Indian Time Ah Come

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
November 23, 2010

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeA foolish person opined that I was catering (they used the word “kissing up”) to Sat and Kamla because I dedicate Indian Time Ah Come, my most recent book, to Sat, Kamla and the East Indian struggle for justice. He even seemed perturbed that I asked Sat to offer the feature address at the launching of the book and more aggrieved that Sat agreed to do so.

“Like dey buy you out, too” he exclaimed. He felt that since Sat and I disagreed on issues we should be at each other’s throat perpetually, constantly stressing out each other all of the time. He ought to read “Peace and Tolerance,” a lecture that I gave in 2005 at the behest of the Indian High Commissioner, and which is reproduced in my new book. It might give him a sense of how I handle issues.

Over the last seven years, Sat and I have grown to genuinely like and respect each other. He has come to see my argumentative side as I have grown accustomed to his pugilist rhetorical thrust. I have also grown to respect his wisdom and his intelligence. We recognize that since we live in a plural society (he likes to call it a multicultural society) various groups will always compete for the society’s scare resources, one of the many reasons why there are constant ethnic squabbles in our society.

But there is another reason why I admire Sat. I respect the man’s integrity. Having spent seven years exploring many issues pertaining to Indian and African relations in this land, I came to recognize that Sat is a patriot who happens to be Hindu. Sat is Hindu first and foremost—I suspect that this is what his religious inclination demands—but he is also a patriotic Trini who, in his own way, wants the best for his country.

Sat is driven by the proposition that T&T has done Indians wrong. Sometime he conflates T&T with Africans and reasons there from that Africans have done Indians wrong. Such a posture leads him to conclude that Indians have made it in spite of the varied discriminations to which we (Africans) have subjected his people (Indians).

I do not agree with his formulation. Africans were exploited by the slave regime. The colonial authorities discriminated against Indians and Africans. These discriminatory practices began to change when the PNM came to power in 1956 and changed for the better when the society became independent in 1962.

Although Indians have been creative and parsimonious they made economic, social and political advances because of a climate of openness and opportunity of which any government or country should be proud. There has never been any legislation under the PNM that prevented the advancement of East Indians in this land.

Nor for that matter was T&T an apartheid state in which discriminatory laws were enacted to stymie the advancement of the East Indian or any other group. Successive PNM governments provided a level playing field where all talents were maximized—evidenced by the tremendous strides East Indians made in the last fifty years—although many remnants of the colonial past still remain.

If we are to create a more harmonious society we have to learn to disagree with each other’s ideas without disliking or holding the person who expresses them in rancor and bitterness. In “Peace and Tolerance” I argued that “courageous men and women ought to meet in mutual love and respect and try to resolve their differences.”

We cannot be true Trinbagonians to the bone if we do not understand the ideological, religious and cultural impulses that drive Trinbagonians of all persuasions. Every Trinbagonian should know what the ramleela; hosay; gayap; orisha; La Divina Pastora; gaiapa and other festival/performances/feasts entail. Names such as Daaga, J. J. Thomas, L. A. de Verteuil, Sylvester Williams; Adrian Cola Rienzi; Rudranath Capildeo; Badase Sagan Maraj; Eric Williams; A. N. R. Robinson should be enshrined in our memories.

We should also know that T&T has gone through many stages in its history. If we begin with 1797 when the British took over from the Spanish we can define our history into four brief eras: 1797-1850 when William Burnley and the English ruled the society; 1850-1900 when L. A. de Verteuil and the French Creoles reigned supreme; 1900-1956 when we saw the rise of the working people embodied in the Water Riots (1903) and the activities of Cipriani, Butler and Rienzi. 1956-2010 saw the political dominance of the Africans in the society.

The crushing defeat of the PNM in 2010 signaled that the East Indians were/are a new force to be reckoned with particularly in political terms, hence the title of my work Indian Time Ah Come. This is not necessarily a time for fear or dread but a recognition that society changes—in fact, history is a process rather than stasis—and that a new force has come to fore with which all of us have to reckon.

My naming the phenomena does not change its reality. It allows to recognize where we are and how to come to terms with this reality. Denying its existence helps no. It merely allows us to misdiagnose the condition.

As the control of the state changes from Africans to Indians it is important to recognize as Dr. Williams did at Marlborough House in 1960 when we negotiated our independence with the British that a plural society can only remain free if the majority recognize and respect the rights of the minority. Nor, for that matter, should we be unaware of the rising importance of Hinduism that this transformation entails.

This is why it is important to re-echo the sentiments our Prime Minister uttered on Indian Day Arrival when she reminded us that while she was proud she was the first East Indian women to achieve that noble office she “would rather that the nation feel the pride one of the descendants of our collective experience of hardship and sacrifice today represents [in] their realization and longing for a better life and for freedom.”

It is this spirit that I want to thank Sat publicly for agreeing to deliver the feature address at the launch of Indian Time Ah Come.

Respecting each other as friends and comrades is neither sucking nor kissing up. It is the mutual respect that compatriots show towards each other. It is even more important as the nation transitions from one era to another.

24 thoughts on “Indian Time Ah Come”

  1. Beautifully written, cogently argued – we are truly maturing as a democratic, pluralistic, multicultural society. When heavyweight, ideological foes can unite in debate and discussion, giving us insights into this continuing challenge of nation building– it’s a great example to the rest of us. I salute you both, Dr Cudjoe and Dr Maharaj. You have made me very proud of my dual heritage. Thank you.

  2. This analysis cannot effectively and in good conscience be argued against. However, can it likewise be argued for?

    1. I am all for peace, but not the peace of the graveyard!

      When offering an olive branch, one must ensure that it cannot be shaped by the adversary into a club; and while it is always better to beat swords into ploughshares, note that ploughshares have also been beaten into swords.

      I am not arguing here in defense of cynicism, no, but on the shrewd principle offered by the Holy Bible where Yeshua Hamaschia (Jesus the Christ) a consummate peacemaker with the skills of a drill-sergeant advised his disciples to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

      Unfortunately, too many Black people emphasise the harmlessness of the dove above the shrewdness of the serpent; especially when dealing with the likes of King Cobras who are doing in T&T what they tried in Fiji and have successfully done in India: seize control of the judiciary, and of commerce, and finally, despite being a minority take majority control of the legislature.

      The former has already been completed in T&T.

      Observe who is in control of the courts, the legal system, and of commerce.

      Now, as the UNC-controlled PP, who has majority control of parliament?

      In short, Dr. Cudjoe, while one must trust, one must also verify, and thereby avoid being made a dupe of in good faith.

  3. It is a very reconciling article, perhaps an article that can be pasted on the casket of the goodly doc because it will define perhaps the inner voice that he sometimes disregarded but was always there to maintain some level of civility. It is however, good to see his humanity and his balance perspective on such important issues.

    I was a student at one of the SDMS school, most I remember was the trashing I got from the teachers (i was a dull student) However I am grateful for the education. When I entered Junior Secondary School I was at the top of the class with some 40 students. Maybe the fear of failure was subliminally injected in me back then.

  4. Sat is a doctor???

    Doctor of what???Pleeeezz..

    Dr Cudjoe, stop living in la la land, your thoughts here would be true if you were dealing with an adversary who shared your views, Sat is not interested in sharing the national pie with Afro Trinis, he wants to crush the heads of all Afro Trinis, his penchant for racism is unparalleled and insatiable, don`t be fooled by the offer of an olive branch like so many other Afro Trinis in this country!!!!

    See where they are now under this racist government, there is literally weeping, wailing and knashing of teeth in the streets across all sections of the society now, as a result of the collossal mistake they made on May 24th….


    1. “Sat is not interested in sharing the national pie with Afro Trinis, he wants to crush the heads of all Afro Trinis”

      Sat has said clearly on many ocassions he wants a fair share of the national pie, not more, not less but an equal share. So the thought that somehow he is anti-Afro is misguided at best.

      1. The Engloish language is funny, in that one can say one thing and it conveys many meanings. Khem says that what Sat wants is “fair” share. Coming from Sat I can safely interpret that to mean “ALL” and I’m damned sure that is the correct meaning. While I applaud Dr. Cudjoe for offering the “olive branch”, I would have been more accepting of it, if it was co-authored by the racist himself. In following the principles of Christianity while we feel it is the right thing to do we must first be sure that we are not doing it to our detriment.

        1. Kian, if you really want to see what Sat means by wanting what is “fair” consider how the UNC-led PP divided up the various ministries.

          All ministries are not created equal. Some deal with the matters and issues which are relatively mundane or ancillary, while others deal with what is absolutely substantive and futuristic.

          Among the mundane are ministries which deal for example with activities like Sport, and with Culture.

          There are other ministries which while substantive deal with issues which affect the lives of the populace in areas like Works, Employment, and Security.

          However, the ministries which really affect the future in substantive ways; ministries that determine not only the present, but also where the society is to go, and who will be the ultimate power-brokers include ministries of Foreign Affairs, of Education, Science & Technology, Finance, etc.

          Take a look at who got what, for example Anil in Sports, Gypsy in Culture and the like. Daaga, poor fellow, was placed in some cosmetic and insulting position where I’m certain he doesn’t have a budget, office space, nor staff.

          In all the really substantive areas, while people of African heritage have the required skills, track record and contacts, these areas were all farmed out to Indians, particularly Hindus.

          For example, who in the PP government, apart from Jack Warner, was most capable to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs?

          Moreover, in the earliest actions taken by the PP government, the earlier example of Guyana is instructive. All the first firings after Cheddi took power were Black Guyanese, whether or not they’d supported the policies of Burnham, and whether or not Cheddi’s PPP had received substantive support from Black Guyanese. Today, these Guyanese bawling like ten Tarzan.

          Did this also occur in T&T?

          What today is epilogue in Guyana might be prologue for T&T Black people.

          Thus, while I appreciate and even admire the great spirit of Dr. Cudjoe in his overtures to Sat Maharaj, one must remember that power is not a sport for the faint-hearted nor the kind-hearted.

          Power, however, while it has its uses, nonetheless also has its limitations; limitations usually imposed on it by issues and matters of morality.

          In this, Dr. Cudjoe’s appeal if mirrored by others in the society, and regardless of their race or cultural beckgrounds might be the opening stanza of a hymn to a future T&T where every creed and race might truly have an equal place.

  5. Cudjoe is no fool. His extension of the olive branch should not be challenged or ridiculed. However, he is fully aware of the buying power of the Indian diaspora and the existence of the second most populous country, India, in the universe.His strategic use of Sat to launch his book is a marketing stroke of genius.He is also fully aware of the emerging influence of Indians in the USA and the commercial power which they command.INDIAN TIME AH COME will be sought by a curious culture.
    I hope that both men have come to the realization that it is possible to advocate strongly for one’s ethnic group without negatively critizing or denying the rights of another group. I also hope that they also recognize that it is possible to be strongly patriotic to T&T without abandoning one’s cultural roots or language.
    It is true that Indians flourished under PNM governments, but Cudjoe finally admits that Indians suffered from “remnants the Colonial past”. I suspect that he is referring to the under representation of Indians in various government services.
    I do take issue however, with Cudjoe’s interpretation of the PP government as an Indian government.It is not. It is a coalition of many, representing all.
    If we continue to view successive administrations as African or Indian, then we are failing a new generation which is interpreting the society as “multicultural”.The new PM seems to be making every effort to placate and to cater to every sector of the population.This comment by KingOFKings is one person’s biased and skewed interpretation of the state of the nation:

    “See where they are now under this racist government, there is literally weeping, wailing and knashing of teeth in the streets across all sections of the society now, as a result of the collossal mistake they made on May 24th…”.
    Readers should be skeptical such remarks because they are not truly representative and serve a non productive agenda.

  6. TMan: “Cudjoe is no fool. His extension of the olive branch should not be challenged or ridiculed. However, he is fully aware of the buying power of the Indian diaspora and the existence of the second most populous country, India, in the universe.”
    TMan, a Sikh ‘friend’ of mine thinks that India will split into fractions in the next coming years… What do you think?
    I give Dr. Cudjoe about 3 week and he will be singing another song.

    Might want to read this article from the Wash. Post.

    Dalits get their wish as Obama evokes story of their hero
    By Emily Wax
    New Delhi — President Obama has spent his three-day India trip praising Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation. During his speech at India’s parliament Monday, Obama had more accolades saying, “I am mindful that I might not be standing before you today, as President of the United States, had it not been for Gandhi.”

    But for weeks, India’s lowest caste community has been lobbying for Obama to evoke another hero of India’s human rights movement: B. R. Ambedkar, who hails from India’s Dalit caste once known as untouchables. Ambedkar was born in abject poverty but earned a scholarship to study at Columbia University and rose to write India’s constitution. He is a hero for India’s poorest residents and is a symbol that they too can be lifted out of poverty. Dalits number 200 million out of India’s 1.2 billion population.

    Dalit business leaders wrote letters to the U.S. embassy, asking them to include Ambedkar in the president’s speeches. On the third and final day of his trip, Obama granted their request.

    “We believe that no matter who you are or where you come from, every person can fulfill their God-given potential, just as a Dalit like Dr. Ambedkar could lift himself up and pen the words of the constitution that protects the rights of all Indians,” Obama said in his address to parliament. “We believe that no matter where you live–whether a village in Punjab or the bylanes of Chandni Chowk…an old section of Kolkata or a new high-rise in Bangalore–every person deserves the same chance to live in security and dignity, to get an education, to find work, and to give their children a better future.”

    Chandra Bhan Prasad, a Dalit author and activist, said Obama’s words would be long remembered. Although Dalits have benefited from affirmative action programs they continue to face violence and discrimination, especially in rural India.

    “It’s wonderful, because by referring to the term Dalit and Dr. Ambedkar Obama has given us recognition,” Prasad said. “In essence, Obama has expressed solidarity with India’s social underclass. Now the question is is the government of India listening– are they willing to bring Dalits along within its splendid growth story.”

  7. David
    Thanks for the Obama article. Barak Obama will one day be recorded in history as prominently as Ghandi and Martin Luther King.Even his distractors in the Divided States of America will come to realize his greatness.
    His open support for the Dalits was no accident. He is a genuine believer and advocate in human equality and fair governance. Unfortunately, many Americans are too uneducated to recognize what a treasure they have in Obama.You see, this is a country that is still dealing with poligamy,anti-gay sentiment, and the KKK.
    As far as India is concerned, rumblings of division are time eternal. The major division already occured. The result was Bangladesh. The British succeeded in implanting democracy in India, even though they failed to politically win the war of colonialism.They left behind a set of values related to freedom, democracy, equality and a system of governance which have served India well.
    Major world leaders, including Obama have over time reinforced these values.It is highly unlikely that India will fragment.The Sikh movement is more noisy abroad in Europe and North America than it is in India.Rumors of fragmentation is more wishfull thinking by expatriot Sikhs than reality.Fundamentalist Sikhs are in the minority.Most Sikhs are committed to the ideals of the entire nation.

    1. There you go again T-Man , dismissing the concerns of oppressed folks even on your own Continent, while pretending to be enamored with slick Obama ,because he lacked the political fortitude to tell India to quit pretending to be an emerging power, and deal with the social degradation that affects millions within.
      Stop claiming to be a democracy, and finally start to share the spoils with desperate minorities of Christians, Muslims, and Sheiks, as well as numerous neglected , non elite poor.
      Cease depriving the nation of much needed vital resources, via useless spending on nuclear arsenals, and bloated armies, that remains dependent on the United Nations Peace Keeping operations financial largesse ,for survival, and instead invest in the people that needs it.
      End the stupid political standoffs , with equally delusional Muslim rival, ethnic cousins in Pakistan , that makes WW111 seems inevitable , starting with the Kashmir HR debacles.
      Sometimes you wish for honest debates , but this Canadian /Trini character, is something else ehhhh? She how he tries to impress folks from the old village in Plesantville , as to what a globally sophisticated creature he has finally evolved into since leaving them in the dust , squalor ,and floods from 1986?
      Listen to him,”Americans are too uneducated to recognize what a treasure they have in Obama.You see, this is a country that is still dealing with poligamy,anti-gay sentiment, and the KKK.” Perhaps as if to imply that his Canadians, and adoring European buddies are quite different.

  8. Good approach from spokespersons from two major groups in Trinidad and Tobago. I hope it can continue and help in more acceptance and tolerance by each group for the other. Let us not fool our selves – there is a great distrust in T&T between these groups. I can say categorically that a significant number of non-Indians and even non-Hindus of East Indian stock show disdain towards Hindus. I think it is primarily because of the religious beliefs of Hindus vis-a-vis the other major religious beliefs. Hindus are seen as practicing animist religion and classed as idol-worshippers. The Hindus have had their share of victimisation and shunning by the Afro Trinidadians. This is not really their fault but can be traced to colonial times when East Indians were placed in a unsavoury position of replacing Afros on the sugar estates. Another issue which started at that time was the lack of protection afforded Indians on the whole from abuses by Afros, who identified opportunities to abuse, steal or vandalize their possessions and desecrated homes (or barracks) where Hindu Indians stayed. Indians, also, at that time also were class and caste conscious and considered and still view non-Hindus under the same terms as in their homeland. The Indians, I learnt, considered the Afros as lower in the caste system and one would often hear of Hindus who scorned Afros and would give them food and drinks in vessels to be later thrown away or burnt. Members of other religions despised Indians for their ‘simi-dimi’ style of worship, their practice of eating with fingers (rather than spoons), and their often shabby and tattered-looking clothes. The journey forward for any form of acceptance is a long way forward. Education may be an important key in showing up the groups as part and parcel of a better Trinidad and Tobago. The other and perhaps more important thrust has to be tolerance of each other and respect for the groups. The latter will require initiative from religious leader and even political leaders. For the record, Satnarayan Maharaj is not a doctor!

  9. You may be partially correct KT, but the bigger issue for Trinidad and Tobago , is curbing elitism on all fronts , as it can be quite destructive. Poor ,and lower middle class Indians, and Africans in this our country,that are mainly concerned with survival , do not have any problems whatsoever with each other , as can be attested by the thousand of offsprings that emerged by both coming together as one.
    Our Dougla population is what ,20-25% and still growing? Yes, we know ,some sly politically driven leaders, both here ,and our neighboring Guyana ,would still like to convince us all , as well as the global community, that these gigantic ‘swing voting’ figures ,are the result of rape by sexually lascivious African animals .
    Speaking about African criminals, would you in your subtle neo racially laced response, like to see the humongous statistics on Indo Trinis crimes , that are daily committed against Afro Trinidadians,or does political correctness ,demand that we ignore that ,and rather wait for a certain Canadian Commissioner of Police , or British Commissioned report, on the subject?

  10. Hindus are not as intollerant and backward as people portray them to be in Trinidad. Several examples are found throughout history of Hindu tolerance. Syrian Christians and Jews lived in India for throusands of years and were only oppressed when portuguese catholics came in. When Islamic Persians oppressed the zoarastrians, they came to India and florished (Tata motors is owned by a zoarastrian). Modern Iran has oppressed Bahais, while in Delhi the Bahais have built a famous lotus temple. When China was cracking down on Tibetan Buddhists the Dalai Lama, Karmapa and others chose India as a place of refuge. Dalits have reservations in Indian universities (India is big on affirmative action). Not all Hindu sects follow caste, the Arya Samaj dont, the kabeer panthis dont. Many ancient teachers rejected caste, including Buddha and Mahavira who founded Buddhism and Jainism. Obama is not the first to recognize Dalits. Mayawati is Dalit and was elected as cheif minister of Uttar Pradesh (a state which has perhaps the most cast problems). Mayawati is constructing huge dalit memorial parks in Delhi and Lucknow with statues of Ambedkar and herself, amoungst others. As for muslims, they have reservations in Indian universities, India had a muslim president and many Islamic centres of learning exist, example Jamia Islamia and Darul Uloom. Let me see how other countries would manage with over 100 million muslims. We in the English speaking caribbean are intollerant ourselves, we are the last region in the western hemisphere to criminalize homosexual activity. India decriminalized homosexuality last year and Nepal, a Hindu majority nation, is considering introducing gay marriage. Yes, dem idol worshipping hindoo intollerant fuh so, doh trust dem na.

  11. I have an idea. How about I introduce some of you to Pakistanis. You will have alot in common. Pakistanis spend alot of time on blogs and among themselves bad talking Indians and finding flaws in everything Indians do. Pakistanis also dont trust Indians, especially Hindus. And like pakistanis, some of you have huge problems in your own communities, but instead of addressing your own problems, you want to focus on Indian problems. With your Pakistani friends you can talk about Hindoo idolators, how India will soon fragment and about the caste system. While Indian continue to ignore you both and just continue living thier lives.

  12. Devananand said, “Let me see how other countries would manage with over 100 million muslims.” Can someone tell this guy, that some 100 million were also kicked out of their country of birth-including the last Pakistan Military President- and these said Moslems have as much rights to every thing their country has to offer, as their dominant Hindus brothers and sisters, that kept a strangle hold on power since 1948.
    “we are the last region in the western hemisphere to criminalize homosexual activity. India decriminalized homosexuality last year and Nepal, a Hindu majority nation, is considering introducing gay marriage.”
    Hooray ,Indians loves gays and their creative lifestyles , and that’s a great indicator of it’s blazing democracy according to Deveanand.
    Listen brother Deveanand, if your intention on this blog is to enlighten , and advance the discourse , promise us fellow bloggers that you’ll refrain from two things yes? These are engaging in blatant acts of historical revisionism, and also trying to insult the intelligence of most of us trying to learn something , teach others with deficient knowledge , and or prevent similar ethnic , and racially driven catastrophes as is the norm on our two competing continents.
    I have repeatedly told you guys , over ,and over again, this is not about mother India, Africa , or Europe, but the wonderful Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Take it from me a global traveller, and close observer of real world realities , and forget all the unrealistic Bollywood movies , or nostalgic stories you were ever treated to by great grand pa ,and grand ma, as the best thing that ever occurred to anyone from both continents, was having a family member land on these two beautiful islands, to eventually become part of this wonderful and still evolving experiment.
    This above direct advice I will also give to all the fake Dashiki wearing Africans masquerading across our island , who still believe that the Virgin Continent is so special.
    Sing Chalkdust.

    1. “These are engaging in blatant acts of historical revisionism, and also trying to insult the intelligence of most of us trying to learn something , teach others with deficient knowledge , and or prevent similar ethnic , and racially driven catastrophes as is the norm on our two competing continents”
      You mean like this comment:
      “What is amazing is that jokers like this does not even recognize that it’s through their own self indulging stupidity,the seeds are planted that ca blossom into a Idi Dada Amin , or worst yet, Fijian , George Speight, as well as Frank Baininmarama of the world are created, or our good brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka”.

  13. Neal, I am not trying to bring about a revision of history. I know what happened in South Asia. I am not disapproving of Muslims having a homeland. Yes, these muslims have a right to everything their country has to offer, but given the diversity in South Asia, they should have created a secular muslim majority country.
    Pakistan became an islamic state to such an extent that minorities have now dwindled to almost nothing. Whatever “Indian” past that was there was eliminated, arabic script is used everywhere and wearing saris is discouraged. Bengali script and culture was discouraged because it was too hindu, and that is one reason Bangladesh struggled to become independent. In India, in the other hand, christianity and islam are growing and Budhhism is making a resergence. Very few muslims even want to go to Pakistan to be free.
    I did not want to bring up anything about ancestral homelands. This was a discussion about Cudjoe and Sat, two long time rivals puting away their differences for an instant. Then suddenly people start bringing up Guyana and then India. Neal, why dont you condemn people who bring up Dalits in India when we have a discussion about Trinidadian issues?
    I dont idealize India, but tell you one thing, unlike most Indian Trinis, I would go and live in India if given a chance. Even Africa, if I got a job in say Lagos I would go. I sought North American paradise but I am growing tired. The smelly and dirty streets and conflicts still beat monotonous suburbia.

  14. It’s a few minutes after Thanksgiving Devanand in filthy Norte Americana- de country selective folks like yourself,in my country pretends to hate , until alleged genocides takes it’s toll, and you are forced to push for the borders- and so in that spirit , I will be civil enough ,to say I concur with your sentiments.
    Then you had to mess it all up by stating with an obvious smirk on your cyber face, that you would accept a job in Lagos. That’s it my brother , de gloves are off, and it’s on – war that is.
    Let me tell you a lil thing about this Pakistan /anti India nonsense , that you fell for. The situation , ain’t different from what we have right here in our country my friend. We both have a bunch of desperate ,clueless , and conniving leaders ,on both sides of the so called divide, that takes sadistic pleasures in preying on the ignorance, and fears of the wider lower caste masses ,into thinking that each other is the enemy , and the cause of their overall social maladies.
    Since I sense that the closest you ever came to a Pakistani, is while jumping up in a one day cricket match while watching Adul Quadeer , or Imrand Khan , beat the WI team,at the QPS, or while eating a tasty Roti , or bake and shark in a Notthinghill Carnivals, let me inform you that daily ,at least 99% of the maligned Pakistanis, spend their times watching, and enjoying dem decadent, Bollywood gyrating ,non kissing movies , as well as other cultural shows produced from India , when not falling asleep to the boring diets of pro islamist spoilers ,and news that Pakistan TV feeds them on a daily basis.
    How do I know this you enquire? Well let’s just say that unlike you who pretends to know about Asia your homeland , as well as think it’s cute to make fun of African ,and their social issues, I was fortunate to traverse both continents,have seen the people from all angles in their everyday social milieu , and knows what it’s al about.
    Yes , like you ,my priority is that of our beautiful twin island Trinidad and Tobago, but as a ‘global humanist,’it’s also the welfare of every citizen in the wider international community.
    I hope that one day we can all enjoy those often touted , yet ignored ,universally accepted ideals ,of global peace ,transparent equal justice, broad based security , economic prosperity, and political empowerment for everyone – irrespective of color , creed, class, race , and ethnicity.
    Such a pity , that you misconstrue my motives for highlighting examples of historically revolting, unfortunate situations as existed in Uganda, Fiji, and Sri Lanka, by a few misguided, deceptive, and dangerous leaders ,against our Indo brothers, and sisters, as a case of my taking delight in their plight-or heavens forbid-a desire for such to be repeated in my own country. Far from it, but instead , I simply subscribe to the well tested view point as given to me by an old A Levels PSI teacher I once had, which states that, “if you’ve always done , what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get ,what you’ve always got.” In short , One should therefore learn from history,as opposed to trying to rewrite same ,in efforts to fit it into our own feel good ,whims and fancies, ‘intende?’
    Time to seriously reach out to social progressives, not only domestically , but internationally my friend- and please ,don’t tell me you too fell for the Cudjoe /Sat love feast interplay lave a few naive fellow bloggers, for if so , I might be able to convince you too, that Prince Williams your future King of England, is about to dump his beautiful fiance, and shack up with a kinky head gal from Bagatelle Rd Diego Martin , or better yet, a bare feet corn selling URH Butler Highway Princess, from Erin,Aranguez ,or Carapichima.
    No matter how beautiful , or wealthy the prospects may be , it ain’t happening in our lifetime, nor the next for that matter, agreed?

  15. You think I am smirking about taking a job in Lagos? I lived in Africa before brother Neal, so going back to the continent is not a big change for me. I saw the desperate poverty and conflicts that some westerners love to romanticize (You ever watched those sponsor a child world vision ads?). But most of the time I was living my life in a very dynamic and upbeat African city, working with Africans who are fat, love television and cocktails and have office jobs, a la Norteamericana. So have your pick: clean, descent, monotonous suburbia where you can experience HBO and Walmart, or a continent with many issues, some dirty and smelly streets but still has a vibrant atmosphere, with history and cultures to explore you never even knew about.
    Back to the topic of Trinidad. I did not leave because of racism. Most of us are closet racists, and will act civil on the roads and in the office. Just time to time we spew racist junk on blogs and online. But I would give us a break on that one, because if you go on Youtube, its not seldom you find racist comments from people all over the world against every race. I am most delighted to see Sat and Cudjoe agreeing on issues finally, and I dont see any sinister plot by either one of them. I would just disagree in that I dont think Indian Time ah Come, the only thing that happened is an Indian prime minister won election.

  16. “I would just disagree in that I dont think Indian Time ah Come.” I would fervently claim that the title is a transparently frivolous, and pandering ploy , by Cudjoe in his hast to appease a certain community, as he feels the need somewhat to ingratiate himself with a lifetime racist , who fervently wish that every African ,and Muslim on the face of the globe ,should disappear permanently.Indian time could not come when it never really ended. If there was ever a God in heaven, I would hate to think what he would do to a people who are not grateful for their good fortunes, blessings , privileges , and successes in life.
    – Nuff said on that subject.
    Glad to hear that you are enamored with Lagos Nigeria , and would take up an offer to live, and work there any day. Umm humm, you keep repeating this foolishness long enough, and even you might begin to believe it, but just don’t say it to any of the 5000 out of 5005 -often illegal -immigrant Nigerian alleged Phds ,and MDs , parading across our country , and busy looking for gullible , confuse Trini gals, to permanently settle in our oil / gas paradise , as they’ll laugh you out of the building.
    Let me break something down to you ,althoughI am certain you do know already.There are only two countries in the entire world, where the citizens are perhaps more scared of their homeland,than the delusional foreigners like your self, that reads, and are trilled about them.
    This is Jamaica, and Nigeria. For all the idle talks about how great both are , nationals would return home on vacations , and stay in secured hotels , far away from close families ,and friends ,in like manner to escaped prisoners , then call them 19 minutes before they get on a return flight , back to their safe havens abroad , to let them know that they had visited- go figure.
    As for me , I spent a year in one of the riches oil , gas ,and diamond laden countries in all of Africa, where I would wake up to see 50 kids in front of my door begging for food every day, a 50 year old minister ,had 50 wives , and 50 brand new Audi/ BMWs cars, and while on one of my weekly health runs through the smoke filled, congested city , would see 50 women, fighting to get a drop of water at one stand pipe, while their country was still enduring the vagaries of a 50 year old civil war.
    My friend , just enjoy your lil paradise call Trinidad and Tobago, where we don’t really care if Good Friday fall on a Monday, and our new governments makes laws that no one cares anything whatsoever about , and plans assiduously for the next general election ,4 years hence , since most of our population remains comatose , and pretends to hate each other , until the lights are turned down, the rum and liquor takes their toll, and moral police , pseudo spiritual minded chaperons are busy , doing whatever they do when few are watching. What a country!


  18. I honestly believe the problem with Trinidad is our inability to see things as they really are.
    The fact is unless you are tremendously naive racism is very much alive and well in this country and its quite foolish to ignore this.
    My biggest issue among the many that exist is that one race in particular seems to use the racism card conveniently.
    It seems acceptable in this country for one race to openly discriminate and even justify it and the others and YES i say others if they dare speak out are accused of racism themselves.
    I cannot go into this topic here because its way to long, but i honestly believe the title of this book regardless of what the author says was intended to provocative in nature, are you saying that simply because the country is no longer ruled by the PNM that its an “INDIAN” thing. The country voted and the results showed that the people of Trinidad and Tobago wanted this…and its not a victory for INDIANS…but a victory for all, for everyone in this country who decided to look past race and vote.
    I read the book and i respectfully disagree with the irony of many of the points made but the book is very well written but not entirely accurate.

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