Now shovel beating of child on Facebook

By Jensen La Vende
Friday, July 18, 2014 –

Police are investigating again a video circulating on Facebook where a child is being physically abused by a guardian.

The video was posted by Caribbean Youth Entertainment around 1 pm yesterday. Contacted yesterday public information officer of the Police Service, Insp Wayne Mystar, said the police were aware of the video and the Cyber Crime Unit were attempting to trace its origin in order to bring the culprit to justice.

In the video a woman, who appears to be pregnant, is seen beating a boy who looks to be in his teenage years with a shovel. As the boy resists, the woman stands on his arms and chest in order to deliver the blows. During the recording the person taping is heard saying he will post the video on Facebook.

Throughout the beating the woman is cursing and threatening the child on one occasion promising to “buss the boy head” with the metal handle shovel. The licks came apparently as a result of the boy beating a child much younger and smaller than him. Sometimes the woman was seen kicking the child while shouting “Yuh like how that feel” as the child screamed.

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5 thoughts on “Now shovel beating of child on Facebook”

  1. Disgusting. This is child abuse at the highest level. I hope she’s identified and jailed to stop her from doing this to another child. This has to stop.

  2. This has its roots deeply set in our society many years ago. Who believes a sound “cut arse” is a solution to something wrong a child has done really has to learn much more about parenting before they bring children into this world. Yes I also made this mistake many years ago but I knew over time this was not the way to resolve the wrong. However I learnt this from my dad and from the school I went to between 1950 and 1970. Licks was the solution but it left many scars and not only physical in kind. But wrong is wrong, two wrongs do not make it right… and can never be justified as right. Jesus told us many times over vengeance is mine. Children and even adults always desire love, not sex, not just hugs or kisses but love in its true spiritual form. When you correct a child you do it with this love in your eyes, manner, heart and mind. You are really empowering the child to atone and make amends for his or her wrong doing. Licks was never the answer. Licks must have come from our slave masters and if we want to move away from slavery to freedom we must remove those feelings embedded in us over hundreds of years and transferred to us through the genes in our bodies from those that has gone a long time ago. We must learn this one fundamental lesson from our history in order to produce a great nation that we yearn for. This tape can teach us so much about our society and only in one little respect. There are many others like honesty, respect, ethics, Godliness etc. But our educators among us must do their do now.

  3. How quickly they identified her. from the video.

    Yet in the case of Anil…identification is still outstanding although the video was a lot clearer
    Only the poor and the unconnected are pursued by the justice system

  4. A woman like this needs compassion rather than prosecution. Obviously she is a victim of her unfortunate circumstances which are generational. She needs to be counselled and assisted and the relevant social organizations should evaluate her social and financial situation with the goal of guiding her to successfully care for her children.
    Where is the father in all of this?

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