Dana’s death in vain

By Raffique Shah
May 11, 2014

Raffique ShahAfter all the tears and anger and outrage and tributes and exhortations, what do we do? Dana is dead, gunned down gangland-style, making for good copy for a week or two, but what after that?

The politicians shed buckets of tears and scream: her death must not be in vain! The police vow to leave no stone unturned in their quest to bring her killers to justice. The preachers say she was an exemplar, her colleagues-in-law deem her irreplaceable, her friends say only good things about her, and her extended family mourns in a dignified manner.

For all the hoopla that surrounds this murder most foul, my gut feeling is that in another week or two Dana Seetahal will be just another statistic. She will be no different to other victims of the rampage of killers, distinguished only because of savagery (cold execution or decapitation), age (very old or very young), gender (women always win more sympathy than men), or station in life.

One week after her killers snuffed out her life, the police have yet to make an arrest. Amidst much speculation about motives for her murder—she had information on the drugs mafia or money laundering, it might be connected to some matter she was pursuing—there were reports that the police had a good idea who the assassins were, and arrests were imminent.

How often have we heard similar claims after high-profile crimes? Following the big cocaine find in the USA a few months ago, and with similar speculation running rife, I warned people not to be too hopeful. In spite of claims by senior officials here that that find came about because of collaboration between local intelligence and the US authorities, no one has been held thus far.

Now, if local intelligence alerted US authorities, they must have known (1) that cocaine was secreted in the tins of juice, and (2) who shipped the illicit drugs. So, why no arrests? They knew nothing, they were talking crock!

In Dana’s murder, if they have so much information on the killer or killers, why have they not arrested him or them? Why appeal to the public to come forward with information? Why offer the biggest reward ever for information?

It just does not make sense. Which is why I have this feeling of déjà vu, that we have been there a thousand times before and have seen the results—zilch, zero, nothing.

There are other pieces to this jigsaw puzzle that just do not fit. Early on, the media reported that “high-powered weapons” and “military grade bullets” were used in the “hit”. I was not surprised when the autopsy showed that Dana was struck by five handgun bullets from point-blank range, so close that there were “powder burns” on her body.

Any sensible person looking at videos and photos of the murder scene could have concluded as much, and added that it did not take a marksman to do the deed.

Military-grade ammunition are in no way special except if they are for rifles (all of which are “high-powered”) which ought never to be in the hands of civilians, far less criminals. And yes, there are special ammunition that can cause greater damage to targets, but I have yet to hear of a single instance in which such was used in this country.

While I understand that in a very competitive media environment my colleagues tend to dramatise the news, some choice terms bordered on hilarious. One reporter quoted the indomitably senior Supt Johnny Abraham as saying that “the entire Central Division team of officers have their eyes and ears to the ground…” I should hope that the officers are not looking at their toes, but instead focussing around them!

The same reporter wrote, regarding a suspect in Dana’s murder, “…a prisoner who has been issuing orders to carry out various executions continues to be under surveillance. However, investigators have decided to hold their hands in taking him into custody, just yet…”

So the suspect is issuing orders from jail, but the police are yet to arrest him! Is this a case of the Keystone Cops or a confused reporter or both?

I am not hopeful that the police will arrest all those responsible for Dana’s murder. I write in these terms because I believe that the mastermind might not have been on the scene of the crime.

If my projections are right, and I keep hoping I prove to be wrong, then the murderers will remain at large, ready to strike at another target tomorrow. It could be you or me or some prominent person whose death would evoke another round of outrage, with cries and sentiments similar to those that erupted last Sunday.

All the talk is taking us no closer to dealing with a murder rate that makes the country look like a failed state. You should read how the globally respected Economist magazine reported Dana’s murder.

As for action, the criminals have long had the upper hand, and that is not about to change anytime soon. Sadly, Dana’s death, like hundreds more murder victims’, has already been in vain.

21 thoughts on “Dana’s death in vain”

  1. Hi Mr. Shah:

    Why not call a spade a spade. Your police department is completely useless. I can find a low paying security guard in my community who can do a better job.

    Your government has no pride or shame.

    Cliff Alibocas.

  2. Speaking about calling spades ,all we can say is ,’Poor Cliff,’ for sadly , he ain’t have any idea , as to who should get blame, for the still unsolved mystery ,of our nationally famous , female legal luminary.
    Is it – as he claimed in one side of his mouth-these incompetent, Trini Police , or -on the other side of his….ummmm mouth ,his government, who it appear, is diligently striving, to frustrate our still Acting,Commissioner of Police, Uncle Willow, into early retirement, by their penchant for micromanagement, and political interference, as to who he should charge or not, before , he can dream to get his acting COP label removed .
    In just four years of power, using their systemic purges expedition ploys ,they’ve forced out almost every , experience ,top executive of ‘Kinky Head Nation,’while clueless bums , such as this CA , smiled along in stupid , silent approval, but now, they expect miracles, from the 10 000 ,simi criminal SRPs , and pro tribal , officers , they conveniently , push to the front of the promotion line , over angry , more senior others, for their own sinister reasons.
    Hey Bro Clif Alabocas, when you opt for one of the more useful,’low paid security guards , ‘you now brag about ,from your community,’to help you track down your stolen daughter ,or lost son , or investigate the 40 million dollar fire, that gutted your heavily insured Warehouse, in Icacas, pray don’t choose closet , crooks, and bandits guards , of high price security firms , who enjoy robbing themselves , and company , si?
    You know the types, as they tend to hop in Papi perogs ,and slip across unprotected waters, to your cousins in Miracaibo , and Bogata , via Panama ,once things get too hot here, in this lawless , small arms , and drug transhipment drug den, we still like to call, T&T, our country.

    Enough Neal,now on to the subject at hand, as laid out by our highly outraged ,Y muy cynical Uncle Shah.
    Just like Clif Cialbocas , the rest of the society, including his Political leadership, he too wants quicker results.In the case of his government, and that Crime watch fraud , they think that by simply dangling a few millions , this is the key , as some one would defy the odds, and come to the fore , with information , that can implicate the culprits , in this here ,recent tragedy , of T&T legal luminary , and unflinching ,peoples hero.
    Really people?
    To give some perspective.The Nigerian Abubakar Shekau, has a US$7 million, price tag on his head, courtesy Uncle Sam.His corrupt , clueless, now globally embarrassed government , just up the ante , with another $US 300,000.
    They now suddenly care about quick results too, since their glorified military, cannot locate , much less, return 200 plus , Christian girls, kidnapped , by Pro Islamist goons, who promised to sell them each, for 1 US dollar ,or less.
    A Saudi ,6ft plus ex Terrorist, Bin Laden, enjoyed a 10 year vacation in Pakistan , with his ten wives , all under the watchful eyes of that country’s high end military, and overrated Security intelligence Unit.
    Ooops , I forgot to mention , that all the while ,he was hiding out in broad daylight,a US$27million bounty, was put out for his capture, but to no avail.
    Lord Resistance , child soldier tyrant , Joseph Kony , is still terrorizing African kids, even now that The Obama Administration, placed a bounty target on him, for US$ 5 million.
    Think desperate folks,are solely motivated by the prospect of cash, they might not get any chance to spend? No, they aren’t likely to spill the beans, as envisaged by naive , fake experts.
    The basic tenet in security, at both the Macro, and Micro level is , that TRUST , is essential.It’s applicable for law enforcement officials like ours, anti corruption agencies , media ,and similar fact finding bodies.
    Whose corn am I mashing, if I come forward , or speak up, for a wider good?Are there negative fall outs , for me an family?
    Am I going to be hounded to the ground, like a common terrorist,the way , that late POS Chief Magistrate Mr Mc Nicolls, was? Not everyone can risk getting forced out from your job,or called vile names ,such as ” Traitor to Dharma “simply for telling the truth,as was done to Principal Gajadharsing, of the Tunapuna , Hindu Primary school?
    Who is prepared for dealing with public chastisement,and second guessing,by self righteous cowards, in and out of the firing range , all for exposing , blatant acts of Prison corruption, by legal luminaries , beholden to the country’s ‘Eveready-Bunny-AG Rammy’-a loyal, trusted , well protected, Gumba, and pit bull, of Her Majesstrick Queen K?
    As we therefore lament about the slow pace of solving a case of some 144 hours , since our high end ,female , legal luminary ,in Auntie Dana Sethahal demise , let us exercise a bit of patience.
    Remember ,that the work of our boys and gals in Blue and Grey, can be tough,especially without the much needed help of our law abiding public, or worst yet, our sometimes hostile politically charged leadership.
    I remain an optimist, Y tu?

    1. Neal:
      It’s my sincere plea that you obtain political office.Regardless of your political affiliation…”huge accomplishments begin with small steps” This does not necessarily mean that you seek the highest office in the land.Begin by being a “speech writer” for some political “honcho”..then aspire to be an alderman,mayor etc.etc….

      Gradually,the “light in the tunnel” becomes more transparent;the finish line is accessible.”Persistence wins the prize” Eventually,your contribution will make a significant difference and establish an iota of social and political changes.Are you inspired and persuaded?

      1. Neal is a unique incongruent writer perfectly suited for what u are saying. Hope he takes your advice.

        1. Thanks for your support; eventually he will “listen to the voice of reason”

  3. The news cycle for any major event is usually 2 weeks at best. In Trinidad it is about a week and half. Why? Because all the various news angles are exhausted by the third day. Then you have all newspapers with the same headlines and the story is quickly beaten to death.

    CNN kept the story of the missing plane for an astounding 3 weeks. After a week no one was really paying attention but they grab every possible angle to keep the story alive.

    Dana’s death was gruesome but not unusual. Jamaica’s justice system requires that additional protection be given to judges and lawyers prosecuting high profile cases. Criminals are known to break into law offices and destroy files or worst execute anyone closely associated with the case. Judges are sometime kept in hotels secretly for the duration of the trial.

    Dana’s death should force a review of prosecuting high profile cases in TnT. If a prosecutor is out late at night gambling (stress reliever) and return home when they can be an easy target
    then that should be changed immediately. That is not to say that a determined criminal cannot end someone’s career prematurely with all safe guards in place but at least it would take some thought and planning.

    As for solving this crime, let me say arrest means nothing. The challenge is having enough evidence to move the hand of the DPP.
    This has proven to be a daunting task with solve ratio for homicides under 10%. The odds of finding Dana’s killers is neatly stacked against an impotent police force. It remains to be seen with a $3.5 million reward and a pledge by the CoP that all police resources will be made available to solve this case in the shortest possible time,if these words means anything….we wait and see.

  4. I notice that it is common to speculate that Ms Seetahal’s killing might have something to do with the case she was prosecuting, this may or may not be the case until we have a conviction to prove this theory correctly. It might be more believable to speculate that she was killed by low-lifes doing the job for a person or persons who feel threatened by what she is capable of doing to them. It could also mean to that it was meant to set an example for legal fraternity to watch their steps because criminals are no respecter of persons. Whatever the intended effect, we now know that no one can be taken for granted and everyone is capable of anything. Lawlessness is a way of life in our beloved country. Some we question and some we don’t. Take for example our beloved PM. It is now four years since she has been elected to the highest office in the land and as such the tax payers have provided her with a place to live, accorded her the most stringent security that we can afford, accommodation for herself, family and visitors both near and far. It is for good reason that we take care of the leader of our country. She speaks, acts, performs,operates, visits,signs, tours, greets and legislates on our behalf. Everything she does is at public expense all we ask in turn is that she accounts to the public everything she does in that capacity. Our PM has never opted to live in the accommodation provided for her by the constitution. Why?. She chose to live with friends. Why? She chose to live in her own private residence whilst performing acts of her office there, why? I think there is a simple answer to that – she does NOT want to be accountable to the public in the performance of her official duties. Where does she attend cabinet meetings? when do these cabinet meetings take place? what are the topics of such meetings? are there any minutes of the meetings for the record? Are there any official records of her guests? If she was to stay in her official quarters I’m sure most of this information would be on record but by using her private residence she is not bound by any protocol to record these deeds. I don’t think that this is fair to the public or good for governance. I’ve always wondered why matters like this were never taken up by the media and why they don’t think it important enough that there is public accounting of the prime minister’s whereabouts. Maybe someone with better knowledge this than myself may care to comment and enlighten us.

    1. “Why? She chose to live in her own private residence whilst performing acts of her office there, why? I think there is a simple answer to that – she does NOT want to be accountable to the public in the performance of her official duties. Where does she attend cabinet meetings? when do these cabinet meetings take place? what are the topics of such meetings? are there any minutes of the meetings for the record? Are there any official records of her guests?”—Kian.

      I am sure all cabinet minutes are recorded. This is a necessary part of a functioning democracy. Why does the PM have her meetings at her home? I am sure the PM knows that Manning’s palace have bugs and macos galore. Isn’t it strange Kian that your buddy Rawi had a copy of the PCA report before the government did?? It is a known fact that the PNM have an elaborate spying apparatus that is loyal to the PNM hierarchy only. Father Manning purchased spy equipment from Israel and used it to spy on law abiding citizens. This is a known fact that you are not aware of Kian. As for transparency what exactly is not being transparent Kian please explain.

      1. Mamoo, you know this is a clown story, right? If, per chance you are correct that Manning has ‘bugs’ in the PM’s residence, that can be cleaned up in a few seconds. The world is very advanced in electronics that something like this is very easy to correct. I am sure many other people have ideas about this matter and I shall await their responses before replying fully to you.

        1. When Manning was in power he hired Nigerian Guards and Pilipino house staff. Have you wondered why he did that and not his cousins who needed work from Beetham.

      2. “I am sure all cabinet minutes are recorded” (Mamoo) If my re-collection serves me well….Isn’t “Hansard” the word which eludes you?

        1. Hansard is for parliament. Ministers when meeting as the cabinet present “cabinet note” for particular projects.

  5. http://www.trinidadandtobagonews.com/forum/webbbs_config.pl?md=read;id=3974

    Don’t we miss the days ,when selfless, Patriotic heroic , political figures ,like our Dr. Ali , was around?
    What a guy!No media posturing , phony jig and dances / grandstanding.
    Here are the facts, for those who perhaps, started following T&T politics ,2 weeks ago-or are pretending ,so to do.
    The lady , in her run up to power, was most dismissive ,about the Patrick Mannings expenditures , on residences, and Special State jets, as well as high end conferences .
    Having boxed herself in a corner, as it were , with such over the top , suspect , high moral gestures, she had little choice, but to play out the game,for the benefit of those who care, and so refused, to live in the PM residence.
    It’s much ado over nothing guys.

    Keep your eyes on the real issues-her stewardship, as a leader, who professed to be concern about authentic change.
    Speaking about distrusting Civil Servants Mamboo, maybe the lady learned the lesson well , as to what can happen to impressionable , naive ,first daughters,when high testosterone , hot blooded, aid de camps , are lurking around the residence, and Papi ,is too busy checking his offshore banks, and stock options , on his laptop.
    Just why is he looking so out of his element , and more like an over the hill ,punch drunk boxer ,who has just failed his 10th drug test , as he tries to explain why T&T needs Yankee billion dollar armored vehicles , to hunt down criminals ,obtained with no prior ,public tenders offered?
    Yeah what we need Uncle Griffy ,is more fire power , not man power.
    Every tin pan soldier in T&T , with two criminal Justice credits to his name , thinks he is a Security /Law enforcement expert, and what a sick tragedy!

    Long live the Republic of T&T

    1. Neal, my hope is that the Prime Minister’s behavior as regards to the address she chooses to perform official task is in fact an important issue that is grossly ignored because there is a feeling that ‘no one is hurt by this action’. We provide a residence for the President with all the lodging essentials and accommodation essentials and he uses it as such. The same can be said for officials liken the Chief Justice, judges and similar public service officials. Accommodation is provided not just for the sake of accommodation, it is because such officials have such an important function to perform that the state handle the tabs and all the benefits that go with. There is nothing physically wrong with the accommodation that is provided by the state, so why the recalcitrance? I believe the reason is one of discipline and non-accountability. Mamoo says that everything is captured in hansard but hansard can only be recorded in the house of representatives and senate. At the prime minister’s house an official log will have to be maintained of ALL visitors that can be used for official reporting but conducting such business at her private home, no such requirement can be ascertained. This I believe is at the crux of her defiance. In so doing she is also burdening the tax payers with having to maintain an official home and a private home. Official security detail is required for the official home and the same for the private home. So, why would the PM choose to burden the tax payer with duplicitous expenses? The effect of this behavior is that the PM has both recorded and un-recorded official duties, which can be used for personal advantage and ‘secret’ purposes which may have nothing to do with the peoples’ business. Could it be that emailgate was concocted in the private (official) residence? Could it be that section 34 was concocted there also?. Could it be that Reshmi’s appointment was made there? Could it be that the decision to get rid of the OPVs was made there? Could it be that the decisions to call for the SOE was made there? Could it be that the decision to cancel SAUT and OPV was made in the unofficial residence with the (benefactors) looking on? This is purely speculation on what could have been to demonstrate what it means to have tax payers’ business conducted away from the official residence. Can we really say that this is democracy? Democracy is built on structures, structures that were built to serve the people in a way that would enhance the life of the individual and develop the very structure which we as the public depend upon. This a wide and open issue and I do believe that there is personal benefit to the PM and (probably) a loss to the public at large.

  6. My fellow contributors to this “blog”..please allow me to deviate briefly from the “grief”…….

    Today I read the article”BABY LEFT IN CAR DIES”…The journalist stated…”police said it is likely that 17 month old Jadon………. died from “hyperthermia” What is “hyperthermia”? There are a few cases (in winter) where children have suffered/died from “hypothermia” (the condition of having an abnormally low body temperature)

    An expected “high” of 34 degrees Celsius (approx 93.2 Fahrenheit)”heat exhaustion” is an acceptable definition.”hyperthermia” is non-existent in the Oxford Dictionary……merci/thanks..

  7. I hear you Bro Kian, and can sense your genuine outrage, at this anomaly , as played out by your PM , but more so ,the fact that many, including the Opposition, and our leading,4th Estate agents, aren’t touching the issue ,with a 10th ft pole.
    Well my friend ,’ me think ,’ this was the real gist of our savvy ,Uncle Shah’s article . Trinis, as a collective people, of an Economic, and Politically fractured nation, are , with few exceptions , suffering from a malady I choose to call, ‘Social ADD ,’ Attention Deficit Disorder.
    This has been easily exploited by self serving , power elites , in and out of power, to their own benefit.
    Eric Williams said , “money ain’t no problem,”and “when I talk, no darm dog bark,” and clueless Africans, giggled like excited kids, even as their crumbling neighborhoods,remain neglected, long after he was gone, and the eventual toppling of King Manning fiefdom.
    Fast forward to when Basdeo, was the ‘First Amongst Equal,’as our proud,T&T Hindu PM, and folks got angry ,when he gave the middle finger, to suddenly outraged ,’Kinky Head Nation advocates ,’who then chastised him, for promulgating a “dis is our time ,”mantra , turned policies.
    Your female PM , sat dutifully , at his feet, and learned well, and so don’t blame her if she is playing out that grand strategy to good measure , mi amigo.
    Couva multi billion dollar swimming pool, and Hospital, to balance out your Mt Hope medical complex,and perhaps sky blimp.
    We sat silent , when ANR, and Tobagonians as a whole , were treated like an ugly , bastard, step child ,stricken with he deadly Ebola , or Asian Flu,and even applauded ,when fake religious , pro Islamist goons, nearly murdered him in Parliament.
    Fast forward to 2014, and upon his death,we act surprised , when the rest of the civilize world, praised him for his honest statesmanship, integrity, and humanist spirit,while 10 people in total ,came out, in Trinidad , to his state viewing, after Basdeo Panday reminded us , that he ANR, hated Indians , by favoring Patrick- an African – our him ,and his UNC ,during a tied national election result.
    It was Patrick Manning ,who allowed Bajans full reign , to steal our Flying fish, across the Tobago coastal waters, then we were amazed ,that they wanted to then steal our oil , and gas , in a Continental shelf grabbing,legal ploy , that lacked merit in any international law.
    White Euro British ,Germans , Italians, Yankees, Frenchmen , and Italians-while posing as innocent tourists, but in actuality land speculators- were allowed to come to Tobago , to marry desperate , sex starved , illiterate Tobagonians, then get them to sign over their parents land /properties , divorce them in a month, and build their own , Nazi style fortresses, to keep them out, and yet we were silent , when neither the PNM controlled THA, or their bosses, led by Manning , did nothing to tighten up laws , on foreign ownership.
    Fast forward to 2013, and we have Tobagonians such as Sandy, suddenly using the political stage, to lash out at their Brown ,South Asian cousins from Calcutta, and big brother Trinidad, all because , they too want piece of the tranquil ,opportunity laden, less violent , Tobago action.
    You might be surprise at the Sat Maraj backlash, or frustration by London and his PNM gang ,to get an increases in their budget spending alocations, but Sat followers , and UNC political leaders , are in agreement, which is all that matters, for the next year or less,before elections.
    So there it is Kian, we’ll huff ,and puff, for a few weeks, after Auntie Dana Sethahal’s murder, but soon she would be forgotten.
    Yes, and because we care so much about women , we got all worked up , when a Hindu priest, UNC politician,”kick in de back door …”ummmm , smash in his 30 year old ,main squeeze face,with his outside child ,and mother, looking on in horror.
    We were outraged when a female stewardess, was almost publicly stripped naked , by an obviously drunken ,Junior UNC , Tomcat Minister, name Glen ,on one of our airlines .
    However , when an African woman ,flogged her 12 year old daughter, like a reluctant donkey ,or a uncontrollable, African plantation slave , we cringe, but eventually dismiss it ,as lawful, normal , and necessary.
    The hot stories in the news presently are :-A a student on the verge of doing a taxing exam , is found dead by hanging.
    B. A mother of 4 was chopped , then gunned down in her house,in front of family, just like the Pennywise millionaire heiress was, a while back.
    C.An alcoholic , School supervisor -who so happen to be a Christian preacher-about to soon retire , is found dead , by hanging.
    D. A 17 months old child is dead, as he was left , by his 56 year old grandfather ,strapped in an enclosed car ,for 9 hours ,in a major company compound.
    E.Oh yes, the trial is still going on , about the murder of a millionaire Business heiress.Real justice might not occur, since the real culprit , behind her kidnapping, might escape, as a few low cast degenerates, who executed this revolting act,cannot point them out.
    These issues , would all be beaten to death , and debated for a while , then poff!
    Since our politicians , are not from Mars , but right here in T&T, they know fully well the mindset of citizens, and subjects.
    As Uncle Shah said, they “ain’t care , if Good Friday, falls on a Monday.”
    Not certain what became of the thousands of laptops that was given to poor students ,across T&T, when your PP government came to power.
    What I know is that Education Minister Dr Goopiesing, is about to roll out another grand initiative to improve education ,and maybe stress-eBooks.
    We as Patriotic, Social change advocates , must pick our fights Bro Kian. We must also be prudent in how we fight the cause, but most importantly, be very clear in our minds,as to who, /what we chose to ignore -an the reasons why.
    You can have your ‘pet peeve’ /issues ,you are most concerned about , but can’t be ‘selectively outraged, ‘my friend.
    Again, an excellent piece of highlighting many of the present regime’s missteps.
    Just bear in mind , that they have history on their side too, and can use that to their advantage.Tell me Kian , did someone say ,”all ah we thief?”
    What T-Man ,Mamboo, Loyal Trini , and the multitude of folks, within that camp, would say is:-Every bit of the socio economic pie, we were able to acquired, came via our own private initiatives,cultural astuteness,and resiliency. We now wish for a more substantion piece of this Trini Political com economic sweepstake, and don’t really give a hoot, if you idiot Africans, who voted these PNM self serving elites , for over 40 years , can show little, in your ghastly communities, for their follies.
    Throw all of your mismanagement, and corruption volleys , they say , as we are strong , some claim. We have our own problems to contend with, others would counter ,as our frustrated, and still poor voters, stuck in the mosquito swamps ,are looking back in nostalgia, at those Patrick Manning , George Chambers, as well as Eric Williams PNM eras,and asking, who is our real enemies? Greedy Indian elites , and allous African elites – same kaki pants , thank you very much for nada!
    I know my response was a bit lengthy, but hopefully , you can follow the admonitions given to me, a few moons ago ,by my late, and extremely wise, Tobago Granny, “try and pick sense , out of nonsense,”hmmmm?
    Stay vigilant my friends!
    I luv this land, Y tu?

    1. Well said Neal! You have touched on every issue that we have been contending with for the past couple of years and more. It is very true that ‘our people’ are not too cognitive but those of us who are, must keep beating the drums until our brothers and sisters wake up to the sound and rythym. These are not times to be asleep while there are thieves with their hands deep in the pockets of the treasury, looting out our future. After four years and almost 300 billion spent, what do we have to show for it? Some hindu schools, more mandirs, a hospital in Couva, a university in Debe and we call that ‘national development’?
      During slavery, there weren’t many voices that were raised, amongst those that stood out was our friend Frederick Douglas who, when asked what can be done to hear our voices louder he shouted “agitate!” “agitate!” “agitate!”. It is my hope that yourself, Rodwell and others can rise to the occasion and sound the warning by agitating until our sleeping brothers can hear us and wake up.

  8. Plus it is easier to dispense perks to family and friends. These People come up with all kinds of ways to pilfer and distribute the resources of the state. Kamla’s is just the latest.

  9. A great leap forward in TT and the WI in general, will have been achieved when what is written for publication in the Press, is limited to say 2-4–words.
    The Soul of Wit I recall is what has been said about Brevity.

  10. Speak for yourself,’Reginald Ast?’ If you desire “Brevity,”go read our Facebook, and Twitter feeds.
    Look at your hands , five fingers on one, all collectively, serving a wonderful purpose-though quite different, individually.
    Maybe its something ,we can learn in this tribally driven , underachieving country.
    Here sadly ,we have the very diabolical ,greedy, selfish , dangerous, and unpatriotic elites, suddenly drunken with power,who are fearlessly, fleshing out,far reaching , terrible policies,at tax payers expense, via an ‘us , better than/more important than dem,’neo imperial/divide , and rule ,operation.
    Can I add, they pretend to be unmindful of the possible, negative , socio-‘political blowbacks,’that will inevitably occur?
    You can stick to your witty Neo Britannia, one liners son, but then ,don’t rush to write 10 paragraphs page online thesis ,of condemnations/cries for reliefs, once a dear , and treasured hero, falls prey , to social evils , that are the results of unwholesome behaviors , as practiced by your leaders-in, and out of power.
    Love humanity , folks!

  11. The loss of Ms. Seetahal’s life is not the real issue here. After all, she had lived a fairly full life, and died quite swiftly, so the loss of her life was far less tragic than that of Baby Jadon.

    The real issue here is that some unnamed “big fish” has sent his henchmen out to assert some level of control over the justice system by demonstrating his control over the lives and deaths of its officers.

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