Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
May 24, 2015

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoePart of the glory of being a Trinbagonian is that someone always arises in our time of need. These are people who always place the needs of country before self, our communal health before blind egotism, and truth before falsification. On May 21, for yet another time, Sebastian Ventour, deputy chairman of the Integrity Commission and one of our distinguished citizens, rejected conformity to reaffirm the sterling quality of our personhood.

Justice Ventour’s with self-effacing modesty, uttered a simple truth: “When I took my oath the last thing I would have thought I would be part of any statement that would mislead the public of Trinidad and Tobago. I want no part of it.” He believed one could not say a matter is completed when there are other related matters and persons to be investigated. Moreover, the head of a commission cannot issue a statement that purports to represent the commission when the deputy chairman has not even seen it. Such an action smacks of disrespect and violates the normal courtesies colleagues extend to one another.

With unblushing honesty, Justice Ventour continued saying that a committee that exercises surveillance over public life and serves in a capacity of trust must be beyond suspicion. An integrity committee should not be wanting in integrity. It cannot and should not tell a lie. Therefore, I will take no part in lying to the nation.

Contrast Justice Ventour’s behavior with that of Justice Zainool Hosein, the chairman of the Integrity Commission. When the members of the society asked that he respond to what seemed to be a troubling situation, especially when Dr. Keith Rowley, the Leader of the Opposition, was expelled from the Parliament because of this issue, the only thing Justice Hosein could offer was, “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

And he may be right. But when the press, usually described as the Fourth Estate because of the important function it plays in keeping the nation informed, asked him to explain his actions, he declared: “I feel I was in some lynch mob. This is not right.”

The choice of words is unfortunate. The press, in pursuit of its legitimate function, is described as a “mob,” which most dictionaries define as “a disorderly or riotous crowd of people” or “a crowd bent or engaged in lawless violence.” As far as I can tell, the members of the press did not display any of those characteristics. They were trying to understand what transpired and why.

Justice Hosein did not see it that way. He felt harassed. Therefore, he affirmed: “I am going to protest this. I am going to report this to the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago.”

But this is not an issue for the Media Association. Rather, the public, citizens of a democratic society, wish to have a clear-cut answer from the protagonists involved. Hiding behind legalese is not an option. Justice Hosein cannot hide in the shadows while he evades the substance of the issue.

A commission does not operate in a vacuum as though it possesses a truth unto itself. Truth itself is an attempt to bridge the gap between “what is” and “what ought to be.” We arrive at truth through dialogue and discourse. For us to grasp the truth, Justice Hosein must tell us what he knows.

The Integrity Commission is a body that was created and given life and vitality by the public. In order to carry out its function the public must trust it. To the degree that the public refuses to accept its impartiality it is to that degree that it ceases to exist in any meaningful sense. The commission and its members are ultimately responsible to us as citizens. When it loses our trust and confidence, it is of no use to society.

The commission does not belong to the commissioners. It belongs to the ordinary citizens who give it its meaning and its validity. Therefore, it is accountable to us. If the chairman of the commission does not believe he has any obligation to the public, then he is in the wrong business. He may still carry the title of chairman, but then he would simply be talking loud and saying nothing.

Justice Hosein is not a Caesar unto himself. Ultimately, he receives his authority from the citizens of this nation which is why Justice Ventour was pitch perfect when he legitimized his position by collapsing his truth into the bosom of his fellow citizens when he insisted he would take no part in misleading the nation.

21 thoughts on “Talking Loud and Saying Nothing”

  1. “Politics has a morality all of it’s own.”
    Basdeo Panday-aka National Divider in Chief

    Talk about an ultra corrupt,self serving rascal,and his equally conniving,power hungry , protege.

    Now you know people,how it is ,a PM ,can fire what ,some 25 handpicked members,most with direct links to her government- and yet, only one in -Mama Verna St Rose-can publicly stand up ,and denounce her,while trying to expose the criminal follies, of her party/ government.
    Ok Hamil Smith,we have had our fill of you Trini-water down -slave owning-European blokes.
    You and phony,Trini- Transparency International guru Auntie King,can go sip your expensive champagne,on those million dollars Westmooring yachts,or play golf with the Lange park,by way of South ah de Caroni crew,while extolling the virtues of you alze,’former benefactor Kamla,hmmm?
    Seriously folks ,it is fair to say that T&T is divided between two distinct nations. One prefers to hold on steadfastly ,to destructive ,ancestral cultural practices,that are destine to harm our country,but they don’t care.
    It ain’t matter if the individual involved ,is male ,female,old ,young,secular,religious,rich,poor,is an educated-powerful elite,like Kamla,or instead,an illiterate -Sando-female abusive- wheelchair wielding bum,-same difference.
    The good thing is ,that the other half ,subscribe to a much different, philosophical mindset…..ummmm..march to a different drum.
    By and large ,they adhere ,to basic ,Universally accepted,democratic ideals.
    As such ,no matter how maligned,and how many kicks they receive to de shin by said group , they tend to continually show tolerance to the former-and or ,occasionally ,defend their politically destructive,diabolical stupidity,selfishness,and greedy ,tribally tinged penchant,si?
    Hey Kamla,we believe you ,so keep talking through all six sides of your mouth ,while praying to your opaque gods.
    In the process,both you ,and fellow country hating members of your tribe-with tactic help from de now intimidated, T&T comatose 4th Estate body-can continue to drag T&T down the gutter.

    As my late ,extremely wise,Tobago Granny,would offer caution yours truly, back in the day folks,’the longest day,has an end.’
    Translation:- Kamla,and de rest of her greedy-me me,gemi,gemi,dog with a bone – PP goons(as we like to say on the streets)can run but they can’t hide.
    Put differently,they can ‘jump high,or low,but dey got to go!’
    Hopefully ,it’s within the next few months.
    Pathetic bastards!
    Pray someone,just wake me up,when this culturally debase,political comic ,decides to call that election.

    We know dat most members of de “recalcitrant” tribe ,aren’t great fans of history,and so,events in places such as Uganda,Fiji,and Sri Lanka,tend to sail right over their twisted heads .
    I just wonder however, whether she and her tribal band, were taking copious notes ,as to what occurred in Guyana recently,as that socialist bandit Ramoutar,and his PPP,was kicked to the curb,by progressive forces,as they rallied behind General David Granger.

    Well done Guyana!

    In the interim,simply sing with yours truly,and Peter Tosh,folks.
    ‘You can run but you can’t hide.. you can drink champagne and laugh..hah, hah ,hah, hah !

    Ain’t life beautiful people?’Me think so.’

    Long live the Republic of Tobag..umm ,lo siento..of T&T.

  2. The IC has cleared the PM, Google INC cleared the PM, the US Justice Department has cleared the PM. So Ventour just playing politics. I think the PNM might be considering him for the Presidency.

    1. The police department has not cleared the Prime Minister as yet, so Prime Minister Persad-Bisessar’s celebrations were still premature.

      Also, the suspension of Dr Rowley before the completion of either the Integrity Commission investigation or the police investigation was beyond the pale and highly unethical.

      You can keep fooling yourself if you want to, because you are fooling no one with an iota of common sense.

    2. The current Integrity commission should be disbanded.

      They did not investigate and so they were not in a position to clear the PM. This is just another example of the PP putting their people in places that can bail them out when their corruption becomes obvious to the public.

      It is obvious that the current Chair of the Integrity commission has no integrity. That is why the two people on the commission with Integrity had to resign.

      I am not sure where you are getting your facts but the US Department of Justice did not clear the PM, and it is obvious that no real investigation by way of Google has been done by anyone from Trinidad.

      Mamoo you seem to want to kid yourself that the PP is internationally respected despite all evidence to the contrary.
      There have been one too many scandals none of which have been properly investigated and put to rest.
      If the PP would conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, discipline and some level of Political sophistication, they would not have to spend most of their time ”outing fires”

      Wake UP Mamoo take a page out of the book of the Guyanese.

  3. Ventour was fully aware of the rules of the functioning of the Commission. A quorum consisting of three members can render a decision.This was precisely done in a legal manner.
    Ventour takes his ball and bat and runs to the media, accusing the others of political interference.
    Similarly, Ventour can be accused of political preference in this case. Khan is correct when he proclaimed, “this is Trinidad”.
    Now comes Cudjoe, as predictable as ever, in support of Ventour.
    Political preference and contamination abounds. Hopeless!

  4. Speaking about talking loud,and saying nada,no one does it better that this here ‘Chief PP Kamla -rear sniffing -Ventriloquist.’
    To think that some of us brought into the notion,dat he was the smart one,but here he is,stupidly peddling the ridiculous view ,that somehow Israel Khan,is some modicum of objectivity,when it comes to anything relating to his benefactor Kamla, and her UNC dominant PP goons.
    Let me see if I get this straight folks.
    David- Wet behind de ears -Khan ,made Prison Inspector,on de urging of Anand de legal bandit Ramlogan. The results was Prisongate,continued prison abuse,infringement of rights,and sex leave ,to keep criminals quiet/happy.

    Yes Cuz Fitzgerald Hinds,you were indeed vindicated,and so for this, hopefully you will be rewarded ,in the new Rowley administration,as either ,our AG,or Minister of National Security.
    Our T&T ,as we like to say on the streets,
    ‘have been sadly lacking ,’in those two important areas,over the past 5 years.
    Three things I wish to see you quickly initiate ,as soon as you are finish your swearing in ceremony,and here they are Cux Hinds:-
    1.Send this half caste ,nincompoop ,bastard son of grateful, Legal eat ah food Israel, back to de Canadian unqualified den ,from which he initially emerged.
    2’Open fully all cases involving this Ramlogan guy,as well as that not too closeted, First Citizens Bank ,to glorified Finance Ministerwhite color criminal,Howai.
    These are two bums ,I would definitely love to see wearing prison clothes ,for their role in helping to destroy our country.
    3.I hope to see a law ,that would reward ,and encourage whistle blowing ,as it’s one of the true means ,at getting at dem big fishes,Israel fondly prattled on incessantly about.
    Enough with all those pre elections,mickey mouse units,Kamla and the gang ,have been trying to force upon the nation,just before their time in power expire.
    One of the main characteristics ,these morally unsung creatures,which constitutes this
    regime,have indulged in, over the past five years,was to attack,intimidate ,and tarnish the image ,of any independent minded,state or private officials,and or whistle blowers, who try to expose deceit,corruption,and neo criminal shenanigans-as practiced by them,their financial supporters,cronies,and families.
    Justice Vendor,is just one of many on the list.Least we forget ,there was Principal Sita Gajadharsingh Nanga ,of Maha Saba fame, Former Solicitor General, Mrs. Eleanor J. Donaldson-Honeywell  of the Prisongate reality show, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul’s ,attempting to address those email criminals,and counting.
    Darn,and I almost forgot ,so let’s throw in dat poxy face ,Bollywood wanabe chick ,Sascha Singh,who was nearly murdered, by her Tomcat ,dead beat dad,female abusing ,pundit MP lover , Sharma,in the Grand Bazzar, public parking lot,then along with key eyewitness,further rewarded,or perhaps threatened,to ensure her silence.

    We’ll leave the breast snatching drunk, Dr Glen Ramadharsingh ,and his intimidating ,anti female tactics out for a while. This other cuddled ,Kamla hand picked guy, is nothing short of a political rouge,and social vagabond.
    If he ain’t undressing female stewardesses on State Planes,he is ‘not having Bill Clinton styled sexual relations,’with ugly women,old enough to be his mama,right in his office,or worst yet, eluding customs,with his 80 member entourage,then calling everyone a liar.

    Oh,and by de way,it’s one year after the murder of Dana Setahal,yet that case remained unsolved.
    Ever wondered why folks ? Well ,just look to see who benefited the most.
    Stay vigilant people!


  6. Selwyn can you enlighten us to the failure of all 53 countries on the African continent without relying on the overuse trump cad of racism.

  7. Dear Erika
    I would be curious to see if and how Dr. Cudjoe would respond to your question,which, perhaps I am missing something, but it would appear bears no relevance to the topic being discussed.

    However failure is relative especially when it comes to the Old world(Africa, India , Middle East, Europe) versus the new world (The Americas)

    It is simplistic and simple minded to declare all the countries on the African continent a failure, without first giving your criteria for what constitutes a successful country. If your definition of a successful nation is as simplistic as your declaration, then I am sure your measure of a successful nation is based on the level of wealth in the country.

    However a more complex definition of a successful nation would include good infrastructure, reliable legal and democratic systems. A society constantly vigilant and always working towards improving the concept of ”Justice for all”.

    One may say societies where women are in many ways disadvantaged could be considered undeveloped and backward. Example a country where a woman is gang raped on a bus and no one does anything about it, I would consider such a place a failed state.

    A country where there are remote villages that practice a national rape day and the central government is having difficulty bringing such a vicious and uncivilized practice to an end, I would consider that a failed state.

    When I turn on my TV and see the members of the parliament of a nation in a fist fight, I would consider that state to be a failed state.

    A country where there is a rigid caste system and those that benefit from that caste system are fighting hard to preserve it, by calling it culture in this modern century. I call any country where one’s caste or race determines what his or her life is going to be a backward country.

    So what is your definition of a successful state?

    1. Sally, let me welcome you and the comments and summations that you share with us as being refreshing and thoughtful. We do need more of you, not less because there are those whose incessant and monotonous repitations are annoying and nauseating to say the least. However, as a friendly observation, I do want to bring to attention your advice to our friend Jerry, in which you advised him to not be too judgmental about telling Mamoo that if he were to be in India, his fate would have been sealed to be a cleaner of toilets from birth to death. Without knowing it, you have corrected yourself by your reply to both Erika and Mamoo. The point I’m trying to make here is that it is one thing to try to distinguish acts of individualism and acts and behavior of groups. In those replies to Erika and Mamoo, you have in essence said the equivalent of what Jerry’s reply to Mamoo was. Those summations are supported by facts and practices and that is all that matters. What you will find on this here cyber space is that the likes of Erika and Mamoo have no respect or consideration for facts, truths or respected forms of public acceptance. Their modus operandi is to spew their tribalistic rituals, which to them gives them wealth, power and authority. That is all that matters to them. It is obvious that you and I are brought up differently but that is of no consideration in these peoples minds. Might is right is all they seek and pursue. So, in dealing with them you have to be aware of those facts and deal with them accordingly. Jerry has tried his best to reason to no avail even thou he too, has part of his heritage emanating from the heartland of India.
      If I may burrow from Neal the saying “stay vigilant”!

      1. We have noticed how differently you grew up as you spill your religious and racial hatred on this blog. What makes your vomit even more objectionable is your failure to recognize your own bigotry as you make spurious , racist and religious bigoted allegations against others.

        Fortunately the vast majority of the people of T&T do not share your biased views as they go about their daily lives interacting with their co-workers, friends and neighbors of all races.

        Most of the objectionable and intolerant views expressed here are from Trini expats living in the US. I strongly recommend that you misfits keep your racial diatribe restricted to the problems which you face in the US and quit trying to vent your hostility on T&T….and you certainly have a lot to deal with in the Disunited States of America.

        1. And what you are expressing is the pagan instinct in you. You want to be the one who is in charge and distributing the spurring remarks of others. It is a fact that this country is in shambles and you know what?, YOU DID NOT FIRST HEAR IT FROM ME, it is a publicly held view represented by facts that you and your people do not want to admit to, because you all prefer to deal with lies instead. I understand that as far as you re concerned I am a racist, but some body has to speak the truth. Gone are the days when people like you call people like me ‘racist’ and they get in their corner and compromise. What I write is the way it is. If you don’t like it, then get used to it.

    1. Rodwell Paton is the racist in chief. Your hatred of Indians has to be stimulated by some deep personal experience.You need a couch with professional care. A study of the Blogs over the years shows a disturbing pattern repeating itself and it’s terrifying because you live in a country without gun control.
      Do not make sweeping generalizations based on your experience.

      1. You can inject all the adjectives you want about what you perceive as my background but one thing I am sure of and that you will NEVER deter me from mentioning what I do know. You are free to call me crazy, schizophrenic, dumb, stupid, objectionable, racist or whatever your choice of words turn out to be. But one thing is for sure paganism has taken this country and pagan hate is everywhere and in everything. You don’t like to hear it? tough luck buddy!!!

      2. To give a racial analysis is not per se to be a racist.

        I have to commend Rodwell Paton for having the courage to tread where most would not go, for fear, precisely, of being called racist.

        But Rodwell has not so far advocated oppression of anyone based on race, which is what would make him a racist. Quite the opposite, he is if anything anti-racist.

        For he rails against the practice and advocacy of caste-based oppression imported to these parts, especially as it morphs itself into race-based oppression.

        Those who are guilty of something tend to engage in what the specialists in these things call “projection”. It is a variation of “do dem fuss”, as advocated by the Founder of the UNC, the tribal formation that also regrettably is racist in its Hindutva ideology. It is a formation that is unelectable in T&T, which is why it must go to great lengths to appear to be everything other than what it is.

        I am glad that Dr. Rowley is refusing to be cowed into silence by charges of racism. I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the PNM, but I have to agree with Rowley that the PNM has a lot to be proud of, and should take a great part of the credit for the still relatively good race relations here in Trinidad.

        By contrast, it is the UNC that is stinking up the place. They are like the miscreant that farts in a crowded elevator, and quickly tries to shift the blame by accusing someone else.

        Frankly, like Rodwell Paton, I am sick of it, and will not be cowed into politically correct silence in the face of it.

        As for you, Tman, I am not forgetting your Freudian slip as you prepare, predictably, to “caste” (sic) your inevitably tribal vote.

        As I say so, I can already anticipate the reaction, however muted or veiled. You will project malice as the motivation, or hate, or racism.

        I can assure the reader that no, that’s not where I’m coming from. Rather, I speak as a servant of the Most High.

        The one thing that the Most High most certainly detests is hypocrisy: there shall no hypocrite enter into the kingdom of Heaven. So I must speak it as I see it.

        The other thing that the Most High certainly detests is oppression. We the Israelites (aka the “Negro”) scattered into captivity here in the West have ourselves as a people been guilty of oppression, which is why He scattered us out of that land. And no doubt that is also why He is using others to rub our collective face in it, first as chattel slaves, and now latterly under Indo triumphaslism.

        So I do not maintain that we the Negro are incapable of ourselves engaging in oppressive behavior. As Israelites we must own up to a collective guilt of our ancestors.

        But I do maintain that our behavior in treating with the Indo that came lately to these parts has been well in accordance with the Most High’s dictate that we “not oppress the stranger …for thou wast a stranger in Egypt”.

        Eric Williams acquitted himself well before God when he gave us the ethos we should follow as a unitary nation: “together we aspire together we achieve”; “here ev’ry creed and race find an equal place”; “discipline, production and tolerance”. Etc.

        He even allowed soldiers guilty of insurrection to keep their heads. In almost any other country in the world they would have been summarily executed. Raffique Shah is today an excellent and fair-minded member of the 4th estate.

        Dr. Williams and the PNM left us as a country an excellent legacy of social capital in the form of good race relations. It is the “hostile and recalcitrant minority” that has been busily drawing down that capital. They seemingly cannot help themselves.

        And yes, I mention that phrase — “hostile and recalcitrant minority” — that has, quite ignorantly, been proffered as an example of PNM and Negro racism against the Indo. Quite the opposite, it was identifying Hindutva, already then, for what it was. The first Prime Minister of post-British India, Jawaharlal Nehru, also had a problem with Hindutva, and had denounced it using similar language that Williams then borrowed.

        It has been used as a club against Williams and the PNM ever since.

        That germ of Indo racism has not left us, and remains the greatest threat to good order and sectarian peace. Williams was right to denounce it. I denounce it. And I am glad that Rodwell Paton denounces it also, and without mincing words. He by his own words cares not what you think.

        For my part, I am to call my Indo brethren (sic) to do the necessary introspection. For a good and just God has caused some of his servants to prophesy this phenomenon, and to pronounce “woe unto Asia”, that “has followed Babylon in all her hated ways”, and “art the glory of her person”. See 2 Esdras chap. 15.

        I call upon all fair-minded Indos to denounce the UNC agenda of Hindutva. (I have some within my own extended family who have expressed to me that it is indeed wrong to “condemn the bridge that you cross”.) Be that as it may, God’s judgment will be upon those who merely silently go along with a satanic agenda.

        The issue is not with Rodwell Paton, however trenchant his condemnation of Indo recalcitrance. (Yes that is indeed the term that precisely fits; re*calc*itrance = “hard to manage or operate”, like *calc*ium that precipitates out of solution, like kidney stones or gallstones).

        Such recalcitrant behavior has indeed been a bane in these parts, i.e. T&T and Guyana and Suriname, and indeed further afield in places such as Fiji, Mauritius, and even in the American South.

        But there will be few Indos who will perform the introspection and have the necessary fairness of mind to overcome an ingrained behaviour. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of fairness, we must call them out on it. For our part, we must reject hypocrisy, or weakness, and call it as it is.

        The rest will be up to the Most High. As Bob Marley said, “we’ve got to fulfill the Book!”.


      3. TMan, when you are dishonest, conniving and lack proper decency, the truth is the last thing you want to hear. In your case, based on the DNA of your ancestral caste mindset, the only thing you recognize as truth is what you are indoctrinated to believe. My summations happen to run contrary to your beliefs and because you are ready to even deny me my birthright. I was here long before you, by way of ancestry and chronological age. But that is OK. The pagan mind is full of hate and intolerance, just as you are exhibiting here. It comes out freely from you because that is who you are and that is exactly what I am saying about you. That means that I am right on target. I have told you time and again, you display the exact kind of behavior that is expected of you. My blogs are not without detail, it is not without reference, and it represents what you, I and everybody else read in the newspapers. What upsets you is my ability to decipher what is written and what is not. Kamla is a liar and you know that. Kamla sets an election date that she deduces will eliminate a certain amount of Afros votes and you know that too. So, why do the truths hurt you so much? eh? It is your pagan mind that thinks that because you hold the power of government, it gives you the right to do, say and order anything you feel that should be your way. Kamla knows, that come September 8, 2015 she will be kicked out. That is not if, maybe or hope. It will be so and you know it too. You feel the loss of that feeling of superiority and you are willing to lash out at anything that does not conform to your tribalistic point of view. Whatever facts that I relate, you can go out there and reference it, so I am on safe grounds in terms of what my comments and summations are. I know you have a problem with that, but it is what I know. You may try to refute it, if you can but those who read my blogs know and understand truths.

        1. I had to repeat this blog because your tirade above provides the evidence to prove the following comment:

          We have noticed how differently you grew up as you spill your religious and racial hatred on this blog. What makes your vomit even more objectionable is your failure to recognize your own bigotry as you make spurious , racist and religious bigoted allegations against others.

          Fortunately the vast majority of the people of T&T do not share your biased views as they go about their daily lives interacting with their co-workers, friends and neighbors of all races.

          Most of the objectionable and intolerant views expressed here are from Trini expats living in the US. I strongly recommend that you misfits keep your racial diatribe restricted to the problems which you face in the US and quit trying to vent your hostility on T&T….and you certainly have a lot to deal with in the Disunited States of America.

          1. TMan you are a person who speaks on both sides of your mouth. On one side your are pro Sat Maharaj, Pro Kamla, Pro Indian and pro ADVANTAGE INDIAN. On the other (remembering that we are a multi-cultured nation) attempts to be melancholy about integration.
            Your hypocrisy comes out as a big bang from the clouds. You are insincere in your attempts to appear tolerant of multi-ethnic society. You are hindu in thought word and deed. Your insincere efforts to appear and appeal to behavior other than hindu shows like a sore thumb. And as I always say your have nothing else to speak about than race. My commentaries are for all to see and You would be the only one to say that I only speak about race and religion. Unfortunately that is your character personification – not mine.

  8. If the truth can set us free then there must be something that incarcerates us spiritually, mentally and psychologically? Has Mr. Ventour set himself free and left the masses to flounder in a sea of untruths? Can each of us set ourselves free via the electoral process? It would certainly be a start!

    1. “Then said Jesus to those *Jews which believed on him*, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye *shall* know the truth, and the truth *shall* make you free.” (John 8:31-32)

      Four things to note:

      (1) Yeshua spoke unto “those Jews which believed on him”. The prophecy thus pertains specifically to Jews that accept Yeshua and His gospel;

      (2) there is a condition to the prophecy, namely that we “continue in the word”, that is keep the law of the Covenant by which true Jews are bound;

      (3) once the condition is met, we *shall* know the truth; this implies purely logically that if the condition is not met, we *may* not know truth; and

      (4) there is a further implication that if the condition is not met, that we would be ensnared in some way, therefore needing to be made free.

      From (1), it is clear that the prophecy pertains in the first instance only to the true Jews of the Covenant. It does not apply to fake Jews. It may or may not extend, as prophecy, to non-Jews (gentiles) who nevertheless “believe”. But as precept, as distinct from prophecy, it certainly will apply to all who believe, and keep His word.

      Who are the true Jews therefore becomes a critical question for the prophecy aspect of the matter. As to seedline, the term “Jew” pertains to the children of Jacob who constituted the southern kingdom, therefore those of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and the half-tribe of Levi that opted to remain in the southern kingdom, and loyal to the throne of David, at the time of the separation. Collectively, the southern kingdom, comprising Judah, Benjamin and half of Levi, was termed Judah, after the principal tribe of the kingdom.

      Today, the true Jew of the seed are principally and notably the “Negro” scattered to the former British colonies of the West. We in the Caribbean are Benjamin. Our brethren in the U.S. are Judah. Haiti are Levi.

      There are reasons for the specifically British connection with the southern kingdom that have to do with the connection between the monarchs of the United Kingdom which today, by inheritance from the last king of Judah, Zedekiah, wield the scepter of Judah, and are crowned sitting upon Jacob’s pillar, today called the “stone of Scone”.

      Our enslavement was authorized starting with King James, a descendant, from female inheritance, of King Zedekiah. He also authorized the King James Bible (1611), acting with the authority of one wielding the scepter of Judah. It is that Bible that lays out the “truth” that *shall* make us free. Even in our enslaved state, Yahweh’s Word would remain “nigh”.

      My point: the prophecy specifically pertains to us — we the “Negro” — though the precept pertains more generally to all who “believe”, and opt in to the Covenant.

      The truth of the King James Bible — other translations have altered the word in key passages — requires us to keep the Word — the same Law that Moses handed down.

      We know that because that is what Yeshua said and upheld.

      “Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matthew 5:18)

      “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 7:21)

      The “will of the Father” which Yeshua spoke about is of course that which was expressed through the “law and prophets”, that is the so-called “Old Testament”.

      The trouble arises because many, even within so-called Christianity, think that it is okay to set aside the Law of Moses, e.g. keeping the sabbath, the dietary law, the annual set feasts, etc., and that it is okay to adopt the ways of the heathen, and celebrate Xmas, New Years’, birthday feasts, same-sex marriage like ancient Sodom, Greece, Rome, and etc.

      No. The truth that shall make us free recognizes that the Most High is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and He meant every word of the Law He handed down through Moses.

      When we fail to uphold that Law, and the Covenant under which it was given, we lose Yahweh’s grace and protection, and in that state, we become ensnared by Satan. It is that simple.

      God says, “keep My Covenant”. Satan says, as he said to Eve in the Garden, “do wha’ you want”. Either we obey and follow God, or we disobey and follow Satan. There is no middle way. To disobey God is therefore in one way or another, to become ensnared by Satan.

      Most of us become ensnared because we do not know the truth. It was prophesied by Moses, even before our forefathers crossed the Jordan to go into the Promised Land, that we would fail to keep the Covenant, and as a result, we would suffer the curses, among others, of Deuteronomy 28.

      Verse 68 prophesies the trans-Atlantic slave trade in all its peculiarities, and we the “Negro” scattered to the West under that trade are a unique fulfillment of that prophecy. That suffices to identify us as the children of the Promise, both for ill and for good. There simply is no other people that are a candidate.

      And verse 64 says that we would worship other gods, even wood and stone. That means that we would indeed be ensnared. For perforce, if we are worshiping other gods, we are disobeying certainly the 1st commandment, putting us under Satan’s chains. It is from out of that state of ensnarement that it is prophesied we shall be made free.

      The principal condition is that we believe on Yeshua (He is the only means by which our sins would be considered propitiated before God, washing them away, and the associated ensnarement).

      The subsidiary condition is the fulfillment of the prophecy that we *shall* know the truth of which Yeshua spoke, and His upholding of the Law of the Covenant as given by Moses, with Yeshua fulfilling the role of Priest and Lamb both, as required under Covenant Law, and in the absence of the Aaronic priesthood. Yeshua Himself prophesied the destruction of the Temple, which took place in 70 C.E. With that, the Aaronic priesthood went into abeyance, as Judah ceased to be a state functioning under the Law of the Covenant, and its people were scattered out of the land, most of us south and west into Africa.

      To believe on Yeshua, and come under His propitiation for our sins, and then to return and keep the Covenant, is to come into the truth. When we come into that truth, and keep it, Yeshua intercedes for us before the Father, and the Father blesses us by fighting our battles. Satan’s imps, demons and other agents become powerless over us. And all that would subjugate or oppress us (ensnarement at a physical level) become powerless over us.

      God keeps His word. And under the Law of the Covenant, He promises that if we keep His word, that He would set us on high above all other nations (seedlines). (Exodus 19:5) In that sense also, the truth shall have made us free.

      In this context, note that God also warned that if we failed to keep His Covenant, that we would suffer in manifold ways, and in particular, even the stranger in our midst would rise up high above us (Deuteronomy 28:43). That prophesy has been fulfilled, and constitutes a form of enslavement: in such a state we must sell our labour or sweat or talent to obtain all our wants (Deuteronomy 28:48). We are in such a state now, as a people.

      Yeshua’s prophecy (the truth *shall* make us free) now stands to be fulfilled.

      That freedom is to be obtained for us as a people. Just as we were taken as a people out of captivity in Egypt and brought over to the Promised Land, so now, in the latter day, it is a group project. Those who come into the true faith are given the task of spreading it.

      The true faith is most certainly not any flavour of gentile Christianity. Although they have and teach a great deal of truth, to the extent they deviate from some of the word, it is of no avail to us, the true Jew. Neither is it of any avail to the gentile that opts in to the Covenant. God’s Covenant is an all-or-nothing proposition.

      But God’s mercy is such that with Yeshua’s help, we may fail and fail again, yet be forgiven, eventually to achieve the necessary state of grace and sanctification. To those that overcome, Yeshua promises we would set with Him in His throne (Revelation 3:21).

      There are other relevant prophecies. A full treatment of the matter may easily take up a whole book.

      Can we vote ourselves into the prophesied state of freedom? I don’t think so. However, as it was with ancient Israel (northern kingdom) and Judah (southern kingdom), we prosper and suffer depending upon the behaviour of the king. When a king does evil in the sight of God, we suffer. Conversely we prosper when the king does good in the sight of God. So yes we ought to choose wisely as a people when we go to the polls. But that is only guaranteed when we come into the truth and keep the law of the Covenant. Otherwise, our leaders may become the instrument of our ensnarement. This by the way is a reason why as a follower of Yeshua, we are admonished to pray for our leaders, whether or not we like them.

      I hope this little exegesis is helpful.



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