Palestinian Lives Matter

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe
May 17, 2021

“We need to solve our problems without causing a civil war that can be a danger to our existence.”

—President Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeIn 1963, Martin Luther King was imprisoned in a Birmingham jail for leading a nonviolent demonstration against American segregation. As he sat in that jail, he responded to the concerns of eight white religious leaders who condemned his participation in that struggle for justice. He noted: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.”

I remembered these prophetic words as the Israeli government unleashed the might of its military forces on the Palestinians who dared to resist its illegal behavior. In March, Mary Robinson, a former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, welcomed the decision of the International Court of Justice to investigate the human rights situation in Palestine.

After noting the supremacy of international law and the “unilateral and partisan shifts” that the Trump government made to accommodate Israel’s cruelty to the Palestinians, Robinson noted that “the shift gave cover to the continuing construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem—the biggest threat to the two-state solution and flagrant violation of international law. It also helped justify the extension of Israeli domestic law to the 650,000 Jews living in the occupied Palestinian territories” (Financial Times, March 15) .

In April, Human Rights Watch issued a 213-page report, A Threshold Crossed, in which it contended that “Israel pursues a policy of ethnic supremacy that favors Israeli Jews over Palestinians in both Israel and the occupied territories.” It also noted “the forcible transfer of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes, denial of residency rights to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and their relatives, and the suspension of basic civil rights to millions of Palestinians,” a policy that meets “the definition of apartheid” (New York Times, April 27).

The present fighting was prompted in part by Israel’s land grab in East Jerusalem, and the Israeli police raid on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Sunni Islam, while the Palestinians were protesting the evictions from their homes. Hamas, acting as the guardian of Palestine rights, launched its rockets—a feeble response to Israel’s military might—to support the Palestinian rights to their land and their homes.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a caretaker prime minister, who is on trial on corruption charges, found himself in a precarious position. Facing one of the biggest fights of his political existence and hoping to use this crisis to return to power, he warned: “We are at the height of a weighty campaign. Hamas and Islamic Jihad paid…and will pay a very heavy price for their belligerence” (Reuters, May 11).

The Palestinians are not being “belligerent” as Netanyahu suggests. They are fighting for their very existence in a country that aims to remove them from their land. Noam Chomsky, one of the more astute analysts of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, accused the Israeli government of pursuing a strategy of “terror and expulsion” to expand its territory by killing and displacing Palestinians.

Chomsky stated that the immediate policy goal of the Israeli government “is to construct a ‘Greater Israel,’ including a vastly expanded ‘Jerusalem’ encompassing surrounding Arab villages; the Jordan valley, a large part of the West Bank with much of its arable land; and major towns deep inside the West Bank, along with Jews—only infrastructure projects integrating them into Israel” (Truthout, May 12).

This conflict, the worst between these two parties in seven years, threatens to become a civil war. The New York Times reports that it “is rapidly evolving into a new kind of war—faster, more destructive and capable of spinning in unpredictable new directions” (May 13). Thus far, 120 Palestinians have been killed and 900 wounded. Eight Israelis, including one soldier, have been killed, and there were bloody clashes in other parts of Israel. Fighting has even broken out where “Muslims and Jews have coexisted for years” (NYT, May 14).

There is no doubt that Israel’s military prowess will prevail and the Palestinians will return to their subservient role in that apartheid state. On Thursday night Israel deployed as many as 160 aircraft to pulverize the Gaza Strip in which 1.9 million Palestinians live and which the United Nations considers to be occupied by Israel. As I write, Israeli ground forces are getting ready to invade Gaza from where they pulled out in 2005.

We will be no closer towards a just solution of this conflict while the U.S. and other Western countries continue to blame the impoverished Palestinians for the conflict rather than Israeli illegal expansionary policies . There will be no peace as long as Netanyahu’s government “pursue settlement polices designed to foreclose the possibility of a two-state solution and pass laws that entrench systematic inequality between Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel” (Bernie Sanders, NYT, May 14).

On Wednesday, Mo Alghool, a Palestinian who lives in Boston called on the international community to render more assistance to his people. He reasoned: “If I come and take your house and kick you out, you and your kids, and tell you, ‘This is my house,’ how would you accept this? This is exactly what has been going on there for over 70 years now….You cannot take my house and give it to somebody else” (Boston Globe, May 13).

There will be no peace in Israel until the world acknowledges and condemns the injustice that is perpetrated against the Palestinians and demand that the Israelis government act humanely towards them. After all, Palestinians lives matter.

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3 thoughts on “Palestinian Lives Matter”

  1. Another pointless column from the exhausted Mr. Cudjoe.

    Cudjoe says that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be resolved if “the world acknowledges and condemns the injustice … perpetrated against the Palestinians” and compels Israel to act “humanely” toward their Palestinian subjects.

    That is nonsense. Although most of the world frequently condemns the cruelty of the Israelis, the Palestinians will not stop fighting until they recover virtually all of the territory the British ruled under a United Nations mandate, and the Israelis have the same territorial ambitions. In other words, each side seeks control over the same territory as well as total political and military domination of the other.

    It is a zero-sum game. At the moment, the Israelis are winning, and they have the support of most of the leaders of the Western world. The Austrian government is even flying the Israeli flag over its public buildings as Israel bombs Gaza.

    Given these unfortunate facts, it is reasonable to argue that the best interim solution for the Palestinians is to avoid bloodshed and needless loss of life. That was the situation that prevailed under the Trump administration. But with Biden and the Democrats, and with the encouragement of (powerless) liberals like Cudjoe, the Palestinians are again rising up in revolt against the ruthless Israelis — and getting slaughtered.

    Trump = Good. Biden/Cudjoe = Bad.

  2. “On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it.”ESV Zechariah 12:3

    The prophet Zechariah 2600 years ago wrote about the events unfolding today. Zechariah might not have guess but his prophecy was as accurate as it gets.

    1,000 B.C. King David entered Salem drove out the Jebusites and established Jerusalem as the Center of Judaism. King David ushered in the golden era of Jerusalem. During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times. But why is this city so important? Central to all of this is the temple that King Solomon built, it was destroyed by the Babylonians, rebuilt and in 70 AD it was destroyed again.

    The Islamic grip over Jerusalem ““In 691/692AD, Abd’ al Malik bin Marwan began constructing what is nowadays known as the Dome of the Rock on top of the rock which some believe was the place where Prophet Muhammad (saw) embarked on his Miraaj to the Heavens. However, it must be noted that regardless of whether the rock has importance for this reason, its main significance derives from it being within the boundaries of Al Masjid Al Aqsa and therefore part of Al Masjid Al Aqsa”

    And this is the reason why there will always be conflict there “
    In the books of Hadith, we learn that the Prophet (saw) went to visit the Ka’bah at night, and fell asleep. The Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) then awoke him and led him to a winged white beast named Buraq. It was on Buraq that the Prophet (saw) then made the journey to Jerusalem (a journey that would typically take 40 days) in just one momentous night. On reaching Jerusalem, the Prophet (saw) met and led all the previous Prophets in prayer at the site of Al Masjid Al Aqsa, and then embarked on the Miraaj to the Heavens.”. Most people believed this was added in to ensure this conflict between Muslims and Jews never end.

    Yaser Arafat was given more land than the Palestinians could use in the Camp David accord, but he flatly refused. For one reason only “Jerusalem”.

    For the Jews Jerusalem remains the Center of Judaism. They want the Al Aqsa mosque removed because it is a symbol of Islamic conquest. They have the materials, the red heifer for purification, the 120 temple priest, the re-established Sanhedrin council of 70 elders, established in 2005. President Trump was the hope of the rabbis to negotiate the removal of the mosque and building of the third Jewish temple. Pompeo gave the assurance of helping to push these plans forward.

    As for choosing side I can’t, because the stage is set and the actors are doing their part…..let the show go on… we do know that the nations will eventually all come to Jerusalem. It is said there is a sense of Euphoria and delirium for those who visit. Israel is the only nation where 50 UN resolutions was discussed and debated. Passed but vetoed by the US.

  3. Selwyn Cudjoe’s informative and factual recounting of the situation in Gaza is commendable. Israel continues to add to the atrocities that it has committed against the Palestinian people. About 40 children have already been killed in the Israeli attacks; 8 children from one refugee camp have been killed. There are hundreds of demonstrations against the ongoing atrocities all over the world. We need to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Even though we cannot gather and demonstrate because of the Covid situation, we can show our solidarity with the Palestinian people on social media. As Bernie Sanders wrote in an article, Palestinian lives matter, let us show that by our solidarity. We cannot become complicit in this atrocity by being silent.

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