Dr. Hafizool Mohammed Credentials in Question

Coup prober lists Sir Ellis as reference

By Anika Gumbs-Sandiford
January 30, 2013 – guardian.co.tt

A cloud now hangs over the credibility of the commission of enquiry into the 1990 coup attempt, whose latest hearings are set to begin this morning. Among the commissioners expected to sit at the 14th session of the enquiry at the Caribbean Court of Justice, Port-of-Spain, is Dr Hafizool Mohammed.

Last week he admitted to the Sunday Guardian he obtained his doctorate of science (DSc) in international relations from Atlantic International University (AIU), which is described by various Web sites as a diploma mill. He said he knew it was not accredited by US educational institutions.

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18 thoughts on “Dr. Hafizool Mohammed Credentials in Question”

  1. This case is in effect governmental abuse by a party that has consistently demonstrated that it feels it can fool the public and get away with it. Just as we never knew who was responsible for the appointment of Reshmi, so too we will never know who is responsible for his appointment. This government does hold its secret closely to its chest. It is too bad that they continue to do things like that without concern for the intelligence of the people. Another area which has been overlooked by the population is in the diplomatic field. I was amazed to read that the Dr Parsan referred in the article is the nephew of MP Sharma. This man has taken the professional staff of the New York and Washington diplomatic missions and made a laughing stock out of them. So demoralised is the missions that people have complained that they cannot even get an answer when they call to ask for information. This man has had 14 NGOs written to have him removed but ineptitude is what drives this government to do the things that they do. As I stated in an earlier blog, when in Opposition they used to complain about the lack of fairness and equality by the PNM. Today they do not even know those words “fairness” or “equality” and I suppose that those will not be coming out of the mouths of any officials of this Government. When appointments such as this one is made there usually is a process to vet the nominee so that they will at least possess the minimum of qualifications before being introduced to the public. But this government has never cared to display any such discretions, a good 40% of its nominations to high governmental office may be at risk of not possessing the required qualifications for the positions they aspire to. Neal, as much as I would like to stop blogging the need for people like you and myself to stay and comment on the behavior of our officials are sorely needed.

  2. TRIKYDADIAN …. is people like this man give us that brand name .. but not of us like dat ..ok . well atleast he make sure his references cannot say anything bad about he ..one dead and the other does not exist ..either way he reference good to go ! he print of his diplomas of the net and the university never heard of him .ah think he mess up dey with the university ..he should of say he ‘home school’ or he take classes on line .. steupppss .. look doh blame d man for trying some thing ,ah sure when he look and see the amount of stupideness the government doing and the amount of bold face lies dey telling d nation and d amount ah money dey giving to dey friends and family he say ‘if dem could thief who is me ..all ah we thiefing ‘trust meh on this, there is somebody that is fully aware dis man ent go to no univesity and he is a fake. trinibagonians ent lose dey ‘macoing” skills … ok .. they just keep it on the down low ..”conveniently”. so d question is who knew and when and who say ‘he hire’ dat question you will never get an answer too. Another thing .this is a big old man ahready, he ent no little school boy so he ent go take a chance like that at his age if he was not almost certian he could getaway with it and if caught he could stil get away with it ..he knows people in high places for sure so ah waiting with abated breath to see who head getting chopped of for this … yea right like i so chupid to hold meh breath and dead like ah idiot ..he !he !he !!

  3. He is obviously an imposter.Flush him out and fire him. Why wait for his resignation?
    Someone in the government must take responsibility for this appointment.

  4. Well T-Man , you just might get your wish ,since according to PP ,midia spins,Uncle Winston Dookie , the historically underestimated , and often wrongfully maligned, by Bas , Ramesh , and other die hards,as some (naive ,dull ,self hating ,race sellout,intellectually unadventerous , opaque ,academic bozo) UNC turned COP head honcho ,recently accepted culpability, during one of his many Diplomatic cocktail ,and French crossaint / caviar escapades in Genever, New York ,Downing Street/ Buckingham Palace, or is it ,De Vatican, for de elevation of an educated fraud , in Dr Hafizool Mohammed.
    Not certain what that means as far as his future ambitions , as our President ,for the man who many still seething UNC enemies/ party hacks,think ,once , divided de party base , during his over ambitious attempts , to be T&T second Hindu PM, and thus gave Manning ,one more PNM victory,but there it is , in dis Trini , neo tribal,culturally driven ,criminal apologist climate.
    By de way ,didn’t a big time ex Brigidare, named Sandy, aka former Minister of National Security Minister , not also take blame for vetting de decision , to hire a semi educated ,high school drop out , wet behind de ears ,female ,as some top notched ,security expert head , for one of our more prestigious , and extremely sensitive, national security / intelligence apparatus? It ‘s de way it’s done in T&T , T-Man , once you try to do de impossible , and ‘force square pegs in round ones ,’ eeeeehhh-as you morally depraved ,Euro adoring , non patriotic folks,like to say, in dat new found home ,called Canada?
    Maybe T-Man ,there is something about this position as T&T Foreign Minister, and de name Sandy. In 1986 , both you , and countless others ,jumped at the chance to run to Canada , and USA ,while crying refugees, and who was de Minister then in de ANR Government of BAsdeo , and ANR?
    First ,the political faux paus , by one clueless military elite ,in Tethron Sandy , then Tobago Sandy de idiot, with ‘de foot in Mouth disease,’offered phony race problems , on a plate , for authentic race mongrels, to chew ,swallow , then trumpet , as an excuse ,for political failures , in of all places Tobago.
    Go figure , mi amigo!
    Ahhh ,but it’s a beautiful Friday in T&T,so maybe for me , a little jog around Aranguez Savanah , or better yet de QPS, aka de largest roundabout in de world,dink me a soothing coconut water, then eventually take a dip in de always tantalizing Macqueripe Beach later?
    Who knows , I might find me a little unmentionable culturally defient ,Broad walk filly ,along de way ,en route ,to much cleaner waters,and follow this up with a little dinner , and romp shaking on Aripita Ave , aka our version of 42nd Avenue , Manhattan ,Zoo York si?
    Luv humanity folks!

  5. omg !! all ya ent see how much certificates and medals dat man put on he cv ?? weeeeyyy ! like every one he see he just say
    ‘dat one good to ah taking dat ‘ …then he hit d print button … like he “over qualify” heself for the job ?? look ah cant stop laughing,dis trini take d cake weee. and to compound it he refuse to step down ,well if i had any douts before that he is a full fledge member of the PP he just convinced me other wise .Then is the only party does get catch red handed and refuse to step down , resign , or even apologize , no shame in dey game. Now watch dis fool plead innocent and drag this thing on and on and dottish anand go,as soon as he name call and it done call ahready, will spend some more millions of tax payers $$ for more ‘investigation’ . what anand really doing is using all them wastefull, useless investigations to laundry all d money he theifing right hear in we face. when dis PP party done with we, d treasury will now be really and trully empty so what the incoming government will do obviously is to start to look for the money .well they go start looking for offshore bank accounts which they will never find,they will never believe they have the balls to thief all that money and sink it right here, by the time they realize that it go be way ! way !! to late. all ya think dem people easy ? ya see how fast pumkin jack done built he mansion ? before the election came so if he loss, no big thing, he and all say ‘whatever” .. ah telling all ya the rate dis party theifing them and all dont expect to or even want to win the next election. Who the hell want to run a country after they done theif out all the money ? Next election is the time to use reverse physcology on them . PNM should make sure the PP party win so they will have another 5 years to answer to the nation ‘where d money gone” ? the nation will have the opportunity for the first time to hold them responsible .we have to use a new political course becasue this theif and get away clean thing just ent working any more.If that was to happened will be the first time in history some of them going to jail for real ..now that is how we make a clean start by seriously setting examples .. please forgive meh ah completely stray from the topic but … steupps ….. TGIF !!

    1. Nice try Kim , but a next term ?You are kidding ,corrct? Love your funny disposition, but again, hell no,as they got to go back into de political wilderness ,as is customary, after one term!
      We are talking about ,maybe ….a 10 to fifteen year span, as punishment , to what they’ve inflicted on our population.
      Sad, for it’s always de same thing Kim. Progressive voters , do de correct thing , by voting with their hearts, and not their heads, and de fall outs, follow a predictable part.
      I am talking about ” dis is our time,”Basdeo Mantra, to political knucklehead blunders, on a daly basis, by his protegees .
      If it ain’t calculated hiring ,and firing of white canadians ,as Police Commissioner,then it is repeated hiring of unqualified , youthful, and aged bozos- like this here,Dr comedian fella.
      There is fake state of emergencies,only to arrest kinky head boys , urinating in their back yards,whi
      E gun ladened , unchecked containers , labeled as chicken parts,followed by neo tribal ,ethnically tilted ,political purges, across the public service,kissing of foreign heads of states feet,initiation of flawed laws , aimed at freeing FBI most wanted ,white color crooked pals.
      How about ,reneging on major deals , beneficial to our country ,with costly implications? It never ends!
      Nepotism , and cronyism get a food modus aparatus ,is so common ,it might well be PP policies , if you ask me Kim.
      Sorry ,Transparency Internaional head Guru ,in Miss King , and why did you have to get fired,just two weeks after your elevation?
      Oh, I forgot , your 15 year old nephew , was dumb enough to get a lemon ,and cool aid contract ,when you were a high end Minister, and that made you a criminal, just like elder statesman, Basdeo, and soon to be untouchable Abu Bakr.
      Now we have Regional folks -outside of Guyana , of course ,since they are de same Karkie pants – laughing at us ,on a daily basis.
      Jamaica has 5000 murders per year, and dem English wannabe Bajans , ain’t have no more pretty sand , and sea , than our neglected Tobago, and yet ,they both get, 1900 times the amount of tourist ,visiting their islands on a monthly basis , thanks to PP , following closely , a policy of ineptitute ,and neglect , as far as Tobago social,and economic infrastructural development initiatives.
      In de interim Kim, de over whelmed , under funded , maligned THA m get blame for everything from changing colors of Saturn rings , to visiting turtles , laying 2000 eggs , from 2900, upon yearly visit.
      Yet somehow Kim, in de after math of a political 12-0 ,shellacking ,in a recent THA election, dem coward, overpaid political analyst ,and suspect , ever subjective media experts ,prefer to blame bogus racism ,by some low end public official , for such loss.Go figure!
      You know what Kim, I am so disgusted by present state of affairs, dat I can cry, but since it won’t help one bit , just maybe , I’ll do like you, and laugh, even if dat cannot pay de exorbitant cable, phone,water ,and electric bills, due to zero employment growth ,or place non existent food on poor folks table, and worst yet, provide a more efficient security, for the weak amongst us.
      Just remember Kim , dat “he who laugh last , laugh best,” as stated ,by a very wise, woman , I once knew ,from neglected Tobago.
      Speaking of which, stay tuned ,for my memoir ,in tribute to Granny , aka de wisest woman who ever lived.
      I too need my catharsis Kim,as Laughing like you do , just won’t cut it , miamiga!
      I wish your well!

  6. Haffizool press conference cancelled
    HOURS before it was due to take place, lawyers acting on behalf of Commissioner in the 1990 Attempted Coup Inquiry Haffizool Ali-Mohammed yesterday put off a press conference at which he was supposed to respond to allegations raised in newspaper reports.

  7. The idiot got caught but still feels entitled…what a world we live in. To safe guard the integrity of the Commission this man should be purged immediately. The inquiry itself even after 20 years still prove to be insightful… There were obviously some eye opening statements. Abu should be made to speak his peace before he expires. Perhaps Manning could encourage him to do that, friends are better at influencing….

  8. “The idiot got caught , but still feel entitled ……Abu should be able to speak ……..Perhaps Manning could encourage him to do that,friends are better at influencing. ” Mamboo.
    Very funny, mi amigo , but , as my late ,yet extremely wise ,Tobago Granny ,would often say Mamboo, ” dis ain’t no laughing matter.” Very quick to dismiss the despicable acts of a good fellow , as merely the unfortunate acts of an idiot ,huh?
    On the subject of your Doctor? Sorry ,but we honest cultural observers ,know better, and see’s it as one of the social diseases ,we have to grapple with , as a nation- blatant neo tribalism , laced in de ugly clothes of corruption.

    You know folks , starting around 1982,as a very young , short pants, law enforcement , blue and grey pup-after 1 year on de job -I was once entrusted with the task of occasionally manning ,de entrance to Police Headquartes.
    Much later , in 1990 , while on vacation ,one of Lennox PHillips, aka Abu Bakr’s , pro Islamist goons, took the life of a colleague, after others shot,our then PRime Minister ,in his knees.
    To this day, dispite most of the politically driven, charades,and dare I sqy , disgusting, imbecilic snickering -as done by folks like yourself ,even up to present time-justice is still not yet served , as it would have – I am most certain – had any of the dead , and maimed ,been able to trace their ancestrial roots , to another continent , than most of said victims, agreed?

    As a direct response to your comment , let me add that ,Manning cannot get one of his crazy sons ,to change his diapers on time , much less get Abu ,or anyone from that camp , to spit up what took place on that fateful day, when UNC leader Basdeo , or his close pal , turned AG , and highly paid Lawyer ,Ramesh Lawrench Maraj , were out of Parliament, Mamboo.
    Some much smarter than myself , might say that this entire enquiry was a sham , to appease a gullible public into thinking that something was done to get to the truth. Can you and I , in light of developments , produce any evidence that might dispel such accusations , my friend?
    What is going to happen now , is that all the evidence extracted ,would be considered tainted/ eventually discredited , then most likely thrown out , after legal challenges, are made before old , white ,British , anachronistic , Law Lords , within the Privy Council- at exorbitant cost to our over burdened state treasury , while sadly , exemplary ,highly paid ,regional legal luminaries , fall asleep ,at our Caribbean Court of Justice- located on Charlotte Street-due to lack of , authentic , challenging work, agreed?
    More impoortantly Mamboo, ain’t this saying more !about your one time potential President, in Uncle Dookie , de COP head guru ,who failed to closely examine alleged DR Ali MOhammed ‘s resume, when preferred to him.
    Now you see why neo tribalism is evil, and counterproductive ,mi amigo ? Cuz Mohammed , our alleged Dr, was definitely not de right man for de job.
    Some revolted Trinis , are wondering , how many more phonies like him , might have slipped through de cracks , and are making big decisions ,that impact our nation? Did an unfortunate soldier die of strangulation , or asthma , as stated by three confused phorensic pathologist? Do you have cancer , or an appendix?
    Care to guess, or do you care – immoral , self serving , non patriots, as most of ‘you alls ,’ are, Mamboo?
    I know our Minister of Education , in resident , anti genocidal head guru , Dr Goopiesing , is busy , ensuring that dem crooked Nigerians , or Ultra competitive Cuban’s doctors credentials ,are up to speed , before they get hired over his former students, in search of ‘ah food, to eat,’ but think he cares about how many unmentionable ,undeserving folks ,are getting scholarships from UWI , to study Medicine ,or maybe law , and engineering , over more deserving folks of different hues? Some think not, but , they could all be wrong.
    By de way , excellent choice for ‘Presidente,’ by ‘Her Mjestick Queen K.’

    You know folks , I have said it once , twice , and even three times, but it’s worth repeating. Uncle Rowley, and all those skeptics ,that make up PNM nation- you guys ,particulally since that, utterly useless ,THA elctions , continue to underestimate de political ,chess playing, foresight,and acumen , of ‘Her Majestick Queen K,’to your detriment.
    Keep it up, and she would lead the PP party , to yet another victory ,come next election- of this you clowns can be assured !
    Speaking about that politically clueless , diabolical , Eric Williams Wannabe , vindictive , Tobago despising bozo , call Patrick Manning ?
    If he , his political advisers / handlers,and Sando , and cross national cronies , had any common sense , they would tell him , to resign his lame duck seat ,forthwith, and have a fresh face -do a run off ,to come and represent them. Talk about an anachronistic PNM spoiler, with a hard on for someone ,he blames for his political burial, and fall from grace.
    In contrast , what can we -de few astute ,political observers , across Trini Center Nation – say , to his one time arch nemises , though occasional drinking partner , but ,’way to go Basdeo!’
    Notice how Panday , aka ,’de Bengal Tiger/ Jawaharial Nehru’s reincarnation,’since his political demise -keeps his symbolic tail ,between his legs , like a caged ,Guapo , or Mnzanilla Zandolee, as his one time female protégée , does her thing, across the grand political stage?
    He , ain’t totally overjoyed , and obviously -maybe justifiably -has grandiose plans , for his clone like , equally ambitious daughter ,Mikilah ,to ascend the UNC throne , so as to enhance his political legacy , and that’s his right.
    Trust me when I say Mamboo,she ain’t no Indira Gandhi,Benazia Bhutto , Cahandrika Kumarantuga, or Sheikh Hasina,but one never knows ,with folks who adore’s dem often opaque,cultural traditions ,which historically remain part of the great Mother lands.
    Most in true , Massa Britiannia ,neo imperial fashions ,repeatedly voted for any female leader-irrespective of competence – just because they loved their Papas, or even male spouses.
    Aaahh the follies , of a politically immature Nation, eeeeeh Mamboo!
    Tell you what folks, the people that can make me hate dis land , ‘ ain’t born , yet?
    Stay vigilant fellow progressives ,of T&T , for ‘as certain as night follows day ,’ some unmentionable barbarians ,are quickly encroaching de Romanlike gates, while threatening to destroy what’s left in our semblance , of emerging Democracy , eeennnt Mamboo?

  9. That extremely wise ,and famous Chinese philosopher, in ,Tao Te Ching , once said ,” The journey of a million miles….begins with one step .”


    Luv it, and I’ll likewise say, ain’t these two examples , wonderful , on the way common folks ,are trying to root out de corruption plagues, on respective continents?


    A few months ago,local UWI Environmentalist heroic activist, Dr Wayne Kublalsingh , was able to get a UNC dominant -PP -government, to do what we de more astute figures,in political circles,refer to as -a flip flop , re ,their meandering ,position on a highway construction ,in Point Fortin, that would , more importantly ,save de homes for , what , some 500 ,one time squatters, turned ardent , though disgruntled ,party supporters?
    I say hurrah to the good doctor , and now , on to real/ concrete issues , that threaten’s to destroy our lovely , yet underachieving Republic, in blatant corruption, and none transparency in government, that has continually been de achicillies heal, and halted authentic , sustainable development in our respective Motherlands, be it India, Pakistan, and majority of Afrika, starting with Nigeria- where the majority of our foreign doctors ,emanated from, within recent times.
    So tell me folks , when de Honorable Madame Mary King ,de local chapter head of Transparency International ,was fired , two days after swearing in , were most of you ,just like myself , estatic , and so applauded ‘Her Majestic Queen K,’for her decisiveness in finally ,addressing this ever present ,social malady called corruption?


    You remember it , don’t you, unless of couse you lived under a,”ALL ah we THIEF/ Politics has a morality all of its own ,”Penal, Mt Irvin, or Balancessaires Rock,”over the past 5 decades of our existence as a nation?
    If so , here is a refresher, for your edification: – 1. It gave us Dr. Eric William’s pals , a la ,Trini-Canadian John O’Halaran, Enegy Minister ,Errol Mahabir , of Japanese Garden fame,along with a plethora of similar abuses .
    2. Just like Christopher Michael Coke , a cowardly Jamaican thug ,was able to embarass his benefactor in de Golding’s government,FBI’s most wanted , white color crooks, Ish / Steve,Airport Scandals,are doing the same ,for unmentionables in and out of power, as they suddenly pretend ,to love local justice , over, and go figure !
    3. Need I still bore you , on CLICO Duprey -shenanigans , that saw Basdeo Panday’s two ,already previliged daughters ,get a high end ,British styled education,while thousands of decent citizens -unlike female PNM political bandit and former Finance Minister -in de Red, holding an empty bag,for stolen , and or misused millions?
    4. How about papa-fake Christian -Manning,symbolic love affair with revolting Canadian , white color bandit, Hart, whose whole scale theviery,left our country,looking like the biggest idiots in the entire Commonwelth?
    Were most of you instead ,skeptical , since you viewed her maneuvers to oust the not too transparent figure ,in Madame King , as a mere public charade , or more so , a politically calculated ploy , to get rid of someone , with future potential to cause trouble- but coincidentally , only after said person , had served their purpose – namely ,to give credibility to de hastily contrived ,UNC led Alliance?
    Now that we look back at overt , and covert political malfesience , that took place , in high office ,since said ouster, leading up to , but not limited to this crooked , lying Phony ,called Dr.Haffizol Ali Mohammed, where do you stand now?
    Wanna bet , one of the tricks that would be dragged out by one of his soon to be obtained ,barrage of lawyers ,led perhaps by Israel Khan , would be some opaque ,anti Islamist ,religious prosecution mantra, since de traditionally common , T&T ,’ laughable , racial acusation blabber ,’ won’t stick?
    By de way , did you see how that former ‘Tabaquite ULF , turned NAR speaker ,Nizam -Tabla Head- Mohammed fella ,’ is prancing around T&T , screaming , like an excited Parlatuvier Tobago ,Tom Cat ,or better Yet, a Los Bajos Ram goat , about vindication , because one of our local judges ruled in his favor ,that he ain’t no racist, and was unjustifiably fired by our much maligned President, for accusing someone of only having Afrikans in high office throughout our Police Service?
    Care to guess why 99% of dem neo tribalist , are equally estatic , that local Judge Carmona , accepted the job as our future President , and not that of the ICC?
    Oh yeah , the same folks, who so hate all our local , allegedly bias , incompetent Legal luminaries ,but are more in favor of the British , White ,Privy Council,ain’t mind, showing dem luv , when they eithervrule in their favor , or , as in de case of our soon to be President……, well, .. You fill in de blanks, ….. since yours truly ,ain’t have court clothes , to defend my self,against the wrath of feisty , selectively outraged ,AG Ramlogan?
    Feel me , people,as to de need to make socion-economic / political transparency ,a key cornerstone , for our fledging / fast eroding concept of Democracy?
    As a budding neo -Digital activist myself, I need me some ‘post tribal, progressive , patriots ,to help jumpstart dis here ,new age revolution, a la , put resource ladened T&T , on a firm footing, and therefore ,make it assume it’s real position as a respected ,regional leader, but ……..aaaaahhhh Neal,quit drinking that stale Vat 19 In dis party week , count down, for remember ,dis is Carnival time , and Trinis ,are only ready for one thing, this time around.
    First off, to pick up their $10,000 costumes,jump and wave to decadent Yardee Dance Hall music, or whine on something. Let de distraction politics contine unabated, as dem Barbarians encircle de gates,or put differently, the sly foxes ,walk away with the chicken – including those that can be found in imported ,unchecked containers, eeeehhhh?
    I luv this land , though in dis era of alleged change , my patience is been tested ,on a daily basis?
    Luv Humanity people!

  10. The PM should not be touting the low rates of blunders and reckless squandering of tax payers’ hard earned cash by carelessly and callously allowing this boldface fraudster to pull a fast one on people of T&T. Mohammed has fraudulently obtained the position of commissioner by deceit and deception and he should immediately step down or be immediately investigated by the police for fraud.

    1. Come on Lee, you should know better than this , if,as I suspect , you are familiar with de ugly nuances of T&T’s neo tribal , Pro – triumphalist nation’s politicks?
      Let me test your serious concerns for your country , via a few poignant questions, mi amigo.
      Your responses, or more so,lack thereof , would ‘speak volumes,’as to if Cuz Lee Cudjoe, is just another time wasting , clueless ,Trini Expat , suffering de post Carnival effects,of too much Aripita Avenue Greek/ Arab Gyros, Curepe Doubles,Brasso, Cascado/Baigan,and Tobago,Iguana/dumpling oil down,to eat?
      Seriously , Lee, first of all.For all of de PP,media fronting – political transparency -posturngs,you’ve been subjected to ,in it’s push for power , is there any post election,action, you might have witnessed hence, which convinces you, that symbolic leader’ Auntie K-to quote my extremely wise , Tobago Granny- would touch this (contentious issue) with a ten foot pole? No my friend, for the Islamic voting population ,would not take this as a positive sign, and they remain a vibrant part of the PP constituency, Si?
      If there were concerns for uprooting fraud, and serious criminals,some say, that maybe ,Basdeo Panday ,Ish , and Steve, HCU honcho HArinarine, and similar others,would be dressed in jail clothes,or better yet , a few more – perhaps guns/ drugs ladened -chicken/car parts ,container importing local Business magnates ,would be feeling de heat,during our last ,much touted ,State of Emergency , as opposed only to ,only low end , illiterate bums , chiefly from Lavantille, Nelson Street, Caranege , and Malony,Si?
      Secondly,since their white Massa Britiania ,departed the South Asian continent , more Muslims, and Hindu cousins have been murdered, via inter tribal conflicts , than half de population of Afrik. In comparison, since 1962 , how many serious rivalries ,tookyou have seen by the same elements in T&T?
      Trust me when I say,cuz Lee, Dr MOhammed, is not the problem in the eyes of dem UNC dominant PP folks.
      Finally , I enquire ,who got shot ,during the ill fated attempted coup ,in 1990 , by Abu Bakr neo Islamist goons? Was it a much despised -in some eyes – 2 seat ,Tobago Political upstart, name ANR Robinson, or Basdeo, Suraj RAmbachan, Dookeran, Patrick Manning,or DR Linda BAboolal? You know de answer.
      Trust me when I say , this stupid charade of a Commission would not be dragging on , like it did , or a lack of an authentic enquiry ,eluded our hurting nation, for over 22 years, had the PM abused , been ,George Chambers, Patrick Manning,Basdeo PAnday, Kamla, or Eric Williams.
      To prove my point , a billion dollar election ,just took place in Tobago , and what is the biggest distracting nonsense ,that is getting de most press hence? You bet , some idiot remark , by a low end ,politician ,from Roxbrough, or is it LesCoteau , I think, with de erroneous conclusion made ,by fake political experts , along with suspect – objective -journalists , about so called discrimination ,on Indo Trinis ,brothers / sisters, who wish to make Tobago their home. Go figure!
      That’s Tobago luv for you, by caring folks.

      Just continue my friend , to do your part , to keep our respective leaders hands to de symbolic fire. Show luv to our country , by upholding a good image,domestically, and abroad,but more importantly , do what you can , to help those in need. Nation building , can be challenging , and this is just another example.
      Luv Humanity people , and for goodness sake , forget de tribe, as it’s de only part to sustainable development, eeennnt?

      1. Neal,
        Thank you for the sobering update from your real life view and experience of the current socio- political dynamics in T&T. I have been away too long from my native land which I still love and care for.

  11. If Dr.Haffizol Ali Mohammed feels any discomfort in resuming his seat on the Commission of Enquiry into the 1990 attempted coup, I am more than prepared to relieve him of that inconvenience, providing, he furnish me with a character reference, after all we both have the same Alma-mater: Atlantic whatever.

  12. De nada , cuz Lee Cudjoe.Join De line , as to folks ,who have been away from their native land , that they still luv , and care about, for too long,but what does that translate to, or really say about you , and many similar minded Trinis, who thinks that their patriotic obligations ,ends in sitting on the sidelines, and lamenting cybernetically , on how great your country once was, and how wonderful it can become , if only someone else , get off dey butts , and do something?
    It very easy for some aged , nostalgic idiot ,por ejemplo ,to sit in let’s say ,Huston Texas, and tout the virtues of de great USA, and it’s alleged Black leader ,Barrack, while boring us to death ,of their own lofty education, and global achievements, but tell dem to move beyond PP / Kamla bashing, Eric Williams / Manning ,lifetime hero worship/adulations, and “dat’s a horse of a different color,”to quote my late , extremely wise , Tobago Grand-mom.
    You see Lee,folks like you, I , and Nobelist Englishman-Trini,Sir VS Naipaul ,can live in Canada, USA, and Britiania, until we respectively ,can either ,see Maple syrup,oozing out of our veins ,instead of blood, are as American as Apple pie,because we are gun loving Constitutionalist , ideological zealots, or phonetically speak,unaccented Queen’s English,but that ain’t mean we are Canadian, Yankees, and British, or worst yet , adored/appreciated ,for any of our contributions.
    Sing with me Cuz Lee!
    Izz right here , not only where you’ll find your identity , but make a serious dent on society,and maybe globally,which would be truly appreciated.


    Let me add Lee,we can dance tango, salsa, merengue , bachata,and samba, with the best of dem Latinos blokes,or eiven speak a more perfect portuguese, or Espanol , as much as we can , but that ain’t mean squat to dem , self hating ethnically counfused ,half cast Hispanic guys, from our next door regions- be it Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Santo Domingo, or Argentina.
    Tell you what buddy,reciding the Koran,from cover to cover, ain’t make you , I or any Trini into an Arab ,Persian, or Turkish, to de same degree ,that tracing our family tree ,to grandma, Dinah Rosenberg in Germany, via Israel,can make us accepted as Jewish- no way Jose, so let’s quit kidding ourselves, shall we?
    Some naively think ,that because they can do Tai chi, love ka-soo-fai-chan,foo-young-Kai-nip,raw fish/sushi,and other ‘unmentionable delicacies ,’or can quote Mao,Buddah or Confucius ,it mean that Chinese, Koreans,or Japanese, will adore them,and I say ,what folly?
    Folks in India , are still laughing at our well intentioned ,PM, for kissing their female President’s feet ,in some grand gesture of familiarity with opaque , subservient vs elite culture- while a guest.
    Almost certain ,her overpaid sister, and ‘personal aid,’was looked at with equal derision , as she probably tried to communicate soley in Hindi,as opposed to her adorable Trini , broken English, but that’s de way of the world. We can only be revered ,kings ,and queens , in our own places of birth.

    Mind you ,I am not saying , you have to come home with a Phd in History, and join no Baptist faith , en rote to amashing power, only to abandon your people.
    Likewise ,I ain’t saying ,you have to leave abroad with your law degree, and come home to be no Trade Unionist, en route to accumulating power, then abandon the majority of your people,only to embrace phony victimhood, by blaming every race on planet-earth, with de exception. Of European/white/Cacusaian folks,for their- past, and present -pathetic state.
    No mi amigo, we all were not meant to be self serving , Trini politicians,nor even have to give up our comfort abroad . Simply find your niche Lee, be creative , and make a difference.
    Oh , by de way- Luv Humanity, and forget de tribe!
    Ain’t life beautiful people? Me think so!

  13. Why is this man still sitting as a commissioner on such an important? A Grtman Minister stepped down because her alma mater recalled her Phd due to plagiarism. This man’s qualifications are in doubt and he hangs on.
    Too many people in this country believe they must have some letters behind their names. There are those who are awarded honorary doctorates and call themselves “Dr” when they ought to know better. There is a well known ex principal and current lawyer who take pride in being addressed as Dr. I must commend a former speaker of the house who promptly corrected a caller on a TV programme on which he was a guest when he was addressed as Dr. He replied that he is not a doctor. There are lots of imposters in our midst.

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