Germany recognises colonial ‘genocide’ in Namibia

Germany calls atrocities ‘genocide’ but omits the words ‘reparations’ or ‘compensation’ from a joint statement

By Philip Oltermann, in Berlin
May 28, 2021 –

The Forgotten Genocide: Herero and Nama, 1904Germany has to agreed to pay Namibia €1.1bn (£940m) as it officially recognised the Herero-Nama genocide at the start of the 20th century, in what Angela Merkel’s government says amounts to a gesture of reconciliation but not legally binding reparations.

Tens of thousands of men, women and children were shot, tortured or driven into the Kalahari desert to starve by German troops between 1904 and 1908 after the Herero and Nama tribes rebelled against colonial rule in what was then named German South West Africa and is now Namibia.

Since 2015, Germany has negotiated with the Namibian government over what it calls an attempt to “heal the wounds” of historic violence.
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2 thoughts on “Germany recognises colonial ‘genocide’ in Namibia”

  1. Good gesture on the part of the Germans. Let us hope it reaches to the right families. I am waiting for the Brits to pay up. 5 generations of my ancestors sweat and blood lays buried in the hallowed soil of TnT. There they lay buried whilst the land owners savoured the fat that made Britan wealthy. Only Sat understood this and brought up the issue of repatriation money.

  2. Never in the annals of history, a people have been subjugated for so long and still stand strong. At least the moral caliber of Ms Angela Merkel have cracked the iron door, while other Slave holding Nations stays saying sorry. What was ok to do in a past time, is today being viewed as crimes against humanity, Evil then, is the same as in the present, the faces remain the same , institutions have not changed, only the tune is different. Africa and her children, must demand reparations from Anglo/Euro, Catholic, Islam and the USA. The UN should be at the forefront of international justice, but their vetoing members, are the main perpetrators of Africa’ subjection. Presently, former Slaves are made to believe that they are equals, which is the biggest FARSE of the last 100yrs.

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