Woman, 2 suspected bandits killed in Westmoorings shootout

By Jensen La Vende Newsday

Two suspected bandits and a woman are dead after a shootout at a home in Westmoorings on Thursday morning.

Police said two men entered the yard at Cherry Crescent at around 8 am and residents called the police for assistance. A relative – a firearm user’s licence holder – came to the family’s assistance and confronted the men.
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Mom killed in Westmoorings home invasion: 2 suspects die
Nicole Moses, the mother of two killed when bandits entered her property in Westmoorings this morning, is being mourned and celebrated as a hero who died in defence of her family and property.

Businesswoman fatally shot in Westmoorings home invasion
Guardian Media understands that Moses, 49, was at home with her elderly mother and other relatives just after 8 am, when three men entered the family’s property at Cherry Crescent.
A report said a relative, who is the holder of a firearm user’s licence, opened fire on the bandits with his weapon, after which there was a shootout.
Two of the bandits were shot. They died on the scene.
Guardian Media understands that Moses was scampering other relatives to safety when she was shot.
Initial police reports had said that Moses had killed the suspects.

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  1. Not surprised Westmoorings is an armed camp, not an easy target for bandits. Sorry for the dear lady who loss her life in the process, but on the positive side two bandits gone community safer. To date no word on Zephaniah…. The family is grief stricken, please say a pray for his safe return…

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