A horror story

By Raffique Shah
May 03, 2015

Raffique ShahOne year ago, in this space, I wrote a column headlined “Dana’s Death in Vain”. It was written exactly one week after the popular, respected senior counsel Dana Seetahal was shot to death in what everyone who had his or her say, described as a “well-executed assassination”.

As the anniversary of her death passes without anyone being arrested or charged for her murder, I re-read that column.

It’s almost uncanny, what I wrote then, and what has, or has not, happened since.

As we look back in frustration at that one murder out of hundreds last year, I thought I should share with readers some of my anger, fears and prognostications.

I wrote, “The politicians shed buckets of tears and scream: her death must not be in vain! The police vow to leave no stone unturned in their quest to bring her killers to justice. The preachers say she was an exemplar, her colleagues-in-law deem her irreplaceable, her friends say only good things about her, and her extended family mourns in a dignified manner.

“For all the hoopla that surrounds this murder most foul, my gut feeling is that in another week or two Dana Seetahal will be just another statistic. She will be no different to other victims of the rampage of killers, distinguished only because of savagery (cold execution or decapitation), age (very old or very young), gender (women always win more sympathy than men), or station in life.

“One week after her killers snuffed out her life, the police have yet to make an arrest. Amidst much speculation about motives for her murder—she had information on the drugs mafia or money laundering, it might be connected to some matter she was pursuing—there were reports that the police had a good idea who the assassins were, and arrests were imminent.

“How often have we heard similar claims after high-profile crimes? Following the big cocaine find in the USA a few months ago, and with similar speculation running rife, I warned people not to be too hopeful. In spite of claims by senior officials here that that find came about because of collaboration between local intelligence and the US authorities, no one has been held thus far.

“Now, if local intelligence alerted US authorities, they must have known (1) that cocaine was secreted in the tins of juice, and (2) who shipped the illicit drugs. So, why no arrests? They knew nothing, they were talking crock!

“In Dana’s murder, if they have so much information on the killer or killers, why have they not arrested him or them? Why appeal to the public to come forward with information? Why offer the biggest reward ever for information?

“It just does not make sense. Which is why I have this feeling of déjà vu, that we have been there a thousand times before and have seen the results—zilch, zero, nothing.”

And nothing it turned out to be. Like clones of the comical movie character Inspector Clouseau, our detectives are still hard at work, vowing that the investigations are “at a critical stage” (they always are), that arrests are “imminent”.

I am not for a moment suggesting that solving Dana’s murder, or any of the others that took place last year, is easy.

New policing, which some clown coined as a response to endemic crime that, for all the technology available to them, and for all the boasting about significant reductions in serious crimes, the public feel no safer than we did ten years ago.

Reality is that Dana’s murderers are living among us, walking free like phantoms, no doubt taking other, similar contracts, and more than likely living in relative luxury from the hefty sums they are paid by those who commission such “hits”.

They, and those who hire them, may be shopping in the supermarkets next to you (well, they must eat!), pulling up at gas pumps alongside you, flying off on vacations seated in aircraft with you, chatting with you…

Frightening, but true: such people hardly live in isolation.

If I may play the numbers game a bit, between 2010 and 2014, there were 2,032 recorded murders. Between 2001 and 2015 (to date), there were 5,180. Since arrests were few, certainly no more than 20 per cent, and averaging two killers per murder (often, more are involved), there must be at least 10,000 murderers walking freely among us—and these are of recent vintage, meaning persons who have snuffed out the lives of others since the year 2001.

How many murder trials have there been over the same period? Too few to even remember them. And how many convictions were there? Even judges may have difficulties remembering when last they sentenced a murderer to death.

So while the focus remains on Dana’s death, the bigger murder-picture in this country is a horror story of immense proportions. In fact, I would classify it as unimaginable. Because if the average citizen imagines the murderer-next-to-me scenario I painted here, he or she would become chronically paranoid.

We would all be afraid, very afraid, in this land where killers live like kings and the law-abiding live in fear.

33 thoughts on “A horror story”

  1. I believe I responded to your original article regarding this tragedy and said, that the police department is completely incompetent and useless then and remains so now. The police department has been a wing of past and present government, each competing of who can outdo whom in elite idiocy.

  2. Haha Shah boy you really expected the Trinidad police to solve this one? You not easy. The solve ratio for homicide in TNT at best is 25% at worst 10%, most of the time hovering between the two. The government can only supply so many police cars, GPS systems, bullet proof uniforms, motor bikes and training. The FBI comes from time to time and train the police in detective work. The people selected for training are senior officers nearing retirement. They take the training the usual pay raise and go on pre retirement leave. The joke is on the tax payers.

    Dana provided a lot of unbiased insight into some of the difficult rudiments of the Justice system. One could have always expected her to speak her mind on issues that were at times difficult for the layman to understand. She understood the law and her opinion was always valued. The cowards who attacked this unarmed woman for whatever reason must have been terrified of her. She was no coward and sometimes took difficult cases. I suspect the police knows who committed this crime and they are six feet under the ground. The sad reality is the book is still open and it reads “unsolved” thanks Steven.

  3. Shah, God is always among us but we are so blind it is not funny anymore. He teaches us right from wrong all the time. Its just we are NOT INTERESTED IN HIM NOW. Perhaps as Crazy says….IN TIME TO COME. We all know the problems but the solution is not within our reach for we are PLAIN BLIND TO IT. This is because the antiquated systems we live in ….. like the governor general’s house where we have been hoping the very expensive patch works by people of endless false papers will get us back to what was once a beautiful work of art ….eventually reaches a point of no return and everything falls down. Fact – God presence in us is in the form of a spirit, not material things..yes we can look at nature and wonder about it …like the flowers, the animals, the fish, and last but not least the people of many talents ….and the mountains, beaches, rivers, water falls, plains, valleys, even the sun and the blue sky etc…all showing a presence of God. But we are indeed a distracted people who are self oriented and who has no time for God. As a catholic I go to church and see mostly very old persons…the young persons are mostly in the choir these days. Young priests are scarce these days. God says to us I created you with a free will….you know right from wrong and the truth is nearly always disguised even though I say to you… I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE etc. Nevertheless we have lost our way. Our system of governing, and our judiciary are bankrupt and do not serve who they are supposed to serve. WE ARE OPERATING FAILED SYSTEMS. Our Parliament/Senate are divided between WE AND THEM just like in the days of the Mulattos of the 1600s. We aint gone anywhere. The white French Creoles and the Colonists shared up the land and wealth among themselves and it is still very much so except made worse by the Indians, Chinese, Syrian, Lebanese, Americans additions over the years. God wants integration among his people of all races but the opposite has always been the case and it is still within us to segregate, isolate (all inclusive..for me and my inner circle only). Money has its evil roots. THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY IS BEGINNING TO LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE FAILURE WHERE THE QUALITY OF LIFE IS CONCERNED. We are going in the same direction as NIGERIA and others. In addition, SOUTH doh like NORTH etc. And the Caroni bridge has always been the great dividing line. And then the politics never really changed with money the main mover. Today you see even calypsonians know to follow the money. I worked all my life as an engineer only to see clearly how bad money can corrupt everything in the industry and that corruption is continually spilling over into the wider society where morals and standards become meaningless. I have seen how places like the Hugh Wooding Law School has distanced itself from who Hugh Wooding was …etc. It is sick to see the mess that takes place at the top level in Trinidad. And God who will always be with us. He says so all the time….take off that which makes you blind and not see Me. Hence the worst is yet to come just like Sodom and Gomorrah, history repeating itself, the wicked will be punished. However if we were to fill the churches, kneel and pray to God for His help the necessary changes will come. WE MUST TURN TO THE LORD NOT AWAY FROM HIM. We must like it so, SHAH!

    1. There is no god. There never was. God was created to keep us in line with the colonist views..so the continued oppression of a race of people could be contained and they succeeded. We are all going to die and no catholic guilt is associated. Money and power is one heck of a thing…No wonder the Roman empire fell. Look, we were all brought here not by choice but by the European quest for gold, glory and god. Rich folks love their lifestyles and will crush anyone that disrupt it… so I say to all the poor and the lower income folks…you need to wake up and learn how to read and write so you can sit at the political table and advocate for our people, africans, indians, and all poor regardless or race or ethnicity. No division here, just love for our people of T&T.


  4. Dana’s Death is one of many and many others including myself who have suffered immensely from the gross injustice in our Justice system. Even the President once a judge shows little mercy for those suffering from an extremely bad system for as many as 60 years ago. So who is Dana…she is just one of many. The system has failed us for years now…over and over. She was at the head of the Law Association that does nothing for anybody but their own and their families. The rest of us are boo. Now it touches Dana’s family who woke up to the smell of the coffee. God gives and takes back especially when you do not serve Him. I can never forget over 10 years ago how they took my entire savings of over $600,000 fighting for justice. The three high court judges still have to meet to decide on costs of a case that ended over 1.5 years now…a case I eventually won. I was injured for life by a company who perjured the court and got away with it. They took my life and career and destroyed it. Even the President turned a blind eye to my cries. So to Dana’s family join the crowd fighting for justice in T&T.

  5. “War is too important,to be left to the Generals.”
    Georges Clemenceau

    To this I’ll add,so too is politics.
    Just listen to grateful ,National security Minister Carl Alfonso,who is demanding closure by Police,re investigation into the death of senior counsel Dana Seetahal.
    “It’s a whole year already and one would have felt that by now we would have gotten some positive position on it.”
    Really folk, and is this how this war on crime business works?
    Well let’s just say ,that to expect miracles,from another ,ex Tethron military commander, such as Uncle Alfonso,and his clueless-fast talking,do nada-female lawyer,turn PM- boss Kamla,was just asking too much people. If this ain’t a case of ‘square pegs ,in round holes,’then I don’t know,what is .
    Five years in power,with a corrupt Businessman,and 3-Gangreen military blokes, as our National Security Minister heads,and this is all we have to show for our fight against runaway criminality,…ummmmm…..-blaming demoralized Police ,for T&T unsolved crime
    Talk about naivety of Trinis,and worst ,follies,of the self serving ,morally debase elites,who continue to deceive them ,as to why they are stuck on 1st gear,in their elusive quest,to find the road to sustainable development!
    Tell you what,since Kamla,and her politically clueless,PP bums ,assumed power,how many babies,or their Mamas ,have died,primarily,at the hands of( Dr Goopiesing) incompetent ,corrupt -Cesarean obsessed – doctors,or overwhelmed,frustrated,disrespected/maligned nurses?
    Let’s just say,MUCHO,and leave it at that.
    Quite unacceptable,one should add ,for de record,but who is checking,or cares?
    Here is an idea,many might fine intriguing.
    Finish emptying the treasury,by bringing home nurse Mohammed,then pay her 5 times the salary of PM Kamla,and Dr Fraud combine,so as to have her run our entire Health care system.If she was so great for the Brits future King,and Queen,she might be the same here,hmmmm?


    Hey,we did that ,with a White Canadian named Gibbs,didn’t we?
    Sadly,the same unpatriotic cretins,who in T&T,would sick out,at the drop of a hat,treat their frustrated patients,like maingy dogs,would then hop on a plane to London,New York,Paris,and Amsterdam,where they would become virtual slaves ,for White Massa,and therefore,perform ,at quite lofty levels.
    Care to guess,how many Trinis,are working 20 hour shifts ,cleaning old crusty White folks bed pans,and burping White ,runny nose babies?
    Only a fool,would think,that that T&T Police,is any different ,from other members of our society,when it comes to work. Yeah Caribou1,we know ,you enjoy behaving like one,but ain’t.
    Seriously folks,patriotism,ain’t only involve ,draping oneself,with de Red,White,& Black,while reciting our Motto verbatim during de Chutney Soca finals,or singing our anthem loudly,and with pride, in public Independence day,or Demarche Gras/Fantastic Friday,as dem grateful,unmentionable, PP -eat ah food -artist ,are about to perform.
    Get a grip people!
    When CEO’s of lofty financial institutions,rob/prey,and plunder,willy nilly,the innocent,and unsuspecting,it ain’t because they want to suck it to de PM,or because they hate God.
    Should T&T Police officers fail in their duties,or show no initiatives,whereby victims,and caring/concern citizens can have confidence in them,it isn’t because ,they are PNM stooges,or their are ill equipped to eradicate growing crimes, as some tribal idiots think.
    If a socially corrupt,uncaring,greedy,insensitive person ,chooses law as their profession,no amount of training,or embracing of professional code of ethics,can prevent them,from engaging in the same revolting manner,when they evolve to be a State /private attorney,a Magistrate,Judge,or politician.
    In T&T,we beat our kids with shovels,and 63 times ,with a belt ,while indulging in barbarian ,profanity laced tirades ,then place the entire episodes on social media,to hopefully catch de eye,and or embarrass ,a non existent sperm bank hombre. …….baby daddy,much to the delight ,of uncaring social workers,comatose media,and public at large.


    In develop America,stupid ,illiterate,fat chicks ,masquerading as parents, tell White racist Southern cops ,to come and arrest their simi delinquent,10 year olds,while his unemployable papa,either grow strong in prison,or shun his parental responsibilities,since he has to service ,many more lonely females.
    There are however excellent sociological reasons,as to why you won’t see this scenario in the next 100 years,in developed America, involving a White kid,being led away ,by a White cop.
    I won’t attempt to bore you with them presently.
    There are likewise,a million plus reasons,why poor ,irrelevant citizens,are used,abused,and even loose their lives in T&T,while those in authority ,show no interest-as many are suddenly choosing to do,re legal luminary Dana.
    For the record folks,the budget for American competing/overlapping, law enforcement agencies,perhaps surpass that of the entire fiscal spending,for half of the other 194 States,across the globe.
    Yet ,each year ,thousands of cases,go unsolved.
    It’s just de way,the cookie crumbles folks!
    We the citizens,have a choice. We can sit on our palms ,and do nada,or join in solidarity,with similarly disgusted others,to form meaningful advocacy movements,aimed at effective change.
    A useful line that comes to mine, is one ,I picked up ,while majoring in Political Science,by early Feminist pioneer ,Carol Hanisch ,and here it is:-“The personal is political.
    Otra vez,we can sit on our romps,talk up a storm,indulge in escapist ,neo tribal finger pointing,philosophizing,and fake cultural -chest bumps,as our situation becomes ,more,and more precarious/terrible.
    These gestures of course,will get us no where,quite quickly.
    Just maybe,the Dana Setahal case,can serve as a catalyst,to ignite,fellow Trini law abiding patriots,hell bent on taking back their communities,and country,from the growing -direct/indirect -savages.
    Heart felt sympathies ,are in order ,Bro. J.C Hussain!
    Let me publicly state,that I feel your pain,and though my trauma is vastly different to yours,or ours,collectively,might not equate to the same scale,as the Setahal family,it is just as painful-trust me on that.
    Time to get to work T&T!
    Let’s make it happen people!
    As an Agnostic Buddhist myself ,I strive to ‘end suffering,’ wheresoever ,it exist!
    By de way,I concur,with the sentiments expressed ,by Cuz chong sing,but instead of merely parroting his important question,I’ll add,what do you plan to do,to make a difference-be it in Baltimore,Ohio, Florida,LA,Zoo York…or…? Well,I think ,you get my drift Cuz CS,si?


    Quit throwing out these feel good ,one liners,and instead ,find a cause,get down ,and dirty in dem trenches ,where ever you are,for this reality ain’t only limited to allegedly backward T&T,inner cities,failed states,and poor neighborhoods ,400 miles from your suburban ,white picket fence ,’nuclear family’ -palace .-as some of dem conniving,selectively outraged cyber weasels ,like to make us-the more globally sophisticated- believe.
    Not you Mamboo ,for you won’t recognize sophisticated,if it was to rise up from the ground, and smack you in de face.
    Just kidding,mi country hating piasano.
    Stay tuned,as yours truly attempts to flesh out ‘a little sumthin,sumthin’-as we like to say on the streets.
    Ain’t life beautiful people?
    ‘Me think so-‘especially,if we are prepared, to use our acquired skills,and abundant energies,to make our T&T,the Caribbean region,and much wider,global community,a much better place,than we first met it,si?

  6. “In Dana’s murder, if they have so much information on the killer or killers, why have they not arrested him or them? Why appeal to the public to come forward with information? Why offer the biggest reward ever for information?”

    The police force is dysfunctional at best “the donkeys are leading the lions”. The lions are the young officers who are controlled by the senior officers. There are senior officers who are leading by example, Jonny Abraham is one such officer a rare breed of men who seeks the public good. Yes all the hype such as ” we have suspects”, “we are near solving this murder”, “we know who did it” is a reflection of the donkeys braying. They unfortunately like to bray! They should all be fired and some real officers who understand the oath of office appointed.

    1. “The PP government is dysfunctional at best “the stupid greedy Hyenas ,are leading the Bengal Tigers”. The Hyenas are the young MPs,and under-qualified tribal party hack,that Kamla force on Public servants, who are in turn , controlled by the senior MPs/neo tribal carbal,Jack FIFA Warner,warned us about.(no pun intended) There are senior MPs, who are leading by example, Dr Goopiesing is one such MP ,a rare breed of men who seeks to destroy our country. Yes all the hype such as ” we have an economic plan,(Monilal de HDC Clown)and so to hell with Moody report”,(Howai -1st Citizen crook) “we are indulging in good honest government,and so leave ex Ag Rammy,and adorable PM alone ”,(Suraj Rambachan) “crime is under control,except to when it comes to this murder of Dana Setahal ”(dat old man River,Brig Alfonso) “our future is solid,since I gave the green light ,for tribal dunces ,to gain scholarships,by any means necessary-either by sleeping with corrupt Professors,paying others to write their papers,and having their morally repugnant parents ,adopting de ‘Quid- Pro Quo /you scratch my back,& I massage your rear end-influential mechanism,so common with folks South of de Caroni, has been used to full measure.” Sat Maraj anti Kinky head kids damblays,and Kamla/Goopiesing attempt at a cover up,to suppress /punish whistle blowing Principal hero, Sita Gajadharsingh Nanga, is a reflection of the hyenas screaming. They unfortunately like to scream! They should all be fired ,come next elections,and some real politicians, who understand the oath of office elected.”



      Well done Mamboo! I just didn’t know you had this neo progressive bone in you ,mi amigo.
      Sorry Tman,but it’s time you take a side-as we like to say on the streets.
      Our boy Mamboo ,has finally come of age. Very enlightened,astute observation,and de epitome of patriotism,si?
      Give me an opportunity,and even I ,might marry his grand daughter,but only when she pass 18 ,or better yet 21, if she is still available.
      What’s dat ,Brother Kain,you had a Grande Grandmother,who warned you that ,’banana can’t bear plantain.?’ So in essence you are saying,dat anyone associated with de likes of Cuz Mamboo,must likewise be a self loathing,diabolical ,country hating ,neo tribal comedian?
      Perhaps it’s time we part company,Bro Kain.I am trying to build bridges,or am I?
      Love Humanity people!
      Stay vigilant T&T!

      1. You, Kian and Jerry Hooinsane, like to run off topic into you sick diatribe. Your attack on Goopeisingh is a classical case of tribalism at its best. Dr. Goopeisingh during the last 4 years presided over the building of 91 schools. Yes the programs he introduced in conflict resolution, school management, computer education will take TNT forward to being a better nation. He is a class act. As for Rudy he is the premier producer of quality housing handing out over a 100 per week. The houses built by yo bros were substandard and without proper drainage etc. example Las Alturas the multi million dollars boondoggle, a shining example of primitive PNM thinking.

        The partnership is simply better at managing the nation. Projects are coming in on time and under budget. As for Moody nations following their recommendations have been crippled.
        The Justice Department has turned its attention to another credit-rating firm under fire for issuing rosy grades on mortgage deals in the buildup to the financial crisis. Officials in recent months have quietly met with multiple former executives of Moody’s Investors Service to discuss ratings of complex securities before the crisis.
        In the recent wave of meetings, Justice Department officials have pressed former Moody’s executives on whether the firm compromised standards to win business. The main focus has been on residential-mortgage deals from around 2004 to 2007. Moody’s, a division of Moody’s Corp. gave triple-A ratings to those mortgage deals, making it possible for even conservative investors to buy securities backed by subprime loans that later turned out to be risky. When the housing market collapsed, losses on those bonds spread everywhere and deepened the crisis, costing investors billions of dollars.
        The Justice Department began looking into Moody’s as far back as 2010. Based in New York, and the world’s second-biggest ratings firm behind S&P, Moody’s was a major issuer of triple-A ratings on residential mortgage-backed securities before the crisis.


  7. Dana’s death as an act of crime is no more significant than that of Joe Blow’s son death. What made her death a headline story is that she lived a prominent and luminary lifestyle that only a few of us dream about. Her death and the ever elusive investigations to solve it, is confusing, vexing and at the same time a symbol of the reality of what life has become for most citizens in our beloved country – a living hell. We are a perplexed people. We elect a notoriously incompetent government and then we expect performance. We perpetuate a poorly conceived hollywood/bollywood/nollywood style of police leadership – ACTING, and then we expect solutions to crime. We appoint Dr Fraud to man the health service and we appalled at the death rate at the hands of those he chose to tend to our care. We elect a prime minister who have NEVER made it a point to get on the TV and address the concerns of her administration to eliminate crime, provide proper health care for the citizenry, provide quality education, invigorate the minds of the young and illiterate amongst us, preach to our short comings and offer hope by way of morality and ethical behavior towards our future – YET WE YEARN FOR LEADERSHIP. WE HAVE LEADERS BUT NO LEADERSHIP. There too we have Hollywood/Bollywood/Nollywood style of public behavior – things for show. A smiling, nicey,nicey, bespectacled figure in the form of a prime minister offering gifts, bundles of goodies, laptops, bribes to those who are supposed to speak to God to uplift our souls, depleting government’s inventory of real estate with lofty presents to the wealthy and privileged. Comes before the camera and tell her tribe how much better they are South of Caroni since she has been around, seeks a poll and get the desired results from the pollsters that she is more popular and then we expect good governance. OUR PROBLEM IS THAT WE ARE NOT A SERIOUS PEOPLE.
    We elect ACTORS and expect Leaders. Why should we expect CoP Williams to solve all the crime problems when he is officially positioned as an ACTING commissioner?. Isn’t he human too?
    Should he be positioned as ACTING whilst those who put him there expect permanency? No! hogwash! ACTING means that you are put there until someone more acceptable comes around; or you are not good enough for the job – maybe some better than you will come along; or you are not good enough yet, you need to do upgrades on yourself before we can consider you permanent! This man as a family to take care of like the rest of us, he needs to know that the profession that you put him to ACT in has some sort of permanent fixtures where he can use his skills to do what is best for his country. The expectation of a general is to lead and be victorious in war. The expectation of a physician is to heal and give comfort to the sick and wounded. The expectation of the pastor is to give hope, comfort and love to the disillusioned. The expectation of the philosopher is to create an imagined future where is does not now exist, Sometimes a leader have to be all of those things in ONE. Sometimes a leader just have to be the one we have to lean on. Some times we expect a leader to tell and be there for us to say “LEAN ON ME, WHEN YOU ARE NOT STRONG AND I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND, SO YOU CAN CARRY ON….”. Today when we look upon those entrusted to lead us, our only hope is wonderment and hope that somehow God will intervene to save us.
    So, those of us who continue to wonder whether there will be justice for Dana and Joe Blow’s son, have to get up on our lazy butts and make good choices of those whom we elect to control our affairs. Failure to be properly informed of the choices we make is a continuation of permanent expectancy in an acting world.

    By the way brother Neal, your contribution was food for thought.

  8. Every week we have the same old usual suspects bashing the government and each other. Please be informed that these are the characteristics that the present and all previous governments are made of. Not a very good picture for the future. I often wonder if I wasn’t a hybrid person of multiple ethnicity would I be spewing such unbridled bias.

    1. “usual suspects” (smile) from the movie Casablanca! Each government blames the previous one…”a never ending circle”……

    2. Talking about “usual suspect,”and the ‘pot calling de kettle black,’cyber clowns ,who regurgitate ,the same boorish ,talking points,that can make many with a conscience,feel to throw up,each time we read them.
      Tell you what people,if a god truly existed,then lightening would have struck from heaven, and ended your pathetic existence ,a long time ago, Caribou1.
      Interestingly enough,when you first pounced on the Trini Center Nation scene,a few months ago,you attempted to portray yourself,as some objective ,patriotic creature,who simply wanted help , understanding your country,since -as claimed-you escaped from it ,some 4 decades ago.
      I am so happy I was able to instead,expose you ,as merely ,just another,neo tribal, paid UNC dominant,PP,promoting weasel,whose sole objective,was to tout ,de opaque virtues, of your clueless Primer Kamal,as you continually strive, to get her,and fellow political goons reelected,after 5 dismal years ,of stealing,plundering,and rape.
      Enough already,you country hating frauds,for its one term,and back to the political wilderness,for you alze,’si?
      Hey,and just maybe, a god do exist,after all-in our hearts!
      With the latest,socio economic episode,re that embarrassing, Moody downgrade,perhaps finally ,disgusted voters,are saying ,no mas, will see the light,and therefore give dem PP, political bandits, de symbolic middle finger.
      Long live the Republic of Tobag…,ooops….,los siento,T&T!


  9. Muchas gracias Bro.Kian. Excellent job ,on your part as well.Keep up the good work,and never allow yourself to be intimidated,in your quest,to keep dem Power brokers ,symbolic hands to the fire.
    Speaking of “food for thoughts,”I am reminded of a quote ,by the late ,great ,English Novelist ,Graham Green,which went as follows:-
    “Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.”

    I am thinking 1970,and 1990′.If only the perpetrators of events -which could have turned out much worse for all concern- had a forum like Trini Center,to articulate their views….???
    Fortunately Kian,in both occasions,we were blessed with leaders,more concern, about preserving our fragile democracy,and not force it’s will on a people,while hiding behind opaque,illegal laws,or narrow selfish tribalism.
    Thanks for nada Kamla,and your anti constitutional regime.
    If this was Burma,Pakistan ,Sri Lanka,Nigeria, China,or any of the Latin fiefdoms,Shah,Rex Lassale,and Lennox Phillip,aka Yasin Abbu Bakr,would all be dead, from a bullet in the back of the head,and buried ,in a no name grave.
    As a matter of fact Kian,if Eugenia Charles of Dominica,was the PM in 1970,and not Eric Williams,we might have no Military today,just like Dominica,and Costa Rica.
    If this was India,Israel,or Shah’s favorite country Norway,Islam would be eradicated as as one of the national religion ,and perhaps every Mosque burned to the ground,for their not too subtle role ,in the 1990 fiasco.
    There is work to be done Bro Kian. Time to up de ante ,and build on this platform.
    Can’t win de Datona 500 ,with one of Frankie Boodram,rickety , 1975 Toyota Corolla,or Ford Cortina,si?
    Let’s make it happen. With elections in the air,there is need for new ,authentic ,media voices.
    Stay tuned!

  10. SHAH here is a greater horror story. The real SECTION 34 animal cannot get away until we get the whole story behind e-mail gate. WE DO NOT WANT NO TRIAL IN THE CROOKED PARLIAMENT WE HAVE TODAY. WE NEED TO MARCH LIKE CADIZ DID…ASKING FOR A REFERENDUM ON THIS ISSUE….THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE…THE PRIME MINISTER AND HER CABAL MUST RECUSE THEMSELVES ON ANY DISCUSSION ON THIS ISSUE – THIS IS FARCICAL. I refer to the following news clip…Emailgate questions remain 2 years later
    By \\\\\ Anna Ramdass anna.ramdass@trinidadexpress.com
    Story Created: May 5, 2015 at 10:01 PM ECT
    Story Updated: May 5, 2015 at 10:01 PM ECT
    Two years later the question remains: were the alleged emailgate exchanges true or not?

    According to a letter from the United States Department of Justice, dated January 2015, one of the e-mail addresses—anan@gmail.com—purported to have been involved in the scandalous exchanges does not exist.

    In the letter, acting Director Mary D Rodriguez wrote to Netram Kowlessar, head of the Central Authority in the Ministry of the Attorney General, in response to a request for assistance in the investigations.

    The letter was enclosed with a computer disk and certificate of authenticity from Google, Inc with information on the e-mail addresses which were named in the controversy.

    The computer disk contains information regarding Google accounts anand@tstt.net.tt, kamlapb1@gmail.com and roodal@tstt.net.tt.

    These e-mail addresses are valid and belong to former attorney general Anand Ramlogan, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal.

    According to the US ¬Department of Justice, one of the ¬e-mail addresses, anan@gmail.com, does not exist.

    “Google stated there is no responsive information for any Google account with the e-mail address of anan@gmail.com,” stated the letter.

    The letter stated the information contained on the computer disks may be used in the investigation and prosecution of those people, and offences for which assistance was requested and granted.

    This information from the US Department of State is currently in the hands of the police, who are conducting investigations into the matter which, exactly two years later, is back in the Parliament—this time the Government moving a motion of censure against the Opposition Leader for having brought unsubstantiated documents to the House which made serious allegations against high office holders.

    The motion calls for censure against Rowley for his reckless, unsubstantiated and scandalous allegations, and further calls for his suspension from the House for the remainder of the session.

    Parliament will automatically dissolve by June 16.

    How emailgate started

    In May 2013, Rowley, during his motion of no confidence against the People’s Partnership Government and the Prime Minister, disclosed the contents of 31 e-mails purporting to be exchanges between Persad-Bissessar, then-attorney general Ramlogan, former minister of local government Surujrattan Rambachan and then-national security adviser to the Prime Minister Gary Griffith.

    The e-mails alleged these high office-¬holders were conspiring to harm a journalist; plant electronic spying devices in the Office of the DPP; offer the DPP a judgeship; and to accept payment from an unnamed woman in exchange for the freedom of people involved in the Section 34 fiasco in September 2012.

    Persad-Bissessar, on political platforms, has repeatedly called on the police to wrap up the probe into this e-mail scandal.

    The Prime Minister has said the Google records provided to her attorneys reveal there were no such exchanges as alleged from her e-mail account.

    In March this year, Williams, in a news release, disclosed the police had received “voluminous information” from Google, as requested by the Central Authority.

    “The information contained in the communication is voluminous in nature and the alleged e-mails are being analysed by the TTPS (Police Service) to determine their ¬authenticity,” the release stated.

  11. “The wheels of justice turn very,very,very,slowly” (Anon) On occasion sometimes years elapse before someone/some group is caught,tried,and convicted for atrocious crimes.”Murder does not hide” (my blessed mom) God rests her soul.

    Almost three years ago I suggested the following:train and “plant moles” within these criminal organisations.As Shah reminded us “criminals walk amongst us”;in like manner have “moles” do likewise.

    Obviously,these are dangerous assignments.Nonetheless,an organisation that crumbles from within will never “rise again”..Ordinary citizens must regain their streets and communities “bit by bit”..TnT has capable personnel to accomplish this feat….Bon chance!


    1. Section 34 was passed in Parliament with the support of the Opposition. It also received passage by the President.When the implications of the Bill became clear, what did the PM do?
      She revoked Section 34 with the support of the Opposition. What more do you want?

  13. “If you lie, you must also say goodbye”…….Moonilal

    WE HAVE JUST ENTERED INTO OF A DICTATORSHIP NODE IN OUR PREVIOUSLY LOVELY TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. This is a dictator that have no love for country, her love is for self, her tribe and south of the Caroni river. What is pushing this kind of behavior on the part of Dictator Kamla Persad Bissessar? It does NOT leave much to the imagination or wonderment. She knows that she would be rejected by the majority of the people WHEN the election is called. She knows that the so-called polls that are ever so present in the media, especially when she does stupid things always happen to put her ahead of Dr. Rowley as being more popular BUT she herself doers not believe in the validity of those ‘poll’ results. There is absolutely no doubt that Dictator Kamla Persad Bissessar is very very scared about what would be revealed about her administration when she looses the election. If, as she claims that she would be victorious in the general election, why not give the public the legal right to decide that? The truth is she REALLY does not believe this at all. She CANNOT LEGALLY DELAY THE ELECTION AFTER THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER AND SHE REALLY NEEDS MORE TIME TO COVER ALL HER MISDEEDS. SO, the only way forward, short of calling an election is to create an atmosphere of destabilization of the whole process or PUBLIC ORDER. With such uncontrollable chaos, and being the government of the day, she thereby gives herself the authority to call for the restoration off order by calling for lengthy state of emergency. In this case, elections will have to be postponed indefinitely, giving her additional powers, powers given under such a state now gives her
    dictatorial authority to arrest and abuse the rights of citizens.
    Seeing that she wants to create a parliament where she gives herself the absolutely to appoint HER OWN opposition. It definitely becomes a regime worse than Idi Amin, worse than that of Maduro and thereby legitimizing racism, nepotism, narcissism,
    totalitarianism, militirism and a host of other uncalled for authoritarian measures that will take some time to resolve into some kind of compromise giving her the upper hand to negotiate her OWN ESCAPE from prosecution. Therefore people of Trinidad and Tobago, you are entering into a stage of bitter unrest if Dictator Kamla Persad Bissessar is not stopped NOW. We are being ruled by PAGANS. DONT EXPECT PAGANS TO BE MORAL. DONT EXPECT PAGANS TO BE ETHICAL. DONT EXPECT PAGANS TO BE UNDERSTANDING. DONT EXPECT PAGANS TO BE LENIENT. DONT EXPECT PAGANS TO BE JUST. DONT EXPECT PAGANS TO BE PATRIOTIC. DONT EXPECT PAGANS TO BE BROTHERLY. THEY ONLY SEEK THEIR OWN TRIBAL INTEREST. THIS WOMAN HAS DONE NOTHING TO SPARE THE POPULATION OF INSTABILITY, SHE IS MOTIVATED BY RACE, RELIGION, SECTARIANISM TO ACHIEVE HER OWN ENDS. HER MOTIVES STARTS WITH HER AND ENDS WITH HER. SHE DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, PERIOD! I cry for my country and I’m exceedingly distraught with the official misdeeds of this regime.

    1. Is Rowley a pagan?
      He gleefully presented a set of concocted, accusatory and damaging emails to the unsuspecting Parliament which turns out to be fraudulent and instead of Kian turnings his guns on this objectionable and illegal act by Rowley, he accuses the PM of wrongdoing. What a joke by this bloke!

      1. Fraudulent by whose standards THE PAGAN QUEEN. As far I know the jury is still out on this case.

  14. Dictator Kamla has now VINDICATED Patrick Manning!. How? Manning is an honorable man because he showed respect for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and the Constitution when people grew uneasy with his leadership. He understood democracy and was willing to gamble is official two and a half years on his 5 year term so that the people could exercise their to name an administration of their choice, if they choose to reject him. What a great act of parliamentary and democracy! The people chose dictator Kamla and now they got what they wanted – an authoritarian, incompetent, nauseating and weak woman who is yet to make a decision in the interest of this country. We should not stand by idly and allow the destruction of our fledging democracy. We should not allow inappropriate process to destroy the orderliness with which good democracy flourishes. This act by dictator Kamla of depriving the people of Diego Martin West their constitutional rights to have proper representation in parliament is in fact a departure from the orderly democratic process. We should ALL feel outraged by this act because if allowed to get away with it, she would be emboldened to continue this path with the help of Wade Mark, Moonilal/Cuunilal, Vanilla, McLeod and goons like that.

    1. The PM will call the election when it is required by the constitution. She has a track record of doing just that.
      Rowley is fortunate that he is not in jail. Consider the seriousness of his illegal email “revelation” in the Parliament.

      1. “She has a track record of doing just that”…(smile)My comprehension Sir:is thst she “calls” elections as scheduled….Ooops! this is her “first” attempt at “re-election”……..track record?

        1. Swordfish, you are showing your ignorance. She called the Bye election in St Joseph. She called local government elections when it was required by the constitution.

      2. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/Panday-Govt-has-handed-Rowley-the-sympathy-vote-303018961.html?m=y&smobile=y&clmob=y&c=n

        The numerous critics out there, in La la land,can call former PM Basdeo Panday ,all the terrible names as desired,but one characterization, that he cannot ,ever be labeled with is,of ever being a fool.
        As for Kamla,or perhaps it’s more so ,her idiot handlers/political advisers/strategists,and manipulative Carbal?
        Well…,in de words of de wisest woman, that ever lived, in my late ,Tobago Granny,”that’s a horse of a different color.”
        She instead,just may be the biggest clown,that ever graced the T&T political scene,the wider Caribbean region,and we can add,the entire British Commonwealth.
        Yet ,some called George Chambers Duncy?
        He might not have been,a fancy pansy lawyer, like Auntie K,but never was he known ,to repeatedly ‘shoot himself in the foot ,’to such a degree,or worst yet ,surround himself with noted crooks ,and obvious white color bandits,who can cause such harm.
        Whosoever can have a chicken eating fox like Howai,in their cabinet,as the Finance Minister,even after fully knowing ,about his questionable financial track record,at First Citizens Bank ,is either a fool,or worst yet,a crook too.


        Any PM ,who thinks they can gain millage,or votes,by attacking the sex life of an opponent-not for acts committed in recent times,but 4 decades ago,when he was ‘a wild oats sowing , 20-year old ,’is a fool-especially,if they naively think ,they could use someone,from his neighborhoods to do the dirty deed,or throw all rape victims under the bus,by denigrating his mom, for producing him (the PM in waiting)via a rape.
        Sorry Kamla,but you cannot get into bed with Jack FIFA-Warner,in your rush to power,then when he tries to pinch your rear end ,fire him ,then label him a dishonest bum,for you will loose Chagurnas,in a by election.
        You cannot pluck a sitting Judge off the bench,have him run for Parliament,make him some opaque Justice Minister,then fire him, when he is unable to push through a bill,to free ,two of your party’s crooked financial supporting criminals.If you do,you’ll loose St Joseph,in the by elections.
        How is that one time untouchable,ex AG of yours doing these days? Good riddance!
        You cannot further attempt to manipulate our judicial system,by pretending to raise judges salaries/pensions,or stacking the bench ,with cronies,then when they rule in your favor ,turn around ,and use your majority to oust ,the nation’s Opposition Leader-who so happens to be a Tobagonian. You,and your government, will not only loose credibility,but most definitely Tobago,as well as the entire nation,at the next General elections.
        Hey,and how is your pal Justice Lucky ,doing these days?
        These COP- eat ah food cretins!
        Just kidding judge L.
        As Papa Baz might tell you,just before he pierce the arrow,into your ungrateful heart,Tobago might only have two insignificant seats,or as you think ,a useless,corrupt THA,but they-not aspiring National capital Chagurnas- often set the tone,for success or failure,at the next level.
        Put differently,Uncle David Cameron, could not have returned as PM yesterday,if he ,and his party, had lost Scotland,in the recent independence referendum.


        Ain’t to late ,for you to take off that political dunce cap of yours ,and get to work ,Auntie K. You ,and Duckman Jack ,lost the THA ,to Orville London,and will most certainly loose it all, to Rowley,come September-unless you can provide evidence,that he secretly fought in ISIS,when on his Dubai golf vacation,or was in actuality, one of the masked shooters,in Dana Setahal assassination,a year ago.
        Oh,and by de way,oil prices won’t raise to $300, per barrel,by the time elections are due.
        Hey,and ‘where you at,’ Dr.Keith Rowley?
        Yeah we know, putting dem symbolic ducks in order…ummmm,finishing up the elections night,victory speech…..tightening up on the manifesto.
        A word of caution,via de administrations of …well, you know the lady,for you too had one-an extremely wise ,Tobago Granny.
        “Never count your chickens ,before they hatch,”hmmmmm?
        Long live the Republic of Tobag…ooops,lo siento,T&T!
        I love this land, Y

    2. If the people of Diego Martin West is aware of what she has done (my constituency) SHE SHOULD NOT GET ONE BLASTED VOTE.

  15. Mr. Shah, I have never had the benefit of reading anything from you before.
    As I happened across this article, I would like to first state that aside from the fact that there was absolutely nothing dignified about the way in which we mourned… this column was written in true DSS style. I haven’t read the comments as yet but I will. Your points are on target and I wish this perspective could be publicised to a far greater magnitude. You’ve quite accurately captured what desperately needs to be said. Having the authorities conspire to arrest one criminal for a crime that he did not commit, thereby securing his acquittal miserably fails to correct the “horror story of immense proportions” that we are suffering from.

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