He cast a giant shadow

By Raffique Shah
April 12, 2014

Raffique ShahRay Robinson was the most titled politician in the history of Trinidad and Tobago: President of the Republic, Prime Minister, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, and for good measure, Chief Olokun Igbaro of the Yoruba people.

But he was not the most successful, certainly at the polls. He was King of Tobago but a knave in Trinidad. In fact, he was a Tobagonian politician whom Trinidadians loved to hate.

PNM diehards had the worst things to say about him when he broke with Dr Eric Williams in 1970, and never forgave him for what they saw as treachery. “Did you know he was plotting to overthrow the Doc?” they would ask, without a shred of evidence.

Basdeo Panday and his Indian diehards believe he was racist—you should see some of the comments on the blogs after his passing.

In 1990, when Robinson, in the face of an attempted coup, proved his mettle as a courageous and patriotic leader, a large number of citizens, maybe the majority among the population, police officers included, wondered aloud why the Jamaat al Muslimeen insurgents did not kill him.

Personally, I would rate Ray as the most principled political leader who assumed high office in the country. He possessed great intellect and could never be accused of being corrupt or having condoned corruption, which was quite extraordinary in a society that judges its politicians by degrees of corruption.

In this regard, Williams and George Chambers failed to rein in the excesses of the many thieves, big and small, who plundered the public purse for three decades under their watch.

Panday presided over an even more corrupt administration, and under Patrick Manning, the looting continued unabated. The least said about the current administration, the better.

Many argue that there was little or no corruption under Robinson because the Treasury was empty and there was nothing to steal. Maybe.

As a revolutionary who refuses to compromise the values and principles I have held for some 50 years, I see Ray, like others who have held the highest offices, as someone who could not shed the colonial mindset, whatever his pronouncements to the contrary. He was conservative to the core. But that was hardly a sin in a post-colonial world in which “massa gone, but massa dey”.

If anything, the post-colonial, neo-liberal world has become more unequal, man has become more inhumane towards his fellow human beings, and satisfying the insatiable greed of the few supersedes meeting the basic needs of the many.

As someone who was there when Robinson rose to prominence, I should intervene to set the records right based on my knowledge of what transpired post-1970. In 1976, when the ULF transformed itself from a labour fraternity to a political party, we in the leadership did not think we could defeat the PNM, especially as the oil dollars flowed from 1974, and for Williams, money was no problem.

We identified three organisations that we felt we could work with, and sought alliances with them. These were NJAC, Tapia and Robinson’s DAC. NJAC said it had no interest in electoral politics: later, it would contest the 1981 and 1986 elections and lose disastrously. Tapia insisted it would run alone, which it did.

I was involved in talks with the DAC (Robinson did not participate). After several sessions, the DAC made its final offer: the ULF would contest ten seats, six in our stronghold, four elsewhere. That was unacceptable to us, so those elections saw as many as eight candidates contest most seats.

Predictably, the PNM won, capturing 24 seats to the ULF’s ten, with Robinson and Winston Murray taking the two Tobago seats for the DAC. In Parliament, we worked with Robinson, especially when he fought passionately for greater autonomy for Tobago. With the establishment of the THA, Robinson resigned from Parliament and successfully contested the 1980 THA elections.

I was not actively involved in 1981 when Karl Hudson-Phillips and the ONR stormed the political stage. A depleted ULF worked out an alliance with Tapia and the DAC, but in the face of the ONR onslaught, the Alliance captured only ten seats, with the ONR gaining more votes (91,000 to 88,000).

I was not involved, too, in the formation of the NAR in 1986. An analysis of its runaway success at the polls will show that the party-of-parties needed all its constituent parts and Robinson’s leadership to win those elections. Panday and Hudson-Phillips brought the most votes to the pot. But either one as leader would have hampered the party’s chances since the population at large did not trust them with power.

They needed Robinson, the most neutral, acceptable leader among them. So Panday did not quite make Robinson Prime Minister in 1986 the way Robinson made him in 1995. And when Panday made Robinson President in 1997, it was his way of “kicking Robinson upstairs”, out of harm’s way—only Robbie would return to hurt him in 2001. Panday and his supporters never forgave Robinson.

This bright but simple Tobagonian certainly cast a giant shadow over the country’s political landscape for five long decades.

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  1. Thanks again Uncle Shah, for paying tribute to a true patriot.Our T&T ,fortunately, is nicely poised to take off , in a new direction-UPWARD.
    We were fortunate to have leaders-flawed , as some may be -who laid the foundation for national progress,and now , as a few depart the grand stage, or as in the of ,’Ah We Bouy ,’permanently leave us, others can fill the void.
    There is work to be done, but I remain optimistic, that win/win Sustainable Development, can be achieved , as Trinidad &Tobago, takes it rightful place , as a leader , within the ‘Global South.’
    Our individual challenge remains , that of finding our respective roles, then to embrace it , and so, help make a difference.
    A bigger bridge to cross, would be joining in solidarity with others – both domestically, and internationally -that sometimes appear to be different, so as to prudently , promote diverse , yet mutually beneficial interests.

    Nation building, was never meant to be easy – especially in a complex , resource laden country like ours.
    We alone can collectively dictate, how we wish to be portrayed,on the ‘Global developmental totem pole .’
    Is it going to be , as a Neo tribal ,underachieving, crime laden, Human Rights violating,class fractured , corruption haven, or…..?

    Keep educating the masses, Uncle Shah!
    Long live the Republic of T&T!

    1. About the Tobago Hospital?
      We had another Tobagonian seeing about that. Rowley. Ask Skippy?
      Yet Robinson would have. Nothing wrong with that! Every Tobagonian would do that. And Trinidadian too believe it or not. Why would we not want Tobago to have a State of the Art hospital? Or two for that matter? Or one in each District? And also one in Districts where the oil money (and pitch and oilsand)we boast about, is coming from? La Brea, Fyzabad, Santa Flora, Point Fortin, Guayaguayare, Barrackpore etc.
      When last have you driven through La Brea and Fyzabad etc?’
      Sir yuh know which side I on? I am on the ‘WHAT IS TRUTH side. Otherwise called the UNBIASED SIDE.
      Kamla? This honourable Lady is STETCHING frantically, not to have any enemy. With her smile she could charm the Devil! She even hands out the olive branch to Rowley for example Mandela’s funeral. But would she, or could she not defend herself if her hand is bitten by who she is feeding or otherwise?

  2. ANR ROBINSON. RIP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbVI0iVm62s History for the children.

    What did Trinidad say about ANR Robinson at the end of his Prime Minister’s term in 1991?
    The same thing they said about Chambers. Only worse! That they made a mistake 5 years earlier by putting him there so, enthusiastically, they fired him leaving no doubt that they did not ever want to see him again anywhere around there, far more to give him one more ½ chance to perform a vasectomy or DNC. He might perform an autopsy!

    Maybe how he is now is why he and Eric or Manning and Panday could not agree?

    Some recognized the mistake since from his victory speech and then the cleanup campaign. Others afterwards when he raised his pay while illegally cutting ours by a television Edict where at the same time a big Country like West Germany’s Parliamentarians volunteered to first give themselves a pay cut before asking the Country to take a pay cut too.
    Did the Court say that his actions were honourable, ‘moral, integrity, democratic, a Great leader etc? NO! They said that is stealing give it back!
    Did he give it back or even promise to give it back?

    His good austerity measures were people lost their COLA, ($600.00 plus suddenly gone from husband and wife Government Workers team where normal like Nurses monthly salaries weren’t even $1500.00 a Month then or it was under $2000.00.)

    People lost their house, land, car, properties, their food money, and their jobs and their wives then there were no other jobs to find.
    No work for Christmas and carnival for DEWD (CPEP, URP, CRASH PROGRAM ETC) and worst also no apples and grapes for Christmas.

    What did Tobago and his worshippers say about him? He was a Tobagonian. He was a good man, (a Demigod?).
    He built a deep water Habour and airport for big planes to land so planes coming to Trinidad had to land Tobago first before coming to Trinidad so Trinidad and Tobago was changed to Tobago and Trinidad.

    I have always found that needs for Tobago should go directly to Tobago so things there will cost less for my uncle and his Clan so that they won’t have to double their price to a Trinidadian on hearing his accent. That he had no choice but to bring in austerity measures including double taxation (VAT joining PAYE which decreased then re-increased under the cover of night darkness while everyone is asleep, until Quai Tung under Pandy sent it back down and Manning raised it back up). And health surcharge.

    Panday was in his Government which Trinidad spat out in 1991 after Panday left . Now he is in Panday’s Government which is succeeding as though this improving success is shouting to Robinson: “I told you so! I told you so! But you did not WANT to listen. See what happened to you in 1991?’ Why must Panday get cloned and last forever starting with more than one term when he lasted only one term? It’s called politics.

    So he would not appoint Senators instructed by Panday. Then hesitated and hesitated and delayed even though he still could have appointed as independent Senators all he is sure are opposed to Panday. Maybe he did? I did not check that.

    Still Panday caused him to get a chance to perform a simple circumcision by making him President through the Elite called The Electoral College so he could sign this and sign that?

    Do you think that if a President was chosen by general elections Trinidad would have done different to 1991?
    So Panday got him through the back door and what did he do?

    The Champ and the Challenger Manning in combat. They draw 18/18 with the Champ getting more votes. Which part in the World would you hear that the Challenger is now the Champ?

    By another television edict on Christmas Eve, the Emperor sentenced Panday to a coma from which he never emerged. To sleep you shall go. Sleep ye! Sleep ye my friend. Forever! No cloning for you Sah! That is manoeveur!
    Nobody could not have come up with sending the Country back to the polls and let the Country decide because they would still have had a problem? 18/18 in the House?
    There could have been civil war from this. Army against PNM Police including the nemakaram ones etc.
    Yes! Pro Supporters against anti Supporters!
    And who would have caused it? Was that responsible action? People were furious!!

    Then we discover that NOTHING wrong or contrary the President does can be challenged. He cannot be questioned. He cannot or would not be taken to Court! WHAT! Then we further realize that The Trinidad and Tobago President must not be a Politician. He must be one of integrity that we can trust with the Law that guides him.
    Therefore should he not be elected by the Country, the electorate, and also be able to be questioned like Clinton through an amendment in the Constitution??

    Yes he was a very great man GREATER THAN I, but all the rest including Presidents, were in the past and will be in the future, far greater and better than he except Chambers who was a little better. Leave Eric out. He was the father.

    Manning, Kamla, Panday who paid back the money (that Robinson caused and Manning did not pay back in 9 years) by bonds in 3 years, and he and Kamla ‘gone’ smiling for Canada and the USA etc (and probably apologizing on behalf of Chambers) resulting in a reversal of what Chambers caused in trying to compete with Reagan in donating millions to the Caribbean. And when USA invaded Grenada he did not even know as chairman of Caricom. The US later gave all the Caribbean money except Trinidad and Tobago and somebody said: “Oh! Trinidad could handle its own affairs.

    We started getting gifts from these BIG Countries. When Panday (with Oma ) and Kamla put a smile on you, yuh properly well enchanted or mesmerized. What else can you do but release your choke hold and give gifts?!

    And this is what caused Trinidad and Tobago like Chalkdust’s stalled bus to come alive and roll again with jobs emerging and increasing. It was not austerity measures set by Robinson that Kamla, Panday, and Manning were reaping as Robinson Devotees keep parroting. C’mon?

    When a person claiming to be a leader repeatedly impose things contrary to law disregarding his advisors and sometimes not even informing his partners like Panday what is he called? Or what was he used to be called long ago?
    Which one of these titles would you choose? An infamous leader, Pseudo leader, Dictator, Tyrant, Oppressor, Caesar, A Saint, A brilliant Scholar, a man of good sense a head Crook? What yuh tink?
    Please doh come with no mantra Devotee poem they taught you to parrot?
    Talk the truth for the children’s history class? Should you mislead the children?

    Lady Kamla do not follow any advice from this man. Just pretend to, as Politicians must say and do certain nice things for the camera. You will end up in the same ditch he ended up in. His advice will lead you there.

  3. I was fortunate to be raised by an extremely wise, Tobago Granny, who unfortunately died at the age of 53, when I was merely 16 years of age.I should add-she died in part, because ,-Unlike Trinidad-neglected Tobago had an old rickety/decrepit hospital,that was constructed, way back since Queen Victoria, or is it Elizabeth 1st , were virgins.
    She however taught me more in those few years , than all I have accumulated, hence. One such lesson was , “plain talk bad manners.”
    Maybe , I am a bit dense here folks , but where is our boy Trevor Joseph , going with this soliloquy/denunciation/rant, or maybe it ‘s a new age form of back hand compliment?
    Is he saying that Robbie was the epitome of evil, for attempting to initiate austerity measures , to right the ship of state, that Papa Deffy Eric, and smart boy Chambers ignored?
    Is he chastising the man ,for throwing Tobago a few bones, or economic crumbs, in the form of a deep water harbor, but no much needed hospital?
    Is he saying that African folks are ‘boobolees, ,’and so ,Robie and his Tobago bunch , should play that typical , sky -white god ,idiot Christian game ,of turning the other cheek, when a racist , fake Hindu prince ,like Basdeo, kick you on one?
    Is he subtly implying that EX horse police thug, lennox phillip, aka Yasin Abu Bakr,and his phony religious goons, were justified , in attacking Parliament, to destroy ANR, or that the complicit bozos Basdeo, or Manning, did the right thing , by not seeking justice , by conducting an authentic Commission of inquiry,as to what transpired , and true culprits then eventually send them all to the death chamber, and probably close down every Mosque in T&T, and preferably, turn them into Police stations, as a payback for their collective follies?
    Not even certain , if he is trying to say , Auntie Kamla, is an excellent leader, and her own woman, when it comes to leadership, or whether Jack Warner the FIFA crook, was correct,when he almost implied , she cannot even go to the toilet to urinate, unless the Cabral give the green light?
    Help us out buddy, for like many fellow citizens, I did not go to one of those high end Catholic, or is it Anglican elite schools , where pedophile priest, and sex starved nuns terrorize , or worst yet , a pro Hindu school , where … well,even you can fill in de blanks, and if you cannot, new aged Businesswoman Sasha Singh, or her one time sweetman ,Pundit Shama ,can help you?
    Seriously folks , you know what is so sad?These various intellectual midgets , of Afro Trini persuasions , don’t really realize,that the blatant disrespect,social neglect , and historical beat down of Tobagonians , in the past – by vindictive , petty elites, such as Eric Williams/Patrick Manning, and followed up by members of ‘Brown Triumphalist Nation’- has nothing to do with the fact that they Tobagonians, live on a separate island, but that they are predominantly AFRICANS.
    For the record, there are maybe some 25 ,or more political constituencies, across T&T, that are predominantly African,many of which have repeatedly voted PNM, and most of them , are treated with the same contempt, since 1962.Put differently, they are in almost the same precarious state as Tobago.
    Keep sleeping , and denigrate African peoples, especially if they happen to live in the Island Ward guys, while allowing others with ‘ah me , me ,geme, gime , dog wit ah bone , mentality ,’ to rape steal , and plunder your country with no consequential fall outs . Trust me however when I say, there is a price to pay for such follies. This Tobago , won’t be around , forever for you socially comatose bozos to kick around.
    As my extremely wise, late, Tobago Granny ,would often say, “as sure as night follows day…,”changes will emerge… umm ..,de rejected stone , will become the cornerstone. Put differently,’If your right hand offend thee cu….well, again , fill in de blanks.
    I luv this land, Y tu?

    1. This comment by the President of the Tobago Chamber of Commerce says it best:

      Regarding the sister isle’s economic development, Hadad said a labour crisis has hit the island as workers do not take their jobs seriously.

      “We have at least a 25 per cent absenteeism rate every morning from the staff who do turn up for work. Out of the 75 per cent who do attend work, ten per cent do report on time, the rest are late.”

      Showing up late for work and absenteeism are a cost to doing business.

      It has prompted Hadad to compile a document of statistics she faces with labour in her own business.

      “You, as the employer, can’t even discipline anybody, so if they come to work in the wrong dress code, or they are not looking presentable to go out to a customer – because they have actually come out to work, you have to accept them as they are because you are so happy for them to just come to work.”

    2. Wha did man name? NEAL? In a scale from one to ten on ‘PLAIN TALK BAD MANNERS. Do you not see that you are bursting the scale past ten while I am on 1/2?
      Should we be so enraged at another’s comment because we are blind Devotees to an alleged Guru? Or rather: “Should you? In a Democratic Country where we do not shoot up each other over politcs? Thank God!!!

      Did your grand mother ever tell you that: “Even the Devil has his friends?

  4. Trevor C Joseph is telling it like it was.
    Austerity economic measures failed then and it will fail now. Obama was successful in pulling the US out of one the greatest slumps it had ever experienced, something he gets no credit for, by increasing government investments in the economy. Although the PP government is saddled by unproven corruption allegations made daily by PNM agents working in government offices, T&T’s economy has never been more robust.
    This writer makes some excellent points. Is Robinson considered a hero because we have so few?

    1. “Although the PP government is saddled by unproven corruption allegations made daily by PNM agents working in government offices, T&T’s economy has never been more robust.”…….TMan
      TMan, I can’t believe that you are saying stuff like this with a straight face? Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised, its in your dna. “unproven corruption”? What? If by unproven you are saying that no one has been brought to justice or found guilty of “unproven corruption” then that might be tacitly true but the daily scandals that have as yet to be proven untrue by your PPP government is evidence enough that it is in fact corruption that will NOT be allowed (under this government) to be proven by any means, unless of course the people have a change of heart and show them the road, come 2015. As usual, for you anything Hindu is good and PNM is bad. That ok for a guy who understands history as his story. The Trinidad that you gleefully boasts of today were not built by the clowns that run it now, it is a Trinidad whose foundations were built by the same folks that you dismiss as PNM or other such “25 per cent absenteeism” or “75 per cent who do attend work” or their parents or grandparents. There are lots of men and women like Eric Williams, CLR James and Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler who sacrificed their own personal lives in order to build this Trinidad which your present crop so willingly speak of your long hours of hard work to build.

  5. Pray someone, anyone for dat matter.Please enlighten the misguided PP, neo tribal fanatic T-Man ,of a few things, and here they are:- We as a collective, do not really care , if him , or his ‘rabid Father of his Nation ,’in Papa Basdeo, view ANR as a hero, or not, for he is , in the eyes of those that really matter- Tobagonians, and no , they do not mind if Dr.Selwyn Ryan, Dr. Hamid Ghanny, Dr Deosaran, and any other of the average UWI,Social Science experts, disagree.
    To honest minded , objective thinking Trinis , of ‘every race , class,and creed,’ Robbie, remains a hero, and more importantly, a perfect example of a patriot, who, always placed, the interest of his native country first, over self .
    For the global community at large , who subscribe to law and order,appreciate transparent , sound leadership principles ,or adhere to fundamental Human Rights , and basic moral decency, Robbie remains a hero.
    We ain’t surprise that you would agree, with the majority of the dismissive assessments on the late , national hero , as laid out by this Trevor C Joseph character, or naively think that Obama , like your PP leaders , are doing an excellent job, for the poof of the pudding , as they say , is in the eating.
    Here are the facts as to our T&T, as America , ain’t my problem, and most importantly, it’s mostly White majority citizenry, ain’t care about what you, or I, think about their leader, or country’s economic health.

    In your twisted thinking,’T&T’s economy ..might be ,” robust,” but using any academic yardstick possible to evaluate same ,it has in actuality ,regressed profoundly , to a point where it might be-outside of Haiti- the worst in the entire region.
    I cannot be so bold , so as to accuse any of your leaders in government , of corruption , per se, but since I unlike you T-Man ,was blessed with an extremely wise ,Tobago Granny, who warned me repeatedly ,back in the day,that “the upholder, is worst than the thief ,” then even you ,can fill in the blanks ,as to …..”unproven corruption allegations made daily by PNM agents working in government offices,” hmmmm?
    I luv this land, Y tu?

    1. You know why I NEVER ‘geh ketch’ with that corruption talk?

      They make Karl Hudson Phillips CRY on national TV, TTT, with that.

      By the time people got wind that this is nasty tricks, they changed the strategy to arresting people they believe are opposition and having their pics in handcuffs shown on the media. Again timed just before election. All these people will win their cases, as I predicted and told ‘dem’ PNM Police (some ungrateful)

      THEN THEY START TO PUT their opposition in Court for all kind of things. Cases they would not win and Police allowing Quai Tueng while in their custody in front Port of Spain’s Magistrate’s Court to get ‘tap up’ and having PNM Devotees learn a mantra reciting like Hare Krishna Devotees: “THESE PEOPLE CORRUPTED! THESE PEOPLE CORRUPTED! THESE PEOPLE CORRUPTED!”
      THEN HERE COMES EMAIL GATE. THEN HERE COMES A LEAK. WHAT LEAK? LITERARY INVENTION!They cannot say where the document came from for more than one reason. One? They will be exposing the double Agent Spy if there really was a leak. Two? That they got it from the same place they got the email and three? There is no one to call because they got it from no one. Somebody is a Welder/fabricator.

      One wonders what else we did not recognize.
      Pssst. Call Anil for them.

      Dr Lloyd Best once said on TV. maybe he said it more than once: “In politics, what you say do not have to be the truth you know. WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS IF PEOPLE BELIEVE IT IS THE TRUTH.”
      He also said that if you tell a lie long enough even you will believe it!Yet some of the lies they tell even they won’t believe it. You have to ask them: “You believe what yuh saying?”

      I wonder if there was a Dirty Tricks Department since Eric and who was in charge? No Rowdy comments. Peace?

      Let me make something clear here. I am not not Devotee for nobody eh. I am a Devotee to the truth. The Government is fixing roads all over the Country? Truth. All Timital where never ‘fix’ and did not even look like it could fix? Truth.
      Eric Williams answered my letter;TRUTH. Manning answered my letters. TRUTH. Good protocol. Mottley answered my letter. TRUTH. Russel Huggins? TRUTH. Sadiq Baksh answered my letter. TRUTH. Robinson and Rowley will pass you straight like they want to tell you clear the way. Truth. Fitzgerald Hinds, Pandy, Kamla, Manning,Shabazz Sadiq and others will talk to you and acknowledge in a commendable way, the duties you are doing are appreciated. TRUTH.
      Somebody is preventing the honourable PM and others from answering my urgent letters about no Police pension and housing application since 1975 and placing a definite counter melody pan part in our Anthem? TRUTH. Glen answered my letter. False. Winston? False. Moonilal? False. About three others? False.

      Some people lie to help the truth. Not me.

  6. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/03/world/asia/pakistan-violence/

    Looks like we are stuck here my brother.The blatant corruption, coupled with inter tribal violence , that has plagued South Asia , as a collective , since their independence from Massa England , should in actuality , make Africa look , like a welcome , Disneyland fairy tale-for all of the latter , well documented savageries.
    Wanna know , what the biggest irony is though? Our T&T lofty position , as a most desirable place to still live , and hopefully invest in, has nada to do with your UNC/Cabral dominant, PP government, or the White color business bandits , they select to cuddle – for obvious …. unstated reasons. Now T-Man,ain’t that something?

    Yep, I luv dis land mi amigo, and so feel more committed to the task, of ensuring ,that destructive , country hating barbarians ,’ in and out of power ,’won’t destroy it, si?

  7. What about the Islam vs Hindu war that has been waged in the Kashmir and between them since the separation. As soon as the British left, they went to war with each other. And this can be extrapolated across Sri Lanka.

    Now the Butcher of Gujarat is about to assume national leadership. But this is probably fitting, since he reflects a mindset that many treat like a sacred cow.

    Fascism has never been an exclusive or even an original perspective in Europe. It has a history that goes back, maybe thousands of years, and so cemented is it in the enculteration of many, that it seem to have survived the crossing of the Atlantic, and wended its way into the Politics of T&T and Guyana.


  8. The ethnic sycophancy never seem to be able to resist its urge for “awe leaders betta than black people leaders. But of course they are better. They manifest your cultural belief system, one that has become so ingrained in your psyche a bulldozer cannot remove, in a manner of speaking.

    ANR Robinson’s reputation and service to his country cannot be diminished by revisionist crap. The PP has shown itself to be the most corrupt regime outside of the PPP in Guyana, and only because, perhaps, it is clone of that assembly of thieves and robbers.

  9. http://www.culturalindia.net/reformers/br-ambedkar.html

    One of the few great gifts , that India, indirectly , gave the world , was Buddhism. It’s a pity, more of her domestic, and globally scattered children , did not embrace it, like this renown , liberated scholar. Just think, how they could have saved themselves ,from countless, unwarranted suffering.
    Good stuff, as usual ,Bro Rod P.Quite instructive , the timeline.
    Perhaps , it’s time I pen that long overdue IR book, to expose , too many of the Global North /South ,jig & dance/deceptions, and yes, treacheries, that is the norm ,on the grand stage.
    These unfortunately ensure ,that the quest for sustainable security, lasting peace, political empowerment, for the disenfranchised , and economic prosperity, of the weak, forever remain,a distant , elusive dream.
    I was fortunate, to get a few snippets ,of the unfolding drama , in both Pakistan , and Afghanistan, starting in the mid 90’s, when Empress Benazia Bhutto , and Mr 10 % ,her corrupt husband , was at the top of their game.
    It ain’t who is more of a victim, but the continual manipulation ,of delusional , self serving elites,by outside , neo imperial forces, can be quite destructive, indeed.
    Let’s remain vigilant with respect to our T&T.
    If not, those obvious, yet unmentionable, morally repugnant barbarians , will certainly overrun , ‘de Trini Perley gates,’si?
    Luv humanity people, and forget the tribe people!

  10. An appropriate time on this Blog to pay attention to Pantin:
    A vote against racism

    By Raoul Pantin

    Story Created: Apr 15, 2014 at 9:07 PM ECT

    (Story Updated: Apr 16, 2014 at 8:22 AM ECT )

    “If we as a nation are to truly continue walking forward we are the ones who will hurt ourselves if we remain locked in the past.”—Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in Parliament last Friday.

    In spite of its many errors, some of them naive, others blatantly egregious, the one reason I will be sorely tempted to vote this People’s Partnership Government back into power is to declare a stand against the vicious racist comments that I have been hearing of late, apparently triggered by the expectation of a general election in the offing.

    I can just imagine the hounds of war snarling and straining at the leash to get at my throat merely for saying this. That’s okay. At least I’ve got some attention.

    Frankly, I have been both surprised and taken aback not only by the vehemence of these racist sentiments but by the very fact that they can still be invoked because I was under the impression, mistakenly I fear, that by this, our 52nd year of Independence, the old “nigger-coolie” divide would have been hurdled, bringing us closer to the reality of the words expressed in our national anthem, “here every creed and race find an equal place.”

    Forty years ago, when I wrote the screenplay for the locally-made movie, BIM, I crafted a scene in which a black politician approached the then on-the-rise newcomer Indian politician, Bim Singh, and suggested that they begin to co-operate in the interest of the society at large.

    And, reflecting what I perceived to be a reality in the pre-Independence era of Trinidad and Tobago, I put these words in the mouth of the Indian anti-hero Bim (played by Ralph Maraj): “Nigger and coolie doh get together in politics, man!”

    Even then, writing that screenplay in 1974, I felt I could point to such an issue in our national life because it was no longer true—or, at the very least, it was something that belonged to the past, not the future.

    For even though the People’s National Movement (founded by the venerable Dr Eric Williams in 1956, brought this country to Independence in 1962 and went on to rule for 30 unbroken years) remained largely a “black people” political party while the traditional opposition remained basically an “Indian party”, I have had good reason to believe that over the ensuing years the racist element in our politics was merely an historical accident and would, with the passage of time, become less and less relevant.

    Certainly, no credible leader of any political party in Trinidad and Tobago today would dare use racist slurs against his or her opponents in public without being roundly condemned by all and sundry.

    Or so I firmly believe.

    And this very fact has added to my optimism about our evolution away from the racist politics of the past. To the point where I have recently applauded the declaration I have come across on the social medium, Facebook: “I am not African. I am not Indian. I am Trinidadian.”

    Several years ago, my daughter, Mandisa, a budding film-maker, made me proud when she produced a documentary titled African Skin, Caribbean Identity in which she related the fact that some young people in Trinidad and Tobago today, both male and female, didn’t see themselves in the old cliched racial terms as “African” but rather as “Caribbean people”, representing a wide and largely indefinable mixture of races and creeds.

    Naturally she was strongly criticised for this by those of us who insist on retaining an “African” identity, which, we are, of course, freely entitled to do: just as other Trinidadians who see their identity in Caribbean terms are also free to make that choice.

    But I then accepted that documentary as factual and perhaps even prophetic in that I believed it really heralded our evolution as a people away from the old, standard, cliched racial categorisation.

    Sadly, I have discovered of late that this is not entirely true. Some of the anti-government sentiments that I have been hearing recently have been couched in nakedly racist terms.

    “Them coolies and them have to go!” one ‘gentleman’ (and I use that word advisedly) ranted in a conversation I was privy to recently about the possibility of a fresh general election.

    Another black Trinidadian was arguing with him and suggesting that he was being foolish, not to mention old-fashioned in his views.

    But I noticed as the conversation, if it could properly be called that, proceeded, it had less and less to do with disagreement over the Government’s policies or projects or even personal dislike for Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar—which I have also heard articulated on several occasions—and everything to do with the old, cliched, hoary racist divide between “niggers and coolies”.

    For all I know, this may not be a one-sided racist stance: it may be echoed among some individuals in the Indian community as well. So my voting this Government back into power probably won’t resolve the problem from that point of view and would be an entirely pyrrhic gesture.

    Well, I must say I find that very, very sad—not to mention backward, if not antediluvian.

    Cliched as it may sound, this country and its people are not really going to get anywhere progressive unless we step away from these racist bogeys and start dealing with one another as fellow citizens, regardless of race, colour, creed or class..

    It may also be naive on my part to expect that such a day will soon be with us. But I have to cling to the hope that we will hurdle this racist claptrap and move on.

    The alternative, after all, is backward ever, forward never! MARK MY WORD.

    1. The words “here every creed and race find an equal place.”
      is in fact a goal or desire of the framers of the constitution, that succeeding governments would be guided by principles that will further national consciousness in building a society on the basis of equalness where everyone would feel at home and find a passion to belong to this land. It also envisages a framework whereby the enacted policies would foster national good toward that goal. The national anthem is the vehicle through which this idea can best be realized because we are all supposed to sing it into our minds and souls until we start living the idea. If Raoul Pantin wrote the above quoted piece, then I’m sure that is what he had in mind as a good patriot and one who values nationhood the way the anthem was quoted.
      “It may also be naive on my part to expect that such a day will soon be with us. “……….TMan
      This is not only your thinking but the thinking of most of the citizens of this country. When that will is exercised it must be done with the same thought expressed here, words should never be used as window dressing to cloud our real intentions. I am absolutely sure that it was not the will of the majority of people who voted in the last election to vote for a “hindu” government, but in it’s governing policies, it is in fact what it policies turn out to be. To argue that it is not “hindu” in its practices, is like saying “do as I say, but not as I practice”. However noble the words written in your blog, your racism and Indian-centered comments in the past and in the future speak volumes of your naiveté’ in thinking that people of goodwill mis-understand your intent which is forward “my people”, backwards the other “people”. I too, I’m conversant with Raoul Pantin’s expressed comments as a true Trinbagonian and I cannot say what he will do in the voting booth, but I’m sure he will prefer a government that caters for ALL the people and not one that feel most comfortable staffing itself only with those that look as the people it credits with voting for them only. Talent comes in many and different forms, you find talent where it is and not expect to find it where you want it to be. There is no way in hell would a government find favor in knighting a person like SAT Maharaj whose expressed and pronounced work is only for the ‘good’ of hindus and behavior is to keep out all others. This makes a mockery of the value of national awards. Most educated and accomplished Indians in society today are the product of Christian or Christian-dominated schools, yet, when they become accomplished they sing praises unto SAT.
      When we write and want our thoughts to be heard, we must first appear to be wanting to go in the direction that we desire our fellowmen to aspire to.

      1. Advocacy for one’s group should not be construed as racism. Look at the Jews in the USA and their unwavering principles of group support. The result is an extremely successful and powerful community.
        Rodwell constantly complains about the Indian minority capitalizing on the Black civil rights achievements in the USA. The question he should be asking is why have the new young Black generation failed to seize the opportunities fought for and made available to them by their forefathers? Your Hindu government argument is weak and lacking any credibility. Also, there is an entire generation who are products of Hindu schools. Personally I am no fan of any religion or faith, since faith is a state of mind which leads people to believe something- it does not matter what-in total absence of supporting evidence.

        1. The only thing I’m in agreement with is the idea that government should definitely NOT be paying for denominational education. If a school wants to be private and denominational then thats ok, but getting state funds and denominationally managed is taboo. When you cannot present credible answers you always describe the other persons as not credible. It is the reason we are on opposite sides of the topics at hand.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFdkcmwEvSQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    So in essence T -Man you guys wish to ‘play mas , but fraid powder, ‘humm? In the entire 52 years history of our underachieving T&T-in similar fashion to Chedie Jagan’s Guyana -only one segment of our population, has systematically played the race card , when it serves their purpose, and that’s you ,and your tribal cousins.
    Every socio- political act, decision, and policy , from traffic business re routing, to when to clean our streets, State land distribution, scholarship offers, discriminatory public service purges, selective judicial prosecutions, due to neo tribal outrages, reluctance, re full persecution, of those from their similar tribal circles, unpatriotic, and blatantly outrageous, denunciations of their country ,on the International stage , for personal gains, coupled with misguided denigration , of others they naively believe , to be their inferiors.
    These are all charges that could be justifiably be laid at the feet of one group of people , that so hapoen to make up our population.
    If your boy Raoul really wish to address a serious matter, let him therefore extend his wrath to matters of social abuses, and neglect of poor women, and children that Auntie K , and the sex freaks , in her government ,seem so unconcern about.
    Let her quit talking in fork tongues, about T&T ‘s full acceptance of the CCJ , as their final Court of Appeal, and instead lead , by taking action , to make same a reality ,now.
    We know why her mentor Basdeo, aka de ‘Race Divider in Chief,’ was firmly against , it , but seeing that she is -in the eyes of a few -The Post racial PM , what is her reason for procrastination again ?
    Thanks Senator Hamil Smith ,and your fellow Senators , for showing a bit of Parliamentary love to an Afro Trini hero,via your glowing tributes , and in one swoop, placing the ball squarely in Her Majesstrick, Queen K court, where hopefully she will take action .
    Yeah right!!!
    Tell her, no , nyet, nunca, non ,for she ain’t getting no Referendum. Not with the kind of paid voter padding, that goes on in corrupt T&T-be it political party internal elections, or …?
    The buck stops with you, Auntie K.Do something tangible, to make our budding anti racial activist , Raoul,and TMan , as well the family of Tobago ANR ,smile.
    Honor him , and all independent minded Trinis , by doing as as the esteem Senator Hamil Smith say, by giving de symbolic middle finger, to the white British, neo imperial , anachronistic ,Privy Council.
    Referendum,and is that constitutional in our T&T folks?
    Tell you what, I get such sadistic pleasure , in exposing these country hating ,cyber frauds! Not you T-Man.Ummmmm, ..just kidding.
    I luv this land folks, Y Tu?

  12. Absolutely Kian. Nice piece, and very cogently put together. Coming from a history and cultural background that has always been at the vanguard of most struggles for inclusiveness, there is nothing new that can be revealed to me about the importance of being intolerant of racism. The problem, is that many today find its virtue to be convenient, and walk around with the conviction that requirement to “vote against racism” does not apply to them. In addition, they demonstrate a convoluted understanding of racism, and sees it as being evident only when others point out its presence, or identifies its characteristics in their expositions and their sycophancy.

    Racial Prejudice is a condition that is not born into anyone at their birth. It is product of cultural and religious persuasions, that argue or imply that some people are born inferior and others are born superior. And when those who have been traditionally categorized and positioned on the inferiority end of the racial continuum react to the exhibition of this prejudice, rather then introspection, rather than looking inward at a group level, rather than taking a historical accounting of the cultural and religious influences that develop that perspective, they attempt to silence such reactions by hollering that it is racist. Well Duh!!!

    1. Rodwell, in continuance of my previous piece, in which I ended with the notion that Christian educated successful hindus be more appreciative of the source of their education, I conversantly believe that they should deride people like Sat Maharaj and Deviant Maharaj for their stance in not allowing black children to attend hindu schools. That is not important to me personally, but for over a hundred years Christians ams to the aid of uneducated hindus by providing them with a decent education, but now that they have gained political and economic power the first thing they practice is to deny black kids that same opportunity. There is no incident in the Christian education history have there been an incident in which Indians were denied the opportunity to go to school in a Christian denominational education system. But the great Sat practices his racial prejudice with pride. And what does educated hindus say about that? Nada!!!! Neal wrote in an earlier piece that we are weary of the racial thing, and I would echo the same sentiment but when we continue to read the blogs of Indian racists in the media, one has to feel a degree of commitment to reply and correct the innuendos and lies.

  13. So, the parochial mindedness and chest beating advocates are critiquing racism integrated with religion and education. I could not help myself but to submit Mr. Mendes article on words of hooliganism, rectitude and violence which is justly appropriate here. Remove yourselves from a state of denial.

    “I am appalled, saddened and offended by news reports of Reginald Vidal’s elevation of the late Eric Williams as an “exemple” against current youth violence and deviance as was reported in the Guardian on 6/4/14. On this vital issue Mr Vidale exhibits either culpable ignorance or blatant hypocrisy. Where was he when all but PNM political meetings were harassed and silenced by orchestrated hooliganism with impunity from attending police on city streets in the 1956 political campaign? What example did that Williams sponsored hooliganism convey to the youth of that, or any era? What was youth expected to make of the incident shortly after that election when Williams forbade the riot squad from dealing with that same hooligan element as they bombarded egress and access to and from E/POS with bottle and stone? Does Vidale, or any other sycophant, really believe that Williams’ subsequent hollow promises were more effective than the forces of law and order would have been in the re-establishment of civil and lawful behaviour among those restless youth on Laventille hill? Does he laud as an example to be emulated by anyone, young or old, the voting machines, the illegal small island vote or the gerrymandered electoral boundaries by which the Williams PNM retained power until his demise in 1981?

    Where was Reginald Vidale when Eric Williams presided over the destruction and suicide of his one time voluntary receptionist and staunch supporter, Jean Miles, for her temerity in telling the truth before the Gas Station Enquiry?What example to any age group was thus conveyed? Similarly, where was he when Albert Gomes and his family were hounded and publicly harrassed into penurious foreign exile by those same hooligans answerable only to Williams?

    How have the morals and behaviour of anyone, youth or otherwise, been improved since the blatant corruption of both O’Halleran and Prevatt was institutionalised under the Williams’ watch? What elevating moral message was thus conveyed to youth improvement?

    Since I am sure that Mr. Vidale subscribes to the theory that youth deviance is a consequence of single parent households, how does he equate that theory with Williams’ own “spotty” record as both husband and pater familias? Records verify that despite his lofty and autocratic posture in T&T, Williams dared not set foot upon US soil. Perhaps Mr. Vidale can rationalise his exemplar’s refusal to comply with the US court order to support the wife and children whom he abandonned in the USA? Further, Mr. Vidale might care to quantify and qualify how the Williams example of paternal and matrimonial “responsibility” has influenced both the proliferation of single parent families and the deviance of their offspring? Nor alas, was that Eric Williams’ only expression of contempt for the sanctity of matrimony, as the recipient of his state pension can confirm. I refer to Dr. Meiling Mooksang, the Chinese dentist whom Williams secretly wed on Gasparee island. When, however, she demanded recognition as his “First Lady”, rather than acknowledge her Williams repudiated that ethnically inconvenient union. Mooksang was terrorized to silence by Williams’ hooligans, the page upon which the marriage was registered was found torn out and the registrar a Mr. Vondeeble, expired suddenly before either confirming or denying his participation.! Is this the “exemplar” eulogised as such by Mr. Vidale?

    Unless Reginald Vidale can credibly refute all of the above, and I here challenge him here so to do, then imho he owes the entire nation, particularly it’s youth, an unqualified and urgent apology for the contents of the relevant article in the Guardian of 6/4/14 in which he was extensively quoted.

    Next Mr. Vidale will be eulagising the late A.N.R. Robinson as an “examplar” of political and Presidential rectitude. In light of all the foregoing need any question how and why T&T finds itself is in the sorry state it is in today?

    Cry the beloved country

    TG Mendes


  14. Here is the deal Trini Royal.If you can accept the morally repugnant ,closet racist, nepotistic,White color bandit,Basdeo Panday, as some exemplar of a fine leader, whose behavior is worth emulating, then we too would accept Papa Eric Williams, de selfless, Patriotic Father of T&T,and his Tobago born protégée, ANR Robinson-flawed , as they both may be,ummmm?
    Notice people, how this bozo , conveniently, omitted the two PNM Deputy PMs, Indo Trini heroes, Errol Mahabir, and Kamal Mohammed, who the long suffering Dr.Williams , cuddled , even with all their well documented public pro criminal improprieties /malfeasance?
    You neo tribal cretins, can in the words of my late , and extremely wise ,Tobago Granny ,” talk until the cows come home ,” but you ain’t convincing anyone , whether on the domestic front, or on the wider global community , that African leaders , led by the likes of Eric Williams , or ANR Robinson , were engaged in any form of racially motivated discriminatory behaviors , which , as you self serving , lying rascals repeatedly claim, worked to the detriment of their Indian Brothers , and Sisters.
    To the contrary, every success that Indo Trinis , were able to achieve in this country, were made , mainly because of the presence of African leaders, who ensured that such was the case , due to the fact, that they simultaneously, ignored/neglected, their own people.
    Tell you what Trini Royal, I am no fan of the death penalty , but make me PM of this country, and the first law, I am going to force through Parliament, is to make UNGRATEFULNESS, as daily manifested , by ‘you allze,’ a crime of the highest order, punishable by the hang man noose.
    For the record Trini Royal , I personally don’t give a rats rear end, as to whether our national hero, Eric Williams ,did not care anymore about his White Yankee, or Chinese ex-wives.
    I likewise ,do not care if as a creature of their time , both him and Robbie, displayed a few of the neo Imperial qualities ,that some of us find irritating.
    There is however one thing , you, or all your so called intellectual experts,led by revisionists historians, and corporate ,subjective journalists, would never be able to do , and that is ,to accuse them of corruption.
    As for Basdeo, de Father of your nation, who subscribe to the view , that “politics have a morality all of its own?” His entire political life, in, or out of power, will be forever tarnish, by blatant acts of corruptionand cuddling of criminal cronies-and no , we do not care, how many London Law lords, or unmentionable, defamed local Chief Justices, pals , and other Judicial high end luminaries, think otherwise.
    When it comes to his protégée,in ‘Her Majesstrick Queen K?’ Let’s just say the jury is still out on her…..ammmm, tine would tell, si?
    Here are the facts:-Our T&T population is made up of some what , 1.3 million plus folks? By all honest estimates ,approximately 84 %of those , are Indo , and Afro Trinis combined-give or take, depending on where our swing voting , Dougla entity view themselves.
    The rest , a hogepodge /interethnic combination, of the various races , that choose to make this blessed land their home.
    Our young Republic T&T , is saturated with problems , as expected of a resource laden , developing country, still manipulated by foreign , more powerful forces .
    Here are some truisms Trini Royal:- We all must bear responsibility ,for the precarious state , we find ourselves in today, as one tribe, ain’t the culprit here, for our collective ills.
    Progress, can be made , but only ,when we fully accept the fact ,that no one is going anywhere from this island paradise, we need each other , and must find a way to co exist, peacefully.
    You , and I , as well, as our fellow ,well meaning bloggers , must take that first step ,to peaceful coexistence , and progress, by showing respect for the other, via our varying opinions.
    You folks por ejemplo,cannot be ‘wishy washy patriots, Trini Royal, who only love T&T , when things go in your favor – be it acquisition of lofty contracts ,tribal land grabs, jobs manipulation, scholarship , elections results, or court rulings.
    You cannot only take credit ,for all that’s wonderful, but point fingers, at the other , for everything, that is terrible in our T&T, for that, just ain’t what patriotism is.
    You and kind, won’t use every opportunity ,to denigrate heroes of ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation, ‘, while elevating , Euro wanbabe members of ‘Brown Triumphalist Nation, ‘ to lofty status , as that type of behavior won’t aid us, as we maneuver along the part of Sustainable Development.
    Find your role Royal Trini,but develop a more humanistic spirit , and pro solidarity mindset-since in the words of ..well.., who else? You got it,. My extremely wise, late , Tobago Granny, “one hand can’t clap.”

    Hey honey, where is my hot cross buns? What’s dat, only Curepe Doubles, and or Maracad Bake /Catfish ….ummmmm…, Shark today?
    Ok great, and ain’t our T&T wonderful , Royal Trini? ‘Me think’ so!

    Long live the Republic of T&T!
    I luv this land, Y tu

  15. Hey Neal! Go tell it like it is man. One not conversant with our history and reading the crap the likes of Trini Royal (as you call him), TMan and Mamboo, would think that Trinidad has just begun to exist with the arrival of the PPP. Most successful nations have their heroes to show who guided them to nationhood.
    Those heroes are almost never people who an opposition race chose to cast their vote for, even from their so-called safe districts.
    No heroes ever inherited a full treasury, thousands of houses already built and all they have to do is give it away, new homes for the arts (which they criticized before gaining power), new government buildings (which they refused to use because they can rent from their friends and pay thousands more in rent), oil and gas prices at peak prices, employment levels at four to five percent, was fortunate to inherit from an idiot who wanted to prove he can call an off-election and win. They want us to believe that a loud mouth AG, ministers who crave sex (of all kinds) who fill their personal treasury with tax payers money are our new heroes. Trinidad just did not become an economic success without suffering from the hands of the masters in Europe who according to Eric Williams “suck the orange dry” and left us with the dry pulps. Where were those new heroes when only white skins ruled and every other had to be subservient? Where were they when even though the darker skinned people were the majority their votes did not count?, where were they when the colored masses protested and were arrested and jailed for trying to gain entry into the houses of parliament and other such protests just to gain adult suffrage, where were they when the white man wanted our labour for nothing and did not want to hear our voices? Why don’t the y tell us of their sacrifices? The only thing they want us to know is that when all that was achieved the PNM did not give them the lion share! They complain with the pioneers of our independence because in our infancy they wanted and still want the lion share of which TMan boastfully writes at any opportunity he gets. They boast about what they have and how much more than the other 50% even they never sacrificed for nationhood the way the other 50% did. Neal, like you this race talk is tiring but as these educated hindus realize how good they have it here int good sweet T&T they want to rub it in our faces how much better off they are because we fought for a lll but they fight only for themselves. That is what is driving this kind of discourse. We never boast of ou JJ Thomas, Maresse-Smith, Charlie King or Uriah Butler. We never boast about protesting the evils of colonialism and even burnt down the Red House to show how evil the colonists were but today all reap the harvest of our triumphs.

    1. Where were they? They were cutting cane to support a thriving sugar industry. They were cultivating the land and providing food for the nation. They were saving their money and acquiring more land for cultivation. They were toiling to educate their children because no free scholarships were available to them. They were busy exploring all sorts of entrepreneurial endeavours to enrich the country and provide for their families. They were busy developing the rural towns and villages with little help from governments. They were developing and instilling the qualities of hard work and enterprise in their families. They were organizing their own schools called “cowsheds” and maintaining their culture and religion, with no support from governments. They were organizing themselves politically for power in the future. They were stressing the importance of their language and culture by establishing radio and television stations. They were establishing links to others in the diaspora. They were making themselves immune to the verbal derogatory put downs from others. Should I continue because there is a lot more?

      1. Yes! continue. I need to hear more before replying because you only speak of yourselves so far. So CONTINUE…………

        1. Kian, my friend, Indians , in early times, were always treated as if they were outsiders, recent immigrants, temporary visitors and deprived of rights with respect to religion and marriage. Many bailed out of Hinduism and joined the Presbyterian church attempting to gain education and acceptability by adopting the White man ways. Their customs, religion, dress and language were ridiculed and isolated to rural communities. They had to advocate for themselves and today when you look at the vitriol that is being spewed at them by a certain small minority rabid sector of the population, unable to accept the realities of the Indian presence in T&T, they were justified in their selfishness.

          1. TMan you have validated the points that i have been making. Based on your own written accounts you are saying that the ‘Indians’ are working hard too get by for themselves and the diaspora. My question to you is when will they put Trinidad and Tobago first and their race second? Why should one should be gleeful in and triumphant in seeing only ‘themselves’ forging ahead and take pleasure in seeing another ethnic group go under? Do you think that is going to make yourselves better? Do you think Trinidad and Tobago if only ‘Indians’ fear well and others don’t? No, my friend we are better off when we wish well for all peoples. There is no pleasure, from my perspectives to see Indians not doing well and Africans only doing well. When will we gather as a union to call ourselves a true national. From the perspectives you write I see two separate peoples, Indians and the rest. While I doubt that that is what you want, it is what I read that you are saying. Why build enmity when there can be peace and prosperity for all? That is the Trinidad I seek and want, not the constant bickering and challenging, and comparing. In terms of resources, I think there is enough for all but greed should not take the better of us.

  16. Whosoever naively claimed , that nation building, was going to be easy, tell them , ‘I say, that they lie , ‘folks!
    Hey T-Man, you forgot to add ,that you , the more civilize , law abiding ,tribal men folks, of this here T&T Republic ,had to do everything possible, short of mass suicides ,to fend off dem savages , sex maniacs ,from ‘Afro Kinky head Nations ,’who repeatedly ,would rape your delicate women , so as to produce , a ghastly, sub-tribe , we call Douglas.
    How about another missed fact T-Man.These crazy Afro Trinis , with no concept as to what authentic cultural practices are, or the subtle nuances of power, have always tried to stand in our way, as we attempted to rape , plunder,and steal , from the Trini economic pie ,via bribes, embezzlement, and every fraudulent mechanism known to mankind , including , selling our souls , wives , children , and husbands , when possible ,to get ahead, and or expand our financial war chest.
    You sadly forgot , to echo the views , of ‘de Faddah of Your Nation ,’Basdeo , Uncle Goopiesing ,and high end guru Sat, that these evil African slave descendants , has systematically , via their racially skewed laws ,or numerically imbalanced,law enforcement agents, and low end criminals elements, have historically, engaged in blatant acts of racial profiling, and or ethnic cleansing / genocides , and pro Hitlerite progroms, which has then encorouged , my peaceful fellow tribesmen/women , to migrated to more desirable enclaves like Canada , Britain and America, where we were much more appreciated.
    Now , there is your answer , brother Kain.Just quit trying to do the impossible of trying to make a Bengal tiger , change it’s strips, mi amigo. Ain’t happening! We lions must instead focus on ourselves, and attempt to get our fair slice of the T&T economic pie.
    Don’t worry, for history is on our side, when it comes to ‘unpatriotic ,selfish, dog with ah bone , folks.They tend to overreach, and so will loose it all, by which time , they thy to flip back , into victimization mode, but by then, it will be too late.
    We wish dem well!
    So there it is ,as laid out by this ‘Trollalogian rascal T-Man !’
    Our T&T , two countries , divided-not by race , as some unmentionable clowns ,are trying to insinuate- but rather ,greed,selfishness, and over inflated delusions ,about self.
    Remind them Kian , that there is only one way this socio- political script, is going to end . Tell dem also – to ‘beware of a man with nothing to lose,’ hummm?
    Enlighten this comedian , that a much to the delight of some self serving elites , in their own tribe , a quite larger segment of the Indo Trini Population , is living below the poverty line ,than he and his fake economic experts realize.
    Put differently , poor , ketch tail Africans, and Indians in T&T, are suffering , to the same degree.
    The minuscule,cross tribal , neo elite bozos , on both sides of the so called ethnic divide , will therefore continue to sit ,in their expensive quarters , laughing , and sipping 14 th century wines-together.
    Put differently, Manning half crazy sons, and Basdeo loony daughters, have options to move ahead, and so consolidate power.
    In contrast-since he age of 15 -suddenly popular , yet socially exploited ,New aged business woman ,Sahsa Singh, had to sell heavens knows what ,in effort that her ,and fellow Untouchable family members ,to get ahead, and how pathetic?
    These under educated,kidnapping bandits -who were , and as now revealed, paid handsomely ,for their silence – that murdered ,an unfortunate Extra Foods ,Naipaul businesswoman , will have to justifiably suffer, for their acts, but sadly as ‘other unmentionables ,’ walk free, and yes, it too is pathetic.
    This however , is the T&T , we have inherited, and must deal with.
    Let’s continue , to grapple with prudent means , to make a difference, si?

  17. http://www.open.uwi.edu/sites/default/files/bnccde/sk&n/conference/papers/RRPremdas.html

    It is about high time to rewrite this old, outdated script ,folks!
    Two forcefully joined islands , yet separate, and still unequal.
    Care to guess, what is the elephant in the room.
    I’ll tell you .It’s a greedy bunch of folks ,from ‘Me,me,Geme,Geme, Dog with ah bone Nation,’purely concern with personal aggrandizement, at the expense of the other.
    Sorry, but this cannot be allowed to continue. If socially comatose , bothers , and sisters , based in Trinidad , are happy with their precarious state then good for them, but can Tobagonians do likewise,as resources , that rightly belong to all citizens , are solely use to elevate , ungrateful others? ‘Me think not!’
    History would show ,a very sad trend , across the globe , where phony Christian ,African leaders , are allegedly ,in control over national politics.
    In their quest to maintain power – as is the case here in T&T-they will continue to ‘sell their own people short,’ while appeasing , and elevating others, with skewed agendas.
    Eventually , there is a an inevitable backlash, for such foolhardy behaviors-the result ,we often do not like to contemplate.
    The time for action is now, since trying to close symbolic stables , when horses have already bolted ,is just ….umm ,plain.. foolish, si?

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