The Corrupting Influence of the People’s Partnership

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
November 11, 2010

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeI did not know Fazeer Mohamed well. He interviewed me on First Up once and did a good job although he was rude to me before the programme began. I chalked that up to the incivility that some of our public and private officials/servants indulge in most of the time. It simply goes with the territory. However such incivility cannot take anything away from the frightening implications of Mr. Mohammed’s firing that took place last Saturday in spite of the inelegant excuse that it was a part of a cost-cutting exercise.

Unfortunately, that’s how the People’s Partnership (PP) has been working since it came into power. They seem to have little respect for the integrity of contracts and the normal/decent ways of conducting the public’s business. ‘Dey win and with victory comes the spoils. No man or woman is protected. First, they went after the CEOs whether they had contacts or not. Kaisha Ince at MEDCO; Ingrid Isaacs at CNMG; Maxie Cuffie at GISL; and Osley Francis at the Land Survey Office were among the first to go. Then, for good measure they axed 400 clerical and administrative workers at the Ministry of Education. No excuses offered; none seemed to be required.

Just so that they made sure that their brushes swept cleanly, they immediately removed Dr. Harold Robertson, the head of our consulate mission in New York, from office. Foreign Affairs Minister Suruj Rambachan, the same person involved in axing Fareer, was the responsible for Dr. Roberson’s removal. Although I am aware of the particulars of that incident I am unable to divulge it at this time. Rest assured, it is just as ugly and as racially explosive.

Andrea Chambers, daughter of former Prime Minister George Chambers and information attaché at the New York Consulate, suffered a similar fate. Three weeks after the PP came to power she received a letter from the Ministry terminating her employment. Using a subterfuge simile to what occurred in Fazeer’s case she was told that her position was no longer relevant to the needs of the Ministry although she possesses a BA in Foreign Languages; a MA in Public Administration; a Diploma in Global Affairs from NYU and is now perusing a MA in international relations at the City University of New York and worked at that office for several years.

The Consulate General in Toronto was subjected to a similar indignity. He was asked to submit his resignation although he is a civil servant with all of the legal safeguards that go with being a public service employee. The Ministry did not recognize that he could be reassigned but not fired, a fate that descended with alacrity upon Ashton Forde and Elvin Edwards who worked at the High Commission Offices in London and Toronto respectively.

Although massive firings took place (some would call it purging) took place at other offices, the public kept a respectful silence about these firings. Since most of the people involved were Africans they (we) did not find it tasteful to talk about them. Somehow we felt ashamed. We did no want to rock the boat. But when the firing of Fazeer took place that respectful face dropped. That which at first seemed racial became religious and therein lay the pinprick that was/is like to tear one of the fragile bonds that bind the nation.

There would not have been uproar if an African rather than a Muslim presenter was fired. Business would have gone on as per usual. But within a few days of his firing over forty Imams came together to protest the arbitrary firing of one of one of their own. Whether we like it or not this distasteful episode only reopened the Hindu-Muslim divide that has always been at the heart our national arrangement. When the PNM was in power that fissure could have been silenced or even evaded. The coming to power of the Hindus has exasperated a deep social tension that has always been at the heart of the nation’s polity.

The substance of the interview that re-ignited the tension was very plain to see. Fezeer asks probing questions. Because he is somewhat irreverent, at times he tends to come over as being rude. The questions he asked the Foreign Minister were entirely relevant to the nation’s business. They had little to do with diplomacy as they had to do with the direction of the nation’s foreign policy. Did the Minister feel that the Prime Minister’s statements that Trinidad and Tobago is not the ATM card for the region and the use of aid in the times of crisis would not be expended unless it redounded to the country’s economic benefit were in the best interest of the nation?

Immediately this legitimate question was turned into a religious test of feelings. Suddenly the interviewee became the interviewer. The only difference was this: the newly empowered interviewer’s question had absolutely nothing to do with the foreign policy of the nation. It had everything to do with the religious beliefs of the presenter and his disposition towards the prime minister. Do you have a specific problem with the prime minister? Do you subscribe to women in leadership positions? Do you subscribe to a woman being a Prime Minister of a country?

Fazeer came out of this encounter with grace, intelligence and open-mindedness. His response was in keeping with the best spirit of our constitution and reflected a determination to maintain T&T as an open and tolerant democracy. His response deserves to be a part of any primer on responsible journalism.

Within a few days several leaders of the Islamic faith got together to protect their interest. They complained bitterly that the Prime Minister had ignored their request to visit them; that her policies have been discriminatory against them and she did not accept an invitation to any of their Eid’s functions. The Prime Minister is the line minister responsible for CNMG, the institution that fired Fazeer. Therefore, the ultimate responsibility for Fazeer’s firing rests in her lap.

One waits to see what action she will take to remedy this situation. One also waits to see how long it will take Africans to come together to protect their interest. The Muslims are not brainwashed by the propaganda that the Hindu-based partnership represents all Indians. What would it take for Africans to realize that the partnership does not represent the best interest of all Trinidadians?

35 thoughts on “The Corrupting Influence of the People’s Partnership”

  1. Do “Africans” like Jack Warner, Makandal Daaga, Andy Johnson, et al, represent the best interests of African Trinis?

    There is an African proverb that is in this instance very apt: When the trees saw the axe coming into the forest, some of them said to the concerned others, “it’s ok. The handle is one of us.”

  2. I read once when you want to know a fool let him open his mouth. I have seen and heard war mongers but none will go to a public square and declare war, put your words in action and tell your decendants your accomplishment .May all the gods have mercy on the souls of your regiment.Hari Krishna.

  3. A change of government in most countries, including Canada and the USA is followed by a change of foreign ambassadors. New governments also replace the CEO’s of State Boards.
    Often good people suffer, but that’s the price of political affiliation to the defeated political party.
    I am surprised that Cudjoe is unaware of this practice. When the Panday government was defeated, there was a similar changing of the guard by PM Manning.It remains a questionable practice, but unfortunately it happens in most countries.
    Since traditionally there is a degree of racial division in both political entities in T&T, these changes are often construed as racially motivated.Therefore I suggest that Cudjoe temper his reaction and avoid awakening the racial boogeman.

  4. I see your point Doctor on many occasions, but in this case I beg to differ. It is fair to think that it might have been a politically shrewd move on the Foreign Minister, to back the -as you refer to him -rude interviewer, into a defensive corner, to deflect a possible embarrassing question from him.
    I can still live with Fazeer’s firing, as I feel no one that hold’s any office that involves taxpayers dollars, deserves such , if he ,or she ,subscribes to this anachronistic thinking- especially if it is done under the label of any religion, that remains hugely misinterpreted globally , by numerous elitist , misguided adherents.
    The government must be free to govern , and push it’s policy without fear that the civil servants, so entrusted are likely to sabotage it, at every opportunity. Perhaps in 1986 , you were busy in one oh dem elite Black Colleges , pushing the merits of multiculturalism ,and affirmative actions , that in the end only truly benefited white women, but we had an Alliance Party in power , and a mass of disgruntled PNM folks with axes to grind, and the rest we shall say is history.
    On the question of religious affiliations, I still won’t dare to speculate how a certain suspect Muslim/former football goalkeeper /horse police , com Imam, was able to bring all dem weapons into our country in containers , unchecked , and eventually stage an attempted coup, that caused so much selective mayhem, then walk away with a pat on the wrist.
    Well, some would say the NAR should have had the intelligence to purge the Police service, and other choice departments, of elements that did not have the nation’s interest at heart, nor in the former’s case ,fully respected their motto of Protect and Serve,”without favor, or affection, malice, or ill will.” Hopefully , I am not talking too high over your heads.
    Love country over tribe , or else you loose credibility , and simply remains a dangerous pandering opportunist Doctor , yes? Guess what , if Adrea Chambers ,did , or is still going to one of my old alma mater for her IR degree, she too would understand where I am coming from.

  5. The revolution always devours its young at first before itself, history repetes itself first time as “history” second time as farce.

  6. “The minister said that two weeks ago, police officers from Special Branch locked down the spy unit. The source alleged that $5.8 million in cash was found in a vault at the premises of the unit, which the source speculated was a slush fund to finance the day to day expenses of the unit. The minister alleged massive corruption in the use of this money, saying employees of the unit were paid to become suppliers of goods to the unit, such as selling the unit a car.” Newsday

    PNM corruption still stinks to the high heavens. Manning was secretly forming a gestapo with funds to take out opponents. I am sure the spy agency have some files on Doc. Cudjoe. Maybe those files could be declassified by the PP. I know it will be of interest to me…

  7. Did Cudjoe never hear about Manning’s ‘Petrosingh’? Does he know that prior to 2001 people at Petrotrin & WASA were promoted on merit? Was he too busy with his presidential duties at the natinal assoc. for the empowerment of african people?
    Has he forgotten his yearlong weekly campaign called ‘countdown to Panday’s political oblivion’? Has he forgotten the nastiness that he spewed there & at times on national television?
    Was he ever charged by the police for occupying gov’t offices to demand that his people get school feeding contracts? Has he forgotten his election day walk-abouts to prevent UNC voters from exercising thei franchise?
    Has he forgotten that taxpayers monies got him educated in things financial AFTER the PNM appointed him on the Central Bank’s board? Is their much competition in T&Tfor his racial utterings & bias?

  8. “Just so that they made sure that their brushes swept cleanly, they immediately removed Dr. Harold Robertson, the head of our consulate mission in New York, from office”

    Perhaps the goodly doctor is not aware that all government changes foreign staff when they assume power. What is he implying with the Dr. Harold Robertson situation that the Minister of Foreign affairs is wrong to tell Harold to walk. Harold if he had any sense of common decency should have offered his resignation immediately after the PNM loss elections. It would have been the right thing to do. It would have been the right thing for the goodly prof to do the same thing regarding his Central Bank political appointment.

  9. “The Muslims are not brainwashed by the propaganda that the Hindu-based partnership represents all Indians. What would it take for Africans to realize that the partnership does not represent the best interest of all Trinidadians?”

    What is the best interest of all Trinidadians??? Are Indians not the majority in Trinidad, should not the majority’s interest be respected? As far as I know in a democracy the majority rules and the minorities learn to function within that paradym presented to them. It was the same under the PNM. They did whatever they wanted believing that they were serving the national good. When they got rid of 9,000 Caroni Indian workers without a systematic plan for re-employment they believed that they were serving the national good, but were they??? hmmm. When the PNM pack State boards with their party hacks,(including yourself) they believe they were serving the national good.

    The fact is the national good cannot be determined by few Islamic fanatics of a few extreme racist Afros. The National good must be determined by the what serves the majority best. All others must respect the will of the majority. The majority (Indians, Afros, Muslims,etc) voted overwhelmingly for the PP. In a few years they will determine if their interest was best served.

    1. Khem, you might not be aware of the significance of your name, a name synonymous with Chem, as in Chemistry.

      It is also the revered and ancient Egyptian word for “Black”: the source for all knowledge; the destroyer of worlds (from which the Black Hindu goddess, Kali originated).

      If you continue to spew the cr*p you do, you will be taken to the shed and lashed with more than thirty-nine stripes.

      Either change your behaviour or your name.

      You will not be allowed to keep both!

      Seti has spoken. Obey, or Oh Boy!

  10. “The fact is the national good cannot be determined by few Islamic fanatics of a few extreme racist Afros. ” So now we are getting warm , as to the real gripe of the neo tribal incarnated Khems, and T-Men of the world.
    They fervently think that not only Africans conspired against them , but also their Ethnic Muslims brothers ,and sisters, hmmm? These two clowns enjoys,making idle .baseless boasts about Indian majority in Trinidad and Tobago, as if this has been substantiated by some , authentic ,objective scientific finding.
    Perhaps the Maple syrup that you all have been consuming since 1986 -when you escaped this country -is finally affecting your brains, or it could be just that you lived too close to big brother America,and so yourrespective logics became tarnished .
    For your information guys,here is how it works, as far as the unterracial mix and match amourous development ,situations. Indians , plus Africans , equals Douglas , not an Indian.
    Therefore ,if this group represent some 25% of the population and growing, and a few confused , dellusional ones, cannot decide what they wish to be when question by overwhelmed cencus takers, like some Hispanic frauds, then save us your gloating, while enjoying the next few years of moments in the political sun.

  11. I see father and son,Cudjoe and Neal are once again beating their tribal drums of war,somebody please pour some hot candle grease on Neal’s back before he get hurt working himself into a frenzy.
    Cudjoe went on to list all those that were removed which he is well aware is a common practice after a change in government,but he used it to add shock value.
    Cudjoe you must be like a dog without a tail,have you ever scrutinized any of the PNM government unfair makeup and hiring practices over our countries history?Look at the make up of our defence forces it was only in the late 80’s that Indians were allowed to serve in the police force in any respectable number,considering the make up of the population.
    A country with almost 50% of the population and less than 10% representation in the government under the
    PNM is a shame.

    Codjoe and your son Neal need to examine your conscience if there is any before you decide to preach your tribalism to your unsuspecting brothers.Look at the areas where your message is preached the most Lavantille and Beetham how is working for you so far?

    1. “Look at the make up of our defence forces it was only in the late 80′s that Indians were allowed to serve in the police force in any respectable number,considering the make up of the population.A country with almost 50% of the population and less than 10% representation in the government under the PNM is a shame.”

      How many Indians in T&T also went to war, either during WWI or WWII?

      How many of them, especially after WWII returned to T&T suffering then from what is today known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in which they daily and nightly relived in vivid details the wars, the deaths, the wounds, the noises of battles in which they served.

      Many of them, especially Black T&T soldiers returned and never received any medical or psychological assistance.

      They didn’t receive, unlike their white T&T counterparts any pensions.

      Unlike white Trinis they were not allowed to disembark with their guns from the troop ships that brought them home after the war ended.

      In fact, they formed here and in other Caribbean islands (one was posssibly TUB Butler) “Double V” organizations: one “V” represented victory against fascism in Europe, and the second “V” represented victory against fascism at home in what is today for people like you, ‘sweet T&T’.

      These were the people, along with Black women who spearheaded the fight in T&T to ensure for all the people, Indians included, Universal Adult Suffrage, or the rights to be able to vote.

      My grandmother was one of these fighters.

      Yes, Indians might not have previously served in the Defence Force, but there are reasons beyond the actions of the PNM.

      In fact, theere is another collorary, that of Indians beating pan. Jit Samaroo is still the exception rather than the rule. Did Black T&T prevent Indians in the 50s, 60s etcc from beating pan? No. But then pan wasn’t like today, meaning big money and recognition. Then, pan could send you to jai, espcially as a Black T*T person. Theen, if a short-pants police taake you before the 4 shilling court on St. Vincent Street, and tell the judge, “Yuh honor he does beat pan” you sure to get an additional six months jail.

      So before you open your mouth and spout what you do not know, get to know the facts. Maybe then, knowing the beeneeffits you enjoy today because of the struggles of Black people you might be more humble and appreciative of them.

      1. One additional fact.

        Most of the Black West Indians who fought on the side of Brfitain were from Barbados. Some were from T&T and from Grenada. Then, the British Dragoons swept through villages and seized whoever they could find, then called by the British “black mules”.

        My wife’s father had an uncle who, living then in Carriacou in Grenada, was hidden by his family in a latrine. The Brits found him and he was sent off to the WWI and never returned and there is still no record of how he died, where, or where buried. There were Indians then in T&T. How many of them were seized by the Brits and sent off to war?

        Bajans volunteered in the largest numbers. Returning from that war were some Bajans who had eveen served during the Boers War between the Brits and the Dutch settlers, or the Boers in South Africa.

        Because of the more extensive war record of Bajans, and also as “Little England” they were more trustworthy to the Brits, Bajans became the first policemen in T&T. Also, it is for this reason why after Independence and for some time after, the highest ranking officers in the T&T Police force were Bajans.

    2. You have recognise that your ppl were brought here NOT to rule or for replacing us etc as the Maha Sabha likes to PRETEND or re-write history as “humble proud 5,000 yr history indians” building T&T because of “Lazy blacks”(according to Sat) watch bring some REAL FACTS for us wicked blacks to ponder on.

  12. “Fazeer came out of this encounter with grace, intelligence and open-mindedness. His response was in keeping with the best spirit of our constitution and reflected a determination to maintain T&T as an open and tolerant democracy. His response deserves to be a part of any primer on responsible journalism.”

    Fazeer was told and he had no choice in the matter. I think he should be made into an commentator so that we can all learn of the Islamic perspective on events in the nation. After all he is a hero amongst the Imam and doc. Cudjoe.

  13. Thank you very much neverdirty , for a fresh , non revisionist, perspective.
    Please morugamax, spare me your so called outrage, and instead for your favorite multiculturalist ,Jerrycurl headed, ‘LITTLE BLACK BOY,’ Judas MP, Winston Peters.
    I personally have no interest in your silly , tit, for tat cyber games,or this ludicrous assertions ,as to whether or not black people, kept Indians from joining the Defense Force, or Police Service. Notice that it did not stop Raffique Shah, or Randy Burroughs , or did you self loathing jokers ,think that they were from Senegal,or Nairobi respectively?
    The reason is simple, I put this obvious idiocy ,right up there with , your destructive , anti national ‘delicate clan’s’ ,bellyaching mantras, to interested ,naive , Canadian , European , and Yankee immigration officials , about having to flee their country , as a result of the domination by pro genocidal African savages , that constituted the several governments, and security services.
    Not seeing you , and similar others getting your jockstrap,, or knickers in a twist as to why Indians in this country dominated the business landscape, or are privileged to control more that 75 % of the best lands in our country , when Africans make up 50% of the population, and held so called political power for 40 out of the 48 years of our independence.
    I told you guys , do not worry about a backlash from the likes of myself , Mi Daddy Dr Cojoe, as we have options. It is however the man that has notting to loose that you must of necessity beware of.Enjoy this beat down , while it last- as ‘this too shall past.’
    Still wish you well.

  14. Mr Fazeer wake up man…you are a disgrace to yourself and the muslim community…why don’t you go to Mecca and asked for forgiveness..and stop crying like a baby

  15. Your pp party ,and suspect government ,are the ones that did initially set the tone,’former trini,’ so you jokers should therefore look squarely in the mirror, before pointing fingers,and calling anyone obstructionist.
    Changes huh? Yeah right! Just enjoy this political charade , as it would soon end, and just like was done with your more favored tribalist ULF/UNC, come next election,the people will speak forcefully at the ballot,even if they have to put a Idi Dada Amin, or a member similar to one oh dem Fijian, military indigenous juntas,with limited patience for any destructive , selfish ,South Asian styled, political traditions.
    Don’t be surprised that you folks are forced to rot in the political wilderness ,for another 20 years once more, due in great measure ,to these, and similar historical , ‘Pandaymoanicarian’ “this is our time,” unsavory , and corrupting political follies.
    I stand corrected!

  16. Cudjoe, you continue to show us how prejudiced you are. This has blinded you and you cannot see what is ahead of you. This is very unfortunate,because you of all persons should be the one leading the Nation out of the dark ages, moving us into a multi-ethnic, mutli-religious and nationalism. We should be ONE nation, moving forward, instead of the divisions and ethic bias that you continue to infest our nation with.

  17. I notice Cudjoe name was not on the spy list, I am to say the least truly disappointed. How could the government allow an agent of black domination culture built on the ideas of Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammed, Louis Farrakhan, the Black Caucaus etc escape scrutiny??? I want to know.

  18. There are four kinds of attachment or relationship styles developed from core relational beliefs.

    These styles reveal whether we believe we’re capable of getting the love and comfort we desire and how much we trust others to be accessible and available in moments of need. They also shape our expectations about how God will relate to us, especially during times of need.

    Secure: a positive view of self/a positive view of others

    Avoidant: an overly inflated view of self/a negative view of others

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    If we don’t feel safe; if we are confused in our core beliefs about whether we’re worthy of love or whether others are capable of loving us or accessible when we need them, then we’ll transfer those beliefs onto a higher power like God for comfort or create a Boggy Man like Neal and Cudjoe to create a greater feeling of insecurity.

  19. Yes morougamax , I know fully well why you too are so fond of this useless ,psychoanalytical ,Sigmund Freudan mumbo jumbo , that the delusional pseudo scientific babbler , was able to seduce , gullible , sex starved ,daddy lusting , lonely ,European women with, in his Cold Austrian cellars, after years of practice with his own adoring daughters.
    Now if there was any justice, this fool would have spent the rest of his life in a two by four cell , like I hope would one day occur for one of our more crooked former Prime Ministers. Just call names my tribal friend, and I would whistle , and see if I can inveigle your security conscious AG , DPP, Canadian Commissioner , and their bosses , into real action to go after real bandits, as opposed to passionate, objective , journalists.
    Don’t worry brother Fareez, we have your back on this one.
    They claimed that you deserved to be fired , because of your skewed interpretation of the Koran , which make you view all Trini women as mat cloth.
    Now tell us the truth my fried , do you really hate women – including your PM , Queen K- or in actuality believe in your heart ,the dictates of your prophet Mohammed ,that a woman’s place is in the home , to only satisfy her mate ,and be seen , but not heard,while remaining bare-feet,always pregnant, and totally dependent on him ,for all her social needs, whims and fancies?
    Just spare us a blood bath guys, and that goes for you as well morougamax.
    You and others would do well to follow the lead of a Dr Cujoe , and yours truly ‘de global-political-animal, & voice of reason.’ Make a concerted effort to develop a sense of self love , for without it, one cannot love the other .
    If you doubt me , then ask our internationally famous ,self loathing ,ingrate Nobel winner ,Uncle V.S Naipaul, as he epitomizes all that is terrible ,involving our under achieving country. I am referring to an adoration for everything foreign , especially if it involves hazel eyed , blond hair ,European Massa, and A distaste for all else , with any semblance of color.
    We wish our country well.
    Warm Regards.

  20. Neal,listen when you get your papers,please come to Moruga I will take you to our local Rumshop and update you on the reality of life in Trinidad and Tobago.You may be surprised how intelligent and well informed our local fishermen are,just be careful you end up “sleeping with the fishes”,if you know what that means.

  21. Now my friend , that’s the difference between civilized and cultured folks like myself , versus uncouth , culturally deficient, vicious savages ,like you, and similar other, politically desperate, social bandits that make up your PP government.
    We are quite aware that the majority of the masses ,at the bottom of the socio economic barrel, from Morouga , to Las Lomas, across to Toco, and Roxbrough , are as intelligent, productive , well informed , and savvy ,as any of their brothers and sisters higher up the social ladder. As such, we take no one for granted, treats them with the respect they deserves. Now pay close attention , morougamax , for this respect is not limited only to members of the tribe, as nation building demands that all citizens , irrespective of creed , class ,or race are elevated.
    For the record , if our democratic country ,did not subscribe to such sound principles , and pro democratic ideals, how else do you think we would have a female PM today ,from a tribe who fervently believe that their women are only to ‘be seen , and not heard,’ or how better yet , how do you think that – unlike any where else on the globe- Indians, Chinese , Africans, Hispanics, Jews, Arabs, Persians, and European ,brothers and sisters ,were able to coexist so peacefully, as they aspire , and attempt to achieve their dreams ,and desires , to the extent they did, so successfully- with few exception?
    Sorry that I had to burst your bubble , as you too were buying into the stupid Sat Maharaj driven mantra ,that your country only became liberated , and finally emerged on the democratic partway, starting May 24th 2010, yes?
    Keep sipping on your Morouga bush rum my friend, but just ensure that you do not mix up any of the many bottles ,with the weed killing gramazone, you usually keep, in liberal quantities under the bed ‘for emergencies.’
    I wish you well.

  22. You calling me “savage” reminded me when your Queen in the 70’s call all West Indians savages.Listen to paper Tiger Neal declaring his “wanna be honorary white-hood”.Although your queen granted so called honorary white status to those that was not comfortable being black but instead considered themselves white by association.Now you here you are over 30 years later self appointing status from your Brooklyn basement.
    Your compulsion to inject your racism and bigotry every time you catch flies is sickening.Slavery was abolished over 200 years ago but you refuse to give up your “House Nigger” mentality.

    I may be a fisherman but I am sure that I make more money in a month than you make in a year,you can convert 6 to 1 all you want come to Moruga you will see real money.Like I said before when you get your papers you know a green card or maybe when you get deported,come to Moruga,you will see how Trinidadians live,free from your mental slavery,bigotry and hate sipping our sweet bush rum on the beach,after a nice big bowl of fish broth.
    We do not dance to the beat of your tribal,divide a concur drums.You have become so repetitive and predictable catapulting the same propaganda every day,I can almost write a response to my own post for you.
    I will have to start off with water is wet,fire is hot and Neal is an Idiot,all overstating the obvious and adding nothing new to the conversation.

  23. Cousin morougamax, you are way over your head my friend , in your paltry attempts at reverse psychology. If you and your kind ,stay away from my little unspoiled enclave,then I would never have cause to come to morouga ,to enjoy a fish broth, bath on a clean – ‘chiefly pink sand,’ beach, or drink a good rum, without some bandit sneaking in armed to the hilt, and shoot mind or a police officer’s child in the back. Of this I can assure you.
    You are delusional if you naively think that any of my conversations, on this board and concerns are about you , and your tribe. What I do have is a keen sense as to why my entire country remains the way it is- a backward underachieving , corrupt , social dungheap.
    If you conclude that I am a racist for pinpointing such, then it’s your loss. What I can assure you however is this , as sure as the day catches up with the night, this too shall pass.
    What do you know , Lifetime Privy Council adoration, anti Caribbean Court of Appeals, acceptance that only white British, and Canadian so call experts , are the best for our island-Hart to Gibbs- willing to sell their collective souls, and country good name ,to acquire a Canadian , or Yankee resident documentation,his one time PM boasting about his Scotland grand kids, while stealing our country’s dollars to service British Bank accounts, and yet this comedian , dares to accuse me of being some Eurocentrc, Massa lover.
    Talk about trying to flip the script Morouga style. What a pathetic, and sick joke! Yet we wonder why 99.9 of the rest of the Caribbean despise every Trini, you go figure.

    1. Please don’t take this the wrong way,are you Gay?not that there is anything wrong with that,I believe in live and let live.The reason I asked is to the way you described the beach and the sand,it sounded like a little girl.
      Tell me Neal where were you for the last 50 years of PNM rule that created the mess that we have today?All of a sudden you and many of your die hard PNM supporters are expressing outrage and discontent with everything this new Government does,again where were you all the years of the PNM pillage?
      I bet you wish the British could come back and rule Trinidad just so you could get some “honorary white status”like Cudjoe.

  24. To make sure they have the right man,ask anyone,who came up with the phrase”who badder,badder”then they would know exactly who you are talking about.

  25. So you are a bad man now morougamax? Glad to see that you are finally admitting that you have some African warrior Mandingo , Mau, Mau, Ashanti, Fulani blood in you my son, as you extremely fragile , timid , and over placing peaceful tribes, won’t know about fighting unless it entailed beating up defenseless women , and raping 9 year old kids after drunken stupors, and sexual rejection , by independent minded freedom loving females. I see that you have spend too much time eating dem dirty crabs from the morouga oil infested waters my friend, for what else can one conclude when the description of pink beautiful sandy beaches from a selective section of our Twin Republic, make you fantasize of the gay lifestyle you have grown accustomed to .
    What a tragedy! Then it could just be the misinterpretation of false values from a twisted inherited so called noble, yet opaque culture. And to think that this idiot dared to make his baseless claims about coming from boat culture with links between our island.
    I told you once , I told you twice, but it’s worth repeating my friend,-stay in your decadent , zandolee hole, with your kind, and don’t attempt to enter our pristine unspoiled enclaves so as to bring your evil, corrupt, and destructive Sodomite lifestyles,under any guise.
    In addition , do not believe for a moment ,that one of three success in the national polls, is an endorsement, or encouragement to spread same cart blanche throughout the length and breath of our country.

  26. these indians dont think that black people is here to stay this is not mother india they hate the black people so much they never had it so good no where in the world they have it so good i want to tell them what goes around comes around i also want to tell sat trinidad is not mother india and we the black people is are waiting for the right time people in trinidad would never come together this is just the tip of the iceberg unc /pp would never bring peace they indians just hate the black people is not the blacks to hate hate the whiteman in north america the whites dont like the sight of you all

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