The spectre of emailgate

By Michael Harris
March 09, 2015 –

ParliamentI must confess that I was taken completely by surprise with the news reports last week confirming that the police had received “voluminous” information from Internet service provider Google on the emailgate issue and that the alleged e-mails in the matter were being analysed to determine their authenticity.

My surprise stemmed from the fact that I had thought the entire investigation into emailgate had died a cold death. In fact, as far as I can remember, there were two investigations proceeding simultaneously. One investigation was being conducted by the Integrity Commission and the other by the Police.
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3 thoughts on “The spectre of emailgate”

  1. And, should the conclusions of the report indicate that contents of the e-mails were not authentic, then, apart from any criminal proceedings which may be instituted, the Leader of the Opposition should immediately resign from his position in the party and seat in Parliament.(michael Harris)

    Information leaked so far has revealed that the emails and contents are fabricated.
    The PNM should be looking for a new leader if this is true.A new leader, depending on who is chosen, will improve their chances of winning the next election.

  2. The police service TTPS is a strong ally of the pnm so if the emails were fabricated and Rowley and other pnm agents set up
    the PM,AG and other ministers the TTPS would cover up the matter.The TTPS protects and serves the pnm especially at the executive level which consists of corrupt,racist and strong pnm supporters.


    ‘Superintendent of Police Baldeo Nanan who led a team of officers investigating the claims which linked several Government officials to criminal conduct,’ but dem two big Baracuda fishes, Auntie K,and obnoxious ex Cabinet member Rammy, are still free to roam.
    Newsday-a lofty member of the comatose 4th Estate gang.

    Yeah, and how we now luv our Police Service, seeing that they finally got their priorities in order,but we still aren’t confirming Uncle Willo in his coveted COP post!
    So you stupid ,Trini Africans,are till trying to grapple with why, Her Madjesstrick Queen Kamla, immediately embarked ,on a systematic purge of the entire public service, upon assuming power, huh?
    On other front,and Just last week,a big fat,Indo Trini farmer,kidnapped, and tied up ,a mental case ,poor, barefoot,desperate, malnourished, Indo Trini female, and drag her like a Lod Bajos ,maingey dog in the streets.

    This incident, was captured by a similar tribal creature-thinking he is another Ian Alleyne,seeking his 10 seconds of fame ,but did nada to help.The result? No one paid a price,as Ag Commissioner Williams, boys and gals,in blue ,ran to the hills like scared Iguanas.
    A fake Bramin Pundit MP,named Sharma,almost murdered his pimple face ,suspect business heroine /Bollywood wannabe side chick, in public,but he too ,never paid a real price, because she was ,most likely paid off ,to ensure her silence.
    National Divider in Chief, Basdeo Panday, and his UNC financial supporting,White color -criminal cronies ,Ish ,and Steve,are still walking free,after their well documented, country destroying misdeeds.
    As for that miscreant, ex AG Rammy.Please don’t get me started, on that overrated legal comedian.
    Fact is ,he must have said a million plus prays,and manipulated ,quite a few public servants, to stay out of T&T prison clothes, ain’t dat so,people?
    In de interim, Wendy Fitzwilliam, almost made a jail under some bogus accusations -a Ramlogan PP with hunt .
    Suddenly, the PP camp,with the help of Chief Public Relations Officer,in l one time Journalist Andy Johnson, seem to have this uncanny hard on ,to castrate, then jail, the PM in waiting, ummmm, The Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley, aka de Tobago Wajang, MP for Westmooorings-and we can throw in Diego Martin, just for good measure.
    See a trend her T&T? Beat down on anyone from Afro Kinky Head Nation, while elevation of any from an unmentionable ancestral gene pool.
    Well again,why am I surprise ,with anything that might emerge from an ardent protégé of Basdeo Panday, of “dis is our time,”fame? Not only her,and her cabal controlled – UNC dominant PP regime, but most of the tribal minnows, scattered across our underachieving country, have embraced this policy /attitude.
    Can anyone say,what became of that ugly ,criminal son-who likewise escaped prosecution -of Caroni- phony ,anti genocide guru, Dr Goopiesing?
    Yeah ,the same clown, who plannass ,( ummmmmm,used his cutlass,to beat him to within an inch of his life ) a cross tribal man ,getting down on unhealthy Doubles, who had de temerity ,to asked him, to turn off the engine of his fuming vehicle.
    Trust me ,when I say,I don’t have a problem with any group loving themselves or looking out for narrow interests,where warranted.Just don’t do the latter, at ‘de expense of the other.’
    The biggest irony for me ,is the fact that these are the same folks ,who enjoy trotting the virtues of everything Britain,but yet?
    Basdeo Chief Justice pal Justice Shama,got caught with his …ummmmm,…pinky finger in his zipper,and instead of doing the right thing,and own up for trying to inhibit justice, he and his buddies ,started screaming to the heavens ,about phantom ,racial prosecution.

    In Mama England ,future Privy Council blokes, are now looking for jobs ,only because ,they allegedly, used precious time, to view porn,while here in our T&T,Papa Basdeo,once jumped into a childish tantrum, when a then independent minded Speaker ,asked him ,to refrain from using his laptop,to surf the internet,so as to check his illegal-foreign bank accounts, among other secret/wink ,wink , things ,during Parliamentary sessions.

    With elections in the air ,everyone want’s to know what’s the score.
    Let me just add -it’s a jungle out there,as we like to say on de streets.
    Stay vigilant people!
    Remember, the Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place!
    Your influence counts,-use it!!!

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