462 arrests in 5 days

Two gang leaders hiding out at the exclusive Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port-of-Spain were arrested yesterday morning by police under the anti-gang legislation. The two men ages 36 and 31, along with a 22-year-old woman checked into the hotel on Tuesday and stored large sums of cash and jewelry in safes provided in the hotel room suites. The men reportedly were staying on a day to day basis and paid US$250 (TT$1,600) per day.

…Hyatt Hideout
POLICE yesterday swooped down on the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port of Spain and arrested two men they say are leaders of well-known criminal gangs in Sea Lots, Port of Spain.

…Alleged gangsters held at Presidential Suite

…Duo held in $9,600 suite

Pres: $20m drug bust and fear of gang warfare
The Government announced the state of emergency five days after a $20 million drug bust was carried out on August 16 and the threat of gang warfare arose.

Rowley has more questions for Govt
APART from questioning Government about the reasons why it implemented a state of emergency in the country, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has other issues to raise with the Government when the House of Representatives sits on September 2.

462 arrests in 5 days
THERE HAVE been 462 arrests thus far over the last five days, Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs said yesterday as the country prepared to enter another day under a state of emergency which has seen 190 people arrested in relation to criminal gang-activity.

Kamla: We’ll take them out in one way or another

Cutlass named ‘Beyonce’
BRIAN Harricharan, 32, one of three men who were allegedly beaten by soldiers near their Claxton Bay home on Thursday morning, remained warded yesterday at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Ramlogan: Gangs offering $10,000 to take licks
GANGS are engaged in a public relations ploy to garner sympathy from citizens and prevent law enforcement officials from infiltrating their illegal organisations, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has said.

…Claims of licks by lawmen false—AG

Less crime, more business
THE CURRENT state of emergency has resulted in losses in several sectors of the local economy, but Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams hopes these losses will be compensated by future benefits.

Tewarie: Emergency Losses a price business must pay
PLANNING Minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie says individuals and businesses losing money due to the State of Emergency need to look at the “big picture” and it was a cost that had to be borne.

Waterhole man accused of being gang leader
JASON LEWIS was reportedly the first person to be charged with being a gang leader under the Anti-Gang legislation.

Nine held for gang involvement, narcotics
NINE men were arrested for gang involvement and narcotics during a police exercise in Princes Town and New Grant yesterday.

Shotgun, army gear recovered
THE WAR on crime continued on Thursday night with officers of the North Eastern Task Force recovering a shotgun, one kilo of marijuana, an army vest and pants, and two ski masks from a house in Morvant.

32 charged under new Anti-Gang Act

Lawyers cry ‘foul’ against (60) gang charges
The sons of a recent murder victim and a Cocorite businessman were among 60 people appearing yesterday in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court charged under the anti-gang legislation.

Subhas calls for review of Anti-Gang Act
He may have been part of the team that drafted the Anti-Gang Act. However, former minister in the Ministry of National Security Subhas Panday now says the law should be reviewed

Jack: Labour leaders ‘begging’ for detention
Works Minister Jack Warner feels that some trade union leaders are “begging” to be detained during the State of Emergency so that they could become “martyrs”. But he says they would not get their wish.

‘Emergency’ not a war against unions, says Indarsingh

Jack: We’ll pave roads at night
Warner said yesterday that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has instructed him to continue paving “left, right and centre” (throughout the country) by night—during the hours of the curfew.

…Pave like hell

Tribunal to hear cases at Hall of Justice
THE TRIBUNAL appointed to review cases of persons detained under emergency provisions of the state of emergency will hear applications lodged in north and south Trinidad as well as Tobago, the tribunal members said this week as they explained that the tribunal is meant to only handle cases involving persons detained under the specific orders and regulations governing the state of emergency.

…High Court Judge: T&T public still has some rights
While the state of emergency has taken away some rights, High Court Judge Ricky Rahim says citizens still have the right to approach the Judiciary for help.

…Judge bats for citizens’ rights

Hinds: Review Tribunal a waste of $$
PNM Senator Fitzgerald Hinds is predicting that the Review Tribunal established to hear the cases of people detained under the Emergency Powers Regulations will be a waste of resources and money.

Four men in court for breach of curfew
FOUR persons, including two homeless men, appeared in court yesterday charged with breaching the curfew.

3 fined $500 each for breaching curfew

Volney: Backlog will be addressed
JUSTICE MINISTER Herbert Volney yesterday said an additional backlog will be created for the country’s judicial system when it has to deal with the persons who were detained by security forces under the state of emergency. However, he was confident it would be dealt with.

Soldiers called to PM’s side
Protest at St Paul Street

Cop accidentally shot by colleague
A POLICEMAN awaiting instructions to go on a police exercise during the State of Emergency on Thursday night was struck by a bullet which was reportedly discharged from a gun being cleaned by a fellow officer.

No room at the prisons
Prison officers are concerned about severe overcrowding at the nation’s prisons resulting from the large number of people arrested over the last few days during the state of emergency.

Making it work
As the country enters its first weekend under the current state of emergency, we need to monitor, and indeed evaluate its effectiveness to date. And we do so not just in terms of the actions of the Government and the security services, but also from the perspective of the citizens, and formal groups, such as labour, business, and even ourselves, the media, and of course, the opposition.

St Lucia holds off curfew due to tourism impact
Gang activity to blame for 15 killings in 3 months:

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  1. Rival gang leaders ‘unite’ behind bars
    Cedric “Burkie” Burke, 36, and Keon “Baine” Bain, 31, who were arrested by police allegedly hiding out at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Friday, are expected to appear before a Port of Spain magistrate tomorrow on gang -related charges.

    Gang members create stir at Guantanamo
    Eighty persons rounded up by the police and army since the state of emergency was declared and who were described as gang members, are reportedly causing a stir at the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca, where they are being kept.

    ‘Police moving real drastic’
    Twenty four hours after two of their “boys” were arrested at the Hyatt Regency Hotel last Friday morning, Sea Lots East yesterday was grave quiet, almost serenely so.

    Lecturer: Action ten years too late
    St Augustine Campus history lecturer/vice chairman of the Board of Governors at Cipriani Labour College Dr Jerome Teelucksingh says the state of emergency should have been implemented a decade ago…

    AG considers making curfew penalty stiffer
    Attorney General Anand Ramlogan says he is considering imposing stiffer fines and penalties for persons who break curfew restrictions during the current state of emergency.

    Police nab 34 gang suspects
    EXERCISES in Western, Northern, Port of Spain and North Eastern Divisions between Friday and yesterday morning netted a shotgun, ammunition, drugs and several suspects, including members of criminal gangs.

    Eleven detained in Maloney

    70 held in South
    Police continued with anti-crime exercises on Friday night in the Southern Division, which yielded the arrests of 70 people for varying offences.

    Cops grab 72 in Southern Division
    SEVENTY-TWO persons were arrested between Friday night and yesterday morning during exercises conducted by police in the Southern Division.

    Search Laventille, Westmoorings homes, too
    Redemption Christian Centre pastor Dr Victor Gill has called on the Government to show some equity and stop the security forces from focussing their attention during the state of emergency on one community.

    Shotgun, ski masks seized in Morvant
    Ganja found at feet of 6-year-old

    Prison Officers’ Association head: Number of prisoners raises concerns

    Govt mulls over jail at Tarouba stadium
    State of emergency detainees will likely be housed at the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, which was started by the PNM administration, but has never been used.

    …’Tarouba Stadium for detention centre’

    …Strange idea, says Imbert
    Opposition MP Colm Imbert said yesterday he found the Government’s option of using the $1 billion Tarouba Stadium as a detention centre a “strange” idea.

    …Moonilal: Tarouba stadium just one possibility

    Subhas wants AG to verify number of people arrested
    State of Emergency

    Mayers: They put the cart before the horse
    Former deputy political leader of the Congress of the People (COP) Robert Mayers has criticised the Government for approaching the state of emergency the wrong way.

    Business people complain about losses
    Business people who depend on night sales have incurred significant losses…

    Aboud: Consider amending curfew
    President of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) Gregory Aboud is asking that consideration be given to amend the curfew hours to facilitate businesses that operate at nights…

    Point chamber head warns of risk to economy: ‘Extending emergency will cause damage’

    People in the know must blow the whistle
    At the very least, the eyebrow-raising discovery of gangland suspects enjoying the five-star luxury of the Hyatt Regency (Trinidad) Hotel in downtown Port of Spain underscores the degree to which Trinidad and Tobago has become a criminal haven. Two suspects, linked with identified bandit formations, had been living it up in premier accommodations, even as the State of Emergency had imposed lifestyle restrictions on the rest of the population.

    Extra-normal powers should provide exceptional results

  2. Kamla wants to talk with ‘video teen’
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar says she wants to meet with the 14-year-old Cocorite girl who posted threatening statements about her on Facebook.

    Don’t Punish Her
    PM wants to meet with teen girl who posted threatening video on Facebook

    …Please forgive me
    The 14-year-old schoolgirl who posted racial and obscene threats directed at the Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in a YouTube video yesterday, surrendered to the police Cyber Crimes Unit based at the Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain in the company of her parents and attorney David West.

    …Cops promise swift probe
    POLICE probing the incident in which a 14-year-old Cocorite girl made a video hurling death threats, obscene and racial remarks at Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar have promised that the matter will be concluded soon.

    Newsday Editorial: Poison in young minds
    There is a perception among many people — and some of them surely know better — that the “social media”, Facebook, Twitter, texting, and the like provides an outlet for totally free expression. That this opinion can reside among those who, prior to social media, never commented on current affairs in any way, is partially understandable.

    GOVERNMENT is to ask Parliament to approve an extension of the current state of emergency beyond September 5, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday.

    …Emergency will be extended says PM
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday revealed Government would seek to extend the state of emergency but reduce curfew hours when the matter comes up for debate in Parliament on Friday…

    …More emergency, less curfew coming

    ‘Change curfew hours to save economy’
    Business leaders are hoping that Government will consider adjusting the curfew hours implemented under the State of Emergency to minimise the impact to the economy.

    Rowley not surprised by extension
    ‘We don’t know if it’s working’

    Sandy called emergency shots
    National Security Minister Brig (ret) John Sandy was the one who recommended the implementation of a state of emergency to the Prime Minister based on intelligence received.

    Gibbs: 820 arrested
    COMMISSIONER of Police Dwayne Gibbs, said yesterday the number of people arrested since the declaration of the State of Emergency on August 21, now stands at 820.

    New orders: Seize scrap metal
    PRESIDENT George Maxwell Richards has issued new orders expanding the powers of the protective forces to seize scrap metal throughout the country in response to what Attorney General Anand Ramlogan yesterday described as “a peculiar and particular problem”, disclosed by national security intelligence.

    …Regulate the scrap-metal business

    …Beetham crackdown
    More than 30 soldiers from the Engineering and Infantry Battalion of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force yesterday continued the search for arms and ammunition at scrap yards located along the Beetham Highway in Port-of-Spain.

    Unions on two-day fast
    The trade union movement has embarked on a two-day fast to protest sections within the state of emergency proclamation which it believes are being used to curtail the activity of the union.

    …Labour leaders begin prayer and fasting

    Curfew breakers pay old $500 fine
    THE amendment to the Emergency Powers Regulation Order was not used by Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar yesterday when eight people appeared before her charged with breaching the curfew contrary to Section 3 of the Order.

    Subhas changes tune on ‘draconian’ law
    ASKED yesterday to respond to a recent call by Subhas Panday to review the anti-gang legislation, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan simply referred reporters to Panday’s earlier contribution on the Bill in the Senate.

    3 in court on gang charges
    Two men, who law enforcement officers claim are gang leaders from El Socorro and Sea Lots, Port-of-Spain, were among 23 people who appeared in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court yesterday for gang-related activity.

    …CEPEP, URP ‘only gangs in El Socorro’
    “THERE is only two gangs in El Socorro: CEPEP and URP.” These were the words of alleged gangster Donnie Dookie yesterday when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar charged with being a member of the “Devanand Gang”.

    No bail for ‘gang leaders’
    Criminal charges were read against two gang leaders and 21 gang members yesterday morning at the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Eighth Court when the group of men made their first appearance before Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar.

    Carenage claims wrong ‘bad’ name
    Scorpion Alley is demanding an apology. But some Smith Hill residents are finally getting relief from a daily diet of gunshots. The mixed reviews which the state of emergency has elicited in “hot spot” areas under curfew are no different from those of Scorpion Alley and Smith Hill in Carenage.

    Rifle, ganja found in Laventille
    The war on crime continued yesterday after officers of the Port-of- Spain Division led by ASP Stephen Grant, Insp Sahadeo Singh, Insp Thomas and Insp Bruce recovered a rifle, 257 rounds of assorted ammunition, an army camouflage uniform, and a quantity of marijuana at a house in Laventille.

    Cops find home-made shotgun, ganja and cocaine
    POLICE OFFICERS of the Central Division raided three of the “lockdown” areas on Sunday after curfew had ended and found a home-made shotgun and an undisclosed amount of marijuana and cocaine.

    Cops seize wagonload of ganja trees
    A CAR LOAD of fully grown marijuana trees was seized by officers of the Siparia CID on Quinam Road in Siparia on Sunday. The value was estimated to be $250,000.

    Karamath mansion searched
    A large contingent of police officers yesterday swooped down at the Valsayn mansion of deceased contractor Hafeez Karamath, in search of arms, ammunition and drugs, but came up empty-handed after a two-hour long search.

    AG: Court appearance before name calling
    Government is not at liberty to publish names of those detained under the state of emergency operations until they are arrested and charged, according to Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

    AG: Publishing detainees’ names will open Govt to lawsuits

    Say who has been detained and why

    Prisons officers’ leave restricted
    Prisons Commissioner, John Rougier yesterday restricted leave for all prisons officers, and recalled to duty those officers who are currently on leave to assist during the period of the state of emergency.

    Browne prays for nation in Woodford Square
    Under gloomy skies and amidst reports that there was an electrical blackout from Port-of-Spain to Piarco at noon yesterday, PNM Member of Parliament for Diego Martin Central, Amery Browne, stood up in Woodford Square, Port-of-Spain, and prayed for the nation.

    Car theft ring busted with arrest of eight
    A car theft and scrapping ring was busted on Sunday by police after eight suspects were arrested. Officers of the Freeport Police Station made the discovery while chasing a man wanted for several crimes in Chaguanas.

    …Cops led to stolen vehicles and parts
    A MAN who was attempting to run away from the police on Saturday may have chosen a “wrong” hiding spot when he ran into an apartment at Orange Field Road, Carapichaima, where the officers not only held him, but discovered tens of thousands of dollars worth in motor vehicle parts, believed to be stolen.

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