Reshmi’s SSA Appointment

SpyingRemove Reshmi
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar must immediately rescind the appointment of Reshmi Usha Ramnarine as Director of the Security Intelligence Agency (SIA), says Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

Cloud of confusion over new SIA head

Rowley: Fire Ramnarine

Sandy: She has experience

Conflicting reports on Reshmi’s qualifications

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  1. It got to something about these 30 year old Indo Trini supporters that these PP folks find so intriguing. Well, at least this one took the time to complete his education before submitting a resume.
    Panday must be smiling at the way , even his Islamic competitive friends, from surrounding social enclave, such as legal expert Israel, has pulled the political strings in aid of the young one, two days out of law school , just like he did on behalf of Princess Mikila d,e former Oropuche MP.
    With respect to cousin Daniel, Papa Israel, as we are well aware, put them bad guys away, after taking their monies and now he is going to not work his magic wand , to see that they are given a humane death penalty.
    Can this our country get any worst? While we listen to our young friend Daniel talk up a good game , just ponder the fact , that in order for you to get an important job in our country moving forward , you must be a white foreigner , or locally , have no more that 20% African blood in your makeup.
    Listen to the 30 year old prison inspector Daniel Khan de non magician . “Death Row prisoners must also be treated with dignity and care. The reading of the death warrant, must be a very solemn event. The entire thing must be very serious because it is your last meal…I am not Harry Potter.I can’t solve all the problems with the wave of a wand.If the Government is bent on enforcing the death penalty it should be made as humane as possible.”

  2. If all the things coming out of Port Of Spain were fiction I would have been happy to sit back read and enjoy the entertainment but, as life would have it, it is real and it is happening in our own Republic which many have fought and died for and today what do we have ……… a government by reason of a victorious election staffed with people who see themselves in some cases above the law, make their own laws, some do not even have time for laws to justify what they are doing and some who do not have respect for laws. Appointments of personnel to high office seems to be taken right off the era of the colonialists. People of the the darker hue appear almost not at all as belonging to the citizenry of this lovely isle while their browner counterparts and their even lighter brothers take up all the powerful jobs that there is to offer. It has gotten so flagrant that a 31 year old female technician has risen from her “undercover” position to that of director of the security agency that uncover, discover, decipher, communicate, retaliate, set up, conciliate and trade matters of sometimes immense importance. Folks, the reason why this is so significant is because our very lives and livelihood can be compromised if someone failing in experience, expertise, wisdom, qualifications and yes knowledge of life says the wrong things, does the wrong things or fail to notice the right or wrong things can put our very existence into jeopardy. The blogs in one of the more “open” news outlets expressed themselves by the hundreds and even thousands in the last three on hearing of this appointment. People are justifiably curious and afraid that a PM would be so callous as to name “a friend”, acquaintance (maybe), a squeeler (maybe), a whistle blower (maybe), or a casual recommendation to this highly sensitive national security position where one not only have to deal with seasoned veterans who know the security business but also have to sometimes co-mingle and exchange information with international security experts. People who occupy this position have historically been super patriots. People whose knowledge of history, geography, politics, general knowledge, world affairs and current affairs should be superior to the average man or woman in the streets. If this woman (girl or young lady) resonates any of the stated qualities then thousands of angry citizens must apologies for the angst we feel about this appointment. The Office of Attorney General is one that every citizen should feel very neutral about because we should depend on that person to interpret the laws or the intention of the laws that the constitution guarantees us regardless of party affiliation, racial group, class structure, social or religious grouping. We must be made to feel that that person truly represent us all and yet! ….. there is a feeling of deep uneasiness because the present occupant of that position seem only to identify with people who shun answering to superior judicial philosophies that they a certain will be expeditious than what we have in T&T. He is insulting to those whom he considers inferior to him yet he displays a degree of social backwardness and ineptitude, lack of general knowledge and protocol. The Chair of the Police Service Association shows his disdain for the law enforcement officers whom we depend on to catch and bring to justice those who has conflicts with our laws. He obviously feels that he is above the law. Then there is that loud mouth politician who feels that belonging to the PP is all that really matters. He speaks loud and shouts down anyone whom he dislikes. The there is the foreign minister, he uses this ministry as a class in sociology trying to ensure those who represent T&T look like they came from the far East and the culture and religious doctrines reflect this. Then there is the minister of education who wants our education to be like hindu Sunday school. Then there is our “hardest working minister” who have very little or no respect for laws or twist laws to “regularise” what he wants done. We see a change of ministry to make sure in a department of government the jobs given out should be given to people who “support” the current government. Then there is our dearly beloved PM. Where is she when all of this is going on? She is nowhere to be found or maybe she is sick or something. She always delivers her harshest firings on her departure from the country. Where is the “getting together” that she promised during the election?. Where is the transparency? Where is the truthfulness? Why so many lies ….lies ….lies???

    1. Kian’s frustrating tirade lacks supporting points and specific evidence. It is a typical emotional, exaggerated Trini response to what he perceives to be a crisis. It is similar to the reaction to the appointment of Ramnarine. There have been numerous sexist comments made by high ranking politicians against this appointment. To date no one really knows anything about her, except that she is young and Brown. Kian himself suggests that there must be something wrong about her for possessing these qualities. He describes her as a “girl”. Although her appointment seems surprising, a rush to judgment is not the appropriate way to react to anything you dislike and so far all that we know is that she is young and Brown.
      Kian talks about Members of Parliament breaking laws. I wonder to which Members he is referring and which laws are being broken?
      He laments the appointment of Browns and light-skinned Trinis by the PM to foreign embassies. These are political appointments. Who would he like her to appoint? Members of the PNM? During the PNM years, these positions were filled with PNM supporters or party members. The Permanent Secretaries are still all PNM supporters and are engaged in questionable activities aimed at frustrating the efforts of the new government. That is why they are being shuffled.
      Kian’s anxiety at the changing image and face of T&T is interesting to witness. His desire to retain a complete “Black” image is understandable, but it does not represent the true nature of the country. The PP is more representative of the population of the country.
      He speaks of”lies and more lies”. What specifically are these lies of which he speaks?

      1. TMan I suspect that you have the answers to all the questions you are answering. While it ok for you to feel comfortable with someone who is “young, brown and incompetent”, most people would rather have someone with vast national security experience, experience in the ways of the world, competent, have great communicative skills (not whistle blowing), academically and mentally qualified. You are tolerant of “oneness” and only feel comfortable with those who look like you. I believe in the mix. Read my blogs you would sdee exactly what I believe in. It might be ok for you in the Ed minister preaching race and religion or your foreign doing the same, gthat is NOT ok with me.

        Nuff said!!!

    Great job kain. Pay attention , as the unqualified whistleblower now resign from her job as Director of which she was alleged to be acting only for a period of 6 months. It just cannot get any worst than this. As you said. One should be grateful for the presence of social media, and shudder to think what could have accrued if pressure was not made to bear to force her out.
    There is only one man to blame for all of this, and he is sitting across the isle as bigwig from Sanfernando East.
    There is not a single Democratic leader in the entire history of the Commonwealth that has ever called and election two or three years before it is due. It was therefore because of this unwarranted Obama styled adulation , a leader and party was forced on the gullible people,without serious scrutiny , since they were prevented from getting any semblance of an opportunity to fully know who these historically twisted characters were,and what they seriously proposed for their country.
    It is why there must be a demand by broad based progressives to demand good leaders , not only from within the narrow tribe, but I emphasize across the nation as a whole. We will see. Remember folks no one has clean hands in this development, not even the suddenly holier than thou PNM stooges that are braying loudly today , as if folks should feel slighted as they no longer hold’s power.

  4. Neal, it is true that our dearly beloved ex-prime minister is to take absolute blame for the accidental government we have today. It is a continuation of mis-application of what it takes to run an effective government. If we continue with the current way, it is very likely that we can end up like Haiti. Running the government is not the same as running a Company. While we all have our likes and dis-likes it should not be our modus operandi to only suuround ourselves with that kind of mind set. It is the exact reason why Manning is where he is now. People must understand that not because most of us do not have portfolios as minister of this and that, does not mean that we are unaware of what it takes to efficiently function as a government. Government by its very nature is not a PNM, UNC, COP or anything else because all of us have to abide by the same principles and dictate of authority. It is therefore extremely important that those put in authority must not be people who can recite the oath of office. We, the people must feel some level of gratification that those responsible for minding our business have reasonably accepted qualifications to function in those capacities. It is obvious that our current PM does NOT understand this. She feels that because she received the majority of votes in the election the public MUST accept whatever she proposes. It is important to re-iterate that “democracy is not a spectator sport”, to maintain it’s effectiveness we have to remain vigilant and raise our voices when government does not listen. We should NOT have to wait for five years to do that. There is a natural feeling of uneasiness with the staffing of Kamla’s government and she should NOT expect us to say “yes massa” or “yes madam” with everything she does. I am not concerned about the PNM (now). They are not in power but those who are better not repeat constantly in my ear that the “PNM did it”. If you believe that because the “PNM did it” you should do it too, then there is no point in you running the country!

  5. SSA director Ramnarine resigns

    Reshmi Resigns
    Within 24 hours of questions being raised about her appointment and her qualifications for the post of director of the Security Intelligence Agency (SIA), Reshmi Usha Ramnarine has resigned from the position.

    Reshmi tendered her resignation with immediate effect

    PNM claims victory over resignation
    The People’s National Movement is hailing the sudden resignation of SSA Director Reshmi Usha Ramnarine as a victory.

    Rowley: She’s not qualified for post

    Kamla slams Opposition
    PRIME Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday defended the appointment of Reshmi Usha Ramnarine as head of the Security Intelligence Agency (SIA), calling the controversy a “red herring” from Opposition…

    Reshmi fears for family’s safety
    Head of the SSA Reshmi Usha Ramnarine’s has been forced to resign because she fears for the safety of her family, sources say.

    Dad: My child was hounded out of office

    Express Editorial: Timely resignation

  6. “As a fundamental dynamic of social progress, change is a constant phenomenon which must be embraced and nurtured as a political imperative. When protagonists of resistance to oppression and resistance to change fail to engage in a meaningful dialogue, their conversation could easily degenerate from a dialogue of the deaf to a dialogue of the deaf and blind, which invariably leads to a systemic breakdown. Thus, it is the responsibility of the proponents of resistance to change to engage their opposing parties in a transparent and constructive dialogue leading to a peaceful resolution of their conflicts.” O. Igho Natufe, Ph.D.

    The Island Ward of Tobago from 1889 – to 2011

    It was Rigoberta Manchu , a former Nobel Peace Prize winner , in her capacity as a lifelong Guatemalan Civil Rights Activist ,who once said, “Peace cannot exist without justice, justice cannot exist without fairness, fairness cannot exist without development, development cannot exist without democracy, democracy cannot exist without respect for the identity and worth of cultures and peoples.”
    Let me state for the record that no one is claiming that our country has reach the level of present day tumultuous Tunisia , or saw what indigenous folks such as Rigoberta Manchu has undergone in her native country. Neither have we reached the precarious levels experienced by the likes of divided , rabidly divided, and corrupt Nigeria , and caused the untimely death of Southern Delta activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.

    As the political situation unfolds in Sudan, we are reminded of 1948 India/ Parkistan. It is because of what ensued , albeit on a bigger scale , we are wary ourselves , and would not wish any such calamity on a civilize people moving forward.

    However , it becomes quite evident , that the time is near ,when serious consideration , must be given once more ,to promoting the full interest of a people , by taking up the cause of nothing short of secession, on behalf of the neglected, and historically ignored folks of little sister Tobago.
    It is clear that the people of this our twin island Republic ,are no where on the agenda of the two dominant parties , led by viciously competitive tribalist leaders, and ardent followers based in big brother Trinidad.
    As folks can recall , one leader in former PM , and President ,ANR Robinson, flirted with the subject on a few occasion, but was never taken seriously by his Trinidad handlers, and advisors, as many across the nation recognized that to him Tobago his birthplace ,was simply a bargaining chip, towards a greater end.
    Since he was eventually able to achieve power in all it;s manifestations, despite Tobago , then that closed the chapter on his life as he sits on the sideline , just like South African Freedom Fighter Nelson Mandela is ,with cleaned hands reminiscent of Pontius Pilate ,and awaits his death , and adulations by intellectually compromised , non objective historians, while symbolic Rome burn.
    A keen look though most of our dailies , and we can get a clearer picture as to what is transpiring for life in our country ,from the social , economic, and political front. For the PP regime , it all about consolidating power, and perhaps justifiably so doing whatsoever is in their power to shift the political imbalance, that transpired for decades- in their view- to one more favorable , by strengthening- via various politically motivated empowerment actions -their base of racially driven supporters ,from within the narrow enclaves. How sad , for it never worked before ,and won’t moving forward , in a society where the two major races , are divided almost equally , along with small fractions, and similar grasping ,inter ethnic groupings, that be counted on to be the spoiler swing vote supporters , depending on who is prepared to throw them a large enough bone down the road.
    As for the PNM ,what can one say , but this party is politically lost , and in need of a serious overhaul. Not surprising due to lack of party reform ,and in failure to inject intelligent , modern progressive voices , they lack any coherent plan to reassert themselves politically, so as to win another election, and that too is a tragedy.
    Part of their problem lies in the fact that they have an atrocious track record of blatant neglect of their own base , which they have historically taken for granted, while appeasing others , for short term gains.Unfortunately no section of our society suffered more in terms of wanton neglect than the loyal people of Tobago, and every one of the four leaders that emerged from this party shares some blame for this malady from Father of the Nation , Dr. Eric Williams, to George Chambers , ANR Robinson, and finally ,Patrick Manning. Nevertheless, the folks from the PNM political party fiefdom ,seems still prepared to play the guilty , nostalgic game , and entice their base to continue to show support , since according to the picture they would like to paint , and convince most, the alternative will be a bit worst , as played out today.
    It was some two to three years ago that I began making my voice heard via various interactions ,on this and similar forums, and generally it has been a fine ethnographic study for me , as I attempted to gauge where our people are in terms of their country’s present ,and future needs. The general conclusion one can draw is that depending on who is asked ,most have a very twisted interpretation of the country’s past and their respective people’s roles in it. This is often based on their levels of success , and or perceived failures , and who they think most responsible.
    One can expect to see the repeated finger pointing , and ‘crab in a barrel fighting,’ by these two major neo tribal parties ,for a long time moving forward unfortunately, and that’s a sad thing.
    This is how the story generally plays out , and I paraphrase: ‘ PNM controlled political power ,and so all the social spoils and influence that goes with that , and so we must break that strangle hold by filling every elite position with a loyal member , so as to stake our more substantial piece of the pie claim the Indo Trini community. We do not care if 90% of these African folks are existing under the economic poverty line , are totally dependent of governmental hand outs and subsidies, were never seriously compensated in any tangible manner , after decades of post colonial rule , but we what what is ours , as our time is here- educated , influential, and culturally sound people as we are.We have been used , abused , and misused for decades , and just won’t take it no more from mostly lazy , and mentally deficient , violently savage Africans.That’s the war cry of one fraction.
    As for the other , here it goes:- ‘You are an ungrateful bunch that has dominated , and jealously guarded your business superior position, vast land holdings, under guise of political interference a la gerrymandering, has enjoyed all the spoils of social and political power , enjoyed and created during our PNM, alleged Afro – Trini 40 plus years domination, yet you continue to try and tarnish your country’s good name , and that’s a shame claim the Afro leaders. Whether correct or not, the spin doctors and propagandist would stake their claims to being great stewards of the people and deserves loyalty , and allegiance- you can be the judge.

    As such, we are left in this stale mate ,as far as overall needs of our nation. Once more , who again is the people that are feeling the heat? You guest it Tobagonians. Try an make a coherent discussions about their health needs, economic, and educational woes, and it’s long term impact on jobs,and you will be laugh out of the discussion , and told the victims are to be blamed for not having a decent hospital in the country , not forcing the glorified THA to be a more effective governing body, or encouraging more industrial development that could create jobs , and help the island develop on par with others with similar economic and human resources.
    Mention anything about the PNM /UNC /PP lifetime gridlocks, and it eventual roles in continuing poor infrastructure, and thus Tobago social stagnation, and you would be chastised for being sectorial , or not truly concerned about all our people , and or global realities .One risk the wrath and contempt of even the most intelligent folks masquerading on these boards ,as progressive intellectuals , if you draw any attention to recent escalation in criminal activities in , in what is a previously known as a peaceful non violent island of Tobago , but to have the temerity to link it to a state of social despair, many are feeling, not only towards themselves ,but every Trinidadian , and any foreigner ,that choose to settle in the beautiful gem of an island to call it their own.
    Obviously , this cannot be allowed to continue, I believe , and useless talk alone by elite expats scattered across the globe , cannot solve the problem. I personally ,have continually walked a tight rope ,over this forum ,and tried in ever so subtle fashion ,to identify ,and or , highlight the frustrations, and plight of the long suffering folks of Tobago that I have conversed with on a daily basis , but to no avail, and that too is sad.
    My general conclusion again is, that the island of Tobago has suffered mainly because of the continual racially motivated inter tribal fights in primarily in socially complex Trinidad- something that Tobagonians have no history of , due to the make up of it’s population.
    I have taken copious notes from the pages of history, as to how other successful nations emerged,after grappling with similar issues turn national problems. I think that the best way forward for the people of Trinidad is to be convinced that their success lies in severing this socio economic and political burden referred to as Tobago, as one senses that debate at this stage is futile .
    They should explore options and new allies , as they deem fit. They should naturally use their long over due share of the naturally resources , to their own benefit. There globally vibrant men ,and women should be encouraged back to the land of their birth, to make meaningful contributions, that can aid and sustainably develop this 166 square miles island , as opposed to being the victim of brain drains, that can help bolster the interest of uncaring others. The time is ripe for action , now more than ever, and why? There is a basic and ’…..fundamental Human Right that is accorded to us all , which entail’s living in dignity , and worth of the human person ,.. whether we belong to nations , large or small.’
    The people of Tobago demands security. However this is not limited to that of a personal , and physical nature , but economic, environmental, political , health, food, and community. Within the confines of International Relations jargon , this is referred to as Human Security- or more broadly described as freedom from fear and wants.
    Irrespective to what some twisted politician , or pompous regional neighbors seems to believe ,Trinidad and Tobago remains the richest ,and post resource endowed country in the entire English speaking Caribbean.It is however an obious underachiever, and I have hopefully explain part of the fundamental reason. Part of the country, has never seen even as much as 5 % of what the country was blessed with , and remained no more develop that what it was when Massa England departed . Since it seems virtually impossible to obtain any positive change ,while trying to coexist under an unwholesome , neo imperial 122 year marriage , then be prepared for the next step , which is the correct one I believe – a total separation, in a win/ win development.It might just be the spark that is needed to force past, present , and aspiring political elites to take a chance on real change, but the skeptic in me say do not hold your breath.
    Stay tuned , as the challenge ahead will clearly be difficult , with a ‘paradise in the sky God people, ‘ who have been psychologically beaten for so long ,that the majority, have skillfully accepted the distorted notion-as a coping mechanism – that this is their pseudo Christian fate, into perpetuity. Hey Tobago , got to do for self. It is this de

  7. I agree that Anand is rough around the edges and that he needs to take a crash course in manners and finesse to polish his image and improve his “cultural orientation”. He is too anxious to demonstrate that he is in charge and efficient at “busting the exPM and the PNM for a long list of corrupt practices.He nas not learned the difference between the robust nature of the court room and the decorum of the Parliament.He was a brilliant lawyer with a long list of achievements.He should be pulled aside and scolded. He has to shape up or ship out.
    Let us not forget though that he has a challenge given to him by the former administration : Calder Hart, Pena,etc.
    The corruption and wastage of the former government should be kept in focus with prosecutions coming and not be deflected by the antics of Ramlogan.The PNM culture and race merchants like Kian and Neal are too busy re-prioritising the objectives of the nation. “They only seeing too much Brown”.

  8. There is an old and tru saying that people get the kind of government they deserve. I suspect that the many who were fooled and deceived by the typical “all awee a one” campaign propaganda are getting rude awakning today when they witness T&T being remaked and socially stratified into the image of 18th century India.

    What did they expect. If they had been on these blogs as long as some of us and perused the litany of ethnic supremacist and masturbatory analysis they would have been very leery about mistaking the grinning skin teeths that accompanied pleadings for their votes as expressions of empathy and inclusivity.

    A tiger will remain a tiger, regardless of the camoflage with which it adorns itself. In the same context, those who are wedded to the crazy agenda of carving out little Indias in these here Caribean region in order to make true Columbus’s destination, will never change, can never change, and will continue to see T&T through the prism of their cultural acceptance that a society must have different castes, and that Africans in our twin island Republic qualify for ordination as the social dalits of T&T. Just follow the revelations.

  9. There is a deafening silence of people such as Khem and TMan on these matters because we write not only to hear ourselves but also to understand each other. The trouble with communications ala Trinidad is to use our communicative tool via our fingers to describe what is wrong with the other ethnic group hence the non commitment to ethical and social development. The political directorate is not a platform that can be used for sustained development because we cannot depend on continuity as a way to measure progress. There is the continuous manipulation by political forces that deceive each time we try to march forward. For example Manning never asked his what he can do for them, he naturally expected them to do what they have always done – support him even though he never focussed on their needs when he had the power. He instead payed particular attention to the needs and wants of those who were well-placed and financially capable. Tobago as Neal asserted, is yet to undertstand it true role in the marriage of T&T and by not carving its rightful functional role always seem like a step-child rather than a brother or sister in the conceptual parts that we play. Case in point is the playing of the respopnses given to the British couple who wanted to be compensated for the injuries they received at the hand of a criminal in Tobago. The response of the THA appeared to be administrative whilst the response of the central government was almost totally political in nature. No cohesiveness whatsoever was attempted to show that government had thought this thing over and came up with a plan to address it with a view to solving the problem. The central government whilst never taking charge of the resolution, made it known that it is the THA’s problem. Who is in charge here?????? There is nothing in the way we practice politics will ever change (for the better) the concept of “Us” vs “Them”. While Kamla campaigned on “togetherness” her actions only heightened the “Us” mentality, marginalizing those “them” that supported deceptive togetherness campaign. Rowley has a harder job. Under Manning’s leadership he allowed a good portion of his “base” to seek shelter in the COP. If the COP had a more effective leader the PNM would been completely wiped out. What made the PNM great was the fact that it offered so much hope to the unfortunate and catered to their needs that people always saw it as “home”. Even with all the giveaways Manning could not convince his people to “come back home”. Now it is Rowley’s job to do that and it is no easy task.

  10. The impossible task of unifying the fragmented political forces in T&T under the banner of the PP was accomplished by the persistence and goodwill of the present PM. The government has only been at the helm for a relatively short period of time. Yet. the critics, or rather, the obstructionists, are out in full force, offering biased, partisan rhetoric, based on questionable information.
    These tribal PNM supporters appear to be blind, or have conveniently forgotten the problems of corruption, wanton wastage,and misuse of the public patrimony left behind by the egomaniac, Patrick Manning.And this was all done at a time when the stumbling and ineffective Opposition was led by another egomaniac, Panday, embroilled in legal misadventures.
    The concept of a changing T&T with a face representative of the full population, seems frightening and threatening to many who relished in the obscene extravagance of Patrick Manning.
    These opportunists and image makers of T&T are now disappointed that the country is moving in a direction which recognizes all regions and all peoples of the Republic.
    How credible is Rowley when he objects to venturing into “Indian” territory to collect his hampers.He not only refuses to venture into Presal but employs derogatory language to characterize the region. How objective could he be if he becomes PM one day?
    T&T is coming of age and regardless of who is in political power, there will be no turning back.

  11. “It is no easy task.” You are correct kian my friend , but if we the socially conscious progressives,who cares enough about this beautiful country of ours as claimed , then we can indeed find a way.
    Politics on paper ,might be the art of getting one’s way, in the face of competing wants, but the greater objective should be rather one of finding a prudent method ,to make others fervently believe ,that their common , direct interests, are inextricably, intertwined .
    No race , ethnic group , class ,or political party , can succeed long term in this country, unless all of us share in economic, and wider social successes ,that are there for the taking.
    There are those who naively think, that folks like us ,simply utilize our time on this here information highway , simply because we are concern about impressing folks as to our learnings, or about personalities such as Manning ,Rambachan , Kamla , Dr. Rowley ,Jack, Dookie , Dr. Goopiesing, and Ram the insignificant, political upstart.
    No T-Man my dear friend, this commitment , is all about Trinidad and Tobago and all it’s 1.3 million people, as so we would continue to admonish those with ears to hear , and eyes to see , what can be the consequential fall outs, for failure to get respective collective acts together , by first appreciating the subtle delicacies of the Social Science ,as played out in this great game called politics, in a unique,truly diverse society.
    It took America almost what ,almost 200 years , to eventually look like us? As for old destructive Europe? Just forget about it . They are now learning , as colonial peoples virtually invade their country in search of a better life. Africa , Asia , Latin America ? Please, don’t get me started . 90 % or more of their respective citizens, would give their life to get back to the good old Colonial , or even prehistoric days ,that it is no longer funny.
    Hey T- Man , we know that you are so enamored with your well cherished Canadian Quebecois lifestyle , that you think nothing is better than that, but someday you too would come around to cousin Kian’s -and if I dare add- my way of thinking ,that Sweet T&T ,though not perfect , is a fine Democratic experiment, that is worth building upon.
    For your information , May 24th 2010 ,will never be viewed in negative terms by us progressives, as some backward step , but -contrary to popular thinking – a cause for celebration,by us all.
    It is not a time -as you tribal miscreants think -for hanging of one’s heads in some phantom racial failure,simply because one party lost an election after winning the past 100 out of 102 fairly I might add,for why?
    It is a reflection of the fact that it remains ,perhaps the most democratic country in the world bar none, and this did not begin on May 24th 2010, but over 48 years of evolvement. If you doubt that then askthe still alive and free Uncle Shah, Abu Bakr, Basdeo Panday , and of course , first Hindu female PM -in her own right anywhere across the globe -in the person of Queen K ,and all the millions of our folks ,that benefited , and naturally still thirst for more.
    Having said all that , let me therefore admonish you as one of the PP spokesmen to encourage your government to get on with the task of governing,by creating jobs, encouraging prudent investments into our country, pushing for equitable distribution of our resources , including , yes, LAND, and we in turn , would do our national civic duties for the benefit of our country , ehhh?
    Yes T-Man , we know you and the 15 year old angelic ,Canadian Cross country running champion , future doctor , and PP Chairwoman ,would frown on it , but Sociology 101 , dictates, that if you take care of the economic , and wider social needs of a people , matters relating to security ,and wider politics, would take care of itself.
    Hey ,and we do not need your Canadian educated Independent Senator /Social Psychologist Dr Deosoran , to tell us that, or a wet behind the ears 30 year old lawyer com Prison Inspector ,with a plan to hang every poor prisoner in the country, so as to make his law and order for cash , Papa Israel, more happy about how great this country is not only for ‘…..’ well, you get the picture.
    Repeat after me my friend, “love country over tribe, and remember , the consequence for failure so to do , can be dire indeed.”I wish you well.

  12. Yes we are obstructionists. From time immemorial we have been obstructing the agenda of folks like you who expect Africans to behave like docile indolents in order to masturbate your freaking ethnic ego. Well wake up Sir! There is nothing in Malcolm X’s, Patrice Lumumba et al wills that obliges us to accept leadership you like or prefer because of ethnic affinity.

    Like I said, a tiger cannot change it’s stripes and you cannot change yours. I do not need a magnifying glass to identify prejudice. It has been passede down to many of us from centuries of experience in dealing with those who always argue that the best shot for the black man is when some one from some other group is looking after his affairs. We do not argue or agitate for preferrence, because if we did, others would not be flocking to wherever we are all over this globe. Obstructionist indeed!. Well color me one, for as long as I live I will continue to be an obstructionist to the racist agenda of some.

  13. TMan I was travelling in the past two days and was unable to reply to the crap that you write. Many of the things I write about from the time of colonialism to now are events I have either witnessed or experienced and most are emblazoned in my memory. You are, I am sure a person between the age of 29 to 42 years and your experience in Trinidad & Tobago is totally differnt from mine or Neal’s for that matter. You have built in your view a mindset which you believe put you (and your kind) in some kind of superior position compared to that of the less fortunates. Your parents or grand parents I am sure may have worked hard and struggled to make sure you get the benefit of a good education and you now feel that what you have read in the books was enough to make you qualified to compete in an advanced environment of knowledge. But given all that, your behaviour of arrogance and class superiority are lacking in the reasoning and understanding of peoples who may not be as fortunate as you. You envisage a world where it is the fault of the less fortunate when they are unable to move their position to the one that you now think you are entitled to. That puts you in the same category as the colonialists who felt that by reason of and stature privilege must be granted to you. For example, you have time and again called Dr. Cudjoe all kinds of foolish names because you do not understand what he is saying or, what he is saying is too much for you to comprehend, so you equate what he is saying as stupidity (because you may not have had to experience what he is talking about). Life has never been simple and never will especially when people feel that by virtue of a ballot they now are empowered to do whatever they want and dont care how their acts affect other people. If you do not bring the equation of race and ethnicity into the PM naming of Ms. Ramnarine as Security you would still get the same reaction to this appointment. You may call it negative and I call it natural reasoning.

  14. On Rshmi, Sandy and her mother.
    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve” The present government should have been made to memorize that quote when they were ten years old, each in their little country school. “Murder will out” is another. and “A liar is a thief, a thief is a murderer, at different stages of development” would have been my mother’s contibution to the debate on Ms. Reshmi Ramnarine’s flash in the pan, as head of either one agency or the other, the Governemnt seems unsure of what they apointed her to. Her mother joins the fray today with a plea, “Please leave my daughter alone. She did nothing wrong”, as if her daughter is a six year old in the school playground, being hassled by bullies. Brig. Sandy on the other hand, reveals that he was handed a paper to be read in the House, while speaking on another matter. He seemed unaware of what had transpired since his objection to her appointment. He says he was set up, as this reading in Parliament seemed to give his tacit approval to the appointment.Perhaps they want him to resign, and embarassing him this way cuts the ground out from under his feet. Stay put sir, you may be the only smiudge of integrity in that sorry bunch.Obviously there are private Cabinet meetings, and “Private Cabinet” meetings. He was obviously not invited to the latter, being an Afro Trini- the only one on the team, and an objector to the appointment. Reading the statement, to know that his objections were over-ridden must have been biliuos. Then comes the resignation, the revealing of the lie about a degree she did not have, and down goes the house of cards, but not a total fall, the tangled web holds them up.

    It would not have taken long to verify this degree. Was it assiged to her by herself, or was it bestowed by The University Of The UNC, to justify putting a friend, or a friend’s daughter, or someone’s outside woman in a high, and highly sensitive national security position.
    Now her mother is weeping and wailing and gnashing her teeth in lamentation for her poor daughter , who “did nothing wrong”. Well, that depends on whether conspiring with others to defraud the country is a wrong, conspiring to demerit my academic work, by claining to have earned a dregree from my university is a crime.
    If anyone is innocent in this mess, its poor Brigadier Sandy, who was made a fool of by all the straigh haired people, including the new Top Cop, who participated in this fraud imposed on the people of Trinidad and Tobago, when he was brought here, supposedly to fight crime and root out corruption. The Henry V11 rule applies here- create a new baron, who owes allegince only to you, and you have him in your hand.
    A recent PBS documentary in the USA said the spider silk is stronger than steel. A giant spider is trying to enmesh our beloved country, we can cry shame all we want, spiders are about survival, not ethics.

    I fight spiders annualy in my garden.On mornings in October, I will wake up to see their webs criss-crossing my garden.The dew shows them up best. I get a stick and go out there and beat the tangled silk down then I spray the garden with an insecticide, spraying at ground level, where the spiders are.Their webs are meant to trap the beautiful Monarch butterflies, on their way to the mountains of Mexico for the winter.

    Unless we beat down the spider webs in the garden of our country, the butterflies will be trapped and eaten.
    Every spider is venomous, but some are more venomous than others.

  15. It was an error
    Sandy on Reshmi’s appointment

    Sandy: Reshmi not up for job

    Sandy: I feel set up
    Embarrassed by being kept in the dark over the appointment of Reshmi Usha Ramnarine to the post of director of the Strategic Security Agency (SSA), and also being forced to read a statement in Parliament on Friday that Ramnarine was the holder of a university degree, an angry Minister of National Security Brigadier John Sandy met on Monday afternoon with Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to vent his concerns over the appointment and the questions being asked over his integrity.

    Reshmi’s ‘spy job’ at RATT
    THE GOVERNMENT’S choice to lead the Strategic Security Agency (SSA), Reshmi Usha Ramnarine, 31, told prospective employers that she worked for years at what was, in fact, a dummy research organisation set up as a cover for the covert Security Intelligence Agency (SIA).

    Reshmi did nothing wrong
    “PLEASE, leave my daughter alone,” pleaded the mother of Reshmi Usha Ramnarine.

    Kamla: Let’s move on

    Spy genie
    The Prime Minister may have recovered rapidly from the flu but there will be no quick rebound from the Reshmi Ramnarine brouhaha which like a bad cold will linger for some time.

    Bas to PM: Explain Sasha’s job
    Former prime minister Basdeo Panday has called on his successor, Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar, to explain what Sasha Mohammed’s job as the Prime Minister’s Events Adviser is all about. Panday raised the query after Mohammed’s job description appeared recently in connection with the furore concerning shortlived SIA/SSA head Reshmi Ramnarine.

  16. I like it when the NEWS people create a Blue Box after I comment. It tells me I’m right on target, before others get out their sharpened knives. After writing that piece, I went into my bathroom, and there on the floor was a spider. They crawl in under the carpet and wiggle their way in when its cold outside. This morning, just after dawn it was frozen here, pretty frost on all the rose bushes.Spiders can crawl sideways and backwards into the smallest spaces. I smashed that crawly with my house shoes, wiped him/her up with a wet tissue, and consigned him to the trash. All spiders should be treated thus, despite their pretty yellow silk.I am not Buddist so I do not think all living creatures are of equal value. As I said, all spiders have venom. That’s how they get their prey.

  17. PM Loses Cool
    As journalists press for answers on Reshmi’s appointment…

    Rowley to seek answers in House

    No apology

    Suruj willing to apologise in Parliament
    FOREIGN Affairs Minister Surujrattan Rambachan yesterday said he would be willing to apologise for misleading the public about Reshmi Usha Ramnarine’s qualifications last Friday.

    ‘Sandy faces Privileges Committee’
    Rowley: Minister misled House on SSA director

    President’s Office admits error in ‘SIA’ appointment

    Lawyers: Lack of checks by Govt ‘frightening’
    Frightening. This was the word used by two senior lawyers to describe the recent fiasco involving Reshmi Usha Ramnarine, the former director of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA).

    1. I am glad it is luminaries of Asian ancestry who said that this lack of checking was “frightening”. It erases the issue of race and sex as reasons for the statements. The question should be further raised as to whether Ms. Ramnarine used the same false qualifications to get the job she previously held, and to which she hs now reverted. If such is the case, she should be dismissed from the service completely.

      a few years back, medical stalart, Dr. Courtney bartolomew raised the question of a number of foreign dotors, and local doctors with degrees from India who were not qualified in the areas of speciality they claimed.Immediately the smokescreen of race was rased, to cloud the issue. Some medical blunders at Mt. Hope and other hospitals, in the areas of maternity and paediatric care have since confirmed suspicions in people’s minds. Now, this.
      There should be an independent body, made up of people in the government, people in opposition and uwi, and well as a rep. or two from NGO’s whose duty is to vet the qualifications of all people claiming to have degrees. If it is possible for a Trinidadian woman,going to UWI, to take her exams at a Texas university while visiting here, and have it all be secure,it is possible to vet qualifications in a matter of two weeks. Every student at university has a control number.
      We have to stop looking like the jack—es of the educated world.We have to return integrity to public life, and stop blaming UWI for idiots who say they went there,but didn’t.
      Class of 1967, STA.


    Sandy says sorry

    Griffith on Reshmi issue: Degree blunder only mistake

    No questions, please
    NO QUESTIONS over the issue of the appointment of the former director of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) Reshmi Ramnarine were entertained at yesterday’s post-Cabinet press briefing.

    PNM turns on heat in the House today
    Apologies began flowing yesterday from the Prime Minister’s office and National Security Minister John Sandy on the controversial Ramnarine/SSA issue and are expected to continue today in Parliament.

    Tim admits meeting Reshmi

    SIA debate in House today

    Speaker Wade Mark had to play referee in the House of Representatives yesterday, saving members from themselves and parting a face-off between Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley and National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy in a debate which turned into a battle between “the raging bull” and the solider.

    …Mark Shuts Up Rowley
    Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday attempted to raise serious accusations against Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in terms of her handling of sensitive Security Intelligence Agency files, but was shut down by House Speaker Wade Mark.

    …No case against Sandy, Suruj
    HOUSE SPEAKER Wade Mark yesterday rejected Opposition calls for Minister of National Security Brig John Sandy and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Suruj Rambachan, to be sent to the Privileges Committee for trying to willfully mislead the House over the qualifications of Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) former head, Reshmi Usha Ramnarine.

    …Sandy avoids Privileges Committee censure with apology

    …Sandy, Suruj saved from privileges team

    …Minister has no plan to resign

    …’Reshmi bypassed 22 seniors’
    Former director of the Strategic Services Agency Reshmi Usha Ramnarine by-passed 22 senior positions when she was selected from the junior position as a technician to fill the top post at the spy agency.

    …The media at work

    Sandy lays out specific recruiting guidelines
    MINISTER of National Security Brigadier John Sandy yesterday unveiled Government’s plan to develop a clear and rigorous appointment process to sensitive intelligence posts such as the Strategic Services Agency (SSA).

  20. Security Shame
    The woman who played a pivotal role in nominating an intelligence transcriber and her very junior subordinate to the top post of a domestic spy agency, Deputy Director of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) Julie Browne, failed to conduct the requisite high level security clearance vetting of controversial candidate Reshmi…

    …What Cabinet was told

    …Reshmi a target
    While the People’s Partnership (PP) was living a public relations disaster over its directorship appointment of 31-year-old Reshmi Ramnarine, the woman’s life and reputation has been shattered.

    …Reshmi applied for SAUTT position in 2007

    …Sandy: New hiring rules coming

    …Ramdass: My integrity is intact
    Contacted yesterday, journalist Anna Ramdass of the Express Newspaper who has been vigorously pursuing Ramnarine’s follow-up stories, said it was one of her colleagues, Denyse Renne, and not her who broke the first story on Ramnarine…

    …Still reeling from spy files
    It was just another day in Mickey Mouse country. The sun came up and shone brilliantly over the land called La Trinite.

    Martin Daly: Coalition of cliques and conceits

    Selwyn Ryan: Coalitions of the willing and the unwilling

    Lennox Grant – Credentialism: Behind the righteous rage

    Plenty heat, very little light in SIA debate

    …Sound and Fury

    PP must go says Mayers
    No change, just exchange

  21. Thanks Uncle Cudjoe for once more reminding us about something I learned a few moons ago at the feet of the wisest woman dat ever lived in my loving and dear , late Grandmother , from where else, de much maligned,historically neglected , ‘Island Ward called Tobago-
    “Banana can’t bear Plantain.”,134897.html

    Put differently,as Kaisonian Composer reminded us in song, “a cat born in an oven ,is not a bread.”
    What next , and ain’t these an amazing people , and a complex and confusing country we are saddled with. Nation building has never been more challenging, eh folks? Let the distractions continue.

  22. Lord,its “worser and worser”: fake resume, references names used without asking, fake experience-just a little fudging here, just a little lie there. Reading a manual and taking a course are not the same thing, but she was not experienced enough to know that. Did someone coach the little nitwit in preparing this CV of lies?
    Is her mother still claiming “my daughter did nothing wrong”?Thank God she did not claim a fake medical degree, somebody’s child could be dead. If she had claimed major unchecked degrees in economics, she could have been apointed Governor of the Central Bank. Lord, look trouble.

    In my extensive experience of personel work-Teacher Trainer, Human Resources Manager,School administrator, consultant, as well as teacher,I have learned to spot fake resumes by simply asking myself: If the person started college/university at 19, where in the few short years since, has there been time to do all this? Training with various groups, would have meant travel abroad, unless Mossad now has a training station in TnT.They could have checked her passport for travel dates.
    Now, sometimes, when people want to give someone a job for which they are not qualified, they coach them on what to put on the resume.Human resources could also be fraudulent.

    I hope ALL THE MEDIA HOUSES continue to dig to see who did this coaching. If you want to get nasty, you could even find the computer on which it was typed. Every computer has a permanent memory.

    The web gets more tangled.

    A liar is a thief, a thief is a murderer, at different stages of development, I repeat.
    I suspect this is not the first time that “My daughter did nothing wrong “Reshmi, has faked qualifications.
    How could an organization squander the hopes of the people so rapidly?
    Once, a student of mine copied a paper from a magazine, and tried to pass it off as his own. I knew it was a fake because of some of the words used of which he did not know the meanings. His father came to a conference and insisted that the son was in a hurry, so he dictated the paper and the father typed for him. After listening to this web of lies, in the presence of the Principal, I offered the following: “Rice University, called the Harvard of the Southwest, is close by. I will hire the Language Department Head, at my own cost, to read this paper, and determine if your son could have written it. I would pay up to half a month’s salary for this reading. Then I will take you to court to get the money back, when I am proved right”. This, in the presence of the the young man’s Guidance Counsellor, my Associate Principal, and the school principal. The father backed down, and accepted a failing grade for his son, and an unsatisfactory conduct report for cheating.
    Later that year, when this child took the scholastic aptitude test(SAT’s) , he scored at the 9th percentile in language. I kept a copy of those test results until I left that institution. For those not in academia, the 99th percentile is the highest possible score, and the 5th is autmatically given when you take the test.So, he was 4 points up from the bottom.
    I stand for integrity and honesty, especially as they apply to doing your own homework, not cheating, and only stating on your CV the things you have honestly done. Integrity cannot be bought.
    LE. The real UWI graduate(67)

  23. Kamla admits to mistake
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has admitted the People’s Partnership Government made a mistake in appointing Reshmi Usha Ramnarine to head the Strategic Services Agency (SSA).

    …PM finally concedes something went wrong

    …Persad-Bissessar: It won’t happen again

    Hinds: Govt trying to cover up Reshmi fiasco
    “Corruption is not only about money. It is also about lack of transparency, laws and processes which create a fertile breeding ground for corruption,” PNM Senator Fitzgerald Hinds said

    Search on for new SSA head

  24. If one goes into politics wih the attitude that “It’s our turn to feed at the trough”, leaders and suuporters will pig out in the issuing of priviledge and perks.If one discovers” that mistakes were made,” two weeks after a steady hue and cry about it; does that speak of dim-wittedness or deliberate malfeasance in office? The next question is of course what processes have been put in place to prevent this happening again.
    We cannot move from Governent by Hassekara to governtment by “Oh god, wey we go do now?” Both are failure systems.
    Let the party now in power try not to do a Mubarak on the people, speak in double tongued phrases, while sending out his supporters in the streets to cause chaos, to be blamed on the peaceful protestors. Do not sell this country to foreign interests.Those whose blood was shed in clearing the forests to plant the cane prior to 1838, will rise up. Those who accepted a shilling a day, when the Africans got nothing, may join them.

  25. “Those whose blood was shed in clearing the forests to plant the cane prior to 1838, will rise up. Those who accepted a shilling a day, when the Africans got nothing, may join them.”
    I admire your optimism , Madame L, but ‘me think,’ dem neo colonial stooges we had to deal with since 1962 , have done a masterful job,as a result of perfecting the art of Massa ‘divide
    and rule,’ thus making the competing lower caste tribes somehow think that they are each other’s enemies, and so we are what we are today ,a hodgepog , mismatch of fake elites, and groveling peons, desperately trying to figure out which way is up , wile remaining perennial,underachieving laughing stocks across the region. It is getting extremely difficult to still refer to this country as home. Just wonder if I can invigle a desperate Cuban , Guyanese , Nigerian , Karachi , or Uttar Pradesh resident to buy this citizenship of mine.
    Just kidding folks.

    PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday took full responsibility for the botched appointment of Reshmi Ramnarine, 31, to the post of director of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA), saying the Cabinet intended no deceit in the appointment and that the Government will learn from its error.

    Kamla’s Lesson
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has taken the blame for the appointment of Reshmi Ramnarine as director of the Strategic Services Agency saying that the buck stops with her, “so there is no point in laying blame or pointing fingers”.

    Many people recognise the beautiful
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar read the following statement to the House of Representatives on the appointment of a director to the SSA.

    Rowley: Let Parliament appoint new SSA head

  27. Rowley raises blackmail issue
    OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley is questioning whether Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar may have been blackmailed into appointing Reshmi Ramnarine as the director of the Strategic Services Agency…

    Security problems go back to Independence
    From the very inception of the first party Government in TT in October 1956, six years before obtaining our Independence in 1962, there were problems with our national security services.

    Government having ‘teething’ problems
    FRESH from issuing an apology over her Government’s handling of the Reshmi Ramnarine affair during Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar on Saturday admitted that the new Government was having it’s share of “teething problems” but promised that the nine-month-old administration would “overcome” all of its early problems.

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