Govt Minister Allegedly Caught on Tape with Girls and Ganja

TV6 News shows video of ‘Minister’ with ganja

By Sean Douglas
May 22, 2014 –

A balding man resembling a Cabinet Minister was last night shown in a video-clip on national television rolling a cigarette made of a substance resembling marijuana, partying in the company of a young woman, a video-cameraman and other friends. The presence of a key bearing a number (201) suggests the setting was a hotel room.

Rumours of such a video had surfaced a few months back and were even referred to in passing in a speech in Parliament by the said Minister.

Newsday last night tried to reach the relevant Minister whom the man in the video resembles, and also tried to get a comment from spokesman, Communications Minister, Vasant Bharath, but we were unsuccessful. TV6 News reported Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar as saying she was unable to comment until she sees the video which she requested the television station send to her.

In the video the man bends over a counter-top in front of a mirror and dabbles in a substance resembling marijuana. He has a continuous dialogue with friends, all discussing his technique of preparing a marijuana cigarette.

“Come, come all you go ahead. Let me deal with this here,” said the man.

“They call me the ‘two-pull man’,” he quips. “They does roll it — all my boys — but you see me, I could drink rum whole day and night but if I take two ‘pull’ (I) gone through.” He said he had at least 20 different friends who can roll such a cigarette.

He then seemingly scoffs at his own cigarette preparation technique, saying, “I’m old and inexperienced.” A woman argues that he is being too fastidious in his sorting of the herb before it is ready to be put into a cigarette paper, scoffing that he is preparing it “English” style, but he holds his ground, quipping, “Well right, I is ah English boy.”

TV6 News spoke to the Prime Minister.

“You are correct. There’s something very bad here,” she is reported as saying.

“Please tell me again. Kindly tell me again,” she asked the interviewer so as to seek details. “Very kindly send it to me,” she requested of the video.

In recent times Government Ministers have been the subject of personal scandals. Caroni Central MP Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh was fired as Minister of the People and Social Development for a row with an airline hostess who alleged he had touched her breast, a claim he denied. Former tourism minister, Chandresh Sharma, the Fyzabad MP, resigned after a police investigation began into allegations he hit his former girlfriend at a shopping mall. Minister of Tobago Development, Dr Delmon Baker, was accused of inappropriate conduct by a man who was since arrested on fraud charges amid blackmail claims towards Baker.


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  1. Oh boy oh boy. It seems another one will be biting the dust soon. Now I’m not against ganja use in any way or form but this is highly embarrassing. Can you picture this happening elsewhere?How can he be so sloppy? Even though the perception of ganja use is undergoing a change in the positive direction (and rightly so), its use is still illegal in T&T. Kamla must be screaming through a pillow now.
    Personally i’m not against this but it does not look good politically, legally, and for a lot of people…..morally. He’s done.

  2. Anil is a COP member let us see how Ramadhar who pressures the P.M. Constantly when UNC ministers “fall short” to get rid of them. Let us see if the same “righteous indignation” will flow from Prakash and Carolyn. I await their response and TV 6 should have called Prakash instead.


  3. The following is the full statement issued by the Ministry of Trade Industry and Communications on the issue of the ‘Minister with Girls and Ganja’ video:

    It is rather peculiar that an undated video, framing what is alleged to be a Minister of Government surfaces – one that carries no evidence of anything but a distraction from the real burning issues of the day, some of which were raised by the Honourable Minister of Sport, Anil Roberts.

    Any attempt to answer the questions on the video would serve the agenda of an Opposition so desperate to distract the population from the achievements summarised in the fourth Anniversary of the People’s Partnership, that it would go to any length.

    It is not just coincidental that it was Anil Roberts who exposed critical questions on Minority Leader of the Opposition, Keith Rowley’s personal interest in the Wastewater Project.
    As a reminder, Minister Roberts asked the Minority Opposition Leader whether he did in fact once meet with Ganga Singh on the Beetham Wastewater project accompanied by a group of potential investors. He was further asked whether this interest continues today on the project.

    Those questions remain more relevant today than any video of an alleged Minister rolling an unidentified substance. There is no relevance to the political theatre crafted by agents of mischief, produced and directed with obvious intent to distract from issues that affect the population.

    The Government sees this as nothing more than a vicious attempt at character assassination and will not validate it with any further commentary.

    Nothing should detract the population from the very real positive changes they encounter due to the people’s revolution. The evidence of that is what the Opposition wants the population to forget.

    Finally, development has happened in areas where it matters most, to the people. The depleted Treasury which the last administration left, has now been bolstered by strong, prudent management and the economy is strong again with unemployment and inflation at an all time low.

    There has been a dramatic transformation of a 24/7 water distribution programme. More schools and health centers have been built in the last four years than have been done in decades. Business and investment in Trinidad and Tobago is easier now than at any other period in our nation’s history. After inheriting an annual crime rate that had peaked at 550, the political will currently in place has seen it driven down to 334 in just four short years.

    Investment has moved from empty skyscrapers and grandiose projects into more roads and bridges than ever before. And these are just a few of the areas of transformation sweeping the country. That is the real evidence which the population knows and cares about.

  4. “Anil is a COP member.”Yeah Mamboo,tell us something we did not know already,and we can add to that wasted comment, so is your boy AG Anand Ramlogan,another one of Auntie K’s loyal, pit bulls.
    Well at least, up to the point he was rejected- in favor of Basdeo and rabid, Trini Islamist Coup leader, Yasin Abu Bakr ,Criminal defense lawyer,Ramesh-by the wise folks of Tabaquite in 2007.
    Tell you what Mamboo, if your boy , AG Rammy, can survive Rover Gate,unscrupulous lawyers-Prison Gate, and the misguided ,Section 34 debacle,that destroyed incompetent, High Court Judge, turned delusional MP ,Volney,then so can Cuz Anil Roberts, our alleged drug fiend.

    Tell you what,I just hope Auntie K , plays her cards well, for if she – as we like to say on the streets -‘take god out of her thoughts,’ and stick her free wielding, firing knife ,into the political jugular, of our ‘Mix Race-3/4-simi-Tobago Prince,’who had her back , all these years , during the PP numerous missteps, there might be a stiff price to pay.Trust me on that.
    Doubt me still,then don’t take my word for it .

    As of 2011, that crucial swing voting group, that gave the PP their victory, comprised of some 22.8% or 302,788 of our population.Now if you factor in ,at least another 25 , to 30 thousand more , welcomed , mix race births , in, present day, ‘Post Racial T&T,’then that translates to a powerful lobby, who will be mighty mad , if a grain of hair is touched on their ‘Calaloo/Pepperpot/Jambalaya /Peleau, oil down hero,’ hmmmm?

    Just looking out for the lady, your party, and more importantly, my beloved T&T, as history records would show , she was the only T&T , political leader – alive or dead -who ever threatened , that “….Blood would flow in the streets f T&T….,” if her Party did not win the last election . Translation, I do not wish for blood to flow,when disgruntled, post racial , swing voters , decide to switch their political support , in favor of Uncle Rowley.

    Listen folks , I’ve said it once , twice , and perhaps a hundred times before, but it’s worth repeating.The person who can make me hate this land , ain’t born yet!
    Stay vigilant people, and don’t get caught up in typical ,escapist , Trini idiocy, as played out by unmentionable , neo tribal cretins.
    More people die across T&T, as a result of legal drugs , and agricultural weed killers, am d no one cares.
    This too shall pass, for the reasons , I have stated.

  5. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! This is a classic case of a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of guy. His mouth is so loud and loquacious that it cannot escape anyone. It goes to show how much hypocrisy that goes on in our parliament by people whose behavior is the lowest of the low in private that the word ‘honorable’ should be outlawed in parliament. The other case is Volney! Aint this guy something? Is this the last phase or installment of his entry into politics from the bench four years ago? Taking the fall at this time is not heroic, lucrative maybe but certainly not heroic, because this act is so theatric.

  6. Govt, Anil on ganja video: PNM distraction
    Government says a short video with a man who resembles and sounds like a minister wrapping a marijuana cigarette was just a People’s National Movement distraction that was not deserving of any detailed response.

    PP leaked video as diversion, says Al-Rawi
    The People’s National Movement (PNM) is accusing the People’s Partnership Government of deliberately leaking a video, purportedly showing a government minister rolling a marijuana cigarette, so as to not deal with allegations of certain gangs being awarded government contracts.

    Sport Minister Anil Roberts did not confirm or deny yesterday that he was the man in the “ganja video” but blamed Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley for trying to bring him down.

    Govt: Character assassination
    Government has defended Sport Minister Anil Roberts, saying the “ganja video” is a vicious attempt at character assassination.

    COP leader in urgent meeting with minister
    CONGRESS of the People (COP) leader Prakash Ramadhar was up to late yesterday locked in a meeting with a government minister discussing a video that showed someone resembling him wrapping a marijuana joint.

    By Sean Douglas Friday, May 23 2014
    THE Government yesterday described as “mischief” and “character assassination” the release of a video of a balding man resembling a Cabinet Minister rolling a marijuana cigarette. The video was televised on TV6 News last Wednesday night.
    Later yesterday, the Congress of the People (COP) failed to fulfill its earlier promise in an 11.44 am statement from COP leader Prakash Ramadhar to media houses to meet “a COP Minister” to get urgent clarification on the televised video.
    Reporters were initially directed to COP’s north office, Flagship House, St Clair, but before they could reach, they were diverted to COP Operations Centre at Charlieville, only to hear a COP official say that party secretary, Clyde Weatherhead, had advised that the meeting was cancelled.

    Rowley: Leave me out of Anil’s foolishness
    “The Government has done a whole lot to us and has asked a whole lot of us. And now, they are asking us now not to believe our own eyes,” said Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

    Rowley: What kind of Govt is this?
    OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday condemned Government for attempting to dodge burning questions about the conduct of a person alleged to be a government minister in a video that was broadcast on national television.

  7. Victims Rights Advocate, as I am , let me go on record as saying, I personally do not care one bit , as to what is done , if anything ,to this Political neophyte Anil Roberts, by his PM , over some sleazy, media operation , shindig. There are no victims here.
    Here is the deal folks:-What consenting Adults ,choose to do ,in privacy, is their own business.
    Por Ejemplo:-A drunken Minister Glen ,slapped/ attempted to undress,then threatened a stewardess, on our T&T national airline, that’s our problem. Him having repeated sexual escapades, in his private office ,with females , that appear old enough, to be his Mama- his problem.
    Trini Brahmim, Pundit Shama ,turned UNC MP, having outside illegitimate kids, or 30 year old , poxy face ,gold digger girlfriends, with , or without his wife knowledge- his business. Beating almost to a pulp, almost leading to death,said girlfriend in public, or possibly trying to conceal the fact, that her fortunate ,contractual acquisitions, and meteoric business successes, are not because of the relationship- our problem.
    Anil Roberts , is an inconsequential, political player,in the grand scheme of things.Whether he remain, or is forced to leave office, would make no significant dent on T&T Sports, or the lives of folks, trying to get ahead through playing it.
    As for the glorified, and cuddled, over hype AG, who has done enough to be fired , at least 90 time over the period we had to endure his antics , yet is still around , for him and now wife,to conjure up, stupid lawsuits , against phantom enemies?That now, is the issue we should be focus on, not amateurish , sloppy entrapment, shenanigans.

    The gall of this Rammy guy! Thanks to him ,white color bandits ,Ish , and Steve-two prominent UNC ,financial boosters/ party hacks and close pals of Papa Basdeo- can walk around T&T fishing ,while laughing at frustrated US,and local law enforcement authorities, trying to extradite them, to face corruption charges.
    In the interim, he seem to have the ‘hard on,’ for a local hero of ‘Kinky Head Nation,’ in darling Wendy Fitzwilliams. Now what could this woman have done , that was so terrible?
    Look folks , let me state for the record,that I ain’t no fan of the former Miss Universe, and no , it ain’t because she had no problem with , making an illegitimate kid , for a married Jamaican politician, because, she could not find a decent Trini male . That’s her right.
    My point is that if we can embrace,opportunistic, simi pretty , Miss T&T Sex Freak ,Ana Ayong Chee, sex video scandal and all, why not the same love for someone , who placed our country on the map , for the right reasons?
    Yes , I know, ‘Sistaz William,’do comes across , as a bit arrogant, insecure, and socially naive, but when someone overcome so much , to get where to get their desired goals, they sometimes tend to develop a big chip on your shoulder. Thank you very much Uncle Jack Warner, for believing in me, when most of T&T thought I was too Black , or ugly,to win.
    Once more, the gall of Bulldog AG Rammy ,to release his legal arrows at our Wendy, when ‘he ain’t that peachy clean’ himself, hmmm?
    Hey ACP Denoon,how is that Prison Gate inquiry coming along? I hope to see some legal crooks heads roll.
    We are already resigned to the fact, that he won’t pay any Price ,for Rover Gate,and the idiocy , he and his party tried to force down our throats ,that was Section 34.
    What myself, and fellow, pro victims advocacy Networks, are now investigating is, why him ,unlike other political victims of Auntie K, has ,not 9, but 10 cat lives? Why is the good lady , so enamored,with him?
    The bigger question is, would she , and her other party hierarchy big dogs, still be enthused , by the popular COP, political brat Anil, as the media fire storms spreads, and the embers settle, come election 2015?
    We’ll see!
    Listen folks-I said it once, twice, 100 times before, but it’s worth repeating, Otra Vez- Uncle Rowley, and his PNM cast, will continue to underestimate ‘Her Majesstrick, Queen K,’ to their own peril. They seem hell bent in fighting modern political battles , using bow and arrows, spears , and catapult, as for the rivals?
    Let’s just say,Winning , “by any means necessary” is a slogan, they stole, from American Black radical Islamist Malcolm X. Translation-Expensive, American made armored vehicles, Israeli Uzis, and even local,.. ummm …radical… elements are all fair play.
    Got to be cautious here my friends, for in the words of my late, and extremely wise, Tobago Granny-“I ain’t have jail clothes!”
    Seriously though, our T&T from a Socio political standpoint, is a 52 year old work in progress.Just have some patience , as we’ll get there!
    Remain engaged, and unhesitatingly ,hold all our political , and civic leaders hands, to the symbolic fires.
    Be cautioned however, and remember, our various leaders, did not arrive from Mars, or Venus, but right here in T&T. We the masses, must look in the mirror, and therefore hold ourselves accountable, as well.
    It’s a beautiful life ours is,for sure, so let’s embrace it!
    I Luv dis land, Y tu?

  8. Yes, marijuana may not be as dangerous as alcohol, but it is a gateway drug that has lead many to more dangerous substances.


    Yep solaceinsorrow, drunken with glee, that the ‘Brownwashing ,’of her already tarnished, political image, will continue , by intellectual frauds , coward 4th Estate agents,and paid operatives ,hell bent , on turning our once cherished Republic, into , just another, corrupt , mismanaged ,tribally fractured , social cesspool , like Guyana.
    There sadly, neo imperial,misguided , ethnic chuvinist , were allowed to dominate, by a socially comatose oppress body, still nostalgic about the life ,and times of their dead hero Forbes Burnham.
    In case some of our ‘Trini Center cyber yappers,’ ain’t remember,him?hHe was responsible for the murder of Dr Walter Rodney, and embraced Jim Jones the mass murderer.
    While Africans were being murdered in his country, he was practicing his Ibo lingo, and shining his uniform belt.
    Here in T&T , the African idiocy is equally common. Oppressed masses , of ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation,’fight each other like dirty/hairy, Mang crabs, in a Beetham , or Diego Martin barrel, while reminiscing about how wonderful , their Deffy Faddah of de Nation ,Dr. Eric was.
    Did I mention that Papa Eric , was a close pal , of Burnham, and both sowed the seeds , for what we are enduring today?
    In their quest to remain in power, they both indulge in blatant appeasement,limbo dances ,to enhance those lives of ‘the other ,’ while simultaneously, ignoring the interest of their own folks.
    Did I mention that this very policy was adopted , by Eric’s idol Patrick Manning, and only ended upon his topple , by Dr Keith Rowley, as his Patios head , and heart ,was brought on a silver platter, for the quickly formed PP cannibals to devour, four years ago?

    In the interim, ‘Euro Wannabe-Brown Triumphalist Nation’ members ,are expanding their ugly tentacles, in obvious Power grabs.
    How so you inquire? By embracing, and fleshing out to perfection,the Basdeo Panday ultra discriminatory,”DIS IS OUR TIME,” motto.

    Just like Guyana ,they are skillfully manipulating , Afro -self serving elites , to do their bidding. They use our state apparatus /resources ,to push phony decentralization ploys , and strengthen the power base.
    They misuse their recently acquired privileges, to distort our laws , with the help of a coward judiciary, to push over the top persecutions, or personal,idiot lawsuits , against phantom enemies, or pursue any ,that is perceived as an enemy.
    Just like Guyana ,they have kept a muzzle, on our once independent media , so that editors , are tempted to walk timidly around,discouraging critics , while seeking permission , each time they are ready to enlighten the public, of yet another blatant misstep, or worst yet , not too closeted criminality, as played out by this regime.

    Tell you what folks , I remain an optimist.
    Let ‘Euro Wannabe Nation,’ continue to massage the ego of their leader ,by encouraging her to walk that destructive part , destined to take us as a nation nowhere.
    She is free to naively believe ,that the people are still charmed by loving smiles , followed by empty gestures, and knives in their backs.
    The fact is , that there is not even one coherent policy ,this Kamla led, PP , was able to initiate , much less develop, that made T&T, a better place than it was , four years ago, when she was elevated into Political stardom , by one time ,FIFA Big dog ,Jack Warner,and how pathetic. That’s ok. Fool me once … fool me twice …ummm Shame on us all, si?
    Once more , I have faith in the collective sensibilities of my people. Tell them folks -De Guyanarization of T&T , will never be allowed to take place !
    Barbarians would be halted in their quest to overrun the Trini Economic ,Pearley Gates.
    We Socio -Political Progressives advocates, with ensure that Sustainable Development , ain’t some stupid catch phrase ,the COP weak heart,Winston Dookie, can trot around the globe , and tout, to those willing to listen, since oil, and gas flows in abundance in Peaceful T&T.
    Well push back , in the interest of good governance, economic transparency, equal playing field justice,and empowerment of the weak/needy.
    Stay vigilant T&T!

    I Luv this land, Y tu?

  10. To those who staunchly defend the behavior of our elected officials, I would like them to read an article written by one of our best and brightest independent senators, for study and perusal.

    The Gathering Storm

    By Rolph Balgobin

    Trinidad and Tobago appears to be evolving along multiple tracks, class distinctions more evident than ever. Some of us live a Miami life. Others aspire to. And a large group isn’t bothering with the ladder at all.

    For a small island, we have a lot of big egos—how we manage to fit them all is somewhat surprising. Drunk with new money and false success supported by tax evasion and tender preneurship, many of our nouveau riche shamelessly parade their wealth.

    The poor, for their part, have struck back. There are demands for more social welfare, and local government is routinely ignored, replaced by tyre-burning and other forms of community activism. It is not unusual for people who want a pothole fixed, a school repaired, or a HDC house to block roads, march, burn things and otherwise disrupt the lives of others in order to draw attention to their plight, oblivious to the irony that uncivilised behaviour in search of the benefits of civilised society represents.

    A darker and more invidious force is also developing in our society bizarrely masked by these surface ripples of discontent. It is a counterculture, which has a vastly different value system to the mainstream. This phenomenon has been treated as a social issue—in fact it is rapidly morphing into a challenge for the economic, political and security systems in our society as well.

    There are large and growing parts of this country where the law does not rule. Where the police cannot go, except in force. Being there is like being in another dimension. Time slows, and values are extremely different to the rest of the society. We work for what we have, they take what they want. We take the long view, they think short term. We hope to die old, they are prepared to die young. We value dedication, they value least effort. We contemplate, they proliferate—more young men to kill tomorrow.

    This has gone from a criminal fringe to a full culture, which is rising up and challenging the law-abiding society. This is a monster, and it intends to destroy our democracy. The media only reports the murders—it misses the causes.

    Our sociologists have only imperfectly described, far less explained, the very serious nature of what is before us. And so the challenge continues to grow while we use race and ethnicity to explain little black boys killing each other. This is a misdiagnosis. Unfortunately, we have helped the descent in several ways.

    First, there is a breakdown in general discipline. Our status as a law-abiding society is increasingly in question, and there is little consequence for crime, especially big crimes. In any other country, the leadership of CLICO, the HCU, Chanka Seeteram and Co, Kenny Rampersad and Co, UDeCOTT, CEPEP, Concacaf and so many others would be facing some tough questions in a court. Not here. Even murderers are walking tall. Nobody is jailed for anything unless they are poor.

    Schools, paradoxically the bastion of civilisation, have become undisciplined, violent places. Children are killing children and the failure rates in some schools defy belief. More fail than pass. On the roads, speed limits are routinely broken; cellphone use abounds, as does intolerance and rage. The pilot camera project in Port of Spain proved that drivers routinely break the law.

    Second, the criminal element in this society is now well armed. Cpl Clapham was killed metres away from the Woodbrook Police Station, his killer having the nerve to pick up Clapham’s gun before making his escape.

    In a gun battle with a security company recently, bandits waited until the guards were dry of ammunition and then advanced to overrun the guards’ defensive position. In the Beetham, and in Laventille, bandits are routinely shooting at the police, and sometimes hitting them.
    In San Fernando and Arima, decapitations occur more frequently than reported. Off-duty soldiers have been shot dead. All this is happening right now. The idea that criminals respect police and soldiers is very much oversold. It is only a matter of time before a formal challenge occurs.

    Third, our institutions are extremely weak and getting weaker. They are critical to the workings of a proper democracy and are starved of resources and talent. Very little works. Citizens cannot get fair treatment, and they sometimes turn to dangerous people to help them to achieve some measure of justice. The failure of our institutions, in particular the Police Service, will cause our democracy to buckle.

    Fourth, our military and paramilitary establishment is now outnumbered by the criminal element in the society. Add Police, Defence Force (Army, Coast Guard, Air Guard) and other establishments like Fire Services and still you don’t have the men to outnumber what will rise up if there is trouble. These people may be looters, but this time they have guns, and they know how to use them.

    Fifth, our political and business class do not understand, or understand only imperfectly, how much poor leadership contributes to this explosive cocktail. Instead of keeping things cool, politicians heat things up. The antagonism we demonstrate is multiplying itself in the society and building rage.

    Could the unthinkable happen? There is enough literature to support the view that we meet the conditions. However, one of two other things must yet occur.

    First, the money has to run out. Right now we are paying for social peace. At our current rate of borrowing and deficit, soon we will not be able to support these contracts or the other social programmes to which many are addicted. This will happen by 2017, at which point, we will have a serious problem.

    Second, a demagogue has to rise. We do not yet have another Abu Bakr, though there are several of his splinters vying for the title.

    If one does step forward, unlike 1990, he will speak with the force of an entire alternate society which, when we behold it, will frighten us to our foundations.
    Neither of these conditions is hard to meet, meaning the stability of our society is more fragile than it appears. We have to stop the antagonistic stupidity that has ensnared us, stop the anger in our thoughts and words and deeds, stop the messages of sex and violence and focus on positive engagement and progress.

    There is something dangerous rising in our midst that demands our attention. If we do not act now to address the threat, it will soon confront us.

    • Rolph Balgobin is an independent senator.


    Military with powers of arrest? Perish the idiotic thought!Ain’t happening, in this lifetime !
    Don’t worry Major General, for we would give some thought ,to your ludicrous suggestion , once more , in 2015, once your government tenure in office is over, and a new PM is in place.
    Why, when,and how did you achieve this meteoric promotion again? Your job, is to defend our country ,from external treats. Leave policing to the guys who were trained so to do. Our borders , would be secured, from guns/drugs importers,and illegal immigrant traffickers , if your leaders, had not reneged on the deal , to bring in border patrolling ships. Translation- your beef should be with the square pegs in round holes , in charge of the political roost.

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