Replacing Privy Council with CCJ Not a Priority?

lettersTHE EDITOR: We must pay close attention to what our political leaders say, sometimes casually, sometimes not. In an interview with the BBC Caribbean Service (before it was shut down) while in London, our Prime minister said that replacing the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice was not a priority for her government.

She then went on to make the astonishing statement that “… you want to be a sovereign nation, you want to be independent, you know the world is not like that anymore… This world is a global village, so what’s wrong if judgments are being made by the Privy Council.”

In one fell swoop, Madame Prime Minister has decided that Trinidad and Tobago is no longer an independent country. But, on reflection, why should we be astonished? The head of our police service is a foreigner, oops, fellow global villager.

Our Minister of Finance has “consulted” with the World Bank and other private consultants in his quest to change the pension system in the country and has told us that in due course he will consult us, the supposed beneficiaries of this restructured system.

The British have agreed out of their unbounded generosity to help us fix our judicial system. While all this is taking place, our minister of labour is holding discussion about tightening up on the work permit system so that nationals can get first preference. Poor fellow, does not realise that it’s a global village and he shouldn’t be blocking foreigners, oops, fellow global villagers from gainful employment in our little corner of the village.

I wonder what’s our government’s position on the bombing of Libya.

Gerry Kangalee
La Romaine