DPP Probes Duprey, Monteil

Lawrence DupreyDPP Probes Duprey
Attorney General Anand Ramlogan yesterday directed that all files coming out of the probe into the collapse of insurance giant CLICO be forwarded to Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard to determine if criminal charges should be laid against former CL Financial executives Lawrence Duprey and Andre Monteil.

DPP Seek QC’S Advice
EVEN as civil lawsuits have been filed against CL Financial’s former chairman, billionaire businessman Lawrence Duprey and former Clico Investment Bank (CIB) chairman Andre Monteil, possible criminal prosecution could next be on the cards for the two as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is moving ahead with his own probe.

…Transparency hails ‘stand against corruption’

…Monteil: Lawsuit a ‘public lynching’

…Mariano: Central Bank too late

…Enill on issue against Duprey, Monteil: PNM Govt gave bank the power

Hearing next Monday for CIB lawsuit against Monteil

Judge reserves judgment on CLICO policyholders case

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  1. DPP: I’m not probing Duprey and Monteil
    Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard says he is not probing former CL Financial executive billionaire businessman Lawrence Duprey and former Clico Investment Bank (CIB) chairman Andre Monteil.

    Duprey Fights Back
    feels he was set up by lawsuit

    Central Bank claims misuse of Clico $$
    The Central Bank is claiming that there were two Ponzi schemes being operated in Clico, which contributed to the collapse of the insurance company in January 2009.

    Lindquist probe bedrock of Clico lawsuit
    INVESTIGATIONS in at least several separate jurisdictions unearthed forensic evidence which led to the civil suit being filed this week by the Central Bank and Colonial Life Insurance Company Limited (Clico) against former CL Financial boss Lawrence Duprey and the group’s former financial director Andre Monteil.

    Yetming: Lawsuit will not affect company

    Persons responsible should be held accountable

  2. Unless and until people in authority in trinidad and Tobago come to believe that the criminals at the highest level ought to be prosecuted just as the bandit who steals my purse or the burglars who break in, Mr. Gibbs and his Canadian entourage could pack up and go home. We may make no dent in crime if we consider crime to be something at the lowest levels only. Duprey, Montiel and Warner, as well as the man in charge of the Hindu Credit Union, CAlder HArt and his cohorts, Ish and Steve have raped the country- private and public funds, imported foreign cash, and treated the country’s assets as their piggy bank. In any other country in the world, including Nigeria, and India at least one of these would have been in jail.

    Will the crimefighters begin to take these fiscal crimes seriously if the man in the street made these individuals their personal targets with whatever weapons they have at their disposal? If each person who was a victim of inadequate hospital care, slow police response to crime reports, inadequate school supplies, and anything else that besets the nation, decided to make each of the persons listed here, the specific target of their anger, would the police take notice then?
    Would Mr. Gibbs, for example, say no crime was committed if a Canadian crossed the border at the Peace Bridge from the US, into Canada, carrying $1M US in cash?Does he want us to have a lesser standard of crimefighting?
    MAybe we should borrow that lady from Nigeria who works at the World Bank, and is Nigeria’s renowned corruption fighter. She had had the Chief of Police indicted for taking kickbacks from his staff’s Emergency Fund. She has many bankers who went into exile to avoid prosecution, but she is going after them, as head of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
    Owen BAptiste used to have a column in the Express called “NO Sacred Cows”.
    Now, we have created many of them, and they are cowpatting all over the populace, raping the treasury, and drowning us with unnecessary cost over-runs.We are all paying the priceas this devolves to crime in the streets.
    We admire the white collar thief who gets away with it, forgetting that Colonialism was a White Collar Thief system. It was the English thieves, founders of Barclay’s Bank and Lloyds, who enslaved us, and made themselves rich in the process.It was a very profitable system!

    FORMER CL Financial honcho, billionaire businessman Lawrence Duprey received, over a seven year period, “consultancy fees, salary and bonuses,” as direct payments from Colonial Life Insurance Company Limited (Clico), amounting to over $96.8 million to support his personal needs and lifestyle and that of members of his family.

    Central Bank claims misuse of Clico $$
    The Central Bank is claiming that there were two Ponzi schemes being operated in Clico, which contributed to the collapse of the insurance company in January 2009.

    …’Clients’ money funded Duprey’s personal needs’
    Money invested by CLICO policyholders and mutual fund investors was improperly used to fund the personal needs and lifestyle of Lawrence Duprey and other members of his family and his private companies.

    …CLICO enquiry ‘in jeopardy’
    Nowhere in the Central Bank’s Statement of Case does it say where it exercised its supervisory role to rein in the extravagance at CLICO with which it is now taking issue.

  4. Manning escaped the DPP probe (lol). I heard Calder also will escape his probe (lol). And of course Abu have escaped the DPP probe (lol). Let us hope Jasper get these two pronto. I know our AG wiggles, grimaces and keep his mouth shut. The few times he told Jasper to speed up things, Jasper cried political interference. Who is Gaspard accountable to???? Just asking.

    1. Just read that the AG has found another way to “skin the cat”. He is planning to make Manout and Caulder accountable. Way to go AG, these two should have been in jail. The billions stole from the treasury and the mamoth wastage under the Manning era must be properly accounted for…Jail is indeed a good place to start.

  5. Speedy justice please, in costly CLICO matter
    Hearings are yet to start in the lawsuit announced one week ago by the Central Bank and CLICO against Lawrence Duprey, Andre Monteil, CL Financial, Dalco Capital Management and Stone Street Capital Ltd, arising from the 2009 failure of CLICO. Already, however, the court of public opinion is being eloquently addressed by the widely reported contents of the statement of case.

    …Monteil files defence in Clico lawsuit
    FORMER Clico Investment Bank (CIB) chairman Andre Monteil and his private investment company Stone Street Capital, have filed their defence of a civil lawsuit brought against them by the Central Bank and Colonial Life Insurance Company (Limited) Clico.

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