Ex-PM Manning suspended

Patrick ManningSUSPENDED
Manning sanctioned for being in contempt of Parliament
“Mr Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning is accordingly suspended from the service of this House with immediate effect,” declared House Speaker Wade Mark last night.

Mark did not state for what period of time but a suspension cannot cross a session of Parliament, which is the maximum threshold for a suspension. This session ends on June 18.

SAN FERNANDO East MP Patrick Manning, a former PNM prime minister, has been suspended from the House of Representatives with immediate effect for an unspecified period after 25 Government members approved a report by the Privileges Committee which found Manning guilty of contempt of Parliament.

Absent Manning suspended
Parliament’s Privileges Committee is moving next to complete matters concerning People’s Partnership (PP) MP Anil Roberts and Opposition Leader Keith Rowley before the end of the session next month, according to PP House leader Roodal Moonilal.

Govt moves amendment to suspend Manning
Government, through the Member for Toco/ Sangre Grande and Minister of Tourism Dr Rupert Griffith yesterday moved an amendment to a motion to have Member of Parliament for San Fernando East Patrick Manning suspended for being in contempt of Parliament.

Roodal: Ex-PM wanted to dictate the pace
Former prime minister Patrick Manning clearly felt that he was entitled to “call the shots and direct the pace and work of the Privileges Committee”, Leader of Government Business Dr Roodal Moonilal said yesterday.

Constituents upset
The move to suspend former prime minister Patrick Manning is undemocratic and a sad day for the democratic process, says Tina Gronlund-Nunez, chairperson of the San Fernando East constituency.

Imbert: It’s a dictatorship
GOVERNMENT has converted Parliament’s disciplinary committee into a virtual kangaroo court, Diego Martin North/East MP Colm Imbert argued yesterday as he said Government was rushing to suspend San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning as part of a dictatorial plan to decimate the Opposition in a move he termed an “ambush.”

Imbert; Govt acted like kangaroo court

‘Show mercy’
THE PROCEDURES of Parliament were undermined by Government’s rush to have a report of the Parliament’s disciplinary committee debated yesterday, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley claimed as he urged Government to temper vengeance with mercy as the House met to debate a contempt motion brought against San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning and what punishment should be meted out.

Smoking bulb holds up House for 24 minutes
Yesterday’s special siting of the House of Representatives was suspended for 24 minutes during the pre-tea session because smoke was seen coming from a light bulb in the chamber.

The Manning saga
It is a depressing commentary on the conduct of Trinidad and Tobago’s Parliamentary democracy that a veteran honourable member should find himself in the position of a renegade from its jurisdiction. Patrick Manning, former Prime Minister and MP for San Fernando East, has emerged in an anti-heroic role in a dodgy drama of manoeuvrings and dissemblings, transparently carried out to escape facing Parliamentary due process. Mr Manning succeeded in depriving the Privileges Committee of his defence to the charge that his November 19 statement had “grossly and recklessly abused the privilege of freedom of speech in the House”.

8 thoughts on “Ex-PM Manning suspended”

  1. I am disappointed that the PP suspended Manning. He is the only trump the PP have in the PNM pack of cards. Let us hope he is re-instated shortly. Rowley now have all freedom to behave as a wajang, unless the PP clip his political wings. This is likely since he told lies on the AG and did not have the self-respect to appologise and he wants to be PM (lol).

    This leaves the dwindling PNM leadership to my good friend Imbert. Imbert has been the quintisential PNM politician, born to beat the odds. Now he is poised to take over the leadership reins of the PNM. Who else could they put? Marlene has lost her fire, and Penelope is too kind,compassionate and gentle to lead. The PNM has always stuck with its core tribal values, however, under Imbert stewardship all of that is set to change. Let us hope that Imbert work to restore the glory days of the balisier, a symbol that most PNM with ties are keeping in their closet. Only Imbert can stir them enough to bring those balisier out in the public.

    Here is a lil rhyme for my PNM friends.

    Patrick vex too bad, he face looking sad,
    The palace he built went to the Queen of Trini land.
    There in Cuba, with Castro offering advice,
    Patrick is coming back to roll the dice.

    PNM now in the dustbin of political history,
    How this happen is a mystery.
    They fail to stop the criminals killing away the citizenry,
    And now the public sent them into the cemetary.

    PNM is yesterday news.
    The oldest party now a refuse.
    T&T is now under PP control,
    Trinis are now free live bold.

  2. Whilst I am in favor of punishing Mr. Manning for acting like a novice in calling an election way before it is constitutionally due, I think the Government and Media houses who criticise his actions in the house are intellectually dishonest in stating the real facts of this case. They try to make Mr. Manning look like a carteless parl;iamentarian when he stated that there is corruption and dishonesty in the erectoion of the PM’s house in the Phillipines. Who is the media to say that he is factually wrong? Given the fact that the PM has not produced sufficient facts to disprove Mr. Manning’s accusation, the media is very biased in favouring his suspension. Intellectualdishonesty comes in because the media appears to want to shut off discussion of the matter more than they want to pursue the truth of the matter. Given Mr. Manning’s experience and the positions he held with respect to national security, it is not fair to want to cvut debate of his position because it might lead to unpleasant realities. It T&T intend to grown as a democracy we must allow debates to explore truth in any given situation. Look what’s predsently happening in New York one of the most powerful man in the world is behind bars while justice gets it’s chance to bring him in. In T&T we try to hide those with power and money.

    1. Kian wrote–“Given the fact that the PM has not produced sufficient facts to disprove Mr. Manning’s accusation, the media is very biased in favouring his suspension”

      Kian this Mr. Manning’s symphathy move. The “PNM till ah die people” will mobilize to bring him back into Parliament like the “lone ranger”. The PNM is nothing without Manning at the helm. He defied the committee 25 times, snub them and now PNMite “die hards” are coming to his side. It is a good political ploy.

      The PP will re-instate him, just in time to ensure that Rowley does not gain total control of the party. Remember Kamla rise did not just happen. Bas was kicked out of Parliament by the “computer note book” affair. She show at that time she was full capable of leading the UNC and the rest is history.

      1. Just as I said. Manning is back by the balisier waving crowd. He will rise in popularity because he is seen as the only one capable of fighting the PP. PNMites of all stripes will back him. As for Rowley, he will be a “lame duck” leader, only responding to Manning’s wishes. Manning did a lot for his supporters, now that he is forgiven for calling an early election, the real struggle for power now begins.

  3. Jack tells Manning of suspension
    WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner informed Patrick Manning that he (Manning) had been suspended from further sittings of the House of Representatives, Housing Minister and Government Chief Whip in the House Dr Roodal Moonilal confirmed yesterday.

    Kamla: Committee acted in good faith
    PRIME Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday said the Privileges Committee “acted in good faith” when it found San Fernando East Member of Parliament and former prime minister Patrick Manning guilty of contempt of Parliament.

    Manning supporters mask mouths in silent protest

    Silent protest for Manning
    Supporters of suspended San Fernando East Member of Parliament Patrick Manning placed tape over their mouths, and stood in silent protest outside his Coffee Street, San Fernando, office yesterday

    Manning’s ‘people’ rally behind him after suspension

    End date for suspension still not clear

    Suspension ends June 17
    SAN FERNANDO East MP Patrick Manning’s suspension will end with the prorogation (end of the session) on June 17 of the Parliament. The Opposition PNM seems set to sit out this period rather than mount any challenge to have his suspension lifted.

    Suspension indecent, improper, unfair, says PNM Youth League

    Panday: Manning’s suspension archaic
    Former prime minister Basdeo Panday says Monday’s suspension of San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning was “oppressive and archaic.”

    PM: Manning’s suspension a message
    PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar says the suspension of Member of Parliament for San Fernando East Patrick Manning is a message to any member who thinks they can abuse parliamentary privilege.

    Ex-PM’s case in court May 31
    Former prime minister Patrick Manning’s High Court actions against the Privileges Committee are expected to be heard at the end of this month.

    Ex-PM withdraws High Court application

    Mercy and remorse
    To the early Christians, mercy implied a spiritual reward one received for doing kindness in response to unkindness. We fail to see what place mercy has in the cut and thrust political arena — its benefit are rather long term and too intangible, which is perhaps why we cannot recall a single instance when a politician or party has shown mercy toward another.

    State pays $3.9M in Manning case
    THE STATE has to date incurred an estimated $3.9 million in legal costs to defend three court matters (two withdrawn and one pending) filed by San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning who challenged proceedings of the Parliament’s disciplinary committee which this month found an apparent case of contempt against him.

  4. Mammoo, you have just proved my point! Where there is no intellectual honesty there is no fairness. You are in essence saying it is Ok to believe Kamla but not Manning. This scenario cannot on the preface be submitted for a fair argument. You have already painted me a ‘PNM till I die’, (I suppose because I believe Manning’s ascertion deserves some research before condemnation). But this is exactly why we CANNOT have honest debate. I have NEVER sympathised with, joined or participated in any party whatsoever but I do have opinions that may or may not be in agreement with any politician. This is so because I can solicit honest and truthful responses but I CANNOT argue with party HACKS!

  5. Manning is fortunate that he was simply suspended. A country with the proper investigative equipment and personnel would have already charged, prosecuted and jailed him for the Udecott scam, the Pena church, etc. Unfortunately, they are so preoccupied with a “missing’ piano,that the police, the AG and the DPP cannot find Hart or the evidence to bring him to trial.
    Like Panday,Manning brought the suspension on himself by refusing to withdraw his trumped up remarks or apologise for his fabricated statements. Panday behaved just as disgraceful, playing with his laptop like a child to irritate the Speaker. I say keep suspending them until a bright, young, multiracial leader emerges to rescue this country from the animals on the farm.

  6. Manning ‘mobbed’ at Piarco
    FORMER prime minister Patrick Manning received a hero’s welcome when he returned yesterday following a trip to Cuba for a medical check-up.

    ‘I’m too mannish’
    “The mistake I always make my dear friends is that I’m too mannish. I’m not taking that!” stormed Manning, through a hand-held megaphone amid a throng of supporters.

    Manning to supporters on suspension: We’re not taking that

    Suspension won’t hurt him financially
    The suspension of former prime minister Patrick Manning from Parliament will cost him nothing financially.

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