Judges split on petitions appeal

By Derek Achong
December 01, 2015 – guardian.co.tt

United National CongressThree of the country’s most senior judges have failed to come to an agreement over whether the United National Congress (UNC) has conclusive proof that its defeat in September’s general election was due to a one-hour extension in voting, in order to secure a re-election.

Delivering its judgment in the appeal brought by the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) and the People’ National Movement (PNM) at the Hall of Justice, Port-of-Spain, yesterday, the appeal panel, led by Chief Justice Ivor Archie, was split two to one, as it ruled that the UNC had met the requirements required for preliminary approval of the petitions.

The judgment now clears the way for the petitions to be heard in the High Court, with Archie assuring both parties that the Judiciary will take steps to ensure their petitions are heard and determined expeditiously. A date for the hearing is yet to be set.

Delivering their majority decision, appellate judges Allan Mendonca and Peter Jamadar suggested that qualitative issues needed to be considered in determining the impact of the EBC’s decision and not just the quantitative consequences on whether the PNM attained its majority in the six disputed marginal constituencies during this period.

“Such a position elevates outcome as absolutely determinative of legitimacy and discards process as of no or little consequence. Therein lies a path to undemocratic rule,” Jamadar said as he suggested that the purpose of the petitions was to ensure public confidence in the electorial process.

Jamadar added: “It appears to me the main reason for the divisions of opinion is based on fundamental ideological difference on the core purpose of the representation petitions.”

While Mendonca and Jamadar came to the same decision, Mendonca gave slightly different reasoning.

Stating that the UNC would have had difficulties gathering the evidence required through Archie’s analysis during the brief limitation period allowed for filing petitions, Mendonca said the party had presented sufficient details to warrant Dean-Armour’s decision to grant leave.

“If an election has been conducted so as to not be in substantial compliance with the laws of this country it is impossible to say that the result was not materially affected,” Mendonca said as he noted that the claims were not frivolous or vexatious.

Archie, who was in the minority, took a more narrow view as he ruled that the party’s petitions should have failed because the UNC did not provide the required evidence to prove that the result of the election was materially affected by the EBC’s decision to grant the extension due to heavy rain in Trinidad.

Refering to the statistics on the margin of victory in the six constituencies and the evidence provided by the UNC, Archie described their claims as to the effect of the election as “highly speculative and far-fetched.

“If the rules were broken it does not follow that the result was unfair,” Archie said.

While he disagreed with his colleagues, Archie said their decision would allow for analysis of the EBC’s powers, which would assist in future polls it managed.

“I disagree but I am conscious of the value of knowing definitively what EBC can and cannot do for the confidence of population in the election petitions,” Archie said.

As part of the ruling the appeal panel ordered that the EBC and the PNM pay the UNC’s legal costs for defending against its appeal.

The UNC was represented by Timothy Straker, QC, Anand Ramlogan, SC, Gerald Ramdeen, Wayne Sturge and Kent Samlal.

The EBC’s legal team included Senior Counsel Russell Martineau and Deborah Peake. Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes and John Jeremie and attorneys Elena Araujo and Celeste Jules represented the PNM.


The UNC filed the petitions after its 23-18 defeat, claiming that the EBC’s rules and the Constitution give the EBC only the power to adjourn an election in instances of public violence and not the power to extend the traditional election timeframe of 6 am to 6 pm.

The party is seeking to have the court declare the results in six marginal constituencies null and void, paving the way for re-elections in those constituencies.

The disputed constituencies are San Fernando West, La Horquetta/Talparo, Toco/Sangre Grande, Tunapuna, St Joseph and Moruga/Tableland. Three citizens—Ravi Balgobin Maharaj, Irwin Layne and Melissa Sylvan—have also filed private lawsuits challenging the EBC’s decision.

Maharaj, an activist who attempted a hunger strike to convince environmentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh to end his, is challenging the EBC’s power to grant an extension.

Layne and Sylvan, both from Tobago, are claiming that the EBC’s breached their constitutional rights by only extending the poll in Trinidad. The petitions, and both lawsuits have been assigned to Justice Mira Dean-Armourer. The first hearing of Layne and Sylvan’s case is scheduled to take place this afternoon.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt/news/2015-11-30/judges-split-petitions-appeal

51 thoughts on “Judges split on petitions appeal”

  1. Always a tough decision, but the letter of the law and the spirit of law must be examined for clarification. Does the law allows the EBC such autonomy that it can extend the time base on a request from the PNM to do so. That sounds like political interference in a supposedly independent organization.

  2. There is an adage which says “democracy is not a spectator sport”. Democracy is also a form of government under which the people determines whom they wish to govern them and hold the reins of power to control the resources of the country. The way democracy is usually expressed and practiced in a democratic country is through the will of the people. The will of the people is the highest expression of the will of a democratic state. That will should be respected by all concerned. The parliament, the judiciary, municipalities, the constitution and law makers as well as those who are charged with the responsibilities of overseeing elections. The challenge by the UNC concerning the elections result is troubling, very troubling.
    It is troubling because in using ‘democracy’ as an objective, the court is basically playing with the “will of the people”. The elections were held and the people spoke and made a clarion call for whom they preferred as the government they wanted. The loosing party in this scenario, was not satisfied with the “will of the people”. Even though the now Opposition Leader is famous for saying “the voice of the people is the voice of god”, into appears that she is not satisfied with the “voice of the people” or to be put more succinctly, “the voice of the people is not in favor with the voice of her god”. While it is true that sometimes in a democracy or in a democratic process, events unfold that might blur the lines of constitutionality. It seems obvious to the untrained eye, that this case has not reached the level of a breach of a democratic and constitutional principles.
    Even more troubling, is the prospect that an aggrieved party, not satisfied with the results, find fault with the constitutionally
    responsible body, the EBC to supervise and extend voting times as they see fit. If the court overturns the “will of the people” just because an opposing party is aggrieved by the elections results, then I believe that we have a very serious problem. That problem is by no means the EBC. The culprit here will be the judiciary. Let us examine what is at stake here. The UNC claims:

    1. The UNC argued that the Constitution does not give the EBC the authority to extend the regular voting hours of between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. by an additional hour due to inclement weather.

    2. It is claiming that the EBC only had the power to adjourn the voting process to the following day in the event of election violence.

    3. The party claims that the additional hour worked in favour of the People’s National Movement (PNM), resulting in that political party winning the general election.

    I am neither a lawyer nor do I have the slightest idea how the constitution knows or can foresee, what conditions might exist on any given polling day. How can the constitution grant authority to a body, expecting that body to exercise discretion, yet saying what kind of disorder or event has to exist before that body can exercise discretion. I am sure that discretion is not that restricted. The word ‘discretion’ portends that some degree of elasticity may be needed. In the world’s greatest democracy, the United States, it is common practice that when conditions exist that might deter citizens from reaching the polls to exercise their rights, the voting times are extended to facilitate the voters. In the case of the exercise of democracy in this situation, the VOTER is the one to be protected, not the party of the candidates vying for office. Therefore, in this situation the party and candidates are no important. The important entity here is the voter, to whom the right to vote and to exercise that right goes unfettered. So, the question is why does Judges Mira Dean Amorer, Allan Mendonca and Peter Jamadar feel that the UNC and the UNC candidates are more important than the voter? There are obviously not challenges to the voters right to exercise their votes. So, why is this case going to higher court for judicial review and correction? On the question of mere principle and democratic jurisprudence, one can ask of one of the judges sitting on this case Peter Jamadar, why did he not recuse himself from being part of the panel deciding tthis case? Peter Jamadar (the judge) is the son of a former DLP Leader, Vernon Jamadar (UNC is a rebirth of the DLP). He might even be a staunch member of the UNC. How on God’s good earth can we expect this man to be objective? It would appear that in all fairness to the judicial process, Peter Jamadar should never have been a member of this panel.


  3. ………..continued
    “2. It is claiming that the EBC only had the power to adjourn the voting process to the following day in the event of election violence.”

    If the constitution limits the EBC’s lattitude to exercise discretion only in the case of “election violence”, then the constitution is either incomplete or the constitution had in mined that if something seriously happened that the constitution
    did not make provision for then, we are either in serious trouble with an ‘unfinished constitution’ or that in had in mind, another body from which the EBC should seek counsel. What would happen if there was something like a hurricane? What would happen if there was a serious outbreak of emboli? What would happen if floods threatened voters homes? The point here is there are many many serious things that can happen to endanger the mobility of voters other than violence or inclement weather. And I’m sure that the framers of the constitution were not that naive or exact in the naming of atrocities only to mention violence or simple inclement weather. This to my view is a frivolity.
    To deprive voters of exercising their constitutional rights and to take that right away from them just because the ONLY body charged with that responsibility exercised a discretion to extend that right for one hour is not a case of people seeking due process, but one in which a party sees a ‘loop hole’ to have another chance of winning more seats. Nothing more than that can be argued. Voters rights should not be threatened just because losers don’t like what they did. In the case of Judges Jamadar, Mira Deen Amorer and Allan Mendonca, they are actually saying that the UNC party and the UNC candidates have more democratic rights than the voter.

    “3. The party claims that the additional hour worked in favour of the People’s National Movement (PNM), resulting in that political party winning the general election.”

    It would be very interesting to see how Peter Jamadar and Allan Mendonca explain their rulings on this one. How, on God’s good earth can the judges confirm that the extension of those hours benefitted the PNM and not the UNC? Another thing, why the extended hours of voting ONLY affected the contending constituencies? Why not Chaguanas for that matter? Why not Siparia?

    The constitution was never meant to cover every action or inaction possible, that can either be in concert with the law or against the written law. Sometimes, learned men, in the exercise and pursuit of judicial fairness, have to resort to commendable discretion in order to facilitate a given event or case. In the United States Supreme Court, in 1954. In the case of Brown vs the Board Of Education, discrimination was written law, yet it went against a higher form of morality. That immorality (in written law), deprived citizens of the United States from pursuing an education only because they were black.
    The Court ruled in favor of the REALLY aggrieved party – the black people. The law was never written to deprive people of rights that is considered common to all. In this case (UNC’s contention), the people have no complaints with the voting. As a matter of fact they voted and made the decision to elect those whom they favored. So, why is Jamadar, Mendoca and Mira Dean Amorer want to challenge that?
    The question has to be asked, is there something more sinister at play here? Is the judiciary in collusion with other forces that want to determine or for that matter change the will of the people? The PNM has been in government for more than fifty years and they NEVER used the military, police service, the judiciary, the courts or any non-political entity for political purposes. With the advent of the UNC attaining power in the year 2010 a lot of strange things are happening. The military always allowed its Commanders to retire at the compulsory age of retirement, yet when Commander KEN MAHARAJ reached that age, the then Prime Minister decided that all military rules and practices must not be considered because she (not a military strategist or military historian) wanted him to stay three years longer because
    she “had things in mind for him to do”. It is for good reason the military forces its commanders to retire at a compulsory age.
    In times of war or whether is a serious challenge to the constitution, it is expected that those who command the military are in the prime of their life, where they are of sound mind and body. As a soldier myself, one day in the battle field I fell seriously ill and needed medical attention, my young, alert and learned Company commander came to my aid, found out what was wrong with me, sought the proper gears for my condition, instructed his lower officers how to care for me and still took me along with them to fight the enemies. A special kind of alertness is needed for people holding such positions. A politician who does not have that military background is not qualified to make such a judgement.
    The same Opposition Leader who is making this claim has also stated publicly that she will make governing difficult for the PNM. Can this law suit be a case of carrying out this threat?
    How do we know that this is not an extension of hindutva? We don’t know that when all the judges with the same opinions are Indians. Since we are not privy to the reasons for the judges rulings we are basically left to imagine what are in their minds or thinking process. When one determines that the rulings are unjust, we must (as human beings) look for justifiable reasons for this ill-considered case.

  4. CJ Archie was right.

    The petition makes no sense because there is zero chance that petitioner can meet the burden of proof, namely that they lost the election in the relevant constituencies because the EBC erred in extending the polling time.

    If that burden cannot, under any imaginable evidential scenario, be met, then the petition is without merit, and arguably frivolous. To any patriot it is also vexatious.

    The EBC is granted clear discretion under the Constitution. The exercise of that discretion may be challenged certainly. But the grounds must be that the exercise of that discretion was arbitrary and capricious. That is the burden that petitioner must meet. EBC’s exercise of discretion cannot seriously be challenged when the exercise of that discretion tended to the fulfillment, not the negation, of its mandate to ensure free and fair elections representing the will of the people. Thus there can be no serious challenge that the EBC abused its constitutionally-granted discretion.

    This leaves only the flimsy controversy left that a court must decide: Is it the case that the EBC exceeded its constitutional authority?

    That is not a proper question for the court, absent a real controversy that goes to materiality. The court should not seek ex post facto, to substitute its judgement for the judgement of the constitutionally-established authority for the purpose. Nor should the court seek to make a ruling in the abstract, in the absence of a real controversy, seeking to limit a constitutionally granted discretion. That is a task that is reserved under our system of laws to the body that granted the discretion in the first place. If there is such a theoretical question that requires addressing, that is a matter for parliament, not the courts. Any ruling by a court in the abstract would be, not just legislating from the bench, but amending the Constitution from the bench. That clearly should be beyond the powers of the Judiciary.

    CJ Archie clearly understands this limit on the Judiciary’s powers.

    Judges Mendonca and Jamadar are misguided if they believe that the proper role of the court is to address other than a real controversy. In the instant case, I reiterate, there cannot be a real controversy because the facts simply allow no possibility of a finding that UNC lost because the EBC extended the voting time. This leaves only a question of “process”, or addressing as a purely theoretical matter, whether as to process the EBC exceeded its constitutional discretion. That flies in the face of well established judicial principle that the court be used only to judge real controversies, not theoretical ones.

    That is my take on the matter. I am not a lawyer, but in the same way that war is too momentous to be left to the generals, the law and the constitution are too important to be left only to the lawyers!

    May the Most High expose the wicked and protect the innocent in this matter. May He also protect us from this wicked assault, intended to move forward a wicked agenda, emanating from an Opposition that is as disloyal in Opposition as it was in Government.


    1. Archie was made CJ by Manning after Sharma was hounded out of office. Obviously he would have a certain amount of loyalty to the PNM.
      The facts are clear for those whose eyes and ears are not covered with balisier juice. Those marginal had 3000 more voters all supporting the PNM. Now I find that a bit odd and under suspect. Under mathematical probabilities alone impossible. The PNM has been known to fix boundaries, house pad and buy votes.
      What is odd about the last election is the EBC extended voting hours in Trinidad but not in Tobago as per request by the PNM. The EBC is suppose to be an independent arm of government free from political interference. Secondly there was no declaration on the night of the election by the EBC. The EBC usually declares the night of the election. What is particularly disturbing is comments from the EBC chief. All of this will be “fleshed out in the courts.
      Democracy is under threat when the courts cower to any political party. An unbias court is of benefit to all. Or else we will see the ruse of thuggery and Mugabe_ism.

      1. Those marginal had 3000 more voters all supporting the PNM.

        Assuming that this could be parsed to reveal an actual thought, and if it means what I think it is supposed to mean, how, pray tell, do you know this?

        I maintain that the question of materiality cannot be proven, because it would require knowledge that it would be quite illegal under the voting regulations to have. Therefore any such evidence, if it exists –which I highly doubt– cannot be brought to court.

        The rest of what you write is rubbish.

        As to PNM/EBC collusion, where is the evidence of that? That so far has not been alleged at all in the case at hand. The same EBC head, Norbert Masson, has presided over any number of changes in Government brought about by the same electoral system.

        Regardless, all the machinations of the wicked will come to nought. “When the wicked spring as the grass, and the workers of iniquity do flourish, it is that they shall be destroyed for ever”. Before this is over, we might well see the PNM majority increased!

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked and protect the innocent in this land.


        1. Yoruba, i warned you if this….Mamoo is a canal conx…you cannot reason with people of thatt mentality…it is an inter-generational mentality…notice that he NEVER even attempts to provide a factal basis for his arguments? A d even if he does…it is with the mindset to deceive & obfuscate reality. Mamoo’s community NEVER had any credible reasons for not voting or supporting any structure of governance where Africans & christians are in posistions of real power….so, among themselves they got acccustomed to just spurting oht whatever propaganda co es to mind…leven crsating lies to defMe & tear down…and this behaviohr is considered legitimate….UNDERSTAND his nature & deal with him as such….he is of a diseased, anti-african,hateful, deceitful,fraudulent Brahminist mindset….his pRents, siblings, extended family, place of worship & co-ethnic social organizations were all positive reinforcements in this regard & imbued a sense of ‘confidence’ in tyis vile mindset to reason with him as such is self immolation .

          1. With a nod here to trinamerican, I make out Mamoo a long time. He is an intellectual flyweight, but flatters himself, like the just dismissed GORTT, that he is “punching above his weight”. Like they, he flatters himself.


        2. Yoruba you are the one speaking about collusion between the PNM and EBC. I am simply stating what is going through the minds of ordinary citizens. By the way if the shoe was in the PNM foot they would be doing the same. So don’t hate

          1. Unless three generations of Pundits are placed in charge of the EBC…Mamoo & his ilk will shout ‘unfair’ …the aim is to guilt trip the population into effecting that reality!

      2. “…or else we will see the ruse of thuggery and Mugabe_ism.” Mamoo…

        As usual Mamoo tries to pawn off terms that are historically related to him & his group (religious & political) unto Africans like mugabe. However, walk with me down factual history lane & lets look at the FACTUAL Origin of the word “Thug” & hence “Thuggery”


        1. I wonder how many hereditary thugs made it across the kala pani to T&T. The British were busy trying to rid India in those days of the thugee cult.

          The East India Company established the Thuggee and Dacoity Department in 1830, and the Thuggee and Dacoity Suppression Acts, 1836–1848 were enacted in British India under East India Company rule.

          I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Bhadase and Sat are of that general ilk. Come to think of it, Kamla too has qualities of the Bandit Queen, a famous dacoit from her ancestral state of Bihar.

          We don’t always recognize our own powers of discernment as God’s children. At some deeper level, it is not for nothing that we called the Queen Bandit and her gang, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves…

          Btw, the term “goon” also has Indian origin. I like to make linguistic connections, and I suspect in this case that “goon” is cognate to “gun”, and even to the Orisha deity, “Ogun”. These are the “tell me who to kill” guys that take care of business. There is a humorous depiction of such a character in the movie, “Devil in a blue dress”, in a hilarious role played by Don Cheadle.


  5. Esteemed Colleagues,

    It has just dawned on me that the UNC probably knows very well that there is little to no merit in its election petition, but that it has a broader agenda, the evidence of which can be ascertained from the linked story below:


    Here is a telling excerpt of Mrs. Persad-Bissessar’s remarks from the above article:

    “We have to question the legitimacy of the Government and from now on we must all sing from the same line, from the same words, from the same page, from the same hymn book that this Government came into office and does not have the legitimacy that a Government should have. The legitimacy of the Government is under question,”

    Let us ponder on the Opposition Leader’s allegations for a moment. The Honourable leader of the Opposition, presumably acting in the best interests of the Trinidad and Tobago electorate, has accused the Elections and Boundaries Commission of colluding with the PNM to manipulate the outcome of the September 7 General Election by virtue of its decision to extend the time that polling stations were open by one hour.

    For all of the reasons argued there, this is a problematic case to make and will fail the most basic test of logic. Somehow, I get the feeling that the UNC hierarchy is aware of this.

    What I believe Mrs. Persad-Bissessar’s excerpted quote is meant to do is to appeal to the most entrenched, tribally-minded proclivities of the UNC base and attempt to dent the morale of the PNM and its supporters by raising the spectre of the illegitimacy of its administration by planting the seed of doubt within the minds of the PNM faithful.

    Of course, the latter strategy is largely ineffective due to the inherent illogical nature of the UNC petition. However, it is quite possible that the UNC base will be galvanized whipped up into an anti-PNM frenzy and marshal all of its resources to unseat the current administration in the next General Election.

    If this is indeed the UNC strategy, I am not too worried about it unsettling the PNM electoral base or the marginal base since the UNC petition is indeed frivolous and vexatious. However, given the absurdity of the current case against the EBC, this can be the only reasonable strategy (If I were a UNC strategist) that I can see being followed.

  6. In that quote from Kamla, I see the tactical implementation of the “Indian Policy”. I quote the first six articles, but recall in particular Article 1:

    Item 1: “Make the country ungovernable”. Panday said as much.

    Item 2: “… we must not allow ourselves to be ruled by monkeys. Give them [no] support”. Cf. Indian CNN special on Indian racism in the context of cricketer Harbhajan Singh and his “monkey” remark to the Afro-Australian cricketer.

    Item 3: “Hire niggas only if you have to, make them your slaves …”.

    Item 4: “Teach our people how to tip the scales…”

    Item 5: “Our doctors must look out for each other and the interns. Assist our interns in their [exams]. Remember exams are not important, but certification is. We must continue the practice of tubal ligation on niggas after the birth to their monkeys, and put little effort into neonatal care, keep them in the minority”. Sick stuff indeed, but regrettably rings true. The medical statistics might show the effects of such racially differential, anti-Afro treatment.

    Item 6: “Education is the key to success, so our teachers must focus their attention on our children and forget the rest. Get involved in correcting examination papers because you can make a difference there. Our SEA papers correcting groups are very strong and have been working quite well, we must keep this up in order to maintain top placement and scholarships. Remember to keep UWI under close watch.”

    The “Indian Policy” is the strategy document. Article 1, top of the agenda, is “to make the country ungovernable”. Clearly, if the Government is made to be perceived as illegitimate, that makes the realization of that objective that much easier. That is how simple, and transparent, this is.

    That is why I accuse the Opposition of being a disloyal Opposition. The Westminster system proceeds from many unstated assumptions. One is that the Government itself is loyal to the public it serves. Two is that the Opposition is loyal to that public also. When the Government itself is disloyal, a sectarian interest group perpetrating an Indian Policy that is a declared state of war against the mostly unknowing host, as was the case with Kamla 2010-2015, we get what indeed we got, which was policy calculated to enrich one group at everyone else’s expense. Thanks be to God, we kicked them out. But still, as Kamla continues to boast, the sectarian interest group whose interest she advances, got 340,000 votes! The Opposition is at war with the Government. They are not a “loyal” Opposition as the Westminster system assumes.

    In that war, every “commanding height” of the society is a battlefield. Government itself is the most salient commanding height. They want to make the country ungovernable, because that way the Government, like a ripe fruit, may fall into their lap that much more easily. After they have won control, you can be sure all the niceties of “democracy” that so occupy their minds now, will quickly be replaced by a different reality, with democracy only a veneer to cover up the nasty agenda underneath.

    But I quoted down to Article 6, because control over school placements translates to control over university placements seven years later. They have been at this for at least three decades. Courtney Bartholomew used to try to wake us up to what was going on at UWI Medical School. I have to assume that nobody took him on, because the admissions to that school are such that it is taken as a matter of course that the graduation ceremony would have all the appearance of a Hindu religious ceremony. Is that because God’s afro-Israelite children are less bright? I don’t think so. The “Indian Policy” boldly mentions that the thing is really not education, but certification. Should we be surprised that many indo doctors, well certified to be sure, but actually competent, not so sure, are guilty of as much malpractice as in fact we see in our medical establishments?

    These are serious matters. God is trying to get our attention, rubbing our noses in it. Imagine that part of “Indian Policy” is to work “obeah” on the non-indo population by having us to eat their faeces in the roti and doubles they sell to us, using water used to wash the dead as one of the secret ingredients. And nothing is done by the non-indo. We have an afro-Israelite catholic archbishop who sees not the hindu-puja obeah, but rather parrots brahminist obscurantism about the many manifestations of the One. They take us for fools, because we are and have been. The one thing to make us wake up is not even perusing the “Indian Policy” with a strong coffee in hand, but to return unto our God. He is is that put us into this position, and He is waiting patiently for us to wake up! Return unto God, and even the most obtuse will suddenly start perceiving things that previously were well hidden.

    So to the servant of God, obeah is obeah, whatever the finery used to dress it up. To the servant of God, Kamla may be talking to her sectarian base and admonishing them to all sing from the same page. The strategy being pursued will require not even the most minimal exercise of the gray cells to perceive. It is as clear as a doosra spinning toward a Brian Lara on a clear sunny day; there is guile to it, but to one with sight it holds no horrors.

    We the prodigal son have merely to return unto God, penitent and humble, confessing our manifold sins and iniquities and those of our forefathers (who got us into this mess in the first place with their disobedience), and God our father will kill for us the proverbial fatted calf. That is what Holy Writ says. But such as brother Harris simply do not understand and have not the first clue.

    But we are waking up. We are coming to know first of all that we are the Israelites of the Bible, therefore the children of God of the seed, to whom the Promise has been made. Once we know who we are, it will begin to come into ever sharper focus who our enemies are. Ultimately that enemy will be found to be us. But the enemy-other that God said He would send against us “from a far country”, we will find easy to overcome. For God Himself will fight our battles. One shall put ten thousand to flight. It was indeed how Kamla was removed from Government: at the hand of God, all her multifarious puja-obeah notwithstanding. God slapped her down. And answered the prayers of the prayer-warriors among us. But that is a temporary reprieve. He still requires us to return unto Him, penitent and humble.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent against the wickedness of the wicked which they wickedly seek to perpetrate against us.


  7. To put a finer point on my last post…

    The petition is frivolous, because the burden of the materiality proof required under law cannot be met under any evidential scenario.

    And the petition is vexatious, because it is ultimately calculated to advance a seditious agenda articulated as part of “The Indian Policy”, to “make the country ungovernable”.

    Even without taking cognizance of that nefarious document, “The Indian Policy”, it should be clear that the petition vexatiously tries to find a remedy for a manifestly democratic result.

    The action of the EBC allowed more, not fewer, electors to cast their vote than otherwise would have been the case, therefore delivering a freer and fairer election result. And the 1-hour extension was reasonably calibrated in the circumstances, given the inclement weather that caused concern in the first place.

    The EBC deserve an award for this, not second-guessing, not excoriation, and certainly not being slapped down for having delivered a free and fair elections as their constitutional mandate demands.

    But Judge Mendonca: “If an election has been conducted so as to not be in substantial compliance with the laws of this country it is impossible to say that the result was not materially affected.”

    As abstract theoretical statement, that is quite true. But is anyone, even the petitioner, seriously suggesting that the election as conducted was *not* in substantial compliance with the laws of this country?

    No one has alleged ballot-stuffing, contrived miscounting, vote-buying, or any of a host of possible irregularities that could call the election into question. The EBC extended the voting by one hour, giving all parties, the country’s media and the general public what appeared to be full and adequate notification. That hardly amounts to non-compliance with the election laws.

    The only question, and the question at issue, is whether the discretion granted the EBC under the Constitution was abused, i.e. was arbitrary *and* capricious. It is precedent to that determination that the question of materiality must be answered. No materiality, no case. And the burden of proof rests with the petitioner. No chance of proving materiality, no leave even to proceed.

    Judge Mendonca has it upside down. The EBC does not have to prove that a 1-hr extension did not materially affect the election result. It is the petitioner that must prove that it did. That is the threshold that is evidentially impossible for it to cross. Even if they could prove materiality to their disbenefit, there would still be a second threshold to cross: that the result was anti-democratic, i.e. not reflective of the will of the electorate. That second threshold test is a logical impossibility for the petitioner. They cannot argue that they were harmed because more people voted for their opponent when allowed to.

    Judge Jamadar: “Such a position elevates outcome as absolutely determinative of legitimacy and discards process as of no or little consequence. Therein lies a path to undemocratic rule.” This guy can’t be serious. EBC has the mandate to deliver free and fair elections. It has the obligation to take all necessary measures to allow *all* who want to vote to vote. That is why the poll does *not* automatically close at 6 p.m.: all in the line at that point are allowed to vote, no matter how long it takes. On the same principle, if inclement weather will have the effect of making it harder for people to get to the polling station, then the EBC, and in its sole discretion, guaranteed under the Constitution, may take such action as it deems appropriate. Extending the polling time seems well within the discretionary ambit of the EBC. In any case, the burden is on the petitioner to prove that the exercise of that discretion was arbitrary and capricious. Leave to proceed should only be granted if there is some reasonable chance that they could carry that burden. There is no chance of that because the first hurdle of materiality cannot be crossed. The second hurdle already mentioned is also impossible for them to cross, because they would have to be arguing that they wuz robbed because the EBC let the people vote!

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked and the wicked deeds they wickedly do, and protect the innocent, in all these matters unfolding in our land.


  8. Yoruba, you mentioned the indian cricketer who called the African Australian a “monkey”…PLEASE watch this CNN India discussion on the topic…pay attention to the rationalization by thr “professor” as well as the bluntness (marginalized) ofmthe author of “Why I Am Not A Hindu”


    1. People are waking up… Next of course they’ll be rising up…

      On the basic question of skin-colour, it is amazing that the brainwashing has been so complete that a billion people in India accept the notion that lighter is somehow better. It turns the reality on its head. Here is what Mark Twain, a white American from the South, said:

      Nearly all black and brown skins are beautiful, but a beautiful white skin is rare….Where dark complexions are massed, they make the whites look bleached-out, unwholesome, and sometimes frankly ghastly. I could notice this as a boy, down South in the slavery days before the war. The splendid black satin skin of the South African Zulus of Durban seemed to me to come very close to perfection….

      And here is what Aaron, brother of Moses, said when their sister Miriam was turned white:

      “And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein we have done foolishly, and wherein we have sinned. Let her not be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother’s womb. And Moses cried unto the Lord, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee.” (Numbers 12:11-13)

      So white skin, far from being a sign of greater virtue or greater beauty, was deeply resented by those who had lost their pigmentation. And they were badly discriminated against. As God will, he has now made black-skinned people to feel the lash of skin-colour discrimination. And He has allowed white-skin privilege to come upon the world, that His own Chosen may learn the appropriate lesson. That is part of the truth that will make us free. It is up to each one of us whether and how quickly we begin to see Reality. If Mark Twain could see it, then so may we all. And after we have seen it, the next thing is to dismiss it as of no significance. That’s the challenge. Brahminist obscurantism will stand in the way for many.

      May the Most High open the inner eye of us all, that we may behold true beauty, the kind that is more than skin deep, and actually glows when we behold it.


  9. Also an interesting twist Yoruba….you questioned whether or not the thug cult came to T&T…guess what is the name of an offical leader of the Hindu Thug cult of ancient india ???


    A “Jemadar”….not “Justice” Jemadar….but “Jemadar”

    1. Blame Indians for everything. Blame Indians for Christopher Columbus coming in search of India and landing in the West. There he fathered the annihilated of millions of native Indians along with the help of British and Spanish settlers.

      Blame Indians for World War II and the atom bomb. The Americans capture some Nazi scientists and had them work on this project. The chief scientist read the Mahabharata and there he learned about ancient India and the single weapon that was delivered killing thousands. It provided the inspiration for the atom bomb.

  10. Yoruba, it does appear that there was a lot of abstraction the the reasoning of Judge Allan Mendonca. It does not appear that the UNC submitted enough material evidence to prove the validity of their case but what the verdict seems to be giving is cover to the OPPOSITION LEADER TO USE CHARGED language against the government to encourage the kind of dissension that she promised regarding instability of the elected government. In a nutshell, Judge Mendonca appears to be doing the same thing he accuses the EBC of doing – He is not sure the EBC has the powers to act the way it did and he too is allowing the UNC be given the better half of that doubt. Isn’t the Court supposed to adjudicate on facts? Up to now, there is no evidence of facts presented to substantiate the rulings of Mira Dean Amorer, Peter Jamadar or Allan Mendonca. Is this democracy? Is the judiciary now replacing the Elections and Boundaries Corporation to run elections in this country. I notice the follow up cases using Tobago citizens questioning why they did not get their hour extension. This is nasty, very nasty and I’m sure we are heading towards constitutional chaos. Watch my words!

    1. Kian,

      Well, we’ll see…

      I agree that Justice Mendonca went upside down in his abstraction. It is evidence of a nimble mind. But the danger with this kind of lawyer is that they become separated from common-sense moorings. I say “lawyer” because the stock-in-trade of a good lawyer is nimbleness of mind, the better to blow smoke and confuse judges and juries, as well as the lawyers on the other side. But a good judge must be equally as nimble of mind as a good lawyer, but he must use that nimbleness to blow away the smoke, not to create smoke himself!

      We want judges with common sense, with gravitas, that they are not blown away by every fancy argument from the nimble minds of smart lawyers. Justice Mendonca in my humble opinion, allowed himself to be blown away. (I hope he wasn’t making such an argument himself, doing the petitioners’ work for them.)

      The main thing is that the EBC is the sole authority under the Constitution, granted sole power (Section 71(12)) to conduct elections, and to establish the rules thereof. That is a very wide power of discretion.

      The exercise of a power of discretion constitutionally granted may be challenged in a court of course. But well established judicial principle is that the exercise of discretion may be challenged only on grounds that the exercise of that discretion was both arbitrary and capricious. That is a burden in this case for the petitioner to meet. And that is the common-sense mooring that Justice Mendonca lost sight of, imo.

      Leave to continue in the petition may be granted only if there is some prima facie evidence that suggests, taken in a light most favourable to the petitioner, that the action may succeed. CJ Archie is right that the hurdle that must be crossed for the action to have a chance of success, is the proof of materiality,i.e that the challenged extension to the voting hours materially changed the election result to the disbenefit of the petitioner. Absent such proof, the action must fail. He is right that the chance of proving materiality is essentially nil: far-fetched at best. On that basis, it would be a waste of judicial resources to let the matter proceed further, and Justice Mira-Dean Armorer erred in granting such leave.

      Justice Mendonca, as I have argued, turned the question at issue on its head, by, in effect, placing the burden of proof on respondent, i.e. the EBC, to prove that the exercise of their discretion did *not* materially affect the election outcome. To be so misled by a clever lawyer blowing smoke, shows a serious lack of gravitas, as certainly required of a Justice of Appeal.

      I am disappointed that the CJ did not succeed in making Mendonca see reason. Justice Jamadar looks to me to be a UNC partisan, and therefore a lost cause ab initio. He is using the law to pursue a political purpose, a party to the iniquitous “Indian Policy” being pursued by the disloyal sectarian Opposition.

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked and protect the innocent, bring peace and good order to this land, and frustrate the workers on iniquity who seek to make the country ungovernable.


      1. Justice Jamadar looks to me to be a UNC partisan, and therefore a lost cause ab initio. He is using the law to pursue a political purpose, a party to the iniquitous “Indian Policy” being pursued by the disloyal sectarian Opposition.

        That is a serious charge. I do not make it without reason.

        First, the name, Jamadar, establishes that he is a member of the indo community.

        Second, the name suggests relationship with the venerable Vernon Jamadar of the erstwhile DLP (forerunner of the UNC). Likely Justice Jamadar is his son.

        Third, Justice Jamadar makes the petition, or rather differences of view thereon, to be an “ideological” matter.

        He says: “It appears to me the main reason for the divisions of opinion is based on fundamental ideological difference on the core purpose of the representation petitions.” In other words, the purpose of the petition is to make some “ideological” point.

        What ideological point? It is no stretch to see that the only ideology being advanced by the petition is the supremacist ideology of hindutva. In the pursuit of that ideology, the political arm, the UNC, is carrying out the stated Item-1 agenda of the “Indian Policy”, of “making the country ungovernable”.

        By his decision in this matter, he has clearly aligned himself with this ideological purpose. He had to have ignored the legal issues nominally in question to leap to an ideological judgment. Therefore, he too has revealed himself as one of the wicked. I rest my case.

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds they do, in pursuit of the wicked agenda of indo-supremacism abroad in the land. And may He protect the innocent from this unfolding evil.


  11. This petition has surpassed it’s objective, not matter how it ends up in the Courts of law. After loosing the general elections and by extension the ‘manufactured’ popularity of Kamla Persad Bissessar, the UNC became de-motivated and (as we can see), internally self-centered and retrospective. As part of that introspection, naturally Kamla shares a great deal of the blame for the loss. In order to deflect from some of the stupidities of the ‘Kamla 2015’ official campaigns like the ‘No Rowley’ fiasco, the ‘Rowley is a rapist’ charges and ‘Rowley is a wajank’ charges, she has lost face with many supporters outside of the hindu community. To some extent, she also lost fate with a small but influential groups amongst her hindu supporters.
    In order to remain important and influential nationally, they concocted the idea of an ‘illegal’ election. There were no reported cases of irregularities to disrupt the voting citizenry.
    The international Observer groups that Kamla brought into the country to overseer the voting process, went by very smoothly.
    This, to Kamla’s mind was a ‘feather in her cap’. But her detractors keep pointing to her record as loosing five consecutive elections. That means she is a looser! What better way to re-claim her past glory than to accuse the EBC of making illegal decisions on election day! This rang a chord amongst the Indian intellectuals, professional class, the Indian law fraternity and PR stalwarts of the Kamla 2015 proposition. This was the only legal framework from which they could have sanitized the re-birth of the ‘popular Kamla’ of Nigel Henry fame.
    One of the things about Anand Ramlogan, is that he chooses his judiciary personnel (to man the Courts) very peculiarly. Almost in every case where he is involved, there is a cadre of Judges, magistrates and law professionals that he uses to take his cases to for hearing. Jamadar is definitely a popular one. All one needs to do is check his history, the history can more eloquently show his patterns that I can. It is not by accident that Mira Dean Amorer allowed newspaper clippings and other simple minded ‘evidence’ to enter into her rulings to give validity to the case against the EBC. The elevation to the Appeals panel of Chief Justice Archie, Jamadar and Mendonca only helped to legitimize the case of illegality on the part of the EBC. This gave rise to the authenticity of the UNC and in particular Kamla’s claim that the PNM government is an illegal government. What better cover does Kamla need than the rulings of the petitions given by Judges Peter Jamadar and Allan Mendonca? This gives her the political ammunitions to do several things:
    1. Call the Elections of 2015 null and void.
    2. To publicly claim that ‘we have’ an illegal PNM
    3. The EBC colluded with the PNM.
    4. Give rise to her supporters hope of a re-election
    to vindicate her claims of discrimination.
    5. It offers a re-cleansing of her image as a looser.
    6. The EBC becoming the bogeyman of her re-election
    7. Last but not least her cry to ‘bring down the PNM’.
    This is how neatly the rulings by the Appeals Court play into the hands of the UNC. Also, as stated by the noted UWI political scientist Mukesh Basdeo, the rulings will now bring together, the fractured image of a split UNC as one united force to fight the government. All one needs to do is take in the electioneering of Roodal Moonilal, he is almost absolutely sure that there will be a re-election of those seats that are in contention and he is hoping to be the Leader (Opposition or Government) then. So, in a nutshell, whether this petition succeeds the hearings of a full Court or it fails the test of its legitimate claims, it has already given the UNC all the materials it needs to keep its base together and to offer the hopes of success in future elections.
    So, thanks to the judiciary, Mira Dean Amorer, Peter Jamadar and Allan Mendonca the UNC is in the process of re-imaging based on the (false) concept of victimization and fairplay. THIS WILL TAKE US INTO SERIOUS CALAMITY AS A NATION AND WILL FRACTURE THE SO-CALLED ‘ALL AH WE IS ONE’ CONCEPT! TAKE MY WORD.

    1. My brother even if all of what you say is true, keep faith, and remember Isaiah 54:17 that I just quoted in response to Tman as he pursues what he thinks is a brilliant agenda buying up B’dos:

      “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh, and their righteousness is of me, saith Yahweh.” (Isaiah 54:17)

      So keep the faith, and make your appeal, penitent and humble, to the Most High. It is given to us to be like Daniel in the lion’s den, and his companions in the fiery furnace. Let them continue to test and mock our God.


  12. The racist paranoia on this destroyed Blogsite is testimony to the fact that our brilliant agenda is succeeding.

    P.S Greetings from Barbados where everything is for sale and we are buying it up.

    1. 1) anti-racist, not racist

      2) vigilance, not paranoia…
      we are now awake to the hindutva program, which you do not and cannot deny, and

      3) rather you tacitly admit by talk of your “brilliant agenda”

      Having said that, your “brilliant agenda” will fail.

      “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh, and their righteousness is of me, saith Yahweh.” (Isaiah 54:17)

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked and their wicked agenda, and protect His Chosen from those that would form a weapon against us.


  13. Lol….ahhhh thank you for identifying your location….yessss we know about the “muslims want land”….under the pretense of religion indian muslims are buying voter bloc of land…and the negro bakans are dumb just lime T&T to sell them…we know Tman we Know…you & your friend Ricky Singh must be so happy over there…personally….i have no pity…i hope the indian population surpasses african bajans within the next decade or less….dotish….they saw what happened i guyana & T&T and decided to distance themselves from the ethnic struggle just as T&T negroes did to African guyanese…just as many Tobagonians want to distance themselves from Trinidad….so be it! All the billions “Alina Baba” and her forty thieves stole in the last 5 years, 3 months is to partly do that…buy up land & judiciaries in the entire caribbean….

        1. In the above link Kian …#23 explains the origin of the word “Doogala ” in T&T….
          #39 explains why child marriage persists

          1. Thanks Alyssa. I am making a study of it.
            So far I am looking at #23, #39 and #40

            kanyam bhajanti – dogla

            trinsha – older men marrying children 8 – 12

            yahbramansto – when a brahmin man marries a shudra

            Interesting stuff.

        2. “MANU SMIRT” is THE MOST IMPORTANT & REVERED ancient LEGAL TEXTS in ‘Hinduism’….in other words Manu Smirti is the equivalent of the 10 commandments in christianity (for ‘hindus’). It is the codified vesrion of all of Hindus Values & Morality i.e. simply follow the rules cited & you will be a ‘righteous’ hindu…Everybody in T&T knows the Bible, commandments, Moral Code & Value system of Christians….BUTTT how much is known about Hunduism aside from the public relations Baubble at certain events?….Use the Forementioned site to study Manu Smirtis many Laws of This Beleif System & gain an understandings of the value system of Mamoo & other fellow citizens….especially their Political Representatives & their behaviour in the last 5 years, 3 months

        3. I think a close comparison will show that much of this correlates with the Babylonian Talmud.

          This would tend to corroborate (weakly) my claim that the indo-Aryans are of the Edomite family tree.

          The reasons why I say, “weakly”, are somewhat involved. Suffice it to say that the Edomites took the Babylonian Talmud and “ran with it”, and today, Edomites are at the core of modern so-called Jewry, even though the Khazar Jews now dominate. Long story short, brahminism is a mutation of Talmudic Judaism, which is essentially the preserve of those that “say they are Jews and are not” (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). The allusion there is to the fact that the so-called Jews today are not Israelite at all.

          The term “Jew” properly ought to refer to sons of Judah, the 4th son of Israel (aka Jacob). That title ought properly to apply to those of the southern kingdom of Judah, comprising the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, and the half-tribe of Levi. The true Jews are principally and notably the “Negro” scattered to the West, and more specifically to the former British colonies (U.S and the British West Indies).

          God ordained different roles for men and women under His Covenant Law with the children of Israel. But just as Talmudic Judaism made up a lot of stuff that God did not ordain, so too caste brahminism made up even more stuff to go along with their man-made religion of oppression.

          Meanwhile God said: “Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of Yahweh your God which I command you.” (Deuteronomy 4:2)

          As the so-called Jews are in fact the synagogue of Satan, so too are their brethren the brahminists.

          May the Most High continue to expose the wicked in our midst, and all their wicked works.


          “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” (Revelation 3:9)

          1. Btw….Yosef Ben Jochannan revealed in th 80’s that the whole ‘non violence resistance’ attributed to Gandhi (Falsely) actually dates back 1000s of years to Egypt & Agamemmnon

  14. See the story of “Comrade Bala”:


    Add it to your connect-the-dots file, and be ye not as the horse or mule without understanding.

    I link this in some as yet still amorphous way to the twistedness in the character of V.S. “Nightpall” that we discussed some time back. This fellow is allegedly a communist of the Maoist persuasion, but I am seeing an essential brahminism in his twistedness. I would bet my bottom dollar, as they used to say, that he is a brahmin. Others will no doubt see it differently.

    This is not to excuse communism, which is another godless idolatry. One only has to contemplate the craziness of mass murderers like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and others, under the psychosis of godless communism to know that that is perhaps the sickest of sick brews. Now mix that godless idolatry, with the god-complex sickness of brahminism, and this is the result.

    Had that fellow ever got near the reins of an actual government, I shudder to think what might have been the result!


  15. Ahhhh my wise dear brother Yoruba….you have connected the dots…but i wonder if you see the angle in your link…..In Nepal the brahminists migrated & F#%*£€ up the society….the Chairman Maoists promised to do away with Brahminist inequality & equal status (as well as land)…so many dalits as well as clever upper castes ‘converted’ to join the political movement to kick Brahminist rule out of Nepal….BUTTTTT what have we learned about those who are raised, socialized in brahminist ideology then on a whim ‘convert’….the conversion is often times SUPERFICIAL and surreptitious to the host belief system or movement/organization,…..

    1. Quite so…

      I did not fail to see that angle.

      That is why biblical prophecy is predicated on seedline. It is not predicated on “ideology”. Nor is it predicated on skin colour which is a superficial thing. Whatever the ideology, the energetic dynamics that determine behaviour and propensities arise out of seedline.

      The seedline (paternal) of the indo-Aryans is Esau (aka Edom). They are fulfilling the Book, along with their Edomite brethren at the core of Talmudic Judaism.

      Similarly, the dominant seedline of the Arabs is Ishamel. They have been drawn to a religion, Islam, which literally means submission to the will of the Most High. It is supposed to be, and is called, a religion of peace. They are supposed to begin every conversation with the words of peace, Salaam Aleikum, and they do. Religiously…

      Butttt… Scripture prophesied of Ishmael that “he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him”.

      And so today we see the fulfilment of that, and his religious ideology provides no restraint, rather an aspect of it, jihad, provides the basis of the fulfilment.

      So we’ve got to fulfil the Book as Bob Marley wisely observed in some of his lyrics…

      Now, Scripture also says we may overcome the world, and the prophetic destiny that we must otherwise fulfil. But in order to do so, we must accept Yeshua, as the way, and the Light to guide our feet. All other ideologies and idolatries will fail us.

      Those who are His, will find their way out of whatever false ideology and idolatry that block their way. Partly that requires us to connect dots… “be ye not as the horse or mule without understanding…”, that we may hearken to His voice…


      “O Yahweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?” (Jeremiah 16:19-20)

  16. MY friend Tony Deyal said it best and the frequent, hypocritical, nauseating contributors here demonstrate the lowest forms of racist, uncivilized human degradation on a daily basis. Keep it up charlatans, as you isolate rather than liberate yourselves.

    New governments come into town, their guns blazing, not literally like the Earp Brothers and Doc Holliday in the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral, but more like the American nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They had already won the war but needed to demonstrate that they were large and in charge. There are no shades of grey in the aftermath of wars and elections– the winning side has to show conclusively and feel deep in their hardened hearts that the other side, meaning not the supporters of the beaten party but people of the same tribe or persuasion, have not just lost an election but also the right to equal treatment. When race is at the heart of electoral choices, there is an extra bitterness, almost an enjoyment, which closes eyes and ears, sometimes even shuts down brains and hearts, but certainly not mouths.

    1. Did anyone hear Tman give this or a similar speech to His family & friends post May 24th 2010?

      I distinctly remember a contractor complaining on radio, that the mother of a then minister had ‘descended’ upon a URP area expressing disgust …”How come dem niggah an dem still here??”…as i mentioned in earlier posts the indian community through the UNC seems to believe that they have the divine right as they did in 1995-2001 fire & abuse african people at will, deceitfully labelling them PNM with a overt, triumphantilistic posturing BUTTTTT. ..when they are booted out of office, without skipping a beat they start to complain about not even similar treatments to what they meted out previously but they don’t expect any backlash…its a childish temper tantrum that i won’t tolerate….i am not the PNM!…

    2. This is what the Americans call a “cheap shot”. It is cheap in the sense of cowardly, because it risks nothing. The shot is taken from so far away, and from such a well covered position of hiding, that it falls far short of the target, and barely can provoke return fire. Total waste of time.

      Look Tman, if you are so worked up about the discussion on the blog, cite a few examples of what you take exception to and specifically why. I doubt you’ll score any points that will not elicit effective return fire. But you never know. Give it a try.

      But from my side, I continue to offer up this simple, and certainly non-racist prayer: May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent, in all the matters unfolding in this land. And may He give to Prime Minister and his team the wisdom and understanding needed to secure and maintain good peace and order in this land.


  17. Tman is decribing what happened right after he & his family won the may 24th 2010 election….notice her great attention to detail.. but the first paragraph of adjectives must be describing the laws of Manu…Manu Smirti…notice Tgirl cannot debate issues or dispute facts??…she just gets in a brahminicalm (fake) rage & lashes out with verbal cfecal matter….

    lol…look at her character witness & friend….Tony Deyal has 0 credibility in these matters…he was part & parcel to kamla & the PPP 2010-2015 all with a big grin on his face…..Tony Deyal was the mastermind behind “Voices” that irritating, intrusive PP propaganda that sought to force all Trinidadiaans under the sun to here the lies of how ‘great’ the PP was….a hirde of UNC sucopha ts LYING to the camera & saying thjngs wrre fantastic…now we kniw why….thag0t money from NGC…where did it go??Tony Deyal is a great example of what i speak about…if you look at his picture in the paper with his trademark f0grin & the stale, childlike jokes….similar to Winston Dookeran, because of his demeanor & appearance, one might be inclined to think of him as ‘harmless’…BUTTTTT Mr. Deyal was part & parcel of the PP Propaganda Machinery of the past 5 years….allegedly getting two salaries at CMNG…he even wrote what i saw to be his first direct political commentary…and what dis he say? That fitzgerald hinds’ comment about ashworth jack and kamla being alliagators in the same lagoon….is racist… (against indians)…so ashworth jack is an indian….Tony Deyal only noticed racist speech from the PNM…he’s as fair an unbiased as Ralph Maraj….and that doesn’t say much…good..
    I am not surprised that he is your friend…..
    Alligators in the same lagoon swim together….same traits…

    But there is another angle to thus…because of hindu ideology & indian culture (racism)…Indians suffer from MASS “Cognitive Dissonance” regularly & have to remove it by finding equal accusations to level against their victims (racist abuse)….like i said even in india to this day…the brahmins & uppercastes accuse their victims (untouchables ) of being racist for not accepting the abuse…cognitive dissonance is a term in psychology, describing the reality that human beings’ horrible behaviour isn’t acccepted psychologically….they can’t function well knowing they do wrong.. (racist abuse) and so in order to remove this stTe of being they RATIONALIZE their bad behaviour by in the case of indian racism against africans…they trump up reasons to validate their behaviour towards africans….”They Ugly” “They is Rawan”(inhuman, black devil) “They doh even like deyself” “They inferior” “They Is animal “….or my favourite “They Racizt” i.e. Theis is their attempt to sleep like a baby at night knowing the racist mentality towards africans i.e. quelling their conscience……removing the cognitive dissonance….but unlike other ethnic groups….Manu Smirti aids tremendously in this regard

    Only in your fantasy could you behave the way you did in the past 5 years without a backlash….

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