Update: African students recount racist attack in India

African students from Noida recount mob attack horror

Niharika Lal, TNN
Oct 6, 2014, 03.15PM IST – timesofindia.indiatimes.com

The brutal attack on three African students at Rajiv Chowk Metro station hit headlines last week, reopening debates on racism experienced by Africans in the city. There is no official version yet of what the students – Yohan Koumba Daouda and Mapaga Yannis, both students of Amity Institute of Information Technology, and Guira, a first year BBA student of Sharda University – had done to incite the attack. One of the witnesses, who posted a video of the incident on YouTube, reportedly said that they were accused of ‘misbehaving with female passengers’ by making lewd comments at a woman on a train. Another report said that in the rush to board a train on the Yellow Line, one of the students was pushed aside. He apparently made a comment against Indians in protest, which then angered some passengers.

The students say they have not filed any complaint so far because there were no police personnel in the Delhi Police booth they had climbed up during the attack, and when the cops finally came, they were too injured to file a complaint. The two Amity students, Yohan and Mapaga, have now taken to the Humans of Amity page on Facebook to tell their side of the story.

Yohan writes on the page, “We were travelling in metro, and a few guys started clicking our pictures. On asking them about why they were doing that, they started misbehaving and that ultimately led the metro staff to take us and those guys to the police officer’s cabin. Even there, they kept passing racist comments which made us furious too. From there, the heat kept building upon and ultimately led to a fight. We were beaten up badly by a majority of people around us at that time.”

“They used iron rods, from the broken police booth, broken glass pieces, chairs, and what not to beat us up. There was so much blood. We bled severely but no one cared to see that. They kept their eyes shut with hypocrisy and bubble-pride and kept beating us up,” writes Yohan.

He adds, “They kept hitting. And every broken piece of glass that hit us, projected their sanity. And even though we were in pain, we let our blood rain on the floor. And even though we asked for mercy they kept giving us more of what was sane for them. They kept hitting. Fiber sticks, chairs and bottles were thrown at us, for what all created the fuss was neglected. And the only thing expected from the people around, was one more round of insanity, pain and blood.”

Mapaga says, “My parents are worried. They’ve made an opinion now that this place is not safe for me, every day my mother cries. My father has become so worried that he wants me to leave India. But, it is about my education. I want to get a degree. And I’ve promised my parents to never travel in Delhi Metro again. Life has become tough now, and every now and then they’re making us bow down to something we need not see. And the fee we pay for intolerance of stupidity, is our blood and bones, and when we come back home, we see nothing, but a new day ahead. A tomorrow. Full of sorrows.”

Uttam Poudyal, administrator of the Humans of Amity page, told us, “The three students have submitted a written statement to the embassy of Gabon (Yohan is from Gabon on the west coast of Central Africa) with the help of their ambassador, however, no action has been taken yet. My friends told me that during the incident, the police did nothing to stop the crowd, and a guy who was beating them said ‘Nigeria something’ in Hindi, to which Yohan retorted – ‘We are not from Nigeria,’ and again they were thrashed. The crowd was smiling, clicking photos and making videos. They don’t remember how it all stopped because they were drowned in a pool of blood. The cops admitted them in a government hospital where they had to wait for treatment. Yohan received 20 stitches and Mapaga Yannis will not be able to move his hand for four months as his vein is damaged. We are in talks with our college authorities to see if they can bear the expenses of their treatment.”

Source – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/noida/African-students-from-Noida-recount-mob-attack-horror/articleshow/44492629.cms?

‘Racist’ Indian mob attacks African students

A mob attack on three terrified Africans in Delhi has raised new allegations of racism in India

By Dean Nelson, New Delhi
11:22AM BST 01 Oct 2014 – telegraph.co.uk

African student leaders have spoken out over the racism they face in India after a video captured an attack on three young African men by a large mob of Indians in one of the capital’s largest metro stations.

The men were forced to climb up on top of a station police booth as the baying mob thrashed at them with sticks and tried to pull them down.

The crowd forced its way into the empty police booth to try to grab the terrified Africans cowering on the roof. They were eventually rescued when a policeman arrived.

Many bystanders filmed the attack on their mobile phones and comments on their YouTube clips suggested they had “misbehaved” with women on a train.

But African students in the capital said it was the latest in a series of racially-motivated attacks based on the colour of their skin.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/11132768/Racist-Indian-mob-attacks-African-students.html

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  1. Due the law of varna, the superiority of white skin to black instituted by uncivilized white skinned Aryans invaders of the original black skinned people of India,most Indians dislike a black skin. This includes their own black skinned Indians.

    1. The writer’s headline said it was racist but the reason they were attacked was bad behavior on the train. Unfortunately, in India due to the large amount of people it is easy to form a mob.

  2. MOB?! Well because of their population size and mindset they were the original thugs and hooligans.

  3. “A spokesman for Delhi’s railway police said the attacks were triggered by rumours that women had been molested but there had not been any complaints of sexual harassment.”

    You are the first to find excuses Mamoo.The irony too is that with your hue, you would be instantly placed at the lowest level of the caste system, and beaten for looking at a woman above your caste. Maybe this “rumour” was something of the sort like in the US South when a black man would by lynched for looking at a White woman (a pattern inherited from India).

  4. In 1992 Rodney King was savagely beaten by police officers. Whether he was drunk and trying to get away from the police the mere fact that in a democratic country the act was completely wrong. Then he made that famous statement afterwards ‘why can’t we just get along’. India purports to be a democratic country as well and just the same it is wrong to attack people because of the colour of their skin whether they were heckling women on the train. The difference here is the police came to the African students rescue. What matters, is whether you wear a badge or not the ignorance and behavior of some human beings in whatever part of the world is just plain un-explainable.

    1. Ask the people of African background in Trinidad that. If something happen on the street with an Indian and African. You will see right then and there the difference all Affro- Trini’s will gang togather against the one person while all Indians will just look. But its changing now indians were mostly yellow bellies, but not again they are getting brave.

  5. Sexually molesting women in any part of the world is WRONG!would the supporters of these African hooligans like them to sexually harass their mother,wife,sisters etc

    1. Quote: ‘…and comments on their YouTube clips suggested they had “misbehaved” with women on a train.’

      Your racism and shame (if you have any) are showing.

      There is a reason the media put “misbehaved” in quotes and said nothing about molestation. In India a Dalit or African person should not be seen talking to an Indian female of an upper cast or a light skin Indian female. That is considered “misbehaving” to the point of warranting death at the hands of an ignorant, racist Indian mob.

      Racist and sexist Indian males do rape and hang low caste Indian females. They think they are entitled to such conduct. I’ll bet there are Indians in Trinidad who wish they can behave like that here and get away.

  6. India has enough problems with their neighbours especially Pakistan, they don’t need strangers to create even more problems. Africans should stay away from peaceful India.

  7. Mamoo, Stephen P, Intricate and Raymond your responses sound no different from that of the Klu Klux Klan, I guess that as you all move “upwards” you acquire the Aryan traits and wannabe “white” psyche towards black people. Your comments give comfort to Idi Amin’s behavior towards the Indians of Uganda. The easiest charge that coward men give for wanting to beat a black man is that they want to “rape” their women and this remind us of the charge used by those cowards who wanted refuge in Canada not long ago, by charging that black men are “raping” their women. Trinidad is a country with a large dougla population and only fools and racists would charge that “rape” is the cause of this.
    It irks me to read of the cowardice excuses given by these people. As I said before there are few families not touched by interracial unions, it would be manly of those cowards to acknowledge that the action of this mob was coward and prejudicial, hateful too because now that India has some semblance of being upwardly mobile, their youths believe that it is OK to behave like thugs in countries like the UK, France, US and Sat Maharaj here in Trinidad.

  8. If in fact the African students tried to engage Indian women on the train in conversation or even tried to “hit” on them,the reaction of the mob is totally unwarranted. We do not know exactly what occurred on the train, but there were no reports of aggressive or violent behavior by the African students.It seems to me that they were young men having an adventure as students on a train in India.We have all been there as students in foreign countries. The reaction of the mob was totally surprising, especially when one considers the numerous infractions which occur on Indian trains on a daily basis.It is also significant that the students were protected by the police from the rampaging mob. Would they have not been arrested and charged if illegal actions were perpetuated by them?
    It was not too long ago when Indian students in Australia were being attacked and discriminated against for fraternizing with Australian women.At that time the Indian government was advising nationals of India to avoid post secondary studies in Australia. Interesting how the world turns.

  9. It’s sad that this happened to the Africans. The Indians should also beat the Indian men who assault, rape and misbehave badly with women in India. Whether it’s on the train or in the street. Such as the men on the bus who brutally raped and killed the young girl, why did’t they beat the crap out of those disgusted men. Not just target one type of people. I am Indian and have been to India several times. I am afraid to travel by myself, in fear of being attacked by my own Indians.

  10. there are thousands of indians living in African and the funniest part is that they are living in peace very peaceful , no interruption from anyone , from my own view Africans are peace loving people , because if they are not they will take their revenge with indians in Africa , which i know Indians would have done if it happens to be indians are treated the way Africans are treated here in india, i have never hear any case of African man about indian women , we know where they have their problems not in women, my fellow India the sooner we stop racist the better for us travel out and see the way of life @ Mamoo and Raymond .

  11. If in fact the African students tried to engage Indian women on the train in conversation or even tried to “hit” on them,the reaction of the mob is totally unwarranted

    Yeah of course, your perverse sexual fears and inadequacies coming to the fore. He was trying to hit on a woman. Since when is this something unusual. Since when are guys hitting on women unusual, even in India.

    Africans are attacked because there are Indians like you who are inundated with racial prejudices accompanied by a whole heap of sexual fears. What’s the matter, you believe you will not fit after an African has gone there. What a piece of sludge

  12. Indians are inherently racist and look down on darker skinned people. Idi Amin ran the Indians out of Uganda in the early 70’s because they enjoyed the wealth of the land and yet looked down on their African brethen. The held onto their British citizenship and did not want Ugandan nationality, Idi just ran them home. Stop spreading lies. Even in Trindad indians are very racial but are cowards and are afraid of the black man unless they form a mob.

  13. Enough with this foolish escapist, feel good , ‘neo trolling ,’psycho babble jodhana. More Africans people have died, or were abused in tribal Uganda, since Indians were unfortunately forced out by that cannibal savage ,called Amin.
    Incedentally, once the political heat was placed on him, on Africa’s most honest, and yes, greatest leader-Julius Neyere-this fat , ugly , Islamist coward ,ran to that corrupt , non democratic, Saudi Arabian fiefdom,with his stolen loot, where he -good riddance – eventually died in obscurity.
    Let me guess, you never heard of the barbarian Lords Resistance leader Kony, and his repeated atrocities on young kids?


    Perhaps you think that the corrupt, undemocratic , pro genocidal bozo, President Museveni, is a misunderstood African Statesman, who cares about all Uganda peoples-as opposed to those only of his tribe?


    Africans would be taken more seriously, when they decide to clean up their own acts domestically, instead of indulging in repeated Human Rights abuses ,and social neglects,against , the weak, and powerless within their society, then run to foreign shores, and demand justice, for every well founded , and imagined slight.

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