Tobago Does Not Need this Self Government Bills Hamper

By Stephen Kangal, CARONI
July 19, 2021

Stephen KangalWhile hampers are in high demand and par for the course of alleviating abject poverty today, Tobago after twenty-five years of civilised persistence for attaining genuine self-government and functional autonomy (2018 Bill) is being presented with a misleading hamper of Bills even though Tobago is politically well-endowed.

Tobagonians must submit themselves to that pittance irrespective of the extent to which these Bills have deviated from responding to their hitherto well-articulated legitimate expectations.

The one factor that underpins and drives these two Bills and reinforced by the presentations by the Government members in the House, notably by the Hon AG Faris Al -Rawi is pure arrogant deception and total shameful misrepresentations geared to achieve scare-mongering among Tobagonians and lull them into a false sense of political/self-governance security.

This dangerous and deceptive potential loss of territory (“acreage”) by T&T being peddled by the AG fast and furious is totally misleading, false, embarrassing and quite unbecoming of the Office that serves as legal adviser to GORTT. He has blemished T&T’s diplomatic internationally acclaimed legacy on maritime affairs and caused to be inserted into the Hansard Records numerous falsities on the Law of the Sea Convention.

He has invoked this ruse for isolating and decimating Tobago as a virtual colony of Trinidad and not amending Section 1 of the Constitution.

Tobago is being regarded as if it is a land-locked entity with no adjoining marine areas. Legal deception is being used to deny Tobago of its entitlement to have some say on the exploitation of its maritime patrimony even though the new pre-ambular section of the Constitution is amended to recognize the right of Tobago to freely pursue its political and economic development in Tobago.

This is similar to the classic invocation by former President Robinson of “moral and spiritual values” to remove incumbent PM Panday in 2002.

As a practitioner of the Law of the Sea for forty years plus I have done my national duty to submit seven memoranda to the JSC on Tobago Self-Government making inter alia, the case for maritime justice to be done to Tobago’s quest for participating in forging its own destiny. But I was not good enough to be selected/invited to testify before that JSC on very important legal issues of the sea because I was not purveying the propaganda that they JSC wanted to hear.

I can say that AG Al-Rawi used deception to attempt to fool the people of Tobago. He also quite intentionally and dishonestly misled and misinformed the Parliament and introduced patent Law of the Sea falsities into the Hansard Records.

I can say quite categorically from close and repeated content analyses of his lengthy June 28th Statement delivered in the House on the Self-Government Bill 2021 that not a single word that he uttered on the Law of the Sea as it applies to T&T is correct and can pass, survive or stand the test of knowledgeable scrutiny.

I have since submitted a Memo to this effect to the JSC on Tobago Self Government- such is the level of confidence in my summation.

49 thoughts on “Tobago Does Not Need this Self Government Bills Hamper”

    1. You will be very unsettled by the extent to which I have been assisting Tobagonians to understand The Law of the Sea and played a significant role in the text of the 2018 Bill relating to maritime affairs. My defense of the right of Tobagonians to self-determination and jurisdiction over the adjoining maritime areas began since 2002. I am well known and appreciated in Tobago and that is what matters.

      1. “My defense of the right of Tobagonians to self determination over the adjoining maritime areas began since 2002.”
        Stephen Monohar Kangal

        Blah Blah Blah Blah…
        But wasn’t stephen was a public servant for many years? Wasn’t he appointed deputy commissioner in a ministry 1996-2000? Why didn’t stephen help tobagonians while wielding ministerial power during UNC, or as a public servant? Why do UNC indians always want to “help” africans when they are not in power? It’s Gobar politics!

        Whenever i read of an indian trinidadian talking passionately about “Tobago Self Government “, i immediately think of how inherently devious, unpatriotic and devoutly racist sat maharaj was. How he used his radio programme after the UNC tobago loss, to tell indians not to spend money in tobago (if they do visit), and that they should vacation in florida and new york instead. I also recall how hochoy charles bemoaned how he had to chase off indian trinidadian squatter camps post 1995, pre 2000 election. The indian plan for tobago, as per UNC and indian politics, is “settler colonialism”. In 2010, there was an indian trinidadian family squatting on the grass opposite the tobago airport.As devant let the cat out of the bag, while speaking to an indian newspaper,, indian trinidadians, who overwhelmingly are UNC drones, see tobago and it’s inhabitants, as an obstacle to their winning elections and ethnic dominion over the Trinidadian and Tobagonian african population. They desire to invalidate and alienate tobago’s voters, because they believe they can conquer them and african trinidadians separately….just like the republican party in the southern states (U.S.).

        That’s what really matters!

        Stephen Monohar Kangal claims to want to help tobagonians, but read below his view of african culture and his disrespect of the late marion o’ callaghan.

        Stephen Monohar Kangal- Wanted: Respect for Indian Cultural Persistence

        Wanted: Respect for African Culture

  1. Tobago Needs to read Stephen Monohar Kangals 2005 indian arrival day speech, hosted by CUSTOMS & EXCISE, to truly understand the author of articles addressing them and their business!

    Stephen Kangal: 2005 Indian Arrival Day Speech : Utho From Sapna & Karma

  2. “…We have a lot to learn from our African brothers and sisters in the art of politics. And this is so because politics determines every aspect of your lives and the Indian community must become politically astute and wise to earn your place in the Sun and in Dharti Mai Trinidad and Tobago…”

    Were you referring to this statement fool?

    1. How could someone whose surname translates to “poor and bankrupt”, ever gain the nerve to call another a fool, while dedicating his life to supporting those that validate the religious order that gave him his name? LOL!

      Anyone that reads Stephen Monohar Kangal’s entire speech would be unfazed by how many strategically placed “african brothers and sisters” inserts he references.

      Stephen Kangal: 2005 Indian Arrival Day Speech : Utho From Sapna & Karma

      1. Inconvenient that exchange with Stephen Kangal reminds me of law student Nelson Mandela and his law professor:

        “When Nelson Mandela was studying law at the University, a white professor, whose last name was Peters, disliked him intensely.
        One day, Mr. Peters was having lunch at the dining room when Mandela came along with his tray & sat next to the professor.
        The professor said,
        “Mr Mandela, you do not understand, a pig & a bird do not sit together to eat”
        Mandela looked at him as a parent would a rude child & calmly replied,
        “You do not worry professor. I’ll fly away,”
        & he went & sat at another table.
        Mr. Peters, reddened with rage, decided to take revenge.
        The next day in class he posed the following question:
        “Mr. Mandela, if you were walking down the street & found a package, & within was a bag of wisdom & another bag with money, which one would you take ?”
        Without hesitating, Mandela responded, “The one with the money, of course.”
        Mr. Peters , smiling sarcastically said,
        “I, in your place, would have taken the wisdom.”
        Nelson Mandela shrugged & responded, “Each one takes what he doesn’t have.”
        Mr. Peters, by this time was about to throw a fit, seething with fury. So great was his anger that he wrote on Nelson Mandela’s exam sheet the word “IDIOT”
        & gave it to the future struggle icon.
        Mandela took the exam sheet & sat down at his desk trying very hard to remain calm while he contemplated his next move.
        A few minutes later, Nelson Mandela got up, walked up to the professor & told him in a dignified polite tone,
        “Mr. Peters, you signed your name on the sheet, but you forgot to give me my grade.”
        Don’t mess with intelligent people….

      2. Serious thing, IT… the psychology of Stephen… to gain acceptance in/among ‘his’ Indian community… Because he looks so ‘African’.

        I blame the Professor for never pursuing that Radio and TV license…. as Sat did… we could have been past these issues…

        Media is powerful..

        1. Ramk,
          Thank You very much for that video! Very insightful, powerful, and hard to laugh at the implications of people with that mentality migrating to:


        2. Thank you for that introduction RamK. I find this guy very funny and makes reality sound so funny. Unfortunately, there are those in our country who are still denying the undeniable. I love this guy Saikiran.

  3. Stephen I respect your insight as a former ambassador into this very important issue. Tobago maritime rights have been infringed at times due to the lack of proper maritime patrolling. Bajan fishermen come and fish with the borders. Rowley family in Barbados would not approve of him standing up to these fishermen.

    Inconvenient (aka Linda Edwards) need to calm herself down and try to understand the issue.

  4. Stephen Kangal’s 2005 speech was probably more than ten thousand words long. While he wants you to believe that he was not racist in a plural society, it was interesting to note that he NEVER mentioned the word “unity” once, even though one of their favorite words is “equity”. You cannot have “equity” without the pursuit of “unity”.

  5. Those of us who frequent this Blogsite know that Inconvenient Truth is no fool.
    He is obsessed with “everything” Indian and his life’s mission is to preach against Indians, their religion, culture and very existence. One has to admire his extensive knowledge and access to resources on Indian affairs, all over the world.
    One suspects that he has probably lived or studied in India, been jilted by an Indian lover or rejected by her family. His bitterness runs deep. His antagonism is beyond repair. He presents as someone who is deeply hurt.
    His only means of psychological survival is to continue his life’s mission of generalizing, diminishing, berating, and condemning Indians, their culture, religion and worldwide entrepreneurial and professional success.
    The end result is someone who has developed into a rabid racist with clouded vision. He is not a fool, but someone who should be ignored. QED.

  6. Weak people seek revenge in a number of failing ways, like inconvenient lies, verbal assault and negativity.
    Strong people forgive.
    Intelligent people ignore. It is sometimes inconvenient to do so, but it’s the truth.

    1. Can we all agree then that Tman doesn’t fit his own definition of strong and and intelligent? According to tman the psuedo-intellectual/psychologist, “intelligent” people ignore… and yet despite all of his posturing on “intelligence” and “strength”, tman cannot seem to ignore my posts. Also, tman defines “weak people” as revenge seekers that use failed tactics, lies, verbal assaults and “negativity”. However, tman has done nothing on this blog except inconvenience me with lies and verbal assaults of negativity (racist, hateful slander). In fact, tman continuous vengeance tinged tirades about me exposes his profound lack of the strength required to forgive the pain i obviously inflict on he and mamoo with my inconvenient truths.

      Tman is weak man;Vengeance and racist hatred cloud his vision.
      Tman is unintelligent;He lacks the restraint ignore;Only posture
      Tman is weak man;A failure at disputing my arguments; and a liar

      1. Whenever you decide to present an argument, I will be happy to dispute or agree with it; however, your posts consist of accusations, name calling, unsupported opinions, weak generalizations, outrageous claims with a lack of evidence and an endless stream of copy and paste sources, most of which are invalid and unreliable.
        You are consumed by your deep seated hatred of Indians, causing you to lack clarity and objectivity.
        I do agree that some of your musings on the Caste system are factual and I also agree that the Hindutva movement evokes shades of White Evangelicalism. Both are destructive.
        But I do wish that you would move on and try to offer supported opinions on other topics.
        How could anyone make their life’s mission the criticism of another race or ethnicity?
        It is also disconcerting to see other individuals on this site reveling in your racism and offering support to you in your madness.

        1. “Whenever you decide to present an argument, i will be happy to dispute or agree with it…” – Tman LIES!

          To date, since i began posting on this blog, tman and mamoo, have never successfully disputed any of my presented arguments. Instead, they slither away from the argument that they cannot handle, and make disingenuous, impotent attacks on my credibility and that of the information i provide. Then i began to post links to articles, news reports, video lectures from indians in and from india who are intellectuals, professors, journalists, activists etc of “Hindu”, muslim, christian and other backrounds who have far more credibility tham tman and mamoo and do you know what their trademark response was to once again, slither away on their scaly bellies, away from the sources povided, to attack the logistics of presenting the info. “copy and paste” is their child like attempt at retort. After all, how can tman dispute world reknowned Arundathi Roy
          Or Harvard Professor Suraj Yengde:
          Or Dr. Velu Annamalai, An Untouchable, born and raised:
          Dalit: The Black “Untouchables” of India-Dr. Velu Annamalai
          The reality is, Tman and mamoo are both devious, racist sentries and thugs for the “UNC/COP/PP” and are shameless, disingenuous, blatant LIARS! They will say and attempt to spin any and every conversation away from the truth, in order to protect the indian political establishment, as well as the “Hindu” and indian racist ego. Any indian that seems to be outside of those camps are also fodder for tman and mamoo e.g. raffique shah.
          As i have pointed out numerous times, tman’s hustle, is to posture as if he’s about intellectualism and objective reasoning (fraud), when he’s just another devious devotee, with a deep hatred for african people. Characters like tman channel their hatred into lies and deception as a means to destroy those whom they hate (africans, PNM).
          Here’s a good example of tman’s deceptive charater and why he can’t be taken seriously as an honest contributor:
          “I do agree with some of your musings on the caste system and i do agree that Hindutva evokes shades of white evangelicalism” Tman LIES
          Firstly, i do not require tman to “agree” with the information i provide in order for it to be valid; That is a red flag that exposes tman’s paternalistic racism. Secondly,Tman sneakily tries to “agree” with arguments and disingenuous comparisons i’ve never made, in order to “hide” the insidious depth & scope of “Hindu” nationalism (Hindutva) and what it actually is , by implying it’s similar to american white, christian fanaticism. LIES & DECEPTIVENESS! Hindutva, as tman knows because he’s an exponent and devotee, is a political mindset and ideology that has enveloped and propelled indian trinidadian, indian guyanese and indian caribbean politics (DLP/UNC/COP/PP) since the 1940’s. The only thing in common with white evangelism, is the fanaticism.The IDEOLOGY and sense of morality are completely different.
          Tman is not an intellectual, nor is he an earnest, honest debater of ideas, that is motivated by facts and truth; Tman is a poser; a swidling, lying, deceiving racist, who despises african people, and i will continue to call him out. He, like mamoo and other characters like them thrive on the unwillingness to see them for what they are…UNC agents!

          Is Tman RALPH?

  7. Tman,
    Did you ever consider, besides your recurring “jilted lover” theory, of couse, that a simpler psych profile of me would be more plausible? Is it possible that i might just have a strong sense of justice? Is “rabid racist” an accurate description of my persona on this blog or yours and mamoo’s? In many people’s view, this is where “rabid racist” can be more accurately applied:

    1. “Is “rabid racist” an accurate description of my persona on this blog or yours and mamoo’s?”
      Inconvenient aka Linda Edwards, let me say you are like the mangie dog barking full of lice seeking my attention. I am no rabid racist I am a very culture man not from the ghetto but middle class with some genuine black friends. We are not affected by the color of our skin.

      I note you are a copy and paste idiot whose mission is malign all and sundry with straight hair, indians, white, dougla have all felt your misguided and demonic obsession about their race. You are like the load of dog shyte to be avoided because you will make anyone smell who comes in contact with you.

      Africanas have savoured the fat of the land in TnT. 75% of government jobs, housing, grants are reserved for your tribe. The
      P.M. Chief Justice, President, DPP are all like black label rum, they have this nation drunk in debt, lawlessness and mindlessness.

      Your constant mindless moronic attack Linda will be stopped, suddenly….by the Almighty.

  8. Inconvenient, Kian, and just about every Tom, Dick and Loud Mouth have evoked the image of the racist woman from Texas and posted her video on numerous occasion. Congratulations, the point well taken. Racist exist in every group and class.
    The same points are being repeated by both sides with rationalizations presented for support. Prolonging this agony is leading to nowhere. No minds are being changed. Birdie and Yoruba have very often shown their objectivity and sound knowledge by deviating from the “race argument”. Kian appears to be a rational, sound thinker.
    It is possible to advocate strongly for one’s group without attempting to repeatedly attack and diminish others with deep rancor and hate, in the manner being employed by Inconvenient Truth aka Linda Edwards.

    1. “Racist exist in every group and class.”……TMan
      I noticed that you omitted Mamoo from the advice quoted. That means you are not true to what you believe. People are not born radicals, the become radicalized by the environment in which they are usually forced to habitate in. I am all for rational arguments based on what passes for reasonable traceable facts.
      When people get on a tirade of dehumanizing others who are racially (physically) different I do have a problem with them. We are all products of the creator who chose to equip us with different hair, nose, mouth, ears and physical features but in the end we are all equipped with the ability to think and rationalize for ourselves. When people like Mamoo goes on a tirade with his embicilic attitude it radicalized some to the extent where we go to exit points that extends beyond rationality. And this is what you are seeing on this blogosphere. I am much more comfortable discussing ideas, even those that I may not agree with, because it affords me an opportunity to advance my thinking. That is why I participate. Challenge my intellect if you dare and I have no problem with that. But when you try to demean what God has given me, then that is another story.

      1. Kian,
        Tman is a wolf crier and gaslighter at heart! His goal is to psychologically dominate “us”, in order to control the discussion. What really upsets tman, mamoo etc. . Is the mere fact that we “talk back” to his brahmin-ness…he hates what he deems through his varna/caste-minded eyes, as “back talk” from “lesser” beings. I have never on this blog demeaned indians as a race, nor have i indiscriminately attacked their culture, and i’ll never be forced into a back pedalling imbecile based on the wolf crier’s psychological of tman and co. The irony of all of this is that tman’s Hindutva ideology is the real WOLF, and nobody’s crying…yet! Hindutva is about the politicization of the sub-continent, it’s history, “hinduism”, indian culture and the the indian “race”,, into a single, cohesive, political, unitary WEAPON! This means that to criticize the racist varna/caste/racial hierarchy inherent to brahmin-ism (“Hindu-ism”), is to criticize “india”, the indian “race” and indian culture. It’s a political weapon designed to shield the bad behaviour behind the sanctity of religion as well as race, country and culture. IT IS A SCAM! Tman’s temper tantrum is aimed at bringing me “to heel” , and it infuriates him that i see through him and mamoo. It usually works on the PNM and africans…

        Why are there so many Hindutva trolls?

        Hindu Nationalism and the (Not So Easy) Art of Being Outraged: The Ram Setu Controversy

        1. Inconvenient, I do understand and aware of what you are saying. When you write, you assume that those who criticize you are conversant with the facts, but as you are finding out, one CANNOT accept facts if they don’t know the facts. For example, you quote (in part) “Hindutva is about the politicization of the sub-continent, it’s history, “hinduism”, indian culture and the the indian “race”,, into a single, cohesive, political, unitary WEAPON! “. Prime Minister Modi is being criticized vehemently in India and internationally for using hindutva for political purposes in India. One of the most ardent critic of this concept is Arunditha Roy. She sees the use of hindutva to govern as wrong. This concept is not new. It has always been with us in Trinidad. Every Indian communication outlet emphasizes some form of hindutva. Hinduism is not just a religion. It is a way of life, it is culture, it is literature, it is politics, it is cuisine, it is society, it is universal. This is a concept accepted by the religion, it naturally becomes part of everyday hindu life. Those who criticize the excerpts that we include in our writings and conversations do not do so on moral grounds. They see it as criticism but it is not. In hindu doctrine morality is not a concept in christianity it is the foundation. Most Afro Trinidadians, especially those in the north, are not aware of the religious aspect of Indian life in Trinidad. The reason why many ‘educated’ Afro Trinidadians are afraid to be labelled “racist”, because they don’t want to be seen disrespectful of Indian religion or culture. Many see Indian Arrival Day, Divali, holi and the festival of lights as separate, but to the Indian, one is just an extension of the other. I am not pretending to show that I understand hinduism, but as a country we are tied together and If we are to live together, we must at least have a common understanding of how each this and behave. It is not my intention to say this is good or bad. But it is evident that we see the same things differently. In christianity transgenders are not morally accepted. In India, these same people worship their own god. So, there is a social and spiritual divide. Kangal writes about his name being considered poor in his ancestral land but here in Trinidad he acts like a Brahmin towards the African. This behavior seems incongruous because I would think that both Kangal and I would be treated the same way in India.
          In summary, I just want to ask my Indian friends to understand that we are NOT morons. We are not just academics. We are citizens in quest of understanding those who think and act differently from us. THATS ALL!!!!

          1. Try telling the Indigenous peoples in Canada that morality is the moral foundation of Christianity.

    2. Tman is filled with so much racist hate for african people that he’s becoming desperate and unstable. Now he’s trying to divide and conquer others on the blog with disngenous, backhanded compliments about objectivity and racial neutrality. Is tman capable of making honest contributions without being so hateful and deceitful? Tman’s hate is bubbling over as he panics and scrambles in an attempt to control the discussion on the blog, and to impotently project superiority for his political party (UNC), his ethnic group, and his racist ego over africans and the PNM.

  9. If the Trinidad and Tobago News Blog can have UNC partisans like Stephen Kangal and Indera Sagewan to write articles that promote their partisan view, why can Inconvenient Truth (if he wants to) not also be allowed to write articles for the T&T News Blog so that other views be articulated. Or is the T&T Blog turning, like the Express and other media outlets in T&T, into a UNC blog? I am advocating that Inconvenient Truth be allowed to write articles for the Trinidad and Tobago News Blog. Let the T&T News Blog be fair and balanced.

    1. Thank you for the support birdie. However, i do not trust enough to commit to submitting time-consuming articles that are cherry picked based on race and party affiliation. I couldn’t care less about my comments rejected in terms of cut losses, but i won’t submit time and energy to then b at the mercy of acceptance. Don’y be fooled birdie, many people’s articles are daily snagged in editor’s nets in T&T Media, and that’s why you only see indian, UNC, “Hindu” narratives dominating. It’s like gravity, it can’t be seen, but it’s EFFECTS can be maeasured and analyzed. An Ethno-religious gang and racially organized crime syndicate(s) monitor and control T&T ‘media…just like the illegal narcotics, illegal guns and human (trafficking) trade.

  10. Message to Inconvenient Truth. She violates this Act every time she posts a comment on this public forum.

    Section 7 of the Equal Opportunity Act states that a person shall not otherwise than in private, do any act which is likely to to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another group or group of persons, which is done because of gender, race, ethnicity, origin or religion, or which is done with the intention of inciting gender, racial or religious hatred.

    1. LOL!
      You just discovered that act? Questions:
      Who gets to interpret what is an isult to which race and religion?
      Who determines what incites racial hatred?
      Who determines what racially humiliates a group?
      Does the act cover racist institutions and religions as well?
      Is there any group more denigrated and humiliated publically in media than africans?
      Does mamoo’s cand tman’somments pasd the test?
      Which countries does this act apply to?

      The fact that you cherry picked and jaundiced the application of law, proves beyond a doubt your devious, undemocratic and tyrannical mindset.Any and anything to have your way.

      “I hope that Mr. Yawning do a follow up book as some media outlet appears to enjoy this level of malady. I predict that there is nothing a projectile under the fifth rib cannot resolve…..just sayin. With all these unemployed black youths ready to put down a “Wuk”. And some businessmen ready to provide employment.”
      – Mamoo, Equal Opportunity Act, Section 7 Activist

      Bernard Yawching defends book accusing UNC, Hindus of racist agenda

      1. Linda… you and your racist world view is reflective of you personal insecurities a member of black race. Please dont include me in your diatribe.

  11. To Inconvenient Truth:
    Looks like a nerve was touched!

    ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much’
    She demonstrates signs of psychosis…serious indeed!
    Initial behaviors through her posts showed delusional behavior, paranoia and in latter stages neurosis.
    Now it looks like full blown psychosis is setting in.
    Passion, hatred and preoccupation with Indians will be “the death of you”.
    Try to have a nice day.

    1. LOL!
      Whose nerves have been touched? 🙂

      “Section 7 of the equal opportunity act states that a person shall not otherwise than in private…” Tman

      “…Preoccupations with indians ” will be the death of you” ” -Tman

      Now tman resorts to psuedo psychology and deaththreats…isn’t there a law somewhere in T&T about that?
      But supposedly I”M the one exhibiting psychosis, with entangled nerves.

      Why Hindutva Brigade Spews Lies

      Tman’s passion for telling lies, slandering those whose narratives contradict his ethno-political agenda and his hatred of africans has trigfered his meltdown.

  12. TMan, to answer your question about christianity and morality and your quip about how Canada treated its indigenous peoples, I am not condoning, I was speaking conceptually. We don’t always behave in concert with our teachings. There will always be those who act and think outside the box. The slave trade was not a christian act, yet those who participated sought the blessings of the christian hierarchy to fulfill their evil intent. I have met hindus who have acted more in concert with christian concepts than evangelical christians. Africa is almost evenly divided between christians and muslims, yet, most policies appear to be toned from christianity. I hope this clarifies my point.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I suspected that your meaning were along those lines.
      Incidentally, I am a Christian even though the assumption was made by many on this site that I am a Hindu….rush to judgment again based on pre- conceived assumptions.
      I often argue that most religions if not all try to advocate some form of the ten commandments as a guide for living.
      I also acknowledge that many on this site know much more about Hinduism than me.

      1. Kian
        Do not fall for the hustle…tman’s family may have converted on the surface, but they retained the racist varna/caste mentality, anti-blackness, anti-african-ness and essentially deep brahman-ist “Hindu” concept of morality. I’ve read the canadian presbyterian nuns’ regret on what they referred to as “soft” conversions, where they naively and ignorantly encouraged the indian trinidadian brahman-ists to practice their “Hindu” practices in concert with their teachings on christ, thinking it was harmless. What they in fact did was facilitate a hybridization of christianity and brahman-ist thinking, which is commonplace in india. Understand kian, from a brahman-ist perspective of conversion, what’s another white god? Unlike islam and christianity, what “unifies” brahman-ists is NOT whom they worship! Some worship lakshmi, some krishna, some kali (untouchables) etc. It is manu-smirti (the laws of manu) which CONTASTS the ten commandments, and is equivalent only in that it is the legal text and codification of the morality of the faith as the commandments are. Many if not most indian presbyterians’ christ is MILK WHITE! Not even europe whitens christ’s skin…In fact earliest, not michaelangelo inspired statues of christ and mary ARE BLACK! all over european churches and museums. I wonder how many would convert if they had to accept a black christ! Many, indian diasporan christians are hybridized hindu-christians with the dogma and superficial trappings of christianity, but brahman-ist “Hindu” in mind and spirit (“muslims”) as well.

        Racism at Torrib Trace Presbyterian School

  13. I will wish that bloggers concentrate on the text of the Article written and not use it as a clothes line to hang their dirty and soiled irrelevant bankrupt racist diatribes. I could write anything and the hate response will be the same. Hate corrupts and stifles the intellect and is patently bad for the soul. We must get rid of the venom and vendetta and be more open-minded and not closeted.

    1. Stephen Monohar Kangal on Africans & Reparations:
      “One cannot trust Afro-Caribbean intellectuals to look after the interests of Caribbean indians…” – Stephen Monohar Kangal

      “They have their own intellectual superiority agenda to promote at the expense of the indians who are expected to be dotish, quiet and docile.” – Stephen Monohar Kangal

      “If they get money they will take 95% and let the rest to indians as pittance.” -Stephen Monohar Kangal

      Timeo Beckles et Dona Ferentes

      Stephen Monohar Kangal on Prince Harry & Meghan’s wedding:

      “There was no real display of British diversity at the wedding. It was an african invasion….” -Stephen Monohar Kangal

      Royal politics shapes the Windsor wedding

    2. Do not be discouraged by the haters. Keep on writing. Many are not aware of your non-partisan efforts in Tobago

        1. The infiltration of Tobago, surreptitious or otherwise, is perfectly within the rights of any national or regional political party.
          Trinidad and Tobago is still one nation!
          Tobagonians too often forget that fact when they attempt to discriminate against Trinidad “tourists”

          1. Still infiltration
            Still surreptitious
            Exposes the character of the persons involved .

    3. Funny!!! People who preach hate condemn the reaction to their hateful speech. Kangal, I know you expect idiots only to respond favorably to your incendiary pokes at African people. When you expose your thoughts in a public forum, you are open to corrections or acceptance. Let me stress again. It is obvious that Indians and Africans in our country share diametrically opposite visions on what we see, hear and consume. We see issues as it suits our comfort. In that regard I do not see you as an honest broker on the Tobago issue. Tell you what I think your issue is: Tobago’s two seats are no longer counted in Parliament.
      This will automatically give an 86% boost to your Queen Kamla being crowned in the people’s house. That is where your interest lies and rests. Its all about elections.

  14. “One cannot trust Afro-Caribbean intellectuals to look after the interests of Caribbean indians…” – Stephen Monohar Kangal

    “They have their own intellectual superiority agenda to promote at the expense of the indians who are expected to be dotish, quiet and docile.” – Stephen Monohar Kanga

    When you lived the fifties and sixties experience in T&T, you realize how true this is.
    Things have changed to a great extent because of aggressive advocacy and the willingness of Indo Trinidadians to become more of a part of the nation as generations evolve.

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