Gopeesingh’s Son ‘Planasses’ Man

Gopeesingh: It’s my son
Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh yesterday confirmed that the man depicted in a video assaulting a man with a cutlass is his son.

Gopeesingh identifies his son as attacker
An investigation has been launched into an incident last Tuesday in which a businessman was planassed by a young man who has been identified as Shane Gopeesingh, a son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh. The drama occurred outside the Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook when Gregory Wight went to purchase doubles from a vendor on the sidewalk.

‘Planass’ victim calls for arrest
WHY has he not been arrested?
This is the question being asked by the man who was allegedly beaten by the son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh last week Wednesday morning while eating doubles outside Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook.

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  1. Bad Omen abound: As any will say; dis Government gone to d’dogs
    The Education Minister’s son? Sheeew!
    This is a life threatening assault, it’s a serious offence in adage its insulting considering his Father’s portfolio and the fact that it’s publicly recorded. An example must be made.
    How can one explain this to a nation traumatized by violence? The minister son is a bad-man though a grand chargre at best, picking on old working class folks.

  2. Welcome to a lawless society. It should be illegal to cross the street with your vehicle and park on the opposite side. A cutlass is a dangerous weapon and it should be illegal to carry one in your motor vehicle. Leaving your vehicle unattended with the motor running should also be illegal.
    If these laws were on the books and enforced, there would not be a confrontation.
    Judging from the video, it seemed to be a case of “do you know who I am ?” on both sides of the conflict… a persistent problem in T&T, a serious character flaw. The response to verbal abuse should not be violence.

    1. i just viewed the video for the first time and to tell ya the truth i had so much confused emotions while watching , i first say ok let me see what really happened here,,no audio so i looking on intensley ah see a lot of hands movements then ah see a big fat man go to he car and come back and give the man with moving hands 2 planass ..whap ..pause and then whap again !!! then he gone and put the planass back in he car and this is the part that get me he come back an the man still arguing with him and he with the man ? then ah must admitt when ah come out of meh shock state ah start to laugh ,then ah stop, then ah say but wah d azz is this? trinidad real sweet yes ! it really have more mad people outside the mad house then inside the mad house in t&t. but it ent look like he hit the man real hard ? or he really wanted to chop him ? it just look like he was really playing the azz with the planass.. look ah typing this and ah still laughing. Anyway serious ,the man had no right to planass the man ,regardless what was said. I think all the citizens of t&t should be required to take anger managment clases,ah say all so there will be no feelings of discrimination…. ALL including heads of state from PM go down .by the way heads of state should also be required to take a lie dectector test every monday morning.

      1. Actually I looked at it again and realize there was a verbal exchange and the planasse did not look bad, the man pulling back his hand, two lil swipe. However the verbal exchange continued. I seriously think the young man should eat less and get into some anger management classes. I am sure his dad is quite embarrass about this incident. Note to all, TnT is full of camera, someone can be recording you right now. In the last month we witnessed a policeman slapping a rasta man, and two security guards physically assaulting an elderly man at a bank in central, the man died shortly after…

    2. TMan this is a lawless society, that is why people carry cutlasses in their vehicles. In Tobago we say that you need your cutlass with you just in case you have to cut a tree that falls across the road.

      There are many laws on the books but no one enforces them since it take decades before any one is brought to court. By that time everyone has moved on.

  3. Goes to show you make a kid(son) but you do not make his mind. Shades of the policeman named Tota MAharaj who shot a bystander in Pt. Fortin who was telling him he was going the wrong way. That one, who turned out to be related to a senior politician, and is allegedly the grandson of another Maharaj, was “cleared” and immediately fled to Canada.

    Now, some children let their parents’ positions go to their heads.Dr.Gopiesingh, as Minister of Education MUST stand clear of this incident, and not try to intimidate the police.
    This is not a case of the late Dr. PAtrick Solomon freeing his son from the Royal Gaol diuring a weekend arrest. This is not a case of a “drunk” junior minister refusing a breathalyser test, for which actions he was fired.
    This is a case of a violent physical attack on a member of the public by a relative of the government determined to fight crime. This was caught on video. This has to be dealth with swiftly, unlike the case of the illegal immigrant from Guyana(later called a UWI Student) who ran over two police officers, and was not charged until two weeks later because her papers had to be gotten into order.

    We have to see this through, publicly.We are watching you.

    1. Seems to me we have a son of a prominent citizen, who feels he can do what ever he chooses too, threatening and brandising a deadly weapon in front of so many bystanders, by the way, they did not make an attempt to stop this willful degenerate from, threatening the victim. This kid should spend some time in jail for using the cutlass to threaten the victim.I, alittle time in bootcamp will him lose the weight he waddles around with.

  4. Dr. Tim you have my sympathies. My father used to say, “you make children but you dont make their mind”. As a parent myself I am beginning to discover the truth in that statement. My son a few months ago invited his friends over to our home. His friends all 8 of came and decided to smoke in the house, he stepped out of the home leaving them there to party. We fortunately return home unexpectedly to our shock and horror. The boys fled in a hurry except for the two who remain to defend my son. Now to be clear me and my wife do not smoke or drink, but at that moment it would have been easy to accuse us of supporting such behaviour despite our long discussions in times past about these things.

    The man who attacked your son verbally by saying he was from the gutter, is guilty also of not knowing better, young people today have a bad temper as was evident in Toco with that young boy who died from that chop to the neck, he was taunting the guy who wielded the cutlass.

  5. The saying, “you make the children but dont make their mind,” is an excuse for bad parenting. When a child turns ‘bad,’ we blame everyone else, but if a child does well, like becoming a doctor or lawyer, we beat our chests and say ‘I.’ How come the guy down the street, who your offspring only knew a few years ago, is able to exert so much influence on your child who you had for a lifetime? I am speaking from experience, as a father of two boys. If Shane Gopeesingh still lives with his father, are we to believe that Daddy Gopeesingh does not know that his son is riding around with a cutlass in his car? Would we be making the same lame excuse if this was a brother from Laventille?

    Some of you are implying that the victim is wrong, then should we recommend that the police also charge him for something, like talking in public, or speaking his mind? Let us hope that when the shoe is on the other foot, we hear the same old rhetoric.

    1. Frontman you probably do not have any children. I used to talk like you a few years ago until I now have a grown son. I suddenly realize that children will do what they think is right no matter what the parent say even if they living under the same roof. Money, power or influence makes no difference. It is a different world from the world I grew up in, where the community took responsibility over the life of the children, and the neighbors if they see you doing something wrong they delt with you then call your parents. It is just a different world we live in…

      1. No Mamoo, I have two sons and a daughter in that order. My position is a learned one. It was lectured to me as a teenager at John S. Donaldson Tech. Institute, by an individual I know only as Mr. Valentine.
        Most of us try to train our children when they are grown – wrong. Training begins at birth or from the cradle. One of our biggest mistakes is comparing our children or thinking they are all the same (personalities). I am fortunate to notice that even physically – my first born is ambidextrous, my second is right-handed and my daughter is left handed.
        A position held by Mr. Valentine was, if little Leroy, next door, who your child only knew two years ago, could influence a certain type of behaviour, then little Leroy might as well be the parent.
        As a father, I looked at my children closely, and I noticed a certain type of personality in my second son when he was still a toddler. As parents, we decided to pay closer attention to him and his attitude in general, because we “did not want to make lawyers richer.”
        I am not saying that the world is perfect and that there would not be an unguarded moment, or some idiot would not come along and complicate matters, but young Shane decided to go to his vehicle and retrieve a cutlass. Why are you driving around with a cutlass? If he lives in the same house with his parents and they do not know this, then they are one-eyed parents, plain and simple.
        Most of us train our dogs better than our children. We only call the dog once, but have to call our children three or four times. As a young father I made the decision that no dog must be smarter than my children. Stupid people said that our children feared us. Their mother and I only smiled – it is called training. My children never said the word “No” to us, before the age of five. Our position was that if a child below the age of five can say ‘No’ to it parents, then that child is making decisions in the household. It worked for us.
        I see my children as an extension of myself and whatever they do is a reflection of my parenting. I must not know that my child is doing wrong and blame everyone and everything except myself. I should be the first one to take the blame. Where did I go wrong?
        We teach our children their religion, some of us even teach our children which skin colour or hair type they should hate, dislike or avoid, so why cant we teach them how to behave in public?

        Shane Gopeesingh is a hooligan or he wants to be one. His parents messed up along the way. I wonder though if he has the belly to chop an individual in cold blood. I also wonder what would have been his reaction if it was a female. I also wonder how he reacts to his parents. Even as a parent myself, I would listen to my mother. My position was, the only person in the world who would not give me a bad advice is my mama, and as uneducated as she was, she is seeing something that I am not. Respect.
        There was an ocassion when an old gentleman said something I did not like. I went to my mother told her about the situation and let know her that if he continues, I would disrespect him. That was saying to her, “Ma, this is no reflection on you, this fool is asking for it.” Respect for my mother.
        Shane is a disrespectful young man and his parents are to be blamed.

      2. De wisest woman dat ever lived in my late grandmom would often advise me dat “Monkey know which tree fuh climb,” and how true. If this clown had tried this with some Lavantille, or better yet Diego Wajan , then we might be celebrating his death , as opposed to lamenting attempts at cover ups.
        No Mamboo, ‘de apple don’t fall too far from de tree’ buddy. Professor Goopiesing was the social thug , who then out of political power, cast blame on Afrikan folks from all walks of life , for allegedly committing genocide against his people , simply because one of his students did not get a coveted post in a hospital. Go figure!
        His son has obviously learned well at the feet of papa,aka de Minister of Education. Ah wonder why her Majestick Queen K ,never gave him the Minister of Health portfolio ,after she fired the loud mouth blowhard Baptiste-Cornelis, a la recent ex Ambassador from where again , Geneva? Talk about square pegs, hmmmmmm?

  6. The old Wight man allegedly used a racist slur and obscenities to provoke the boy. The boy father have nothing to do with his actions and so far has been decent enough to steer clear of it and let the investigation go on. The boy shame his father, the old Wight man probably learn that this is not 1932 anymore.

    1. trini are u serious? provoke d boy ? ah bet he will not go lavantile or nelson st or beetham gardens an do dat ? watch that vedio good an tell me if that fat boy did not just wake up with a death wish ? look at the video well an tell me if you dont see like shane expect the man to take away the planass and ?? he and all suprise he get away with that ! taking into consideration the mentality of the nation today i would say shane just dodge a bullet, long live shane ,ah hope he never try that by d way when ah having a bad day ah does watch this clip and steuupps, then say ah well it could be worst !!!

  7. Trini, you are blaming the gentleman for the actions of young Gopeesingh. Is poverty an excuse for crime? Should a young woman be raped for what she is wearing? I could think of a million different things I could have said to Mr. Wight as an insulting response instead of planassing him. In case you have not heard, the comment made by Mr. Wight was asking young Gopeesingh if he was from the gutter. The instant response in most cases is, “Why yuh dont go an wxyz yuhself?”
    I am a true Trini and my No. 1 response would have been. “If your mother had listened to me she would have thrown you in the gutter too, then you would not have been here airing your stink mouth.” That would have silenced Mr. Wight and folks like him. No cutlass, just talk versus talk.

    1. frontsman you funny,ya trying to set up people or wah ? ah doh think the word ‘mother ‘ introduce in any form or fashion will exactly curb or defuse any situation. that is one powerfull word used in any way ,shape or form OR out of context have the ability to ‘set it off” .Please frontsman if ya have to give an advice please give a good advice or noN at all.

  8. What gutter behaviour was young Gopeesingh displaying. Or are we to suppose that Mr. Wright just came out with that as an alternative to beating his wife? Maybe if we all cooked at home and did not patronize doubles vendors, the opportunity for these incidents would be reduced?

    I say that because of an incident that happened to me in a popular St.James bakery about five years ago. I used to go there for my currant rolls every time I come home. My friends would get them for me in anticipation of my arrival. being home from the airport late at night, meant a cup of tea and a currant roll. Well one day I went in with the late Edgar McNish to get some baked goods his wife had ordered. Living in North America causes you to forget that you have to pay for the paper bag. I paid for my stuff. Edgar paid for his. When I produced the receipt, it was only for the goods. Edgar had his wife’s order which was prepacked. I had to do one of two things, either get behind seven or eight people to pay for a paper bag, or ask to be excused to go to the top of the line.It was five cents that was due. I asked the two people closest to the cashier. They said OK. I paid for the bag and got the mini-receipt needed, as I walked back to pick up my order, a man well over fifty, or who looked like life had been hard on him, began cussing at me in the foulest language.I had not waited my f— turn.I thought I was better than everyone else etc etc, emptying the frustration of his life on someone who had done him, nor meant him, no harm. I said nothing. My friend, then about 80 said nothing. We went to our car and drove off. I ended my long love affair with current rolls and oher goodies from that bakery.

    A well dressed, well spoken woman like me, I felt, had no business standing in line at a bakery to be cussed out for five cents.It could have been that the man was drunk, or on drugs, but the frieghtening viciousness of his language, which seemed to bother none of the patrons, was too much. An undeserved cussing cured me of my favorite foodie. My choice.

    1. Linda, because young Gopeesingh left his engine running and emitting fumes while others were eating, and refusing to remedy the situation after he was asked, maybe by an elderly person, and as we see in the video, turning his back while spoken to, Mr. Wight termed this as gutter behaviour.

      Herein lies the big difference between you and young Gopeesingh. You see yourself as a well dressed, well spoken person and you refused to lower your standards. Shane did not see himself as the son of a Member of the Parliament of T&T, or the son of a Government Minister, and the Minister of Education to boot.

  9. The young Goopeesingh seems to have no respect for the senior citizens. Where did this “little rich boy” go to school-behind the school. He should be ashamed of himself and his father should send him to see a shrink-surely he needs help. Dem gov’t minister family feels they above the law. Thank God i didn’t vote for them . Shame shame shame on to you “big boy” wit the cutlass.ah jus wondering if he does pull cutlass home for he papa too.Oh wat was he doing wit a cutlass in the first place? Jeezan ages help the young pple to day

  10. The idea of Noblesse Oblige, the obligations of those with money and power, has NOT caught on among the children of the newly rich and powerful. It had never occured to this young man, apparently, that his father’s position now put him in a class above his former station, and so he should not continue to behave like a chamar. How wonderful it would have been if that Minister had driven his son to the business place of Mr. Wright, and insisted on a public apology. You have to have some class to do that, however.

  11. Probe into planass incident nears end
    Senior police officials have confirmed that ASP Ajith Persad of the Port-of-Spain Criminal Investigations Department has been appointed the lead investigator into the planass incident involving Shane Gopeesingh, son of Education Minister Tim Gopeesingh. Although calls to Persad’s cellphone went unanswered yesterday, the T&T Guardian learnt that the enquiry will continue today and that “several ends will be tied up” this week.

  12. Are his papers, meanwhile, being processed so that this criminal will migrate to Canada as a refugee form racial hostility in TnT, or has he already slipped “doen the main”by fishing boat, in the manner of crimminals of the past? Will Aunty Kamla sign off on his papers also?

  13. Every dog has it’s day, and daddy just had his; putting the present SEA students under unnecessary stress of previously wanting to change the format. Fortunately good sense prevailed as the format is still uncertain but at least raw meat is not being fed to the children.

  14. God will always bring the skeletons out of your closet in the most definitive way. Now Mr. Gopeesingh the shoes are on your feet now; as Minister you suffered many – now its your turn, enjoy.

  15. $25,000 bail for Gopeesingh’s son
    SHANE ALEONG, 28, son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh appeared yesterday before a Port-of-Spain magistrate to answer three charges arising out of an alleged beating incident in Woodbrook. Aleong was later granted $25,000 bail.

  16. And a soldier, on a charge of possessing marijuana, accordin to today’s Guardian, was given $30,000 bail. Go figure.

  17. I am waiting to see some pontificator talk about the effects of growing up with your father in a different house, on young Trini males. so far nobody wants to comment. It ent lAventille. Now how may “outside chirren” this man have again?

  18. Question I ask is WHY carry a cutlas unless you mean to use it, regardless of what was said FROM EITHER PARTY , the actions to attack with a weapon is a offence regardless of who your daddy is,a few months inside may help with his cowardly act, but I doubt that will happen, he is a bully and needs a strong messAGE SENT TO HIM,

  19. Note his name is Shane Aleong, not Shane Gopeesingh. Look deeper ppl. This is a case of the result of an absent father in a child’s life. Also, he look like he get plenty licks growing up from his stressed mother. This display of aggression, lack of apathy and respect are among the many negative developmental outcomes of corporal punishment. We really have to stop beating children and use alternative forms of discipline that cause them to internalize moral values and their actions.

  20. you bring up some good points ,however i refuse to believe the result of an absent father make young and restless shane do that stupidness.Single parents have done in the past and continues to do a good hard, raise their children,make sure they go to school,do their home work, instill in them good manners ,and respect for others as a matter of fact some of these single parents are more driven to be successful and put their children interest first.Some times these absent fathers is much better staying ‘absent” since their presence is often times more damaging and distructive to the home and the children.This topic is near and dear to me as my mother is ‘a single parent” and i comend the job she did with me Thank you my loving single mother for raiseing me right. i will comend all single parents.shane is a big man and this stupid decision he made is purley habitual, and in his DNA, i am almost certain this is not the first time he do something like this.who would say it normal to just go to your car and take out a cutlass and planass sombody doh matter what was said?? that is not normal behaviour, that is “practice” behaviour in shane case he could of have 10 mothers and 10 fathers all present in his life he would of done the same thing. to many shanes in t&t.

  21. Monkey know which limb to jump on. A lot of people are puffed up with political courage and feel that they can do what they like. But time ah come.

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