Ramlogan disturbed by lack of charges

By Andre Bagoo
October 31 2014 – newsday.co.tt

Cocaine PacksATTORNEY General Anand Ramlogan yesterday said he was “gravely disturbed” by the lack of charges in relation to a report of a doctor failing to notify law enforcement authorities about cocaine said to have been surgically removed from the body of a patient. He did so as he called on Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to continue a probe into the matter.

On Wednesday, Williams said Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Kathy Ann Waterman-Latchoo had advised that there was “no evidence at this point in time which can be used to pursue prosecution against the surgeon nor the patient.” Williams said the matter was “thoroughly investigated over several months by the Organised Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau.” However, he said the police would continue to explore the matter.

At yesterday’s Cabinet media briefing, Ramlogan stated, “I find it an entirely unsatisfactory and unacceptable state of affairs…I am gravely disturbed that this can occur.” He said the precedent being set was not in the interest of the country.

“This sets a most dangerous precedent for our country. It involves a known method of drug transfer,” Ramlogan said. “I therefore would ask that the (Acting) Commissioner of Police continue the investigations, with the advice of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).” He stated the country risked becoming a laughing stock.

The Attorney General further said doctor-patient confidentiality was not a shield to criminality. He said, “If a doctor uses patient confidentiality as a shield for criminal wrongdoing, then that must be a cause for concern. Doctors are obliged to report criminal offences, whether it is a case of a child showing signs of sexual or physical abuse or whether it is cocaine being removed from one’s stomach.”

Ramlogan continued, “You ought to inform the police, retain possession so that the due process of law and order can take its course….It would seem here that there was a complete abdication of responsibility.”

He noted the facts of the case remained in dispute with several unanswered questions. For example, he asked, was full and frank disclosure made by the patient before the surgery? Ramlogan also stated there were certain expectations of the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago.

“One would have expected that the medical board would have treated this matter with the urgency it requires,” he said. He dismissed as an “excuse” the argument that a doctor may be fearful for their own life, stating all citizens face the same fears but are nonetheless obliged to fulfil their civic responsibility.

“I do not accept that as ample justification for what transpired in this matter,” the Attorney General said.


3 thoughts on “Ramlogan disturbed by lack of charges”

  1. This is a straight case where humans become drug mules and it is incumbent upon us regardless of the civic position we hold in society to report the matter when it impacts negatively with the laws of our country.

  2. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/Anand-Code-of-Ethics-does-not-cover-criminal-offences-281205051.html?m=y&smobile=y&clmob=y&c=n&clmob=y&c=n

    Yeah right Royal Trini, and your unelectable , over hyped legql expert, turn glorified AG, you selectively outrage , morally repugnant, disingenuous cretins. To think folks , that after that creature Ramesh Lawrence Maraj, we had seen the last of these kinds of lawyers running around our country, much less, serving in our Government-or worst yet the apologists who choose to defend them.
    Here we have this Anno Rammy, pontificating profusely ,about doctors code of ethics, when they -past , and present – have indulged in some of the most despicable acts ,one can think of.
    A former CJ , trying to entice a Magistrate, to commit a criminal act, so as to cover for his lawyer turn politician pal, then both running to Massa England Privy Council, to look for mercy , under bogus racial discrimination claims- while said Magistrate conveniently got drastically ill, and succumbed to a surgeon knife.
    Let me guess, this Anno Rammy guy was quite excited to arrest , and charge , our former Miss Universe hero Wendy Fitzwilliam, because of some bogus accusations made against her , but yet reticent in setting up an investigation into the claims of CLICO big wig Mr Dupry, that he used insurance shareholders dollars, to pay for London education, for the daughters of a certain ex PM- one of which is still hoping to one day , inherit the T&T Premiership title – in South Asian fashion -from the Party her Papa help build.
    A life time , glorified Human Rights/anti Capital Punishment lawyer , with a terrorist, fake Imam as his client , who staged a coup to overthrow our government, protecting same during his tenure as AG, but willing to initiate the death penalty, to another of his clients, simply because such , had de ‘goods on him ,’ and could have implicate him , in a multitude of corrupt practices.
    A female angel smile , devil heart lawyer, who lies in bed with her ardent, spiritual adviser, even though, he is one of the most blatant , pro discriminatory cretin , this country has ever known.
    Ummmmm, not too hesitant ,to grab state funding , to prop up his religious school, but likewise indulging in disgusting acts , to punish a female Whistle blower principal, who had the temerity ,to speak out, against his institutional policies , of trying to prevent, Afro Trini kids , from attending his educational institutions.
    How about renaming the decrepit Crown Point Airport, after a globally admired , Gonian local son , turned most honest lawyer, Statesman, and Human rights advocate, even if she knew that this substandard travel den , was not even fit to serve as a Columbian , or other Latin American , or Jamaican drug flight – transportation ,entry point.
    Surprise , surprise , foreign Travellers, are bypassing Tourist starved Tobago ,left , right and center -but who is checking?
    Oh yeah , Range Rovergate , prison lawyer coverups, that phony Coup attack Commission, and counting.
    Uuuuummm Royal Trini, you neo tribal , country hating bozos , can lap up anything ,as given to you by fellow tribes mate , but don’t vex with us , if we refuse to -in de words of Yankee TV judge Judy-let ‘you allze ,’ pee on our legs, and tell us it’s raining.”

    Hey , fellow cyber progressives, it’s time to take a stand people , and do everything feasible , to stop these barbarians from overrunning de Trini Pearly gates , si?
    I luv dis land , and what about you , Royal Trini?
    Don’t answer mi Pizzano, for yours ,and others of similar ilk-to quote my late, extremely wise, Tobago Granny-” actions ,speaks longer than words.”

  3. Loyal, I commend you for being so pragmatic. I feel re-assured that your participation is one of interest in Country.

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