FIFA Suspends Warner, Bin Hammam

Blatter cleared, Bin Hammam and Warner suspended

Jack WarnerFIFA has suspended executive committee members Mohamed bin Hammam and Jack Warner after investigating accusations they bribed voters in the presidential election campaign. FIFA cleared its president Sepp Blatter of ignoring the alleged bribes.
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Jack in bribe probe, Blatter too

FIFA summons its vice-president to Zurich following allegations

By Ian Prescott
May 25, 2011 –

FIFA, the world governing body for football, has summoned Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner to Zurich, Switzerland, this weekend as it investigates allegations of bribery involving Warner and FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed bin Hammam.

Warner, a FIFA vice-president who has long been considered a power broker in the football organisation because he controls 40 Concacaf votes which are key to any FIFA presidential candidate’s success, is accused, along with bin Hammam, of allegedly offering bribes to members of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) for votes in the upcoming June 1 FIFA presidential elections.

Warner, 68, has been called to Zurich to answer bribery allegations before a FIFA Ethics Committee on Sunday.
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Fifa probes Warner

Jack: I did no wrong
WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner yesterday faced new allegations of bribery stemming from his duties as head of CONCACAF in relation to the lobby for support by FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam.

‘I am not aware of any wrongdoing on my part’

Mohamed bin Hammam wants Fifa to investigate Sepp Blatter, too
Mohamed Bin Hammam, the Fifa presidential challenger accused of giving cash bribes to voters, has accused his opponent Sepp Blatter of effectively approving the alleged payments and called for him to be investigated as well.

May 27, 2011

Fifa opens ethics proceedings against Sepp Blatter
The Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has been summoned to appear on Sunday before the organisation’s ethics committee alongside two of his most senior executive committee members as world football’s governing body threatens to implode ahead of next week’s presidential election.

Sepp To Appear Before Fifa
SEPP Blatter will appear before FIFA’s ethics committee on Sunday to answer charges that he knew about alleged cash payments, the world governing body announced today.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter to face ethics committee
The Fifa ethics committee has opened an investigation into its president Sepp Blatter after Mohamed bin Hammam requested ethics proceedings were opened against the Swiss head of world football.


BBC alleges new evidence against Jack
New evidence obtained by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) appears to back up claims by former FA chairman Lord Triesman of wrongdoing by FIFA vice-president Jack Warner.

UK papers go after Jack

Warner may face another FIFA charge

Two other Trinis charged with Warner
THE two other people named to face a FIFA tribunal in Zurich, Switzerland on Sunday are both from Trinidad and Tobago and work for Caribbean Football Union (CFU) president and FIFA vice-president Jack Warner.

Rowley on FIFA allegations: I feel embarrassed
Opposition Leader, Keith Rowley, said yesterday he feels no sense of vindication at the allegations that have been made against Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner by an executive member of the world football body

Moonilal backs Jack to win

Time for minister to choose—Imbert
The time has come for Works Minister Jack Warner to decide between his Fifa position and his Cabinet job, PNM’s Colm Imbert said yesterday.

Bas: Jack can’t serve two masters

Warner’s greatest challenge?
The allegation against Jack Warner of attempting to illegally persuade an unstated number of his colleagues in Concacaf to vote for the candidacy of Mohammed bin Hammam in next week’s presidential election of FIFA could be the greatest challenge yet for the FIFA vice president.

Mayor: Warner gets the job done
Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner received praises from Port-of-Spain mayor Louis Lee Sing for getting the job done.

25 thoughts on “FIFA Suspends Warner, Bin Hammam”

  1. King of Kings…

    “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Matthew 7.1
    That applies to everyone.

    Peace and Love.


  2. I have seen the BBC report,heard the testimony of the Member of the House of Lords, and read the three reports in the Express of today, May 27Th. This man was calling for Dr. StCyr to step aside, and even asked the President to recall the appointment ofthe head of the Integrity Commission.

    I think it is time for Mr. Warner to step aside- as Deputy PM, and Minister of Works. It is unseemly for our man, who acts as Prime Minister (at least twice already in a year), to be premptorily summoned by an international body, to hear the evidence against him, raised by his colleagues and friends within the organization. This serving of two masters cannot be in Trinidad and Tobago’s best interest. Mr. Warner your exploits abrosd are your business, bringing our country into disrepute is my business.I have grown tired of these constant accusations, and I am convinced this time, that your are guilty of what they charge. I have read the e-masil. Its time to go. Do not wait on your personal airport. Transfer your money to Switzerland, and move there. They host the corrupt of the world, and their ill-gotten gains.You could move your family also, while the PP moves on..

    1. The English Football Association announced on Sunday that Jack Warner and three other FIFA executives have been cleared of bribery allegations made against them by the former head of the FA, Lord Triesman.

      “Triesman, who ran the FA and its 2018 World Cup bid until last May, claimed that Jack Warner, Nicolas Leoz, Ricardo Teixeira and Worawi Makudi had engaged in “improper and unethical” conduct.

      However an independent report commissioned by the FA exonerated the four of them. “All four are completely clean,” said Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke”

      Linda wrote “I think it is time for Mr. Warner to step aside- as Deputy PM, and Minister of Works.”

      Linda you obviously do not understand the internal politics of FIFA and your writings appear to melodramatic rantings of a woman in the latter stages of her life. Please spare us your diatribe…

  3. Warner off to Zurich to answer bribery charges
    FIFA vice-president Jack Warner said yesterday that his Jack will not be hung and declared that the world should brace for a “football tsunami” over the next couple of days.

    Warner: I’m not guilty of any wrongdoing
    FIFA vice-president Jack Warner yesterday pleaded not guilty to allegations of bribery on the eve of today’s hearing of the matter before the Ethics Committee of football’s world governing body in Zurich, Switzerland.

    AG: Warner’s fate in balance
    ATTORNEY General Anand Ramlogan yesterday said the Government has stood by Minister of Works and Transport Jack Warner, but warned that Warner’s fate as a Cabinet member could be in the balance, dependent on the findings of FIFA’s ethics committee, before whom Warner appears tomorrow.

    Jack: I’ll quit FIFA for TT
    EMBATTLED FIFA vice-president Jack Warner, who tomorrow faces an ethics committee of the world football governing body, over bribery allegations, says if he has to, he will quit FIFA and focus solely on serving TT as a Government Minister and Member of Parliament.

    AG defends Jack Warner: Innocent until proven guilty

    Legal counsel accompanies minister to Switzerland
    ATTORNEY Om Lalla will today accompany FIFA vice-president and CONCACAF president Jack Warner to Zurich, Switzerland, where Warner faces a FIFA ethics committee tomorrow to answer bribery charges.

  4. Warner, Hammam face Fifa in $1m bribe probe today

    Warner faces FIFA ethics body today
    FIFA vice-president Jack Warner appears before an ethics committee of the world football governing body in Zurich, today, to answer by bribery allegations levelled against him one of his own colleagues and a former English FA executive member.

    Men in the FIFA hot seat
    Following are profiles of the men who will be appearing before the FIFA ethics committee today, as compiled by the BBC yesterday.

    Warner’s FIFA challenges
    As we read this opinion this morning, Trinidad and Tobago’s Jack Warner is in Zurich, facing FIFA’s Ethics Committee on bribery charges. Warner is accused by his friend and colleague, CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer, of being part of a scheme to bribe football administrators of Caribbean countries for their votes in FIFA’s Presidential elections, which will be held this week. Charged with Warner is Qatar’s Sheik Bin Hammam, who is a candidate for the FIFA Presidency.

  5. Please don’t be quick to judge Mr warner, he needs our prayers and support, he has put Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage. From which small country that a black man has risen to such a powerfull position, irgardless of the outcome, Mr warner has acheive greatness as the first black man to hold such a powerfull position in the number one sport in the world. We need to think before we talk,how did we reach the world cup, look what he has done for soccer in the caribbean. He who is without sin cast the first stone.

    1. Power corrupts.Refrain from biblical quotations.He is innocent until proven guilty.Meanwhile,the word “regardless” does not require the prefix “ir”

  6. Those who comment at length on this topic, via the Trinidad Express, seem to fall into the “if you question Jack, you are a hater, a PNM apologist”group. Others are gleeful thta he will be nailed, his jack would be hung, despite his braggadochio. Yesterday Jack had his own brochure in the Guardian, an eight to twelve page isert,trumpeting his many achievements as Mr. Trinidad, Mr. UNC, Mr. FIFA. I saw it in a borrowed paper at the airport, waiting on a flight out. Those who have that piece of assininity in print should save it as a collectors’ item. As TnT inserts go, it is unique in the glorification of the god of TnT, one man and his mony, possible illgotten money.
    My take on Mr. warner is that he shames me as a Trini. I brag about our Prime Minister’s (Robbie) work on the ICC for which he was honored at the Treaty of Rome, I brag about our small country producing two Nobel Laureates in Literature in a ten year period, Walcott in ’92 and Naipaul in 2001.I boast about Brian Lara, and the Soca Warriors, and Hasley Crawford, Darren Brown,Latapy and Hislop,our cricket teams, and root for our Caribbean athletes at every international meet.( A friend of mine, White, who accompanied me to Malawi got so fed up of that, she decided “Iam rooting for Denmark! Its time the white countries get some support.” And the Danish athlete turned out to be an African. My scandalous laughter echoed across the hills of Llilongwe.
    What shames me about Mr. Warner is his arrogance, greed and other unseemly qualities far from the traits we tried to inculcate in our students at Mausica Teachers College. I did not teach him, he left before I got there. Now, there are other Mausican millioniares, and another three in the Senate and Parliament. He stands out for the aura of greed, the stench of corruption that constantly swirls around his head. Now that he has to face the FIFA board,which seems in rebellion against various lootaucracies, he is coming out like a raging bull, and playing the race card, when there are other FIFA board members who are non-white also.
    I hope he remembers that a tsunami drowns almost everyone in its path, and that when Sampson pulled down the temple, he died in the rubble.
    Go well, Jack. If you were out of TnT polictics, I think a breath of fresh air will blow through the place. people forget that you conspired with Panday to lie about a meeting with Mandela. One question I would throw out is this: If a full ethics investigation was launched by the Integrity Commision, into the economic relationship between Jack and the UNC, would it turn out that he had “bought” his seat, continues to “buy” it weekly from his constituency office; and that the proposed airport for Couva is to help in his further nefarious schemes? In such a case, one MUST ask what is he holding on Kamla and other top UNC people, and would his bragging about this not make him prone to an “accident?” because others would hae too much to lose, and ultimately, one man is dispensable?

  7. Bin Hammam withdraws from FIFA race
    Mr Bin Hammam, president of the Asian Football Confederation, and current Fifa president Sepp Blatter are due to appear before the governing body’s ethics committee today, following corruption claims. Mr Bin Hammam and FIFA vice-president Jack Warner face bribery allegations while Mr Blatter is accused of knowing about alleged bribery.

    Fifa crisis: Storm clouds gather as big hitters fight to clear names
    Warner is a Fifa vice-president, and the man who says he approached Blatter to ask for permission for Bin Hammam to pay the expenses of officials attending a meeting of the Caribbean Football Union, a regional body serving the Concacaf confederation of which he is president. And until Saturday night Bin Hammam, also a Fifa executive-committee member and the Asian Football Confederation president, was campaigning to run against Blatter for Fifa’s top job. He has now withdrawn his candidacy to concentrate on clearing his name; Warner and Blatter also deny any wrongdoing.

  8. Bin Hammam and Warner suspended by Fifa, Blatter cleared
    ZURICH // Following a bribery investigation by Fifa’s ethics committe, football’s world governing body has suspended Mohamed bin Hammam and Jack Warner from any football-related activity while clearing the Fifa president Sepp Blatter today.

    The committee said it was satisfied there was a case for Bin Hammam, the Qatari AFC president, and Warner, the Fifa vice-president and the Concacaf president, to answer, but stressed they were regarded as innocent until proven guilty.

    Bin Hammam and Warner will now face a full investigation concerning a meeting of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) on May 10 and 11 in Port of Spain.

    “The committee concluded that the implicated officials must be temporarily excluded from active participation in football activities,” the ethics committee deputy chairman Petrus Damaseb told reporters.

    The ethics commission said there was sufficient evidence to further investigate allegations that bin Hammam and Warner offered US$40,000 (Dh146,918) bribes to delegates at the CFU.

    The payments were allegedly made to secure votes for Bin Hammam in his campaign to unseat Blatter as the head of football’s governing body. The evidence was submitted to Fifa by the American executive committee member Chuck Blazer.

  9. Madame Kamla, you are called upon to comment, or at least to take note of this new development, and act on it.
    Your Excellency Mr.President, you are called upon to act. Mr. Rowley, please do not let this be swept under that dirty bed some people have been sleeping together in.

  10. Comment #2- Some Critical Questions

    If a bribe/inducement of $40,000 US was paid to each Caribbean area attendee(Concacaf members) how many of them attended the meeting. Twenty-five, fifty?

    Let us for the sake of argument say twenty-five members attended, that would mean a total of one million United States Dollars, changed hand at that Hyatt meeting, May 11/12. Now, where was that cash coming from?
    If Mr. Bin Hammam(Whose last name means toilet or bathroom in Arabic)brought it in with him, did he declare it at customs? Can we check his immigration form? What DID he declare?
    Now if Mr. Warner had the cash already, it says that he either has a personal banker who makes such sums availble to him on request,in foreign cash, or he has a secret stash at his home or some other secure place. Either one may imply a violaton of TnT laws pertaining to foreign currency holdings.
    Should that much foreign money change hands in cash, among foreigners in TnT when I a dual citizen could not open a bank account there, without a letter from my banker in the US saying that I am in good standing?(This happened last week. I have the documents to prove it)

    If neither of them brought in the cash, the state needs to know what the courier agencies, DHL and FedEx may know about it.

    The fourth scenario is that it was brought in directly to the docks of the Hyatt by some small boat, rendesvousing with a larger one. I have long felt uneasy with the direct water to hotel arrangement of the Hyatt. A bomb, a small nuclear missile or stacks of guns could be easily brought in through that portal.

    Wichever way it came in, that kind of foreign cash transaction must have broken some law, or some official was paid to look the other way.

    What was Mr. Bin Hammam’s last port before embarking for Trinidad? Switzerland? The Caymans?It could not have ben the USA because he had been denied a visa to attend the other western regional meeting.

    The Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank, and other interested parties need to begin tracking paper now, about Mr. Bin Hammam’s arrival.

    I have long posited that Trinidad and Tobago is for sale to the highest bidder, in US dollars. These small side sales are just the tip of the iceberg.

    When the CONCACAF members left, did sums of money show up in their suitcases, pants pockets, laptop cases? Again, who looked the other way and gave them a free pass?
    Did they make wire transfers of these large sums to their banks back home? Which Trinidad bank facilitated the transfer?Did they ask the source of funds?(I was asked the source of my funds when I invested in the disaster that was CLICO)

    Yesterday, while waiting to go through security at the airport, three people passed by just showing a badge. Two were young ladies with no luggage. I assumed they worked on the inside of the airport or with an airline. The third was an Afro-orignated man with a large grey case on wheels that would have been too big for hand luggage. It did not say “Crew”, yet he passed without let or hindrance. Who was he, and where was he going?
    We need closed circuit cameras to monitor every airport and port procedure constantly. Our country is as exposed as the bare backside of a baby during diaper change.We also need to periodically monitor the accounts of employees in sensitive places, to look for large sums of unaccounted cash.

    Jack and Bin have a case to answer before FIFA, but there may be a bigger case to answer in TnT, involving Jack, and possible some corrupt Customs and Immigration officials, as well as banks and a hotel.

    A forensic audit is called for.

    Mr. Ewart Williams, I am talking to you.

  11. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar



    It is a fundamental tenet of the rule of law that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

    This right is enshrined in the constitution of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago and is an important pillar in our system of justice.

    And so, the decision by FIFA to initiate a “provisional suspension” of its Vice President Jack Warner, pending investigation is not a determination of guilt but part of a process that we trust will be fair and unprejudiced.

    A “provisional suspension” is not to be equated with a finding of guilt, far less a sentence based on a finding of wrong doing.

    The process must now be allowed to go its full course since as I said, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    FIFA is an international sport body that is not part of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago; we therefore have no knowledge about its procedures and the dynamics of its unique internal politics.

    It would be unfortunate if we made premature adverse judgement and pronouncement on a matter that is under investigation. This would be contrary to the spirit and letter of the laws of our land.

    I am fully aware that events like this involving a Senior Cabinet Minister will be of immense concern to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Likewise, I am concerned by the allegations made and expect an update from Mr. Warner upon his return, which he has assured he will do.

    At this time, there is no reason for me to arrive at any conclusion regarding the allegations made against Mr. Warner.

    A ‘son of our soil’ who served this nation faithfully at that very football organisation and who was instrumental in leading Trinidad and Tobago to its very first World Cup qualification just a few years ago must be allowed every opportunity to present his case against the allegations made about him.

    Consequently, at this time I will not prejudge the allegations against Minister Warner, and until there is evidence to the contrary, I stand by him.

    Date: 29th May 2011

  12. I have never met the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.However,it is my intention to “somehow” acquire dual citizenship (now a Canadian citizen)so that I can vote in the General Elections of Trinidad and Tobago.Well enunciated Madam Prime Minister in defence of your Minister of Works and Transport.Recently,I reasoned;that Dr.Eric Williams is considered “the father of the nation” then Kamla Persad Bissesar must be recognised as”the mother of the nation” About four or five electoral victories is sufficient for her to obtain that plateau.

  13. Jack hits back
    HOURS after his suspension, FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has launched a counter-attack against his long-time ally and football boss Sepp Blatter, saying he “has to be stopped”.

    Blatter must be stopped

    ‘Blatter must go’
    Now, Jack points the finger at football head…

    UNC backs up Warner
    SUPPORT has poured in for Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner after his suspension from the world football governing body following allegations of bribery. In a statement issued to the media…

    Government MPs stand by Jack
    UNC vice-chairman, Dr Fuad Khan, yesterday issued a statement on his letterhead as Barataria/San Juan MP in support of UNC chairman and Works Minister, Jack Warner, whom critics want to step down due to his suspension as FIFA vice-president over bribery allegations.

    CONCACAF: Blazer must explain
    l ZURICH CONCACAF’s acting president has asked Chuck Blazer to explain why he turned over evidence that sparked one of the worst corruption scandals in FIFA’s 107-year history.

    Roberts: Awesome impact on local football
    SPORT and Youth Affairs Minister Anil Roberts says if Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner is found guilty by the FIFA ethics committee, it would have a negative impact on local football.

    PP member party wants minister to step aside
    One of the member-parties of the People’s Partnership Government, the Congress of the People (COP), is calling for Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner to “step aside from his ministerial responsibilities” pending the completion of continuing investigations into allegations of bribery brought against him.

    ‘Warner’s political career in jeopardy’

  14. If Chuck Blazer(a UScitizen) had pictures of the piles of money, and Puerto Rico’s delegate (Another US Citizen)returned their $40,000, then obviously Blazer is fired because he exposed the illicit goings on. He is another Gene Miles of O’Halloran’s ministry, so long ago.
    The US has a law that allows fired whistleblowers to take the agency to court. If Blazer does this, the US court may require documents that would bring the house of cards crashing down on Blatter, Warner, Bin Hammam and all the others who have apparently organized a kleptocracy called FIFA. To the extent that American football proceeds and dues go to FIFA, the US courts could have an interest in this matter.(There I go playing lawyer, again).Every person who ever paid to attend a football game may have unwittingly helped in this bribery and corruption which continues to be the BBC’s headline news. I thought they were passionate about Man U and Chelsea, but its the whole shebang that they are interested in. They are now demanding that the election scheduled for Wednesday, even though it would be by acclaim only, be postponed. Curiouser and more curious, said Alice.

  15. The latest BBC report is that the attempt to fire Blazer has failed. He remains on the job at 9.40 PM USCDT.

  16. Warner appeals suspension
    Jack Warner has appealed his suspension as FIFA vice-president. Warner’s attorney, Om Lalla, said yesterday that Warner was contesting his 30-day suspension.

    Jack Fights FIFA

    13 CFU nations back Jack’s bribery denial
    Details continue to emerge about the alleged $1 million in bribes offered to 25 Caribbean associations at a special meeting of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) in Trinidad earlier this month

    Jack Snitch Fired?
    Confusion over legality of dismissal of CONCACAF general secretary who blew whistle on Warner

    Jack bats for Blatter
    …tells CFU members to support incumbent FIFA head

    Warner accused of breaching FIFA action

    Hinds wants cops to probe Warner
    Since it is a crime in T&T to offer a bribe, the Police Commissioner must also probe bribery allegations against Works Minister Jack Warner and the Comptroller of Customs must probe allegations how suitcases of US currency were imported into T&T in the FIFA issue, PNM Senator Fitzgerald Hinds has said.

    Hinds: Probe if bribe $$ floating in T&T

    Senator: PP happy over Jack’s problems
    There has been jubilation and celebration among some in the PP Cabinet regarding what has happened internationally with Minister Jack Warner, PNM Senator Fitzgerald Hinds has said.

    Works Minister must go—Manning
    Former prime minister Patrick Manning yesterday called on Transport Minister Jack Warner to resign.

    Anil stands with Jack
    Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Anil Roberts disagrees with the views of his party Congress of the People (COP) that Minister of Works and Transport and FIFA vice-president Jack Warner should step aside from his ministerial responsibilities, pending the outcome of an investigation by FIFA’s Ethics Committee of bribery allegations against Warner.

    PM still stands behind Warner

    Prakash calls on Jack to step down
    A second senior member of the Congress of the People (COP) has called for Works Minister Jack Warner to step down in light of the allegations of bribery.

    Works employees lend support to minister
    Employees of the Works Ministry yesterday vowed to rally round Jack Warner, whom they described as the “best” minister they have ever had.

    Chaguanas West standing behind Jack

    Facing the Warner choice
    THERE seems to have been no dull political movement in the life of Trinidad and Tobago’s People’s Partnership Government, just one year and a week old today. At least there could be agreement on that…

  17. Claims of England conspiracy
    FINGERS are being pointed at England as the culprit behind FIFA’s recent “storm” even after Sepp Blatter was re-elected, unopposed, to serve his fourth term as the head of the world football governing body.

    Blazer refuses to cut ties with lawyers
    CONCACAF general secretary Chuck Blazer has refused to cut ties with lawyers looking into bribery allegations, putting him at loggerheads with the troubled soccer confederation’s new interim president.

    Meeting of Concacaf execs illegal—Austin
    Acting president of Concacaf, Lisle Austin, yesterday remained firm in his views that former general secretary Chuck Blazer has been fired by the federation, despite a statement on its official Web site which said he had no authority to dismiss the American.

    Warner’s lawyer after Sepp’s re-election: A lot may change now
    Now that yesterday’s FIFA election is over and Sepp Blatter has returned to the helm of the international football body, “a lot might change” regarding Jack Warner’s issues, according to his attorney Om Lalla.

    No probe over US$ bribery
    THERE is no high level investigations, at present, within both the Police Service and Customs regarding the alleged importing of hundreds of thousands of US currency to be used to allegedly bribe CONCACAF officials in May.

  18. Hinds to Gibbs: Probe bribery allegations
    OPPOSITION Senator Fitzgerald Hinds yesterday wrote Commission of Police (CoP) Dwayne Gibbs over the issue of FIFA allegations against Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner.

    Police: ‘Nothing to probe’ over Jack
    DEPUTY Commissioner of Police in charge of Anti-Crime Operations Mervyn Richardson has stated the police will not initiate a criminal probe into FIFA bribe allegations against Works and Transport Minister…

  19. Mr. Warner seems to indicate, by today’s media reports, that “he ent taking them on” and will not answer FIFA’s bribery allegations. So, effectively he is out of FIFA. Now they must do an audit of CONCACAF, to see where its monies went. Mr. Gibbs in responding to Mr. Rowley’ challenge, says he will ask FIFA for the files. They may not release anything to him at all, but he could try. Mr. Rowley as Chief of the Opposition, the government in waiting, should also formally request a copy of the files. Do not rely on Mr. Gibbs, a Kamla apointee whose job is dependent on her. Now, based on what Mr. Warner has already said about the monies at the Hyatt.(All you does read the papers, not so, international papers too?),there is a case to answer about the monies distributed, including WHO BROUGHT IT IN. I have already raised specific questions on this forum that need to be answered. So waiting on FIFA Mr. Gibbs, is stalling until the trail goes cold.

    You have enough data, that you could launch an inquiry even if FIFA blanks you. You couldd however ask INTERPOL for help. The illegal moving of massess of foreign currency into a country is a trigger for major crimes, on which basis Mr. Warner should be called in for questioning, and Mr. Bin Hammam banned from entry into TnT again, unless it is to answer police questions. As a courtesy, we could ask the US State Dept. what do they have on him that indicated a denial of his visa. I am sure he is not the only Muslim leader in FIFA.
    Mr. Gibbs, this is your temporary country of residence and allegiance, please DO NOT SCREW UP!If this government falls on their sword based on a failure to act on Warner, you are going down with them. You were hired to investigate crime.A crime, or multiple crimes were committed at the Hyatt, on MAy 10-11. Suppose Mr. Bin Hammam had ordered up a shoulder launched missile to be delivered by sea, directly to the Hyatt, and it was delivered, would you be waiting until it brought down a plane to investigate?You must think we trinis are dotish, really only about Carnival, Pagwa, rum, roti and wining. Must I do your work for you?

  20. Mr. Gibbs, the statement by the Suriname delegate, in today’s Newsday, should be evidence enough. If Customs wanted to also get off its duff, they could investigate which Immigration and Customs officials were on duty when the Surinamese, carrying the envelope with $40,000 US checked through for his flight. There are not that many flights going from TnT to Suriname. Usually they go to Miami to catch the flight.(Iknow this from experience working with an international agency. We had to charter a flight to get from Trinidad to Suriname, but that was 23 years ago.) Nonetheless, here is testimony that could be sworn to. He was afraid, and wrote Mr. Sylvester’s name on the envelope.No one checked him going out. Had Sylvester, Warner or Bin Hammam paved the way by having customs people bribed beforehand, or does Warner have some on his payroll that he can get to work when he needs to pass money through?
    Every former TELCO employee knows the story of the $3m US split seven ways, when a certain wife informed on her husband.
    That was more than twenty years ago. Corruption runs like a black seam through every agency in our country, but this one is too big to ignore. Warner knows if he set foot on US soil he could be arrested on the evidence so far provided by other Concacaf members. He brought the $1m. US out, breaking their laws. Who was bribed in that case? or was it jetpacked out by courier. He has a case to answer in three places. He could only hide for so long. I hope the FBI and ICE go after him with everything they got. Kamla allows herself to be treated with contempt by him, but the US is not afraid of him.
    Gibbs, you would look more than incompetent if the FBI and ICE get him from right under your nose.

  21. Mr. Warner went to Tobago, but is not making any public appearances.Ms. Kamla says she does not know where he is. Now the Tobago airport is an international airport, with direct flights to Europe.Was Waner only in transit, in Tobago?
    Has Mr. Warner flown the roost?
    That will explain his missing meetings, and deciding not to talk to FIFA. Could we get the passenger manifests examined for all direct flights that left for Europe since Kack went to Tobago? From Heathrow, Amsterdam or Paris, there are direct flights to the Middle East.

    Jack may have gone to join his friend Bin Hammam in exile, and Kamla stalling for him.

    This is speculative, entirely speculative, but also entirely possible. We are dealing here with a tainted man who knows how to manipulate things in his favour.

    Tell me am wrong, somebody!

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