered the end of his fast. It was common in my area of upbringing (the same as Mamoo’s) for teachers, who were mostly African males and females to persuade hindu parents to send their children to school. They always shaded their girl children especially, because (as stated by Alyssa), they did not want their children to marry outside of their caste. To defend or try to mitigate child marriage, is to do a disservice to the practice, because the child looses many, many opportunities o advance her career for the sake of forming a family. It is also a way to keeping girls ‘in their place’ by marrying them at any early age. Today, women are an integral part of the work force and many make sterling contributions that in the early years were missing from the society. So, when Sat Maharaj and brother Harripersad speak in defense of it, it is for selfish reasons it becomes important to them. As Alyssa so eloquently states, hinduism is based on race, class and color. Every thing the hindus do have such a basis for their actions. Look at the UNC in Parliament. It gives classic demonstrations of the hindu always looking out first and foremost for the hindu. Country is an after thought but hindu satisfaction comes first. Both Sat and Harripersad’s stand on the issue have more to do with the legacy of brahmanism than signatory to the UN’s charter on child marriage. According to them the hierarchy of caste is utmost and it is their position that it should remain so. The disagreement by Indian organizations with the position that Sat and brother Harripersad hold is timid at best. They are careful not to upset the wishes of the brahmin caste for fear it would appear not to be in concert with Indian aspirations. There is nothing to herald about Dularie’s marriage story. Life could not be considered ‘good’ when hopes, aspirations and fulfillment are taken away from an individual at the tender age of nine. The scope of one’s imagination is very limited at that age. Even the physical knowledge of self and surroundings are limited then, far more intellectual content and freedom to pursue dreams.
    The government, on whom we depend to provide public utilities and services for us must have a say on when marriage should be considered legal, otherwise the tax payers will end up paying the tabs for the selfishness of Sat and Harripersad. Hospital bills come to mind in that respect. We CANNOT afford to support what Kamla termed ‘multiculture’. Out of many we must settle on ‘culture’ and it is government’s job to provide the framework by which culture will eventually emerge. In the meantime, we must continue to denounce habits that keep us from what we MUST do to truly become a culture in the land called Trinidad and Tobago.

    1. Ummm kian,
      i want to be clear…Yes, indians/hindus are caste minded and caste conscious…buttttttt in the context of T&T and other diasporas where indians live next to Africa populations…as some indian nationals and others have noted, indians also consider themselves as an ethnic group to be a higher caste than AFRICAN people…therefore there main peeve and concern is not mixing with black skinned, c0thick haired, african featured AFRICANS…ANY OTHER straight-haired haired group is JUUUUUUST FINE! If you observed how they behave around WHITES,syrians,chinese etc. , their attitude is very different…the entire family is elated at the prospect of THAT inter ethnic marriage/union….as the law of caste and white supremacy goes…marry UP NOT Down! So Africans are considered the botom of the barrel! Do you remember almost as soon as they got into office Kamla’s niece got married?? (Japanese american)…ohhh gooosh everyone was happpppy! What about stacy roopnarine a d local white mark lyder??? Anand was quoted as saying in a speech at the wedding at her parents’
      home that he could not wait to see THE BABIES or something close to that effect….could u imagine THAT??? Education and status can’t wash away the bush!…you see.fascination and elation is that the white blood will UPLIFT the family!! It is a joyous moment to marry a white! What about rudranath capildeo (white wife) or V.S. Naipaul (white wiVES and lastly a light skin pakistani muslim) strange no? How can a people so obsessed with religion and caste etc always seem to gravitate to the whitest of the white possible when abroad with opportunity?? (panday’s daughter married a scottish man)…the point is not that it is wrong to marry white or light…but i’m simply highlighting the hypocrisy…”hindus” in T&T, guyana etc…can only play high caste in T&T and around nin indian nationals/real caste hindus…abroad you never see or hear of uppercaste or caste hindus from india marrying Trini indians….there is a reason for that…they are not accepted as authentic and thus scorned ironically just as hiw they scorn their fellow trinis who are Africans, they are scorned by real caste hindus/indian nationals who i was told numerous times by them, that in india they believe Diaspora indentured labourer indians to be ALL untouchables! Notice that V.S? Naipaul and his unclemrudy capildeo were big time brahmins in T&T indian community…HOW come they settled with white wives….they must have met “fellow” brahmin communities in the UK…Naipaul even got with a MUSLIM pakistani….WHY not a “fellow” brahmin???? They would not accept him !
      kian….my point in all of this is that ‘not marrying outside caste’ i T&T is a coded word for Africans….!! Yes, among themselves they pickmout light skinned and certain last names BUTTTTTTTTTTTT they love syrian, white, chinese, “spanish” (light skin mulattoes) etc

      1. Alyssa:

        Very perceptive, especially about how the brahmins in India view the diaspora indos… not our caste dear…

        I especially like your point about Naipaul and Capildeo. Didn’t know of their white spouse choices…

        In that context, I want to commend to you and to the rest of the group some truly remarkable work by a Hebrew Israelite sister from one of the “Negro” native tribes of North America. (It seems we were there before the slave trade and Columbus; recall some of the works of van Sertima, and of Runoko Rashidi). She is reclaiming to us the original ancient Hebrew of our forefathers, based in part upon the hereditary language of the original “Negro” native Americans, which it turns out is a form of what she calls “Western Hebrew”. With it she is able to decode a lot of the mysteries of the Bible, and has unturned what I consider some profound nuggets of wisdom. She reminds me of you in some respects, and I offer that as compliment: a fierceness of warrior spirit combined with sharpness of wit, wisdom, and intelligence. Anyway, here she takes on what the Bible says about “white” people and where they (most of them not all) come from. It might put white-skin fascination in new light.

        Israelites in the Americas and Baal the White False God

        For deeper background on the ancient Hebrew, check out:
        In the Bosom of Abraham: Our Hebrew Language Revived

        The awakening of the true (and “Negro”) Israelite is now well and truly underway, praise be to the Most High.


    Jamaicans are finally “breaking the silence”, a nation with low marriages and a record 40% of girls forced to submit to a man desire. The predators know that they will not be brought to justice because most girls are intimidated by the courts. They are standing up when will our girls stand up?

    1. I thought the discussion was about child marriage policy in the country of Trinidad and Tobago? Child marriage is abhorrent no matter in what country or context it is placed.
      I hope this ‘resident racist’ is clear on the issue.

      1. Here is a new word for you Kian, it is call “globalism”. Due to people comingand living in TNT it is imperative to understand their culture. The Jamis are flooding the nation and so to Nigerians amongst others. As a blogger I am aware that Nigerians and other Africans read this blog. The resident racist believe that we have somehow adopted and practice the culture from India in child marriage, but it is surprising to learn Africana nations are the leaders in this practice.

        1. There is no doubt Mamoo, and you show it with every opportunity, you are incapable of keeping a comprehensive conversation. While you accuse me of being “global”, you are the one bringing in Africa, Jamaica, Nigeria and India into the conversation. Meanwhile, my contention remains the same – no child marriage in Trinidad. If you can keep with the conversation, then I don’t mind you calling me a ‘resident racist’ because with ALL THE CONVERSATION, you keep talking about race…race…;race! But in your eyes, once the word hindu, or Indian is mentioned, then one has to be a ‘resident racist’. Again, as long as you remain consistent with the conversation your labelling will not be of any concern to me. Except my concerns are for the African children who were exposed to the poisonous nature of your mind.

          1. Kian you ar obviously behind time, the chairman of the PNM has already said that the age for marriage is age 18 and it will become law soon. No child marriages. I am happy and so should you be Kian but you appear to confused, understandably so. The next step is to bring an end to teenage sex and pregnancies. Let’s move the discussion forward. This will be a bit more challenging but with you and nappy head Alyssa on board following my lead it is possible.

    2. Listen to this clown(mamoo)…OF COURSE Their are child marriages in Africa!!…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT what the F**** does GHAT have to do in T&T?? Or the caribbean for that matter?? We are discussing child marriage in T&T and in the caribbean as a product of CULTURE & RELIGION!! African’s in T&T and the caribbean are christian, rastafarian, islamic….NONE lobby for or 9ractice CHILD MARRIAGE! In fact, the only groups that ARE lobbying for (as we speak) are INDIANS (“Hindus”, INDIAN Muslims)….there is also genital mutilation in some people’s (tribes) in africa….do we have that in T&T & the wider caribbean, latin america or any other territories out of africa where african ex slave descendent reside?? NO!…so WHY is this deceitful CLOWN (atroll) bringing up these NON issues and distractions??? My gosh! “Hinduism” is an organized religion, not 1out of a thousand tribes on the african continent…Manu Smirti (“hindu” legal text and divine code of conduct for “hindus” says in the link i provided (#30) that a man of 30 years old should take a bride of……check the link and tell me what age it suggests a s30+ year old man should take for a bride

      1. “African’s in T&T and the caribbean are christian, rastafarian, islamic….NONE lobby for or 9ractice CHILD MARRIAGE!….there is also genital mutilation in some people’s (tribes) in africa….do we have that in T&T & the wider caribbean, latin america or any other territories out of africa where african ex slave descendent reside?? NO!”

        Excellent response ,Sister Allyssa, re the attitudes of the Afro Trini males ,vis a vis their Indo Trini counterparts, towards his women , and children, when it comes to dehumanizing , cultural practices.
        You are making a very important distinction , and hopefully it did not go over the head , of the ever sly Mamboo- who incidentally, is more savvy , than many of us on Trini Center Nation , would care to acknowledge.

        Tell you what people , the so called success stories, of folks such as T&T’S own Dularie , and say , now famous Northern Nigerian author Balaraba , are few and far between. In essence , they are more the exception than the rule.
        There are numerous other examples ,of tragic cases involving female victims,some of which never get a chance to be heard , since the life of females ,are generally not given as much attention , as those of males – not only in the far off reaches of the world, but sadly , the cloistered recesses of T&T , poor lagoons,squatting byways , and below poverty line- tribal fiefdoms.

        I’m on record as saying, that most of the dysfunctional habits , that we see reflected amongst Afro Trinis today, are those held over from 400 plus years of genocidal African slavery , as played out under evil , conniving – White Massa.
        In contrast , most of said savage habits ,we still see quite common today,by our nuvo rich- brown/ black -neo triumphalist- Indo Trini Primos , including suicides , and child marriages , are those that emanated from ancestral land India, that most choose not to let go.

        The way we should treat our children , are laid out quite clearly, in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This, least we forget , is a body of guiding principles, ,that we subscribed to ,as a Nation, once we decided to join said august body, decades ago.
        Here is an Article that speaks volume:-

        Article 16.

        (1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.
        (2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses.

        The emphasis here is “women of full age,”which obviously would exclude 11, 12 , 14 , and 16 year olds Mamboo.
        The other emphasis is “free and full consent of the intending spouse.”
        We know fully well why the conniving bastards, that pushed this article , and or benefited from these dehumanizing, barbarian habits, and so ,is using 101 year old Great Grandma Dularie ,to bolster their case , but we ain’t give a hoot.
        The fact remains , that irrespective of what their parents might have felt,a then 9 year old , intended brides, was incapable , of making free ,and full consent to her 12 year old prospective husband.
        We give them a pass , as our T&T , was a different place then. This is no longer the case.
        Let’s cut through the chase and state the following people :- The leadership of this present regime , and law enforcement officials as a collective,should be pressured in every which way possible , to ensure that citizens of our twin island Republic ,comply with our laws.
        18 years, is the age of consent, and any parent, or worst yet , spiritual leader , who chooses to breach that rule , while hiding behind some opaque ancestral custom , should pay a steep price.
        Demands should be made , that all children , should be delivered in a hospital, and this in one swoop, would ensure that more folks like Mamboo 12 year old Mmama ,won’t be allowed by families ,to give birth at home, and engage in the common practice of gender infanticide , as is quite common in South Asia.
        Every hospital , or health establishment , should be required to report the pregnancy ,and or delivery of a child ,from ann underage kid.
        As for schools , and the teachers who turn a blind eye to such monstrosities?Well,they too should be dragged over a pit of hot coals .
        One cannot be an active A student on a Monday, unable to play PT, or prance around with fellow students during recess, on a Wednesday ,disappear on a Thursday, for the next 9 months , then enter back in school , as if nothing occurred, en route to graduation .Someone must be held liable.
        Spiritual anniversaries like the one we have today , are significant periods. Outside of gloating with pride, over personal, and collective achievements by the citizenry, it should be a time of reflection , and soul searching .
        A nation cannot thrive in a sustainable fashion, if all of it’s citizens are not held to the same standards- irrespective of color , creed, or class.
        Efforts must be made to protect our children, so let’s quit giving lip service , and take a bold stance towards that end, si?It’s simply foolish , and or backward , to always await the advent of Europeans to preach to us ,about the need to end , ugly centuries practices- a sad reality for nations in the Global South.
        Time to take a the lead Dr Keith Rowley,and no we don’t need some glorified Gender Ministry, or fast talking comic intellectuals , to figure this out.
        Hey , and ‘where you at,’ our esteemed Social Psychologist- criminologist – lifetime – Independent Senator -Police Service Commission -race guru – Dr Ramesh – eat ah food -Deosaran? Yeah , we know – for obvious reasons – still silent , as a UWI/Cumuto mouse , on this , and similar issues, hmmmmm? Pathetic!!

        Long live the Republic of Tob….., oooops , lo siento…. Trinidad & Tobago!

  7. Mamoo insults Alyssa, and by extension, all of us blessed by the Most High with woolly hair, by making it into an epithet: “nappy head Alyssa”.

    This has been a recurrent meme ever since we were scattered into bondage. Thus our enslavers have “good” hair. And we, by contrast, supposedly have “bad” hair. The neutral denotative, “woolly”, is hardly ever used. Instead we have pejorative terms like “nappy-head”, “kinky-head”, and etc.

    This is actually a deep topic. Certainly our women have developed a complex about their hair. Less so the men, but we too to some extent. That is why hair-straightening is for our women a billion-dollar industry. For men, there was a time when we too straightened our hair: it was called getting a “conk”, a la Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr. and all other “Negro” entertainers of a certain generation.

    So much has been written about this phenomenon that it is hard to say anything new. Nevertheless, the real root of the phenomenon has been overlooked. And as always, where we the scattered Israelites are concerned, it was prophesied.

    It is the rebuke of our God, the nappy-head in chief. I say that because, before proceeding any further, it is well to remember that the Most High, like His Chosen, — we the “Negro”, scattered Israelites of the seed, — is distinguished by woolly hair. Therefore, we should glory in our “nappy” hair, not be ashamed of it. One of the consequences of rejecting our God, and following after Baal, is to be put in a position where we accept attempted psychological put-downs of our enemy, agents — and in some cases even the literal spawn — of Satan. But first, the subject was so important that God had it written:

    “I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool… ” (Daniel 7:9)

    John the Revelator likewise described the person of Yeshua as having hair the texture of wool, and the colour of his skin he likened unto the color of “fine brass as if burned in a furnace”, i.e. some variation of skin colour that today we would call “black”; Revelation 1:14-15. In other words, in terms Mamoo would appreciate, Yeshua was a “nappy-head black man”.

    We should if anything glory in our appearance. Certainly we should not be ashamed to be cast, precisely, in the image of the “nappy-head” Creator.

    Such as Mamoo are at a deep level, envious. At some level, we the Chosen, the “Negro”, have allowed ourselves to be affected by the psychosis of the enemy. As I said, it was prophesied:

    “Therefore Yahweh will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion…” (Isaiah 3:17)

    Our daughters who have been scalded with straightening iron, or with chemical straighteners, are the fulfillment of that prophecy. Read the prelude to that verse which makes it clear that this was punishment for our disobedience.

    So that we who are made most in the image of God, have been made to feel a certain shame, and by those with “straight” hair, and for the most part, “white” skin.

    But in Scripture, white skin is the trade-mark of the children of the fallen angels. See Enoch 106, where the story is told of the birth of Noah. He was born an albino, causing his father Lamech to lament to his father and to Enoch, that he looked like one of the children of the fallen angels, and so he doubted that he was his son. Enoch had to reassure him in effect that Noah was merely albino, not the son of a fallen angel. And white skin for the most part goes together with straight hair. Albino children of “Negro” parentage are of course the exception.

    Moreover, where “Negro” people acquire white skin through what the Bible calls leprosy, we find also that leprosy in the scalp may lead to the straightening and yellowing of the hair; Leviticus 13:30.

    It starts to become clear why God would have His Chosen to feel shame on account of having woolly hair. Contrary to His commandments, we have followed after Baal. See the video I have already provided a link to on this blog — Israelites in the Americas and Baal the White False God — where it is shown that Baal means the spawn of Satan, who are mostly white people. The indo-Aryans are worshippers of Baal. It is even there in some of their names, like “Balgobin”. The equation of caste with skin colour begins to make sense…

    So Mamoo is merely carrying out the dictate of his father the Devil, in seeking to further the shaming of the true Chosen of the Most High.

    We brought it on ourselves, certainly, as Scripture clearly attests. But it is time now to wake up and return to our God, never more to be ashamed by precisely those phenotypical and genomic markers that identify us as the Chosen of the Most High. Such as Mamoo will soon come to learn the full symbolism of what Yeshua meant when he talked about separating the sheep (woolly haired) from the goat (straight haired); Matthew 25:31-33. His taunts will come back upon his own head, literally.

    I withhold my peace from Mamoo and his ilk, but to all others, I say


    “Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of Yahweh; awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon?” (Isaiah 51:9)

    1. Thank you Yoruba US $10 Billion a year….and guess what???
      who will not straightem, BUYS hair from All over…a re-colonization scheme…negro women boasting in jokes like “what ethnicitynare you?” (where hair originates from)”…oh, i’m russian” “..oh, i’m indian….”…..what a disgrace….Chroa rock’s documentary “good hair” exposed how hindu temples in india have rituals (fake) where the woman cuts off all her hair (large group) and behind the scene after they leave, unbeknownst to them…the temples are supplying foreign companies with it for bug $$$$…for self hating negro women….could u imagine….sewing another person’s dead hair into yours and parading around as if its something to be proad and arrogant about….and these fools do not realize they are oaughed at and are making all other ethnic groups wealthy….and a fool of themselves in the process….it is an embarassment….

      1. US$10 billion!? That’s the entire national budget of T&T! I knew it was a big number, but I didn’t think it was that big…

        My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…

        “Moreover Yahweh saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:

        17 Therefore Yahweh will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and Yahwweh will discover their secret parts.

        18 In that day Yahweh will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon,…” (Isaiah 3:16-18)

        Your testimony above convicts our sisters. All that remains is for “that day” to arrive when the haughty ones who make a joke of their vanity and foolishness will see their bravery taken away.

        Nevertheless the process is now well underway where we the woolly-haired children of the Most High are waking up to the truth that we are the holy seed, convicted under, and suffering the curses of, the Holy Covenant. But not for much longer…

        ” The Spirit of Yahweh Elohim is upon me; because Yahweh hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

        2 To proclaim the acceptable year of Yahweh, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

        3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of Yahweh, that he might be glorified.

        4 And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.

        5 And strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and the sons of the alien shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers.

        6 But ye shall be named the Priests of Yahweh: men shall call you the Ministers of our God: ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory shall ye boast yourselves.

        7 For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.

        8 For I Yahweh love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.

        9 And their seed shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which Yahweh hath blessed.” (Isaiah 61:1-9)

        All praises to the Most High.


    2. Dear Yoruba:
      Nobody can insult your girlfriend Alyssa, she does not understand the meaning of the word insult. I am insulted however thinking that you think I can insult Alyssa. She is in a category of her own. “Nappy Head” comes from the word “nap” it means sleepy head.

      When I read her misguided extrapolations and out of this world stereotypical thinking it could only come from someone who is sleepy and naps all the time. How else can anyone come to the conclusion that 340,000 Indians all vote for Kamla and all thinks alike. And yet Nappy head Alyssa continues to beat that drum.

      But I aint going to waste more time on nappy, just thought I should correct your misguided views….

      1. Mamoo:

        You lie as usual, and indeed reflexively, as Naipaul once pointed out about your ilk.

        This is the hallmark of a spawn of Satan, the father of lies…

        Be that as it may, we of the nappy head persuasion have found you out … or at any rate enough of us to make sure that no UNCesque indo sectarian formation will ever again see power in T&T…

        And yes, as a people, individually and collectively, we have the power… as did the “Negro” prophets of old, to bring down kings and kingdoms…

        See THe silver tongue of fire… which however I commend more to my nappy head brethren, especially those now neutered by the worship of false gods…

        May Yahweh wake those of us who now slumber that we may come into among others the silver tongue inheritance of the holy seed.

        I withhold my peace from you and your ilk, but to all others I say


        1. “Alyssa
          May 24, 2016 at 12:16 am
          Renee?? Y8u mean shivanie??? Sickkkkkk! Look at you with yiur fake anglo saxon name, coming to support child marriage! Only in the 3rd world you get away with this spit…you woukdn’t say this crap when you are in the uk or the u.s….steups…defending child marriage…but i am not surprised as you are one of the 340,000.”

          This is what your girlfriend Alyssa wrote yet you accuse me of lying. She has identified 340,000 people as her enemies. Please Yoruba go through my blogs I present the facts quoting from reliable sources unlike your girlfriend. I don’t make up facts and figures..

          1. You lie again. THe original was in suggesting that you did not mean “nappy head” as an insult, but that you meant to say “sleepy head”. Yeah, right!

            Now you want me to go through your tedious blogs to establish that you cite reliable facts. Maybe so. But that would leave undisturbed your attempt to insult Alyssa, and then lie when called on it.

            In any case, anyone skilled in debate knows how easy and indeed tempting it is to lie with facts and figures, even true facts and figures. How? It’s easy. Just omit other relevant facts and figures. It’s called lying by omission. You’re good at that too.

            I withhold my peace from you and all other spawn of the Father of Lies, but to all others I say



    African students from Africa do much better than African students from the Caribbean… fact they are as good as Asians or better. Maybe Alyssa could explain.

    A GROWING gulf in attainment between pupils of Caribbean heritage and their African counterparts has highlighted a lack of “insufficient interventions” to help all black pupils achieve their potential.
    At the end of the 2013/14 academic year, 56.8 per cent of British African students achieved A*-C grades, including maths and English – slightly above the national average of 56.6 per cent.
    It places them with Indian and Chinese pupils as the country’s highest ethnic achievers. But on the other end of the spectrum are black Caribbean pupils who, with a dismal 47 per cent pass rate, are trailing by nearly 10 percentage points.
    The under-achievement of black Caribbean pupils is not a new phenomenon but the fact that it is yet to be addressed is “deplorable”, said an academic and experienced teacher who has researched the anomaly.
    Dr Janet Graham, author of An Exploration of African-Caribbean Boys’ Under-achievement, told The Voice: “There is no justification for the failure by the government to address these major problems which were highlighted as early as 1971. It is deplorable, and unacceptable, that this group of students continue to underachieve without sufficient interventions to address the problem.”

    1. African students from Africa do much better than African students from the Caribbean

      THe so-called “African” students from the Caribbean are in fact Hebrew Israelites of the seed, under the curses of the Covenant.

      Africa is a land-mass not a seedline. Within Africa there are many seedlines, specifically: Hamites of the lines of Kush, Mizraim, Canaan and Phut, all different; Shemites of the lines of Ishmael, Esau (Edom) and Israel, not to mention Elamites of the ancient Persian empire that invaded the north-east; and Japhetites of various lines, notably the Turkic lines of the Ottoman Empire that also invaded the north-east. Even in West Africa, so-called “Africans” come in different seedlines, e.g. the Ashanti and the Idoma are Hebrew Edomites, the Wolof of Senegal are Hamite, the Ijebu of Nigeria are Hamite, the Igbo of Nigeria are Israelite, the Hausa of Nigeria have Ishmaelite strain. Etc., etc.

      Of all these seedlines only the Hebrew Israelites are under the curses of the Covenant. Therefore the so-called “Africans” of the Caribbean will show signs, as a a people, of being under the curses. Certainly they will show these signs to greater degree than those from Africa, many of whom would not be under the Israelite curses (though Hamites of the line of Mizraim in particular are also under curses; Ezekiel 29:15). For example, I am sure that seedline Israelites will be disproportionately imprisoned:

      “But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore.” (Isaiah 42:22)

      This is the same in the Caribbean itself, and certainly in the United States.

      These curses under which we suffer are in fact in some sense a sign of our favour in the sight of God:

      “For whom Yahweh loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.” (Proverbs 3:12)

      So don’t get that twisted. Our time of redemption is nigh.

      In any case, the doctor/lawyer syndrome is not all it’s cracked up to be. That is not what will save you in the Day of Judgment. If anything, that is one of the surest signs that one has taken on the mark of the beast.

      I withhold my peace from you and like provocateurs of their father the Devil, but to all others I say


      “We’ve got to fulfill the Book!” (Bob Marley)

      1. Oh, and btw, talking about comparative education performance, why is it that hereditary caste coolies do much better under knee-gah rule in T&T than under brahmin rule in India? Just asking…

  9. Interesting that some regulars are jumping to the defense of the most racist, bigoted name-caller on this site, Alyassa

    1. Alyssa clear-sightedly exposes the racism of the indo sectarian minority. This is the real sickness in the society that needs to be exposed. That sickness is moreover an institutional force, the product of an entire religious and political ideology. It is not mere racial prejudice or animus. Moreover it has an international dimension and dynamic to it through GOPIO and its web of organizations. It enjoys spiritual, moral and material support from the current hindutva regime in India. It is a clear and present danger to all non-indos in T&T and other countries with a significant indo population. It must be exposed for what it is. Alyssa ably addresses this problem. That does not make her a bigot, let alone a racist. It makes her an anti-racist defender of her people, who are live-and-let-live by nature and to a fault, therefore gullible prey to the indo wolves in sheep’s clothing. For all that, she will get my support every time, even though we may be yards apart as to the relevance of the Book to this matter and indeed to all important matters. I am a servant of God, not a namby-pamby IRO fake christian. Therefore I must stand on truth, and I must reject hypocrisy and intellectual fraud. That is why I withhold my peace from you and your ilk. To all else, I say


      “The tongue of the just is as choice silver: the heart of the wicked is little worth.” (Proverbs 10:20)

      1. “It is a clear and present danger to all non-hindus….” Yoruba…
        Sadly, the spear tip does indeed have sharp sides Yoruba BUTTTTTTTTTTTT the very tip of the spear carries the focus, lengeth and width of the shaft and it is pointed at dark skinned, braod nosed, thick haired peoples labelled “African”…my point is that the spear is white supremacy javelled by the indian community and it may slice at all “non-hindus” but it is Africans who are being attacked and will suffer!In fact, whites and other light ski straight haired peoples thrive under Indian hindu dominance…an american ex-pat revealed this about Mauritius….he easily became the in law of the most or one of the most influential families there (hindus eh…i guess he is phenotypically brahmin..LOL)…anyway this guy said that the society is so racist because of Indian Hindu dominance …remember…the vert ideology that indians propagate through religion u dermines them to europeans…and they are content with that….they accept inferiority to whites, chinese, japanese anything light skinned and straight-haired BUTTTTTTTTTTTT. is only around Africans the urge to prove superiority, scorn and fight to the end is felt…My god…All year…even during corpus christi….all the networks play a nauseating amojnt of upper caste hindu propaganda films …ALL DAy!! Not even the christian holidays can offer a relief….buttttttt they are happy…that is their definition of “equality” and “fairness “….do you think yoruba…that any of the indians in T&T would look at these shows and think..hmmmm..i do not see anyone in these films that looks like me…why is that???? They don’t care….they are trained through the mandir to bow to whiteness but be defiiant to blackness….!!literzlly WORSHIPPING white supremacy!!

        1. !!literzlly WORSHIPPING white supremacy!!

          Quite so, and I agree.

          White supremacy = white worship = baal worship!

          Scripture condemns the children of Israel over and over again for baal worship. What we have not understood until now is that baal worship is white worship, the worship of white gods, the offspring of the fallen angels.

          This point has been well articulated in the video I have already commended to the blog.

          Israelites in the Americas and Baal the White False God

          Our indo-Aryan Edomite brethren have committed the same error as our Israelite forefathers, and indeed have gone even further. That is a story in itself.

          The founding deities of Indus Kush (Hamite Kush India) were Ram and Shiva, both black-as-coal sons of Ham. Today, these deities have been whitenized, as the “good” Hindu gods are now depicted in shades of pale blue, pink, and indeed pearly white. White supremacy needs its dual, black inferiority, and so the “bad” gods are depicted still as black.

          But this whitening of the “hindu” (= people beyond the Indus river, literally) gods coincided with the indo-Aryan invasion and a wiping out of the black Hamitic male DNA. What is not so well known is that the indo-Aryans emerged as camp followers in turn of Babylonian, Medo-Persian, and Greek empire, and moved eastward into India along with these empires. In origin, they were a mix of Edomite and Israelite strains. The Edomites mixed “up” with Israelites, who ruled the world starting with David and Solomon. After the Babylonian captivity, they again mixed “up” with the new powers that then emerged, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece, thereby lightening the skin colour of the breed. Along with baal worship came white supremacy, literally, so the seeds of varna became firmly established. The original Indus-Kush Hamitic strain was whitened out through genetic conquest, i.e. raping the females and killing the males. So that under varna, even the lower castes are likely as not today to be indo-Aryan Edomite by paternal seedline. (Ambedkar wrote about that somewhere; I insert the information about the Edomite strain obtained from spiritual inquiry; hear or forebear).
          God teaches by example. Punishment tends to be in kind. You want to worship baal… I’ll show you baal worship! So he sent us our near-kin brethren, the indo-Aryan Edomite, to rub our noses in it. Their closer-kin white Edomite brethren in North America have rubbed the noses of our Israelite kin, the “Negro” of North America, likewise and even more harshly in it.

          We live now in a time of apocalypse, when all is being revealed. We are supposed to draw lesson accordingly and return to and obey God under the laws He has established for His Covenant people. It’s a little complicated, but ultimately it’s not that hard.

          White supremacy = baal worship by another name.

          The Roman Catholics are guilty of it also. They even went so far, contrary to the 1st and 2nd commandments, to make Yeshua into a white god (contradicting John’s description of him at Revelation 1:14-15) that we must worship.

          There is an interesting irony in the news today. One devotee of baal worship (Sat Mahar) takes ill-mannered issue with another devotee of baal worship (the Archbishop).

          We the “Negro”, as seedline Israelites, are to reject both. Certainly we must reject white supremacy in all its forms, especially in the form of false gods and false religion. We must reject also of course the hair straightening and skin whitening. All of it is baal worship.


  10. Is anyone surprised by the outburst of Sat Maharaj towards the christian community and especially Archbishop Fr. Harris? Anyone reading my blogs, will be reminded that almost every time I write about the I.R.O, I mentions it’s irrelevance and lack of purpose or mission with the pairing of christian, hindu and muslim communities. I have always mentioned that in spirit, it appears to be a good concept but in actuality, nothing good could ever come out of it. Why? You may ask? The answer is simple:
    The christian worship the Creator, whilst the hindu worships creation. So, conceptually speaking our visions of spirituality is different. Our visions of right and wrong is different. Our concept of fairness, morality and ethics by extension are totally different. So, with that as the base of our spirituality, how can we effectively come out of that disparity with any logical and practical solutions for life’s many problems? The I.R.O is a concept whose ideal that can never be achieved. It can only pretend to be worthy of brotherhood. It can only pretend to be in respect of each other. But it can NEVER achieve wholesome practice of ecumenical unity. It can never preach to truths of a plural vision of acceptability. So, with the fortright and insult meted out by Sat to the Archbishop, it is evident that any attempt to linkage of christian beliefs with that of the hindu is futile at best. So, why should we pretend that there can be the same sense of purpose between the hindu and the christian? Again, as I have always stated, we of the christian like to think that all of us regardless of religious persuasion is really christian. We are fooling ourselves with such s foolish notion of brotherhood. The hindu is obsessed with the creation and his redemption lies in his having possession of everything the creator allows to manifest itself in material value. The christian, on the other hand, is ultimately concerned with the cleansing of the soul and the preparation for being sanctified meet the creator. So, our purpose could never be the same. So too our beliefs and the things we hold dear to fill our spiritual needs and material needs. Hegemony is not a stated will of the christian. For the hindu, it is not only a desire but it lies at the heart of his survival instincts. If the christian is not awakened by the insults of Sat to the Archbishop and leaves the answer to God, then we are worse than we acknowledge ourselves to be.


    Oh yeah, and ‘one woman meat , is another one poison’- as we like to say on de streets.One – obviously poor-woman , due to this disgusting practiced of underaged marriage ,was forced to live a life of degradation,but loved it. Hindustani, Muslim women?Same difference, for barbarianism is no respecter of person, tribe , or gender.
    The other , lived in a similar dehumanizing state , but finally wish to see that others not endure similar fate. She should be applauded for her courage to speak out.
    This practice must end agora. No , non, Neyet , we as a society , ain’t give a rats behinds , whether PNM , UNC , Hindus , Muslims, Christians, White , Black , brown , poor , or rich folks agree with it or not.
    We will not tolerate FMG,Virgin Cleansing,bride burning, bride stoning, and underage marriage ,in La Trinity. For those who embrace such beliefs , then take your doggy bags ,and return to your ancestral lands- thank you very much , and good riddance!
    Better yet , go to ‘one oh dem ‘more civilize ,White European enclaves ,if you naively think ,your ancient ,tribal rights ,would be tolerated.
    In our T&T , It’s all about the Rights of Children- who should be allowed to grow to full maturity, and accorded all the opportunities , to evolve into independent , wholesome human beings.
    It’s a pity that our AG sees the need to be so defensive, when pushing this long overdue Bill, but that’s understandable-politics being what it is. The End Game, is all that matter. The journey is of little consequence.
    Oh, and by de way , Mr AG ,we don’t need some complicated legalistic mombo jmbo either .You are obviously 10 times smarter , than PP unelectable AG Rammy , of Prisongate/ 5 Range Rover fame. Better yet ,even in your sleep, you can run rings around the delusional Dominican/ St Lucian , T&T hating -Carib, in Judge Volney, our clueless, one time ,PP Minister of Justice. Tell you what if there was any justice in dis land , those two incompetent comedians , would never draw a pension – just for what they subjected our country to, during their stewardship.
    Here is the deal, as I and most progressive would like to see it :- Firstly, any underage child , who is forced into a marriage under Hindu , or Muslim rights – the Imam, Hindu priest, respective parents,and or guardians, will be subjected to persecution under the law. Let me add too, that the penalty must be sever enough, to foster deterrence.
    I’m talking about jail time, and hefty fines.
    Secondly , no pregnant underage child , will be allowed to deliver a child , and or ,be given a birth certificate, unless the name of the father is given likewise, and or he the said Padre ,accompanies said child to delivery.In this case , it does not matter if the child is married or single.
    That would in one swoo,p deal with the concerns of our Hindu , and Islamist brothers and sisters, of Indo descent, who believe, that they are unfairly targeted , while so many illegitimate,’ Afro Kinky head- Pickinees,’are running around T&T, since Afro Trini hombres,are not held accountable. Slave minded ,Unemployable bastards , making 10 kids , before he is 25- like if he on White Massa plantation- but want the state , and Grandma , to do his job.
    Just like their Indo uneducated poor counterparts, these equally traumatized kids ,will often grow up,and repeat the ugly cycle, do to social neglect, and limited opportunities. Thanks Sister Rosey Ali, for taking a stand, and leading the way.
    Your bigger point of abuse at the hands of your philandering hombre, reluctance of your family to accept you when you attempted to escape this social prison, and your disgust in not acquiring an education – in like manner to Malika Panday, Kamla Bissasar, and the thousands of Sat Maraj Maha Saba elite School Children- speaks volume.

    When elite Imams , and Hindu Priest such as Sat, and ‘Tomcat – deadbeat dad -Pundit Sharma,’ of ‘Bollywood wannabe -Sasca Singh’ fame , start forcing their underage daughters ,to marry pot belly , logoon dwelling -Pedophiles , then we can revisit this discussion.,229127.html

    In de interim- Just get on with the business of protecting our Children Mr AG , for you are on the right side of history on this one.

    I am talking about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights- a Treaty we subscribed to , when we embark on Nationhood ,some 5 plus decades ago.
    It states as follows:- Article 16. ‘(1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.
    (2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses.
    (3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.’

    Not only is 9, 10, 12 , 14 , and 16 year olds, not ‘of full age,’ but if they cannot have a bank account, purchase alcohol, own property , or legally indulge in any of the adults behaviors ,we the more civilize, are acquainted with,then they certainly are unable ,to ‘give consent,’as prescribed by this Article- and no, I did not need to do 4 years at Cave Hill, St Augustine , London Law School, or Hugh Wooding to know that.
    How de hell did that fat cat ,morally repugnant -ex COP head, turned glorified UN Ambassador/ PP Foreign Minister, in Winston Dookeran ,sleep at night folks, when this monstrosity was allowed to fester – even as he for 3 plus years , sat on high end Human Rights , Women’s Empowerment, and child protection Committees in New York?
    Worst yet , the reason why this dehumanizing practice has continued unabated – chiefly by poor folks, one should add- is because,Indo Trini boys ,are also forced into the marriages as well , and so feel that their Children, in turn , should likewise do so.
    Hopefully ‘it’s the dawning of a new day ,-‘ to coin an old cliché- and progressive politicians , and civic leaders of conscience ,will take a wise stance in furthering the protection of women, and children in our society.
    Nuff Said.

    Long live the Republic of Toaba….., oooops . lo siento, of T&T!
    I Luv dis land , Y tu?

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