Dana Seetahal Murdered

Dana SeetahalDana Seetahal, SC was assassinated around 12:05 a.m. while driving through Woodbrook.

Ms Seetahal was just minutes away from her One Woodbrook Place home when she was gunned down in Woodbrook just after midnight this morning.

Concerned residents of the area reported hearing an “explosion” of shots and called the police who arrived 15 minutes after the shooting to find Ms Seetahal’s lifeless body slumped over the driver’s wheel, her foot still on the brake pedal.

Police reports confirm that upon reaching the Hamilton-Holder St., a Nissan Wingroad drove ahead of her Volkswagon SUV and then pulled in front of her, blocking her access as another vehicle, described as a panel van pulled alongside of her and shots were fired directly at her from the occupants of that vehicle.

The bullets struck her in the head and about her body. Both vehicles thereafter fled the scene.

Martin Daly, SC caustically noted on CCN TV6’s early morning coverage with Dominic Kallipersad that Trinidadians have a history of talk without action. He observed that we had become somewhat inured to the horrendous nature of the crimes being committed, that we were content to talk for a few days and then forget thereafter as was the case with the coke haul in the juice cans scandal. He affirmed his position that if authorities are serious about dealing effectively with the crime then they would fund social development programmes which would deal with the cause of the crime.


Seetahal Assassinated

By Derek Achong
Sunday, May 4, 2014 – guardian.co.tt

The country woke up to news that a senior attorney at the criminal bar was gunned down this morning, in what police have described as a “professional” hit.

Police said Dana Seetahal was shot dead at about 12.05 am as she was driving north along Hamilton-Holder Street, Woodbrook when two vehicles pulled alongside her causing her to come to a stop near the Woodbrook Youth Club.
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$1 million reward in Dana Seetahal murder
A $1 million reward is being offered by Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the murder of attorney Dana Seetahal.

Dana Seetahal murdered

At about 12:05 a.m. senior counsel Dana Seetahal was in her Volkswagen SUV proceeding north along Hamilton-Holder street, Woodbrook when upon reaching the vicinity of the Woodbrook Youth Club two vehicles pulled alongside her causing her to come to a stop.

One of the vehicles, a Nissan Wingroad, then drove ahead a short distance and pulled across the road, blocking it. The other vehicle which was described as a panel van pulled alongside and the occupants of that vehicle pulled out their firearms and opened fire on the SUV.
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Dana Seetahal murdered

Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal was murdered in Woodbrook shortly after midnight on Sunday morning.

Police believe the killing may be a hit.

According to reports, the attorney had left a casino and was driving along Hamilton Holder Street, alongside the Woodbrook Youth Facility when two motorcars pulled up alongside her Volkswagen SUV forcing the attorney to stop.

One of the vehicles, a Nissan Wingroad pulled in front of the vehicle blocking the road.

The other vehicle, which is believed a panel van pulled alongside the senior counsel’s vehicle. Gunmen emerged from the van and opened fire on the attorney. The two vehicles then sped off.
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47 thoughts on “Dana Seetahal Murdered”

  1. It is fair to say that the nation is emotionally drained by the news of the assassination of Dana Seetahal. Those of us who peruse the information highway looked forward daily to hearing her views and legal opinions that she offered. They were informative and instructive, even though at times her views did not receive the same approval that we mostly shared. This is also a time to reflect on the climate of fear that exists. It is way too common for us to blame the ignorant, uninformed, the unemployed and the uneducated for our woes. As a nation there should be simple things that we all can aspire to, there should be common things for us to hope for (and be able to achieve). There should be a vision that each and every one of us should be able to look up to, but that cannot be achieved with the right kind of leadership. On the occasion of Ms Seethahal’s death I heard voices expressing dismay and courage that we were not familiar with prior to her passing. And that is not bad, what we need to hear is voices that inspires because they carry moral and spiritual authority, not just voices that carries only titles behind their names. In this regard, part of our problems lies there. Too many times we are required to listen voices that carry only titles as authority without the moral and ethical convictions that should also accompany them.

  2. “Justice delayed is justice denied” but “justice murdered is lawlessness, cowardice and ignorance epitomized!” Trinidad had better watch out that their ruthlessness does not surpass that of their ridiculed, “violent” rivals nearer to Cuba. Enough said. I am outraged even though I never knew the lawyer: I only listened to her with rapt attention. Good grief! Shame on the once proud Trinidad & Tobago who are now as BLOODY as the rest!

  3. Don’t worry Trini Royal , our National Security big honcho,Uncle G, is on top of it. 40 armored cars, and hundreds of foreign law enforcement investigators.
    Pretty soon, they’ll crack the SM Jaleel drug case, then eventually put the Dana Seethahal case to rest.
    Well…so we hope.

  4. So sorry the way Ms Dana Seetahal have to died may God have mercy on her SOUL. But I say unto every man repent for the end of the world is nigh at hand.

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