AG must step down: first act in rare drama

Anand Ramlogan, Gary Griffith, David West

Express Editorial
February 01, 2015 –

“The standing of the Attorney General is not the only consideration Ms Persad-Bissessar is obliged to weigh. If, indeed, Mr Griffith had been aware of illegality even suspected of being engaged in or proposed by the Attorney General, he should not himself have waited until now to be exposed as someone in the know. His own fitness for office is now at least open to question.

“Finally, that it has taken nearly three months for Mr West, a lawyer, to report to the relevant authorities some illegality he might have suspected is itself troublingly questionable.

This late in the day, Mr West claims to have been “taking steps in that regard”, but only after related reports in the Sunday Express. The High Court will eventually decide on criminal liability, but in the court of public opinion, Mr West can hardly enjoy any stature of public-spirited heroism.”

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  1. Cabinet could face police probe
    By Shaliza Hassanali – Sunday, February 1, 2015
    Former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj says the entire Cabinet could be the subject of a police investigation if it is proven that pressure has been applied on National Security Minister Gary Griffith to withdraw his statement in the matter involving Anand Ramlogan and David West. Maharaj said Cabinet members could face a probe “for attempting to pervert the course of justice” if this had indeed happened. He said this would mean the entire Cabinet was now “contaminated.”


    Is the AG going West?
    By Suzanne Mills – Sunday, February 1 2015
    Someone asked me what I thought about this David West v the Attorney General business and I had to admit I was confused, there being several questions left unanswered.
    The first is obvious and has been asked. If the AG offered West the post of PCA director in exchange for his silence last October why did West not make a report then? West insists that there is no wrong doing on his part, but it is a grave matter that a man who is appointed to investigate complaints against the police does not see that he should alert them to a possible offence. What about the Integrity Commission? Did he write to them?

    “There is another facet to this matter. Having regard to his involvement in a court matter between the AG and the Opposition Leader, should West not have altogether refused the PCA directorship, as he was accepting the appointment when he was deeply involved in the politics, when he should be seen to be independent, above the cut and thrust? Didn’t he even wonder whether he had Dr Rowley’s support because of his witness statement?”


    Better than ole mas
    By Andre Bagoo – Sunday, February 1 2015
    IT IS NOT the first time an attorney general has come under a police probe. The current Attorney General Anand Ramlogan himself has been subject to two other police investigations. Last May, Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard SC cleared Ramlogan and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar of an allegation of an attempt to pervert the course of public justice, stemming from matters first raised in a newspaper article. The DPP wrote, “The completed police investigation into the allegation of a conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice, involving but not limited to the Honourable Prime Minister, the Honourable Attorney General, and a journalist, has categorically revealed that the allegation was unsubstantiated, uncorroborated and did not emanate from a credible source.”

    “As West himself twice last week pointed out, the PCA is supposed to be independent. The PCA is charged with dealing with complaints against the police. If the police is supposed to be apolitical in its operations, so too must its watchdog. Therefore, West cannot hold this apolitical post while testifying on behalf of the PNM political leader in a defamation lawsuit. He must chose one or the other. Was West summoned to give evidence in the case? Even if he was, he must chose. For instance, should the Chief Justice personally respond to a summons from the Finance Committee of Parliament to account for the $56,000 overpayment to a court worker that occurred last year? Or should the Integrity Commission chairman volunteer to testify on Rowley’s behalf in a court matter while still in post? No.

    “In line with the supposedly apolitical nature of the post, the PCA director is appointed by the President in accordance with the advice of both the Prime Minister AND the Opposition Leader. Just as serious questions have been asked of the Attorney General, we must also ask this: Did the Opposition Leader agree with West’s appointment as an inducement for West to testify on Rowley’s behalf? Why the delay from West in walking into the Police Administration Building? Did no one call West to advise him on the obvious conflict between his PCA appointment and his Rowley witness statement?”

  2. For seasoned journalists I find the questioning or questions being asked by these two journalists somewhat amateurish. If I were West, I would handle this situation the same way he did and I will tell you why. First, this is Trinidad and Tobago. Absolutely nothing in this country is cut and dry, neither law nor process is absolute, especially the laws of this country. When last in recent memory has an official of government or for that matter business been convicted of anything, no matter how minor? The reason for this question is that is when it comes to dealing with infractions by those who occupy the positions of power is very tricky because they can retaliate and has connections to make a fool out of you at any turn. They both have asked why did West take so long to come forth with the accusation, as journalists they should remember in very recent history that when the Solicitor General found out that the very said Ramlogan was tampering (same tampering) with Prisongate, she took it unto herself and wrote the Prime Minister about it. What did the Prime Minister do? She gave it back to the same very said Ramlogan to investigate. A flawed process which in most peoples view the Prime Minister was and continues to be on the wrong side of the law and process. What became of Prisongate? Ramlogan and thePrime Minister cooked up the issue whereby it became so complicated that from a prosecutorial point of view it lays dead until someone more competent in the Attorney General’s office can resuscitate the value of the information and put it before a jury. Don’t these journalists know that? So, coming back to the the question, why did West take so long to report the matter? The Prisongate affair is just one answer as to why he had to be pre-cautious in handling matters of impropriety by people like Anand Ramlogan and Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar. It was good that there is a corraborative witness to effectively authenticate the evidence to which Ramlogan is still denying even with all that has been aired. So, tell me again Suzanne Mills and Andre Bagoo, with the history of such a slippery character as Anand Ramlogan, should Mr West have gone to the police without taking an inventory of the course of action and the implications they may occur? As people privileged to write I find it appalling that people in the know can so callously make statements that they know cannot stand the test of accuracy. The very nature of the questions appear to have suggested that Mr. West is an apologist for Dr. Rowley. What evidence has been put forward so far to support this line of argument? None! Anand Ramlogan’s history is deeply rooted in the emailgate fiasco, from the verdict of the the judges associated with the outcome to the extradition of Galbaransingh and Ferguson. Nothing is his involvement has shown that he is clean and honest, nothing! So, to come now and question an innocent man’s account of how he chose to deal with his experience with the crafty Ramlogan is in my view questionable journalism.

  3. Ramlogan stays. Why? It is clearly evident that David West is a bonified member of the Balisier brigade. He was given several top positions by the PNM, even supported Rowley in a matter against the AG. He is as bias as they come. The PCA office has been permanently scarred by this scandal and can no longer be trusted to be an Independent voice for the nation. It is now a heavily politicized office in favour of the PNM. The AG did not have the power to give Mr.West any position. According to the Constitution such decision was in the hands of the Opposition Leader and Prime Minister, therefore this could not be a real inducement. In supporting Dr Rowley as payback for the PCA position he should be fire by the Prez who is asleep most of the time or so it seems.

    The cabinet minister Gary Griffith surrendered his cellphone to the police in the emailgate scandal and despite calls for it to be returned it was not returned until several months later all information retrieved and carefully examined. WHAT information was in that cellphone that the PNM have in their possession that is causing Gary to squeel like a pig being stabbed. His behavior is strange to say the least. He appears to be out of his element, claims of him asking his friend West for information on a particular case against the AG is just that claims. The AG could have inquired directly as to the particulars of a case seeing he is a defendant. The court must accede to his request.

    Because of all the heresay “evidence” against the AG which we know will NOT stand in a court of Law, the AG must be left to continue his assiduous work for the nation. As for Ramesh the bush bath the PNM gave him appears to be working.

    It is strange that PNMites are coming out like termites to demand the AG step down. Excuse me how about Innocent until proven guilty? The Law Ass. Sent an unsigned press release demanding the AG resign. Transparency TnT is demanding the AG step down. And know Abu sympathizer Ramesh “count Drakula” Maharaj is threatening to sue the cabinet, for what??? Nobody really knows
    except Ram. Ram is a close friend of the Rowleys and a known backstabber. Leave the AG alone Ram.

    The CoP should stop this witch hunt immediately.

    1. Mamoo, if I didn’t know better I could have sworn by your comments that the people running this government is PNM.
      You are so incoherent that I would would like to submit your comments to a comic relief talent show. There is absolutely no point in really replying to your “spin” because it would take some degree of madness to do so.

  4.  “The Prez …is asleep most of the time or so it seems.”
    Mamboo de lifetime Mayaro drunkard,173637.html

    Yeah Mamboo, and if you think that this elite ,independent minded, 43 year old,feisty , economist “rock,”called Reema -HarrySingh,would allow her 60 year old El Presidente Cameo,to be “asleep,”(as you describe him)while serving….ummmmm…, his nation,then you too are a Kamla hating, PNM party hack.
    Trust me when I say folks ,dat Professor Richards replacement, was carefully chosen.
    Seriously though,if I was that soon to be fired ,overrated /legal luminary wannabe,in AG Rammy,I would try and force through a bill ,before my political demise ,in Parliament which would state that no blogging would be tolerated from anyone ,who do so while obviously drunk.
    If that means we would never read another of Mamboo’s simi coherent, tribal diatribes, until after De Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley, is sworn in as T&T next PM,or better yet ,most of Kamla’s UNC dominant, PP goons ,are convicted for various ,well documented ,corrupt misdeeds, they inflicted on our naive ,unsuspecting votes ,then that would be a beautiful thing indeed,won’t it?
    Just wish this super trolling, cyber clown Mamboo, won’t stop there ,as he looks to shift blame -not on PNM ,as he is pretending to be disgusted with, but in actuality,members of ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation,’ as he and others such as TMan ,Sat Maraj,and Trini Royal ,feels deep in their twisted soul.
    Hey Mamboo, why stop there ,with your typical ,ridiculous claims.Here is another you can add to your list:-
    A young Trini,closet gigalo,with a well known penchant for beating his nationally famous ,media,eccentric ,cougar wife ,on a daily basis ,in the presence of her kids ,and direct hearing from callous neighbors,came home from a Panorama show,to the family St Augustine love nest.
    However , apparently, after an exciting romp in the sack ,things soon fell apart, as we like to say on de streets.
    This was due in great measure ,it is alleged , to him hearing ,that she was on de verge of filing for divorce, from his leeching,playboy,lazy behind,that very day-by the time the soiled sheets he was resting on were fully dried.
    In a fit of rage ,he then proceeded to murder her,in gruesome fashion,but not before showing his adoration for her ,by lighting a few scented candles,brought from a Westmoorings store ,that was owned by a Rowley PNM supporter.
    A resultant fire ensued ,but only destroyed a few of her delicate clothing, and left 2 minor scars ,on the now distraught husband.
    The coward is now on a 24 hour suicide watch -lock down, at one of our nations PNM created hospitals,where PNM sympathizing officers ,and doctors ,are ensuring that he stays alive ,and eventually walk free,with the ardent help of PNM lawyers,juries ,Judges,and law clerks.
    Did I mention that one of de items retrieved from his belongings ,when he was searched,was a PNM party card,signed by Patrick Manning?
    Just how many more days again,before the nationally outraged voters ,decide to show these ‘Square pegs in round holes/political bozos ,’the door,hmmmmm?
    Enough already!
    As we continue to engage in escapist cyber yapping folks, let’s focus on real issues that is affecting our underachieving country.
    Say no to domestic violence,corporal punishment ,child abuse/neglect.
    Say no to sub par leadership,wheresoever ,such exist across this land.
    Say yes ,to economic /political transparency, and most importantly ,equal playing field justice for all 1.3 million plus citizens,y 110,000 illegal immigrants, si?
    Long live the Republic of T&T!
    I luv dis land, Y tu?

  5. Under the cloak of morality, there is a long list of public officials trumpeting the cause of Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar that David West, the man with the guts to give evidence to the Police that then Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, offered him the position director of the PCA were he to pull back as witness of fact in then lawsuit Ramlogan filed against Dr. Keith Rowley. In her address, the Prime Minister requested the removal of David West, a man who most of the country sees as a hero because he had the gall to tell the police of Ramlogan’s action and failed to tell the prime minister. Since then a host of personalities have come out to echo the prime minister’s request to get rid of David for not telling her, amongst them Ralph Maraj, former UNC minister and now talk show host on I95.5fm, reporter Anna Ramdass, Derek Ramsamooj, political analyst, Indera Sagewan Ali, political analyst, Bishnu Ragoonath political analyst, TMan, Mamoo, Loyal Trini, Intricate amongst those who seek his removal and shown full support for Kamla. Not one of these protagonists have dared to quote a law, a rule, a practice, an instruction or moral dictate that obliged Mr. West
    to report the matter to Kamla. All these people are claiming that David had a moral responsibility to do so. On the pother hand those who have shown moral responsibility nationally throughout the years believe that David acted within his rights.
    They see nothing wrong with what he did and commended him for being civic minded enough and having the courage to take such a valiant step forward. There is every reason believe that the step that David took puts him in the category of a whistle blower – people who have the guts to report wrong doings by public officials. In the minds of most civic minded and morally upright citizens, David’s action is to be commended for which he has shown a mark of heroism. Amongst such outstanding proponents of David’s action are Martin Daly, Sunity Maharaj, Dr. Keith Rowley, Theadore Lewis and many many more who have vented their disbeliefs in the prime minister’s request and have solidly put their approval for David’s action. Evil has become the norm in this country for the past four years and the names of those who have brought it upon the nation are well known and vented on all forms of media. There is an outrage and vexation with this call for David West to resign because he had the fortitude to do his job with fear nor favor, nor was he cowed in the face of adversity to go back on his word. For this we, who support you David say Press ON, keep your head high and never give in to immorality, even when it comes from the most advantaged sources.

  6. Kamla has pulled one on all of us and her supporters continue the charade that many offs fell for. That charade is the continuous focus on David West, a good man doing his job the way it was meant to be. In all the criticism by Kamla’s supporters (officials and private alike), not one of them has been able to convincingly prove that Mrt West is unfit for the job. On the other hand the man who manipulated this event as well as several others which have turned the social fabric of this society into a laughing stock of the world, might not have a job as Attorney General but he is enjoying the wrath his boss. Kayla has thrusted upon by a man who in every sense is decent, patriotic, ethical, non-sectarian and well qualified for the job he is performing so competently. Anand Ramlogan, from day one came out, not as a attorney general but as an operative clothed, crowned and regaled with the full authority of attorney general, to spout his party, the UNC, his hindu religion, his ethnicity and culture on the larger population,using every means at his disposal to achieve his goal of drastically reforming this society his his, Kamla’s and Sat Maharaj’s wishes. IN the first two years, they needed no help in so doing because they had Jack Warner using his anti-PNM hate to achieve their purpose. Jack Warner was successful in attacking the Mighty Cro-Cro, a renowned and celebrated Calypsonian to moderate his lyrics, without attacking the art of calypso. Jack was at the forefront of criticizing African in their protest against the actions of the PP government. With Jack gone, Anil Roberts (half Indian) spewed anti-PNM hate and cunning to ward of any political backlash, all with the help of Kamla and Anand Ramlogan. By nature, black people are fairminded and non judgmental of one’s belief system, but this government has brought religion to the core of its campaign to subvert the christian ethos of our history. I admire the cunning of Kamla to subvert the christian values of our non hindu people to one that accepts bribery and inducements to replace merit. Inducement is what most of us see (as non hindus) behind
    Ramlogan’s attempt to get David West to pull his statement, in Ramlogan’s attempt to “win” Rowley. This has become the core of Kamla’s way of choosing her government, filling state boards and applying the same system to common employment in the government service. How we think is the determinant of how we are indoctrinated and that is no more so in looking at the line of who is for David West and who is against David West. The christian ethos will dictate that David West is CORRECT whilst the hindu insists on his culpability, whilst at the same time ignoring the deeds of the hindu Anand Ramlogan. Yes, whether we want to belie it or not, religion ALWAYS is the determinant factor on how things are done and accepted in Trinidad. It was unearthing to see Kamla as Santa Claus giving gifts to christian children, that she herself admits she does not know where the gifts came from. Equally unearthing was the presentation and acceptance of the $55M gifts purportedly ‘given’ to the Christian Church who did not bother to question, where did the funds come from? The moral fibre of this country is being lost with the tag team onslaught of Kamla and Ramlogan and this can be seen in every aspect of our lives today in Trinidad and Tobago. Nothing is working anymore. Paganism has taken center stage in our efforts to build and maintain a clean, moral and ethical society.
    Inn order to gain something from this conversation, it is sad and disingenuous to continue bashing David West when the culprit in this matter is the architecture of the prince of evil genius
    Anand Ramlogan. When Ramlogan’s genius and Kamla’s backing of it is vented and articulated, then and only then would an exercise of true knowledge would be sought. To continue this charade of blaming David West is a FARCE in the truest sense of the word.

    1. A sad racist, bigoted and dinosauric response by a person who sees everything through racist, bigoted and religious lens. People like you have used up your time and relevance in a multicultural nation like Trinidad and Tobago. RIP.Your brand has expired.

  7. Ah shucks TMan,..cut it out ,mi country hating Piasano, with this over de top,”sad racist, bigoted and dinosauric..” aspersions ,as leveled, me think against my progressive, patriotic cyber amigo Bro Kain. It ‘doesn’t becomes you’ – as we like to say on de streets .
    After all, you of all people -Trini elite school educated,and such-should know ,that we on dis here Trini Center -Cyber yapping Nation, don’t throw out unsubstantiated labels ,left, right, and center,in such a callous manner, simply because we disagree, or worst yet,is outraged at de comments of fellow,information highway commuter,ain’t that so?
    Guys like myself ,and Cuz Kain ,may be numerous (symbolically)unpalatable things, but none falls under the categories, you just mentioned.
    Hey buddy, we won’t slight you,for thinking T&T,has evolved into an enviable, “multicultural nation,”since Auntie Kamla, and her UNC dominant PP, assumed power in 2010.
    There are those who beg to differ with dat brown-wash/rose color view of their tribally fractured society,and they too need a voice,si?
    Love Humanity people, & forget the tribe! Failure so to do, can have dire consequences. Trust me on dat, as I have been in the global trenches, and saw,in close range, the acts of depraved souls,who seem to get such sadistic pleasure, in inflicting terrible treatment,towards ‘the other,’and yes, the resultant fall outs.
    Stay vigilant T&T!

    1. Hey! thanks brother Neal. People like TMan would be happy if people like you and I choose tor refrain from commenting on this cyber space, because like Kamla and ALL her sympathizers, they prefer to think that they are fooling us and we remain silent about it. But that is not the reason why we are here. My brother always tell me that no one is immune to inducements in Trinidad, everyone has a price, from Captain to cook. This is no where more true than reading the headlines today, only to see our dearly beloved ‘pollsters’, with all the CACA that Kamla is in, make it a point to remind us that Kamla is still the most popular PM.
      With all the issues she has dealt with and will have to deal with in order to clear herself, they want us to believe that she is ‘popular’. In real terms, what exactly does that mean? Does popularity mean that she is the best person for the job? Does it mean that her name is most popularly mentioned in the course of public opinion?. Does it mean that she is the one most liked? or Does it mean that because she is the leader and has to be responsible for what goes on in the country, she has the responsibility to speak for all of us? The words ‘popularity’ does not in itself mean a positive thing, it can also be counter-productive, when properly applied. About our good friend TMan. When last have you or anyone else on this blog read something sensible that he has written. There is a song by Bill Preston entitled ‘Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing’ and this is exactly what we get from TMan. He does not want me to talk about race and religion because this is where the fault line is in Trinidad and he (and his people) has always used it to their advantage. Neal, you and I have caught up with this and we are letting them know, so thats what is irking poor TMan. TMan, my ‘dinosauric response ‘ is in response to your dinosauric behavior of idolatry. If with all Kamla’s missteps, misdeeds and mismanagement you want me to acknowledge that she is the ‘best leader’ because she is a brahmin, then you are sadly mistaken. If the facts that I write make me a racist (in your view), then I will continue to be racist until everything is vented in the open.

  8. Hinkson did well wit this one:
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar has always been resolute in her leadership when dealing with aberrant behaviour. Her actions have spoken volumes. Acting with alacrity was contingent upon a number of variables, with the principles of natural justice topping the list. Being realistic, it is known some members of her team were targets from day one.
    To be fair, Anand Ramlogan, Jack Warner, Chandresh Sharma and Glenn Rama­dharsingh were some of the Prime Minister’s professional compeers in Government. If every allegation made against some of the main targets were used as a determining factor for immediate dismissal, Anand Ramlogan would have been wrongfully dismissed a long time ago.
    Look at the allegation the former AG went into the Consulate General of Trinidad and Tobago in New York, USA, some time in 2010 and demanded to know the racial/ethnic composition of the staff at the mission. That turned out to be totally false. Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley’s verbal submission in Parliament is testimony to that. What about Dr Rowley stating 50 per cent of State briefs went to Anand Ramlogan’s law firm?
    When have we seen a leader like Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar having no sacred cows and willing to take such action? Let us journey down memory lane as we have many Rip Van Winkles in our society.
    In the 1980s, John O’Halloran was a confidant of then prime minister Dr Eric Willi­ams and a close ally, so much so, he was even named the executor of Williams’ will. O’Halloran and PNM (People’s National Movement) party chairman Francis Prevatt were implicated in a $28.7 million bribery scandal (a huge figure by contemporary standards), involving airplane purchases for the national airline, BWIA.
    Even as a special committee report of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, published in the American paper The Wall Street Journal, implicated both men, Williams and the PNM stoutly defended them.
    In keeping with his leadership style to defend Cabinet ministers who were his confidants, at a party convention in September 1980, Williams adopted a favoured spin tactic of those avoiding dealing with wrong-doing: he attacked the messenger by accusing the media of “collusion” with “multinational companies and foreign imperialists”, designed to “manipulate public opinion”.
    Let us turn to Mrs Persad-Bissessar’s erstwhile colleague, former prime minister and longest-serving Member of Parliament Mr Patrick Manning. What did Mr Manning do when a former minister under his
    watch in Government was accused of finan­cial immorality and corporate misbehaviour by a well-known banking institution, and where the institution filed a civil lawsuit against the minister who was its former president and CEO for breaching his fiduciary duties and the bank’s rules and procedures, among other things (Supreme Court Barbados in July 2004)? The person still kept their ministerial portfolio in the Ministry of Finance.
    I reflect and reminisce on all of this and
    remind all right-thinking citizens to remember the renowned statement and provoca­tive poem attributed to pastor Martin Nie­m­öller (1892-1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals, following the Nazis’ rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group:
    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    1. “Look at the allegation the former AG went into the Consulate General of Trinidad and Tobago in New York, USA, some time in 2010 and demanded to know the racial/ethnic composition of the staff at the mission. That turned out to be totally false. Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley’s verbal submission in Parliament is testimony to that. What about Dr Rowley stating 50 per cent of State briefs went to Anand Ramlogan’s law firm?” You know what TMan!, if honesty were your goal, you would know that the incident described by Dr. Rowley did in fact take place, however, he mistakenly identified Anand Ramlogan, when the person asking those questions was another UNC cabinet minister. The truth about your departed pisano AG is that almost every case in his “winning” column were on technicalities, meaning – process may not have been applied to substance. The mistake you guys are making is that you think whatever you write, people will automatically believe. If you want to be believable
      you must by necessity show that you are in search of truth.

  9. I’ll acknowledge ,if these social miscreants insist,that Kamla is the ‘best leader.’..ummmmmm.. …of the UNC party,since Basdeo Panday,aka De National Divider in Chief ,would not have beaten that fake Christian,Sando Geologist Manning -even with Jack FIFA WARNER loot ,and help.
    As for her being a brahmin?
    Perish de thought ,Bro kian! If so,then I am Queen Elezebeth de 2nd ,illegitimate pickiney ,she made with Dr Rat,when she visited T&T,as a virgin princess ,decades ago.
    Seriously, we de astute, know ,that most self respecting ,Indo-Hindustani-Trinis, will dare to call themselves Brahmin,while simultaneously claiming,that their ancestors ,escaped from dirt poor India,to come to T&T,as indentured laborers.
    No,no,no,and I don’t give a hoot,if they changed their names from Sat Maraj,to Maharaj,or is a Tom cat PP,ex cabinet Minister ,who like sleeping with ugly ,Bollywood wannabe chicas ,then use their political influence, to set them up in high end business,only to beat them down ,like a maingey Beetham Labass dog, in public ,because they call you a dead beat dad.
    Hey Kian,how is that morally repugnant bum,in disgraced ,Pundit Sharma, and his conveniently silenced ,side chick doing ,now that they have publicly humiliated his long suffering,dear wife?
    You are correct Bro Kain …Race matters,and I will add ,so does culture ,especially in T&T.
    Female Members of TMAN’s tribe,would take their kicks/ blows, and similar abuse ,and suffer in quiet dignity, but as for feisty, female members of Afro Kinky Head Nation? Well ,we know how they
    can drop it.,206711.html

    Ooops,I take that back…for a certain blond hair, Trini High end journalist ,from St Augustine,is now dead,leaving behind ,two troubled ,distraught kids ,to possibly continue a cycle of abuse, since -according to reports -she endured similar fate, on a daily basis.
    Hey kian,I wonder if our sensitive police, would allow her murderer, to walk free, without charges,like they did ,for this 47 year old Brasso woman,with 9 kids, and a Paramin Maraval boyfriend?
    Kian ,this is why folks like us, remain engage,on dis here, Trini Center information Highway, mi amigo.
    We cannot let dem selectively outraged, unmentionable, cyber clowns cramp our style/deter us.
    Not when we have a comatose 4th Estate,led by co-opted /sell out agents , out there,who prefer to dabble with escapist foolishness, as opposed to socio-economic -com -political ,bread ,and butter issues,that impact negatively ,our fellow Trinis lives.
    Speaking of which,is that former journalist,and now grateful ,Kamla spin doctor,in Andy Johnson ,still on UNC dominant PP,payroll?
    Stay vigilant people!

  10. Do you want this man as PM. He is stalling on this trial because he cannot win in an impartial court.
    He has succeeded in putting off the trial until after the election for obvious reasons.

    Rowley to pay Anand $30,000
    By JADA LOUTOO Tuesday, February 10 2015

    OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley has been ordered to pay $30,000 to former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan for his failure to file, on time, a witness statement in defence of a defamation lawsuit against him (Rowley).

    Justice Andre des Vignes yesterday gave Rowley until March 18 to pay the costs. On that date, he will also hear an additional application filed by the Opposition Leader to amend his defence to include the pending police probe that Ramlogan sought to have Police Complaints Authority director David West withdraw a witness statement in defence of Rowley in another defamation claim filed by Ramlogan.

    Also at yesterday’s hearing at the Port-of-Spain High Court, Justice des Vignes set trial dates for the hearing of the defamation claim for January 19, 20 and 21, of next year.

    Ramlogan, in the lawsuit filed in July 2012, alleged Rowley made slanderous statements about him in a speech at Port-of-Spain City Hall, on November 1, 2011. In the speech, Rowley’s comments related to the hiring of attorneys in private practice for state briefs.

    des Vignes had ruled that Rowley failed to comply with the pre-action protocol procedure set out in the Practice Directions and failed to satisfy him that there was a good explanation for an extension of time to file the witness statement. He nevertheless ordered that the witness statement be filed.

    Ramlogan’s claim, which is one of six, asks for damages, including aggravated and exemplary damages, for slander.

    According to Ramlogan, the Opposition Leader uttered certain defamatory words against him and sought to disparage him in his personal capacity and the Office of the Attorney General by alleging that he exploited his position and corruptly manipulated the expenditure of $200 million to unjustifiably pay a clique of lawyers for State briefs.

    He is also alleging that Rowley’s comments meant that he (Ramlogan) handpicked the lawyers because of his personal relationships with them and ignored the criteria of competence, merit and ability.

    Ramlogan said he was also accused of hiring lawyers from his former law firm to handle cases for the State, so as to receive a reward, or pecuniary benefit from them.

    In the statement of case, Ramlogan said it was also alleged by Rowley that he hired lawyers at inflated rates and engaged in the pursuit of unwarranted investigations into persons, so as to justify the hiring of attorneys in private practice.

    In denying the allegations made against him, Ramlogan said he has never briefed any lawyer from his former firm, and has “scrupulously refrained” from doing so in an effort to avoid allegations of bias and favoritism so as to protect his integrity.

    He said Rowley could have sought the information on the contracting of private lawyers to do work for the State.”

  11. TMan, the reason you are making a big deal out of this one is because you also know that justice in Trinidad and Tobago under this present regime is ‘bought’. The same way they were trying to ‘buy’ David West’s pull back of his testimony. Dr. Rowley is one hundred percent correct. The intent is to shut him up. The same treatment meted out to Dr. King and Mandela. When people have power on their sides, the law can be manipulated to suite their cause. Ok! Ramlogan “won” this round (on a technicality) – the filing date, big deal, that in itself is not evidence. But go ahead, sing your chorus of praises for the evil and wicked Ramlogan. He too will have his day in court to answer charges and when that time comes, hope you continue to sing praises.

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