Criminalizing the Society

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
December 15, 2010

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeI always believe that the demise of the Grenada Revolution occurred because of the hotheadedness of forty-year olds who had little knowledge of the world and people. They knew theory aplenty but were not seasoned by common sense and wisdom that only comes with age. One is seeing a similar tendency in the UNC-led coalition called the People’s Partnership.

Anywhere you look you can see and hear Anand Ramlogan, the attorney general, who believes that every social problem can be fixed by bombast, the police presence or burdensome laws that infringe upon people’s freedom. Although it is true a T&T government only needs a Prime Minister and an Attorney General to exist, Mr. Ramlogan seems to feel that he is the law of land aided no doubt by the Prime Minister.

Image his fas’ness. Telling Jack to shut up. Well Jack really reach! A young man merely forty years old; holding his first substantive post in the society. Yet, he believes he could speak to anyone as he pleases. Jack, it seems, is merely the latest victim of his intemperance.

And what is Jack’s crime? He believes he should run his ministry as the law of the land demands.

It is important to understand that certain realities and realignments come with ‘Indian Time Ah Come’. One is faced with an essentially litigious mindset that believes that the law and the appeal to the law are the only ways to solve a problem. If yo’ mother take yo’ land; take she to court. If yo’ brother bodder yo, take him to the Privy Council. No one in T&T has taken as many constitutional motions to the Privy Council as have Ramesh Maharaj and Anand Rmalogan.

At the end of day Ramlogan would have used more English lawyers to interfere in our business than any previous attorney general. Whiteness, it seems, confers a mantra of authority. If a local problem is too intractable call down a white man. He has the answer. It’s a holdover from colonialism; a certain mindset that sees all virtues in whiteness and every vice in blackness.

A problem arises with the CAL board. Bring in a white man to solve the problem. There is too much murder, go back to the days of slavery; hang them high and bring back the cat-o-nine tail. “Beat dem bad and dey bound to surrender.” Forget the socio-economic or even cultural conditions that may be at the base of this behavior.

Under the current law, a person (not a suspected gang member, a suspected thief, or a suspected swindler) can be detained by our police without charge for as much as five days. Ramlogan observes that the present law allows that “if there are reasonable grounds to suspect a citizen of committing a crime, [a police] can arrest and detain [him or her] for such a time as reasonable having regards to surrounding facts and circumstances.”

Reasonable by Ramlogan’s definition “could be 48 hours; it could be five days.” Extending this logic, it could be five months or even five years. As it is asked generally in American jurisprudence, “What are the limits of this standard?” Should any law be so designed to give the police unfettered discretion to restrict a person’s freedom?

The class bias of this legislation is obvious which renders it unconstitutional. Ramlogan’s rationale for this draconian measure reads as follows:

“If you choose the bling culture and the sneakers culture. If you choose to laugh at a feller who is studying hard to reach somewhere but you want to wear a Puma and a Nike with air socks then the time has come for society to set you on a straight path and that is what this legislation is all about.”

The target of this piece of legislation is the black boy in the ghetto whom I presume prefers not to study; laughs at those who study hard; prefers Nikes and Pumas; and is associated with what can be called gang culture.

I did not see the same urgency to detain anyone for five days, five months, or five years who, it can be reasonably assumed, fleeced the public of monies that equated a million times the cost of a Puma (about $1,000) or a Nike. Such citizens continue to live large; enjoying the largess of their ill-gotten gains; and continue to move in respectable international circles. Yet the little black boy, poor and unschooled, who is accused of stealing a Puma can be snatched up and kept in the pen for five days or five months.

Tucked away somewhere in Ramlogan’s rationale is the proposition that all citizens are not equal in the eyes of the law. Under this legislation bail is being used in a punitive manner rather than to assure the attendance of the defendant when his presence is required in court.

Using Ramlogan’s logic one can now understand how persons suspected of causing more harm to the state than these young boys who steal Pumas are not subjected to the same draconian responses from the state? Does losing $1,000 create more suffering and pain among citizens than the fleecing of the public of $1,000,000,000? Are those persons accused of committing such crimes subjected to the same rules of detention as the black boy in the ghetto?

Why the reluctance to extradite persons for whom there is reasonable evidence to believe may have broken the laws of another country. Why aren’t the rights of the black boys in the ghetto accorded the same protection as those who are alleged of stealing millions of dollars? Why does the possession of blackness seem to be such a crime in the society?

Once any law is passed, it can be dusted off to suit any purpose an eager attorney general wants it to serve. Today it is aimed at the boy in the ghetto; tomorrow it can be construed to implicate the governor of the Central Bank. Next week it might be used to undermine the Chief Justice.

Tyranny does not come in one fell swoop. It arrives gradually as zealous ideologues chip away at our freedoms, a little bit at a time.

Let us refrain from going down the road of a police state. Holding a black boy in detention for five days without a charge is unconstitutional. Is this the price we want to pay to satiate Anand’s predilections and the PP’s fetish with legality?

26 thoughts on “Criminalizing the Society”

  1. This garbage that Codjoe is spewing here will cause his own demise, his bitterness and hatred for Indians is sickening. Imagine there are children that listen to this monstrosity.
    Codjoe inject racism into every agenda or spoken words of any Indian in authority trying his best to drive a wedge between the races in order to divide the party’s unity. Cro Cro, Sugar Alose and Codjoe all singing the same song, I laugh at you and your friends carrying the weight and burden of your hatred and racism which seem to be destroying you a little at a time, a well deserved punishment. I you so despise the white man then why did you keep his name and religion? You can run all you want but you can’t run away from yourself.

  2. You have done quite well before Dr Cudjoe, and I for one felt very proud at your drop in the ocean , yet Herculean efforts, aimed at elevating the discourse, and articulating the pertinent issues of the day. This one however, is what we like to call a home run within the ‘Land of the Free,’ or as we say in the QPS , was hit in the stands for a six- game over , and Prince Lara once more ,rule the cricket world , irrespective to the efforts of them, unmentionable , lifetime cheaters.
    Well done , my fair and good fellow, for doing such a wondrous job at keeping the power brokers hands to the symbolic fire.
    As for the pretending to be outraged , at clear logic , morugama, he said the following,to the esteemed Doc:- “If you so despise the white man then why did you keep his name and religion?”
    No my friend, we leave these and similar empty symbolic gestures for you ,and the tribe, as you think that by so doing ,you are fooling anyone but yourself.If your much adored , European pals ,had stayed cloaked in insularity , fixated ,in their feudalistic, neo – tribal , savage cages-during what to them was obviously ,the Dark/ Medieval ages -as opposed to traveling far, and wide, to interact with others, then , they would not have conquered/ ravage , and become the force they are today.
    Don’t however get it twisted , “all skin teeth, ain’t laugh,” and many are not your friends as you so naively believe, so treat each on a case by case basis , and never allow your self to be used for wider diabolical causes.
    So you guys could walk around the country and change every street name at will , and every award, as that make you bolster that ingrain , lifetime insecurity. It however takes much more than that to prove that you are truly independent , and grown up, agreed?
    Talk about the epitome of the “Mimmic men,” as hailed by the unmentionable, globally recognized, country hating , Brit wannabe Knight, with the suspect Nobel award ,for lambasting everything Islamic,Third World , and especially Caribbean and African.
    They love their Privy Council Courts, everything Euro Canadian with this overpaid , Commissioner of our crime laden country, anti black aborigine Australian, and pro Apartheid South Africa.Care to guess why morougamax?
    Notice however, their deep rooted contempt for anyone , and everything a shade darker than them ,and dem demonic serial rapists, that came across the Caucus Mountains. Ah my beloved, neglected Siddi brothers and sisters!

    Ain’t hearing about my homies in Gao , and similar spots, that helped make India, what it is today. What do you know , it might just be a good project to collaborate with the good Doc on ,re his next book, but I am going to part company with him as to hiving Sat read any forward ,during my book tour. Stay on point Doc. The Opposition needs dire help, if the political / economic barbarians are to be kept at bay. Let’s continue to love country. Happy Holidays.

  3. This is spot on, had the PNM try to push through legislation anything resembling this law they Manning would have been condemn as a dictator, but with this Indo partnership there is dead silence. I am sure it violates the constitution of the country. Now I have no sympathy for the criminal element but this law is targeting the afro Trinibagonian population, but the worse of all is that the current leader of the opposition is asleep on the job, and don’t want to point out the obvious. As the article points out can the law be used to arrest the known traffickers of drugs in the Cedros or area where the major players are known? Can the law enforcement agencies break down the doors of any major drug dealers from the Syrian community? Hell no. But then again I blame the dumb black people who wanted to “eat ah food” or “give them a chance” for the predicament the black community find themselves now. It’s now there for them to see what the Hindus do when they are given a chance. These people a fill with hate for Black people and nothing will change that fact. At least they can’t say Manning didn’t warn them.

  4. “Let us refrain from going down the road of a police state. Holding a black boy in detention for five days without a charge is unconstitutional. Is this the price we want to pay to satiate Anand’s predilections and the PP’s fetish with legality?”

    I tend to agree with the doc here he makes a salient point. Why should the law seek to protect gangsters? Put them through the courts and release them the same day so dem boys could go and finish the job. There is nothing nicer than the revenge hit. The boys should not be put in jail for five hours much less five days. The doc is finally listening to me and seeking to defend the rights of young men from Laventy and Murdervant. NAEAP should be protesting these draconian measures. Why should the AG seek to protect these gangsters? Putting them in jail for a time out is wrong because that will endanger the lives of our hard working police officers just in case some of the gangsters decide to storm the police station.

    I concur with the doc, if you live by the gun you should die by the gun. The law CANNOT protect you, no matter how much police officers are on the street. Besides why should the PP even seek to stop the culture of death??? NO matter what is done these boys are so clever they will find a way around, through the problem. Like the doc I say sooner or later they will fall by the bullet, I prefer like him for it to be sooner rather than later. Why protect them for five days when the opposing gang can end the blight in few minutes. The AG should rethink this one, you really cannot protect criminals and the law is not there to protect criminals. Less of them equals a better society. Look everyday I wake up say my prayer and ask God for grace. I CHOOSE to be on the right side of law. When the time comes I am prepared to die but it must be on the right side of the law.

    Tribals such as Nealos and granny Linda would agree with me and the doc here, I am sure.

  5. “Why aren’t the rights of the black boys in the ghetto accorded the same protection as those who are alleged of stealing millions of dollars? Why does the possession of blackness seem to be such a crime in the society?”

    I have often asked myself the same question. A lil starvin black boy steals a $500 and he is sent to jail, while millions are stolen each day by those in high places. Surely the law must be measured equally to all citizens. I have never quite understood that…. I don’t think it is blackness like the doc is suggesting, I simply believe that it is the amount of money the criminal have to spend on legal defence. NAEAP should address this by getting a battery of lawyers to defend these boys so that at least they can steal again or find meaningful URP employment.

    1. No Khem, the law is not against the little black boys who are in school or working but it is for the little black boys who are terrorising black communityies and elderly women, girls, women and decent black people who are struggling daily for a spcae in our society. It is apologists who are aiding and abetting the destruction of black communities by cuddling these young black boys who are killing thier own black people.

      1. In Guyana the PNC used to place the Guyanese flag over the coffin of young black males, killed while committing robbery, they saw them as the true nationals. Are you saying the doc thinks the same way.

  6. I hope Cudjoe’s Wellesley students read this drivel by their token professor of Black Studies. They may give him an E for effort. The hatred being spewed br Cudjoe this year is amazing. Cudjoe is still trapped in mental slavery i.e., blacks are suddenly the victims again and the PP are the new massas in cahoots with the old white massa. Cudjoe will continue to tap into the US black playbook of victimhood to import into TT. Hence expressions like ‘Head Nigger in Charge’, Too Far to Turn Black now, jailing innocent black boys etc. Look out for more racial drivel as he tries to sow the seeds of racial unrest to bring down the PP gov’t.

    …Newest member of NEEIP – National Empowerment of East Indian People.

  7. It is amazing how the mind of people work, it is obvious that we see the same onditions yet we proess them differently based on our conditioning. I would prefer to keep my comments on Dr. Cudjoe’s observations and conlusions which I believe is on the money but because of the comments of Morugamax, Khem and Ramjit Gopaul we can see that what one reads and sees may NOT be construed based on the understanding of the written word. These people are pre-disposed to accepting anything Dr. Cudjoe writes as crap and that is their perogative, their responses are defensive in nature and nonsensecal in fact because they lend nothing to the arguments that Dr. Cudjoe is making. Dr. Cudjoe’s argument involves constitutionality, social targeting, application of law and order, the affects of legislation and what it means to us all as a nation. He has rightly concluded that it can have a devastating effecxt on the black boys in the ghetto. Morugamax, Khem and Ramjit in their thinking have already charged, convicted these young men, criminalised their behaviour and wants them to serve time without even being given the opportunity to be heard in a court of law. They see these sneakers wearing, bling bling carrying people not as citizens with the same inalienable rioghts as they do but as people who should be seen, caught and locked up. At the same time those who have the power to feed the drugs and guns into the society are not even looked upon as criminals because they reside in the upper crust of the societal classes. Dr. Cudjoes observations are timely and to the point, the AGs antics are based on the conceived notions that these people constitute what is wrong in society and should not be given the constitutional decency of a fair trial. The Japanese once made the observation that what is wrong with the United States that is preventing developments is the existence of the same people that Ramlogan is targeting. This is a sad way to think of and deal with our fellow citizens and just maybe with some reasoning we mkight be able to get on the same page to at least talk openly to try to resolve the social problems in this country. Condemning and putting them away can only worsen our situation.

    1. Kian said “These people are pre-disposed to accepting anything Dr. Cudjoe writes as crap and that is their perogative, their responses are defensive in nature and nonsensecal in fact because they lend nothing to the arguments that Dr. Cudjoe is making.”

      Kian boy read my comments carefully I tend to agree with the doc, some of the times, but not all the time. I find this article to be what it should be a good article from the doc filled with tribal self-presevation, racist innuendoes and exploitation of percieved PP divisions. Reading this is like drinking babash, it is dirty, smelly but still fulfills the job of intoxication. In fact I would say the doc fulfill my expectations in this article, the previous one was lame, less-thought out article, this one is blatant, racially charge and anti-law. Could you get anything better than this from a tribalistic leader??? Tell me Kian.

    2. Kian, it is necessary to remember that while justice and honour do not always prevail that it is still better and more noble to live for these principles than to live otherwise.

      Thus, sometimes, when the going is real hard and relief seems out of reach, remember, too, that still believing on the goodness of all people and that at heart, all, given opportunity to, can be decent is the only option for a peaceable future.

      From my experience, at the heart of some of the comments against what Dr. Cudjoe points out is possibly interests vested in ignorance.

      A good example of this conundrum today is the US.

      Here is a country that annually spends more than one hundred billion dollars on its military to kill people overseas, and balks at spending 1/10th of this on education for its people.

      The question which faces us, I think, is whether or not those who occupy power realize that it is one thing to know the uses of power and another to know the limitations on power; limitations imposed by issues of morality.

      I would not recommend that you re-read the comments here deriding Dr. Cudjoe, but where in these is there any evidence of wisdom and honour?

      In closing, some here try to deride Dr. Cudjoe as hating white people yet retaining their name.

      Here is ignorance again demonstrated since the name Cudjoe, like Quammina and Quashie are names rooted in ancient Cushite and Semitic cultures that predate the beginnings of Asians and Causasians.

      One character even uses the Khem not knowing this is of North African origin.

      Finally, Dr. Cudjoe, like an old Testament prophet will likely not be honoured in his own country, and by latecomers who by their words today, curse their own forebears who arrived ss destitute outcasts to whom T&T was akin to the Promised land.

      Today’s detractors are here, only because the ancestors of people like Dr. Cudjoe valiently resisted being re-enslaved by the Europeans who using Indian arkaatis brought indentured Indians to endure hardships for the benefits of Rule Brittania.

      In short, today, they emulate those who oppressed their ancestors and deride those who showed them how to be irrevocably human.

      1. “One character even uses the Khem not knowing this is of North African origin.”

        This explains my yearning for duplings and saltfish with some yam by the side.

  8. Dr. Cudjoe is an example of the PNM and their encouragement of lawless behavior. Instead of trying to water down the new laws with excuses, Dr. Cudjoe and the PNM should be reflecting on how their mismanagement, neglect, meglomania and corruptioni led to our country’s demise. Dr. Cudjoe will continue with his diatribe to make sure that the new government fails. Dr. Cudjoe wants back his PNM but as history would have it, PNM is a dead party gone to the dust bins of history never to be resurrected again in this form. It is good to see a government taking thier responsiblities seriously enough to pass meaningfull laws that will protect the country from the gangs that the PNM cuddled for 12 years. These new laws are not targeting African youths but those youths and adults who continue to terrorise the nation.If PNM had dealt with the gangs we would not be having this discussion. Now the government has to go after the people respsonsible for bringing in the drugs and guns reform the criminal jusitce system to ensure that these laws are enforced.

    1. Wilsibo said.”If PNM had dealt with the gangs we would not be having this discussion”

      Actually Wilsibo the current anti-gang laws in Parliament was conceived by the PNM. The AG is given too much credit by the doc, but his tribalist one world view affords him this opportunity. The PNM did not have the opportunity to put these laws into the public domain due to the last election. Truth be told…

  9. Why can’t we have a civilized debate on the issues without censoring my comments pulling my posts that is in conflict with the editor’s personal views. This is an exchange of opinions and personal views, we can learn a lot from each other when we open up and exchange openly without bias.

  10. Hey BROTHER khem , wlisbo, and Ramjit,and we’ll throw in the apologists , T-Man , and morougamax for good measure. I am with you, and your over zealous AG, that it’s time to get tough on all criminals. For the record, I could give a darm if they are illiterate ,Afro Trini gangsters, Indian Trini low lifes, that enjoys preying on his female kids, or hundreds of your fellow tribal jilted buddies , that think the way to retaliate , to women disgusted with their culturally backward foolishness, is to kill their wives and girlfriends, then poison themselves , and the several desperate hungry pickneys in the process.
    I am extremely happy that a female leader , such as Queen K came from a tribe that historically treats their women with utter contempt- unless of course that child has a parent of the so called elite class.
    The reason why I am happy is simple, for finally ,ending abuse on women, children , aged , and other powerless in our society ,might be given the attention it richly deserves, and place us on the map as a progressive nation.
    Please note also, that I too would join in support of any DRACONIAN laws, that would flush out any criminal bum within each of the African enclaves our country, and would personally support sending them to the gallows , or firing squads ,Chinese style , but that is contingent on one complimentary move. We must likewise move with utmost diligence, and flush out the criminal miscreants, amongst other tribes across the nation, and implement swift justice .Should I hold my breath ,you my collective cousins, or do you all still adhere to the skewed viewpoint, that what’s good for the goose , might not be good for the gander ,as well? Say yes to equal playing field justice, I say.

    1. Nealos said ” I am with you, and your over zealous AG, that it’s time to get tough on all criminals…””????

      Nealos society changes, law changes, government changes but the human heart remains the same, desperately wicked. It is unfortunate that the law has to be so overarching in situations that have proven to be very difficult to manage. You cannot legislate good behaviour.

      The brutal murder of so many people caught in the cross-fire of gang land violence demands an appropriate response. Like the doc I am an advocate for civil liberties and those liberties cannot be throw aside in this yearning for a better nation. The laws long arm can be extended without having to introduce more laws. Once you put in place certain laws then it becomes open to all kinds of interpretation. Example what is gang, who is defined as a gang member. I think a better word would be banditry gangs, rather than just gangs. The word banditry would define a particular gang. Anyone group coming together to rape, kill, extort, murder, steal or cause civil unrest should be defined as a banditry gang and therefore outlawed with specific application of the law to such behaviours.

      Nealos the law have to be clearly defined in wording so that the civil liberties of those who are simply assembling are not disrupted. For instance the police can arrest a group of boys hanging out together and say they are a gang. The specific descriptive and localise linguistic value MUST be appropriated accordingly….. It is only then I can support such draconian measures.

      1. Brother khem ,I need to reiterate , that you are preaching to the converted my friend ,when it comes to support for any perceived , tough governmental approach and efforts ,aimed at finally dealing with runaway violent crimes across our nation. My motto has always been , “no security , no development.”
        To be frank I do not even care if they choose to spend the next three plus years in power making a new law each day , or even bring in the entire Canadian Mounted Police , Scotland Yard ,American FBI,Pakistani intelligence, India Special Branch,wonderful former white South African Apartheid barbarians security chiefs, and Israeli Mossad , due in great measure to the fact that you have no confidence of anything Trinidadian- once your folks are not dominating it.
        Where I part company with disingenuous blokes ,like yourself , T-Man, morougamax, Ramjit, Ag Ramlogan, Danna Seetahal, and top alleged Human Right pro Privy Council Guru,Ramesh Lawrence Maraj,and your Eurocentric thinking ,is the fact that you guys do not give the same credence to eradicating white color criminal , thugs ,and bums that prey on the weak and unsuspecting , in the same manner you wish to lock up for life, flush out with blazing Randy Flying Squad Borroughish guns , break the neck with the hangman noose, and induce the Cat-o-9 -tail on poor defenseless ,low life citizens, across the nation – the majority of whom are poor , illiterate ,struggling , hopeless , and psychologically distraught low caste Indian, and African folks , at the lower echelons of society.
        Now ‘you alls,’have your reasons for such hesitancy, and that’s your right,I might add, but then don’t blame some of us , driving on dis here Information highway ,who fervently believe, that such is because too many of your buddies, cousins ,friends, and tribal fellow nationals, would be dragged into the net, not only due to their dominance in the business community,or selectively important/ influential places in the Public Service, but really that overwhelming penchant of a quick , easy buck , that would encourage many to sell their collective ‘souls, and families,’ where necessary, to obtain it.
        As for me , I not only abhor the actions of all white, and blue color criminals, with the same deep passion , but in addition ,personally despise, and treat with utter contempt the opinions – even if they are logical – of any, that tries to cuddle, and protect them, while hiding behind their respective tribes.
        It’s not the progressive way of nation building my friend. In ending, I wish to inform you over zealous folks , that justice must be administered “without favor or affection , malice ,or ill will,” and I’m certain, there is no need to enlighten you of the dire consequences – as played out throughout history-that can accrue, for those people , and nations , who breach this, and similar prudent principles.

  11. I like many other Trinidadians believe that the AG’s bill did not go far enough to address the crime problem in out twin island state. For one the Cat-o-nine and hanging should be reintroduced retroactively. There is no reason why someone waiting to be hung should not receive the cat-o-nine.

  12. “If yo’ mother take yo’ land; take she to court. If yo’ brother bodder yo, take him to the Privy Council.”

    “Indian Time ah Come”
    Cudjoe’s use of this type of language is in itself a reflection of his deep seated antagonism against Indians. It is the sort of ridicule which existed in the past to mock Indians and to show their perceived ignorance and their poor use of language. In the early days it was common among certain segments of the population to make fun of the way Indians spoke. This is no longer the case. This really dates Cudjoe and shows how out of touch he is with the vast majority of Trinis.

    Cudjoe does have a valid case when he criticizes Anand Ramlogan. As the AG, Ramlogan should learn how to temper his remarks and act more statesman- like. His open “bling” tirade was totally unnecessary. There are numerous examples of the AG’s mouthy tirades.
    The proposed draconian law to curb crime is probably overkill and directed against one group of people. However, there is widespread support for these measures in T&T. People are simply fed up with the illegal activities of criminal youths and gang warfare, principally controlled by Africans.
    To suggest that it is unfair to go after young roving bands of criminals when nothing is being done to arrest white collar crime is ridiculous! The police have been reluctant to pursue those who “steal” millions. Have you wondered why? They have not been successful in either endeavor.
    To suggest that to hire foreign “white” experts is also ridiculous. The fact is that the locals have repeatedly failed or they are controlled by political loyalty which adversely affects their decision making. The present DDP is an example of someone loyal to the PNM and slow in prosecuting those who perpetrated crimes during the PNM reign. Have you wondered why a foreign “white” is being placed in his office as an advisor?
    Moonilal listed a number of accomplishments of the People’s Partnership.
    “In six months, we have passed the Children’s Life Fund Act so that no child would ever die because they can’t afford medical treatment. That is a phenomenal achievement in such a short time, so that Mr Panday will not have to sell barbecue tickets to raise money for a child who needs surgery,” he said.
    He added that the Government withdrew the appeal of the former PNM government on the Caroni land matter; increased benefits for persons on public assistance, pensions; and also increased the amount of funds given to victims of natural disasters.
    “In record time we moved in the Parliament to appoint a police commissioner that the former administration could not do in three years, we appointed a Police Service Commission, we brought the stability to the protective services,” Moonilal said.
    He further noted that, in record time, the Government had ensured that the Interception of Communications Bill legislation was put in place. He said certificates of comfort were also given to 250 squatters and houses were given to people who have been waiting for 25 to 40 years.

    These are all “social” programs designed to assist the same population which Cudjoe accuses the government of abandoning.

    1. TMan, thank you for exposing the true intent of Codjoe’s use of the title “Indian time ah come” to further ridicule Indians. It’s a shame Mr. Sat Maharaj is not familiar with the tale of the spider and the fly, maybe he would have been able to avoid walking into Cudjoe’s web.
      Codjoe, Neal and Keith be very careful what you wish for; you may get it.

  13. T- Man and morougamax , would you two cut it out, and quit behaving like spoil kids in an elite kindergarden in the suburbs of Manzanilla,or oropouche , playing a broken record they thoroughly adore? Your transparent fears of the good Doctor is as thick as a Toco Xmas Black Cake, or Aranguez sludge after a August flood.
    Nobody ,especially socially conscious Africans such as Dr Cudjoe, is out to besmirch the stellar image , or feels the need to “antagonize Indian” brothers ,and sister across our nation, as you’ve erroneously suggested.
    I have absolutely no idea where you guys got such preposterous , and ridiculous ideas in your twisted minds. What do you know ,a fellow Afrocentric brother, gave up any life of comfort , after decades in the struggles for educating his people in the USA, returned home to and try to inject some self love , and help elevate the mindset of Afro Trini people ,that historically were ignored , neglected, and abused – especially by their own leaders – and you comedians , tries to flip the script, and make it appear as if he hates Indians , or is some threat to your total advancement , and or quest for lifetime dominance.
    Another son of the soil after getting all the early advantage possible from this country ,spent his entire life not only trying to become and English European, but never hesitated to tarnish the image of his country of birth, by placing blame for all it’s ills, and sporadic failures of his own people ,on the backs of African victims themselves, as opposed to the Europeans he spent a lifetime pandering to, in efforts to acquire fake awards.To bolster his world recognition , he assumed the mantle of Islamophobe, and developing country people hater, much to the delights of his European masters. The patriotic former, is now condemned , and vilified by you all and sundry for trying to enlighten the nation while building their hopes and aspirations, , while the very ungrateful latter ,is viewed as some hero for abandoning the country of birth- go figure.
    Give it a rest, and leave one of the few African heroes in our country alone,in Dr Cujoe.
    Just in case you do not recognize this ,but it’s due to the sterling efforts from folks such as him ,and similar progressives ,that will ensure that you and your great grand pickneys continually enjoy the fruits of your Trini labor, and so think that this is the greatest country on earth- in and out of power.
    Just in passing , it is not every one that is blogging here that is loosing sleep over the successful lives of a few elitist across the nation , especially if they hide behind religions, and suspect cultural norms to gain their advantage.
    What we are more concern with is, that all our citizens advance, equal social playing field evolve, past historical wrongs be rectified , and the economic spoils that are due for each class, race , and creed be made possible – not at the expense of one for the other, as was done in the past by sly appeasers too long in political power, and their narrow minded, competitive , economically dominant , tribalist rivals, yes?

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