The Pathology of the Firing of Jwala

By Stephen Kangal
December 25, 2015

Stephen KangalThe pathological obsession of the PNM with pre-maturely removing Jwala as Governor of the CBTT has caused them to act in a most irresponsible, reckless, arbitrary and vulgar manner at this the season of goodwill and peace on the earth of Trinbago. T&T is plunged into an air of sadness and deep cataclysmic foreboding. A lamb has been led into the slaughter again even when birth is being celebrated universally.

Here are some of my concerns:

  • The PNM wrecked my Xmas and that of more than 75% of the population, confused the population and took Christ out of Xmas given its vendetta against Jwala.
  • It is not clear who, on what grounds and when Jawala was jettisoned so vulgarly and unceremoniously from the CBTT and who signed the Execution order.
  • He who appoints cannot always disappoint. There is a process and a Constitutional one at that.
  • Did they give him the chance to be heard in accordance with the principles of natural justice?
  • Did the Ag President consult the substantive President having regard to the fact that this act of hers will bring the Office of The President into odium and disrepute within the population?
  • Why conduct this summary EXECUTION on Xmas Eve and then send a most hypocritical Xmas Message Kangaloo so that you can create and generate an audience for Rowley’s Tuesday Address?
  • Are you now irretrievably locked in the jaws of the parasitic oligarchy of big business who is calling the shots and steering the PNM Government into impending disaster and turbulence?
  • Why did Rowley say that he was going to do nothing against Jwala? Was it to ketch corbeaux alive?
  • Why is the PNM exposing the Treasury to a costly litigation using its pro-PNM cadre of lawyers and astronomical compensation package post judgment?
  • Since when Cabinet’s directive based on illusions of all-power can override and take precedence over the Parliament, the Constitution, The Court of Public Opinion and the Laws of T&T?
  • Did the PNM have politically correct Dr Hilaire lined up as a basis to force Jwaia out of office and what role did he play in undermining the integrity of the previous Governor?
  • Who appointed Dr Hilaire for 5 years and what process was followed including constitutional prescribed consultations?
  • Why is Imbert treating the people as gullible fools and deceiving himself on the timing of the false and unjust dismissal of the Governor?
  • Where is the brutal frankness promised?
  • When are we to expect an Official Statement from the Government and/or The Acting President? Why did not the firing take place after the PM’s address on coming Tuesday after the Xmas festivities?

26 thoughts on “The Pathology of the Firing of Jwala”

  1. I only have one question to ask about the series of questions posed by Stephen Kangal, what has Trinidad and Tobago to be gained by keeping Jwala Rambarran as Governor of the Central Bank?

      1. Justice? What do you all know about justice? You used Parliament to get rid of the Leader of the Opposition, who was duly elected by the people of Diego Martin West, using phony excuses and accusations and now you want to talk about justice? My problem with that line of thinking is you only know morality when you are the ones offended by it. When the victim is someone else you share no concern.
        This as a matter of discussion, is what we have come to know as the caste mindset. Only when you see yourself S VICTIM IS WHEN THE TERM ‘JUSTICE’ IS INVOKED. Jwala broke laws period. If you are talking about liency, then that is another matter but when in power your people exercised no such justification when you found it fit to get rid of ‘PNM’ and replace them with ‘UNC’. Those too are facts but I would not waste my breath to hear that as any concern coming from you.

    1. “The PNM wrecked my XMAs…and took christ out of XMAS…” Kangal

      I’m not certain if stephen kangal meant to say take K(Ch)rishna out of christmas…as i said before many Presbyterians are functionally ‘Hindus/Brahminists for christ’ …kangal is a poster child for this….based on his erratic,shameless, sycophantic UNC line-towing, as well as his ‘blue fly’ behaviour & posts under Dr. Cudjoe in the past up til now, his loyalties seem to be to krishna…not christ

      1. If you understand Hinduism they will tell you that there is no difference between Christ and Krishna because Hinduism is the most inclusive religion or way of life that makes both symbols or incarnations of divinity. You are teading where fools…

        1. Hinduism with its Laws of Manu as is practiced in India, by the SDMS in Trinidad, and elsewhere in the world, is one of the worst promoters of racism and colorism the world has ever seen.

          It may be an amalgamation of diverse cultural practices that predated the Aryans’ entry into India, but the caste system with is color prejudices that is a part of Hinduism, makes it divisive, anti-African and extremely dangerous. Many Black Indians who are considered low caste are not prepared to stand against this injustice. They are conditioned to accept their life-long inferior status and Africans in Trinidad are expected to fall in line with this.

          1. Also JustRight, i want to make this clear…Stephen Kangal as well as the Indians who migrated to ESCAPE Caste persecution under Indentureship is NOT a descendent of Shudras (Low Caste)…He is a descendent of Untouchables i.e NO CASTE…the word caste is an english reference to VARNA as in Varna Shram Dharma…
            Varna=’Caste’ is a VERY specific status

            ‘Uppercastes’ = Brahmins, Ksatrias & Vaishas
            ‘Lowcastes’ = Shudras
            ‘Untouchables’ =’OUT(of) Castes i.e. HAVE NO CASTE & are outside of the Caste/Varna system i.e. BENEATH IT (varna/Caste system) in rank (just like africans) and are considered NOT OF ‘Purusha’ /Brahma a.k.a ‘The Creator’=’God’…so we (africans & unrtouchables) are considered Devils /Rawan…think about it…If you are NOT OF Christ…what are you? DEMONIC,…Many indians are either ignorant of their own religion / history or deliberately dishonest try to confuffle this issue…but there it is…so a shudra is a slave to uppercastes but is ‘superior’ to untouchables…in T&T & the indian diaspora names like ‘chamar’, ‘panchama’ (there is a surname in T&T called Pancham) are used pejoratively as INSULTS among Indians. However, in analysis of its meaning, a chamar is someone who processes dead animal Skin (hides) professionally (Tassa Drumming anyone??) & since only Untouchables deal with the dead & animal skins…CHAMAR became an insult. They also work the cane & agriculture work in India…(slavery)

        2. Stephen Kangal: Indian Arrival Day Speech
          Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2005

          By Stephen Kangal

          I do not want the Indian community to continue to subscribe to the con job foisted on us by the caste-based ruling Brahmin and priestly class of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. These opportunists believed and arranged the caste system. The pundit gave my paternal grandfather the name Kangal. It means poor and bankrupt. It was intended I must remain poor and destitute in India because both my name and the environmental and cultural norms and standards would have conditioned me to accept being down trodden, mendicant, second class citizen.


  2. The long and short of it is Jwala upset the Syrians and they demanded his head and got it on a platter via Herod aka Imbert who was known to give John the Baptist head to his haters.

    The Neal and Massy leader was the one making this demand more than anyone else. Neal and Massy is high up in the FOREX debanacle. They gobbled up a lot of foreign exchange. They portray themselves as local producers but the truth is they are a foreign exchange drain on the economy. The PNM must limit their demand for foreign exchange and allow those on the lower end to have access to foreign exchange.

    The removal of Jwala is a blessing in disguise because the PNM operates under a shroud of secrecy. They keep things tight amongst themselves and Jwala would have been turned into a pawn as they get rid of all under him and continue their tradition of hiring only PNMites for the Central Bank. Dr. Cudjoe comes to mind a man who sat on the board hardly attended meetings no finance expertise but was paid an enviable wage including benefits for doing nothing. I am sure many friends and supporters with no banking expertise will soon be making the Central Bank look like the Congo. But that is the PNM way, what they can’t control they destroy. Great is the PNM…..

  3. Jwala misconducted himself in office. He dared the FM, the PM, indeed the entire Government, obviously thinking himself “independent”, and therefore untouchable.

    One does not play politics against a sitting government, and expect to prevail, unless the government is already unpopular and tottering.

    Especially, one does not play said politics while violating the statute under which one’s powers are granted, no matter how nominally independent the position.

    Jwala has no conceivable way of winning an action alleging wrongful dismissal against the government. He can count only on the political support of the disloyal Opposition and its misled minions seeking to “make the country ungovernable”. That will work against the disloyal Opposition, and against Jwala. Let them try it.

    The law is certainly against him; he would have to take action against the Office of the President, whose official deeds cannot be overturned by any court.

    The facts are also against him. He failed to perform his duty of prior consultation with the FM. His violation of the confidentiality clause of Section 56 indeed renders him liable to prosecution. Any action on his part will certainly trigger such prosecution.

    His defence against any such Section 56 prosecution will obviously be to claim necessity for his disclosures. In that regard, he has no viable legal argument. Populist and transparency arguments seeking to prove necessity simply hold no legal water, and are confounded by the relevant facts. Moreover, those arguments are morally derelict, in inviting the law and the public to be “respecters of persons”, contrary to God’s law.

    Even on technical economic grounds, he has no case, because his disclosures were at best partial, and therefore did *not* answer the public-interest question. At worst, his disclosures may have been intentional misdirection, drawing attention away from the real miscreants, and away from the relevant use, — and change-of-use, — patterns in the forex market.

    Rambarran simply has no case. Therefore his tendentious UNC supporters must call the other side names, and Kangal does with his laundry list of questions, straining but failing to advance any cogent case.

    Rambarran’s tenure has been a disaster for the country. He ought to go, and go quietly, lest he face actual prosecution for his misconduct.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked devices that they wickedly devise. And may He also continue to put the wicked to flight. As He has in this case.

    Case dismissed!


    “…but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.” (Isaiah 17:13-14)

    1. Yoruba, with the kind of politically active judiciary we have in our country, don’t you think that some of them are loyal enough to ‘their cause’ to advocate abstract victimization against Jwala? There are precedents that we recently witnessed ala the UNC case against the EBC.

      1. Excellent point Bro Kian.You can bet what the outcome would be ,if this inevitable law suit,falls into the hands of that grateful UNC -Kamla -judicial lapdog ,in Justice Lucky ,of COP fame,hmmmm?
        What is so amusing about some of the suddenly outraged bozos, masqurading as pro justice advocates ,that are jumping out of the woodwork ,over the ouster of this self serving,dellusional douchbag,is that they were loud in their silence ,when the said UNC dominant, neo tribal regime ,made life a living hell for the presiding DPP,since he was not prepared to kiss Kamla’s tosh,in like manner to some of the unprincipled ,disgusting ,self loathing ,neo elitist ,Afro Trinis,we are stuck with across La Trinity .
        Didn’t they bug the man’s office,and even tried to buy his loyalty ,by offering him a Judgeship as well-de latter of which ,to his credit ,he turned down,after once again giving ‘Her Madrasstrick Queen Karma,’de middle finger,for the umpteen time?
        These morally repugnant cretins!
        Tell thevungrateful bastards , to go and study the finer nuances of politics ,and quit hiding behind their fake superior,neo triumphalist complexis.
        Any and every bit of socio -economic -com -political power they achieved in this country ,since 1962 ,they got as a result of riding the backs of progressive-though chiefly misguided – African leaders, willing to discard their own desperate folks ,from Charlottville ,to La Brea,Toco to Caranege,Belmont to Maracas Valley.
        A word of advice to Uncle Rowley,his jet setting trendy wife, and new regime:- you are free to travel the world for golfing extravaganzas,weddings ,medical attention,opaque conferences ,and the likes ,for as much as you desire,but trust me when I say,dis ain’t Patrick Manning,or Kamla ‘s T&T anymore.
        Dem ‘happy- go lucky-don’t give a darm -if Good Friday falls on a Monday T&T citizens,’are waking up ,and demanding action ahora!
        Habla con Stakeholders my rear end!!
        Action Mr PM!!
        I have said it once ,twice,and 3 times my lady,but it’s worth repeating-‘de person who can make me hate dis country of mine ,ain’t born yet.’

        1. “A word of advice to Uncle Rowley,his jet setting trendy wife, and new regime:- you are free to travel the world for golfing extravaganzas,weddings ,medical attention,opaque conferences ,and the likes ,for as much as you desire,but trust me when I say,dis ain’t Patrick Manning,or Kamla ‘s T&T anymore.” Neal

          Already 3 vacations and its only 3 months, I think he following your advice well….

      2. Kian,

        That is a possibility that I do not at all discount. Certain justices seem to me not to give a fig about justice, only about tribe. Otherwise, they would not twist themselves into logical pretzels arriving at those decisions which somehow seem to call for applying the Indian Policy.

        Even so, they are constrained by considerations of “how it go look?”… both to their legal colleagues and to the general public.

        That is why I do not expect that the Government “shall prosecute” Jwala for his confidentiality breaches under Section 56. Waste of time and resources given the Mendonca’s and Jamadar’s on the bench. Necessity will become something like beauty … in the eye of the legal beholder.

        It would be interesting if the Massy’s and PriceSmart’s sue, simply to assert the right to confidentiality already enshrined in the law. Sometimes it’s necessary to assert a right simply to ensure that the right is not vitiated by what otherwise might become habit and custom.

        So it would be interesting to see if Jwala heads to court as plaintiff, defendant, or both. My guess, — and it is only a guess, — is that the UNC operatives will make noises in the media, as Kangal is doing, but leave it at that, that Jwala not end up a defendant.

        For the moment, I will continue to say, “case dismissed!”.

        But in any case, the Most High is still in charge. Against Him, every stratagem of the wicked may be brought to nought. As *He* pleases. So let them do as they will….


        ” … but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.” (Isaiah 17:13-14)

        1. Correction:

          It would be interesting *to see* if the Massy’s and PriceSmart’s sue…

          1. No they won’t Bro Yoruba Israelite. Trust me on that score.Such would be tantamount to overkill.
            It’s something the political neophyte/unsophisticated Kamla , and her handlers ,did not fully grasp, and hence ,a fundamental reason ,as to why she, and her party lost to the much maligned Dr Rowley, and his Red , ready PNM brigade.
            Yeah we know,that some delusional folks ,would swear it was “Tobago Voodoo,”but then again, political naivity,on their part.
            Lambast a whole race of people ,especially the African males ,as a bunch of out of control,uncout,sex fiends,whose sole goal ,is to sexually destroy,and oppress their more desirable South Asian counterparts,as that’s a win/win strategy.
            Throw an entire island of historically neglected people under de bus,in the hope that the majority of folks, that looks like said Tobago born leader, from big brother Trinidad, would be ecstatic over such ,embarrasing deamonization/beatdowns,and thus give their full support to you, as was done in 2010.
            Run roughshod over our sacred Constitution,by attempting to pass idiot laws ,in the dead of night,after muzzling ,then -in true vindictive -‘overkill,’ousting our Opposition leader
            What folly,such delight in humiliating leader,and feklow human being,while stupidly anticipating, meaning political returns!
            History is replete with numerous examples ,of ‘overkill,’ which in the long run, resulted in more harm , than good.
            Por ejemplo,in the global political arena,such ‘overkill,’ that was levied on both Germany , and Italy , in the aftermath of WW 1, many -much wiser than yours truly-believe, led to WW2.
            The opposite is also true, as you would agree Bro YI. Prudent actions,( based on sound advice)on the part of victorious allies, after WW2, ensured lasting peace, and quicker post war development ,in Europe, and Asia-with once intransigent Japan, & Germany, as major players/and or long term beneficiries.
            Now back on the economic front.There is an old saying, dat ‘when your neighbor’s house is on fire, burn yo…..oops, lo siento…wet yours.’
            Let me add ,that my heart bleeds for our resource laden ,yet presently desperate ,Venezuelian brothers, and sisters,who are hurting terribly.
            We see therefore ,in vivid detail ,what can happen, when a disgruntled business class, decides to hold an entire country to ransom- all because of political spats, with an out of touch regime.
            Did anyone say ‘bachareros’ lately?
            As for our T&T,all I can say is -Well done Mr Prime Minister!!!
            In one clean swoop ,you have helped avert a major crisis,by getting rid of a political cancer,who have contributed to the tarnishing of our nation’s image globally-all the while,staying above the fray.
            Yeah we know,they refer to you as a ‘dictator,’even as you delegate responsibilities ,while avoiding the neo PP ,ugly practices of micro management.
            Now they say you a beholden to Syrian Trinis -economic Mafias.Funny,for last I checked ,the 400,001 Chinese that filtered in during Kamla’s reign , were still doing business in T&T,along with Kamla’s numerous South Asian -India Expos agents, an Indian Ambassador warned us about.
            Many of bogus contracts ,and tribally tinged projects,that thrust upon our country during Kamla and her PP,last gasping political breath/days in office ,are still going full swing,as the checks are being handed out.
            Last I checked ,our local Indo Trini business folks -especially those in the unregulated car import industries -were still triving,while continuing to hire minimal ,if any people ,that looks like Dr Rowley,Makalda Dagga,Wade- MBA Mark, or John bloke Lucas ,from behind the East Dry River bridge.
            Listen folks,these are turbulent times,both on the domestic,and international front. The waters are choppy,our T&T ship is shaky,and even have a few leaks ,that needs quick plugging if we are all going to survive.
            Getting rid of -what I am reliably informed by our fearless,politically astute ,Sistaz Alyssa-was Winston Dookie’s nephew ,was one such noble step.
            Now let the braying donkeys ,and tribal cry babies, run to the already overburdened courts ,to seek relief.
            In the absence of any meaningful Opposition, and likewise, an alert 4th Estate,the government of the day,can be a dangerous force.
            It’s therefore imperative,that we the Socially conscious,neo patriotice,and progressive forces , remain vigilant.
            Let’s continue to hold dem power brokers hands -in ,and out of power-to the symbolic fire ,shall we?

            Ahhhhhh,it’s de season to be jolly,and ‘ain’t’ life beautiful people?
            ‘Me think’ so.

  4. Hey Mr Kangal here is a novel solution,that is much favored by your much more adored ,Mama England.
    We need a new law that would demand that every political appointee ,tender a letter of resignation ,to the new PM ,once the a government is voted out of office.
    That would in one swoop, ensure that meddling public officials ,with suspect allegences,don’t stink up de joint,for the succeding regime,won’t it?
    Yeah,and get with the programe Mamboo.
    There is no Neal and Massy anymore.It’s now Massy.
    We the astute masses ,are already hip to de fact that there is no Gov Jwala anymore ,and so should you and Uncle Kangal.
    We Buddist subscribe to the view that ‘changes are inevitable.’ Nothing is permanent guys.We get old,die,loose our hair,our kids will grow up ,and leave home,after giving us the middle finger maybe,we might loose our jobs ,a force to give up power,will fall out of love,get divorce,and will eventually die.

    Speaking of “costly legal litigations Mr K,”if your party leaders can’t quickly get their acts together,but prefers to ignore the will of de people, over a lost election in courts,the PNM would rule this country for another 3 decades.
    Enough with the time wasting charades. We need us a vibrant Opposition,to keep our government in check.
    Nuff said.

  5. Mr. kangal, most of the writers and readers did not get it. I said it before, trinidad & tobago is a narco state. The Caribbean drug godfather(s) (predominantly PNM financers) get their pound of flesh by firing of Jwala. Forex was scarce, and they suffered. Companies like theirs wash $US. It will be easier now to get $US. Chack pastor Dottin etc. on his expose.

    1. Chack pastor Dottin etc. on his expose.

      Do us a favour and post a link, would you?

      If Jwala was being a narco-fighter, he still wasn’t providing the right analysis as to forex use. If you give only a partial analysis, you can make any point you want, and hide whatever you want to hide. That is no way to fight crime. So I’m not buying the Jwala-the-Superman story, taking on Mr. Big.

      Btw, who owns the Trinidad Juice factory, whose cartons ended up full of cocaine in that Canadian port recently? And in that American port not that long ago?

      Just asking.


  6. Pastor Dottin’ is a UNC supporter….take that for what it’s worth…you know what…i was looking at an interview with him on WINTV…interesting eh…how many African Pastors/church officials you know would go on & thereby endorse a station that was openly & titled ‘African Territory’ ?? Think about THAT…anyway during his interview with the very same UNC (fat) guy that did that faux interview with Rudy for his recent, failed internal election bid (trying to copy Dr. Rowley & Julian Rogers)…anyway i saw & heard Pastor Dottin on the World INDIAN Network in an interview telling that same interviewer or Rudy, in reference to his work in there & the major issues affecting ‘depressed’ east pos (african) areas “…cannot be blaming Slavery & stuff….” those were the exact words i remember & it was earlier this year….WHY would he use those words on an INDIAN station about AFRICAN people??…..THAT kind of talk as well as his indirect support of UNC politics turned me off of him completely…so i don’t need to “check out pastor dottin” and what he has to say…i already know the angle

    Thank You steven, for proving my points!! Imagine an Untouchable (Kangal is proof) trying to sell Hinduism to Others…..Ahahahahahahahaah….This guy is so TYPICAL….why did you & your family CONVERT in the FIRST place it it was ‘inclusive’ ???…wait…wait for it….he will tell you that the Presbyterian missionaries (white canadians) ‘forced them’….TYPICAL stephen TYPICAL…and a dishonest also….i saw Stephen Kangal in one of his posts berate Brahmins for naming his ancestors Kangal…or was i seeing things…??

    look at the links below…inclusivism at it’s VERY BEST…

  8. Oh yeah…. I know very well the UNC is pushing hard the meme that Rowley is doing the bidding of the Syrians (read: the Mr. Bigs). Mamoo is pushing it as is Tman, right here on this blog. So I know where dey coming from. I don’t separate Pastor Dottin from that group, and I don’t give him any credit as a man of God. Whomever he is fooling, I’m not one of them.

    Butttt…. that said, I’m interested in any *facts* that might be part of the “expose”, as distinct from self-serving UNC propaganda.


    “And Yeshua answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” (Matthew 24:4-5)

    1. Oh no, yoruba…i wasn’t referring to that specific topic of ‘the syrians’ etc…in fact to be blunt, as i”ve said before, i am single minded…keep czste out of power!….so IF, IF i have to choose between ‘Mr. Bg’ syrian & ‘Mr. Big’ Indian with the likes of Jaishima, Bhoe, Devant, Sat etc. I CHOOSE ‘Mr. Big’ Syrian ANY DAY…It’s like the calcutta ship & Tobago..many indians complained on the radio that Tobagonians only sellig their land to Germans & germans aren’t from T&T like Indians etc..and the gist of that propaganda is how can’t ‘Indians’ get land in Tobago…I say that is the Tobagonians DAMN right…and i’m supposed to feel shame of choosing germans as my neighbours over “The UNCOPP”???….to HELL with that criticism….Germans love the Black Skinned AFRICAN PEOPLE on the Island & Tobagonian
      culture with all its African Roots…I don’t have to worry about Germans as a Political/Relugious/Soicial TROJAN Horse, that simply want to take over the Island, subhjugate & marginalize The original culture & its inhabitants…can i say the same about ‘UNCOPP supporters’?? I’m askicng a question….Germans didn’t just suspiciously come in droves to buy up land in 1986, 1995 & 2010….who did that? Only want large amounts of land when the Hindu party is in power….Go & ask Tobagonians if this is so…Ah Lie??…
      As to my primary, orignal point Yoruba…i was generally addressing Pastor Dottin as a UNC suporter…ndoft on the mr big issue but as a whole….anybody that supports UNC is not in my interest to trust.period.

  9. are outside of the Caste/Varna system i.e. BENEATH IT (varna/Caste system) in rank (just like africans) and are considered NOT OF ‘Purusha’ /Brahma a.k.a ‘The Creator’=’God’…so we (africans & unrtouchables) are considered Devils /Rawan…think about it…If you are NOT OF Christ…what are you?

    There is a huge irony here that is also psychologically revealing.

    I have said here before, hear or forebear, that the indo-Aryans are in fact of the seed of Esau/Edom. These are the only people in Scripture that the Creator says he *hates*:

    “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith Yahweh: yet I loved Jacob, And I *hated* Esau” (Malachi 1:2-3)

    Furthermore, a world of destruction lies in store for Esau:

    “For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and *thou shalt* be cut off for ever.” (Obadiah 10)

    That judgement was passed ca. 600 BC when Nebuchadnezzar sacked Jerusalem, and the Edomites went up into Judah and took over the holy things among others.

    By the time of Yeshua, the Edomites were in charge of the land of Judah, which was then called the Roman province of Judea. Herod the king was an Edomite (aka Idumean, from the Greek). The Pharisees that could not hear the word of Yeshua were in large part Edomite. Yeshua condemned them as being of their father the devil; John 8:32-44.

    Their Edomite brethren that made it over to India were known as Aryans, a mixed race originally of Edomite fathers and Israelite mothers, along with other in-mixing from their mingling in turn with the Babylonians out of today Iraq, the Persians and the Medes out of today Persia and central Asia, and the Greeks — hence their lightening of skin colour. The paternal line is what counts for prophecy, and so they are Edomites under the curse of Obadiah. They are also under and have enjoyed the blessing under which they were to enjoy the dominion for “a time and times and the dividing of time”; Daniel 7:25. That time is now just about up.

    My point in this context is that they were well aware of the curse of Obadiah when they went down into India. The whole caste system that they imposed is an attempt psychologically to place themselves in the position of Jacob, whom God loves. So they mythologized themselves into being of the very head of God, while everyone else was lesser. Meantime, they had been granted the dominion, and so no challenge to their writ could succeed.

    But their time is now up, which is why the absolute evil of their caste system is being more and more exposed.

    The supreme irony is that we the “Negro”, whom they yearn to place in the position of untouchables in their system, are in fact Jacob, — Esau’s twin brother, — whom God loves, and who will be redeemed by Yeshua’s sacrifice. There is no such redemption promised to Esau, rather the Most High says they *shall* be cut off forever. Therefore so shall it be. It is the irony of ironies, for what is promised to them is that they will be the ultimate outcaste… at the hand of the Creator Himself.

    There is a further irony. Among the indo are many who are in fact Israelites — sons of Jacob — as are we the “Negro”. They are our brethren of the seed. In fact, take away the straight hair, and many could pass for “Negro”, albeit with thinner lips, sharper noses, and narrower behinds (their loss, hahaha). This means that God has placed them in a moral predicament: whether to make common cause with the indo-Aryans, hoping for the benefits of caste status relative to whom they want to and/or are being brainwashed to perceive as “rawan”; or whether to reject the evil of caste and caste oppression altogether. Yeshua spoke through John the Revelator to admonish them, and us: “Come out of her *my* people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4).

    Here is another irony: Kangal might possibly be an Israelite of the seed (though I doubt it, I don’t feel the vibration), casting his lot with Esau. And Kangaloo (but I don’t know her maiden name) might be another, making the opposite decision, to cast her lot rather with Jacob.

    Yahweh’s ironies are deep indeed. Let all whose conscience is pricked take heed.


    “For Yahweh taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the *meek* with salvation. Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand; To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye Yahweh.” (Psalm 149:4-9)

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