Sat Blocked Black Children

By Ria Taitt
November 11, 2011 –

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Satnarayan MaharajPeople’s National Movement (PNM) MP Patricia McIntosh has slammed the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) for its conduct at the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School in denying equal opportunities to pupils of different denominations, particularly black children who reside within the catchment area.

Speaking in the House of Representatives at Tower D, Waterfront Complex, Port of Spain, on Wednesday night, McIntosh charged that the Maha Sabha also sought to exclude non-Indian on-the-job trainees (OJTs), sent by the Ministry of Education, to work at the school.

McIntosh also criticised Minister of Education Dr Tim Gopeesingh for his “deafening silence” and inaction in the face of this glaring discriminatory “and unlawful” behaviour of the Maha Sabha which, she contended, “could alter”, in a very hideous manner, the face of education in Trinidad and Tobago”.

McIntosh, a former school principal, also identified Transport Minister Devant Maharaj as appearing to lend support to the Maha Sabha general secretary, Sat Maharaj.

To demonstrate her claim, McIntosh quoted extensively from correspondence submitted to the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) by principal of the school Sita Gajadharsingh Nanga, dated June 17, 2011, in which she complained of “numerous acts of intimidation and harassment” by the Maha Sabha board and several of its members. As a result of this, she requested a release from the SDMS board and a transfer to the Government Teaching Service.

“The Secretary General (Sat Maharaj) threatened to lock me out of the school for taking in non-Indian children who were within the catchment area. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that I must not admit black children into the school, and admission lists for both primary and pre-school are being scrutinised to ascertain whether I am following instructions,” Gajadharsingh Nanga stated in the letter.

McIntosh said Gajadharsingh Nanga’s letter stated: “The Secretary General was in an uproar because two of eight OJTs sent to the school were non-Indian. He threatened that the school keys would be taken from me because I was changing the culture of the school, and I was ordered to immediately get rid of the (two) OJTs”.

McIntosh called for national debate on the role of religion, in respect of the exclusion of students or staff from certain denominational schools where those persons do not profess the religion of the particular denomination.

“Mr Speaker, I should like to know what is the ruling of the Equal Opportunity Commission on this matter? While the commission is busy pronouncing on Senator Devant Maharaj’s allegations of racism in respect of grants awarded under the PNM administration, it would be interesting to hear what they have to say on this issue where, in certain schools, children are denied the opportunity of an education and workers, the opportunity of employment, based on the grounds of religion. This is in total defiance of the Equal Opportunity Act,” she said.

McIntosh yesterday pointed out that Gajadharsingh Nanga also complained in her letter to the TSC that “she was expected to admit illegal Guyanese children into the school, and when she did not accede to this request, it posed a problem”. Gajadharsingh Singh also stated she was forced to curtail the teaching of agricultural science in the school after being told by Maharaj that he was trying to “take Indians out of the canefield and I (Gajadharsingh Nanga) am trying to put them back in it”.

McIntosh said since September 5, Gajadharsingh Nanga had been debarred from entering the school where she is still principal. She said on October 24, two school supervisors accompanied Gajadharsingh Nanga to the school where all three were denied entry. They summoned the police to instruct the security guard to allow them entry, and they also had to summon fire officers to break the locks of two doors to gain entry to the principal’s office, the PNM MP said.

She said on the next day, October 25, they returned again and were prevented from entering the compound. “To add insult to injury, Mr Satnarine Maharaj, accompanied by Mr Devant Maharaj, Minister of Transport, visited the Tunapuna Police Station to press charges against the principal, the two school supervisors, the police and fire officers who had accompanied them to the school on the previous day (October 24).

“Mr Speaker, if this is not the height of arrogance and contempt for the State on the part of the board, then I do not know what is,” McIntosh stated.

Contacted yesterday, Maharaj declined to give an answer to the direct question of whether he had accompanied Sat Maharaj to the police station on October 25 to take action against the school principal and others. “I have asked for a copy of the Hansard (of McIntosh), which was just e-mailed to me by my staff. I am going to look through it and see if it was factual, and if it is not, I will take the appropriate action. But I wouldn’t want to comment until I have read what she had to say,” the minister said.

McIntosh, however, said yesterday that Minister Maharaj’s action (of accompanying Sat Maharaj to the police station) was in direct opposition to his stance in taking the PNM government to the Equal Opportunity Commission over the scholarship fund.

She told the House on Wednesday night that the Maha Sabha had arrogated onto itself an authority it did not possess. “Like all denominational boards, the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School is, indeed, by law, a public school. Denominational schools are funded by public money, taxpayers’ money; teachers are paid by the State and resources are provided by the State”, McIntosh said.

She said while the buildings that housed the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School belong to the board, the school itself, that body that comprises the students, the teachers, administrators and the school’s operations, falls under the jurisdiction of the State.

McIntosh said despite the Ministry of Education’s permanent secretary’s instructions to the principal to report for duty at the school, the board of the Maha Sabha remained inflexible and resolute in its stance to keep the principal locked out.

“No matter what the ministry says, the board is unwilling to change its position. And I have to ask where is the honourable Minister of Education in all of this? He has been deafeningly silent…. The public has a right to know what action the Minister of Education intends to take in respect of this highly unlawful and untenable situation,” she said.

She said according to the 1960 Concordat, it was the Teaching Service Commission, the agent of the State, that possessed the authority to appoint, retain, promote, discipline, transfer or terminate teachers and administrators, not the board. Furthermore, she said, under the Industrial Relations Act, the board has no power to lock out either teachers or administrators and prevent him or her from performing his or her duties.

McIntosh also quoted a letter from Maharaj, (Sat) in which he chastised Gajadharsingh Nanga for hiring a secretary “who is not a Hindu and does not respond to teachers and students in our tradition. In addition, you have permitted a number of OJTs who are not Hindus and do not conform to our dress code. We hereby advise that within two weeks, you send these persons back to the officers from which you accepted them. We view this as a serious breach of the Concordat and will take positive action if our instructions remain unfulfilled”.

She noted that the letter also stated the school was the property of the Maha Sabha, and its control falls under the SDMS education board of management. “We have the right to ensure that the culture and religion of the school reflects the culture and religion of the SDMS,” Maharaj (Sat) wrote.

48 thoughts on “Sat Blocked Black Children”

    1. Mamoo, let me re-write that for you.
      “If the SDMS owns the school, they have a right to determine who (which race or religion) should work in there.” The question is how many more people are still thinking like you in Trinidad & Tobago in the year 2011?

      1. I understand your point Frontsman, but owenship is 99% of the law. The people in OJT program brought the program into disrepute by not taking into consdiration religious factors. Hindus see the school from a religious perspective meaning if a “beef eating” African comes to paint they would be deeply hurt and offended. Similarly if a pork eating non-muslim come to paint an islamic building it would be offensive to them. However, I don’t think they discriminate against children of various backgrounds attending the school, at least during my time they did not.

        1. I hope I got your point. But who offends the Roman Catholic, Anglicans, Methodist, Presbyterians, Adventists, Open Bible and now Baptists and Pentecostal School “Owners?” By extension, the Hindu and Muslim student should be ‘offended’ by sharing desk space with a “beef eating African” or a “pork eating non-muslim” in one of the above mentioned schools. By the way, the Head of the Hindus in Trinidad & Tobago went to a Roman Catholic High School and rubbed shoulders with a lot of “beef eating Africans.”

    2. Sadly Trinidad is regressing. This story was reported in by a weekly paper around August 2011, at the time the principal was threatened with being locked out of the school which has since materialized. At the age of 80 years and to be still carrying this kind of baggage?

      What frightens me is that the seeds he has planted will bring forth fruit. He is keep racism alive!

  1. Unfortunately they who want to rebuild Aryvarta Trindad style cann afford to speak hollow nonsense of particularism.Un fortunately for them the laws of Manu Trinidad style means restriction by varna or colour,don’t expect the usual aplogists to revisit the unfolding of India ans see all human types including African-or Negritos? to enjoy the ray of hope of inclusiveness in the land of the river Indus.Foertunately bot all Trinidad Indians belive in this nonesensense hence the oppression of the principal.Replay idus valley,replay Aryan superiority,replay Fiji,Mauritius.replay the odestruction of Negrito population in India and the suppression of dark skin tribals.A child looking lik Sai Bab might not even make it in their world in Trinidad.India tries to change but like some othe groups the troglidites are so romantic about what they think is Classical India that will try transform Trinidad into a criminalised outsides caste African -Negrito problem whilst claiming to hidden purity of cass and caste in the name of social justice.
    Hold no brief fo either party politics.Here its all about Sat Maharaj and the socalled false Maharaj complex engrained in the narrative of caste purity Trindad style.Should it go unchallenged No!All races and belivrs should be welcome into all schools.irregardless?Should one tryto change a Hindu based curriculum?Why any students wishingto embrace that curriculum must be encouraged,just don’t igorant and think blacks are not Indus folks too even if Sat thinks he is “Saddam Hussain” or Manu and seek to impose his hell on the qickening sand of false polity which includes race caste and outcastes.

  2. Just ,another useless snoozer of little significance to anyone across our country.
    If Afrikan people feels that racial injustices ,are at play in T&T,as played out in this issue , then let dem get their acts together , and do exactly as Uncle Sat did , when he felt there were attempts to breach his constitutional rights , in preventing him from obtaining a radio station.
    I am tired of useless escapist whining in my country.
    In the interim – way to go Uncle Sat! Dis is our time to make wrongs right, hmmm?
    Luv Humanity!

    1. Neal, occasions in which opportunities either for being noble or ignoble are never ‘of little significence’.

      Here are two people in leadership positions; people trusted with social and material resources paid for with public funds.

      One of them, a true professional–that is someone who performs her duties in ways which make those of others more possible and pleasant–did the right thing in spite of efforts to bully and co-opt her into wrong-doing.

      Here is the other.

      Both of these individuals interact with young people and children. Both of them can and will have lasting and significant impacts on their young charges.

      Would you conclude that being either noble or ignoble; that ensuring magnificence and hopefulness on one hand and continuing the tawdry and hopeless on the other is insignificant?

      1. Neverdirty said, ‘Neal, occasions in which opportunities either for being noble or ignoble are never ‘of little significence’.”
        Come on cuz ND, how long have you been following me? If for some time , then you would surely know where my heart is. Let us continue to keep our eyes on the prize , and do what’s possible to halt culturally immoral , self serving triumphalist economic , and political banditry,under de guise of change , while more importantly, making concerted efforts, to empower , those struggling at the bottom of the socio economic quagmire, who unfortunately , so happen to be, with few exception , great grand kids of Afrikan slaves ,and that of East Indian indentured laborers .
        You know a very famous former A Level teacher of mine – whose wife is today , perhaps the number one female defense lawyer in our country – used to give us a quote that remained with me , even if I last heard them some 2 decades ago. Here it is never dirty. ” Something is good , if it works.”
        Food for thought , yes? Let’s get down to work my friend, by rallying around a coherent theme.Save T&T ,from destroying itself, by halting politically driven barbarianism!
        In the process, it does not hurt to learn to follow de advice of the wisest woman dat ever lived , and ‘play dead to catch cobeaux alive ,’hmmmmm?
        Folks globally , are forming broad based , solidarity organizations, to make a difference ,and we instead , daily continually indulge in back slapping , and finger pointing.
        Ahhh, de ways of dem Trinis! We like it so! Celebrating de end of a curfew, but unperturbed that our tax dollars are financing the regional Appeals court, we still are no part of ,while claiming independence, and luving we Privy Council.

  3. The Minister’s response was totally inadequate. A serious allegation is being made by a Member of Parliament with what appears to be some credible evidence. Sat is noted for his biased pronouncements. The Minister should have taken this accusation more seriously and promised to conduct his own investigation as the Minister of Education, since all schools in T&T are funded by the government of T&T.If non-Hindu children prefer to attend a Hindu school because it is in their neighbourhood, they should have every right to do so, especially if they meet the academic entrance requirements. It should also be remembered that the principal who is being dismissed because of her liberal views, is also a Hindu.

    1. It is revealing to me just what this ‘government’ stands for ! Sat Maharaj is a know racist, only seeking the Hindu/Indian perspective in everything. He however is always supported by his kind and they never publicly admonish him. How is it that they only see race once an Indian is not either in control and have the majority shareholding. It is okay for a Hindu child to attend an R.C or other school and hold onto his norms and practises yet they practise discriminate at will !
      Sat Maharaj, Tim Gopeesingh and Devant Maharaj – Trinidadians of every creed and race will no longer tolerate your quiet acquiesce of racist b.s in this country. Every school partially or wholly funded by taxpayers money in this country belongs to the schoolchildren of T&T. If you people want to contaminate children with your racist drivel, I suggest you do so using Hindu funds ! OTHERWISE IS OCCUPY TUNAPUNA HINDU !

      1. Religion views is one thing u can choose to accept or reject. But racism how do u compare the both. he should even try to deny he said it as we all know exactly what he is. After all didn’t he say openly on national tv should his daughter marry an African he will disown her.

        How do we justify racism?

  4. Yeah T-MAN, ‘do so ain’t like so ,’ as the wise one would fondly say .Where were you Bozos, when the SDA fraternity ,was likewise attempting to push their moral values on students ,via their brand of neo Christian education.
    Umhuh , we remembered as, your selectively outraged folks ,attempted to shut down the Southern Caribbean University , by demanding no further ,state subsidies.

    Just cannot believe what we have evolved into.s for yours truly ,between the ages of 5 ,and 10 ,my first Primary School was Roman Catholic, but the only East Indians , was the Principal , and his three daughter.
    I can still recite my Hail Mary ,Full of Grace ,under his lead. Moved on to another denominational Primary school , followed by a Secondary , and during an entire seven period, ,the only East Indians were, my favorite Commerce teacher , and four students, one male. We all likewise ,read our Bibles,adhere to Christian principles ,and functioned peacefully.
    Fast forward to 2011, and a day cannot pass by, without these baseless concerns, by divisive creatures , with narrow minded , unpatriotic, destructive agendas.
    Perhaps , the way forward , is to cease all form of state support for religiously tinged / denominational educational institutions , and instead encourage religion to remain where it belongs , far away from our schools , and impressionable young minds.
    Luv humanity!

  5. Trinidad should be first and any attempt to fractional the country must be interpreted by law (existing or yet to be draft)contrary to the constitution.Perhaps we need a serious ethnic conflict to understand the seriousness and dangers of the likes of SAT Maharaj and Winston Dookeran, thence we need urgently to criminalise open racist propagation racist policies and racist institutions,
    Tax payers money goes into all schools via non-profit exemptions direct tax or by virtue of public space, utilities and nationality. Otherwise go off shore and set up your race base institutions.
    This country tolerance boarders on ignorance. The idea that open ethnic hostility, that such hateful behaviour as a right of constitutional freedom tantamount to Hitler subsequently European policy of expulsion of Semitic peoples from Europe or Apartheid policies in occupied Palestine and White in South Africa.
    Thus I part with this from Gujarat gruesome killing spree:50 Hindus gets live sentences for burning 500 Muslim people on a passenger train:

  6. I am forced by the above article to raise a larger issue of equality of treatment in education. This nation is beset with many problems which usually remain hidden under the carpet due in part to our cultural distinctives & behavioural norms of rumour, humour, bacchanal, liming & partying, being an expert on every topic yet ignorant. On the ground there are lots of opinions on national issues yet most people rather not challenge same because they feel a sense of hopelessness. I fear that if we continue along this trend that the harmonious coexistence we boast off will go the way of racial tension and violence existent in other multiracial and multi-religious societies.

    But back to education, it is alleged that a deliberate attempt over many years to disadvantage one race and elevate the status of another have been subtly and covertly practiced, developed and executed overtime. For example it is alleged that one race is encouraged and facilitated to pursue the sciences in secondary school (which may explain the imbalance in the science related professions of medicine & engineering) and the other directed to pursue the humanities and business etc. I have had a personal experience and received complaints from many that their children could not do science subjects in particular ‘prestige schools’. It has been alleged that in certain geographical areas within the education system that verbal abuse, dereliction of duty, favouritism, derogatory remarks of a racial nature targeted to one race versus another is the order of the day but denied when complaints are made (a case of a child’s word verses an adult). At the tertiary level, it is alleged that the medical school is riddled with ‘unfair practices’ favouring and giving to one race verses the other preferential treatment at the point-of-entry. A one year extended program is encouraged (some become disillusioned and quit or purse other options), in some cases individuals with lesser grades it’s alleged with the right contacts get preference.

    I have highlighted the above because there is a growing perception and stereotyping of one race’s success and the other’s failure without dispassionate, honest and scientific analysis being used to deal with the problems and provide solutions. For example what is the correlation between the lessons culture and apparent success… Could it be that ‘cramming’ and regurgitation to solely pass exams are more suited to the cognitive and learning abilities of one race verses the other and facilitated by our education curriculum? I am yet to be convinced that many of the so-called brights succeed without lessons at the primary & secondary level. Could it be that the social & economic disadvantaged not having the same access to extra lessons (in some cases 7 days a week with no extracurricular activities) are at a distinct disadvantage and not ‘failures?’ Then why not level the playing field for all? Again I repeat is there a correlation between the lessons culture and exam success? Can one succeed without it? Is there fairness and equity in the system or is it manipulated to favour one race over the other?

    The soul of our nation is at stake and we must act now to correct the anomalies of our education & other systems to afford all equal opportunity to pursue their ‘dreams’ and in so doing believe that the playing field is level and not tainted by hidden and sinister agendas.

  7. Sat denies instructing principal not to allow black children in school
    Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) general secretary Satnarine Maharaj said yesterday he was being vilified as a “black hater” by the media and the People’s National Movement (PNM) in order to sell papers and buy votes.

    Principal lying says Sat

    22 African children in school — Sat
    Satnarayan Maharaj, Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), yesterday denied ever implementing any policy prohibiting non-Indians from attending the Tunapuna Hindu School.

    Rowley: PM must deal with Devant
    Leader of the Opposition Dr Keith Rowley yesterday accused Transport Minister Devant Maharaj of supporting the Maha Sabha in its agenda to “persecute” principal of Tunapuna Hindu School.

    Devant: I went to help a close friend in need

  8. The time has come for The Minister of Education, Tim Gopiesingh, to make a public statement condemning any policy of racism in schools of T&T. The government of T&T should also soften its relationship with Sat Maharaj who continues to push a one- sided agenda. The PM has to be more careful about her association with Sat and the continuing connection and display of her Hindu faith. The PM herself should live up to her branding of T&T as a multicultural and multi-religious country. It is time to put this Hindu agenda on the back burner or suffer defeat at the polls. The country will not tolerate flaunting by any religious organization.
    Tim Gopiesingh abdicated his responsibility when he suggested that the matter of refusing African children in Hindu schools should be taken to the Equal Opportunities Commission. Certain ministers, including the PM were very vocal when they revealed the insider manipulation of the secret scholarship fund. Why are they so silent now?

  9. Why are they so silent now?


    Those who didn’t know it May 24, 2010, should know it now.


  10. Yoruba Israelite, “HYPOCRISY” is usually used against those for whom one has some consideration; consideration for their opinion, and about their power, resources, etc., but which and whom one wishes to use in a discreditable fashion.

    What if instead of ‘hypocrisy’ the revealing silence is premised on disdain; on assessing the population, the electorate, and especially Black Trinis to be inconsequential in the scheme of things?

    It might very well be that the silence of the ruling party affordably reflects the naive, immature, ‘fete to death’ reactions of Black Trinis; reactions in an accustomed lackadaisical, cavalier, carnival style.

    Look at how the media was able to portray some of them as they shamelessly celebrated the partial lifting of the SoE: “drinking liquid cocaine, partyin’ an’ fetin'”.

    One could be excused for thinking it was another emancipation, sort of.

    Isn’t it possible that the official silence is merely another form of the dismissive manner, and dismissal policies by which the party’s representatives can use Alice in Wonderland words which can mean whatever they at the time wish these to mean?

    For example, take the accusations of racism blasted left, right and center against Black Trinis. What the ruling elites have been able, with wide communal rahrahs to accomplish is to take an outright lie and make it the high-decibel ‘truth’ to the point the leading Africans in the country acquiesce by their silence and cowardice.

    In short, people like S.M of the SDMS effectively use a technique called ‘projection’ by which to transfer wholesale racism by which to describe situations which were at their very worst, retail forms of discrimination; none of which is to be countenanced, excused nor tolerated by decent, morally conscious individuals.

    Even those whose religious underpinings unfortunately and explicitly assume vast racisms as the exegesis to their cornerstone sacraments.

    Therefore, if ‘hypocrisy’ is the rationale, for or against, as to why the PM and her political entourage now practise a strategic silence, it is, ironically a step up for considering of Black Trinis.

  11. ND:

    Therefore, if ‘hypocrisy’ is the rationale, for or against, as to why the PM and her political entourage now practise a strategic silence, it is, ironically a step up for considering of Black Trinis.

    You may be right about that. I certainly wasn’t intending to give them any undeserved credit.

    I know from prophecy what their ultimate end shall be. Yahweh foretold their misbehavior a long time ago, and also pronounced woe upon them.

    2 Esdras 15:46-49.
    And thou, Asia, that art partaker of the hope of Babylon, and art the glory of her person: 47 Woe be unto thee, thou wretch, because thou hast made thyself like unto her… 48 Thou hast followed her that is hated in all her works and inventions; therefore, saith God, 49 I will send my plagues upon thee; widowhood, poverty, famine, sword, and pestilence, to waste thy houses with destruction and death.

    Those who denounce the misbehavior of their leaders, such as Ms. Nanga, may escape the woe that is pronounced.

    The behavior that is condemned goes, at its root, to a wrong and wretched system of colour-based discrimination. Varna, or caste, literally means colour, as you know. So it is not even, properly speaking, a caste system, as with European or African craft guilds. It is just rank oppression and discrimination.

    If you consider that God is just, it should be no surprise that woe has been pronounced. The only hope for the Indo-Trini falling under this pronouncement, is repentance, atonement, and being very nice to the Hebrew Israelites (Negroes) to whom they requited evil for good.

    I speak here as a servant of Yahweh. In harsh truth. Sweet lies are not permitted servants of Yahweh.


  12. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. I have repeatedly argued that the PP as it is comprised, mimics the governance of Alabama USA in the 50s. Sat Maharaj is the equivalent of Bull Conner standing before the door of a school to prevent two little black girls from entering. That the entire democratic party did not approve this action was of little significance. What it demonstrated, as is being demonstrated in T&T today, is that the PPP does have a contingent of racist within its fold, and that they could not have been unware of his when they plied their troth with them.

    Black people need to understand that Zebras cannot change their stripes. It is prophetic that this kind of action mimics what African Americans experienced from whites in the US South during the civil rights era, and what indigenous Africans experienced during the apartheid era in South Africa. I continuously cite the shared cultural traites manifested by people like Sat Maharaj et al, and their symbiotic kin in those two eras. The sharing of this neanderthal racist complex is no coincidence, but reflects geneological and cultural traites that are imbedded in the mind sets and which will never change or dissipate.

    Black people need to recognize that we represent 90 plus percent of this commonwealth region, and seek to educate our brothers and sisters across the geography about what we have been witnessing in T&T and Guyana, and put two and two together. Think about it. Now we have two distinct histories of in the Americas of Aryans standing blocking doors of educational institutions so that black kids cannot enter.

    I saw the article on FB and some other blogs, and I will post it on every black blog I can find as a means of educating black people that the kind of racial prejudice they experienced at the hands of whites is certainly not exclusive and confined to the behaviours of that group. In fact we need to understand that the cultural prejudices of the Sat Maharajs in T&T and Guyana predates its development and existence among Europeans.

    1. To borrow some word from the Pope and apply them to T&T:

      “Too often our mind is blocked by prejudices or by images which give a negative impression of the realities of T&T, the fruit of a bleak analysis.”

      “It is tempting to point to what does not work; it is easy to assume the judgmental tone of the moralizer or of the expert who imposes his conclusions and proposes, at the end of the day, few useful solutions.

      1. Way to go T-Man , citing the Pope, as some moral arbiter of good and evil. When those bozos are prepared to finally address the blatant pedophilia tendencies , that has unfortunately dominated ,that religion since St Peter bit off the ears of some unfortunate creature,that was about to out him, then I too would begin to start to listen to anything they say.
        Maybe if the princes of the church ,that accompanied barbarian Spaniard Conquistadors, and other European explorers abroad, as well as revolting ,slave owning settlers , had some conscience , and less evil prejudicial attitudes , the lives of more indigenous folks , and desperate victims would be spared.
        Not saying that ‘you alls belief system,’ was any different , but maybe ,something to chew on , as opposed to regurgitation of suspect moralist ,to bolster your point, yes?
        Just tell us what you instead think ,about prejudges , and neo racist discriminatory policies , as played out, not only globally, but especially witin your once loving country Sweet, Sweet ,T&T , where obvious ,confused hodgepodge folks in business, politics, and everyday social activities , hustle daily, for ultimate supremacy.
        Your call!
        By de way,keep dem fires lighting Brothaz Keith Williams. Quite informative,and necessary- depending again , on one’s end game.
        Luv Humanity!

  13. Commission: Permit the Principal to discharge her duties
    The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has directed the Education Ministry to ensure that principal Sita Gajadharsingh Nanga is allowed to “discharge her duties” at the Tunapuna Hindu School, located at the corner of Pasea Road and Churchill-Roosevelt Highway. The instruction followed the receipt of a report from the Education Ministry.

    As Teaching Service Commission orders principal to return
    THE ousted principal of the Tunapuna Hindu School has been directed by her employer, the Teaching Service Commission, to report for duty on Monday.


    Sat Maharaj has been able to practise a level of racial prejudice in T&T that exceeds even that we saw from Individual Leaders and Politicians in the US during the Civil Rights struggles. And during that, his sycophants have been using the strategy of pointing to the PNM and screaming racism as a means of obfuscating what is a distinct strategy to Indianize T&T. Black people need to understand that unless we confront racism in no uncertain terms, these people will continue to perpetuate this devious strategy to stratify them into the role of untouchables in the Commonwealth Caribbean nations Like Guyana and T&T, thus inverse proportionately propelling the Maharaj’s, the TMan, the Mamoo’s and other GOIP activists into the their desired Bramhin supremacy status.

    Europeans were able to use the same strategy to conquer and destroy Ancient African Civilizations. The strategy of segregated educational instututions have been championed by racist in both Southersn Africa during the apartheid era, and in the US South during the Jim Crow era. If we identified that attitude and behaviour then as evidence of the racist nature of the political and ideological organizations that housed these people, we cannot refrain from applying the same reasoning in the experience in T&T.

    Imagine a school in the US receiving Federal Funds being instructed by a member of its board not admit students of a certain ethnicity. He would be ejected from that board immediately. The difference between these Indian Caribbean Leaders and their Aryan Counterparts in the US is that white people when faced with these embarrassing situations hasten to correct them, while their Aryan counterparts in the Caribbean hasten to rationalize the behaviours. For them, you see, the goal of attaining the social stratification that comports their social position in the nation with their cultural and religious perspective has priority above all else.

    1. “Sat Maharaj has been able to practise a level of racial prejudice in T&T that exceeds even that we saw from Individual Leaders and Politicians in the US during the Civil Rights struggles”. (Keith Williams)

      This statement really minimizes the struggle of Blacks in the USA and the gallant and noble efforts of the Civil Rights Movement. The comparison is absurd and baseless. Sat Maharaj is a selfish religious leader who has one objective and that is to promote Hinduism. He supports any government which will liberally fund his religious projects. He sometimes forgets that he represents approximately 20% of the population of T&T. (Hindus). His agenda, more religious than racist would not succeed in T&T. Similarly, those in the PP who attempt to promote a racist agenda will also fail.

      “Sat’s sycophants have been using the strategy of pointing to the PNM and screaming racism as a means of obfuscating what is a distinct strategy to Indianize T&T”.(Keith Williams)

      The examples of PNM bias or political discrimination against those who did not support them over the last fifty years are numerous and these are slowly being revealed on a daily basis. Political commentators are now using terms like “political patronage” and “favoritism” to characterize the behavior of PNM politicians of the past.
      Implicit in this expression, “Indianize T&T”, is a sub-conscious admission of extreme bias. Does the writer know that Indians comprise the largest minority group in T&T, over 42%? More current census data might put that number even higher. T&T is already “Indianized”. But presently, this apparent Indian image of T&T is very disturbing for many.

      1. T Man said, “Does the writer know that Indians comprise the largest minority group in T&T, over 42%? More current census data might put that number even higher. T&T is already “Indianized”. But presently, this apparent Indian image of T&T is very disturbing for many.”
        Are you giving us a lil zepo into something here, cuz T- Man , by saying the Indo Trini population ,skyrocketed since May 2010, as thousands who initially escaped the Afro centric genocides raging across the country , during the middle 80’s ,but only returned home to be a presence under her Majesty Queen K’s reign ,as they no longer feared for their lives , and or, envisage ,ample opportunities ,for success/ advancements? Point taken buddy.
        I am always curious about something however , so help me out ,if possible . With all the Afrikan hatred that confused folks have in your neck of the woods,mainly in ‘big Brothaz Trinidad,’ if a census was done directly amongst the 80,000 ,or more Douglas in our country , which race, you believe 98% of them , would identify with?
        We already have an idea , where de grateful ,Anil , aka de ‘ Parliamentary sporting Comedian ,’would head, even AFTER his failed ONR/ COP bid ,for power, to recapture the house papa Karl Hudson Phillip, built.
        Seriously my friend , no need to be defensive on the final score, but let me add ,T&T was always Indianiazed – as you refer to it- and this had absolutely nada to do with their growing numbers.
        A hodgepodge collection of diverse peoples, cannot co exist alongside each other for what ,close to 200 years , and don’t have their cultural habits , and norms, rub of on each other. Of course dis is not applicable to folks from my still neglected neck of the woods a la Cocrico Island ward, and you know why.
        Tell you what , I am toying with the idea of paying a lil exploratory , business visit, to my country , but have absolutely no intention , even set one foot in Piarco ,much less spend a dollar in that crime haven ,seeing that flights can now go direct to the ANR International Airport.
        So disgusted I am by the tribalist penchant of ‘you alls’ people .
        Dey say if your right hand offend you , grow another , but if not possible , then cut it off .
        Time to make COCRICO ISLAND relevant. Let racially mixed up T-MAN , his buddy Keith,and PP spokesman mammoo , duke it out , on a part to no where.
        What’s next on de agenda cuz T-Man, renaming every building ,and street, across the country, to represent the expanding demographics?
        I wish your people well.
        As Francine once said in song , “Come leh we go , leh we go to Pacro Water Lane , dat paradise built by …. Sing with me T-Man ….! Now the whole world say ,come to COCRICO Island ,to live , and invest ,outside of holidays , as we attempt to sustainably develop into a paradise , which will for ever elude dem obsessed , race baiters in …Port of Spain , and Chagurnas, Caranege , Maraval, La Siva, Arouca, Morvant. Just kidding , …. maybe!
        Luv Humanity!

    2. Once again Keith Williams attempts to compare racial problems and constructs applicable in the US to situations T&T. Sat Maharaj and the Maha Saba have struggled for decades to establish and improve the education of members of their religious organization. They have faced considerable odds in early times to establish their rights. Sat’s attitude is very protective of an organization which suffered the slings and arrows of ridicule by generations of PNM politicans. These circumstances do not justify his attempts to bully a principal or prevent Black students from being admitted to any Hindu school. The Minister of Education, as well as the PM, was too slow in condemning any attempt to block Black students. Any attempt to compare segregation in the Southern United States to this situation in T&T is ridiculous. It is unfortunately trivializing a gross racist practice in the US, one which enraged people everywhere in this universe and involved the unwavering dedication of numerous freedom and justice fighters. A racist agenda by Hindus in T&T will not even get off the ground!
      Also, Williams’ comparison of Sat’s adventures to “Europeans who used the same strategies to conquer and destroy ancient African civilizations” is laughable. Imagine comparing Sat to Europeans and the destruction of African civilizations!

      1. TMan, I wish I can see some honesty and dignity in people like you to come out and unequivocably say that Sat’s behaviour is wrong, period! As I mentioned before the word “PNM” and by your way of reasoning it is a word, has a certain meaning to those of you who use it, has a negative and hateful meaning. The people you flourish praises upon are the same people who used every facet of the “PNM” administration in which to prosper and become hugely successsful. You have also used the kind and good hearted beliefs of the Christian Organizations, such as schools to receive an education only to go back to your communities and criticize Christianity. All those leaders and professionals that you adore and praise are products of well-meaning Christian Schooling. The Christian community NEVER discriminated against those who now find it in their hearts to bestore hate and intolorence upon the children of those who were kind enough to let you in when you needed them. Now, with the little bit of power that you enjoy you feel big enough to degrade and behave like George Wallace. In all of the hate that you bestow on the “PNM” you NEVER remember that the English lords and masters were the architects of most of the behaviours that kept your people down. The only enemy you see is the PNM. That is like people who eat good food digest it, then curse the smell of the outcome. Schools like Presentation, Naparima, Benedicts, Fatima and others had no problems in admitting the people you now cherish but in return Sat boasts on how hard he works and the exclusiveness of the parents he controls. What an evil Man, what an evil behaviour, what an ungrateful way to return hate for love. TMan, no amount of spin can colour the behaviour of the people who occupy the powers of government and the Hindu elites. Change will come and when it does, there will be no denying that the trust that the electorate placed in them was abused.

        1. Kian
          I have stated unequivocally that Sat’s behavior is wrong and should not be tolerated. I have warned against the biased advancement of Sat’s Hindu agenda. I have stated on many occasions that the PP would be thrown out of office if they try to advance an agenda of prejudice and if they allow people like Sat to dictate their policies. The reality is that Sat has little or no real influence on the functioning of the PP government. The Minister of Education has finally spoken out and the PM has also spoken out against the firing of the principal. The Minister has supported the ruling of the Teaching Commission to reinstate the principal and clearly stated that no objections will be tolerated.
          Also, many of your assumptions are wrong. I was brought up in a Christian home and although I am not a Roman catholic I did attend the best boys RC school in the country and capital. I did receive an excellent education free of any discrimination as a non catholic. However, although I considered myself to be a Trinidadian, full and complete, I was always viewed, accepted and tolerated as an outsider and member of a fringe minority… somewhat of a Naipaulian experience.
          As it stands today, I believe the major issue facing the nation which should be brought out into the open is, “What cultural content and image do we want T&T to have locally and internationally?” The two major cultural groups are presently engaged in a battle to define this image and unfortunately this debate has taken on the ugly façades of race and entitlement.

  15. I hear you Brothaz Keith , but as I told you and others before , we have a choice continuing doing the same thing as was done before , expect different results . I am playing on a new concept in life moving forward my brother, and this I hope to push in the next phase of my life via my organizations. It

  16. My apologies , re that slip. It is called ,’Piggybacking success.’
    Years ago, por ejemplo,a man called Pat Chocolingo ,with the help of a then young, idealist ex soldier called Raffique Shah , and Rastaman photo journalist ,named Kieth Shepherd ,created a few news papers called The Bomb, Blast, T&T Mirror etc, and they were made possible for one single reason- Highlighting the plight of Indo Trini folks, as ignored by then mainstream media, Express,Guardian , Radio 610 , TTT, and Radio Trinidad.
    It did the trick.
    Fast forward to 2011, and now you have Trinicenter. You be the judge if this , or the myriad of party flaunting , soft porn nonsense, that pass for journalism across our country ,is in a position to speak truth to power ,with respect to the issues you and similar others are outraged about.
    If not , what do you and other foreign based, global experts wish to do? I know where my heart is , and is prepared to put my money where my heart is .
    Trust me , it has absolutely nada ,to do with another time wasting , escapist ,useless Trini Carnival! Nuff said.
    Dey say, if your right hand offend you , grow another… but you might prefer to do what… cut it off ?
    Luv Humanity!
    Your call!

  17. Sat: Parents will deal with matter
    President of the National Parent-Teacher Association (NPTA), Zena Ramatali, yesterday called on the Mediation Board to intervene in the ongoing impasse between the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) and embattled principal of the Tunapuna Hindu School, Sita Gajadharsingh- Nanga.

    Tim calls meeting on Maha Sabha row
    Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh has called a meeting with the Teaching Service Commission, the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) Education Board of Management and the principal of the Tunapuna Hindu School, Sita Gajadharsingh-Nanga.

    Tim: Impasse at Tunapuna Hindu School Detrimental to Pupils
    EDUCATION Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh yesterday described the impasse between the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha and the principal of the Tunapuna Hindu School as “detrimental” to the pupils.

    Gopeesingh: Take a stand for children
    Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh has issued a stirring appeal for all citizens to make a special effort towards ensuring that children are not abused and are treated in accordance with their constitutional rights.

  18. Gopeesingh: Threats of violence untenable
    Education Minister Tim Gopeesingh is calling for good sense to prevail between the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) and Principal of the Tunapuna Hindu School, Sita Gajadharsingh-Nanga.

    …Don’t block her
    The row between Tunapuna Hindu Primary School principal Sita Gajadharsingh-Nanga and secretary-general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Sat Maharaj entered another phase yesterday, with Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh’s announcement that the principal must be allowed to resume her duties today.

    Gopeesingh supports principal’s return

    Denominational boards call for peace at Tunapuna Hindu

  19. It is time to get rid of the Concordat now. No one who is accountable to the citizens should control outr schools. Let the ministry of education control the schools because the minster of education is elected and can be removed, while the Concordat protect religions from public scrutiny and accountability.

  20. Some history might be helpful here:

    Church schools secure privileges before crucial election
    The prospect of independence for Trinidad and Tobago threatened to end the tradition of mission schools. These were state subsidised, but “totally controlled” by each religion’s Denominational Board. Just before a crucial election the religious interests pressured the government to accept an education “concordat” which hampered government plans for school reform.

    This all-purpose house of worship is from western Trinidad. At first a Spanish colony, (named for the “Trinity”), its Afro-Caribbeans tend to be Catholic charismatic or Protestant, its South Asians, Hindu or Muslim.
    The 1960 concordat, signed on the brink of Independence, represents a compromise. The government of Dr. Eric Williams planned a national education system for the new country, but the religious interests, led by the Catholic Church, wanted to retain the control that they had exercised throughout the colonial period. Williams, smarting under the six-four defeat his party had received in the 1958 election, feared that opposition from the Church might lead to a further defeat in the upcoming 1961 election. He had already experienced its tactics in the run-up to the 1956 election. Roman Catholic priests had attacked his party from the pulpit up to the very day before the election, when a newspaper even featured on its front page a statement by a priest, with a photograph of Williams placed beside one of Adolf Hitler. [1]

    Williams wanted others to have the same chance to a good education that, against all odds, he had managed, and during the six years leading up to independence his government doubled the expenditure on the country’s schools. [2] His party went on to win the 1961 election on a platform of secondary education for all — “to educate is to emancipate.” [3]

    The government had four good reasons for wanting to curb the religious interests which had “totally controlled” education in the Colony. [4]

    ● First was the need to meld the diverse population into a functioning state and not to continue separating children along religious lines (which, in Trinidad and Tobago, also tend to follow ethnic ones).

    ● Second, was the desire to give the children the best curriculum and the best teachers, rather than letting the religious schools force both to conform to their doctrines. Yet, in the end, the government was forced to cede control to the Denominational Boards in articles 2 and 4 of the concordat. Another concern was teacher qualifications and in articles 8 and 9 there is a compromise about teacher training and certification. Prof. Spence points out that this still obliges the state to subsidise “unqualified” teachers in the denominational schools, some of whom have neither a university degree nor teacher training. [5]

    ● Third, the government realised that the new nation needed more varied skills than the denominational schools could impart. These had concentrated on educating a small elite primarily through courses in the arts. [6] By contrast, the government promised to provide secondary education of some type for every child who would benefit. [7] To this end it introduced “Central Schools” which included courses in the agricultural, technical and commercial fields. [8] The Denominational Boards, both then and since, have shown no interest in doing likewise. Yet they feared that the government would do it for them by taking over some of their secondary schools in order to offer a more practical curriculum. [9] Articles 1 and 7 serve to prevent this. Thus even today the “prestige schools” which focus on an academic curriculum are mainly denominational.

    ● Fourth, the government wanted to give equal opportunity to all. Yet the religious schools are better endowed and cater to higher-income pupils. They receive government subsidies and, at the same time, are more successful than the state schools in raising private funds, and thus can afford better facilities. [10] Furthermore, article 5 of the Concordat lets the Denominational Boards cherry pick the best pupils for 20 percent of the places. According to a Trinidadian editor the concordat has meant that many children of lower-income families have been nudged aside, “which has deprived many a bright schoolchild of a deserved chance at upward mobility”. He concludes: “Taxpayers’ money should not be employed to fund and maintain privilege”. [11]

    In the light of this situation, Prof. Spence ends his commentary with a beautifully-phrased proposal.

    If indeed education is better in denominational schools then we must ensure that government schools are brought up to the best level. In the meanwhile the denominational schools should be allocated at least fifty percent of candidates from the lower end of the SEA [Secondary Entrance Assessment] pass list and such students must be given special attention. I am basing this proposal on the fact that religious denominations are concerned with the good of society as a whole and in particular with helping the disadvantaged and so I am certain this proposal will have the full support of the denominations. [12]

    Taken from an old newspaper article.

  21. T-Man A freshman Sociology 101 student, from the University of Toronto , or UWI , can figure out why denominational school might appear to do better,than state control ones.
    Trust me it has nada to do with the moral crap ,the former enjoy forcing down the throat of gullible kids.
    Don’t have time to consume yours and Dr Spencer 12 century history lessons , but would add, the stupid , diversionary obsessions ,are partly the reason why our country ,and it’s collection of people, has never developed a coherent, cohesive culture ,that can make them evolve into a nation, and worst yet, 100 years from now , would never appreciate what patriotism is , even if it rise up and hit them in the face.
    Maybe too, it’s why your much adored, self hating ‘Trini English Nobelist ,Sir VS, so aptly described them as ‘mimic men.’ Then ,however,he of all people should know.

  22. TMan, I see this blog as an opportunity to express adult and mature behaviour and one should not be shy in criticising (one’s own kind) in order to get at the problem and find a solution. I see that you made a giant step by condemning Sat’s behaviour. This man is causing a lot of discontentment in the country and many feel that he is being emboldened by the PM’s annointment of him by conferring national merit awards to him even though most people feel that he is not deserving of it. It would be foolish for this government to take black people for granted because at this point in our development as a nation most of them feel that they have nothing to loose. History has shown that when black people has nothing to loose they can destroy wantonly. This is so because there is a class of elite black people who want to b called anything but black and have absolutely no communication with their less fortunate brothers and sisters. The black elites exercise no sense of guidance or community with the larger black community and therefore are not in any way qualified to lecture or relate to them. Kamla, Gopeesingh, Rambachan, Devant, Anand and others are very much aware of this kind of relationship/non-relationship in the African people and feel that non-verbal responses are signs of weakness but they can be entirely wrong, when people are fedup and frustrated anything can happen. Kamla won a great deal of sympathy from these very people because Manning took them for granted and only recognised them when he wanted to return to office and look how he was treated in the last election. So, if Kamla is smart she should take a page out of Manning’s book and learn from it. Sat is a danger to us ALL and the push to Hinduise is very much wide open and those who are wary of it can see it from a mile away. Like I said before Christian outreach and tolerence is now being replaced by hindu intolerence and narrowmindedness. THAT IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!

  23. I cannot believe why Sat Maharaj cant get off his high horse and go to India and see if he will be accepted by the people there.
    How come there is never an issue when a Hindu or Muslim or Pentecostal attends a Catholic School? I attended a Catholic school and one of my best friends there was a Hindu.
    Sat Maharaj was and always be a RACIST. Pity there are more of him around him thinking like that. He made slandering comments about Black prominent people in our country and yet the Gov’t is silent. He is trying to start a racial war. They voted for change and this is what we got. Ha a kick in we tail.

  24. We got to stop this pitiful ,destructive self ,flogging behavior , cuz Confuse.What a transparent sobriquet – speaks volume! People like Sat who choose to love themselves , and people ,does not automatically translate to being racist, on their part.
    As one of our frequent bloggers,indicated earlier, he Sat might have some semblance of influence ,and as a base ,him as leader of historically, disgruntled Hindu clans ,cannot really be ignored, by her Majesty ,Queen K,her policy wonks , and other power brokerage caste members.
    However, a mere two years in power , with perhaps ,if lucky another three to follow ,cannot roll back years of your great Manning, PNM exemplary policies ,my friend, so if you so desire , have patience, and see if ‘de Unconscionable – Sando-Ever-ready- Bunny,’ can resurrect his political fortunes, and return to Papa Deffy Eric, level’s of ‘fine stewardships,’ or maybe ,finally, after much cajoling ,eventually , abdicate his political fiefdom,for Dr Rowley ,aka de one time , Mason Hall Tobago kid.
    In the interim , what do you, and similar ,disgruntled others intend to do ,to curb what you perceived as racism , and so elevate your Afrikan folks?
    Here is your choice , sit and loose sleep / lament ,over 95 year old Sat, or find vibrant , nationalist progressives, across our nation, who wish to build bridges to the future – your call!
    Some naively think our country is better off when walls are erected amongst our people , and tug of war ,remains the norm. Not sure if I subscribe to that thinking?
    Luv self,respect others,and de rest of mankind would reciprocate. How you crazy Trini characters,choose to do that,is the challenge.
    I wish your well!

  25. TMan
    His agenda, more religious than racist would not succeed in T&T. Similarly, those in the PP who attempt to promote a racist agenda will also fail.

    I only need to isolate this this one statement to corroborate what I have written above. Here is an example of the kind of deceitful stratagems employed by the undercover enablers of the Sat Maharaj’s to deflect focus on his motives. So, when white conservative Christians in the US protest the admission or presence of Arab Muslim kids in Christian or Catholic schools their motives are more religious than racist? Please, give it a rest.

    This facetious distinction also reflects how sickenly far some are prepared to go in order to rationalize or obfuscate racist attitudes of aome in their community. And further, what does it say about a spiritual or religious faith that prohibits the sharing of knowledge based on the fact that a recipient might not be a member of that faith. Because if Sat’s actions were more religious than racist, then the idea is that since these black kids are not Hindus they could not attend a Hindu School.

    The Government funds that go that school comes from the pockets of all Tax payers in T&T. They do not parcel out what was paid by Hindus, and then take a portion of that and distribute it based on religion.

    TMan would have us be comforted by the thought that Sat will fail in his attempts so we should not be bothered. Yeah right! We should trust the brethren of Sat in how we should respond to the racism of Sat. Man you missed your century by a few hundred years, because I could envision you standing on podium where slaves were being sold exhorting them not to worry because the slave masters will fail in separating them from their families. Yes, a little extreme I admit, but microcosmicly analagous in context and pattern.

    I subscribe to the Bantu Steven Biko school of thought that, “It becomes more necessary to see the truth as it is if you realise that the only vehicle for change are these people who have lost their personality. The first step therefore is to make the black man come to himself; to pump back life into his empty shell; to infuse him with pride and dignity, to remind him of his complicity in the crime of allowing himself to be misused and therefore letting evil reign supreme in the country of his birth I contend that when we allow others to persuade us that the sting of an ant is not as bad as the bite of a snake, and there we should ignore the former because it will fail to cripple or kill us, we are allowing ourselves to be misused and facilitating the reign of evil. In effect, the motive is to desenticize us to these stings so that when the bite comes we will ignore that also. It is devious, machiavellian, and indicative of the subconscious contempt the authors of this stratagem have for our intelligence.

    As for diminishing the struggles of African Americans by analogizing Sat’s attempts with that experience, man, get a hold of yourself. This guilt trip stratagem is tired, worn, and the last refuge of bigots. The Sat Maharaj issue is proportionally analogous to Governor Wallace standing in the door of an Alabama School to deny entrance to two little black girls. The difference between the two situations is that the national Government of the US then sent in Federal troups to enforce civil rights, while the national Government of T&T is busy trying to play down what has occurred in order not to antagonize its ideological seer and the many who share his cultural and religious racist mindset.

    1. Look, let me state it clearly: Sat has and is still pursuing a religious and racial agenda in T&T. It will not succeed.
      The Concordat gives too much power to religious organizations in the administering of their schools. Most religions managed this power quite well.The Maha Sabha and Sat Maharaj are abusing this power afforded to them under the Concordat.The government should not tolerate this abuse.

  26. Very good , keith ,so we have defined the problem , now what?
    Just like one cannot legislate morality , it is likewise impossible ,to make laws in any democracy ,to force people to love the other – which is what this is.
    For the record,since it does not hurt ‘Her Majesty Queen K,’in any way , to play good cop , versus Sat’s & others ,bad cop, we know that no symbolic sanctions, would be forthcoming his way ,any time soon, long into the future, so again,what is your end game, as I , like many others are finding this exercise quite tedious.
    AHHHHH, but won’t it be nice to come on one of these blogs on any single day, and not have to talk repeatedly about Indians?
    Quite disgusting indeed! It is part of the prime reasons why our twin island remains so stagnant.
    I am building a case for ‘ethno-regionalism,’ as since 1962, one group of people, of mainly Afrikan descent, has borne the brunt of this distracting stupidity- and no , it ain’t de folks in Chagurnas , Princesstown,Tunapuna, Tacarigua, Westmoorings,San Juan , St James , Morvant , Santa Cruz, Toco, John , John ,or Maraval.
    If your right hand offend you cut it off!We will see in due course. What’s my motivation, when “the personal is political?”

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