Taxpayers Must Intervene in the Curepe Interchange

By Stephen Kangal
December 02, 2014

Stephen KangalTaxpayers cannot sit silent and allow a potential Torouba Stadium debacle to overwhelm us motorists and commuters in Curepe. It is very clear that VINCI, a Belgian Company has established an unequalled track record of delivering two imposing and state of the art overpasses in Aranguez and at the Grand Bazaar intersection on time and within budgets.

In respect of the tendering process for the building of Curepe Interchange on what relevant technical and empirical considerations can this same VINCI be now subordinated to Lutchmeesingh Transport Contractors?

VINCI has demonstrated its technical/civil engineering expertise in bridge and over-pass building to a fine art with the Aranguez Over-Pass and the intricate but functional Bazaar Over-pass and Crossing.

The small or large difference in the tender bids cannot be the determining factor.

Lutchmeesingh cannot match VINCI for on time delivery, technological expertise, experience, readily available skilled, tried and tested work-force, civil engineering infrastructure and high strength steel-technology sourced in Belgium. These are the critical factors required for the efficient and durable establishment of the Curepe Interchange. We do not want any time-delaying sub-contracting on this project.

We the tax-payers can see and know what we are going to get from the technically preferred VINCI and when. We do not know how an unknown civil engineering outfit can respond to this technically challenging assignment to avoid the present traffic grid-lock.

I congratulate Junior Works Minister MP Stacy Roopnarine for raising the alarm bells in the overriding public interest and getting the public involved in this tender matter.

We have a bird in the hand. We do not know the ones in the bush.

3 thoughts on “Taxpayers Must Intervene in the Curepe Interchange”

  1. I like how you attempt to defuse the Rambachan scandal into a technical matter between two companies and where you transpose public opinion on the matter as a taxpayer issue, culminating in a Roopnarine state of the art patriotism! Brilliant tomfoolery by and idiosyncrats. You cunningly avoided going through the GATE by beating around the bush.

  2. You are so misguided. Stacy Roopnarine should be scolded for her behavior. She interjected in something without knowing the facts, leaked it, resulting in a fiasco where people like you are making more unintelligent comments. VINCI costs is about 200M more than the local contractor; the quality of their work is in not even close to their international standards, yet their cost is higher than comparable works elsewhere. We have the local expertise here, we do not need them. I applaud Rambachan for giving serious consideration to the locals.

  3. The Southern main road ,between the Eastern Main Road,and CRH -kay Donna vicinity ,might just be the busiest ,and often times ,congested piece of roadway ,in all of our T&T,and that’s putting it mildly. Here are the reasons as to why,as observed by yours truly,during my below de radar ,ethnographic observation over the past 2 years:-
    1.It is the home of what looks like 5000 ,unregulated junk food street vendors,committed to making T&T remain , the 3rd fattest nation on planet earth.
    2.There are some 300 ,or more restaurants /bars-with few customers parking spots ,for fun starved UWI,Curepe,and environs folks.
    3. Maybe 400 supermarkets -with limited customers parking/ bays for off loading their goods -most of which is done during peak hours.
    4.There is a mall, a housing scheme ,five gas stations ,grand stores -including regionally famous Courts ,as well as hard wares,mechanical service shops of every description ,and a pan tent.
    5. It’s the link to the East ,West,North ,Central ,and Southern regions of the country -be it future UNC dominant PP capital Chagurnas, as well as Cunupia,Enterprise,Sando ,billion dollar haven Valsayne ,Valpark with it’s high end Plaza,glorified Grand Bazzar,Arima, and the 3 Bamboo fiefdoms ,with its vast array of over priced car parts dealerships,plus our national Airport, still capital POS,and counting.
    When I saw the headlines ,by Uncle Stephen Kengal,my antenna went up/heart skipped a beat. I said to myself ,well Neal,finally,someone with some foresight,who is willing /ready to address a hot button issue,that is of some relevance to most of us ,ummmmm , Taxpaying Trinis,and maybe he did ,although not to the liking of Wara.
    As to his concern of whether Suraj Rambachan, is one of the many ULF/UNC,turned PP political crooks ,that presently dominate the political landscape? Well ,I just cannot say.
    Is our extremely objective ,Uncle Kangal,trying to give us a 6 for a 9,as we like to say on de streets? Your guess is as good as mine Wara.
    Let me however add,that a bypass for this area ,is long overdue ,and will be welcome by all .
    Just maybe ,one of our two major tribal parties ,not too obsessed with trotting out stupid electioneering gimmicks ,would develop a coherent plan one day ,to make such a reality.
    My prime concern however ,is for the lives of travelling public -including students ,and Trade Union workers -attempting to enter, and leave Cipriani Labor College ,and Nestles factory ,as well as those numerous, desperate ,politi ally ignored residents ,of mostly Bamboo 2 area,who aren’t Range Rover owning ,big business, PP supporters.
    I have listened to their daily complaints, and feel their pain,one of which I will try and encapsulate in the form of a question .
    Many would ask:-Are the authorities waiting for yet another road fatality,before they decide to build us a walkover?
    Yep Uncle Kangal,UWI has one ,3 where recently constructed along the highway leading to Chagurnas, and no female in tight mini dresses,and high heels ,will be seen hopping a wall,thus risking death by crazy passing ,Trini drivers , so as to enter a business workplace in most other parts of our country?
    Maybe it’s time for a call to the Tobago Mason Hall wajang,…. ummmm,.. de PM in waiting,in the Right Honorable Dr. Keith Rowley.
    ‘Where you at,’ Dr Rowley? Yeah we know ,busy taking care of that little domestic /internal affair, with dat twin brother of Robert Mugabe, in ‘de PNM Everready Bunny- Patrick Manning,’ and his equally delusional Sando enablers.

    Some ,much wiser than yours truly ,is saying that it’s time to find a way, to finally put a nail into the 43 year long political coffin of Patios , as there simply cannot be ‘two man rat…ummmm UWI trained geologist ,’ in one hole,hmmm.
    A few others ,have astutely added ,how can you deal with the budding neo populist ,States -person, embodied by Her Majesstrick Queen K, if you cannot take care of ‘de Tobago hating-fake Christian bozo, who seems hellbent ,on dying in office, as his mentor ,Pappa Deffy Eric did ,in 1981?
    Hey Uncle Rowley,some political blokes ,use Sango drums to achieve narrow ends.Others swear of de merits re daily prays to colored flags ,strategically located across their yards. A large neo elite segment, make gruesome sacrifices ,and indulge in funny rituals,to their special secular Orders,but as for de good folks of de Island Ward Tobago?
    Well,if everything else fails, then there is still Papa Niza ,who would take care of dem.
    Now mind you,I ain’t suggesting anything unsavory on your part ,to get over the hump,but as the wisest woman, that ever lived, in the form of my late, extremely wise, Tobago Granny, would often say, back in de day, to yours truly -‘a word to de wise is always sufficient ,’hummmm?
    I wish you well!
    Long live de Republic of T&T!
    I luv dis land, Y tu?

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