Only 3 per cent of cops corrupt

By Susan Mohammed – March 26, 2013–cent-of-cops–corrupt-200151191.html

PoliceActing Police Commissioner Stephen Williams said yesterday that no more than three per cent of the officers in the Police Service were crooked.

Speaking following a tour of the San Fernando Police Station where officers had protested poor working conditions, Williams responded to the Selwyn Ryan report which indicated that as much as 50 per cent of the Police Service was corrupt.

On Monday, Williams told reporters the figure used by Ryan was “crazy”.

Yesterday, he said the true figure was less than three per cent.

He said his figure was based on “perception, based on some level of information and facts”–cent-of-cops–corrupt-200151191.html

5 thoughts on “Only 3 per cent of cops corrupt”

  1. That man is a born clown. What percentage know who are the 3% corrupt ones? Are they not corrupt too for not exposing corruption, as should be their sworn duty?
    Crime is here to stay in T&T. The Commissioneer of Police is calling crazy for exposing crime.
    Since he knows that is only 3%, then he had the information on corrupt police officers all the while and is doing nothing about it. Oh Lord we dead.

  2. It is a good thing that Mr. Stephen Williams is only the Acting Commissioner of Police. And it is insulting for him in that capacity to suggest that 3% of our officers are corrupt. Is he among them and what are his sources? His is a reckless statement that warrants clarification.

  3. We behave as if crime and corruption are new. Over fifty years ago I can recall my father telling me “Trinidad is the land of boblol”. The word “corruption” has replaced “bobol”. He also forbade me from going to Laventille because of the crime situationIf the Ac. Cop knows that there are only 3% corrupt cops then he should weed them outCos arte a microcosm of the society. They are products of the society. The general public facilitate corruption whereever it is found. When we offer a cop a bribe, we facilitate corruption, when we offer a Licensing Officer a bribe, we facilitate corruption, when we offer the public servant a bribe, we facilitate corruption. We are the ones to stop it.

  4. 3%? The ag CoP cannot be talking abut TTPS. Thank god he is only acting. I pray that someone loke him dont become CoP. He dont have a clue about his organisation further more runing it effectively and effeciently. SWD is 70% corrupted.He is a political tool just like Jack the minister. The blind leading the blind so what are we to expect. This is the reason why we cannot move forward as a nation. The CoP claimed that he is about the best in the caribbean region. What, just because he went on some courses? He and the rest of them are a big joke and the people of T&T are paying the price.

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