‘These PNM cockroaches keep populating’; Ramsaran’s racist rant

By Letters to the Editor
August 09, 2020 – wired868.com

PeopleNaila Ramsaran: ‘Let us the hardworking UNC supporters continue to pay taxes and mind the loafers that support the PNM… I hope [Prime Minister Dr Keith] Rowley starts putting contraceptives in their water supply yes because these cockroaches keep populating and the only thing they know to do is vote…’

The following is an apology from Naila Ramsaran, a relative—allegedly daughter—of the owners of Ramsaran Dairy Products, for the above remarks made in the wake of the People National Movement’s (PNM) 22-19 General Election victory over the United National Congress (UNC) on Monday 10 August 2020, as well as subsequent responses from Garth St Clair and Dennis Taye-Allen:
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21 thoughts on “‘These PNM cockroaches keep populating’; Ramsaran’s racist rant”

  1. Very sad to read these comments. You may think it but you need not say it. Word to the wise. These comments reflect one individual rant. I strongly condemn it.

    1. Just remember when you leave T&T you could be looked at as a middle eastern terrorist. Just saying, sometimes the way you see people, could be the way they may see you, which is not really you. Always be careful of the words you say, just saying.

  2. One should be careful when describing the PNM and its supporters. Remember that 12 of the 26 members of Rowley’s Cabinet are not African.

  3. Just finished looking and absorbing some of these outrageous racist videos and posts on social media and was aghast at the
    contents, hatred, arrogance and sometimes misplaced self promotion. Rather than exhort anger, I decided to take a deeper study of the culprits and what in my view drive them to the contentions that foment their hateful and hurtful language.

    1. They are ALL Indians.
    2. Most are from Central and the South
    3. ALL are under the age of forty.
    4. A large portion are young females that self identify as (white)
    5. Ninety five percent were astonished at the result of the elections.
    6. The female makeups mimics that of American white girls.
    7. Almost of of them see us (black people) as animals namely “monkeys” (how cruel), many see us as “cockroaches”.
    8. They all se us as poor.
    9. They all see us as dependent on government assistance or welfare.
    10. They see us as irresponsible.
    11. They all see us as uneducated.
    12. Many see us as unsophisticated and stupid.
    13. Many see us as unscrupulous.
    14. Many saw us as beggars.
    15. Almost all see us as having a dependency syndrome.
    16. They all hated the PNM and DR. Rowley.
    17. They see themselves as apart from the rest of the population of non-Indians.
    18. They say we make too many children.
    19. They see black people as unable to provide for themselves.
    20. Those who submitted pictures, posted their picture with a lot of whiteness.

    I will not post my opinion in this commentary. With the outcry these vicious attacks have attracted, I will reserve my commentary for my next posting.

    1. Inconvenient I heard you but I think it is correct.
      unscrupulous | ˌənˈskro͞opyələs |
      having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.

      I have a few more observations:
      21. They speak of themselves (Indians) as distinctive from other Trinidadians.
      22. They want an invasion of Trinidad (under Rowley) by the US.
      23. They spoke as though they alone (and not others) have the right to govern.
      24. They spoke and thou they alone must control the narrative of this country.
      25. They advised and acknowledged that Indian businesses have two prices – one for Indians and one for Africans.

      Why opinions will follow.

      1. Kian,
        #13 sais THEY THINK africans are unscrupulous! No noooo, they DEPEND on the reliability of the stupid, dumb principled, fair, honest NEGRO! They do not believe africans are unscrupulous at all!

  4. It is time to bring an end to this nonsense.
    Kamla should make a concession speech and graciously condemn all the race talk.
    Challenge whatever the UNC is displeased with concerning the election and let the process play out in a civil manner. Reign in candidates who are attempting to frustrate the recounts.
    Leaders and former leaders like Panday should denounce the racist posts and talk. Charge those who violate laws.
    Rowley should make a speech on race and reassure the population that the PNM will govern for all in a multicultural country.

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