All voices must be raised in LGBTQ+ debate

Guardian Editorial
June 23, 2023 –

Guardian EditorialThe issue of lesbian and gay rights has been knocking on our door for some time now. Today, the LGBTQ+ community is banging on the front door demanding attention. A feeling of blissfully secure, or indeed silently angst from within the presumed safety of our previously secured places, will not protect us from facing an issue that is present everywhere in our world.

The circulating rumour of books with information and visual depictions for our children to read of a sexuality different from the norm of what their parents and society as a whole have been grounded in, is merely the wedge beneath the door.

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, in her stout repudiation of the rumours of the books referring to LGBTQ+ behaviours being on the ministry’s booklist, had every right to correct the record. As to the eventual outcome of how this matter is to be reflected and taught, or not, in schools, she really has no say as the minister.

Whether this society in the majority agrees with or attempts to discourage this phenomenon of differing forms of sexuality becoming the norm, the reality is that it’s happening and will continue to occupy our physical and thinking space.
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