Jack upstages Kamla on Central walkabouts

By Renuka Singh
July 05, 2015 – guardian.co.tt

Jack WarnerA planned walkabout in embattled Enterprise, Chaguanas, by Independent Liberal Party (ILP) leader Jack Warner yesterday upstaged an impromptu walkabout in the same area by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Warner and his ILP supporters walked right past the Postman Grounds where Persad-Bissessar and several top cops met with the residents to deliver football uniforms to the Crown Trace Football Club. The team has a game in Orlando, Florida, and the cost of flights and uniforms is being offset by the Government.

Even as Persad-Bissessar began her own walkabout moments behind Warner and took the same path that he did, she was met with a much different reaction.

She was joined by Minister of National Security, retired brigadier general Carl Alfonso; acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams; Chief of Defence Staff Major General Ken­­rick Maharaj; Central Division Snr Supt Johnny Abraham; and a 20-vehicle convoy. She was also accompanied by Chaguanas Mayor Gopaul Boodhan and MP for the area, Stephen Cadiz.

Warner was welcomed and cheered while very few people came forward to meet Persad-Bissessar and Cadiz.

The Sunday Guardian spoke with several residents, all of whom declined to allow photographs or give their names.

“Walking around now not helping we when we belly burning when the night come eh sister. People want jobs, people want to eat, drink and all they doing is talk,” one man said.

When asked why Warner was welcomed while Persad-Bissessar was given a colder reception, he said they were “accustomed seeing Warner in the back here.”

“We always seeing Warner, he was here a few times already just this week,” he said.

Another man refused to speak to the media but stood some distance away saying that the area remained neglected for years. When approached by Cadiz he kept stepping back, telling Cadiz that he didn’t know him and should leave him alone. “We never seen him in the back here,” one man said.

Another said that they needed jobs, income, food and help in the Enterprise area.

Warner has met quietly with several of the alleged gang leaders in the area over the past week and said that Persad-Bissessar was making the crime situation “political.”

“It’s only on election time we seeing them,” Warner said. “We didn’t tell anyone that we visit the area, we tell no one that we talk with the men in the various sections.”

Source: www.guardian.co.tt/news/2015-07-05/jack-upstages-kamla-central-walkabouts

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  1. Looking forward to seeing Jack upstage Loretta Lynch when the time comes. He is saying it may take up to 15 years to get the extradition. Just a few days ago extradition papers were served in Sweden for some of his friends.
    With Jack his sons have fully cooperated with US authorities and every 2 days he has to make an appearance at the police station. The fact is the FBI has all the goods on him and more…. So let us see what Ram, Rekha and British lawyers can do for him. Frozen assets will be a good place to start.

  2. “O judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts,

    And men have lost their reason.”

    We should all be concerned about the bottom up corruption of the citizens of T&T. The unreasonable gravitation towards Jack Warner can only be interpreted as an act of desperation, opportunity and exploitation of a man who is willing to buy his way into office and out of jail.The executive of the ILP is dominated by opportunistic Indians who fits the stereotype of the money chasing Indian…. Jack’s money.
    Those who support this man after all the exposed evidence against him are morally and ethically worse than the man himself.

  3. Let us have a serious conversation about GATE. Does GATE without jobs really work? Now with a current recession threatening world wide positive economic growth in the third world is this good for GATE or is it a good timing to continue with GATE, a drain on public expenditure here. Who are we fooling? Greece is forced to tighten its belt. Should we not be looking to do the same? Should we not be looking to do the same and cutting out the “nice to haves”. But then we are busy speculating on cutting out the subsidies on gasoline products that cut deep down in our pockets where our needy expenses are being served on a daily basis. Will children then be capitalising on GATED programmes or is it that her people certainly will continue to benefit there. Who is she really fooling? Is the USA and Canada in particular welcoming all our GATED tax monies well spent in our children for their greater good there or more appropriately ARE WE BENEFITING FROM OUR GATED EXPENDITURE? You will notice of course North America does not have any GATED programmes but we copy them every which other way….WHY? Are we that stupid or are we just happy to see who can get more votes from GATE. What about the school feeding programme …is this a dead issue here? I feel the PM punch line when she calls me, a typical non Indo Trini,.. a terrorist. Is it because I oppose her views, I am a terrorist? More so, I do note she is building up central and south lands with both educational and health facilities and I am not against this but I note she was down on Mr Manning for improving the North landscape with buildings and as well the land landscape particularly here in PoS. Not to mention the congestion in PoS alone he needed to do this. Not to mention Manning budgets were not in the $50 Billion ranges for each of five years. But yes we should decentralize but first we needed to deal with the bobool embedded in our culture first. But then this all comes back to GATE. Are we really benefiting from GATE? Some how I believe we are not. When our GATED educated children go to other countries they ask for them to go back to school before they can get equitable employment. If they stay in Trinidad they get jobs that keep them below the standards of living here even when they are educated abroad. And we know the educational institutions here cannot complete with most of those abroad. Hence I ask again who is GATE really serving. And even when the children graduate here from a GATED programme where will they be employed satisfactorily? But my dear lady is talking about building more Hospitals and Schools and Campuses and hybrid vehicles and solar energy run buildings etc. In a country where persons die in hospitals and where there is social unrest in schools due in the main to teachers who are really NOT teachers how is she going to manage these new facilities to bring about profitable returns for ALL OF US not just her people. She certainly knows how to use other people’s hard earned monies that occupy the treasury to help HER PEOPLE. We must not forget that. Yes one could argue what PNM did as her blogger mouth pieces were deafening us with months now. But are we to continue along the same insane non progressive line as a nation? You tell me? I am a fan of solar energy products years now. We have a good industry base and we could build on that base to manufacture solar energy products and then look to assemble these units into meaningful ways to reduce on other energy based fuels. A good start would be to have low income earners reduce their electricity costs by using solar powered electricity especially on hilly areas. These programmes can be funded by government and promoted and guided through APETT and BOE. Another programme is improving water catchment areas to reduce flooding and ensure water is available in the dry season. Our current flooding woos and electrical failure woos costs us billions each year. But then again who really benefits from these losses? So I say again who does GATE really benefits?

      1. The topic is politics and the burning issues are about expenditures of our treasury money that we need to use carefully considering world economics at this point in time you moron ….who cannot seem to see further than your nose. You kiss the foot PM spent over 250 Billion the last five years and we have little to show for that expenditure.

        1. This is an old list if you read the new one you go faint.
          No PNM old talk & Propaganda can beat this PERFORMANCE
          • Settled 83 wage negotiations 34 of which was left outstanding by the PNM
          • Settled $20 billion CLICO Crisis
          • Turn around a recession economy from negative 3.5% to positive 1.7% growth
          • Turn around the agriculture sector
          • Created the Children life fund
          • Reduced poverty by 4%
          • Created the Single Electronic Window for ease of doing business
          • Built the Couva Interchange
          • Converted Chancery Lane office complex into a teaching hospital
          • Replaced the Navet South Trunk Main which improved water supply to over 250,000 households
          • Paid $1.5 billion owed to contractors by the PNM
          • Completed the Aranguez Overpass
          • Constructed the St. Helena Delta Bridge connecting Kelly Village to Piarco
          • Completed the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Extension
          • Constructed a Third Lane to Uriah Butler Highway
          • Rehabilitated the Tarouba Link Road.
          • Construction of the Solomon Hochoy Highway Extension from Golconda to Debe
          • Completion of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Uriah Butler Highway Interchange
          • Built 72 new schools
          • Built 8 new police stations
          • Provided 500 new vehicles to the Police Service
          • Created over 40 New Bus routes
          • Processed more than 1,000 Certificates of Comfort (COCs).
          • Commissioned 12 community centres at Gulf View, Marac, Waterloo, Union Claxton Bay, Malabar Phase IV, La Gloria, Hindustan, Bon Air West, Ste. Madeleine, Sisters’ Road, Second Caledonia, Duranta
          • Built over 30 Bridges
          • Ministry of Local Gov’t paved 1150 local roads in fiscal year 2012/13
          • FOREIGN direct investment increased by over 400% since 2010 from $3.5 billion to almost $16.1 billion.
          • Given out 95,000 Laptops to Form one Students
          • Reduced Inflation from 16% in 2010 to 4% in 2014.
          • Opened 17 MIC Technology Centre
          • Increased 24/7 Water Supply from 18% in 2010 to 69% in
          • Installed lights at 157 Recreation Grounds
          Delivery for Tobago
          • Completed the long awaited Tobago hospital improving health care in Tobago
          • Completed the Magdalena Grand improving rooms for Tourism
          • Opened a new gas station at Roxborough.
          • Fixing the problem with obtaining land title
          • $150 million upgrade for ANR Airport
          • New Fire Station for Black Rock (In Progress, See Udecott site for status)
          • New MET Office (In Progress, See Udecott site for status)
          • Opened the Tobago Technology Centre at Bon Accord
          • The establishment of an integrated campus for UTT
          and the list goes on…


  4. There appears to be a linkage to the procedural proclamation of the election date, Inspection Seales’ suspension and the suspected government’s intention to use matters arising out of criminal behavior around the country to call a state of emergency. The swiftness with which the Police Commissioner acted, to suspend Inspector Seales, based on a statement he made suggesting the government was looking for a reason to call a state of emergency, therefore canceling the election indefinitely is suspect. Several months ago, in one of my ‘supposin commentaries’, I put forward a scenario stating that the reason why Hamel-Smith was fired was to have a partisan President in place to do the dirty work if and when it is required. I did state that although the President was nominated by the government, he may not always be in agreement with the proposals they wish to enact, therefore, having a partisan official acting as President was the real intention that Hamel-Smith was fired and Raziah Ahmed was made President of the Senate. As a man so closely associated with the law, President Carmona may not want to be on the wrong side of constitutional activism and might be unwilling to do the dirty work when such an opportunity is presented to him. it might be sometimes discomforting for him to associate himself with the loosely contrived acts of the Kamla Persad Bissessar government. The appointment of Raziah Ahmed, a political UNC activist turned President of the Senate, was to fill that interim post of Acting President at the opportune time during the President’s absence. The Opposition, suspecting that the government was tardy in making the election date official (with necessary procedures signed, sealed and delivered), were not comfortable that the necessary documents were not made public. So, naturally, they cried out that it was not done. The Prime Minister, being the cunning fox that she is went out in an election campaign meeting to display the document, she said was signed by the Presidential Office by the acting President Raziah Ahmed. The politically observant enquirer would ask the question, why was it necessary for the Prime Minister to display the letter of approval at a political meeting and not published by the government’s printery? One would think that this should be a routine matter that should come courtesy the government’s printery for all and sundry to see and know. But Kamla’s idea was to keep us all in suspense and if enough enquiries were made, she had the letter of approval (in her hand). Is this the proper way to run a government? A simple matter as the official date of an election being made public at an election campaign? When we question her methods of operation or her modus operandi, her supporters call that witchhunt but Kamla never leaves anything to be done summarily, she has to interject and therein lies my next observation. Why?, in this day and age of computerized printing of receipts does she have to display a letter of approval, written by the acting President with a hand dated stamp? If one does an ordinary fax, a computerized stamp facilitates receipt. So, why in God’s name an official document, coming out of the President’s office has to be hand-stamped, instead of computerized stamp?. It might be just curiosity but it gives occasion to wonder if hand stamped documents could be as authentic as computer stamped documents, or if hand stamped documents can be as trustworthy as computer-stamped ones?
    The sudden rise of criminal activities in the Enterprise area of Chaguanas is cause for all citizens to worry. When criminal activities and police activities appear to promote an idea of destabilization, the public become the fall victims. Statistics is a measure for politicians to use. People know that crime is being abated when they become comfortable doing things without having to worry about how criminal behavior would affect them.
    This government has made the act of a state of emergency a political instrument of choice, to be used to keep people in check and less informed. In extending the military contract of General Ken Maharaj, the prime minister stated that her reason for it was that he (Maharaj had unfinished work to do), so, if one wants to be inquisitive, could the question be asked, is the extending of the general’s commission by one year be part of the strategy that the government has in place for calling a state of emergency? These are just questions and in a democracy, we ought to ask them because no one will willingly come out and admit to anything unless there is enough proof to the contrary.
    Coming back to the uprising in Enterprise, it was interesting to see the Prime Minister appear to be ‘making peace’ and seeking intervention into peaceful resolutions, competing with Jack Warner only to be seen as a work in progress to combat crime.

    1. Government is using the crime situation as a strategy to stay in power.

      1. Most criminals come from PNM held constituencies. I say to my Afro brothers join the new TNT where brain is better than brawn. Don’t solve problems with the gun solve it with the brain. Yes under the PP murder and other crimes are on decline. Thanks to the over 500 police cars purchased by the PP to fight crime.

    2. Here are the facts:

      PNM queries about the non-appearance of writs required for holding the general election have proved to be ill-informed, and ill-advised, unless the intent has been to raise a political dust storm for the sake of doing so. The clearest result can be seen only in potential damage to the image of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC), if not to destabilise that critical agency.

      PNM vice-chairman Colm Imbert, seeking re-election in Diego Martin North/East, charged that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar had neglected to notify the President to issue writs and arrange for nomination day.

      Such platform thunder before a partisan Piggott’s Corner crowd in Belmont soon took shape as party policy. PNM chairman Franklin Khan joined the cause of assailing various official targets for failures in making due arrangements for the September 7 poll.

      The PNM first sought to indict Ms Persad-Bissessar. In response, the Prime Minister released copies of correspondence with the President, geared to advancing preparations for holding elections.

      As she deflected from herself all blame in the matter, the PNM shifted its aim to the President and the EBC, decrying the failure to issue the necessary writs. The party held up the non-appearance of writs as suggestive of a government aim to postpone the elections.

      The approach soon came to look much like a fishing expedition for an election-related issue. The President’s Office and the EBC clarified that each had taken steps, in keeping with the law, for the holding of the September 7 poll.

      Unable to contradict such official responses, the PNM appears still unsatisfied by the EBC’s explanation. The agency affirmed that, ahead of the issuance of writs, it has been recruiting and training 41 returning officers to ensure efficient conduct of the elections.

      The Commission does not appear to have been disturbed by such attacks effectively targeting its competence and probity. It no doubt retains in institutional memory the 2000-2002 efforts by the PNM to charge the agency with rigging the elections, with “voter padding”, “voter fraud”, and other abuses, especially in marginal constituencies.

      In opposition, the PNM targeted the EBC with judicial review. In early 2002 when, under Patrick Manning, the party took office, it set up the Lennox Deyalsingh enquiry into the EBC.

      After the EBC survived all such challenges, what remained clear was a PNM intent to blame the commission for its 2000 and 2001 election performance. In 2015, the voting public should be alerted to the prospect that the PNM’s latest unfounded anxieties could be the start of similar things to come.

  5. A tale of two People
    This week there were two incidents that occurred and played themselves well into our psyches that should be seen as barometers of how events shape our lives. One of the events was local and the other foreign.
    Since most of what we take our cues from comes from the foreign shaper of identities – United Sates of America, I will mention that event first.

    We saw in that country the ‘bringing down’ of the Confederate flag. A flag that represented superiority, domination, racial and ethnic superiority, regional culture, steadfastness, history, ethnic purity, oppression and so many other things, were taken down because, the net effect of what it symbolised gave rise to white Southern racial superiority. The Governor of South Carolina, U.S.A. Nicki Haley, whose parents are immigrant Indians from India is a proud American of Indian extraction, whose act made her a new inductee into the historical and iconic fixture of American history as the one responsible for lifting the symbolic burden of prejudice against black Americans and other peoples of color. Many lives were lost over that symbol (the Confederate flag), which represented white prejudice over minorities for over 150 years. Whilst that symbolic act may not necessarily erraticate hatred, the mere act of taking it from the symbols of power (the State Houses of Authority), the message she sent to 350 millions Americans was that South Carolna no longer tolerate discrimination.

    On the local scene, two events occurred that on the surface appeared not to be significant, if you are not affected by them. One is the case of the suspension of Inspector Seales by the Commissioner of Police, when he offered an opinion about the calling of the date of the election. Most citizens are of the opinion that his act was the political directive of the Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar. The other was the naming of
    former DCP Melvyn Richardson, who was the Officer in charge of investigating emailgate. Based on information from the media, he was offered and received vacation buyout. Then offered the high security job of Guarding the Prime Minister – NOC Director. Based on information released by the then Minister of National Security, Jack Warner, Mervyn Richardson was the officer who reported to him about the marijuana that was found in the Prime Minister’s residence. The same Commissioner who suspended Inspector Seales, said he was never informed by DCP Richardson of the marijuana but chose not to discipline him. But he said he set up an investigation into Richardson’s actions. By this we might surmise that the Commissioner of Police IS INVESTIGATING the actions of Richardson. The Prime Minister, with all that in the public domain about emailgate, marijuana find and vacation buyout of DCP Richardson, chose to promote, yes PROMOTE DCP Richardson to an even higher office – that of Head of the NOC, working and reporting directly under the Prime Minister. BY this act many rules and regulations were broken and not respected by the Prime Minister. PSC regulations, Public Service rules for appointments, ethical rules, moral rules etc, etc. How much more of this kind of wanton disrespect and hatred for protocol can we take from the Prime Minister? She campaigned on the theme “we shall rise”. It is time that columnists and commentators take a closer look at that term to fully understand what it REALLY means. It is obvious under the rule that many have risen, but who and what are the “we”? What will that do for the future of Trinidad and Tobago? The answer of course will lay in abeyance until clearer indications are surmised……

  6. A tale of two people……
    By any standard, this is a blatant dismissal of all that has been in force since the functioning of the Public Service was established by the governance of the Spanish, French, British and local governance prior to 2010. The beneficiary of these acts by the Commissioner of Police and the Prime Minister could only be one person and one person only – Kamla Persad Bissessar.

    When we compare the events occasioned by one Indian (American) woman whose act alleviated the burdens of racial hatred for over 400 million people – Nicki Haley of South Carolina to that of another Indian (Trinidadian) woman both in positions of authority, it can clearly be seen that one gave rise to HOPE. The other, destroyed HOPE for the future of Trinidad and Tobago.

    In transactional analysis, Nicki Haley’s acts is called I’m OK – You’re OK.
    Kamla Persad Bissessar’s act is called I’m OK – You’re Not OK. Nicki Haley’s act was unselfish by helping millions of people in America and all over the world help free themselves from the yolk of prejudice and hate.
    Whilst Kamla’s was to give rise only to herself primarily and only those that she prefers racially.

    For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the ‘I’m OK’ syndrome, a quick summary is mentioned for your understanding of how leaders view themselves. I’m OK – You’re OK is;
    When I consider myself OK and also frame others as OK, then there is no position for me or you to be inferior or superior.
    This is, in many ways, the ideal position. Here, the person is comfortable with other people and with themself. They are confident, happy and get on with other people even when there are points of disagreement. This position clearly represents Nicki Haley as a person who is comfortable in her own shoes and confident that by helping others, she is helping herself – a clear and understandable position of acknowledging others.
    I’m OK – You’re not OK on the other hand
    People in this position feel themselves superior in some way to others, who are seen as inferior and not OK. As a result, they may be contemptuous and quick to anger. Their talk about others will be smug and supercilious, contrasting their own relative perfection with the limitation of others.
    This position is a trap into which many managers, parents and others in authority fall, assuming that their given position makes them better and, by implication, others are not OK.
    These people may also have a strong ‘Be Perfect’ driver, and their personal strivings makes others seem less perfect.

    In conclusion, coming back to our local events: By exercising his constitutional rights to speak out, Inspector Seales, who was speaking on behalf of his union members was summarily suspended from his job because Kamla and company did not like what he was saying (even though there was evidence of truth in it). DCP Richardson whose actions while in uniform clearly showed that he deviated from normal police work and maybe criminally implicated by defending the Prime Minister in emailgate, marijuana and police duties while still under investigation was PROMOTED and to report ONLY to the Prime Minister. How in God’s name could this be considered GOOD GOVERNANCE?

    1. ” DCP Richardson whose actions while in uniform clearly showed that he deviated from normal police work and maybe criminally implicated by defending the Prime Minister in emailgate, marijuana and police duties while still under investigation was PROMOTED and to report ONLY to the Prime Minister. How in God’s name could this be considered GOOD GOVERNANCE?”

      “Criminally implicated” An international con man made an allegation and you already believe this pathological liar. Amazing.
      Here is the report, “Tuesday 16th June, 2015, the Commissioner of Police was presented with a signed report from Snr. Supt. Gould which confirmed the discovery of 5 GRAMMES of a ‘plant like material’ RESEMBLING THAT OF MARIJUANA, contained in a plastic bag IN THE MALE WASHROOM OF A GAZEBO, on the western end of PM’s private residence. The report stated that THE DISCOVERY WAS MADE ON FRIDAY 19TH APRIL, 2013, AT AROUND 8:50AM by a member of Special Branch.”
      Oddly it was the date the Simmonds report came out implicating Jack….

    2. Kian—“Nicki Haley of South Carolina to that of another Indian (Trinidadian) woman both in positions of authority, it can clearly be seen that one gave rise to HOPE. The other, destroyed HOPE for the future of Trinidad and Tobago

      Whilst Kamla’s was to give rise only to herself primarily and only those that she prefers racially.”

      Again your PNM brain on over drive Kian. When Eric said “massa day done”, what he meant Eric day arrived. As such he began the worst arphatheid system TNT ever saw and it continues today under the PNM. Over 75% of government jobs went to mostly illiterate PNM supporters. In the civil service if you had an Indian name you were immediately disqualified from getting a government job. Talk about racism the PNM invented that word in TNT.

      The Partnership is the most inclusive government in the history of TNT. Kamla has worked across the nation. PNM areas has benefited considerably under the PP and so to party supporters. Your accusations of racism is based on your PNM years of brainwashing. You assume everyone thinks like the PNM cultist.

      The PP settled 123 wage agreements giving between 17-25% increases to mainly civil servants over 90% PNM supporters. The PNM left 83 outstanding. Those wage agreements include NHA housing etc.

      Increased minimum wage from $9:00 to $15:00 PNMites benefitted from this.

      Increased old age from $2000 to $3500. PNMites benefitted from this.

      Increased disability grants, housing grants etc.

      Please explain how is that creating hopelessness


      Building point fortin, Arima, Sangre Grande, Couva hospital. Built San Fernando Teaching Hospital, El Dorrado Nursing Academy…. Expanding Port of Spain General. New oncology unit being built. Refurbish 100 health care centers and increased hours, now open on weekends. Explain to me how is that creating hopelessness. Kian plain and simple you racist.

      Here are the facts:

      The following major projects have been done under the PP Government in The East West Corridor:
      1. UWI Costatt Campus – SANGRE GRANDE
      2. New Arima Hospital (under construction) – ARIMA
      3. Completed the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Extension – ARIMA
      4. New Arima Police Station – ARIMA
      5. Valencia bypass Road (under construction) VALENCIA
      6. New Walkover – OROPUNE
      7. New Walkover – MALONEY
      8. St. Barbara’s Spiritual Shouter Baptist Primary School – MALABAR
      9. Nursing Academy – EL DORADO
      10. Tunapuna Promenade – TUNAPUNA
      11. Upgraded Tunapuna Market – TUNAPUNA
      12. National Tennis Complex (under construction) – TACARIGUA
      13. Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Uriah Butler Highway Interchange – GRAND BAZAAR
      14. Completion of the Aranguez Overpass – ARANGUEZ
      15. National Oncology Centre (under construction) – MT. HOPE
      16. Mango Rose Homework Centre – EAST PORT OF SPAIN
      17. Nelson Street Police Post – PORT OF SPAIN
      18. Diego Martin Highway Extension – DIEGO MARTIN
      19. Diego Martin Technology Centre – DIEGO MARTIN
      20. Chaguaramas Boardwalk and Recreation Facility – CHAGUARAMAS
      21. New D’Abadie Bridge (B1/23) – D’ABADIE
      22. New bridge B1/14 Churchill Roosevelt Highway – TRINCITY
      23. Creation of three lanes out of Port of Spain by building a third lane on Bridge at Sea Lots
      24. Creation of Roundabout at Lok Jack School of Business
      25. Repairs to the Blanchicheuese Road improving connection to Asa Wright Nature Center
      26. St Joseph River Bridge being reconstructed
      27. Valencia Stretch repaved along with several sections of Eastern Main Road as well as widening of CR HIghway into three lanes going East
      28. Upgrades to Hollis Main for an improved water supply along corridor
      29. Water projects to expand pipe borne supply 24/7 for all.
      30. Wastewater treatment plants in Matura, Arima, POS
      31. The reconstructed bridge 2/10 Toco Main Road.

  7. Kian is as delusional as his buddy Jack Warner whom he now praises.
    He is so power hungry because he perceives a PNM victory as African dominance and because he wants T&T to have a purely African image and culture.He ignores the uncomfortable fact that the largest minority group in T&T is of Indian descent, whom he dismisses as “pagan”.

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